Socially Unacceptable

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Socially Unacceptable

Being a nerd is kind of like a double edged sword. On one side you are awkward, weak and socially inept but on the other side most nerds are smarter than average and some are way smarter. Being smart is the best.

My name is William Odessa Wadsworth III. I know! 'WOW.' Don't think I haven't had more than one raised eyebrow after initialing documents. It gets worse if I add the 'III.'

What I look like; white skin, six foot tall, I'm 'lanky' only 155 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes. Mom says I'm handsome but I know the truth. Mom likes me to wear short sleeved collared shirts, I don't like my skinny arms showing but I try to make my mom happy. She is sexy but this isn't that story.

I shouldn't brag about myself but I'm going to. My tested IQ is 186. I had a lucky day. And for being so damned smart, you'd think I could have thought out this mess I'm going to tell you about and avoided it.

My uncle lives in Pasadena, Texas and works for the police department as middle management. His name is Captain Hank Wadsworth. My dad and mom moved me to Pasadena from central California. I was surprised because my dad and his brother always had a strained relationship as long as I've been alive. Dad never allowed my mom to be alone with Uncle Hank and told me he didn't trust him. Something to do with them both dating mom before I was born.

We move into a rather nice big house with a pool and everything I never knew I wanted. I got the room next to the pool, really nice. Uncle Hank comes by in his police car a lot. He and I have a pretty good talking relationship. He has suggested that we go out to hunt or fish but I haven't agreed to any of that stuff. My hormones have kicked in pretty hard just now (late is better than never) and I think about women and girls all the time. Uncle Hank understood my urges and surprised me with a present. A book of Texas state penal law. He told me to pay attention to sex laws and to keep myself out of trouble. Too many boys have ruined their lives by not thinking before acting. I can speed read and have excellent recall, part of being smart.

So I'm 17, soon to turn 18. The age of consent in Texas is 17 but not to worry nothing happens until I'm 18 years old. I enroll in Pasadena Highschool for my final year. I am thinking about money and which field of endeavor will yield the highest amount of funds for my future after getting my PhD. For quick cash I'm studying futures and shorts in the stock market. I dabble in day trading and have a little money set aside.

I am so impressed with the cheerleaders at this school. All year I have stared at two in particular Shannon and Wendy. Shannon is the captain and her best friend is Wendy. Both are beautiful girls at around 5"7' tall. I looked them up online and they are 18 fairly close to 19. They must be dumb and were held back a grade.

Shannon is a blond and has a gorgeous large ass. It protrudes out from her hips and appears to defy gravity. In Texas this is known as a 'bubble butt' the kind you see in rap videos. She has a beautiful bright white smile, she is golden tan and her breasts are around a 32 or 34C. Her flat stomach and tan, toned legs make her absolutely stunning to look at.

Wendy is a redhead with the same height as Shannon but she was blessed with big 34D or better breasts, each are about as big as her head. She has a nice ass but she is top heavy. Wendy could actually be the better looking of the two except there is a certain slutty, bimbo-barbie dirty feel about her. I'm sure she has a good future in the adult entertainment field.

Shannon however has a pure clean wholesome look.

((( not story related, Side note here, a lot of writers I've noticed commonly believe that in bra sizes the number indicates how big breasts are but it isn't. The bigger the number the larger around her torso/chest is. A female with a measurement of 48A is a very thick woman with small breasts. She would be a power lifter in the Olympics. On the other hand a female that is a 28G would be a woman that has incredibly thin (nazi prison camp) proportions but having breasts the size of prize winning watermelons. Not all that good. Guess that was a public service announcement. )))

At school lunch I usually sit with a few smart people or the the 'PC' title Socially Unacceptable as some refer to us.

I can't stop looking at Shannon. She is mindlessly bouncing around, flirting with the football players, mostly the quarterback Gilbert. I see these jocks as future car salesmen or truck drivers, a good portion will be criminals.

One day while they are out there during lunch Wendy says something in Shannon's ear. Shannon turns around suddenly and looks at me. I'm a good 30 yards away but she makes eye contact and then walks straight over to me. She is wearing her cheerleader uniform and everyone watched her ass bounce as she walks over to me.

"Hi! I'm Shannon. You are William aren't you? Do you go by Billy? I live on your street. Just two houses down. Do you like your house? I wish we had a pool like that." Shannon said.

I was awestruck. She knew who I was and where I lived! I told her that I enjoyed the house very much and the pool was nice on hot days like today. I smiled at her as she stood smiling and looking me in the eyes.

"Well, maybe you could invite me over sometime. Here is my number." Shannon beamed another smile at me and I felt on top of the world.

Shannon walked back to the jock group and Wendy. They both looked over to me, waved and smiled. Wendy's tits shook back and forth as she waved.

I looked at the note she gave me. It had her name and number in pink ink. She had put a heart and arrow in the corner. I sent a message to her just saying 'Hi, Shannon. Now you have my number. William.' I saw both girls looking at Shannon's phone. They both started typing on their touch screens.

Shannon replied, 'Thanks Handsome.'

Then my phone got an unknown sender message. 'Hi Billy. This is Wendy. Is it OK I have your number too? I think you are handsome also!' I replied 'OK.'

When school let out Wendy messaged me asking if they could come over and swim in my pool tomorrow. I told her I would let her know. I need to ask before friends come over.

Both my mother and father said it was just fine and they were happy I was bringing friends over to the house. I did mention that they were cheerleaders and dad said he would keep an eye out. Mom nodded.

I sent Wendy a message confirming they could come over. She asked if my folks were going to be there. I told her yes. After a minute or two she asked 'just dad or both?' I replied both.

My phone rang and it was Wendy, "Hey Billy, I was just wondering if they both were going to be there. We just got some new bikinis and they, well, I don't think your mom will like them."

I told her I prefer William not Billy and that they both want to meet my new friends. She said that in that case I shouldn't expect any good looking suits, this time.

"See you Saturday."


Saturday at about noon, my dad walked into the back yard and Shannon followed him then Wendy followed her. Both were wearing one piece suits and carrying towels. We all stood and introduced all around. There was another surprise. Four more people appeared soon after the girls arrived. The parents of Shannon and Wendy.

I was a hit with the parents right away. I overheard their dads tell my dad that both girls had been dating football players but 'those boys' were only trying to have sex with them. They were not raising whores. Both girls were forbidden to date or socially see any football players. They would be put out of the house and could forget college or any kind of support.

My mother was beaming. She talked to the other women and let it slip that my IQ was 186 and was getting a full scholarship to Rice University. The school scouts were very impressed. (It's a safe gamble for them. If I get famous, everyone will know what college I graduated from.)

The girls jumped in the pool and the fathers drank beer. Both girls looked at me and giggled. I was wearing swim trunks and flipflops. My bare chest wasn't as muscled as the football players but none of my ribs were showing. I was beginning to put on weight recently but I was far from Adonis.

Shannon waved at me and motioned me over to her. She patted the lounge next to her. She asked me if it was OK that our parents met and said she loved our pool. I told her it was fine about the parents and I was glad she was enjoying the pool. She said softly she would have enjoyed the pool more if she could have worn that bikini she bought to wear for me. She then asked if I could put some sun block on their shoulders and legs.

I was desperately trying not to get too excited. Touching them was a dream but those dads were watching. I couldn't think about how soft and tender their skin was or how good they looked. I mentally did some advanced non-linear associative math problems. When I was done I saw Shannon's dad look at my crotch. No erection. He said something to Wendy's dad and he looked at me too. They all laughed and I heard one say that I could date both of their daughters.

The girls did a lot of giggling and a hi-five. I served iced tea to the girls and the moms. I cooled off in the pool. And the girls just talked to each other. The day was pretty much a formality. After a few hours the visiting parents left and my parents said it was getting late. Wendy and Shannon both got up and gathered their towels. Wendy elbowed Shannon who then stopped but Wendy continued walking to the door.

Shannon came to me and asked, "Who are you going to the senior celebration with Billy? No one has asked me yet. It's the best formal in Texas. Aren't you interested in going?"

I told her that I hadn't heard of it. What is it about? Where is it being held? Who gets invited?

Shannon said there are a couple locations but the best ones are put on by the athletics association. They have chaparoens and everything.

"I could get you an invite. We could go together." Shannon said.

"I think I might like that." I told her.

She smiled at me and looked me in the eyes. She leaned very close to me and looked at my lips, licking her lips, slowly.

Wendy yelled "come ON Shan! We have to go."

Shannon pulled away, walking backwards and looking me in the eyes.

"I'll see about getting you an invite. Bye Billy, you are sweet." She blew me a kiss and the girls walked out.

