Asian Mom Jenny and her son Chris Series 3: Part 3

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Introduction: This a series that I left off almost a full year ago, but am just now able to continue again. For those who do remember and read it before, I’m so sorry for stopping so suddenly and I apologize profusely! Because of work, I’ve been gone for a year in a country that has much stricter regulations for internet censorship than I knew about. I never intended to stop, but was kind of forced to (didn’t want to even chance it with VPN or anything). Regardless, it is a series I am picking back up now, so please just see it as a TV series then went on break! For new readers, this series is very long, but you can give the first half of this chapter a chance and see if its worth your time to go back to others. It's not completely necessary but may be helpful to see how it developed to this point. Thanks!

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing, letting me know it was seven. This had become the norm for my Saturday mornings. Instead of taking the chance to sleep in, I now regularly woke early, before my husband and daughter did.

I quietly walked to the bathroom, did my usual morning routine, and left my bedroom with my husband still snoring loudly. Immediately I went for Chris’s, tiptoeing across the carpeted floor. It was an act that I had done dozens of times, yet I was as excited as if it was the first.

“Good morning honey” I whispered, cracking his door open.

He was still sound asleep, his face turned towards the wall, away from me. I could hear the soft music still playing from his computer. Not wanting to waste any time, I got into bed and cuddled with him. My hand wrapped around his body and immediately found his cock. It was only semi-hard, but with a few short strokes it quickly came alive.

“Huh?” Chris groaned, still confused.

“Did you sleep well, honey?” I asked, removing his covers.

“Oh, hi mom. Yeah, I slept fine” he answered, almost robotic like.

“Good! Let’s get the day started!” I exclaimed, feeling up his chest.

Chris instinctively rolled over, kissing me on the mouth.

“Let me just go to the bathroom first” he chuckled.

I watched him scurry out the door, and soon heard the sound of the running sink water as he brushed his teeth. He was fast, probably much faster than his dentist would recommend, not that I complained of course!

Coming back in his room, he closes the door shut and immediately walked towards me. And just as I attempted to sit up from his bed, he pushed me back down, straddling on top of me. I could feel his cock through his boxers, teasing the opening of my pussy. While our lips embraced, he expertly used one hand and shimmied down my panties.

“You’re wet already” He smirked, fingering me.

“Mommy’s always wet around you!” I giggled, pushing his boxers down.

“Did you enjoy last night?” I teased.

“Uh-huh” he answered, barely able to get his mouth away from mine.

“Did you enjoy kissing mommy with your dad watching?” I teased, returning to our French kiss. I wanted him to be as horny as possible right now, adding to the memory of last night.

“Uh…yeah, it felt bad, and wrong. But I was pretty turned on too” he muttered, with just the slightest hint of a smile.

“Do you want to go further next time?” I giggled.

“Maybe” he chuckled. “I felt really bad at first, but then I remembered that…that-“

“it’s okay, you can say it honey!” I giggled. “Your dad’s fucking his slut of a secretary” I exclaimed.

Seeing my smile, he knew it didn’t upset me.

“And here I am, fucking my slut of a mom!” He smiled.

I gasped, acting as if I was insulted. “Is that how you talk to your mother!”

“It is when she wakes up to fuck her son instead of her husband” he answered back, planting his lips back on mine.

“Fuck, you’re so sexy mom” he moaned, feeling up my body. “I need to be inside you”

Wanting the same thing, I instantly spread my legs, and reached for his cock, lining it up with my pussy.

“Oh god Yes!” I moaned, as he entered me.

For the first few minutes Chris fuck me slowly in missionary, just enjoying the feeling of our bodies intertwined. We continue to kiss passionately, like lovers. He softly felt up and down my body, caressing my hair as we made love. I don’t think I will ever get used to the feeling of his cock inside me, it just feels like that’s where it belongs, fitting every curve.

“Come on, start fucking mommy harder” I edged on.

Listening to my command, he began pumping fast, shaking the bed more and more. Soon, the sound of the mattress and our moans was drowning out the soft music.

“Mom, can you turn around, I want you in doggie” he panted.

Before I could actually turn over, he moved to the end of the bed, diving down to lick my pussy. His tongue was everywhere; pleasuring my clit, pussy lips, and my opening. And the deeper he dug inside me, the more I shoved his face into my pussy.

“YES! Eat mommy out!” I exclaimed, hiding my screams.

The sun was barely coming up, and here I was, close to my first orgasm of the day already.

“Oh Fucckk!” I moaned, pulling his hair.

But surprisingly, he didn’t let me get there, pausing for second and then turning me over. In an instant, his cock was back in me, slamming at full force this time. Neither one of us cared about the echoes encompassing the room, both too lost in lust.

“Yes fuck me back mom! I love the feeling of your pussy!” He moaned, giving my right cheek a loud slap.

“Oh, yes!”

Hearing my screams of pleasure, he did it again, even harder this time. I could tell from the impact that it was going to leave a mark, a symbol for the slut I am.

His cock continued to pump into me, driving in and out of my pussy with purpose. Each thrust felt like it was designed to bring me closer to climax. Normally there would be no worries about his stamina, but being the first session of the day, I knew he wouldn’t last too long.

“oh yes, honey! Nobody fucks mommy like you do!” I screamed, tightly gripping his bedsheets, as my body shook violently.

“Are you close mom?” he gasped.

“Do you need to cum, honey?”

“Yeah!” he moaned. “Your pussy feels too good!”

“Okay, that’s fine honey. Just tell mommy when, I…OH YESSS!FUCK! want it in my mouth”

“mhm” he mumbled, trying to focus on his thrusts.

I swear, with each passing day, he was getting better. Every time we fucked, his cock felt even more amazing than the day before. It’s remarkable what a growing boy can do!

“Ok mom, I’m close” he stammered, pulling out.

I immediately turned around, engulfing the head of his cock in one motion. And before my hand could even wrap around the shaft, I felt him unload. Six, thick, creamy loads shot into my mouth. And like a good little slut, I made sure to get every last drop!

After swallowing everything in my mouth, I smiled back at him, reaching for his cock and smearing whatever was left on my stomach. Slowly, making sure Chris watched me, I brought some to my nipples as well, tweaking and pinching them as I rubbed the rest of his cum around my tits.

What time is it?“ he smiled.

“It’s almost eight. I think we still have an hour if you want to go again” I suggested.

“Actually, I better finish up a project. You’re still giving my driving lessons later, right?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, with a bright smile. “Go do your homework then, I’ll call you down for breakfast later”

“Thanks mom” he said, giving me a kiss, and my ass one last squeeze.

I didn’t bother getting dressed, just grabbing my pajamas, and heading back to my bedroom for a change of clothes. Knowing what we had planned for the day, I went for a skintight pair of yoga pants and a very loose blouse. I did decide to go with the bra, but only because it would be too obvious otherwise.

Looking at my sleeping husband, I found myself loving the idea of walking around in Chris’ cum. Just knowing Charles would be oblivious to it made me excited again. I almost wanted to rush to Chris’s room, against his will, and get his hard cock out. There probably would be little resistance, if any at all from him! But I ultimately didn’t, deciding it’s still important for him to do well in school. Thank God he cared so much about his own education, otherwise, we’d be going at it every second of every day that we were alone.

Jesse woke up before her father, plopping on the couch like always to watch cartoons.

“What do you want for breakfast sweetie?” I asked.

“French toast!” She yelled excitedly.

“ok” I giggled, shaking my head. Her boundless amounts of energy never cease to amaze me.

