My Wife's Hot Friend_(0)

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“We have time for a quickie.” My wife said as she touched my arm and gently tugged it in the direction of our bedroom. It had been over a week since we had sex, and immediately I could feel my penis start to become erect at the possibility. I looked at her with a grin and replied “oh, yeah?” I had learned over the years that you don’t mess with the chance to sneak in some sex.
It was a rare opportunity that our three kids were preoccupied enough to allow for my wife and I to enjoy each other in the bedroom. Our ten year old had gone over to a friends house and the other two were watching one of their favorite tv shows. It was opportunities like these that were our only chance to squeeze in time for ourselves, and my wife did not disappoint with this chance.
We quickly hustled up the stairs into our bedroom and immediately engaged in a deep lustful kiss. I could tell she was more than ready to go, and I pressed my body against hers moving my hands to her pants, gently pulling them down. My wife still had an incredible body, even after the three kids and all of the breastfeeding. I pushed down her pants as she ripped off my shirt.
“Do we have time for more than a quickie?” I asked hinting at me going down on her.
“Probably not.: She replied pulling me up toward her, while grabbing my penis and putting it inside of her.
My dick slid right into her warm moist pussy. She was pushed up to the side of our bed while I was standing between her legs with my dick deep in her. I had took off her top and then undid her bra as I started to slowly fuck her. She was laying down on the bed now and I was still standing, it was one of our favorite positions. Her socks were still on as I grabbed her ankles and started to move her legs up, squeezing her pussy against my throbbing erection.
“You feel so good.” She said as I continued to slide my dick in and out of her pussy.
I was becoming more and more excited, I leaned forward, put her right nipple in my mouth, and gently sucked it. After a minute of sucking on her tits, I moved back to kissing her, she was ready and passionately kissed me back. “I love you.” I gently whispered as we continued kiss and fuck each other on the side of the bed.
I stood up from our embrace, my wife’s pussy had become very wet and my dick was having no problem sliding in and out. I took her legs and moved them together to one side and kept fucking her. We had found that this was one of the tightest positions that we had done. Her legs closed together and her pussy exposed to where I could easily push inside of her. We both moaned in pleasure as the afternoon delight continued.
I could tell I was getting close to having to cum, and pulled my dick out in order to hop up on the bed with her. Switching positions was a delay tactic, and I was hoping she would be game to get on top and take a turn. I rolled over next to her, while we were both on our sides and kissed her deeply. Just as I had hoped, she rolled on top of me and gently slid my cock deep inside.
Waves of pleasure coursed through my body, as I lifted my hands and grabbed both of her breasts as she started to ride me. My wife started to vigorously ride my cock, she was particularly aggressive today, and the passion took a hold of me. I put my hands on her hips and encouraged her to keep wildly riding me. She was long stroking me, with each thrust the tip of my dick was barely staying inside the lips of her pussy. My toes curled, and I knew that I was not going to be able to take much more.
“I’m going to cum.” I blurted out as my wife gave my approval with her body language.
I pushed her off me on her final thrust, grabbed my dick, as it shot out pulses of cum up and onto my laying body. My wife took over control of my cock after the first couple bursts of cum and gently stroked it through climax. Cum was all over my torso, and had coated my wife’s hand as she gently tugged and squeezed it.
“That was so good.” I exclaimed as we engaged in a post coitus snuggle.
“Yeah.” She said as my cock went limp in her hand.
We laid there for a moment, catching our breath with our hot and sweaty bodies intertwined together. We heard some movement from the kids downstairs, which immediately ripped us out of the moment we were sharing together.
“We better get down there.” She said while hopping off the bed and running into the bathroom to wash off her hand.
I wasn’t ready to stand up yet, so I continued to lay there with my cum drenched body. Deeply satisfied from the sex we were able to get in, I wanted the moment to last just a little bit longer. My wife came out of the bathroom naked and clean, and threw me a wet washcloth so that I could begin cleaning myself off.
“Do you mind picking up Josh from Sam’s house?” My wife asked as she started putting her clothes back on.
“Sure, when does he need picked up?” I replied.
“Soon” she looked at the clock, “like now.”
I wiped off what I could of the cum, as I got up and went into the bathroom myself. “Ok, I will hurry.” I quickly finished cleaning myself off and put on my clothes in order to head over to Sam’s house.