I couldn't believe my good luck. She is so incredibly beautiful. Me, going out with the cheerleader captain! I was going to be famous with my friends.


A few days later a crisp white square envelope arrived in the mail addressed to me. My dad gave it to me and both he and mom watched as I opened the letter.

I was cordially invited to the annual Senior Celibration. Please present this Yellow Certificate invitation at the door. Attendance is by invitation only. Transportation provided.

Dad was proud and told me we better get into town and get me a tuxedo. My mom said she would pick out the corsage because men didn't have good taste. She was now including me as a man. 'Men' she said. I felt pretty proud.

The next weekend the girls asked if they could come over to swim again. I said it was fine. I added that mom and dad were going to a charity meeting at the church. Shannon replied "cool."

Both the girls would wave occasionally at school, but they didn't talk to me. One time Shannon sent me a message that I was looking good today. I hadn't seen her all day. I thought that was weird. I asked her in a reply what was I wearing today. She didn't reply. I waited a half hour. I sent a question mark. She replied 'you got me. I just wanted to make you feel good.'

Both Wendy and Shannon said they were going to swim at my house on Saturday at noon. I made ice tea and even had a couple of beers ready in case they wanted to get more comfortable. I waited until 1:30 and sent a message 'guess something came up. See you at school. This Friday is Senior Celibration night I can't wait."

I got an immediate text from Shannon. 'Oh I'm sorry sweetheart. Please forgive me! I had to call a squad meeting at Cindy's house.'

I replied that it was OK and that I understand. About ten minutes later I got a message from Wendy. 'Here she is in the Bikini she has for you. I think you will enjoy these..' Then two pictures appeared on my phone.

Shannon was standing next to a pool. Several girls were standing near her holding beer bottles. She was wearing an incredibly small black bikini. The top was just a couple of little patches of cloth covering her areolas and the panty had the center pulled up inside her obviously hairless pussy. A camel toe extreme. Her final picture was of her ass. The string was disappearing between her deep beautiful tan ass cheeks. So round and sticking out.

I was careful to keep my phone in my shirt packet and ran to my room. I downloaded the pictures to my harddrive and got out some hand lotion. I noticed my cock was getting a lot bigger now a days. The hair was pretty dense on my crotch too. I started jerking off when I noticed something in the first picture. At the left edge of the screen I clearly see a man's right forearm with hair. I reasoned that it must be a dad at the pool. I charged on. My cock shot across the room.

I was wondering how much bigger I was from a year ago. I got hard again and measured it. The average cock size is six and a half inches. I was about two inches above that mark. Uncle Hank always said I was a late bloomer.

I asked my computer, what kind of bikini has small patches and a string in the rear. It popped up 'Slut Wear' with a bunch of pictures of slutty tattooed girls wearing the same type of bikini Shannon was wearing.

There were a ton of like sites but one site said 'how to treat a slut properly' Oh My! I read it and a few more. I jerked off for over three hours. A lot of stuff was very dirty and some was disgusting. I played on those sites until my mom and dad got home. I used a couple towels and wiped up my mess. I fell asleep thinking, what if Shannon was really a slut.


On Friday night a black Escalade arrived at my house. I was dressed in my brand new tuxedo. Mom gave me the corsage she picked out. We drove down two doors and I got out. Wendy's parents were at Shannon's house. I thought that this was getting weird. Wendy was standing next to Shannon. Both were in light blue and faint pink flowered gowns. The dresses went to the floor and they buttoned up to their throats. They were pretty in a very old fashioned way.

Shannon was smiling at me and I have to admit that she looked so beautiful but what was Wendy doing here? I must have frowned or something. Shannon asked her parents if she could talk to me alone for a second. They said sure.

Shannon pulled me outside the front door. "Billy, please! Let Wendy come with us. She couldn't get a date. She can't date a jock and she doesn't know anybody." She leaned in with her lips a couple of inches away from mine. Looking into my eyes. She smelled so clean and fresh.

I told her, "Well, I don't know, this is a little strange. I don't even know where we are going. She doesn't even like me. I really wanted to be alone with you. This looks like a bad idea. I should just go."

Shannon got a different look in her eyes. It looked like she was doing a math problem or some hard thinking. She suddenly moved her lips foward to lightly touching my lips and whispered "if you let her come along and act like we are both your dates then later I'll make you cum as my date."

Shannon flicked the tip of her sweet tongue across my lips. I felt her palm cup my ball sack. Shannon looked down suddenly and said "Wow, I didn't think you-."

The front door opened and Wendy said "come on! We are going to be late. Get him inline!" She stood looking at her as if I wasn't there.

Shannon look at me and asked "OK? Please?" (She looked so innocent pleading with me.) "I can make Wendy help with that second part. But I'd rather not share."

Deep down I knew something wasn't right. I knew that lies were being said. My hormones had to be to blame but in reality, I made the decision. "OK."

Both girls pulled me inside. The three of us posed for pictures and I gave the flowers to Shannon. We pinned them on her dress. We laughed and walked out to the Escalade. We closed the door and Wendy shouted, "Let's go! We are going to be late."

We rode only for a few seconds when Wendy started to mess with her gown. She found little buttons and was unbuttoning and moving her dressing gown. She pulled her neckline open and pulled a covering off. She now had a deep V display of her chest down below her breasts. The top edge of her areolas were just above her bodice, a sliver of pink. The girls stripped their tops down and their dresses up, removing cloth panels.

Both girls were wearing black patent five inch high heels. Their dresses now ended five inches above the knee.

I asked, "What are you doing?" Wendy snapped back at me that they were trying to look good.

Shannon chimed in adding that it was "for you, Billy. Looking better for you." Wendy laughed.

I noticed the coursage my mother had picked out was now under their feet along with the pieces of clothing.

Wendy was typing on her phone. Shannon asked if the twins were going to make it? Wendy said that they just arrived.

Wendy smiled, turned to Shannon and said "I told you."

Shannon said "good job."

We arrived at a big two story grand old house. Serious old money. We walked in and several jocks were standing around in tuxedos with beer bottles in their hands. Apparently waiting for something. There were cheerleaders in dresses and a couple hot looking mature women, some other girls I'd never seen before, all dressed in sexy dresses.

Several jocks yelled out to Wendy and Shannon. Wendy was shaking her shoulders making her tits whip back and forth while laughing. Her pink nipples were totally above her dress bodice for everyone to see.

An older guy that seemed familiar was wearing a black tux with a name tag saying 'Chaperone, Alumni' took my invitation and put a yellow boutonniere on my lapel. None of the jocks were wearing them.

We were all taken into a parlor and on the hour the Alumni guy made an anouncement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the annual Pasadena High Senior Celebration." They all clapped and whooped. "Can I ask all the members to please ascend the grand staircase for our annual meeting. You lucky people with the yellow boutonnieres. I'm afraid you have to stay waiting here in the parlor. Please avail yourselves of cookies and fruitpunch. The bathrooms are over there. If anyone gets tired feel free to nap on the couches."

He pointed toward the doorway to the main hallway and most people started walking. Wendy was walking with the Miller twins. They were big for their age but I thought they might be too young to be a member of anything. Wendy was telling them that this was going to be so much fun. She said the team was so happy to see them here. They were going to be on the cheer squad.

I saw Gilbert the quarterback wave at Shannon and walk to her. He looked very happy and hugged her. He looked back at me and smiled. Gilbert slid him hand onto Shannon's ass as they walked up the stairs. Shannon didn't look back.

I sat down and started talking to a guy from school. He wanted to talk about video games. After about forty five minutes I decided to look around seriously. I noticed everybody there was a nerd and we were all wearing a yellow flower. I took off my boutonniere and let it drop. I walked to the door and peeked out. There was a guy standing at the bottom of the staircase talking to a jock.

I heard him say 'they got those twins on a couch. Cute little asses up in the air side by side. You better get some. Oh Wendy is giving everybody blow jobs. She is a mess!" The older guy quickly went up the stairs.

I saw the jock stay there for all of 30 seconds and turned around walking upstairs. I went to the carpeted stairs and walked up. When I got to the top my life changed with a major correction.

Gilbert the quarterback was behind a naked Shannon in high heels. She was bent over holding on to a window frame. Her tits were swinging back and forth. Her silver dollar sized pinkish brown areolas and nipples were puffed out and pushed away from the rest of her breasts, they looked tender delicious. Her ass shook as he jerked around behind her. He looked like he was ejaculating inside her and she looked over her shoulder at him like she was annoyed.

Mrs. Elizabeth Collins was getting her slut on with one jock under her, probably inside her vagina as she lay on him and another was inside her anus behind her. Porn sites called this a 'DP.' I wondered if her city councilman husband was there too.