It wasn’t until 9:30 that Charles woke up, lumbering his way downstairs. He had been putting on more weight recently, making it even harder for me to feel attracted to him. It actually kind of made me admire Sara’s patience. She must really want to move up in the company!

“I’m going to get Chris for breakfast. Eggs and leftover French toast on the stove” I pointed.

He grunted like an ogre, still half asleep.

Chris must’ve heard the conversation, because he came down on his own, saving me a trip upstairs.

“Smells great mom!” he smiled.

“Morning dad” he greeted, sounding casual.

“Hey” he answered, not indicating that anything was off.

The two of them sat next to each other as they ate their breakfast, with Charles completely oblivious to the fact that I had fucked his son an hour earlier.

“How many pieces you want, honey?” I asked, getting him a batch.

“three’s fine” Chris answered.

“Here’s the syrup” I smiled, moving it from in front of my husband to my son.

“Did you wake up late too, dear?” my husband asked.

“No, why?”

“Nothing, just that your hair still seems is a little messy from last night. Haven’t had time to shower yet?” he pointed.

I knew this was his not so subtle way of telling me that he hadn’t forgotten about our abandoned conversation from the night before. But, I’m not exactly sure what he wanted, because I sure as hell had no intention of continuing it now.

“Not yet, is that a problem?”

“No, no I was just saying” he said, cowering away from confrontation already.

“I think you look fine mom” Chris smiled.

“Oh thank you for the compliment, honey!” I exclaimed, twirling his hair and kissing his cheek.

Over the past week, I had kissed both Chris and Jessie in front of my husband. It had become a somewhat common way of greeting them or saying goodbye. So seeing me do it now, was not that big of a surprise for Charles.

“How’s the food?”

“It’s awesome mom, like usual”

“Yeah? Let me have a taste. I’ve been so busy cooking, I haven’t even tried it myself yet!” I giggled.

Chris cut up a nice slice for me, stabbed it with his fork, and brought it to my mouth. I happily accepted it, looking over at my husband as he watched his son feed me.

“Oops!” Chris exclaimed, reaching his off hand out to catch a stream of dripping syrup.

“Good instincts!”

Knowing my husband was still watching us, I brought Chris’s fingers up to my mouth and twirled my tongue around. And just when he thought I was done, I wrapped my lips around the tip, and began to suck lightly, producing a loud smacking noise as I slurped on the sugary nectar.

“So sweet!” I giggled.

“You missed a spot mom!” he chuckled, repositioning his hand.

I looked down at his palm, noticing the bit of syrup still near his thumb.

“You’re right! Let me get that too then!” I exclaimed, teasingly extending my tongue as far out as possible, hungrily licking up the sweet sauce.

I could see the look of astonishment in Charles’s eyes. But he was completely speechless, just staring at what I was doing with his son. I responded with nothing but a little smirk.

And caught up in the moment, I actually scooted closer, sliding myself onto Chris’s lap.

“Let me get a taste of the eggs too” I said.

“It needs some salt. Could you pass the salt over?” I smiled over at my husband.

Charles reacted instinctively, grabbing the shaker and sliding it over. He didn’t say a word, still unable to comprehend what was happening.

“You should watch the sausages dear, too much is bad for your cholesterol” I said.

“uhh-huh” he grunted as an answer.

As I was talking to his father, I could feel Chris fidgeting; his hard cock poking at my ass. He might’ve been okay with earlier, but I guess it would take some time before he got comfortable with me pushing it this far.

So taking his suggestion, I got off his lap slowly, but only after teasing him for a few seconds more of course.

“I’m getting groceries later, anything special you want honey?” I said, rubbing his shoulder.

“uhmm” he pondered.

“You could always come with. I can use a helping hand” I suggested teasingly, staring at my son with “fuck-me” eyes.

“Sorry mom, but I have some homework I need to get done” he answered, barely able to look back at me.

I love how I could still make him squirm with my sex drive! Still, not wanting to go too overboard with the flirting, I turned over to my husband and asked him the same thing.

“I’d love to but I have some work to do as well” he stammered, jamming his face with food so I wouldn’t question him more. Typical.

“Okay, enjoy your breakfast honey, I have some laundry that needs to be done” I smiled, giving Chris a quick kiss on the lips. But when I broke it off, instead of leaving, I leaned in for a second kiss, this time with my lips open. I even let a slight moan slip out of my mouth. The kiss wasn’t long, but definitely passionate. And as soon as I glanced at Charles, I could see its effect.

“That’s what you get for escaping such an easy chore as grocery shopping” I thought to myself.

“Just leave the plate in the sink when you’re done” I smiled at Chris.

“Oh, the trash needs to be taken out afterwards, thanks” I instructed my husband.

One thing that I loved about a late breakfast was the fact that I had no need to make lunch. Instead I could relax, spending a solid two hours reading my book. Afterwards, I headed down to the basement, doing my yoga session for the day. The fact that Chris’ cum was still on me as I bent and contorted my body, got me so hot. By the end of the work out, my pussy was on fire, dying to call Chris down to fill it.

“Are you still studying, honey?” I texted.

“Unfortunately so : ( “

“No time for breaks? ; ) “

“sorry mom, but the projects due on Monday. I really should finish now, since we’re going out tonight”

That little memo immediately raised my spirits, reminding me of the night to come. And if it was anything like yesterday, it would be well worth the wait!

“ok, mommy’s gonna go grocery shopping. Need anything?” I asked a second time, just to make sure.

“oh, actually could you pick up some batteries, AAA. Calculator’s running low”

“Sure thing honey! Text me if you need anything else!”

“I will! Love you, mom!”

With that I departed on a happy note, not even bothering to shower. I just grabbed my winter jacket and left. Pulling into the packed parking garage was an unpleasant reminder that it was now Saturday afternoon, probably the busiest time of the week at the supermarket.

“I should’ve gone earlier” I sighed, grabbing a shopping cart.

As expected, the place was completely packed when I entered. Looking to my left, almost every cashier aisle was full, with plenty of people in line. I just hope it wouldn’t be that bad when I was done shopping. I meticulously went over my list, grabbing everything we needed for the week, before remembering Chris’s request.

The batteries were easy enough to find, and wanting to spice up my relatively boring errand, I placed a pack in my cleavage. Checking around to make sure no one was there, I leaned forward and pulled out my phone, taking a selfie with the batteries in frame.

“Are these what you wanted?” I teased in a text.

Chris didn’t respond until I had left the area. By then I had moved to the bread aisle, looking for our morning brand of toast.

“Fuck! Did you just make batteries hot?!” He joked.

Loving his reaction, I prepared an encore shot. I grabbed a loaf of bread and held it next to my cheek, pretending to lick the side as if it was his cock, staring as sexily as possible into the camera. And again, I pushed up my tits, making sure the top of my cleavage was in frame too.

“Hungry?” I teased.

“You look so sexy mom! I wonder how many more loaves they would sell if you were the ad!”

His comment made me giggle out loud.

“Well, there’s only one customer’s satisfaction I’m interested in” I shot back.

“So, what else are you buying?”

I knew this was his way of asking for more, a request I was happy to help with.

I scrounged around my cart, with the package of vanilla pudding catching eye my first. Knowing I wasn’t supposed to, I tore open one of them anyways, scooped up a large chunk with my index finger, and brought it to my lips. Then again, looking teasingly into the camera, I held my finger there and flashed a naughty smile.

I sent the picture this time without a message, too excited to see his response.

“Does it taste better than mine?”

“never! ; ) “ I giggled, texting back.