I never complained about picking up Josh from his friend Sam’s house. Sam’s mom, Jenny, was incredibly hot, and she was a key to many of my masturbation fantasies. Jenny and my wife had become friends through our two boys, and they often arranged times to meet up and hang out. I did not get many opportunities to be around her, which led me to never complain when I had the chance.
I grabbed my keys, quickly rushed by our two kids watching tv, and jumped in my car to head over to Sam’s house. My mind was blissfully transitioning from remembering the good fucking that I just had and the opportunity to see Jenny. Jenny only had the one kid, Sam, and her husband was a douche bag that I did not like at all. Joe was his name, and immediately he was the kind of guy that I just did not like at all.
I arrived at Jenny’s house and went up to the front door. I rang the doorbell and stood there filled with anticipation.
“Hi, come in.” Jenny greeted me as she opened the door to her home.
“Hi.” I awkwardly replied back as I stepped inside the house.
“Sam, time for Josh to go.” Jenny said, raising her voice so that it would carry into the other room where the boys were.
I wasn’t sure what he had been doing before I got there, but she was wearing a halter top and athletic shorts that made it look like she had been exercising. She moved close into me, in order to get around and shut the door behind me. I caught a whiff of her perfume as she moved by and it smelled like spring flowers which I found to be very appealing.
“How are you?” Jenny asked as I kind of just frozenly stood there.
“Good. How about you?” I managed to get out, at this point consciously trying not to grope her with my eyes.
I was surprised at the effect she was having on me, considering that I just had sex with my wife. Jenny’s nipple were poking out of her halter top with abandon, they must have been hard and they were at least an inch long. I had always thought that she was hot, but I never knew her breasts and nipples were that stunning.
“Oh, I am good.” She replied, but I could tell there was more. “Joe went camping with his friends this weekend, and it is just me and Sam. I think we might order a pizza later, and maybe catch a movie.”
Her response was warm and genuine, which helped ease my anxiety with talking to her. I thought came into my head that if she was going to be so friendly with me, that I should try to be friendly back.
“That sounds good. Where the boys good for you?” It was my best attempt to keep the conversation going, as well as on the shared topic of our children.
I was still standing in the entrance of her home, leaning against the couch that separated the entrance from the family room. Jenny positioned herself a couple feet in front of me, with her back to the hallway that led to the room where our boys were playing. My eyes darted towards her breasts, trying to admire her erect nipples just a little bit more. My glance was caught this time, and Jenny swayed in her stance as she looked me back in the eyes with a sheepish smile.
“They were really good, I hardly saw them at all really.” She replied, keeping our conversation going. “I was just doing some yoga before you had got here, sorry for my appearance.”
“Oh, no. You look great.” I blurted out before I could form a more appropriate response.
My dick started to get hard again, and was beginning to show through the athletic shorts that I had put on. I couldn’t keep myself from looking at her tits, and glanced again uncontrollably. My nerves were starting to get out of control and I knew I had to do something or I was going to pass out from anxiety.
“How often do you do yoga?” I desperately tried to pry myself out of the moment.
“I just started. There are some really good videos on the internet that I have been using.” She kept the conversation casual.
“I always feel so much better after I have a chance to get to the gym.” I replied.
I brushed my hand against my shorts, trying to bat down the bulge from my growing cock. Jenny noticed, and admiringly looked down at my shorts to give me an approving smile. I was pinned between the couch and her and started to feel a little hopeless in the situation.
“It is amazing at the stress you can relieve.” She said. “I feel like it is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes.”
I grunted in approval of what Jenny was saying, but I was having trouble containing myself in the situation. Jenny appeared to understand my plight and invited me to go help her get the boys. As we made our way to Sam’s bedroom, Jenny stopped in the hall.
“Can you help me with something real quick?” She asked, directing me toward her bedroom.
We stepped in her bedroom, it was tastefully decorated and impressively clean. She made her way over to her bed and sat down, I followed behind her but did not sit. She reached out to grab my dick through my shorts, causing me to turn away.
“I think I have to get going.” I said, retracting from Jenny’s unexpected forward advance.
Jenny became obviously embarrassed herself, the look on her face immediately went from friendly to confused with a little frustration. She stood up and quickly exited her room, not saying a word or waiting me to follow. Before I knew it, we were in the boys room and she was ushering Sam and Josh to the front door.
My mind was racing and full with conflicting emotions, my biggest thought was that I had just blown the opportunity of a lifetime. I struggled to find a way to right the situation, but before I knew it we were headed out the door.
