The Ticket VII & VIII

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The Ticket VII

The Trip to the Hospital was actually scary I don't think they even have shocks on Ambulances When we arrived at the front gate there was a minor hold up while they contacted the Hospital for verification that we were expected.

They took me right in and into surgery. They went into my groin area and did an angio catherizatioin where they shot some kind of dye in so they could see the workings of my heart . The found it necessary to use the balloon to inflate and clear 5 of my veins and arteries.

Mavis was in the operating room with me although just as an observer. I guess it was just a courtesy. They normally would have only kept me overnight for observation but They wanted to run a few more tests. There was indications that the scar tissue from my war wound could be causing complications. I had told them about my wheezing and shortness of breath.

They ran tests for three days, But before the first day was over two of the behemoths, they did have names, Rafe and Link, from Albuquerque, Both were retired Marines. They showed up at the Hospital and moved right in, one of them was either in my room or right outside my door.

Celeste Rainwater, my Lawyer, and two of the girls came over in Grandpa's favorite automobile. A fully restored powder blue 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood. As days passed all the girls came for a visit. Friday evening the surgeon came to talk to me.

Basically he wanted to go back in and clean up the scar tissue also there was a slight anomaly that didn't show clearly on the angio plasty. He felt the need to physically check it out he thinks there is a valve with a slight leak. If it is they can repair it and no more wheezing and shortness of breath.

The surgery was scheduled for Monday morning at 0530.

Saturday I was trying to read a book but was having difficulty, to many visitors. About 1600 the room door opened and a man with arm crutches . He looked around the room, there were four women including Dr Mavis Demp. He looked back at me and said, “ Hey Sarge heard from Hondo.”

“Mavis take the girls down to the cafeteria and get them a drink I need to talk to this gentleman without interruption. “ After the room was clear he introduced himself as Pete Lane he had a bullet by his spine but told me there was nothing wrong with his mind. He told me before I was 10 miles from Seal Beach there was a vet asking Charles Sundown for a job. He was there to watch and act if I needed it.

We talked for over an hour and pretty well established the assistance they were to give. He also let it drop that Josie had heard the conversation between Al Sims and I. As soon as the ambulance left the house she had been on the phone to Al. Telling him what happened

I was not looking forward to the approx imate 2 weeks more in the hospital.. The nurse often commented about so many ladies constantly in my room. Monday finally came around and the nurses had prepped me for surgery. They wheeled me into the operating room. The anesthesiologist talked to me about the procedure and told me it would be administered thru my I V line. And was I ready I nodded and that was the last I remembered til I awakened in ICU 8 hours later.

The Nurse told me I would be in ICU overnight then when the Dr. examined me he would make the decision as to whether I could go back to my room or not. Tuesday the Doctor came into my room and examined me. He told me that the original surgery had saved my lifebut had not been complete. The past 15 years I had been suffering from problems that should have been gone. The leaky valve in my heart had increased every time I exerted myself.

He said, “The anomaly he had noticed was from the scar tissue of the original wound it was now gone also. Your strength should come back and although you should be fine I would advise keeping the pill available. You will go back to your room later today and we will start therapy tomorrow.”


'M' Looked around the table, “Where has our 'Little Bird ' flown too ?”

Sheriff Jones answered, “ According to my deputies he was taken to the base in Clovis by Ambulance. They spoke to a Nurse at the hospital, she said that he had heart surgery. His room is closely guarded.”

“Keep and eye on him but make no move. He is still our best bet to finding the list.”

Wednesday: There was a noise in the Hallway. Rafe stuck his head in the door and ask if I was up to receiving a visitor. I asked who and he said the Commanding Officer of the Base. I shrugged my shoulder and said why not.

The door opened and a One star( Brigadier ) General walked in. He saw me sitting up in bed and walked forward with his hand out. I shook it He said “ Glad to see you. General Davis here..”. He stuttered”Let me explain about 15 or 16 years ago I was a young Capt. I was the pilot of a mercy flight. Everyone was worried about a young soldier who had taken three in the chest and was hanging on by a thread. Son I never thought I would hear the name Samuel Night Walker ever again.”