“Fuck, now I wish I’d gone with you to shopping : (“

“it’s okay. You better save some of yours for later!”

“Oh, I will. That reminds me, I should get back to my project so that there will be a later. Bye mom!”

“Bye honey, see you at home!”

Our light flirting session made the rest of the trip bearable. And by the time I got to the last thing on my list, I was actually in a good mood. Wanting to get out quick, especially with the lines, I hastily grabbed the brands of shampoo that I was accustomed to. But before I left, the image of the woman on the bottle caught my attention. She had short shoulder length hair, like myself. And although she was a brunette, I was digging the curly waves of her hairstyle.

I had wanted to change it for a while. Dying it was actually my first option, but remembering Chris’s comments about loving my black hair color, I decided against that choice. But the chance of adding curls to it was definitely exciting. And with my “driving lesson” with Chris tonight, I thought it would be a pleasant surprise. So with that in mind, I bolted for the check out lines.

It took longer than I wanted, but eventually I got everything paid for and was on my way to my usual nail salon. Although I have never gotten a haircut there, I knew that they did give them. And since I was so familiar with the help, I thought why not.

“Jen, you’re back again!” Linda greeted. “A little earlier than usual!”

“Actually this time I’m here for a haircut!” I smiled back.

“Oh, that’s great! Anything in mind?!”

“uh yeah” I answered, looking over the hairstyle posters they had on the wall. “That one” I smiled, pointing at the curly waves.

“Oooh! I agree! I think it’ll look amazing on you!” she exclaimed. “Come on, lets get you started!”

I followed her over to the barber section and took a seat, watching as she chatted with one of the hairstylists, pointing back to me.

“hi!” I’m Sharon. “I understand you want this?” she asked, holding up another picture of it.

“Yes!” I smiled. “But more wavy then curly…if that makes any sense” I giggled.

“It makes perfect sense!” she laughed back. “And Linda’s right. It’s going to look fantastic on you!”

Even though I knew it was their job to say I would look good, Linda hadn’t led me wrong before, so I trusted her judgment. Sharon did some light trimming around the edges, but for the most part used the curler. The whole time, I watched myself in the mirror, observing how it came together. And like I had hoped, it did look really good on me! It gave my hair some more volume and definitely complimented my face well!

“You look so good!” Linda said, walking over.

“Your husband won’t be able to keep his hands off you” she whispered.

I had the same thought, well, almost the same.

When Sharon finished completely, I hastily got up on my feet, and twirled around, admiring the new look in the mirror. I looked fucking hot!

“Do you need a curler?” Linda asked.

“yes!” I smiled, remembering that I hadn’t used one in quite a while.

She helped me pick out an easy using, but good one, and even gave me a discount on account of our friendship.

“I want to hear about the response on your next visit” she laughed.

“Of course!” I exclaimed. “Bye!”

I tipped Sharon and paid for everything, leaving for home. I was dying to see Chris’s face!

Back home, I carefully grabbed two handfuls of grocery bags, trying not to shake my head too much and somehow “lose” the look. Fortunately Chris must’ve heard my car come in the garage, as he raced down to come and help me.

“Mom, are there a lot of – Whoa!“ he exclaimed. “You got your hair done!”

He quickly rushed towards me with an undeniable smile on his face and softly stroked my hair.

“Do you like it?” I smiled.

“Yeah!” he exclaimed.

“You look so –“

“sexy?” I interrupted.

“Fuck yes you do” he moaned, staring up and down my body.

He was looking me up from head to toe, as if it was the first time he saw me naked. His eyes were wide open, almost in disbelief.

“You don’t think it’s too much?” I teased.

“no!” he shot back instantly. “I love it! Somehow, you look even hotter mom!” he exclaimed, pulling me towards him for a kiss.

We were so caught up in each other that I didn’t hear my husband coming down the stairs as well. Our lips had only just embraced when he walked into the room. Both Chris and I instinctively turned our heads towards him, with our mouths still pressed against each other. Feeling confident, I continued to kiss Chris for another second before stepping back.

“Thanks for coming to help right away, honey. There’s more in the car” I smiled, trying to relieve the tension.

Chris took the cue and immediately headed out the door for more groceries.

“You changed your hair” Charles said, with little indication of whether he approved or disapproved.

“yeah” I answered, just as blandly.

There was more sternness in his voice than normal, like if he had been preparing for when I got back.

“Could I talk to you in the living room?” he asked.

“Sure” I answered, slightly agitated.

“You and Chris…uh…seem to…seem to be getting along morenow” he said. I could hear how nervous he was with each word.

“Yeah” I said, faking a smile. “He was growing up and discovering himself a little. So he distanced himself from us and…and now, well he’s back. And I’m glad”

“That’s…that’s all fine and great” he answered. “but…but the kissing thing…I mean I don’t think that’s normal”

“What are you talking about?” I snapped, getting a little frustrated.

“I just mean that he’s…he’s well going through…changes at this age and –“

“oh please Charles, its just some innocent flirting” I said, rolling my eyes. “what, you want me to stop being close to my son?”

“no that’s not what I mean” he answered back, picking up his volume as well. “I just mean that…maybe you should remind him you’re his mother first and not –“

“what are you jealous?” I snapped back, stopping his thought process dead in its tracks. “He’s just a growing boy, barely a teenager yet!” I said, glaring at him.

“exactly. So … I think you should…as his mother, draw the line-“

“don’t be ridiculous Charles. I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation” I said frustratingly. “And besides, haven’t you considered the fact that I don’t mind the attention?”

The comment was completely foreign to him. I could see the surprise on his face.

“What? Are we really going to pretend that you’ve paid any attention to me as a woman in the last few years?! So what, now that Chris is paying some compliments to me, it’s all of a sudden a problem for you?!”

He was speechless, not having any ability to respond back. He knew that I was right on this part; he might have everyone else fooled about our “loving” marriage, but Charles knew that romance or love wasn’t exactly something that we had shared in the last few years, not really. We had become just “teammates” as parents; and even that had started dying down after a few promotions at his job.

Still, I waited a good five seconds for a response. And when he didn’t give any, I left the room, heading back into the kitchen.

“I grabbed them all mom” Chris greeted. “Where does this go, fridge or cupboard?” he asked, holding up a jar of jam.

The sound of Chris’ voice only soothed my anger a little.

“Actually the counter’s fine, honey. We’ll put it in the fridge after we open it” I smiled.

Just as he completed my instructions, Charles walked back into the kitchen as well. I don’t know if he had more to say or not, but I certainly was done with this discussion for now. Just the sight of his face pissed me off. And as a result, glaring right into his eyes, I walked over to Chris.

I kissed him hard on the lips, moaning in the process. I even slithered my tongue into his mouth, ensuring my husband could hear the wet slippery noise of our tongues sliding against each other. And although Chris’ back was to his father, he began to pull away, not at all realizing the conversation Charles and I had just had. But I didn’t let him, gripping Chris’ collar, I kept his lips against mine, continuing to kiss him. I made out with him like if we were alone, my eyes glued to my husband the whole time, still screaming at him with my glare. Four or five seconds must’ve passed before I finally let Chris go, breaking our kiss.

“Thank you for helping mommy out, honey!” I said, beaming a huge smile at Chris before giving the stinkeye to his father behind him.

I knew Charles would think that this was just a pure act of retaliation against his words; my way of getting back at him because I was pissed off. Little did he know I had been dying to do it for weeks now. And not because of spite, but because it turned me on to no end!