“Bye, see you next time.” Jenny and Sam waved to us as Josh and stumbled out the front door. Josh headed to the car faster than I could get my bearings, and that was the end as Jenny quickly shut her front door behind us.

Months went by before I had another opportunity to see Jenny again, I wasn’t avoiding her in any fashion but it just did not happen. When Josh and Sam had seen each other, either Jenny or my wife would get them from one house or the other. My wife even had several girl’s night out with Jenny, and I had not seen her on any of those.
In the days after our awkward encounter, all kinds of emotions coursed through my brain. I was terrified that Jenny would tell my wife what happened out of guilt or perhaps even spite. The fear did not go away completely, after the first few days it went from being ever present to just coursing through me whenever they got together. I knew I had done the right thing, and not telling my wife was my way of not making it a bigger deal than what it was.
Another reason, probably the main reason, why I did not mention it to me wife was the fact that my fantasies of Jenny had gone into overdrive. I was masterbating at least twice a day with Jenny at the center of every fantasy scenario. I could still feel the brush of her hand on my shorts, I could still see her incredible breasts and amazing nipples. Every aspect of that encounter had be ingrained into my memory, and I went back to it at every opportunity.
I wanted Jenny more than ever, and at the same time was terrified about what that could do to my marriage. I formulated a plan if I had another chance, and told myself that I could do it given another opportunity. Finally, my wife gave it to me.
“Can you run over Sam’s and pick up Josh?” She asked me.
“Uh, sure, I guess.” Panic coursed through my veins as the question was given to me. “When should I leave and go get him?”
“Probably in 15 minutes, or so. I really need to run to the grocery store, and should leave now.”
“Ok, I will see you when you get home.” I responded, as my wife grabbed the other two kids and headed out the door.
I ran into our bedroom to freshen up before I headed over Jenny’s house. Not sure of what exactly to expect, my instinct was to make myself as appealing as possible. I reapplied some deodorant and cleaned my face off with a warm washcloth. I even took the warm washcloth and wiped off my penis just in case.
As soon as I cleaned up, I headed right over for Jenny’s. Eager like a kid on Christmas morning, I could barely contain my anticipation. All the mental energy I had spent on readying for this was about to pay off.
I briskly walked up to her front door and rang the bell.
“Hi, you are here early.” Jenny said as she opened the door.
“I'm sorry,” I replied “I guess I was just excited to see you again.” My mind raced, did that sound too forward, was I overplaying my hand.
“Oh.” Jenny sounded puzzled, and I could tell she was still a little bit embarrassed. “I am the one who should be sorry about last time.”
“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Don’t be sorry” I said.
“You probably think I am the worst person.” Jenny said. “I don’t want to get you involved in my own problems.”
“Problems?” I inquired.
“I think Joe has been cheating on me.” Jenny replied, starting to look upset. “I think I might have tried to use you as a way of getting back at him.”
I knew that she suspected Joe was cheating on her, since she had confided that with my wife who immediately told me. I had also prepared a response for this if that was how our conversation went.
“I had heard about that.” I responded. “I think that is what scared me the most, news of infidelity spreads really easily. I wanted to be with you so bad, but the idea of getting caught stopped me.”
“Yeah.” Jenny said, looking like she wanted this conversation to end.
“I have to ask, why did you choose me to get back at Joe?”
“I don’t know. I have always thought you were kind of hot, I suppose. It just seemed like we had a connection.”
“I there a way that it would have been able to work?” I asked.
“I didn’t think that far in advance.” Jenny replied.
Here it was, the chance I was hoping for and I had to be bolder than I had ever been before.
“I think I have a way that I may be comfortable with.”
Jenny looked at me, I could tell that she was not in the same mood as the last time when she was practically jumping my bones. I did not know if my plan would work, but I had to keep pressing to see.
“If you gave me oral sex only, and on a couple occasions, I think I might be able to trust more in the future.”
Jenny’s wall of embarrassment was still pretty high, and she was not immediately accepting anything that I had been saying.
“I have been fantasizing about you nonstop since that day.” I pushed forward. “I think you are incredibly hot, and Joe is an idiot for not appreciating you. I’d like more than one mistake, I’d like to be a part of your life.”
Jenny looked at me and said “Now?”
“I’m ready if you are.”
She led me again to her bedroom and sat down on her bed, it was deja vu all over again. This time I stopped in front of her, presenting my rapidly growing erection. She pulled down my shorts and underwear and grabbed my dick in her left hand, looking up into my eyes as she opened her mouth and slid my dick in.
