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Candice knew it was a bad idea.

She met Max at a play she and her husband Greg had attended. It had been a dumb play where people act as dogs. Max was an interesting man. Bigger than her husband, mustached and far more assertive. He must have spotted her looking at him because he walked right over and introduced himself. “Hello, I’m Max. How are you?” he opened. Candice replied that her name was Candice and her husband’s name was Greg.

Greg said hello but Max glanced at him and talked only to her. They talked about the symbolism of the dog and man. The nature of both overlapping. She found him interesting and liked his eyes. The bulge at the crotch was a little intimidating. She pretended not to notice.
She thought that he must like tall women because although she has a pretty ‘model’ type face she thought her being 5 foot 9 inches tall caught his eye or maybe he was into red heads because her long wavy curly hair was usually an attention getter. It was most likely her bust, it usually got guys attention but she always took care to subdue their size with heavy bras and oversized blouses. They were big but gravity had not spared them. They were on the long side now not nearly like when she was 18. Still at 38 years old she had what she considers a ‘nice rack’. She considered her ass as big and round but hardly something to get a man to cross the room for. Max was a bold man.

Max told her to write down her cell phone number and he would call her to discuss the play more. She asked Greg for a pen and with an 'I can't believe you are giving this guy your number' look he gave her his bic pen. She wrote "Candice Reynolds (562) 222-6769 :)" he said "ok, talk to you later." He then walked away.

Greg asked why she gave her number to a stranger and Candice simply told him she didn't know, it just seemed rude not to. "Don't worry, I can handle him" she said with a smile. Candice looked all over the theatre for him during the second act. He must have left.

The next morning her cell phone rang and it was Max. "Meet me for coffee at Starbucks. At about 5 pm." Candice liked the way he was direct and to the point. She thought to make herself more forceful and countered "are you buying?" Max retorted "this time."

Candice's heart was now racing. 'This time' he is planning on seeing me more than just today. Interesting situation. "Ok, see you then." Max asked "You like strong coffee or mild?" Candice said "strong please" he replied "That's what I thought. It's a date then. Bye." And he hung up.

Candice thought 'a date?' He wants a date with me! Candice thought excitedly but then reminded herself that she no longer went on dates. Oh NO. She is happily married and is NOT going on a date with anyone except her nice husband. No SIR! She will set this guy straight from the start. She is not dating, kissing or doing anything with that bulge. He clearly has the wrong idea and the wrong girl! She decided to not go. Just stand him up. Date? No way.

Candice started to pick out her clothing for today. A nice white long sleeved blouse and her black and red flowered skirt. Her skirt came modestly to her knees and was one of her favorite skirts. She thought 'if I were to see Max, if he saw me wearing this he would be impressed. But I'm not; he can stand there all night for all I care. I don't care how big or dominating he might be.' She got down her black patent leather 4 inch heels with a thin strap that buckled around her ankle.

She then selected her underwear. A white bra was the only choice. But she deserved to wear a pretty one. One that is pretty and lacy but hooks in the front. The front hooking ones were so easy to put on and get off. That would make her feel better and pretty. Just for her, a selfish pleasure. As for panties, a simple black cotton pair was what she should wear. The black thong panties were uncomfortable and why should she wear them? She wasn't going on a date; Max wasn't going to see them. She is a married woman and doesn't need to wear sexy panties today because she isn't going on a date with Max. He will not be seeing any of her privates so just wear the cotton full back panties. Candice checked her pubic hair, red and trimmed away from her legs. She wondered what it would be like to shave it all off but her husband would ask questions and beside she is a good girl. Candice stared at the black thong in the drawer while she slipped into her good wife panties.

At 4:45 pm she drove to the Starbucks. She thought about it all day and knew it was a bad idea. Max was a man that was used to getting his way. He was nice at the theatre and hadn't done anything wrong. She was over reacting to his use of the word date. After all she had told her husband she could handle him. It would be rude to not go and at least drink some coffee. She would let him down easy. He was not getting any of her sweets kisses, ever. She will not kiss him, grind on him and he will not be seeing her panties. She is simply not available. MARRIED. She is taking the high road. Ignoring his animal desires. She is above any of his sorted dirty lustful needs.

