Will This Excite My Boyfriend

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Will This Excite My Boyfriend

She entered my bedroom and I got an instant hard-on. Those old thin white tights showed off everything that she had to offer and her arm was across her breasts covering her nipples.

Juliette asked, “Will this excite my boyfriend?”

I replied, “You bet it will. You are topless and your pussy is clearly visible in those things.”

Juliette relied, “You are an asshole. I am not topless, you can’t see my nipples, and you can’t possibly see my pussy that clearly.”

I said, “Okay, but I can prove it.”

I got my digital camera and took several pictures of her, I transferred them to my computer, and them flipped them up on my monitor one by one. Her right nipple was clearly visible, her ass looked like it had a thin veil over it, and as I had already told her, her pussy was clearly on display.

Juliette said, “Oh my God, you were right. I am topless and practically naked in these tights.”

She sat on my bed, lay back, and spread her legs before saying, “Take some like this.”

Her breasts were no longer covered because she was holding her legs up and out. I got a few of her firm breasts and her open pussy. I could see pink inside. I had seen her in pantyhose that covered more.

When I pulled up that final picture I was just inches from her tights covered pussy. She could see that her outer pussy lips were wide open and that the thin white material was holding them in place. Her pink lips were beautiful, her tiny clit was visible, and her hole was right there to see.

Juliette said, “Do that again but without these on.”

She removed the tights and got back in position. I could not believe that my fourteen-year-old sister was posing nude and asking me to take pictures of her as she held her pussy open. She had never seen inside her own pussy. In fact she had never seen inside any pussy before and she loved the view just as much as I did.

Juliette said, “I have licked Beth’s pussy many times but I never looked inside before.”

I smiled thinking that my sister and her cute girlfriend made love during their sleepovers.

I asked, “Can I lick your pussy?”

She sat back on my bed and said, “Go ahead, knock yourself out.”

I knelt between her legs and slipped my tongue into her slit. That first taste was strong and pungent. As my taste buds adjusted I found her taste to be very nice.

Juliette said, “You’re rough but I like it…don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping. I reached up and squeezed her breasts, pinched her nipples, and caused her to cry out. The combination of everything that I was doing to her was too much overload for her sexually and she had cried out in orgasm.

Juliette said, “Wow! That was fantastic. Do it again.”

I smiled and said, “Maybe later.”

Juliette said, “Beth is spending Saturday night with me. Will you do that to us then and maybe fuck us both too?”

Again I smiled and said, “I’d love too.”

Juliette let me taste her every night before bed and after she had her bath. I wanted to fuck her but she insisted that Beth and she were going to let me do it together.


On Saturday Beth arrived. I started to compare the two girls for the first time. They were approximately the same height, same weight, and the same build. Beth was dark from some European blood in her background. Her straight hair was almost black and to her waist. The hairs on her arms and legs were quite distinct. Her fingernails and toenails were painted a bright red. She had on white shorts that hugged her pussy and allowed the lower half of her butt to show when she turned around. Her T-shirt was white and tight too, with cuts in some very interesting places. She obviously was not wearing a bra.

My sister Juliette was wearing a pair of pink terrycloth shorts that she wore a few years ago. They hugged her pussy and they crawled up her ass crack as far as they could. Her T-shirt was way too big for her and allowed the neck opening to show off some extra tittie flesh. She has long curly blonde hair and the hairs on her arms and legs are almost invisible. She painted her fingers and toes a pretty light pink color. She looked very girlish in deed.

Mom said, “Okay you two, do whatever your brother tells you too do, and DON”T give him a hard time.”

Both Juliette and Beth said, “We will and we won’t.”

Kisses all around and Mom was gone.

She had planned a week with her parents up in Maine but we gave her such a hard time that she let us stay home. All of our neighbors will keep an eye on us and tell Mom if we throw any parties or things just get out of control.

Big brother is watching you.

I now had a full week alone with these two little hotties.


That Saturday afternoon they just teased the hell out of me. I would catch them kissing, playing with each other’s breasts, and with their hands down their shorts fingering themselves.