I saw a couple girls facing the back of a couch. Their asses up. There was a guy behind each pumping hard. That was probably the Miller twins. I had heard rumor they were fucking guys all the time.

Wendy was naked too, kneeling on the floor in a corner. A jock was standing in front of her. She was pumping her mouth on his penis. She had a lot of sperm on her face, in her red hair and covering her large breasts.

I saw almost all the cheerleaders getting fucked. About all the football team was there. Joe Broedy and Nelson Klistner were walking around with their dicks standing out of their pants and their phones videoing the sex.

I looked over at Shannon and her beautiful body. What a shame.

"HEY, YOU BELONG DOWNSTAIRS!" A jock walked up to me and grabbed my arm.


There must have been twenty eyes on me now. The alumni guy walked up to me, zipping up his pants and said, "You need to get your skinny ass out of here and forget everything you saw here. Son, you are going to get hurt really bad. Now do you understand?"

Now I recognized this guy. I'd only seen him once and from a distance. Principal Walter Scott from my school. I said "Principal Scott, can I borrow your phone? I need to make a couple phone calls."

Scott told the jocks to get me outside. Five jocks started toward me.

"I need to call 911. Can anybody loan me a phone so I can call the police? I NEED TO REPORT A RAPE."

Everybody stopped moving.

Scott told me that no one has been raped here. I had to tell him that that was not true. Those Miller twins were raped. They are too young to concent and all those involved!- [I jerked myself free from their grip.] -Are guilty of rape. Those that participate, those that procure (I point at Wendy and then Shannon who were looking for clothes), those that provide a location (I point at principal Scott), and everybody else hear is either a witness or co-conspirator (I wave a finger at everyone) of those poor little girls' rape.

Gilbert is now standing in front of me. "I can shut him up."

"Anyone that attempts to stop or delay the reporting of a felony crime is guilty of a felony. You touch me and you are going to Huntsville. In fact I can see a lot of you people going to prison. Even if they can't convict you, once your names and addresses are published in the paper and on television your hopes of college, a good job, keeping your husband, being able walk down the streets of Pasadena without people cursing at you? Gone, all gone."

Gilbert said, "they won't say rape. They would never say it. Nobody has raped anybody."

I laughed "Are you sure, Gilly? Think about it. If you gave them the choice of being the dirty little gangbang skank whores of our town or innocent victims that never understood they were going to be raped by the Pasadena High School principal and his football team? Which way would you choose?"

Gilbert started up again "Maybe I could just shut you up for good."

Again I laugh "oh! Murder. Ok, you have maybe twenty people in this room. When my uncle starts to interview all of them who do you think they will protect? Only one has to rat you out. Those that don't inform and take a deal to testify against the rest will go inside with you. He won't stop looking. Do you think these whores like Wendy and Shannon, after they get arrested for drugs or another rape or God knows what. Well, they could trade a murderer for state's witness."

Scott said "Leave him alone. This is only making things worse. Shannon, and Wendy, you girls fix this problem before everybody gets hurt. He is a young man, I'm sure you'll do everything you can to sooth him. William, no one was hurt here tonight. No laws were broken here tonight, well no felony laws. Please consider our families and the other innocent people you will hurt."

I was mad now. "By telling the truth? I wouldn't be the one that did wrong. It's 100% your own fault. Not the person who exposes what you really are."

Scott addressed the group. "It's over, get dressed, go home. Hopefully we will all come out of this ok."

Shannon walked up to me now. It had taken her some time to locate her dress and pull it on. She didn't have time to find underwear.

"OK, what do you want for your silence? Do you want me? I know you like me. I know I turn you on. I could be your girlfriend. Wendy and I both could be your girlfriends. If you want."

"Excuse me, Miss Whore, while you are standing in front of me, asking me if you can be my 'girlfriend.' You have sperm leaking out of your filthy fuck hole and running down your legs. REALLY? AND! you volunteer Wendy too? Look at her covered in semen from a dozen guys. She is a disgusting cum bag."

Shannon bent forward to wipe her pussy and legs with the hem of her dress. Wendy lifted her dress to her face and mopped cum. I turned around and walked downstairs.

The nerds were about to be freed. They would go home and claim a good time to their parents. I heard Shannon and Wendy both running after me. I walked outside into the cool night air.

"Billy! Billy! Please wait! Don't leave us! Please,, wait Billy!" They ran up to me again.

"I thought you liked me, Billy." Shannon pleaded.


Right at this point, I have my mind made up. I just need to put it all in motion. Principal Scott starts his car. I walk over and slap the hood. "Drive me home. Just shut up and drive."

Shannon tries to get into the car but the doors are locked. "Hey! I need a ride! William, please! I'm sorry. Can we talk?"

I yell through the window as we leave "Fuck a stranger for a ride home. That's what whores do."

As we turn out onto the street Principal Scott says "Shannon just wanted to be Gilbert's girlfriend. She went along with it becaus-" I raised my hand and he said "ok" I got home at midnight. Happy birthday to me.

My parents were asleep, thankfully. I hung up my tuxedo and crawled into bed.


In the morning mom shook my arm and said "wake up tell me how your double date went. Which one do you like the best?"

I sat up and looked at mom. So much love. I had to tell her "I really can't decide. I pretty much see them as equals. Mom we need to talk. Today is my birthday and as you can see. Your little boy isn't little any more. I was thinking about having a girlfriend spend the night. I know this is under your roof. I promise to never bring anyone here that will steal or disrespect our family. The alternative is an apartment but I don't have big money so where I can afford-" she stopped me.

"I knew this day would come. I trust you completely. Don't move out. You can have, overnight visitors." She sweetly kissed me and left, saying "I'll tell your father."

I turned on my phone. A ton of texts from both girls. 'Can we just talk, please?.' 'Please, Don't do anything until we talk.' On and on. I jumped in the shower. Next I turned on my desktop. I typed up two confessions.

On my phone I created a group called 'Bitches' Shannon and Wendy were the only two in it. I told them to come over dressed for a swim at 1pm. I went out to see two football players.

The girls walked over from Shannon's backyard so they weren't seen on the street. They were wearing those bikinis, and had towels. They both smiled at me and walked to where I was sitting at the table.

They both sweetly and softly said "Hi."

I told them to sit. "Ok, let's cut to the chase. I've thought it over and have decided what I want in order to keep silent about the crimes committed last night. At first I think you may agree to my terms and after a short time decide to forget them. The only insurance is a signed confession.

You will sign these and I will have my insurance. So, I require you both to be my indentured servants for as long as I need you. I also require blood tests on you both. You both probably have syphilis and I don't want an exposure. I will use you both for sex but I may have you wash my clothes or clean my house general scut work. Basically you will do everything I tell you to do. Those are my conditions of silence.

This is a big decision. I want you to talk it over. Feel free to call your parents or a lawyer. Just kidding. Maybe call Principal Scott? I have his work, cell, home, wife's cell and email. I have his wife's number incase I need to talk to her. About crime. Anyway, call him up.

Shannon called him and he said that was great news and to sign immediately, before he changes his mind. He would make sure their grades did not suffer. They would all graduate. Please tell William that there will no longer be any Senior Celibrations that is over forever.

Shannon read her confession. She signed the signature line. She said, "Gilbert said if the twins came to the celebration I wouldn't have to go on the couch. We could be alone. I'm sorry I hurt you William-"

I raised my hand. "Hearing sorry from a cheap lying dirty little whore means nothing. Wendy, it's your turn. Are you going to sign?" Wendy shook her head, no.

I pushed an icon on my phone and put the receiver to my ear. "Hello, is Captain Wadsworth is the office? Please tell him it's his favorite nephew."

Shannon put her mouth to Wendy's ear and said "I'll do the sex. Just sign. We are going to be in so much trouble. Do it." Wendy signed the confession. She slid it over to me.

I shook my head and waived the back of my hand at them, telling them to go away.

"Hi, Uncle Frank." Both girls raised up slightly and pointed at the confessions. "Well, I've got a bit of a problem that I hope you can help me with." Both girls stood and looked like they wanted to run. Wendy was jerking her body into a few directions and her huge boobs were shaking and bouncing. I stared at them.

Wendy caught my gaze direction and quickly jerked her top up and off, throwing it to the ground. I looked at Shannon and she was pulling her top off too. Wendy dropped her bikini bottom also and stood next to me, pointing at her confession. Shannon stood at my other side completely naked. She put her foot up on my chair showing me her shaved pussy. I smiled. I looked at Wendy and she followed suit. She put her foot up on my chair showing me her hairless pussy.