My knees buckled at the sensation, waves of pleasure rushed through my body. It was an out of body experience, as I could not even believe that I managed to keep standing there instead of passing out.
Jenny started sucking my cock with increased intensity. I was so hard that she had to sit up straight on the bed to get on top of it. She was able to fit more of my dick in her mouth then my wife was, and the sensation was phenomenal. After a couple steady strokes of getting about three quarters of my length in and out of her mouth she pulled it out.
“Oh god does that feel good.” I said as she grabbed my dick in her hand.
“Your cock is amazing. I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” Jenny started licking the shaft of my dick with her tongue, with long slow motions.
It was the first time since before I was married that a woman besides my wife was sucking my dick. Jenny was amazing at giving head, it felt ten times better than whenever my wife would go through the motions when giving me oral sex. Jenny sucked me with a purpose and vigor that felt like my dick was the most important thing in the world to her
Jenny was back to sucking my dick with a deep and intense motion that was even more intense than when she started. I could tell that she wanted me to cum, but I wasn’t ready to do that yet. I didn’t ever want to give her a reason to stop sucking me, I looked down at her and marveled at the sight. She was so beautiful, and her mouth wrapped around my dick was one of the best things that I had ever seen.
She caught me looking down on her and pulled my dick out again.
“I want you to cum in my mouth.” She said as she paused for only a moment before putting my dick back in.
She was starting to moan a little bit now, supplementing her purposeful stroking and sucking. The sounds of her slight moan and the sounds of her mouth’s suction on the head of my dick filled the room. I let myself relax and let the feeling rush through me, and I could start to feel the cum ready in me.
I pulled my dick out of her mouth, grabbed my shaft, and let a massive load of cum go right in Jenny’s mouth. It was more than she could handle, and cum dripped over her lips and chin landing on her lap. She tried to grab what was escaping her mouth with her hand, as I stuck my throbbing cock right back into her.
Jenny kept sucking my cum covered cock without hesitation. My wife never tasted my cum anymore, and it was exhilarating to see this woman do it with pleasure. I encouraged her to get all she could, cleaning my dick off with her mouth.
“That was fantastic.” I said, pulling up my shorts.
“Now it is time to find out if we can keep a secret, right?” Jenny played along with my plan.
I got Josh home without incident, my wife wasn’t even home when we arrived. Jenny and I had agreed that we would try that again a couple times before we moved any further. If she could prove that she could suck my dick and keep it a secret, then we could progress to more intimate encounters with less emotional risk.

Almost two months went by, and it was possibly one of the best times in my entire life. I was seeing Jenny once or twice a week now, and every time we found a way to get in our prescribed oral sex session. It was something that we both enjoyed and looked forward to, I was getting very comfortable shoving my penis down her throat.
Jenny had even sucked my dick while her husband was home, we snuck into the bathroom while he was in the other room watching television. She sat down on the toilet, pulled down my shorts, put my dick in her mouth, and began. It was a thrill for both of us, now comfortable with the drill, the excitement of getting caught fueled our passion.
Finally, we had an opening to discuss more and we were both more than ready to find out what would happen next. I told my wife that I would drop Josh off at Sam’s on the way to the gym, full well knowing that was not the exercise that I would be getting. I drove over to Jenny’s house, led Josh up to the front door, and stepped inside as Jenny greeted us.
“Hi, how are you?” Jenny asked with enthusiasm.
“I’m a whole lot better now, it is good to see you.” I replied. “Hey, do you think we can go talk?”
Jenny interpreted what I said as time to go give me head, and she accepted my proposal while keeping casual conversation into her bedroom. When she sat down on her bed and reached for my pants, I thwarted the advance and sat down next to her. I could tell she was confused, but it did not detract from her happiness that I was there.
“What’s up?” Jenny asked.
“I’m ready for more.” I said, as I leaned into her and gave her a kiss.
We sat there on the edge of the bed as our kisses increasingly became longer and deeper. Our arms were around each other touching and caressing as we kissed. It became a full blown make out session and there were no words that needed to be said. I hadn’t kissed anyone that long and passionately in a very long time, it was an exhilarating experience.
I wanted to feel the breasts that were possibly responsible for all of this, so I pulled back for a moment and lifted her shirt off. Jenny smiled at me as she opened herself to being stripped by me, she started reaching to take my clothes off as well. Things were progressing at a rapid rate, so I continued to take off her clothes as she did mine. Before I knew it, I had her completely naked on laying down on her bed.
