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Erin woke up and lazily glanced at her alarm clock. Shit, she thought to herself. She had slept in and only had 30 minutes before her doctor's appointment. She had strained her right arm and needed it looked at. It had been hurting her for weeks now.

She jumped up and ran to her closet to find some clothes. All that currently covered her petite athletic frame was a pair of white boy panties and a t shirt.

She stripped down to her little panties and pulled a soft spaghetti strap cream colored summer dress on over her head. She never ever wore a bra as her 19 year old frame currently kept her double d breasts firm as could be. Those besides her ass were her best feature.

She slipped on some sandals, jumped in her Jeep and drove to her appointment. Her long loose blonde hair flowed lazily behind her in the wind. It was another hot California day.

When she got to her doctors office it was still quiet. She probably had the first appointment of the day. The receptionist told her to go right in to room 3. It was down the hall in the very end of the office.

Erin had been seeing this doctor since she was 10 or so. She always had had a crush on him, but as of late it grew more intense. When you usually think of a doctor they are nerdy or old. Not in this case. Dr. Marc Thompson was probably in his mid to late forties. He did not look like it though. He was extremely active and had a ripped muscular toned body guys in their early twenties would envy. His thick black hair had slight curls and stopped just above his shoulders. He was tall and stood easily over 6 feet. Erin liked that he was clean shaven and had the whitest teeth you had ever seen. He also smelled good and wore just the right amount of cologne. Erin had a huge crush on him.

She had fantasized and masturbated numerous times to kinky thoughts about him.

Erin sat on the edge of the examining table lazily swinging her legs back an fourth while waiting for him. The wait gave her butterflies in her stomach.

In walked Dr. Thompson. He greeted Erin and asked her how he could help her today. She turned red and stammered out that her right arm had been strained. When he asked how she replied very embarrassed that her boyfriend had twisted her arm while they had been having sex. Doctor Thompson chuckled.

He walked over to her and took hold of her arm. He was very gentle and his large warm smooth hands examined it. He asked her if any of the examination hurt. She replied no.

He smelled and looked better than ever today. They were close to each other and she was getting really turned on.

Without thinking she bent over towards him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. His rugged face pulled back quickly and he looked at her. Somewhat startled her asked her what she had just done. Erin looked down embarrassed and a deep shade of red. She said nothing.

The doctor then continued the examination without missing anything further. He moved in straddling her legs on the edge of the examination table. She could feel his hard large cock in his pants press against her left leg. With his large man hands he grasped each side of the bottom of her little summer dress and pulled it from under where she sat and up and over her head. She instinctively lifter her arms as it was raised. She wondered where this examination was headed.

The room was warm so her now almost naked body minus her little panties was comfortable.

He whispered in her right ear that they only had ten minutes for this quick examination. His warm breath on the side of her neck and musky cologne again gave her butterflies.

He lay her down on her back and continued to stay standing in a straddle position over her. His large hands went for her perky breasts.

He told her he would give her a Tantric breast massage. This would help relieve the pain in her arm. He spent the next 8 minutes focusing only on her breasts. Her luscious firm beautiful breasts. The massaging gave her pleasure and intimacy she had never felt before. The breasts he told her are the base of a woman’s sexuality and need to be loved and paid proper attention to before any other part of the body will open up.

The examination room felt warm, inviting, and special to Erin. Like somewhat of a hypnotist Dr. Thompson told Erin the breast massage was for her to enjoy and to think of nothing else, but receiving. She felt special. He also told her it was up to her to ensure that she does not wonder about giving him pleasure. He told her to close her eyes and enjoy it.

He began the breast massage by resting one hand on her fast beating heart and the other on her the space between her breast. The warmth of his hands felt special.

He then took out massage oil and gently spread it on his hands. He rubbed it onto and gently into her tanned skin. He gently applied the massage oil onto her breasts for the first stage of the massage. It was like magic. It was rubbed in a gentle sensuous circular motion on her breasts. It was magical as his hands moved like a conductor going from the center of the chest towards the underarm area. He caressed her breasts slowly and gently. With the palms of his large strong hands he barely touched the whole breast for a silky smooth sensation.

He applied a rhythm. He repeated the moves several times and was consistent. In a clockwise motion he repeated that on both breasts. Then he tried a new move. He placed both his palms over the entire breasts and kept her nipples in the center of his palms. He fanned out his fingers as if they were the spokes of a wheel. He then brought them in toward the nipple and finish off with a slight pinch. He repeated this several times. By now Erin was feeling warmth in her inner body. She tried to resist from showing it on the outside. She wanted to scream and ask for more but she tried to remain quiet. She realized the whole clinic would hear her cries of joy. She was ready to cum. Warm and tingly inside. Her body starting to grind and wiggle. Her little panties wet. Her pussy moist. She thought to herself that if the doctor even rubbed against her swollen clit she would cum immediately.

The doctor still was not done with her breasts. She had never received attention like this before. Boys she had dated always went for her pussy and ignored her hard large breasts. She loved the attention.
She felt the warm massage oil drip onto her breasts. He took them and kneaded them gently by lifting them from her flat hard chest and pressing delicately with both hands. He twisted her flesh very gently and wrung them.

Next, he scooped the flesh of the breast with utmost gentleness using the flat of his large fingertips. He did this with clockwise strokes. Over and over.

He then went for her rock hard nipples. They begged for attention. Erin not realizing had been moaning in pleasure the whole time. With his thumbs and pointer fingers he placed them on opposite sides of her nipples. He starting at the outside edge of her nipple area and slowly and gently brought his thumbs together , lightly squeezing her nipples between his fingers, then he pulled outwards towards him. He methodically repeated this until until he made a complete circle all the way around her nipples. He used just the right amount of pressure.

Finally the skin of the breasts were stroked and smoothed, with the direction of his fingertips going from the center away towards the side. This was his cooling down phase of the massage. By now Erin’s body was convulsing and ready to explode.

Without a word Dr Thompson reached under her panties and inserted two fingers into her saturated pussy. Her small panties stretched with his large hand going inside them. They tore under the strain on the left side and slid down her right leg stopping at her foot. Her lips spread easily after the breast attention. He reached inside and used a come hither motion crooking his fingers rubbing her inner pussy wall. Her g-spot was stimulated and she could not hold back as almost immediately an enormous orgasm was released from her body. She had never ever had a feeling of ecstasy like that as she convulsed and shook and cried out. He held her on the table from writhing off as her juices sprayed from her over stimulated body. With his large left hand pressed down on her neck holding her and his right hand continued to stroke her insides with his thumb pressed against her outer pubic bone to keep her in place.

She convulsed and came for a minutes. It exhausted her. Her sweat covered naked body eventually went limp on the examining table. Her legs and arms hung over the sides. She looked sexy and worked over. Her panties lazily hung off her right leg.

So spent she lay there with her eyes closed. The though of what just happened could easily make her cum again with little stimulation.

She heard his belt unbuckle and pants fall to the floor. She looked at him and saw his enormous throbbing cock released

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