Babysitting Heaven

It all started the second week of summer when my mother told me my two little cousins would be spending two weeks at our house in Myrtle Beach. I was annoyed by this because my parents told me that since they worked all day I was to be taking care of them and take them wherever they wanted to go. All I could think of was, uggh my cousins are so annoying.

Well the day that my cousins were supposed to arrive got here and I had to go pick them up from the airport. I hadn’t seen my cousins in 4 years and wasn’t sure how much they had changed. Last I remember they were little girls playing with dolls and always fighting. Since I didn’t know how they looked I had a cardboard with their names on it Hannah and Claire.

When the plane arrived I just waited for them to see the sign and come up to me. When I saw the girls coming towards me I was shocked at how they looked. My two cousins had the best bodies someone their age could have. Hannah the eldest is 14 but she had the body of a 16 year old, she had the nice round perfect boobs and a juicy ass. Claire was one year younger at 13 and was equally hot; she had nice small boobs and was in some tight pants that fit her ass perfect. Even though they are my cousins they gave me a ragging hard on. In my mind I was having many incestuous thoughts that I should have and I tried to get rid of them. For Christ sakes I’m 17 I should not be thinking of my younger cousins like this.

When I got home I told Hannah to unpack on the guest room next to my room and Claire to go to the room in front of mine. My house had a weird arrangement it had 3 rooms and a bathroom in one end and the master bedroom and the big bathroom on the other. After my cousins unpacked they came downstairs and told me they wanted food so I asked them what they wanted to eat. We ordered in pizza and since it was around 4 pm I figured they weren’t gonna want to go anywhere for today. I was right, the pizza got here and they ate it and I just watched tv and ate pizza. I wasn’t really watching tv all I could think about was how much they had changed, I had them in my house all alone for most of the day every day. Later that night my mom and dad came home and ate some leftover pizza and went to sleep like usual they were tired from work. It wasn’t that late but I decided I would go to sleep as well so I could stop thinking of my cousins like they were sexual objects.

I woke up in the morning and went to the living room to watch some tv, I was sitting on the couch for a good couple of minutes until my cousins woke up and I made them some breakfast. Afterwards I went back to the couch and when my cousins finished eating, Claire came and sat on my lap. On my mind I was like what the fuck. She just sat on my lap and made herself comfortable, she wiggled her nice tight ass on me. I picked her up and pushed her away before my dick started getting hard. She just went and sat on the other couch but then Hannah did the same thing, I’m pretty sure that she felt my semi hard dick but she said nothing. I quickly turned to them and asked them what they wanted to do. They decided on going to the mall to go buy some stuff that they could wear to the beach later on this week. While I drove them there I heard them giggling in the back seat I wasn’t paying much attention to them because I was thinking to myself if they were trying to tease me earlier on today I wasn’t really sure but I just thought I’m a perv thinking my little cousins would do that.

When we got to the mall they decided to go to Hollister and try on some of the bikinis they had. They spent a good twenty minutes picking out a couple of things to try on apart from bikinis. Claire and Hannah were in their dressing rooms trying things on but then Claire screamed out to me to go get her something in a different size, I did so but then when I tried to give it to her above the door she just opened the door and dragged me in. In there our conversation went something like this.

“what the fuck r u doing” I said

“I want you to tell me what you think of me in this bikini” she said while giving me an innocent look

“it looks good, im leaving now” I said with a nervous voice because I was scared of getting caught in the dressing room with my little cousin.

After I left I just waited for them to finish and then I bought the clothes and took them home. When we got home the girls went to their rooms and I just stayed in the living room playing xbox. After a couple of minutes the girls came to the living room wearing the clothes I just bought for them. To be honest I hadn’t paid attention to what they were buying so I was shocked to see in them in those clothes. Hannah was wearing a mini skirt that was way too short and a real tight pink top that was revealing her harden nipples. Right next to her was Claire in white booty shorts and I could see that she was wearing a thong and she had on a tight white shirt that was practically see thru, I could see her blue bra underneath the shirt. I was shocked and stunned at what I was seeing and my dick reacted by getting an instant hard on. I was speechless for a couple of minutes and all I was thinking about was fucking the living shit out of them . I decided to ignore them and hopefully nothing would happen. Boy was I wrong.