“Sure mom” Chris mumbled, before awkwardly walking past his father and up the stairs.

Our staring contest continued, but I knew he would fold first.

“We’re having roast beef for dinner. Any problems?”

“no” he answered, barely able to get the words out.

“good, I’ll let you get back to work” I said sarcastically.

His eyes lit up for a seconds, before quickly turning back to normal, trying to look innocent. It was so pathetic. With nothing else to say, or at least not with the balls to say them, he turned around and left, leaving me in the kitchen alone to prepare dinner.

Of course I had no intention of having that conversation with Charles, not this soon at least. But it had actually worked out better than expected. He knew how passive aggressive I could be, and how much I could hold a grudge. And after seeing how he just stood there as I basically orally molested his son in front of him, I had no fear that he would be just as inactive the next time. And oh will there be a next time, and a time after that, and a time after that until I get bored and wanted to go further.

It was actually a little shocking to me that there was hardly any guilt at all. I had come a long way.

I happily prepped dinner, with my head filled with images of Chris fucking me silly in our car later tonight. And it was Saturday too, no reason to bring him home early. Maybe we could have a night cap somewhere else. It was now that I suddenly found myself wishing Chris was a few years older, so we could sneak into a night club and spend the night on the dance floor. The thought of Chris’ cock grinding on my ass while others watched was so hot!

I worked quickly to get dinner done, finishing well before we usually ate. But considering there wasn’t really a lunch, I didn’t think anyone would mind.

I called everyone down, each of them emerging from their own rooms.

“So what did you do all day?” I smiled at Jessie.

“Playing with my Ipad” she answered proudly, knowing I would hate that answer.

“I told you not to use that thing too much! Did you finish your homework for the weekend?”

“I can do that tomorrow!” she shot back.

“Why can’t you be more like your brother” I said, glancing over at Chris. “He organized his time and spent the day finishing his project so that there was time for me take him driving”

“You’re taking him driving? You mean teaching? Isn’t Chris a bit young” Charles asked, chuckling lightly.

“He’ll have to learn sometime. And I know how busy you are with work, so I thought I would take him. Any issues?” I grinned sarcastically.

“uh, no. Just be careful” he said, looking over at Chris.

“I will” he muttered.

There was definitely tension among the two. And it was something that Chris and I both knew would eventually happen. I didn’t like it, not at all. However, the feelings Chris and I had for each other was something we weren’t going to go back on. So if that meant potentially scarring their relationship, then well… I know it was selfish, but Chris had made the same decision when we continued down this winding road. We never discussed it formally, but he was way too bright of a kid not to know that this was inevitable. And besides, I wasn’t the one that forced my husband to sleep with his secretary, losing almost all the respect Chris had for him. I could tell he looked at his father differently, and not in a good way.

The rest of dinner went by almost as awkwardly, with only Jessie being completely oblivious to it all.

“Go get ready honey, and I’ll meet you by the front door” I smiled.

I dropped all of the plate into the kitchen sink, leaving them for tomorrow to clean.

“Jen we need to talk about this afternoon” Charles said, approaching me.

“I don’t want to hear it”

“Look I know you did that because you were angry and wanted to get back at me. I get that. But by doing that you’re…you’re telling him it’s okay to…”

“to kiss him mom?” I answered for him.

“You and I both know that was not a kiss between a mother and son. You were pissed at me, and to spite me, you…you kissed him like you were his girlfriend or something” he shot back in disgust.

His phrasing sounded, more than anything, like he wanted reassurance from me that it was the case; that the only reason for my actions were because I was angry. Well, if that’s what he wanted to hear, that’s fine by me.

“yeah, so?” I exclaimed. “it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it either. And if I want to kiss my son again to show him I love him, I’ll do it! I Besides, why the fuck do you care all of a sudden?!”

I rarely cursed in front of Charles, causing my husband to go white in the face.

“Oh what?! Am I just a stay at home mom, chef, and laundry machine and do as you ask me to, whenever you want?! I don’t have thoughts and desires of my own?!”

Charles didn’t know what to say again, completely floored at how confrontational I was being now. Some of it was because of my tone, but some of it was also because he knew any heated discussion would inevitably turn towards his infidelity. I’m fairly confident that he was most likely aware, or at least very suspicious that I knew of him cheating on me; he was just too much of a pussy to come out and admit or discuss it.

So luckily for him, the sound of Chris’ footsteps running down the stairs pacified both our angers a little.

“I’m ready to go mom” he said softly, glancing at his father.

“Great!” I exclaimed, completely changing my tone.

Chris rushed towards the door into the garage and held it open for me. And without even knowing, the act only served to needle his father more. I of course, took the opportunity to rub it in Charles’ face.

“Oh such a gentleman” I smiled.

I nuzzled about his side, pulling his arm around me. Chris naturally kept it PG, keeping his palm on my upper back. But me being the deviant I am, pulled it down towards my waist, letting his palm rest on my hip with his forearm on the top of my ass. And without even acknowledging my husband’s presence, we entered the garage, leaving him alone in the kitchen. I wonder what he was thinking as he watched his wife escort his son out the door on a Saturday night.

“Fuck, you’re too much mom” Chris panted, as soon as we got in the car.

I only laughed in response, turning towards him for a kiss. I wish Charles could see this.

He was just as horny as I was; his cock rock hard.

“Oooh! Did you like teasing your father like that!”

As I spoke with Chris, I buried my right hand inside my pants, rubbing my pussy furiously.

“Not really” he answered. “But knowing how turned on you were, it kind of rubbed off on me too”

“No, no, no! Don’t!” he said, stopping me from unzipping his jeans.

“And Jesus, mom! Your pants are soaked!” he exclaimed, pointing at the giant wet patch at my crotch.

“Hmm…maybe I should’ve worn black then! Probably harder to tell!” I giggled.

Disregarding his own words seconds ago, Chris grabbing my wrist. In an instant he brought my hand to his mouth, loudly sucking on my juices.

“Mom, you look so fucking hot with that haircut. You have no idea” he moaned, staring hungrily at me as he slurped my fingers.

I loved the feeling! It was everything I hoped for when I changed the style hours earlier.

Seeing his smile, I shoved my hand further down his throat, adding two more fingers to it. With my free left hand, I jammed it down my yoga pants, rubbing off more pussy juices.

“open!” I commanded, after hearing him gag.

Chris obeyed immediately, sticking his tongue out, his whole body fidgeting in anticipation. I teased him for a few seconds, laughing as I let him only get a taste of my fingertips. Not being able to take it anymore, he lunged forward, moaning loudly as he sucked on my pussy soaked fingers.

“Do you like that way mommy tastes?” I taunted.

Chris had no ability to answer, just pulling my fingers towards him.

“Mom, we should leave. I don’t think I can wait any longer” he said with a genuine sadness in his voice.

“Why not fuck mommy right here, maybe your dad will walk in and see!” I half-joked.

“Mom, please! Don’t joke and just drive, I want you so bad right now!”

The desperation in his voice immediately brought me to laughter. It reminded me of him as a kid, begging me to buy him a toy.

“Ok, ok” I giggled. “where to?”

“The elementary school like usual?”

“I don’t think its big enough to practice driving” I smiled.

“Oh, you’re actually going to teach me?” he said, a little confused. “ I thought it was just an excuse to get out of the house so we could fuck”

“its both honey!” I exclaimed. “Let’s satisfy our appetite first and then I’ll teach the basics and afterwards, we can go for round 2. Sound good?!”

“Yeah, sure. Just please drive, mom! You have no idea how badly I want to be inside you right now” he moaned, braking down in laughter at the end.