"The problem is, I have two girlfriends now. Mom thinks I have only one. Yes, they know about each other, in fact they are best friends. I'm going to keep them and I was hoping you could come over and support me when I tell mom. Dad will be fine with it. What's that? Oh I don't know about that. Let's just say I was smart enough to hook two of them. Can you come by after work tonight? I'll warn mom so she can get all fixed up. OK, great. See you tonight."

I admitted I was glad they both agreed. I wanted them to initial each paragraph to acknowledge that they read and understood the confession. They zipped down the pages and scribbled. I told them again that I was going to use them both for sex, maybe at the same time. Wendy smiled at Shannon, Shannon just stared at me. I confirmed they were both useing birth control pills and told them to continue with that.

Shannon said she would be glad to take care of me but I ended that by saying "Both of you. So tomorrow morning I want you to go to this clinic and get tested for communicable diseases. I have set this all up so I will get the results 20 minutes after a sample is submitted so you can come back to my house at noon. In the event that you are HIV positive, I will release you, so you can get care. Most of the others are curable. Wear normal bikinis tomorrow. Thongs are good but those you wore over today aren't right unless I tell you to wear them."

"Wendy, I want you to straighten the kitchen, load the dishwasher and sweep the floor. Put a pot of water on for spaghetti, on simmer. Shannon you run the vacuum in the living room and then both of you can come into my bedroom. Hurry up, get going." I heard Wendy in the kitchen and the vacuum running.

When the vacuum shut off I stood up from my desk in my bedroom. Shannon walked in still nude. I put my arms around her softly and hugged her then kissed her neck. She put her arms around me and said she thought I was putting on weight, she thought I was looking good. Wendy stood in the doorway at this point.

I pulled Wendy into the room and hugged her the same way. She was a bit stiffer than Shannon and did not hug me.

I started talking again "We three have agreed to be boyfriend (I pointed at myself) and girlfriends (I pointed at them individually.) Shannon, I believe you feel some attachment to Gilbert. You will tell him you can no longer have anything to do with him. He can not be anywhere near you and if I find out, I will report the rapes." Shannon started to say again that they were not raped, they knew and wanted to be there. I told her to just stop.

I looked at Wendy. "You probably have 5 or 6 steady sexual partners. As well as strangers or customers. You will tell them all that you can not see them. The same as Shannon. Neither one of you will have carnal knowledge of anyone further except me. Depending on your tests, of course."

"I think that you two will say OK to this but will continue whoreing because you both are stupid enough to believe I am too dumb to find out. I want to remind you that I am no longer the shy wallflower that you deceived. I have power over the school jocks, cheer and administration. I will lie to them and say they are out of my memory if they tell me who, what and where."

"Remember your photographer team? Joe Broedy and Nelson Klistner? They gave me the movies they made with the salome promise they would be excluded from the police reports. They show both of you undressing the victims and supplying them with alcohol. The videos document all that as well as countless other crimes by other perpetrators. The moment I find out you were violating our rules, I'll phone the police department. Your sex tapes will be dumped onto the internet to 1000 different sites. The videos and copies of your confessions are on my cloud server now. Incase your burglar friends want them."

"By the way Shannon, they told me that after Gilbert got his 'Nut' in you, he was going to keep you bent over for the rest of the team. They said it was a 'bro's before ho's' thing. So, I hope we understand each other. No others, Do you understand?"

They both said, Yes. Shannon looked upset.

I told Wendy to stay in my bedroom and Shannon can either go enjoy the pool or just go home.

Shannon said she wanted to stay and if I wanted to do something, she wanted to be the one. I said I thought that was very loyal and self sacrificing to volunteer for her friend and if indeed truthful I would raise my opinion of her slightly, but I wanted to perform a sex act with Wendy and I don't want her in my room. I said she should close the door. Shannon whined and said to please not hurt her as she closed the door.

I spread a bathsheet on my floor next to my bed and pulled Wendy to the center. I wanted to attempt something I saw on a porn site. I encircled my arms around her and started kissing her neck. Her big boobs were pushing into my chest and I started to get very excited. She paid no attention as I rubbed her ass, but I enjoyed it. I stripped naked and Wendy grabbed hold of my penis as I came back to her.

"That's a bigger cock that I thought you would have. Pretty thick too. Are you going to fuck me now?" Wendy was getting excited.

"No! are you crazy? I just want to play with your body and make you cum." I told her as I ran my hands all over her body. Her tits were big fun shakey jello. She seemed to enjoy having them rubbed and squeezed.

She confirmed what she heard from me, "You don't want to cum?"

I said, No.

She said, "You don't even like me, why would you want to make me cum?"

"Are you kidding? You are one of the hottest, sexist girls in Texas. All men should want to give you an orgasm. After this, every time I see your gorgeous body in life I will be able to say. 'I may not be much, but I made her cum'." I said.

"That's so sweet." Wendy smiled at me again.

I ran my hands over her ass again and then massaged them with no sign of erogenous zone excitement. Her big pink nipples were standing up and she was moaning during her tit rub. She appeared to enjoy breast play quite a bit. I reached down and rubbed her bald vagina. She spread her thighs a little wider and moaned a bit louder. I bent down and sucked her left nipple and started to fingerbang her drippy pussy.

I further established my dominance. "Are you going to be a good cum toy for me Wendy? Are you going to cum on my hand and prove to me you are going to be a good girl?"

She was starting to enjoy our play and closed her eyes as she nodded her head up and down very fast. She didn't stop smiling.

Wendy gripped my penis tightly and stroked it. I slid my two middle fingers into her sloppy wet pussy and started a slow thrusting. She hugged me tight and started to thrust her hips at me. I increased the depth and speed of my fingers as her pussy juices dropped from my knuckles.

Wendy was squeezing her eyes shut tightly and bared her teeth, she thrusted harder onto my hand. A fine perspiration developed on her skin and she began to look a little shiny. After only five minutes, Wendy looked ready to explode. She tried to kiss me several times and I dodged her lips. I waited until I felt the tilt of her uterus as I had read online.

Once she threw her head rearward and I felt the muscular movement inside her vagina I knew the time was right. She started jerking her whole body, her huge breasts were slapping and popping in every direction. I whipped my hand out of her vagina and she sprayed two streams of liquid three feet out of her vulva. She took a huge breath and held it as she sprayed again. Then she dribbled onto the towel. Wendy fell.

I caught her and veered her into my bed. There was a liquid on my sheets now, I hadn't planned on changing them. I grabbed the towel off the floor and found a dry corner. I mopped the sheet and then down her thighs. I needed to wash the towel, I might as well do my sheets now.

I opened my door to take the soaked bathsheet to the washing machine. Shannon was standing in the doorway.

"What happened? I asked you not to hurt her! William! Is she ok?" She looked down at my dry hard cock and then stepped over to it. She lightly squeezed my penis in her hand and looked into my eyes.

I said "help me get her out of here." We pulled Wendy up and walked her out to the pool. Wendy wasn't unconscious but she was weak kneed and cum-high.

"That was awesome. Better than even,, I can do. Shannon, he has a huge prick. God oh mighty! he made me cum so hard! I can't even think right now. That was soo, good."

A little later as Shannon put her into her bikini, Wendy continued to talk.

"I know he doesn't even like me and he makes me cum like that! I squirted. Shannon your turn next. I'm going to sleep so good tonight. SHIT!"

I told Shannon to take her home and I was done with them for today. Shannon left Wendy sitting at the table after getting her into her own suit. She walked up to me and grabbed my still hard penis gently again.

"William, you don't need her. You have me. We can do everything you want to do. I want to. I thought you wanted me. You don't? You said you wanted us both. Why didn't you choose me. I know you wanted me before and not her. So why her?"

"Because she never hid her true feelings about me. She wasn't as deceitful as you are. You lied to my face. You made me believe it. She is a pretty girl with low selfesteem that will do anything to be loved and accepted, as a result she probably has horrible diseases. You, however displayed the truly evil side of being human. I can't trust anything you say. I'll see you tomorrow after your tests. If you don't go to the clinic, run." I told her.

I turned around and walked back into my bedroom to strip my bed. I decided on the mattress cover too.

Shannon walked with Wendy back to her house. Tears were running down her face. Shannon asked Wendy "So, um, I guess he's a good fuck, huh?"

Wendy replied, "I don't know. Probably. He wouldn't fuck me. And he wouldn't let me make him cum or even kiss. Weird. He was really,, nice to me. He is so fucking smart! I'll bet I was an experiment. He just wanted to know what it takes or whatever. I won't mind the next one. He should have been upstairs with us, showing those dumb asses how to make a girl cum."

Shannon stared at Wendy trying to think what was really happening.