Hannah came and sat on my lap again and Claire sat next to me. I asked Hannah what she was doing and she said with an innocent voice I just like sitting on your lap is there anything wrong with that. At this time my mind was skyrocketing with incestuous thoughts and all I managed to tell her was its not right for you to sit on my lap. Obviously she didn’t listen and she just kept on moving her ass on my hardening dick. Eventually my dick became hard and I was about to push her away from me when she said don’t push me I want to feel your hard dick on my ass. I didn’t know how to react so all I said was what the fuck did you just say. She repeated herself and said I want to feel your hard dick on my ass. The conversation we had after that went a little like this.

“You’re too young to be talking or dressing like that” I said trying to sound as much as I could as her dad

“You know you like what I’m wearing” she said while giving me a innocent look

I stayed silent

“Lets just have fun” she said

“Yeah lets have fun” said Claire, who I had completely forgotten was there.

I was still in shock and wasn’t thinking

Hannah put her hands on my belt and took it off, I didn’t try to fight it, in my mind I knew I wanted it and I should just go for it. By the time I decided to speak up Hannah had already put my pants down to the floor and was on her knees getting ready to suck on my hard dick. I told Hannah to suck on me and called Claire to come closer to me. Since I was still sitting on the couch I told Claire to sit on top of me facing me and I began to suck on her tits as I was getting a blowjob from Hannah. I grabbed my hand and used them to push Hannah further and further into my dick. Soon I had her deep throating me and I started to feel myself getting ready to blow so I told her that I was about to come and she just left her mouth on my dick and took my whole load. Claire hopped off me and then she started making out with Hannah and swapping my cum from one to the other until they both decided to stop and swallow what I had given them. Claire then put my dick on her mouth and started sucking on it and Hannah decided to get on top of me like Claire had been before but I didn’t let her I told her to stand on the couch and put her pussy on my face so I could eat her out. I began licking away at her delicious young pussy and savoring her liquids while Claire blew me. I gave Hannah an orgasm and she showered my face with her delicious liquids and that was just more than enough to let me blow my load on her sister without even being able to warn her. Claire choked a little but she was able to swallow my entire load.

Hannah said “Jake please fuck me I want you to fuck me and take my virginity”

To be honest the way she acted had lead me to believe that she wasn’t a virgin but I guess I was soon going to find out

I grabbed her and bent her over in front of me and I slowly inserted the head of my cock on her wet pussy. She let out a small moan. I continued to slowly move into her and I felt her hymen and then I knew she hadn’t been lying so I told her that I was gonna hurt a little and then I pushed my dick pass her hymen and began pumping into her. She screamed when I broke her hymen but then her scream turned to moans and she kept on moaning and kept on telling to fuck her harder and faster. I kept doing that and I could see Claire on the couch fingering herself while I was fucking Hannah. I gave Claire two orgasms before I was ready to blow my load, knowing that she wasn’t on the pill and I wasn’t wearing a condom I pulled out and blew all of my cum on her face. After I had blown my load on her face Claire helped her clean her face by licking all of the cum of her face. I was exhausted and probably done for the day but I knew Claire would want me to take away her virginity as well so I readied myself for her and I could see the excitement in her face. I told her to come over here and she did so gladly and in a innocent voice she said fuck me. This drove me wild, I grabbed her and took her in slowly till I broke her hymen and then I started fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I rammed her hard and long for over 20 minutes because I couldn’t blow my load, after cumming for several times today I was thinking I wasn’t going to cum again today but then Hannah came and started making out with Claire and while that was going on Claire started fingering Hannah and this sight stimulated me enough to blow my load inside Claire. This scared me I had just blown my load inside my completely fertile cousin. She hopped off me and I collapsed on the couch and so did she next to me and Hannah joined us.

The next thing I heard was Hannah complaining that I didn’t cum inside her, but I was scared to death of the possibilities of having impregnated my cousin. But with the rest of the two weeks to go I knew I was probably gonna end up having sex with them plenty more times.

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