Max was in the parking lot wearing a blue shirt, jeans (with bulge) and some black leather shoes. He was staring at her as she parked next to him. Max was leaning on a big white cargo van.

Candice checked her makeup and got out of her Infinity making sure to keep her skirt at her knees. She walked toward him and said "Hi, so where is ." Max walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tight. Her pulse jumped. "Candice, thanks for seeing me so soon." Then he released her. She liked the hug. Another one on the way back to her car, after letting him down easy, would be ok. Her pulse remained increased.

Max said "I got you a double espresso. It's in the van. Get in." Max opened the passenger door of the raised van. [The VAN is his! OMG a van is not what a happily married woman has coffee in with a man not her husband.] Candice walked over to the open door and was climbing in when Max said "need help? It's a tall vehicle." He put both his hands on Candice's ass cheeks and pushed her up into the seat. Max slammed the door and got in the driver’s side.

Candice was amazed that he would so casually touch her buttocks. Her heart was racing and she felt a slight tingle around her clit area. Max handed her the coffee and drank from his own. Candice quickly looked at the door and saw there was a door handle, at least she could escape if it got to that.

Candice sipped a few sips of coffee and then started to say "Max you know I'm married. Greg was right there at the theatre. And I.." Max interrupted "Candice you can leave anytime you want. I just have one burning question, can I ask it?" Candice stopped and said "OK, ask." "Are you wearing granny panties?" Max asked.

Candice thought my panties! I should have worn that black thong. Candice looked down and did not answer. She also made no move to open the door. Max waited and then reached with his right hand onto the top of Candice's left breast and dug his fingers deep into her tit meat. "Are you wearing granny panties? Shouldn’t you have any panties at all?"

Candice instinctively raised her right hand to attempt to pry Max's fingers out of her breast. Max squeezed harder and cruelly deeper into her huge tit. Candice cried in pain "Oh god! Of course I have panties on. Normal panties. I'm a married woman not some street tramp showing her privates to the world!" Candice's nipples hardened, breasts swelled and her heart raced. Her vulva started to flood.

Max lessened his hold on her tit and calmly said "Candice, slut wives like you don't wear panties on a date with another man." Candice's mind zapped to DATE! I knew it! This was a bad idea. He said this was a date and I just show up. He must think I want this but I don't. God, my kitty is leaking. What is he going to do to me next? I want to scratch my kitty. This is getting uncomfortable, my panties are wet and it feels tight and swollen. If I could just spread my legs a little without Max noticing. He obviously will know what's going on down there if he sees me spreading.

Max casually reached over with his left hand and unbuttoned her blouse. One button at a time, slowly. Candice looked down and watched his progress without any attempt to leave. "Candice, you have got some very big mammary glands. Let's open this blouse and take a good look at them." He completely opened her white blouse and then started unhooking her bra. "What is your cup size, baby doll?"

Candice thought 'he is just going to pull my breasts out right here in a public parking lot with people parking and walking. Oh, He is going to see my nipples all hard! God my cunny feels tight. I need to spread my legs open just a little. If I talk about my breasts that will distract him. I can inch them open if I answer his questions."

Candice continued to look down but said "they are an E cup. I thought I had grown into a double D but a friend told me that E was the size. I've always had early developed breasts." Candice slowly spread her legs a few inches while talking to release the pressure.

Max had both breasts out of her bra and was pulling them up to get a good feel. "Candice these tits are by far the best I've ever held. I just love them. Ever had them tied up or spanked?" Candice felt proud he liked her breasts but then her vagina gushed when she heard 'tied up or spanked.' She was breathing deeply and both nipples were rock hard. Max had them both out of their cups and on full display. She saw a black homeless man in a dirty muddy three piece suit and brown work boots walking in the parking lot. She reached for the door but only pushed the lock button down and then returned them to her sides.

Max said "Well I can see you are enjoying our time together." He pinched her left nipple and areola. She flexed her knees and took a deep breath. "From the way you are squirming around I'll bet your puss is wet and ready to be rubbed or what?" Candice said nothing.

"Get in the back and pull those granny panties off. Then hand them to me." Candice instantly turned to her left and moved back toward a big bed in the back of his cargo van. She stepped over a bag and at the same time reached under her skirt. She turned and sat on the edge of the bed, her panties were sliding down her calves to her ankles.