I awoke the next morning. Sunday and I'm one day over 18 years old. It was 8am and I needed to shower again. Wendy was rubbing her body on me and sweating. I had showered last night but thought I should do it again. I estimated that the girls were either getting ready to go to the clinic or packing for the road.

I did some day trading as I thought about last night. Uncle Hank did a great job helping me explain that the two girls that I went to the Senior Celibration with were both trying to get into a serious relationship with me. I was too much of a gentleman to pick one and hurt the other. Eventually things would work out. She just needed to be understanding of one person in love with two others. My mom was set to argue but after the last statement she said, "Fine then. Yawl work it out. I know love will conquer all."

Shannon sent a txt at 9:45am and said 'all done, see you at noon.' At 10:10am I got two messages that both subjects were clear of all tested diseases. Money well spent.

At noon my girlfriends walked over to my house on the street this time. They had beach coverups on and had towels. They walked in the side gate and around my bedroom at the rear of the house and then onto the pool patio. I was sitting on a chase lounge when they appeared. Wendy started off by asking "how did we do. Any bad news?" I was quick to say no, all clear for both.

Wendy said "So all clear means we can kiss now? Can I kiss you now? Can WE kiss you now?"

I said we can.

Shannon beat Wendy by kneeling down and grabbing my head. She had her mouth open and was curling her tongue as she sealed her mouth onto mine. She was breathing hard and slowly rolling her head. Her kiss was heated and strong then light and playful then strong and deep. She moaned near the end. Wendy got tired of waiting and pulled Shannon's shoulder. She pulled back off me and Wendy slid in onto my mouth. I glanced over and Shannon was still sitting next to me with her eyes closed.

I slid my hand onto Shannon's tit and found a very hard nipple. I reached for Wendy and her nipple went hard as I touched it. Inconclusive.

Wendy kissed me very well but did not moan or seem to enjoy it as much. She broke the kiss after a couple minutes.

Wendy smiled and said "See William. We could have fucked yesterday. Wanna go lay down?"

"Well, yesterday there was confusion about who was more desirable, what order, why and all that." I told them.

"You chose me so I'm the one you want right?" Asked Wendy. Shannon hung her head.

"Stop right there. I chose you because you are more truthful. I don't ever want you two fighting. You both know I fell for Shannon. I was hurt by Shannon. Shannon is the one I wanted at first, and now there is all this distrust and suspicion I have. Yesterday was my birthday. I think I want both of you in my bedroom." Wendy stood up.

Shannon spoke up and said, "William, I want to be alone with you for our first time!"

"It didn't look like a problem on Friday night. Friday night you were naked and getting fucked in a room full of people also in front of video phones, want to see the vids?"

Wendy yelled YES, smiling. Shannon said No.

I stood up and said "let's go."

We shut the door and Wendy was naked first. Shannon was third after me. Wendy was holding my hard cock as Shannon finished undressing. She snuggled up to me on the other side from Wendy and in her little girl sulking voice said, "I want to be alone with you, William."

For the first time since the betrayal I let Shannon win a little. "You can be alone with me tomorrow but today you have to do this." She smiled and kissed me again. I felt Wendy's mouth sucking my cock.

I twisted my body a little and kissed Shannon. She moaned while kissing me and I slid my hands to her big firm ass. I immediately slid my fingers between the globes of her cheeks and put my palms on her ass cheeks. My fingertips grazed her sphincter.

Shannon pulled off my mouth but hovered half an inch from my lips. She smiled and softly asked, "What are you doing back there? Good boys don't touch that. Rubbing my ass and touching my butthole? That's nasty. I mean, I washed and shaved everything really good before coming over but-" I pushed the tip of my middle finger to just slightly nuzzle inside the opening of her brown eyed muscle pinch. "You, are a nasty boy." As she closed her lips on mine again she whispered "I love it."

After a few more minutes of kissing and playing finger fuck with Shannon's ass while Wendy happily played kiss and suck on my cock, I wanted to move on toward fucking these hotties.

I pulled back from them and said I was going to the bathroom and I'd be right back. I pissed, washed myself and my hands really good. When I returned Wendy had spread their towels out on the tile floor and they were standing side by side. Wendy was smiling and Shannon wasn't. She looked excited but a little scared.

"Good, you got the towels out. Ok, Shannon here is what will happen. I'm going to stand between you two facing you. I want to kiss each of you back and forth until you can't. After we do this, I'm going to fuck you."

Wendy said Good. Shannon didn't say anything and got another scared look. I took position and kissed Shannon, she put her hand up behind my head and started to kiss me. I felt her labia. She was wet and really tight at the entrance to her vagina. I wiggled my middle finger inside and didn't know if two would even fit in.

Wendy was wet and open. She grabbed my wrist and pushed it into her pussy. I pulled my head away from Shannon and kissed Wendy. She was already thrusting her hips at my hand. Her vagina was very well lubricated.

Wendy seemed extremely ripe and was pushing with her hips. After we broke the kiss, she laid her head on my shoulder. "Oh God William! I love this. Harder, just a little,, bit,, more. I going to cum! Jesus! Oh oh NOW."

I started vibrating my fingers in and out of her juicy pussy. She went wild. Wendy pushed my wrist away from her gently.

I slid my fingers out of her as she orgasmed again with liquid squirting onto the floor. Shannon was watching Wendy as she swooned with her orgasm. Wendy didn't fall this time but she did stagger to my bed and sat down. Her hips still jerked. Now that she was cleared by the clinic I wasn't concerned about disease on my sheets.

Shannon said, "so that's what you did to her yesterday? That was nice. I want to learn but can we do something on the bed? Please William?"

I sat her next to Wendy on my bed. I gently pushed her back to make her lay down. I grabbed her knees and pushed them up in the air and open. Her vagina looked wet but fresh. Clean smooth fat lipped labia. Beautiful firm and toned everywhere.

Wendy was staring as I put my mouth on Shannon's sweet little pussy. I zeroed in on her clitoris, which was poking out of her lips. I sucked her clit into my mouth and whipped it with my tongue.

"OH. William! Oh that,, that's so nice. I like that. RIGHT THERE. Oh do that."

Wendy whispered asking if this was her first time for this. Shannon nodded. Shannon was thrusting her pussy into my face.

Wendy followed up with "Gil never?" Shannon shook her head with her eyes closed. Wendy commented that the standing thing was better for her.

I put my tongue inside her vagina and felt that she was starting to loosen up. I couldn't be 100% sure but she felt a tiny bit wider. I pulled my tongue out and slid back to her anus. Licking her sphincter in a circular motion.

Shannon inhaled and grabbed her knees from my hands. She pulled them closer to her chin and a little wider. "Oh!,, William that is so nasty what you're doing." Then "don't stop, I like that!"

Wendy asked "Is he licking you back there? You like that? Doesn't it feel weird?"

Shannon glared at her.

Wendy asked "You want me to sit on the floor and be quite?"

Shannon nodded yes.

Shannon started talking again, "William, I know you don't want to hear to hear this, But I'm sorry for being such a fucking bitch. NO! don't stop! Please it feels so good. I won't talk about it. ,,, yes, oh I love that. I'm going to cum, William."

Shannon started jerking her pelvis. She stopped breathing and strained. She froze all movement and her vagina flooded slowly. Her muscles started to fatigue and shake. She had her eyes squeezed shut tightly and her mouth was open. After a few seconds she took a big breath and dropped her legs. She looked at me a bit dazed, then she smiled.

Shannon said for me to go inside her now and that she wanted me.

I asked "what position did you and Gil use the first time?"

Shannon said that she didn't want to talk about him. I slapped her pussy loudly and repeated myself. Shannon looked shocked. She told me that the first time was in the back of his car with him on top, for about five seconds and the second time was Friday night and I already knew. That time he didn't even last as long as the first time.

I got into my bed and kissed her. Holding her head in my hands and putting my tongue deep inside her mouth. She started to breathe faster. Now I stretched out on my back with my cock sticking up and throbbing. I pulled her hand toward me. Shannon seemed a little slow about what to do but then started moving faster. She climbed up ontop of me and raised a leg up. She slid my cockhead into her vagina and slowly sat down on it. She was very tight but looser than when we started.

She was looking me in the eyes and whispered, "You slapped me right on my pussy, and I had just cum too. That really hurt. I liked it. You are such a nasty man, squeeze my boobs, baby."

Shannon started to pump her hips and took my whole cock inside her. She started slowly thrusting and withdrawing. Only about 3 inches was in and out but she was beginning to move fast.

Shannon really got into it as I rolled her nipples and then squeezed her big tits. Wendy was kneeling next to the bed, watching hungrily. I looked at her and slightly opened my mouth. She leaned over quickly and kissed me again. She was very excited and energetically tongue danced with me. This distraction of kissing another woman while fucking helped me stave off my need to ejaculate. Well that and jerking off before they arrived.