“Maybe your school then?”

“Yeah, sure” he answered, more or less agreeing to any of my suggestion.

In the morning the commute was a nightmare, with so many other parents and students driving to the school as well. But now, there was nearly no traffic at all, cutting the normally 20 minute drive in half. Yet, the entire time, Chris’ hand was mauling at my thighs, even full on fingering my pussy whenever we stopped at a red light.

By the time we pulled into the high school parking lot, I was just as turned on as Chris. As a result, I parked it towards the corner of the lot and both of us immediately got out. Chris raced towards the passenger door on his side of the car, while I had other plans.

“Mom, what are you doing?” he asked, watching as I opened the back door of our SUV.

“Come on, let’s have a little fun!” I giggled.

The trunk of the SUV was flat, and had plenty of space for me to lie down. I carefully crawl in and turned around to sit on my ass, pulling myself towards the edge.

“Get your cock out honey!”

“Really, mom?! There’s cars right there!” he said pointing.

“Oh come on! It’s all the way by the entrance, not to mention it was empty when we passed it! Besides, who was the one begging mommy earlier for some pussy?!” I teased, leaning back so I could slide my yoga pants off.

“Fuck it” he grunted, helping me untie my shoes.

I didn’t even get the pants to my ankles before Chris had pulled both my socks off, his mouth wrapping around my left big toe.

“mmhmm!” he moaned, taking a long sniff.

“oohh!” I exclaimed.


“Nothing! It’s just the gust of wind on my feet was a little unexpected!” I giggled. “Quite chilly!”

“Do I have to stop?”

“No, that’s okay honey” I smiled. “I don’t think you could even if you wanted to!”

“Probably not” he chuckled, licking up and down my soles.

As I enjoyed the feeling of his tongue, I slid my pants further down, getting ready to take them off.

“Could you leave them on mom? Just in case a car pulls up… plus it looks hot” he asked.

That last part was good enough to bring a smile to my face, causing me to let go of the waistband. Instead, my hands calmly removed my winter jacket and quickly found my nipples, rubbing them through the thin fabric of my blouse. The cold weather certainly had its effect, hardening my nipples enough to easily be visible through my top.

And while I was busy playing with my tits, Chris pulled me closer to edge and unbuckled his jeans.

“Come on, give mommy that big hard cock!”

“Oh, fuck its cold” he chuckled, his cock feeling the cold night air for the first time.

“Then mommy has just what you need!” I smiled, tapping my bare pussy.

It didn’t take any more encouraging before he found my slit, shoving his entire length inside in one stroke.

“Oh, fuck!” I exclaimed, loving the feeling of my pussy being filled.

He calmly repositioned my legs on his right shoulder, giving him a better range of motion to start thrusting in and out of me. It took about half a minute for Chris to get used to the bouncing of the car. Each time his cock slammed into me, the SUV dipped an inch, returning to its height when he pulled back out.

But once he got accustomed to the rhythm, I reaped the rewards and experienced the usual pleasure from his cock pumping in and out my pussy. I could feel most of my body heating up, the only exception being my feet that were slung over his shoulder, exposed to the cold night air.

So to solve the problem, I brought it back in front of his face, squeezed my feet together, and dangled them in from of his mouth. I pointed my toes at his lips, gently wiggling them to seduce Chris’ mouth to open.

He broke his concentration for just a second, letting a chuckle escape, just enough time for me to shove my toes into the warmth of his mouth.

“Suck on mommy’s toes as you fuck me!”

Chris grunted in agreement, pulling my body even closer, until my legs were pressed against his chest. It gave him easier access to both my feet and pussy, allowing him to drive his cock fully into my pussy, all the way to base.

“Oh yes! Fuck mommy just like that!” I edged on, playing with my hair.

Chris took notice instantly, watching in a trance-like state as I twisted my fingers in the new curls, teasing his libido even more.

“Fuck! Keep doing that mom! You look soooo fucking good!” he exclaimed.

It was only now that I noticed that, by chance, we had parked underneath a big lamp post. The large lightbulb overhead lit up the entire surrounding, giving Chris a perfect view of his mom being the slut she had become.

“You like that honey! You like seeing mommy’s hair all messy like this!” I moaned.

“Yes, uh-huh! You look so slutty mom!”

“Yeah?! How would you like to fuck mommy against side of the car?” I teased.

“What?” he panted, slowing down just a bit.

“Come on! I want you to fuck mommy’s asshole out in the open parking lot!”

Chris’ reply was pulling out of my pussy, allowing me to get up. I didn’t bother finding my shoes, going barefoot against the black asphalt floor. It was unbearably cold, but even that wasn’t enough to stop me. I was way too turned on to think rationally now!

And instead of moving to the side away from the empty lot, I purposefully choose the side facing it, propping my arms against the passenger door as I extended my ass out.

“Hurry up and fuck me!” I yelled, glaring at Chris.

He quickly waddled over and got behind me.


It took a few seconds for him to find my asshole, but when he did, Chris entered me rather roughly.

“Fuckkk!” I screamed.

Due to the cold, my asshole had puckered up tighter than usual, causing more pain that I expected. But as Chris slowly rocked the head in and out, I got more and more comfortable.

Soon my mind was only focusing on the thick rod opening up my other love canal.

“Yes, honey! Start fucking mommy harder!” I moaned, rocking my head back.

The sound of cars passing by on the main road made it so much hotter. They were too far away to get a real view, but just the thought was enough. The possibility that someone from Chris’ school, maybe even one of his classmates, could pass by and see him plowing into his own mom in public drove me wild!

“Fuckkkk!” “Cum in mommy! I want you to fill mommy’s pretty little asshole up!”

My legs were buckling, barely able to support myself as I felt my orgasm built. Chris’ own breathing had increased, his hands clasped firmly around my tits for support.

“Oh shit! Mom, you okay?” he muttered, accidentally pushing me too hard. My hands had slipped from the car, followed by a loud thud as my upper body collapsed against the door.

“Mom, are-“

“Shut up and fuck mommy! Harder! I’m almost there!” I yelled back.

Seeing I was more than okay, he moved his hands to my hips, roughly grabbing them as he drove his cock into me. He had slowed down a bit, but more than made up for it by the force he entered me. Each thrust pushed my tits firmly against the glass window.

“AUuugghhh! Fuckkk!” I moaned, letting go a primal scream as I came.

And as soon as the waves of pleasure began, my legs gave way, with Chris’ arms wrapped tightly around me, trying to keep me up. My body shook violently, seizing against the car and Chris’ body.

It was my first time fucking like this in public, this wide open. And there was no doubt I wanted to do it again. The rush of anyone walking up and seeing us was such a shot of adrenaline!

“I’m sorry, honey! Mommy was so selfish! Did you get to cum yet?” I said, turning my head back towards him.

“Yeah” he chuckled. “Fuck that was hot” he panted, zipping himself back up.

“Let’s get back in the car mom. Your feet must be freezing” he said.

And then in a move that even surprised me, he picked me up in a bridal carry, carefully walking towards the back of the SUV and placing me in the trunk.

“Ahh! My prince charming!” I teased.

“Well it was nothing, since you’re so light” he smiled back.

“You always know exactly what to say to make mommy happy!”

“of course! That’s my job” he said, kissing me softly on the lip.

He was so smooth that during our embrace, I didn’t even notice him grabbing my winter jacket, gently placing it on me from behind.

“don’t catch a cold mom”

His comforting words were all I needed to completely forget about the winter weather, giving me a warming feeling that filled my entire body.