Candice thought 'what am I doing in this van with this guy? He just pulls my breasts out of my blouse and tells me to give him my panties. And here I am pulling them over my heels without as much as a single word or thought. God, will you look at that crotch! It's not only wet but slick with my puss. It feels good to have them off; my lips are getting pretty thick. My whole crotch is damp.

Candice lifted up off the bed and handed Max her panties after balling the slick crotch up in the center. She could feel the air on her puss and it was cooling but it remained hot and her dampness started to touch her thighs.

Max accepted the panties she offered and immediately opened them to look at the crotch. "Nice! Wow your cunt is lubing like crazy." Candice sat on the bed and waited. Her tits ached and she held her nipples in each hand and watched Max inspect her wet granny panties. Max smelled the crotch and then licked it. Just as he said about man and dog’s overlapping traits. Candice liked watching Max lick her pants. He probably wants to lick her crotch as well.

Her vagina throbbed. Her full vulva was very wet, very swollen. Max took the panties to his left and out of sight then turned toward Candice. She stopped squeezing her nipples and flattened her hands to make it appear that she was modestly hiding the hard nipples. Her legs were still open however her pretty skirt hid most of her crotch.

Max told her to take the two clothes hangers next to the bag and hang up her skirt, blouse and big bra. "No sense in getting them ruined." In a flash Candice had the blouse and bra hung then was attaching her skirt to the clothespins on the skirt hanger when it occurred to her.

'So I meet this man and in front of my husband give him my private cell phone number. The next day I’m in his van in a public parking lot wearing only high heels with a hot wet cunt, ready to betray my loving husband and allow this man to use me like a piece of meat. He probably won’t even use a condom. I bet he’ll cum a lot too. He figured out how to get me to do what he wants fast. Pulled my tits, just told me to hand over my panties then to get naked and here I am. He is right, I am a slut. I love my husband but this guy can fuck me like a whore and I will let him.'

Max was out of his seat and facing Candice when she finished hanging up all her clothes except her panties which she had given away. There was a bright flash and she looked up to see Max taking pictures with a camera. Candice said "No, don't take my picture like this! No. Don't."

"Shut up. People are going to hear you. Cup your tits with both hands and smile for the camera." She did and after the flash said "Max, really don't take any more. Ok. Will you delete the ones you took?"

"No I will not. Spread your legs a little more and open your cunt lips with your fingers, good now look at the camera and let me have a big slut smile." FLASH. "Now get up on your hands and knees and face the back of the van. Now with both hands spread your ass cheeks." FLASH. "What a beautiful cum doll you are. I just want to have something later to jerk off to, remembering today. Give me your email later and I will send them to you for you to rub your cunt."

Candice relaxed and posed for several more pictures each one very lewd and depicted her as a cheating slut caught on film.

Candice was thinking that she just might enjoy the pictures on email especially if max was in them too when Max told her to lie across his lap, butt up. She did but said "look I know you are in charge of the situation here but I don't want to be hurt." "Yes you do. Don't get loud now people will come over and see you." With that Max started to slap Candice's ass. A few start up ones then some heavy slaps that thrilled, pained and excited her.

Candice thought 'really! Spanking now. It hurts but my clitty is throbbing so much. This is embarrassing and humiliating. Spanking my ass like a child. My tender ass! Max likes it rough and I guess maybe I might a little. Fuck! My ass is hot from all the slapping." The spanking stopped.

"Candice go to that bag and find the ping pong paddle in it. Your fat ass is making my hand sting." She slid off him and opened the bag. She thought 'fat ass? I may have put on a couple but fat? Of course some men like women with large behinds. Now I have to bring him a paddle to beat me with, can you say humiliating the slut? This paddle feels hard. I hope he doesn't go full force.'

Candice actually whined a faint whine and climbed up on to Max's lap so he could slap her ass cheeks with the wooden paddle. Her cunt dripped down onto his pants leg. Slap slap slap. Max stopped the swats and started rubbing her red ass cheeks. He rubbed between her cheeks too.