Shannon was really going off now she was working my cock like a wild monkey. I felt her stop twice, breathing deeply, groaning just before stopping and then start a build up again. Her juice was running down my crotch and into the sheets. She slowed and then stopped. I let her tits go. Wendy pulled off my mouth.

Shannon looked crazed. Her mouth was open and breathing hard. Her hair was everywhere. Eyes bright red and looking but not seeing. Lipstick smeared out the corners of her mouth. She said "I need a break." She slid off me and laid flat to my side.

I was amazed that she wore herself out. Maybe I shouldn't have jerked off. I kinda wanted to technically lose my virginity by ejaculation inside Shannon. I looked at Wendy. She was reaching for my slimey cock. I said, "Next."

Wendy wasted no time. She had recovered from her squirting and was hungry for a ride. I thought to myself that I wasn't expending too much energy in this position. If I could manage to not cum, I could do this all day. This was going to be an excellent comparison.

Wendy had climbed up and propped her knee up. She pointed my cock at her pussy and just as my head felt the entire circle of her hole, she dropped her full weight on me. I was amazed. I had read that entering a vagina was supposed to be slow and not violent. I guess she knows what she can take. I grabbed her huge tits.

Her giant tits were awesome. It seemed the harder I rubbed, squeezed and shook them the more she moaned and the harder her nipples got. Wendy was different from Shannon in riding cock technique. Wendy was sitting a little above my penis and was rocking rearward to envelope my girth. This was slower than Shannon's way but I enjoyed it all the same.

After about five minutes of her fucking me and several nipple sucking pauses, I was getting ready to ejaculate. Shannon leaned in from my side and kissed me. This again slowed my climax approach. I felt Wendy stop rigidly and then start again. She was fast riding me, in and out of her juicy pussy almost immediately.

I heard "unngghhhFUCK, I'm cumming! William squeeze hard. NO, slap'um. Slap them please." I did blindly.

I felt her internal muscles move and spasm. "CUMMING, please please, there. Yes. So good. Such good cock."

She leaked some juice out again and after a minute she slowly pulled her warm juicy pussy up and off my cock. So now she was off me. I really shouldn't have jerked off.

I nudged Shannon and she looked up. I said "next." Shannon said she was sore. I whispered that I was really close. I need to finish.

I heard Wendy say she will do it but Shannon said, "NO, Me. I'll want it."

I told her to hurry up and she was putting me inside her warm hole pretty fast. I grabbed her and pulled her down to my chest. I squeezed her torso tightly and started to thrust up into her. She started grunting with each thrust. I was enjoying her vagina immensely.

"Jesus, Shannon your pussy feels good. So tight and hot. You are so beautiful. I love fucking you and making you cum for me. Fucking your sweet hot pussy. I'm going to cum inside your pussy."

Shannon whispered "I took my pill, cum in me, baby. Cum in me." I started shooting my cum almost immediately. I was thrusting so hard she was rising up in the air with my hips. I froze arched up as I ejaculated. I could feel the cum shooting out of the tip of my penis. I heard Shannon say "I love you." I continued to spurt and jerk inside her.

I relaxed falling limp. Shannon continued sitting on my penis and started talking to me.

"William, I should have stopped that horrible date on friday, when we were on my front porch. I knew you loved me then. All the wheels were in motion and I, I just fucked up. I went with the plan. You are so nice to us after the rotten way I treated you."

"Sure, you say that. Guess I should believe you and just forget everything. Just tell the jocks that Shannon and Wendy gave the nerd a little pussy so everything is just fine. Shannon took his virginity and the geek is fucked stupid. No. Nothing has changed." I said.

"I took your virginity? Oh William, you chose me. See! You do love me and I love you too. You mark my words William Odessa Wadsworth we are going to be married someday. Write down today's date and time. I said it." Shannon said.

"Good luck with that.,, Let's take a shower." I said.


The next day was Monday. The start of the second to the last week of school. I messaged the girls and said I would see them at lunch. I was going to be late because I was buying a vehicle. My phone beeped for 15 minutes, what kind?, can I go too?, and later again from Shannon 'alright see you at lunch. I love you.'

My day trading was successful enough to provide a surplus of money beyond my investment capital growth plan and I decided I really should get transportation for college. I decided on a four door pickup truck. I bought the next to the top of their trim levels. I did a transfer of funds and drove to school. Black with saddle tan leather interior. This is Texas, it was almost as good as a Ferrari.

I parked near the athletic field and walked into the quad. Several jocks saw me and stopped to stare. I saw some of my smart friends sitting in their usual spot. I sat on a bench at my usual place and looked for the girls. Shannon walked out of the cheer crowd in her uniform and walked directly for me. I didn't see Wendy.

Shannon stopped directly in front of me and leaned down, kissing me on the lips. I asked where Wendy was. She said she thinks she went to the restroom, she was here ten minutes ago. I messaged her to come to me. I was getting concerned. I wondered if she was back to her old self and having indescriminate sex.

Shannon had her hands on her hips looking at the cheer and jock crowd for her. I noticed she was wearing the uniform heavy underpants. I asked her what she was wearing under those underpants. She smiled and sweetly said a thong but some girls think that's too much and don't. I told her to take off the underpants and let me see her thong. She smiled and looked over her shoulder. She said ok and reached under her skirt and pulled then down. She stepped out of them and handed them to me.

Shannon lifted the front hem and I saw her white cotton thong front. Suddenly all my smart friends got up and walked away. When Shannon turned around and lifted the rear of her skirt to show me her gorgeous round ass cheeks, I saw why they scattered.

The jocks were all up and flexing. They reminded me of a herd of wildebeest. Snorting and stomping around. I told Shannon to sit on my lap. As she was sitting I spotted Wendy running through the crowd. She ran straight up to us. She said she was in the restroom.

I could see her makeup was smeared and she had red eyes. I asked what happened and told her not to lie to me. She said she was peeing and Jimmy Boykins walked in. He tried to get her to blow him. She told him to get lost and he got mad. He pushed her and she hit her head. He grabbed at her tits and she started to scream. He walked out and she got the message to come here. She ran. Wendy leaned forward and kissed my mouth.

I could see Boykins standing in the jock crowd. The would be rapist was smiling. I told Wendy to give me her underpants and sit on my leg next to Shannon. Wendy pulled down her shorts and she was nude underneath. She sat down. I had one girl on each leg and facing the jocks.

I slid each of my hands wide around their waists, into their laps then onto their crotches. I started flexing my toes downward and my heel upward rhythmically. They both started to bounce and it looked obscene as I held them by the crotch.

I could hear cursing and yells. I watched the jocks get enraged. Both girls seemed to enjoy their pony ride. After a few minutes I stopped. I asked them if they wanted to see my new ride. They both said yes.

I stood and tucked their underpants into my rear pocket. They wouldn't all fit inside so half of their panties hung down. I had each girl by my side. As we walked I looked over my shoulder and saw both Gilbert and Boykins looking at us. I slid my hands down to each girls ass as we left.

We walked to the parking lot. Wendy said she hopes I got a good deal because her father's friend is selling his camero and it looks sweet. I pointed out the truck and they both said it was so beautiful. It's Texas.

Shannon came at me, "William, where do you get this kind of money? What did you do? I love you without a fancy new truck. Are you going to get in trouble? Can we take it back?" It was kind of funny that she was worried about me.

"I made the money doing day trades. It's slow but the money accumulates if you are smart. It's paid off." I told them. I leaned on the fender of my truck and both girls crushed me hugging. I slid my hands down again and cupped their ass cheeks, bouncing a cheek under their skirt.

Before anything else was said Gilbert yelled out "Hey Billy. You know that when you leave and move away to college they are going to come back to us."

Shannon yelled out, "Gil just accept it. I'm with William now. I love him. I not your girlfriend. It's over."

Gilbert yelled back "it ain't over! You just have to say that because. I know how you really feel."

Shannon was mad, "Fuck you Gilbert! William and I are go-" I stopped her.

"I figured out why you are such a frustrated asshole, Gilly. I know all about your two pump fast finish problem. It's because you don't know how to excite and arouse a woman." The cheer team walked closer to listen now, looking at me and then Gilbert.

"You just think girls are going to be on the edge of cumming as soon as you stick it in. If you can get smarter you'll learn that a woman needs time to get excited to lubricate and relax. Shannon was as tight as a gnat's ass because you scared her. You need to slow down next time with somebody else. Maybe that way you can keep a woman and not lose her to a nerd like me."

Gilbert charged.