I sat quietly, just watching Chris as he meticulously put my socks and shoes back on, with a few goodbye kisses to boot.

“So, are you still gonna teach me to drive?”

“Of course!” I exclaimed. “Go! Get in the driver’s seat! This oughta be fun!”

As soon as he was buckled in, I could see the confusion and sense of fear on his face. He was looking around, from the dashboard to the gear shift.

“just calm down honey!” I giggled. “I’m not gonna just make you drive on the streets right away! That’s why we’re here in an empty parking lot”

“Now, place the keys in the ignition. And don’t turn it until your foots on the brake first. We have an automatic so there’s only two pedals you have to worry about. The lefts the brake and the right accelerator. Now step on the brake and hold it”

Chris did as I asked, listening to my instructions beautifully as I explained to him the basics of the gear shifts and how to use both pedals. And immediately, I got a good reminder why he was such a good student. He was very observant and astute, asking the right questions when he needed to.

“Now shift it to reverse” I said, watching over him carefully. “good”

“Ok, we’re going to back up gently, so take your foot of the brake and slowly move to the accelerator. Don’t push too hard, you’ll find just a little pressure on it and the car will start moving”

“Okay” he said, exhaling a big breath.

He found out fairly quickly that you turned the steering wheel the same way you wanted to back up into. And before long, he had the car out of our parking spot and pointing straight.

“Ok, now switch to drive and remember to –“

“oh shit!” he exclaimed, feeling the car unexpectedly slide forward before he slammed his foot back onto the brake.

“put your foot on the brake pedal first” I giggled.

The car had nudged forward only a few meters, but I can definitely relate to the horror on Chris’ face.

“it’s okay, it’s okay” I smiled, trying to calm him down. “Just remember for next time!”

“yeah, okay mom” he exhaled.

I watched as he slowly drove the car forward, keeping a slow but constant enough distance until he approached the end where he needed to turn into another parking aisle. And just as I was about to give instructions, he confidently continued, and made a left turn that more or less did the job on the first go.

“Not bad, honey!”

“And you said all those hours playing video games were useless, heh” he grunted sarcastically.

“Don’t get smart with me! Did you already forget how scared you were a minute ago?!” I shot back, getting a chuckle out of him.

For the next 20 minutes or so Chris practiced in the parking lot, getting used to driving straight and making simple left and right turns. And just as I was thinking about teaching him parking, a few cars began to show up in the bigger, lower parking lot of the school.

“Is there something going on at your school honey?” I asked.

Chris had been so focused on his driving that this was his first time turning his head and looking down towards the other parking lot, seeing that there were at least a half dozen cars now.

“oh shit, I forgot. I think there’s a basketball game tonight” he answered, looking at the clock on the dashboard.

“yeah, it’s almost 7:30 now, and I think there’s a game slated for 8:30. I totally forgot mom, sorry. We can go -”

“Did you want to go see it?”

“hmm, not really. I just heard about it from Jake since his older brother plays for the team. He asked if I had wanted to go with him”

“and you said no? Isn’t some of your other friends going to be there?”

“They might, I’m not sure. I mean we’re freshman, so most of the guys on the team are juniors and seniors. We don’t really hang in the same crowd” he answered.

“But your friend Jake will be there, right?”

“Yeah, probably with his parents” he answered.

“So why not go check it out?!” I smiled.

“What, really?” he asked, his face scrunched up. “It’s not that fun. I mean –“

“C’mon its Saturday night! Shouldn’t you want to go out and socialize with your friends?! I bet there are cheerleaders there” I teased, elbowing him playfully.

“Bleh” he said in disgust.

“What, not your cup of tea?” I giggled.

“You mean would I rather watch those scrawny girls “dance” or go home with you? Yeah, I’ll take the second option everyday of the week, thank you very much” he answered sternly, almost as if I had insulted him with the suggestion.

“Am I that irresistible?” I joked.

“Trust me mom, even if we weren’t fucking, I’d still much rather spend an evening with you than watch that”

“Awww” I smiled, giving him a hard kiss on the cheek.

“But still, it should be fun! And you’ve been friends with Jake for so long that I should at least meet his parents once”

“uh…I mean I’m okay with it…it’s just that if there’s not a lot of people –“

“everyone will see you with your mom?”

Chris looked back at me in surprise. “Yeah” he chuckled. “I don’t mean to say I’m embarrassed to be with you mom…but it’s at my school and I don’t want the extra attention, that’s all”

“it’s okay, I understand” I giggled, seeing him squirm in his seat. “I was a teenager too once! And believe it or not, I felt the same way about your grandparents”

“So does that mean we can go somewhere else? I want to practice some more” he said.

I kept my eyes on the entrance to the school, noticing the now fairly constant streams of cars coming in.

“How about we wait a few more minutes, and if people continue to show up, then we go in” I said. “That way we’ll just be two people in a crowd. Besides, you said most of your friends wouldn’t be here anyways, so…”

“fine, mom” he groaned, knowing it was useless to argue with me.


We parked, with some difficulty, and waited a few minutes with the lights off, almost like a stakeout in a movie. But once people began parking in the upper lot as well, it became too weird just sitting in the car and waiting.

“Is it a big game, because I think it’s more than enough people honey! Let’s go” I smiled, happy that I got my way again.

Chris barely had the car locked when someone shouted his name.


“oh hey man, what’s up” Chris said, turning around and greeting his friend with a handshake hug.

“I thought you said you weren’t coming…and oh my god! Did you just get out of the driver’s seat!” he exclaimed, noticing what side of the car he was on.

“uh yeah” he said, glancing over at me. “my…my mom was teaching me how to drive. And well, I remembered that there was a game and thought maybe to check it out” he answered.

“Oh sweet! Dude, that’s awesome!” he exclaimed.

“That’s so cool of you Mrs. Anderson” he said. “I wish my parents would teach me too!”

“where are your parents Jake? I’d like to meet them” I smiled.

“Oh they should be right here. I kinda ran ahead a little. Ah, there they are” he said, pointing at a nice looking couple that was strolling towards us.

“Hello! I’m Chris’ mom, it’s so wonderful to meet both of you!” I smiled, extending my hand.

“So nice to meet you too! I’m Katie and this is my husband Bob” she smiled, accepting my handshake. “We’ve seen Chris so many times these past years at our house and honestly, we’ve been dying to meet you! Is your husband here too?”

“Oh I’m afraid not! Chris’ sister is still in elementary school so my husband is at home watching over her now” I answered.

“Oh, you have a girl! That must be so sweet! Jake was supposed to be a girl” she joked.

“Yeah thanks mom. Way to remind me daily of the disappointment I am” her son shot back sarcastically.

“oh hush! You and your jokes! You’re going to make us look bad in front of Chris’ mom on our first meeting”

“No, not at all!” I giggled. “You seem like a lovely family” I smiled, thinking of how my own family must look exactly the same to her.

“Shall we get inside” Bob suggested, with a hint of urgency in his voice.

“Don’t mind him. He’s just worried about tonight’s game since they’re fighting to make the playoffs” she whispered to me.

“Oh, I didn’t realize it was such a big game!” I answered.

I didn’t know much about sports, but the word playoff was at least familiar to me.

“Ok, you guys take the lead then! This is our first time here!”

“Great! It’ll be a blast! Trust me!”