We talked for over an hour you know the what have you been doing since then. He looked around, no one was near. I have been talking to Doctor Demp she was pretty closed mouthed but I could read between the lines. If you need an assist let me know I May be able to help.”

With that he gave me his private number, wished me luck and he was gone. Mavis came in and was looking downward she said she was sorry but she didn't tell him to much. He was just so intuitive and drew the right conclusions.

By the end of the week the doctor decided I was healing pretty fast and it would be alright if I went home. I think it was more to Dr Demp telling him she would check on me daily. Also I think he wanted to clear his hallways of all the girls. No matter the reason I was ready, Let's go home.

I was taken home in an ambulance furnished by order of General Davis. They got me in bed and as soon as the ambulance departed my girls greeted me in their way. Oh how I had missed their greetings.
While I was in the hospital only three of my girls hadn't visited, Rose, Ranch Foreman, Amber over all person in charge, and Barbara, person in charge of the little house.

Barbara was first in line then Rose, who left immediately to relieve Amber. With in an hour all had been to the little house and shown their respect. My finger had almost wrinkled from so much use. Damn it was great to be home.

Charles reported on the progress of the guest house and told me about his cabinet maker a DAV. He was an amputee but came highly recommended by Hondo and he is good very good.

I had Josie bring me the trophy from my old room I waited till I was alone and then I pulled the letter out of its hiding place and re-read what I had already read then continued to read. Sam or Night which ever you decide to be. Look not just inside but where ever your thoughts lead you..

You now have the information just put it together and you will have the key that unlocks the information that you are searching for. Find the lock, find the key, Put them together and the list you will see.

I was impatient but the girls were not going to let me out of bed. I f I tried to get up to go to the bathroom they were right there to escort me and tried to help me go. I think they just wanted to play with my cock or as Josie named it. My instrument of LASS instruction..

The week went on and Mavis was always here about 1800 to check me out. My appointment in Clovis was Tuesday at 1300.The drive over in the Caddy although comfortable was boring. The women that went with me was Josie, Mary, Ruby and driving was Bell.

They were all armed and they showed me a section of the back came out allowing access to the trunk which had a quick release. They told me that in case of a problem that was where I was to go. Also the door panels popped off revealing multiple pistols and ammo.

There conversation sent me into a doze. Then my eyes popped open I think I had solved the problem. I think I know where the Key is located. Now to just get back home.

The doctor gave me the once over and released me from the bed, I could get up and walk around. He advised me to walk daily but not to over do it. He looked around at all the ladies and said that for at least 3 weeks to a month no sex, the smiles on my girls drooped, then he added at all for that time. Then we will do a follow up and then we will see.

Every time I would go for a walk one of Charles's secret crew would mount the Kawasaki Banshee 350 which had been altered and had rifle as well as pistol holders. He would make a run to 271 then circle back and run to Country Club Road. He would patrol both sides of the road while I was out walking.

My mind was in a turmoil to get back to my key search. I walked out to the head stones and looked closely at my brothers stones. Even though I had solved the Donegal clue It had not sunk in that thee middle Initial of Tommy was an 'E' not a D so there was a mistake on their stone. I pressed on the D in Tommy 's Name nothing happened. Damn! I was sure I had it figured out.

I tried Timothy's nothing. I was about to give up but I tried 1 more time I pressed both 'D's ' at once. Thinking grandpa was tricky maybe he didn't want to take a chance of someone discovering the solution by accident. I looked down at the Cherub it was no longer flush with the rest of the stone. I pulled it out and there was the coin or rather half of a coin.

I rushed to the garage I told Barbara to keep everyone away from the garage for awhile. I entered the passageway turned on the light and closed the passageway behind me. I went to the section of the wall that I had noticed before with the D and the chain of tears. The straight line of the D was in actuality a slot I pressed the half coin into the slot and a small door opened revealing a number pad 0-9. Oh Crap now what? I started going thru different combinations.