Jenny’s breasts were as magnificent as I had thought the would be, large and still very perky with nipples that were almost an inch erect. I crawled on top of her, gave her a long deep kiss, and proceeded down to put them in my mouth. I put her nipple in my mouth and sucked it gently while my hand was grabbing and massaging her other breast. Jenny moaned in pleasure as I worshiped the finest pair of breasts that I ever had a chance of knowing.
I was compelled to keep pleasing this person who had brought me so much pleasure, so I moved from her breasts down to her pussy. Jenny was completely hairless down there, which caught my by surprise and filled me with tremendous excitement. I had always been a hairless fan myself, and I eagerly began licking Jenny’s immaculate vagina.
She started to moan more and more now, I had my mouth deep in her cunt with both of my hands working her tits. I found her clit and began to caress it with my tongue, alternating between licking it in circles or just flicking it with the tip of my tongue. When I felt her getting too excited, I transitioned to sticking my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could. I wanted to taste her insides, her pussy tasted better than anything else in the world.
Jenny pulled me back up on top of her, and I stuck my cock deep in her pussy with one sudden move. She recoiled from the sudden rush of my cock filling up her pussy, I pushed harder, keeping my dick deep inside of her. We began to passionately kiss again, Jenny clawed at my back as she held me close. A rush of pleasure and pain filled our bodies, and we took a moment to appreciate this moment that we would never get again.
I slowly pulled my dick out and began to softly fuck her as we continued to kiss. Her pussy felt so good wrapped around my dick, I knew that I would cum soon if I kept going. As we kissed, I tried to calm myself down and appreciated a few more good thrusts before pulling my dick out of her glorious pussy.
I went back down on Jenny, and resumed licking her clit while massaging her breasts. Jenny had pleased me so many times, I had an uncontrollable urge to satisfy her like she had me. I focused back on her clit, probing for what made her squirm with joy. It did not take me long to find her spot, as Jenny grabbed my head and began bucking from a furious orgasm. I was just as excited as she was, I loved filling her with this pleasure.
“Oh my god!” Jenny yelled as she was orgasming. “Oh my fucking god!” She was surprisingly dirty and loud. I loved it.
“Get up here so that I can fuck you!” Jenny commanded as she pulled me from between her legs and up on to her bed.
She sat down on my dick reverse cowgirl, and began stroking my cock with her pussy in long slow motions. Jenny leaned forward so that I had a good view of her pussy filled with my dick, I could see her cum coating my shaft. She was so wet from the orgasm I gave her, my cock was swimming in her hot pussy juices as she fucked me.
Jenny’s ass and hips were accented in this position, and I marveled at their perfection. Her waist was smaller and tighter than I had expected, and her as was perfectly heart shaped as it bounced on my cock. The sides of her breasts were visible as she rode me, Jenny turned around with a big smile showing that she was enjoying the ride as much as I was.
Jenny picked up the pace and started rapidly fucking me, I moaned and slapped her ass out of approval. She slowed to a stop and just sat on me for a second, feeling my cock deep in her cunt for one more moment. Her pussy felt so good, my dick was overloaded with pleasure, if it wasn’t for all the new feelings I would have cum immediately.
She got up off my dick and turned around to face me, she had a wild excitement in her face. It was as if my dick was a perfect drug that she was high on. She gave me another passionate kiss as she slid my dick back inside of her. I reached up and grabbed her breasts one more time, Jenny reared back and started to grind on my cock.
I was going to cum and there was no other option, I pulled her close on top of me and began to thrust up with my hips. Jenny’s breasts hung over me and brushed on my body, the feeling was magical.
“I’m going to cum.” I said.
“Cum inside of me.” Jenny replied.
I wrapped my arms around her back and let out a final thrust before I orgasmed as deep in her pussy as I could. The feeling was incredibly intense, keeping me from stroking any more, so I held her tight with my dick deep inside. After the first few orgasmic explosions, I was able to give a few more spasmodic thrusts.
Jenny sat up on top of me as my orgasm subsided, looking down on me like a goddess giving me approval. There was no other place in the world that I wanted to be, lying down with Jenny on top of me and my dick in her pussy.
“I don’t ever want to stop, you are so fucking awesome.” I said, reciprocating a little dirty talk with her.