Chris and Jake talked with each other in the front, with us, the parents following close behind. And after paying for our tickets, with Katie insisting that it was their treat, we made our way into the bleachers of the gymnasium. It was definitely filling up, and although obviously much smaller than the few sporting events I had been to at college, there was definitely a buzz in the air. The crowd was very loud, cheering on the team as the boys warmed up.

I was having a nice time chatting with Katie, so much so that we sat next to each on the bleachers, with Chris on my left and Jake next to him. Bob had wandered off, sitting close to the boys team huddle as he seemed to be much more engaged the game than any of us.

“Which ones’ yours?” I asked.

“Ah right there, number 12” she pointed. “That’s our Bill”

“Oh he’s quite tall!” I exclaimed.

“yeah he is, 6’2 right now. But he’s also a senior so there might be an inch or two more, but that’s probably it” she laughed. “He’s going to USC in the fall for college!”

“Oh congratulations! I bet he’ll love the weather! I have a sister that lives in Cali and she loves it there!”

We continued to make small talk until warm ups were over and the starting lineups for both teams were being announced. I had to admit that despite my indifference for most sporting events, the electricity from the crowd was definitely rubbing off on me too.

And as I looked out into the gym full of people, I couldn’t help but notice one of the cheerleaders staring our way, or more specifically I should say, staring at my Chris!

She looked very cute, and had that familiar twinkle in her eyes as she took occasional glances in our direction of her “crush”.

“Is she the reason why you didn’t want to come, honey” I teased.

Chris looked over at me, glancing out on the court at where my eyes were looking.

“Oh” he sighed.

“That’s Rebecca. We have English and Chem together” he said rather blandly.

“Oh is that all?” I giggled.

I wasn’t jealous or anything, just found it quite fun to tease Chris at how obvious she was being. And to tell the truth, I felt slightly excited that another girl was looking at my son; it shows that I have good taste!

“Yeah, trust me mom, that’s all” he chuckled.

“Really? Because I think Rebecca would like it to be something more!”

“Yeah that’s not happening. She’s a complete airhead”

“Honey, be nice! You shouldn’t talk about a girl like that behind her back!”

“But she is!” he insisted. “ I got paired with her for chem lab and she nearly set the people next to us on fire because instead of paying attention to the Bunsen burner in front of her, she was too busy looking at herself in the mirror! Luckily the teacher saw it and nothing happened!”

That little anecdote did get a few giggles out of me, but more than that, I was just so happy to see how completely uninterested Chris was to her, despite how cute she looked. It gave me more confidence that what we had definitely wasn’t just because of what I could do for him in the bedroom but also because of how compatible our personalities were. And with that thought, I decided to give him a break, reverting my attention back to the game that was about to start.

Surprisingly, I found myself cheering for the home team like everyone else. Chris was kind enough to help explain some of the ruling and other basic things that he knew from his experience watching basketball with his father.

The thought reminded me that I should probably let Charles know where we were. I might’ve been angry with him, but no reason to cut off all communication. I shot him a short text and got an equally quick response, simply saying ok.

Despite the game actually being more interesting than I expected, my mind didn’t abandon the plans I had made earlier, specifically about getting another session in with Chris before we had to return home.

“How about you and mommy go take a little break during halftime” I whispered, seductively. To get his attention even more, I carefully crept my left hand onto his thigh, sliding towards my trophy.

“mom!” he exclaimed, holding my wrist. “Are you crazy! Please don’t!”

“Relax! I don’t mean here!” I giggled.

“How about we go to one of those secluded classrooms? I’ve always had the fantasy of sucking someone off in school. Can you help mommy make it a reality?!” I teased, my fingertips feeling the erection in his jeans.

“ok, ok, ok!” he exclaimed. “Just…just no more here. Please!”

His reluctance made me laugh, as I spared him the tension and pulled myself back, engaging Katie in conversation again. It felt like forever until the halftime buzzer finally sounded.

“Are you leaving?” Katie asked, slightly perplexed.

“Oh no, I just wanted to see some of Chris’ classrooms!” I smiled, hoping that she wouldn’t want to tag along.

“Oh great! I’ll save your seat for when you get back!” She smiled, waving good bye.

Chris and I hastily exited the gym among the crowd of others who did so as well, for either the bathroom or just to move around and stretch. But instead of staying nearing the entrance, the two of us wandered off. Chris led me down a few hallways until he felt we were sufficiently far away from the gym.

But as he pulled us into another corridor, I had had enough, pushing Chris up against one of the lockers. My lips were on his in an instant, my hands clamping both his wrists by the side. I continued holding him still until he returned my kissing, finally letting go when I was sure he was no longer going to protest.

He responded to his freedom by groping one ass cheek with one hand, and running through my hair with the other.

“You do love the new hairstyle!” I giggled, biting his lower lip.

“Yeah, its so amazing!”

“yeah? Does that mean my straight hair before was boring?!” I teased.

“No. It’s just that before you looked more like a mom. But with this…it just screams sex appeal!” he chuckled.

“You really think so?”

“When I first saw you at lunch I wanted to rip off your yoga pants and take your right there on the kitchen table” he moaned, kissing my neck passionately.

“So why didn’t you?!” I teased. “I’m sure your father would’ve just stood there!” I chuckled.

“Let’s not talk about him. Halftimes’ pretty short” he said.

“Ok, well get your cock out then mister!” I smiled.


“What? You got to fuck mommy in public. Did you think that was going to come free?!”

“But you’re the one who wanted to!” he reasoned, with a smile.

“uh, I don’t hear anything unzipping!” I giggled, bypassing his legitimate excuse.

“How do you always do this to me mom!” he sighed, dropping his jeans.

“Because you can’t resist this!” I smiled, jamming his entire shaft down my throat.

“Augghhh!” he groaned, biting the sleeve of his jacket. “Fuuucckk!”

Knowing we were literally inside his school, my blowjob was even more intense than normal. I felt like a succubus from hell, sucking his cock as if my life depended on it. The entire thing easily disappeared in and out of my mouth, coating it more and more with spit each time it surfaced.

And knowing Chris, I could easily tell when he was close, backing up just enough so that his orgasm would die down, giving me the opportunity to deepthroat his meat for another round before repeating the process. Again and again I edged him, bringing him to the brink of cumming.

“Fuck mom, please stop teasing me!”

“What do you want then? Tell mommy exactly what you want?!” I smiled, pumping his saliva covered cock as I sucked on each one of his balls.

“I want you to swallow my load! I want you to swallow every last drop!” he moaned, pushing my mouth back on his cock.

Defending his words, Chris met my rhythm as he pumped his cock down my throat, fighting past my gag reflex. Finally I felt him stop, holding my head still as he unleashed his cum on my tongue.

And just as he asked, I kept it all in my mouth, making sure I milked him dry before letting his cock pop out. Then, like a good slut, I opened my mouth, showing him his handiwork before swallowing it all.

“Can you go again, honey? Let’s find an empty classroom” I smiled, standing back up.

“Mhm” he grunted.

I had expected him to protest, but having him onboard as well could only make it better. Quickly, I grabbed Chris’ hand and dragged him with me towards the closest classroom door.

It opened with ease, letting me peer inside.

“C’mon, it’s empty!”

“Don’t!” Chris whispered, flicking the lights off immediately after I had turned them on.

“What’s the matter? Afraid someone from your school will see?” I teased.

“Yes, very” He nodded. “I’d rather not be known as the boy who fucked his own mom in his science class!”

“Really?! This is your classroom?!” I giggled, finding the coincidence hilarious. “Were you planning on taking me here anyways?”

“No, not really. I was actually thinking about my English class; its further down the hall”

“So we just got lucky with this one?”

