Sexual Roll Playing

Sexual Roll Playing

One Friday evening my wife talked me into letting our fifteen-year-old daughter go out to a party. I was not happy with it but my wife assured me that she would make it worth my while.

We had recently gotten into some roll playing. She went to yard sales a lot and to the local thrift stores. In the process she gathered up or made several different outfits. They were Cheerleader and Football Player, Harem Girl and Sheik, Cop and Hooker, Cowboy and Indian Maiden, and Catholic Schoolgirl and Head Master. We had enjoyed each one a few times already.

Tonight she promised me something new. It was Rapist and Raped. So like I said before I reluctantly let my daughter Lucy go out to the party.

I thought that she looked like the Hooker my wife pretends to be sometimes. She had on a white blouse that was only buttoned halfway so that most of her red bra showed. She had put something padded of sorts under and to the outside of her breasts to enhance her cleavage. It was something that her mother had bought her. Her blue jeans were torn, too tight, and her red thong panties showed above them.

I jokingly said, “I need pictures of this just in case you get abducted, raped, or even something worse. She posed for me as I took front, both sides, and back pictures. Then I took close-ups of her cleavage, her panties about her waistline, and her pussy. Those pants fit her crotch like a glove. They outlined her mound and even slipped into her slit. I was horny as hell. I told Lucy to go to the party and then grabbed my wife and dragging her to the bedroom. She giggled all the way.

Once there she said, “Looking at your sexy daughter turns you on hey!”

I confessed, “Yeah! It did! Did you see how sexy she looked!”

My wife said, “She reminds you of me doesn’t she?”

I said, “Yes she does!”

My wife said, “Okay! So think about her while you rape me!”

I said, “Okay!”

Then we got dressed in our new costumes. Mine was all black. I put on black pants with a nice big zipper where my cock would stick through. I put on the black shirt, gloves, and a ski mask. My wife put on an old fashion gingham dress with an old thin bra and some cotton panties. She told me that I could tear everything up as I exposed her. She said that I should shove her own used panties into her mouth to keep her from crying for help. She handed me a length of rope with a loop on one end so that I could snare her hands and tie her to the bed headboard. Once ready I went downstairs, counted to a hundred, and snuck back upstairs to catch the unsuspecting young lady off guard.

When I got to the top of the stairs my wife was singing a dirty little tune…

I’ve got a girl over the hill, honey, honey,
I’ve got a girl over the hill, babe, babe,
I’ve got a girl over the hill, she won’t but her sister will!
Honey in deed I do!
Give me your left, your right, and your left!
Give me your left, your right, and your left!

I’ve got a girl in New York City, honey, honey,
I’ve got a girl in New York City, babe, babe,
I’ve got a girl in New York City, she’s got freckles on her tittie!
Honey in deed I do!
Give me your left, your right, and your left!
Give me your left, your right, and your left!

I’ve got a girl in Tallahass, honey, honey,
I’ve got a girl in Tallahass, babe, babe,
I’ve got a girl in Tallahass, she’s got dimples on her ass
Honey in deed I do!

That’s when I rushed into her room, grabbed her, covered her mouth, and threw her onto the bed. I pinned her to the bed with a knee in her back. I slipped the rope over her hands and tied it to the headboard. I reached up under her dress and pulled her panties off. They were wet and I know that she had just put them on because I had watched her do it. I crammed her panties into her mouth as I flipped her over.

Her buttons flung off her dress as I pulled it apart in the front. It was amazing the way she had used just one thread to hold them on. I saw that she had cut the front of her bra between her breasts to facilitate me tearing that off too. I just opened her bra and man handled her tits. I pushed her dress open to expose the rest of her body. I unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, and poked it into my wife. She was dry! But her panties had been wet! I could hardly get my hard cock into her so I pushed and pushed making just a little progress. It sure felt like I was raping her. She felt like I figured a virgin should feel like. I forced my cock into her with a renewed vengeance. I was determined to get it in her. She let out a funny noise as I shoved. It felt like I was trying to force her outer pussy lips inside of her vagina. I was the rapist so I didn’t have to be concerned about her enjoying it. In fact it was better if it did fell like a rape so I pushed all the way into her dry hole. Then I fucked into her. I could hardly get it out so pushing it back in was no problem. It wasn’t too long before I was cumming, and cumming, and cumming. It was fantastic. I pumped enough sticky lubricant into her to let me pull my cock back out. I collapsed on the bed next to her.

My wife spit out the panties and said, “Now that was what I call rape! I’m going to feel that for a few days!”

I said, “You were too dry in there!”

My wife smiled and said, “Yeah I know! I soaked up most of the fluid with my cotton panties and then I put some alum in my pussy to dry it out real good!”

I said, “It worked!”

Then I let her hands free and massaged her tits for a while. We went to take a shower and she douched to clean out the alum. We went to bed and cuddled until we fell asleep in one another’s arms.

At three in the morning we were awakened when the phone rang. It was the police. They had found Lucy, called for an ambulance, and taken her to the hospital. Lucy had been raped, stripped naked, and left in the City Park unconscious.

We got dressed, grabbed something for Lucy to put on, and rushed to the hospital.

When we arrived they let us right in. The policewoman had waited for us to arrive before questioning her. The hospital had done a rape kit on her. She was in a blue hospital gown, the kind that tie in the back. We listened as Lucy told about four of the boys from the party raping her several times each in the park and leaving her there without any clothes.