I stood there in slow motion. This must be the dumbest thing I've ever done. A smart guy would have just driven away. Now I was going to get punched and more over something I could have avoided. I would get mad and want Gilbert in jail. The whole mess would come to light and get my comfortable fuck buddies taken away. Another completely avoidable situation. I closed my mouth and tensed for a punch to the jaw. I hoped it didn't break. This was going to change a lot of people's lives.

There was a coach's whistle and Principle Scott yelling about people backing up right now. He asked me to step over and explain what was going on. I told him I was just here to pick up my girlfriends and Gilbert started a fight. He was attacking when you showed up. Plus there is another situation with Jimmy Boykins and I explained how Wendy was sexually assaulted.

Principal Scott expelled both jocks right then and there. He told the rest to get to class. He returned to talk to me.

"William, I had hoped you would have stayed away from here. It's just this week and next. This year is done. Look all of you. Go have some fun before real life begins. All your grades and graduation papers are already done. You'll get your diplomas in the mail. I can probably get a scholarship for Shannon and Wendy to junior college or a trade school. Rice college is giving you a pretty sweet full ride plus-plus scholarship. Just be smarter than to come back here. These idiot footballers are excitable kids and they have very little impulse control."

Principal Scott was right. This was stupid to hang out here. I asked the girls if they wanted a ride to the mall. Wendy accidentally flashed her pussy at Principal Scott as they climbed into my truck. Scott yelled 'NICE TRUCK!' as we drove away. (Texas)

I gave Wendy her panties and drove to the mall. I told them I was going to have Wendy made over at the salon. Wendy thanked me. We walked in and I told the studio women I want her face washed and remade to a clean wholesome beautiful look like Shannon. I said we would be back. Wendy called me over and said the family bathrooms have a lockable door if I was looking for a place.

I told Shannon that Wendy was getting a present of a make over and new makeup. What would she like? Shannon said she wanted an engagement ring.

I said "Really? Gilbert can't buy his own ring?"

Shannon looked at me, paused like she was trying to ignore me and said "it's in this store right over there. Let's see it." Shannon pulled me by my fingers as we walked to the jewelry store.

"Hey Shannon. Do you want to see it again? Is this your man? You two make a fine looking couple. I think I've seen you in the mall before. You are filling in pretty good."

Shannon points out a solitaire diamond ring. She leans over the glass. The sales lady says "this one isn't so bad. It's only around a thousand. We have lay away. As long as there ain't a rush."

Shannon looks up and says "Oh, no mam. There's no rush, but we do plan on babies. We are young and there's careers to get settled." I took a step back and try to fade away. Shannon still has ahold of my hand and pulls me back to her bent over ass. She places my hand on the under curve of her ass cheek. "Now, what are the ratings of that diamond again?" I decide to stay right there while they talk.

We walk out of the jewelry store. She tells me she is a size 6. A security guard walks by and Shannon asks her where a family restroom is. She smiles and points out one around a corner. "That's the best one, nobody hardly ever uses it." We thank her and walk there.

Shannon dropped her thong and hopped up on the changing table. I helped her lube up with my mouth and then we fucked for a good 15 minutes until we both came.

Shannon sat on the toilet and wiped herself as clean as she could.

We went back to the studio salon and Wendy was ready. I paid them two hundred and looked at Wendy. She was so pretty, like a magazine cover. So wholesome. Not at all like a slut.

"See how good you look. Any man would love to take you to dinner." I told her.

Shannon told her she looked perfect.

I told her that this is her new look. She should try to look like this going forward. We got a pizza for lunch.

Wendy asked Shannon if we fucked while we waited for her makeover. Shannon giggled and said yes. She told her everything. How we went in the family bathroom, she sat on the changing table and how I ate her pussy. She came and then William went inside her and she came again, the angle of the table rubbed her inside just right and she felt William shoot it inside her. "He looks so awesome when he is shooting it." Wendy said she knows.

Shannon asked me if I would buy some clothes that she and Wendy could wear for me. But I couldn't see. She said for me to wait outside and not look. Both girls went into a lingerie store and after 20 minutes. Wendy came and got me. There were two bags stapled closed. Each was under fifty.

After a few hours I drove them to Shannon's house. Wendy said she wasn't going out and if I needed her I should just text her, she said she'd help if I wanted. She kissed me and thanked me again. I told her she looks gorgeous. She smiled really big.

Shannon then kissed me too. She said she would be over for our date at 5:30 she had to change and get showered. I left the girls and parked in front of my house.

At 5:30 Shannon knocked at my bedroom door. She was wearing a white sweat suit. I let her in and as I shut the door I was asking if she wanted to go out to dinner. When I turned around it looked like Shannon wanted to show off her new outfit.

She had already kicked off the pants and was pulling the top over her head. She had on a black half cup lacey bra, a teeny tiny black thong, black garter belt and stockings. She stepped into her three inch high heels.

"What do you think? Am I sexy wearing this?" Shannon asked, smiling big.

"Wow, you look so beautiful, Shannon. I think we should stay in for a while. Is this the stuff I bought at the mall?" I asked.

Shannon said it was. She said we could maybe go out later.

"So, William. Do you think you might give me another butt rub like yesterday? A little slower? A little better?" Shannon smiled.

I said I thought we could do that. I grabbed her tight to me and kissed her very hard. She moaned as I put my hands on her ass. She jumped when I put my middle finger into her anus.

Shannon softly mumbled, "I want to try it. William, will you be sweet with me? I want to try it there."

We ended up laying in bed. Shannon breathing very fast laying face down. She held her ass cheeks open with both hands. I leaned my greasy cock head down, pushing on her sphincter. Shannon's excited squeal as I pushed up her hot asshole. I waited to make sure she relaxed. I loved her 'uh, uh, uh' noises as I fucked her ass. Shannon saying Oh My God as I shot my cum inside her. Her begging to keep it inside her while she recovered.

We showered and laid in my bed. Later I pulled her on top of me and made her ride me until we both came again. Shannon walked home at 8am after a wonderful night of sex.

Things went on so nice. Wendy came over on the alternate nights. She had the same lingerie only in dark red. Wendy was so gorgeous! She really understood how to make herself look innocent and pure. I would make her squirt and we would fuck like crazy.

We three spent the weekends together. I would drive them to the lake or an amusement park. We even had a couple more threesomes.

Wendy's turn was Thursday night. The day before graduation. I decided to not go. A highschool diploma had already arrived in the mail to my house. There were three more diplomas I was eyeing. I found that I could challenge 75% of my courses and get full credit. That meant I would get my four year diploma in one year. In 2.5 years I should have my doctorate (phd).

Dupont Monsanto had asked me to consider their company for the future. Things were really good for me.

I was so happy, I drove back to the jewelry store at the mall. I bought the next step up ring in size 6. After I made some real money I figured I would have a ring made.

Wendy knocked on my door. I let her in and she started to undress. I stopped her.

"This is it, Wendy. Tomorrow is graduation and then our future starts. You don't have to do this. I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do, ever again. I've realized that I'm just as bad as those jocks. Forcing you to be my slave. I'm sorry I treated you that way." I said.

Wendy said she isn't being forced. She said only the first time she didn't want to have sex with me but then she did. She admitted she got jealous of Shannon having my heart. Besides the best sex, I'm actually the nicest man she has ever been with.

Wendy asked if I could play with her pussy and then fuck her. Wendy stripped and stood on her towel. Her phone lit up. I look at it in her purse and saw a message just arrived 'cover for me.' It was from 'Shan.'

I picked up her phone and started reading her messages. They weren't all there. Probably a combination of voice conversations and txt.

I saw "better not, he will find out."

"He won't."

"I'm going."

"Don't, he'll explode when he finds out"

"Cover for me." Was the last. Just arrived.

"Wendy where is Shannon right now?" I asked her.

"Um, she could be anywhere. This is my day that I get to be with you alone."

I picked up my phone and txtd Shannon. 'Hey, where are you?'

"Get dressed." I told Wendy.

I opened Wendy's phone again and activated the friend locator. She was at an address about 15 minutes away.

"Let's go for a ride. Get in my truck." I said.

"William, maybe I better go home. Can I have my phone back?"

"Yes, but not just yet. Come on, don't you want to know what's going to happen. I'm dying to find out." I started my truck.

As Wendy sat in my truck I sent another text to Shannon. 'Hey come over. I need you, Sweetheart.'

I started driving. Shannon txtd back. 'Cant at grandmas house'

I replied 'still love me?'

She typed 'yes, forever.'

We arrived at the house on the application. I parked down the road.

"Who's house is that?" I asked Wendy.

"Please William. I don't want to say. I was with you. I'm not involved." Wendy just confirmed that this house was where Shannon wasn't supposed to be.