After we ate a frozen pizza that I had warmed up in the oven, I had the girls do the dishes. When Juliette got her hands all wet and soapy I got right behind her and reached up under her baggy T-shirt to cup both of her breasts.

Juliette said, “It took you long enough.”

Beth said, “Yeah, we thought that you would jump us before your mother got to her car.”

Well if that was the way they wanted it, that was fine with me. I pulled up my sister’s T-shirt and she raised her hands to let me pull it off. When I looked at Beth she raised her hands and giggled. Needless to say I pulled hers up too.

Then I said, “I would like you two to remain topless until Mom comes home.”

They giggled and Beth said, “Okay but what if we want to go to the mall?”

I smiled and said, “In that case you had better be real nice to me. If you are, I just might let you wear a top.”

The two girls faced me and smiled. Once again I compared their bodies. Juliette had pale pink areolas around a pair of very nice pink nipples. Her areolas were quite large and I liked them. On the other hand Beth had very dark areolas that were tiny in comparison. Her nipples were equally dark and appeared to be harder and longed than my sister’s nipples were. I leaned in to give all four nipples a good a suck. Then I told them to finish the dishes.

On Saturday it is our custom to settle in and watch two SYFY movies. The seven o’clock is usually a rerun but the nine o’clock is usually one that we have never seen before.

I suggested that the girls should get ready for bed first. When they came down to the family room with me they were naked. They then told me that both slept naked, especially when they slept together.

Once more I could compare, that time their pussies. Juliette had blonde fuzz on her love mound and the bottom half shaved. Her pussy lips were puffy and pink. Beth had thick black hair on her love mound with the bottom half shaved. Her pussy lips were dark along the edge.

I told them to sit on the edge of the couch and lean back so that I could inspect their pussies. They giggled and did as I requested. Juliette’s pussy was soft and opened up like a flower. I had eaten her a few times and have enjoyed it every time. Her scent and taste were designed to harden my pecker. Beth’s pussy had to be opened by hand. The darkness of her outer lips only made her insides look that much pinker. Her scent wafted up into my nostrils and it was heavy and full-bodied. When I took my first taste of her, it was pungent, it was strong, and I knew that it would be an acquired taste. My nose rubbed her clit as I poked my tongue into her vagina. She liked that.

I went from one girl to the other tasting of them and exciting them as well. After I had given each girl two orgasms I undressed showing them how hard my cock was. I had never seen it that hard before.

Beth said, “You have to fuck us together but you have to stick it in your sister first. Oh, we are both virgins if that matters.”

I was a virgin too and told them so, just before I shoved my cock into my sister’s pussy. She said that it felt amazing and I certainly had to agree with her. Beth wanted her attention so I pulled it out of Juliette and shoved it into Beth. It was agreed we all loved sex.

I fucked them together, one right after the other, changing holes about every minute. Since I had started in Juliette and she was my sister, I decided to finish inside her too. When the time came, the build up was tremendous, and I just held onto her legs right behind her calves and fucked into her for all I was worth. The excitement had never been like that before. I literally exploded inside her, splashing cum all over her tunnel walls, and causing her to orgasm with me. It was the best feeling in the whole world.

After that initial fuck I took turns fucking the girls all week long. They never did get dressed and never went anywhere.

It was Thursday before I remembered to ask, “Juliette, did you ever show those white tights to your boyfriend?”

Juliette smiled and said, “Yes, I did…and you really liked them…didn’t you?”

I just smiled and shoved my cock into her deeper.

When Mom returned that Sunday we were not the least bit shy. We were naked when she arrived, my cock was in my sister, and her face was in Beth’s crotch.

All I said was, “Juliette and I got better acquainted this past week.”

Mom giggled and said, “I can see that.” There was a slight pause and then she added, “Is there room for one more?”

Beth said, “My mouth is available.”

Mom undressed and joined in. Juliette was on her knees getting it from behind, Beth was on her back with her pussy in Juliette’s face, so Mom squatted down onto Beth’s face. When she leaned over I could see Mom’s asshole. It was medium brown in color, quite puckered and crinkled, and just begging for a cock to enter it. Mom would become my first anal sex partner.

The End
Will This Excite My Boyfriend

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