Jenny got up off my dick again, this time a flood of cum came pouring out her pussy as she slid up off me.
“Wow,” she said “that is a lot of cum.”
“I think you had me more excited that I have ever been before. You want to go again?” I playfully responded.
“We will have to do that again, VERY soon.” Jenny responded as she got up and started cleaning herself off.
I took the cue and began to clean myself off as well. All that I was thinking about since I got there was having sex, I had completely forgotten about the boys and what her husband might be up to. I pushed the thought of Joe quickly out of my mind, but I did start wondering what the boys were up to.
When we checked in on Josh and Sam, they were both obliviously playing a videogame in Sam’s room. I didn’t even say bye to Josh, sneaking out the front door while saying a sweet goodbye to Jenny. I reeked of sex, and instead of going home I went to the gym per my alibi just to use the shower.

Once we had completely surrendered physically to each other, Jenny and I had become emotionally tied together as well. I thought of her all of the time, I couldn’t help myself from constantly dreaming of our times together. Our connection was intense physically and it was the same emotionally as well.
The dick sucking boot camp that I put us through, provided a sense of comfort and trust but did not help with lowering the intensity of our relationship. In fact, the dick sucking boot camp probably only increased the intensity because it removed inhibitions and stoked our desire. Our ratio of dick sucking to fucking had become about one to three, we were having sex as much as we possibly could.
The amount of sex that I was having with my wife increased as well, whether it was the pheromones or me overcompensating did not matter. The quality of our sex paled in comparison to when I was with Jenny, years of marriage had stuck us in a comfort zone that lacked real passion. I even started fantasizing that I was fucking Jenny while I was inside my wife, a fairly dangerous game to be playing for sure.
One afternoon, similar to the day when Jenny came onto me and started our torrid affair, I just finished having sex with my wife when she asked me to go get Josh. Our session must have lasted longer than she thought because it became urgent that I go get him as soon as possible. My dick was still coated with my wife’s pussy juice as I quickly got dressed in order to go see Jenny.
I got over to Jenny’s house and we were all clear to get some fucking in ourselves, she let me in and immediately began prepping me. We headed into her room, where we have now had sex many times, and Jenny sat down on the bed. I realized that my cock was not clean, and I sat down on the bed next to her.
“I just had sex with my wife.” I wanted Jenny to know why I wasn’t pouncing on her like normal.
“That’s okay, do you not want to fuck me then?” Jenny asked.
“No, I definitely want to do that. It’s just that my dick, it might be a little dirty.”
“I’ve been wanting to know what my best friend’s pussy tastes like.” Jenny said as she crawled on top of me and began to take my pants down.
My dick was ready to go again, standing stiff and ready as Jenny put it in her mouth and began to suck it. She sucked on the head so hard that I could feel the blood rushing to it, her tongue massaged it as she kept the suction. Before she was about to give me a hickey, she proceeded to start licking the shaft of my dick for any other remains of the sex I just had before.
“What does she taste like?” I playfully asked.
“Delicious.” Jenny said. I thought she was going to eat my dick for a moment by the way she kept on sucking.
My dick was a little numb now, considering that I had just had sex and now another woman was sucking me like my cock had a candy center. I sat up a little bit and watched Jenny, admiring how beautiful she was with my dick in her mouth. Jenny kept sucking, but was now aware that I was watching her work rather than enjoying it.
Her mouth was warm and moist, and it did not take long for her to completely clean my wife off my cock. I watched with amazement as she took the whole length of my dick in her mouth and down her thought. I could feel her squeezing me with her throat while massaging me with her tongue. Jenny was much better at giving oral sex than my wife, the feeling between the two was completely different as well. When I was with my wife, it was all about cumming, but with Jenny it was all about the feeling.
I was ready to fuck so I leaned back and pulled Jenny up on top of me again, reaching down and taking off her pants in the process. I grabbed her hips and pushed her down on my penis, kissing her as she let out a moan from the intense sensation of my cock filling her pussy. I was thrusting up with Jenny on top of me as I continued to take off her shirt and bra. I reached around her, pressing her breasts against me, kissed her deeply, and kept vigorously thrusting up into her open vagina.
We rolled over so that I was on top, missionary style, as I continued to fuck Jenny with determined force. I wanted to smash her pussy, so that she would be able to feel my dick inside her well after I was gone. Jenny was feeling it, and she let out a loud moan of pleasure as I kept thrusting away. She grabbed my ass, dug her nails in, and forced me to continue the assault that I had started on her pussy.