I sat down and started to think I looked at my watch I had been down here for about an hour and I knew the girls would get antsy , I decided to think over lunch. I took the coin and put it on the chain with my dog tags. And closed the keypad and went up stairs.

I was right they were antsy and were just about ready to charge the garage. I reassured them that I was working on a project and that it was extremely important and very secret. I sat around after eating lunch and fiddled with the computer with Josie getting flustered trying to show me how to use it.

I decided to take my afternoon walk Mary and Ellen went with me. The four wheeler headed out first I was about a hundred yards from the house. When I spotted the four wheeler headed back and he had his pistol in his hand he came to a stop in front of us and said to get down behind it..

There was a slight hill in front of us and a rusty pickup was just reaching the top. The bed of the truck was sporting 3 guys with rifles and they were firing. Both of the girls pulled their pistols and returned fire. The ATV driver was firing his rifle. I heard a crack behind me and saw of the shooters in the pickup go flying out of the bed.

There was a second crack and a hole appeared in the windshield of the truck about 5” from where the head of the driver would have been. The brakes were applied with force the truck begin to back up. One of the other shooters banged on the roof and the truck stopped. The two in the back jumped out and helped their partner back in the truck, he was holding his right arm. They turned the truck around and hauled ass. Barbara was our savior, her rifle and scope..


'M' looked around the table someone tried to kill Our young Mr Walker yesterday. You all claim innocence. If that is the case there is an another party we know nothing about who has dealt them selves into our game. We must be alert they may be coming after us as well. It is possible someone else has found the list. So watch your backs.


We called Jacob Littlestar and reported what has happened. He asked me why I called him instead of the Sheriff. I laughed and replied Really. He Laughed back. He sent an officer and a lab tech to check out the scene. There were 6 bullet holes in the ATV It would have to be taken in to the dealership to be overhauled.

The rider of the ATV spoke for a long while with the officer that Littlestar had sent out. A Bolo went out to the clinics and Hospitals to be on the lookout for a bullet wound in the right arm. After the officer and the lab tech departed I withdrew to the Den. My mind went over and over the information looking for something that stood out. Something that didn't fit. Suddenly the light went on above my head. I had it How stupid could I be it was facing me all the time.

The Ticket VIII

Nine Tombstones

1. Grand pa 1893 – 1988, 2. Grandma 1900 – 1935, 3 Mom 1926- 1970, 4. Pop 1919 – 1970, 5 & 6 My Bro's 1957 – 1970, 7.Uncle Liam 1922. - 1978, 8 Aunt Kari 1923 - 1974, 9. Mine 1953 -

Mom 26 2+6 = 8 , Bros 57 5+7= 12 1+2 =3, Liam 22 2+2 = 4, Family death 70 7+0 = 7
8347 + mine 5+3 = 8 which comes out to be 83478 . Now I just need to try them out to make them work. I decided to work on them for awhile and to try them after all was asleep.

I knew I had the numbers now time to go play with them. I opened up the key pad and hit clear. Knowing How tricky grandpa was I still entered the numbers 83478 and to my amazement there was a click. A door cracked open I opened it and found a safe room large enough to store all the things that had come out of Grandpa's safe at the Manse. Since it was still on the cart I wheeled it inside.

I began looking over the safe and spotted a green lighted button. I pushed it and a whole bank of drawers opened up. The fourth drawer contained the list. Right now I didn't want to read it. I decided to wait till I had the doctors release. Thus if action was need I would be prepared. I locked up and went back to my room and to bed.



We had been on patrol and had been cut off from our unit five times we had met the enemy and we were down to just four men. The 2nd Louie, the Sgt and and the radio operator were gone. We werte all cross trained but that didn't help when the radio was shot to pieces. The corporal was still with us but had a head wound and the bandages rendered him helpless. With the Cpl out of it it was left to me a lowly Pfc, to get us out of there.