Max casually ran his left index finger inside Candice's asshole. With the other hand he rubbed her swamped labia. Her clit was over ready for direct stimulation. After three seconds of rubbing she orgasmed. She thrashed about and thrust her hips toward his fingers. Max's left index finger was palm deep inside her rectum while she shot off like a Roman candle. Only after she cooled off did she realize her asshole was being used as a finger toy. Max slipped his wet finger out of her asshole and Candice sat up. She was still a little dazed as Max used his pussy wet right hand to grab her left tit and pull her toward him like it was a handle on a child's toy.

Candice leaned toward Max and he put his finger fresh from her asshole in her mouth. Candice sucked the ass juices off his finger before she even thought about what was in her mouth.

Candice said "Was that finger in my ass? Look this was a mistake. I have to go. We can never do this again. I really do love my husband and this was just a onetime slip up. Let's just say our goodbyes now."

While Candice was yammering. Max slipped his pants off and let his cock stand up. Candice stopped talking.

Max asked if his cock was bigger than her husband’s. Candice stared at the cock, noticing her cunt had started to lubricate anew. "Um, yeah. That's bigger than Greg's penis." Her hands moved toward it on their own accord. She leaned her head closer to the cock.

FLASH. Max took another picture. "Go ahead." Candice took hold of the cock and aimed it directly toward her mouth. Just before her mouth touched the hot cock head Max said "Stop. I only want a total cheating married cum slut to suck that bone. Is that you?"

Candice didn't reply. She slowly closed her eyes and put the first four inches of hot cock inside her mouth. She rested a few seconds and then started working her mouth up and down onto Max's hard cock. Candice pushed her head down and at the same time tried to stick her tongue out toward his ball sack. With her tongue out of the way the cock slid into her throat and her lips were around the base of his cock.

Candice throated Max for several minutes until he asked her "Cum Bunny, you want to ride it?" Candice heard the question while it was inserted the furthest any penis had ever been in her mouth. She slowly pulled the long pipe out of her throat, licked her lips and the spital from the head of it and said "yes."

Max centered himself in the center of the bed and said "ok jump on." Candice smiled and climbed up on top of Max, being careful because she was still wearing her high heels. As she raised one leg and bent the stiff rod toward her hot vaginal opening. Max stopped her again.

"Just put it in to where Greg reaches in it. I want to see if I can feel a difference. Only as deep as your husband uses." Candice was further humiliated by being made to show this guy the depth of her husband’s cock in her own vagina. She realized this was her new role and accepted it. "Ok, he can only get about UM, this, I think about this deep in it." Referring to her vagina in the third person.

There were about two and a half to three more inches to go yet. "Are you sure Candice? You don't sound sure." She replied "Yours is fatter and besides it’s been a while. I have a problem finishing with him, so sometimes I just do it myself."

"Ok, take the rest. I want to feel Max's part now. Greg’s part feels really good but I want the rest." "Yes Sir." Candice said trying to take the whole cock, finally Max felt the bottom end of Candice's hot cheating little hole. She pumped her cunt up and down his cock like there no tomorrow, only today and this one cock for her.

Candice came after ten minutes then there was a string of orgasms for another ten.

Candice was completely sweaty and her pussy puddled all over both their hips. Max said "Ok, now I'll shoot." He took her right breast (he had been working both tits hard throughout) and squeezed it very very hard.

She felt spurt after spurt until he released her bruised swollen tit. Candice thought 'wow, big dicks really move. Max's cock really moves when it’s shooting cum! He was so intense. He had hold of my tits like he was going to tear them off! I am so lucky to finally got a cock like this. I have never cum so hard like that before! This was fun but I shouldn't ever do it again. I have to tell him No More.'

Max had her slide off him. His cock flopped out of her cunt and slapped down on his stomach. He told her to hold his deflating cock in her mouth, to get the last dribble of his cum. She opened her mouth and then zeroed in on the head of his wet sloppy cock. She sucked up the head and let the top five inches rest on her tongue inside her mouth.

Max told her their juices were mixed and she needed to lightly suck and hold his cock while her cunt fluids and his cum drained out into her mouth. Candice started to chicken out and pull her head off his cock but he told her "it’s ok. It all natural. Good sluts enjoy having other man’s cum in their mouths, cunts and up their asses. Don't worry. You got a big load in your cute little swollen puss and now a slut cocktail in your mouth." She relaxed enjoyed the feeling as his penis shrank.