The animal intensity of our fucking caused me to feel that I was going to orgasm much sooner that I had expected. We were locked in with this hard sex, I did not fight the pending orgasm and instead fucked her with all my might for a few more thrusts. I pulled my dick out of her gaping vagina and came on her tits down to her belly.
Her stomach raised and lowered as Jenny caught her breath from the physical love making we had just enjoyed. My cum glistened on her body, and I was surprised how much there was considering it was session number two for me. I was still feeling a little frisky so I crawled up and presented Jenny’s mouth with my dripping cock.
“Now you can taste my favorite pussy” I said.
Jenny smiled and took my dick in her mouth and gave it a few gentle sucks.
“I can tell why you like this one so much.” Jenny playfully replied. She sucked on my cock some more. “This pussy tastes like it loves you.”
Surprised, I took my dick away from Jenny and laid down beside her. “You know my dick loves that pussy as well. If fact, that pussy is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” I took the conversation away from our body parts and moved it to us.
A look of sadness ran across Jenny’s face as I clumsily tried to profess my love for her.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“You have the perfect live, and I am just a mess.” Jenny responded. “Joe and I are going to get a divorce, he moved out a while ago, I haven’t told anybody yet.”
We normally kept things light between us, and this was the first time that we had ever talked about anything serious. I sat there and listened to Jenny as she opened up about herself, trying to give her the reassurance and support that she needed. It did explain why Joe had not been around lately, something that I would wonder briefly before turning those thoughts to Jenny. I also had to fight feelings of excitement, now knowing that there was very little standing in the way of me fucking her whenever I wanted.
We could here the boys moving around and knew that it was time for us to begin wrapping things up. I let Jenny know that I wanted to be there for her, and would do anything that I could to make her feel better. Now that Joe was not in the house, we made plans to see each other again the next day, while I had the cover of work and the kids were in school.

I saw her that next day, and we spent much more time together than we ever had a chance to before. We fucked, I cooked for her, and we fucked again. We also talked about us a little bit, and as bad as I wanted to, no part of us involved me leaving my wife and kids. I told Jenny that I loved her, yet I still loved my wife and that was not really going to change.
She knew I liked fucking her better, it was obvious in my enthusiasm, as well at I frequently told her as much. I was very honest when it came to appreciating her for her considerable skills as well as her hot body. Jenny liked fucking me too, she said it was one of the things that made her more comfortable in leaving Joe.
Over the next couple months, Jenny and I started to see each other less frequently. Josh and Sam were not having constant playdates, and life got in the way of me finding the time to spend with her. We had gone from being together two or three times a week to two or three times a month.
One good thing was that the duration of our times together increased to hours at a time. We used the extra time to explore each other’s bodies more than we ever had before. Every sex position that we could think of, we would try them all. We took showers together and gave each other massages, I could eat her pussy for hours without stopping. What we lacked in quantity, we made sure to make up for in quality.
I knew she had began to date again, and there was nothing that I could really do or say to stop her. She needed to move on, and my cock was not hers alone, it was something that she shared with my wife. I wasn’t there for her every moment of her day, all I could do was make our time special when we had it.
Most of the guys she dated did not turn out to be anything serious. There was one guy she dated that she broke up with on the phone while she was giving me head. I laughed as she told the guy she wasn’t interested in him while taking short breaks from sucking me off. It did give me a false sense of confidence that our arrangement would keep going.
Eventually she met a guy named Harry with whom she got pretty serious. Harry seemed like a pretty good guy, but that did not stop me from getting my time in with Jenny when I could. She was always game to get it on with me, even after things started getting serious with him. Eventually, she started to pull away from me.
One day Jenny told me that she could no longer keep having sex with me while she was with Harry. The news devastated me initially, but I knew that was always a possibility after she left Joe. We had the most incredible break up sex imaginable, surrendering ourselves to our passion and love one more time, and called it over after that.
Harry and Jenny wound up getting engaged and were married soon after. I could not be around her anymore, not because I was mad, but because she filled me with uncontrollable passion at the sight. I found it easiest to avoid her, rather than risk myself getting all hot and bothered in her presence.
The best way I found to cope with not being with her was to watch one of the sex videos I made of our times together, then quickly proceed to fucking my wife. It was a reminder of the best sex that I ever had, filling my body with memories of ecstasy, moments before fucking my wife like she was the woman of my dreams.

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