We were all drained and need rest it had been three days of running with little rest. I called a halt and we dropped where we stood. I tried to keep watch but like the others my eyes drifted closed. I began to dream, an Indian medicine man appeared before me. He said, “I am Blazing sky Walker, I am your ancestor from many grand mothers ago. It is not your time to die. Open your eyes and fire.”

I was lying back against a tree my feet were crossed and the B.A.R. I was carrying was laying between my feet and my finger was on the trigger. My eyes opened and my finger squeezed and the B.A.R. Began chattering. Coming out of the jungle was a right in front of me was a group of VC at least fifteen of them. They were right in my sights all I had to do was move my feet and sweep with the Browning. Tate and Martin came awake and began firing a few seconds later it was over. Tate walked over to check out and make sure all were dead.

“Sam they have a radio.” He fiddled with if for awhile and finally hit a frequency that paid off . We were thrilled they had given us the coordinates of the nearest LZ . A half an hour later we were aboard the chopper and out of there. Corporal Stevens was on his way home. The Doctor said they could save his eyesight but one eye would be touch and go.
Twice more before my my bad wound. 'Blazing Sky Walker' appeared to me in dreams each time he saved my life and the lives of my squad.


I was surprised when he showed up in my dreams causing me to awaken and losing his advice. I tried to reclaim him but the rest of the night was non eventful. All day long I thought of 'Blazing Sky ' What was he trying to tell me. Even though I had the itch to view the list. Something told me to wait till Blazing Sky gave me his message. Needless to say the day was boring except for the greetings of the girls.

Charles came over for a talk concerning the new guesthouse. We had decided on 10 large bedrooms with Full sized Double bunk beds in 8 of them. The other two were to be Master suites The Master that was designed with me in mind would have a cylindrical elevator down to the bunker and into the area of the safe room which I had designated as my office. It would only carry two people. The Kitchen or rather the pantry would be the normal access to the bunker. The building would be 2 story thus dividing the bedrooms 4 and a Master on each floor. Each bedroom would have its own bathroom plus a guest bathroom on the first floor and two in the bunker. His concern was should we duplicate the utilities of the little house or just make connections. After a long discussion it was decided that the guest house would be independent. But with crossovers in case of an emergency.

The day came for my checkup all the girls wanted to go with me but Bell had the keys and no one wanted to try and take them from her. Bell was a black belt in Karate. Barbara and Josie were finally chosen. Again we went in the Caddy. After we passed thru Canyon I leaned my head back and nodded off.. “ Night Walker heed my words” I opened my eyes to see Blazing Sky Sitting cross legged in the air above the Jump seat.

“What must I do Honored One.”

“Take the next Left you are being followed by a cream colored truck. They mean you harm.”

His image dissipated and I really opened my eyes. I spoke to Barbara “ We are being followed tell bell to take the next left and Break out the weapons.”

The next left was at Umbarger and led to Buffalo Lake which was a wild life refuge the lake was really a big mudhole.

Bell made the turn and the road curved as we went around the curve I told her to crisscross the road. We put the windows and opened the sunroof . It took awhile for the follower to realize that we were missing. And they turned back.

We were ready when they came around the curve and they were met by a hail of bullets led my Barbara's .30.30 bullet in their radiator steam was everywhere. They threw the truck into reverse and backed out of there faster than they had come in.

When we pulled back on to Hwy 60 it was all clear and we welcomed the leisurely trip on to Clovis..

The doctor made his examination and pronounced me ready to face the world again. He told me to continue to walk and slowly began to jog. He set me an appointment for three months. He also said I could try sex again but to be careful and not to over do it.

I told the girls to be on the look out for a tail on the way home. I guess we had scared them off because it was a pleasant ride home.

The next morning after my walk I went to the bunker office and looked over the list. As it turns out it was actually three lists. The first list was a list of Blackmail candidates and what was held over their heads. The second list was the most interesting It was a list of six names and an Initial circled. Organized Crime. The third list contained two encrypted names underlined with the word Dangerous under them.

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