Max then had her swing her behind around so he could finger her soft genitals while telling her what a great slut she will be. "Sweet cum doll just pull your ass cheek up so I can play with you. That's sweet how you offer your bottom to me for finger play."

"Are you getting any taste? (Candice nodded not taking it out of her sucker having just got a good little sample of his juice.) Good. You know when you go home tonight you need to always kiss Greg on his mouth. Cheating sluts enjoy that knowing there was another man's cum on her lips and tongue when kissing their husbands. Candice, your anus is real tight. Never had a cock up your ass? (She shook her head No but maintained the slow suck.) No? Well we will fix that next time. You have such a beautiful body. A face fit for magazine covers, huge nut busting tits and such a beautiful round bubble butt. I really can't believe no one has ever cracked your asshole. You are going to be such fun. We are almost done. Remember I need your email for the pictures and I need you to get a pretty short dress that just covers your puss and ass. I want to take some leg and pussy flash pics next time. We might go to a supermarket or a park. Also you are going to need some lube for your ass. Just get whatever you think is good. Ok Cum Pocket, you got it all. You can dress now."

Candice lifted her head off the considerably smaller penis. She asked for her panties and he told her she would have to go home sans panties, he threw them out the driver’s window.

Candice got dressed. She thought 'a short dress. Write my email -she wrote it out for him - kiss Greg when I get home. There is a lot of this guy's cum leaking out. My cunt is sore. My tits are sore. He spanked my ass so hard. I'm tired. That was some hard fucking. I really shouldn't be here doing this nasty dirty stuff, I love Greg and he is a good man. Greg doesn't deserve a slutty woman as his wife. OK this was fun and I really needed the distraction but no more! He had me suck his cock so I could drink all his cum after he fucked my cunny raw and I even helped him by pulled my ass open so he could play with my butthole and pussy loaded with his cum! The ass play and the gentle sucking was nice, relaxing and yes tasty but Jesus, what am I doing! My poor husband has no idea that I’m even capable of something like this. OK. I'm ending this!

Max had his clothes back on and was getting to the front of the van as Candice started again.

"Max, this was a lot different than I thought it would be and although I can't say I had a bad time. We can never do this again. Ok? Look I mean it. Never. Ok? Do you hear me? I mean, stealing my panties! I have to go home with no panties on! Pulling my tits out in public! Making me strip and practically raping me! Don't worry I won’t go to the police. My tits are so sore and my ass is still burning from the paddling you have me. I can’t do this to my husband. I CAN N E V E R SEE YOU AGAIN."

Max got out of the van and Candice was right behind. The black homeless man from the parking lot was now walking up to cars in the intersection with a spray bottle in one hand and Candice's black panties in the other trying to wash windows for a dollar.

Candice said "I really mean it. Good bye Max." She walked to her car door and unlocked it. She got in her car and started it. Max walked over to her door and said "how about a hug good bye?" Candice quickly got out of her car and Max wrapped his arms around her. She pushed her lips towards his and he kissed her. She parted her lips and sucked for his tongue to invade her mouth. Max deep French kissed her for several minutes and pulled her skirt up in the back. His right hand slid straight down between her ass cheeks. Rubbing her asshole and cunt. Candice lost it. She spread her legs and wrapped one around his leg. She humped her swollen leaking pussy against his leg and pressed her tits against his chest.

After several minutes of blatant sexual groping in public. Candice dropped her leg and stood looking down. After several minutes she said "Be sure to call me a day ahead of time so I can keep our time clear." Then a little later. "So, super short and no panties. I'll shave it clean so the lips show better in our pictures. Ok then I better get home And kiss Greg."

Max said "I'll call you in a week." Candice got in her car and drove away. Before she could leave the parking lot she returned and rolled down her window. "So, any kind of lube? I want the best. Will Vaseline do a good job?" Max replied "Yes that will work great. Get a nice big jar because we will use it."

Candice smiled a million dollar smile thinking about her being naked again with Max. Her on all fours and him spanking her, pulling on her tits, fucking her slutty cheating cunt and maybe Max sliding his meat up her ass. Using her, making her cum and him dumping his cum somewhere inside her. She was going to ask to suck it soft afterwards again. "Thanks! I had fun. Don't get me arrested in the supermarket."
She then drove home.

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