“Somehow, yeah” he chuckled. “This is where I usually sit and not pay attention to Mr. Finch”

“Oh? You don’t listen in class? What a naughty boy!” I teased, brushing his lips with my index finger. “So if you’re not paying attention to your teacher, what are you doing instead, huh?”

“Thinking about getting home so I could wrap my hands around you” he smiled, getting a handful of ass.

“Yeah? Have you fantasized about fucking mommy in school?”

“uh-huh” he cooed softly.

“Tell mommy all the dirty things you think about!” I said, rubbing his cock hard again.

“I daydream about calling you to the school during my lunch period so we can fuck in an empty classroom” he moaned.

“what else?” I asked seductively, nibbling on his ear.

“Sometimes we sneak into the janitor’s closet, and you give me a blowjob in there” he added, feeling up my thigh.

I wanted to hear more of his fantasies, so instead of letting his hands roam freely, I pushed it away.

“Are other students there?”


“In the hallways outside! Are they walking to class as you try your best to not scream from pleasure?!” I teased, licking his neck now.

I had gently pushed Chris to sit down on the long desk, with me leaning against him, whispering seductively into his ear.

“Do you want them to watch?!”

“Yes! I mean no!” he blurted, correcting his words quickly.

“Which one is it honey!” I giggled.

“I mean sometimes I imagine that people can hear us, and that they are all whispering and murmuring about what whose inside. But it’s never my friends or even classmates, the faces are always just blurred and random people” he added.

“Oh really?!” I whispered. “Is it something you want to come true?! Do you want mommy to suck your cock with a roomful of strangers knowing exactly what we’re doing?!”

I was mostly just teasing him. But, there was also no denying the fact that the image made my heart race too. I know he’d never agree to do it with anyone he knew present (which was probably a good thing), but an hour’s drive away from home….

“What if mommy drops by your school next week in the middle of the day?” I joked.

“Mom!” he said, his voice full of fear. “Please tell me you’re just kidding!”

I glanced at him, just grinning with my devilish smile.

“Mom!” Please tell me you’re not going to come –“

“I’m just kidding, honey! What, can’t take a joke!” I giggled.

With that he breathed a sigh of relief, his face relaxing from the bright shade of red.

“my my! Mommy must’ve really scared you!” I smiled, nodding down towards his crotch. His erection, which was at full mast just seconds ago, was only half that now.

Just as I wanted to get it going again, Chris twisted away.

“Mom, we should really go. The game’s already started and they’ll be wondering where we are”

I was disappointed, but Chris was right. It would be very rude if the two of just disappeared after specifically saying we’d be back. And with that, I begrudgingly followed Chris back into the gymnasium, where we were instantly greeted with a loud cheer from the crowd as our team scored.

The rest of the game went completely normally. I cheered for the team when they played, and chatted with Katie during timeouts. Chris’ school ended up pulling away towards the end, getting a standing ovation from the crowd when the starters were all subbed out.

“Is it always like this?” I whispered to Chris, surprised from how much passion and excitement there was for a high school basketball game.

“No idea. I just know that winning tonight means they’re not out of the playoffs yet. If they win their next game, I think they’re in” he shouted over the crowd.

As soon as the buzzer sounded, we said our goodbyes and raced towards the parking lot, hoping to get a head start.

“Do you want to drive home?” I teased, jingling the car keys in front of him.

“Maybe after a few more lessons” he chuckled. “Besides, let’s try and beat the traffic and get home. I’m so tired”

“Already? Can’t even compete with your mom?”

“Please mom, you’re the reason why I’m so tired!”

As much as he joked back with me, I could tell by the look on his face that he really was exhausted. He slumped heavily into the passenger seat and leaned his head against the window, just staring out at the sea of cars waiting to leave school grounds.

The drive home was unusually quiet for the two of us. Instead of flirting back and forth or talking about our days, we both just enjoyed the sound of quiet music playing from the XM radio. And by the time we were near home, Chris had dozed off, only waking from the sound of our garage door opening.

“Oh, we’re home” he mumbled, blinking his eyes repeatedly.

“Yeah, should I carry you upstairs like when you when little?” I joked.

“Did you used to do that? I can’t remember” he laughed.

“What? You thought you just magically teleported to your bed?”

“I guess…I never thought about it” he smiled.

“Of course not! You were always such a heavy sleeper when you were little! It was so cute!” I joked, pinching his cheek playfully.

“Mommm!” he groaned, moving away.

“Ok, ok! I’ll stop teasing you!” I giggled. “Now come on, let’s go inside before my hands move to other places” I winked.

Despite our eventful evening, it was only 11 when we got home. And very quickly, we were greeted with the sound of the TV from the living room.

“Did you crash?! I bet you crashed?!” Jessie exclaimed, rushing to her brother’s side.

“No, of course not!” Chris said proudly.

“He did, didn’t he mom?!” she smiled, pulling on my hand.

“No, you’re brother was fine. He did good for his first lesson” I said, looking over at Chris.

“Boo! That’s no fun!” she pouted, moving back to her TV show.

“Sweetie, where’s your dad?” I asked, noticing he wasn’t with her.

“Upstairs in his office” she answered, not bothering to look back at me.

“I’m gonna shower and probably get some sleep mom” Chris said, kissing me on the cheek.

“Ok, honey. Sweet dreams!”

After giving my daughter a prompt reminder of her weekend bedtime, I went upstairs as well, looking forward to a hot shower. Walking around in Chris’ cum might’ve been hot and sexy during the day, but now that I was about to go sleep, all I wanted to do was get squeaky clean.

I walked past my husband’s office without so much as recognizing his presence, way too tired to deal with anymore bullshit at this hour.

“Jen, wait” he shouted from his desk.

“My…uh…my boss invited us to his house to watch the Superbowl. It’s in two weeks” he said quickly, more blurting than anything.

I was only able to catch some of it, just enough to understand that we were asked to a dinner party.

“And he wants all of us there?”

“Uhyeah. It’ll be like the last dinner party, but less formal” he quickly added. “Dylan’s been talking about promoting me soon…and uh…well the other partners are going, and –“

“You need us to be there, as a family” I stressed with a wicked grin.

Charles didn’t respond, just looking right back at me. I could tell from his voice that he was serious, and desperate. It made sense too, after all, given his job, he needed to have the image of being both a good father and family man.

“ok” I said.

“Could you…could you…” he sighed. “I know you’re still angry at me, but could we just act normal. All of us” he stated.

I knew what that last part meant.

“I’m sure if you can behave yourself, I won’t have a problem either” I smiled.

Before Charles could respond, his phone buzzed loudly.

“You should get that, don’t want to keep her - I mean him, waiting” I said, leaving the doorway.

Despite how much fun it would probably be to flirt with Chris there, I meant what I said. As long as we were in the presence of Charles’ co-workers and boss, I’ll be just like the perfect housewife and mother everyone saw me as. But if Chris and I were to find ourselves alone, well, then I couldn’t make any promises.

But why should I worry about. It’s still two weeks away. I’m sure Chris and I will have tons of fun before then. And if my husband’s around to see it, well… let’s just say I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Author's Note: Like my past chapters, I'm always open to comments and suggestions. For new readers, in the past, I've added multiple scenarios or scenes that people have commented on into my future chapters, so feel free to leave one if there's something you want to see/or dont want to see in the future. There's no promises, but I do carefully consider them all. Also, my other series involving Lily will also be continued, I'm just waiting to let this one catch up so I can submit them in parallel as there will be a crossover series soon.

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