The policewoman said that the four boys had already been picked up. They had been drinking and were in a car accident. Lucy’s clothes were found in their car. In fact they were the ones that had told the police where to find her.

When we were told that Lucy could go home she got off the table and walked into the bathroom. Her gown had not been tied and her ass was hanging out. I left the room and closed the door leaving my wife in there to help Lucy get dressed.

When we got home all Lucy wanted was to get clean. She took a shower, she took a bubble bath, and her mother helped her douche and gave her an enema too. Then Lucy took another bath and went to bed.

About noon Lucy woke up. She seemed okay but different, a lot different. She was wearing one of my dress shirts but none of the buttons were done. I could see down between her breasts and her pussy all of the time and when she leaned I could see one or both of her tits. She saw me staring at her then I quickly turned away.

Lucy laughed and said, “It’s okay Dad if you look! Everybody else has! The police, the doctors, the nurses, and of course the four boys! Boy did they ever look!”

My wife asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”

Lucy said, “Not really! Well maybe! I don’t know! They are four boys that go to my school! I know them all! I would have let them fuck me if they had only asked, but not all at once! Tom was the first one in my pussy and took my virginity. Tom was also the first one in my mouth and ass too. Could that boy get hard and produce cum! Jerry, Bill, and Joe just fucked my cunt twice each to make me sore. It sure worked! They made me suck their cocks after each fuck too! I liked doing that, does that make me bad?”

Her mother said, “No not at all! I love sucking your father’s cock before he puts it in but I like it best afterwards when my fluid is mixed with his! I’d love to suck it out of some woman after he fucks her just to taste the mingling of their bodily fluids!”

Lucy said, “Mom! You’d eat some woman’s cunt?”

Her mother said, “I sure would especially if my husband’s cum was in her! Why not! Have you ever tasted another girl’s cunt?”

Lucy blushed and said, “Yes! That’s probably what started all that crap last night!”

I said, “What?”

Lucy said, “Well I was eating Tom’s girlfriend and he saw us! But mom she tasted so good! I couldn’t help myself!”

To my surprise my wife leaned back and lifted her skirt to show us that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

My wife said, “Taste me then!”

I was in awe when Lucy got on the floor between her legs and leaned in. My wife closed her eyes and cooed like she does when she has an orgasm. After what I knew was her second orgasm Lucy sat up, licked her lips, and said, “God mom that was the best tasting cunt I ever ate!”

Of course I had to ask, “How many pussies have you tasted?”

Lucy said, “Dad you can call them cunts! I don’t mind! I call them that all the time! Oh maybe forty-seven or forty-eight! I’ll have to check my computer!”

Her mother said, “I can tell you my secret if you want to know!”

Lucy said, “Yes! Please tell me!”

My wife said, “Douche and clean yourself out real well, slip a cherry flavored Lifesaver up inside as far as you can, and tickle your clit until you orgasm. Between your own juice and the Lifesaver you get that wonderful taste! Want to try it?”

Lucy said, “God yes!”

Then they went off to clean Lucy out. I just had to follow. My wife had Lucy stand up in the bathtub, fixed the douche bag, and shoved that nozzle up her cunt until the flow stopped. After a couple more minutes my wife got a cherry Lifesaver, put it on the end of her index finger, and shoved it up inside Lucy’s cunt. Then I watched as Lucy played with herself until she had an orgasm. Shortly my wife took Lucy to her bedroom and again I followed. She had Lucy get on the edge of the bed and then got between her legs. Lucy leaned back as my wife kissed her cunt then got very busy at giving her an orgasm. When Lucy had her first orgasm my wife told me to take over so I licked her cunt until she had another orgasm. My wife and I then took turns until Lucy begged me to fuck her.

I said, “Really?”

Lucy said, “Yes! I’m not a virgin any more! Hell I’ve been fucked seven times already in my cunt and once in my ass! That really hurt though!”

My wife said, “Fuck her lover, she means it!”

So I got between Lucy’s legs and gently slid my cock into my daughter’s cunt. Lucy thrust her hips up at me and buried the last half on her own. It seemed very strange and very exciting to fuck my own daughter. I was fucking her slowly and lovingly but that was not what she wanted.

Lucy said, “Daddy fuck me harder…and rougher too! Like the boys did last night! No! Harder yet! Pound my cunt with all your might! That’s it! That’s it! Keep it up! Oh God! Oh God Daddy! That’s! That’s it! Right there! Yes! Oh yes! Oh God Daddy that’s what I need!”

Then my daughter went into convulsions as her orgasms rocked through her body. Even her fingers and toes twitched as she had a series of multiple orgasms with my cock in her cunt. I was so impressed with the height of her pleasure that I nearly forgot to cum myself. So I started thrusting again but this time for my own satisfaction. As I filled my daughter with cum she had yet another orgasm.

Lucy asked, “Mommy can Daddy rape me like this every night?”

My wife asked, “What about me?”

Lucy smiled and said, “You can have what’s left!”

My wife smiled and said, “Honey when you’re done with him there won’t be anything left!”

They laughed but I knew it was true. I could just barely keep up with my wife’s sexual behavior now my daughter wanted part of me too. Who was I kidding, I loved the attention. I could die a very happy man in either one of their sweet fuckable pussies.

The End
Sexual Roll Playing

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