Just as I was about to get the truth from Wendy the truth walked out the front door. Shannon walked down the walkway from the front door. Gilbert followed her and then two other jocks walked out to the porch.

Gilbert walked to a old Camry. He opened the door and Shannon got in. They drove away.

"Hey Wendy look! Shannon's grandmother looks just like the expelled Pasadena high school Quarterback,,, what was his name,,, Gilbert?" I asked.

Wendy looked upset but didn't say a word.

I caught up with them in two blocks. I should have followed them to their destination. I wasn't thinking with my head, my heart was interfering. What did it matter where they were going? It didn't.

At the next traffic light I stopped next to the Camry and looked down at Shannon. I stared at her sitting in Gilbert's car and wondered how I could have possibly ever let her hurt me again.

The light turned green and I took my foot off the brake pedal. I glanced at her again. She was looking at me with her mouth open. I slowly made a right turn and then drove home.

My phone started buzzing, I turned it off. Wendy's phone rang and before I could find it she answered.

"Yes, I'm in the truck with him. William, Shannon wants to talk to you."

"No, I don't want to hear it. She going to say it's not what I think, she'll say she loves me. All the same bullshit lies she said before. Look either hang up or I'll throw your phone out the window."

Wendy ended the call. I told her to turn it off. We drove back to my house. I told Wendy she could go home if she wanted. She said she wanted to stay.

I started thinking about my behavior. These hormones and emotions were really interfering with my usual logic. I really needed to get away from that emotion cloud.

I was leaving for Houston to start college. I know we three had great sex. 200 times better than I would have had normally. Time has marched on from the Celebration night. Those Miller twins told me they were willing and understood about the sex. So what? I was played a fool, again. That's my fault for falling like that. I should just cut my losses and move on.

There was a knock at the door. The door knob shook. Shannon's voice was asking me to let her in. Obviously she was worried about jail. Wendy was probably worried too.

I unlocked the door, and sat down. Wendy sat beside me on my bed. Shannon walked in and shut the door. She started to talk but I put my palm up toward her.

"I'm glad you came over Shannon. I've been thinking and I've decided to release you both from our agreement. The confessions will be deleted as soon as I get to them. We've had a lot of fun and I've learned a great deal, good and bad about women. You are free to go back to your prior lives."

"You can go back to your quarterback, he might get a job working construction and someday he'll own a house."

"Wendy you can return to what all you were doing. In my opinion, you should enter the Miss Texas pageant. Honestly Wendy you are so pretty. That exposure will land you modeling jobs and you'll meet wealthy men, that want a trophy wife. You could end up rich and secure for the rest of your life."

"So,, WE,, are finished. I won't be calling the cops. It's all over. You can leave now."

Wendy stood up and said "William, I think you should listen to Shannon. I'm going to go home now so you two can talk but 'WE' aren't done William. We'll talk later."

Wendy kissed me on the lips, mine were stiff. She shut the door as she left.

"William, I'm free now? Nothing hanging over my head? So I can say what I want and you won't ruin my life?" Shannon asked.

I said, "Yes, but I really don't want to hear it." I knew she wasn't done and told myself 'here it comes.'

"I did see Gilbert today. He is leaving for the navy tomorrow. He was my first, William. That means something to a woman. I don't love him. I went to tell him good bye and that I'm in love. I'm in love with you, William." Shannon said.

My damn emotions jumped up again, "OK, thanks! Just go please. I don't want you here. Go away, play with someone else's heart. You weren't to talk to him! I was specific! You lied about where you were. Over twenty people were hoping I wouldn't turn them in. You go to the one person I told you that you were to never even talk to. I see you walk out of a house with him. Then I see more of his rapist friends walk out after you. I can imagine what you all were doing, then you get in a car with him."

"I can't trust you. I knew that from your fuck-the-slut party and I let you deceive me again. It's embarrassing to see what a fool I am. Take your lies home with you. Do me a favor and don't ever let me see you again, that would make a better life for me. GO." I said.

I stood and opened the door.

Shannon was crying, "but aw love you."

I guided her by the elbow out the door. She turned and saw the ring box on top of my chest of drawers. She pointed at it and wailed loudly.

"It's not yours." I said loudly. I slammed the door and locked it.

She cried outside my door until my mom led her home. My mom came back and told me she was gone, I opened the door.

"William, I did not raise a cruel man. Why are you making her cry like that?" Mom asked.

"I caught her cheating on me, Mom. I can't trust her anymore." I said.

"OK. Let's talk about that. I want you to use that big brain of yours." Mom sat me down.

"Aren't you in a relationship with two women? You are having sex with both of them. I've heard it. Explain the difference between you with two women and Shannon with you and someone else." Mom with her damn logic.

We talked for a long time. She stopped my rage. She left me with

"Forgiving someone you love is love."

I really couldn't see that.


The next day I got a text from Wendy. 'How are you? Want to see you. Need to see you.'

I agreed to see her. Right after I sent that text, she replied 'be there in 5.'

Wendy knocked on my door. She kissed me and sat close next to me.

"I wish I had been the one. If I had been we would be together right now. I warned her not to go. She had you and didn't need to say goodbye to that asshole. She fucked up." She told me.

"Can I help you out with a blow job or we could maybe fuck? I really love fucking you." Wendy said sweetly.

I laughed, "Thank you, Wendy. I know you truly care about me. I'm too upset to do anything like that. Today I need to pack my truck for tomorrow. I drive to Rice tomorrow. I have a nice one bedroom apartment. Maybe you could visit sometime down the road."

"So is there anything Shannon could do to convince you she is committed to you? She loves you. She used to tell me 'Shannon Wadsworth sounds noble.' It took her five minutes to get it out that you bought her an engagement ring. What could she do now to prove she loves only you?" She asked.

"What? Like a tattoo? 'Property of' no. The trust was shakey to start with." I said.

I continued, "So she hurt me. It's my fault, the only people that can hurt you are those you let hurt you. I have a ring to remind me of that. I should wear it around my neck."

"So you're leaving Saturday? That's awful soon. Guess there is no chance of you getting horny before you drive out. Houston isn't that far. I can visit after you are set. I love you too, you know?" Wendy said.

"Thanks Wendy. You deserve better than me, a white slaver." I laughed.

Wendy left after she cupped my balls and attempted a french kiss.

My family threw a BBQ to celebrate my going to college. I thought I saw Shannon at the back of the property but I didn't see her after a second look. I packed my truck's back seat with clothes and kitchen stuff.

Saturday morning. I walked out to my truck. Shannon was standing next to it. She was in a tank top and shorts.

"William, please. May I talk to you?" She asked. Her eyes were a tiny bit red but she still looked so pretty.

I decided to stop being a child.

"Shannon, I'm sorry I made you cry. I was hurt and I made you hurt. Our relationship didn't work out but that isn't a good enough reason to say those cutting things I said. Although at the time I felt you deserved every word, in hindsight I now regret the things I said. I enjoyed my time with you and I hope you can say you did also. I will miss the intimate moments that we shared. I'm very sorry." I formally apologized.

Shannon walked to me. She smiled up at me. Her smile really was just gorgeous. Her hands grabbed at my shoulders.

"William, when we fight,, whoo! look out! You are the only MAN,, I've ever been with. Gilbert is a bad memory. I lied to you and that was another stupid decision. I regret hurting you and I expect a proper ass spanking and probably a fucking when we get to Houston. I never lied about loving you. My bags are in the bed. Now kiss me good, tell me you love me before my heart explodes. Then let's go."


My mind is racing. There is no angle I can see. Did I still want her, 99% yes. What could she be doing to benefit herself? The only answer is marrying up. She knows I'm going to be one of the richest men in Texas, maybe the U.S.

There was a tear dropping out of Shannon's eye and rolling down her cheek.

"You can go with me, Shannon." We crushed our mouths together. She hopped in the truck and we drove onto Highway 45.

"Can I see my ring, William?" Shannon asked.

"Ring? You're going to have to earn even a look at that." I replied.

"Oh I will. You'll see. Beside I don't need a ring. Look here." Shannon said.

Shannon slipped her tank top off her left shoulder exposing a bandage on her left breast. She peeled the top of the bandage down. There was a fresh shiny green tattoo reading




Six months later we sat close together on the couch. Shannon was popping the head of my penis in and out of her mouth and stroking it as we watched television. She was wearing her diamond engagement ring, which she had earned.

The Miss Texas beauty pageant was streaming live. We watched Wendy get crowned Miss Texas. She looked so happy.

Shannon said "I'm going to have her bring that tiara on her next visit. We can take turns wearing it in bed."

I thought to myself, while looking at Miss Texas, that I may not be much but I made her cum.

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