Help! - Part 5.

Welcome to part 5 of “Help!”. This continues from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 and I recommend reading them before reading this if you haven’t already done so. Enjoy :)


Daniel had now been stuck in the horrible, old, smelly barn for what seemed to him like an absolute age! He was tired, he was hungry and felt like the whole world was against him, but above all he was lonely. The memories of the past week were all Daniel could think about as he sat alone in the middle of his vast, empty prison, thinking, thinking, thinking. Wondering if he was ever going to make it out!

“You what Danny, come on you can tell me”.


Those two ominous sentences kept repeating themselves over and over in his mind. He felt like he was going crazy!

“Danny, I don’t quite know how to tell you this but Jake is missing”.

The memory of Jake’s dad informing him of his best friend’s disappearance, all because of something he had done. Daniel quivered as he acknowledged the scale of the mess he was in. He worried about Jake, he prayed that he was alright. Whatever happened to himself, he just wanted Jake to be safe. His heart bled as he began to sob uncontrollably into his hands as he curled himself up into a ball on the cold, hard floor of the barn.

Then, out of nowhere, footsteps! Footsteps which grabbed Daniels attention like gunfire in a crowded place! This was his chance, possibly his only chance for help! He cried out;

“Help!” as he struggled to raise his voice to its highest volume!

“Help I’m trapped in here!” He screamed desperately as the footsteps got closer!

“Danny”! he heard call back to him, “Danny can you hear me buddy, are you there?”.

Daniel’s breath picked up and his heart raced as he immediately identified the panicked voice of the man he was in love with!

“Jake!” he yelled, “Jake I’m in here, please help me!” he burst into tears.

“Danny I hear you, I’m coming!” Jake replied emotionally as he listened to the panicked, upset words blaring from the barn.

“Ja-a-a-ake!” he sobbed as the tears streamed down his scratched face from is swollen, tired eyes.

Jake ran up to the barn as fast as he could and grabbed the mighty wooden door. He pulled with all his strength and to the relief of the two worn down boys, the enormous, heavy wooden door swung open releasing Daniel from his prison!
Danny ran into the brilliant sunlight, relieved! He was free! More importantly, Jake was safe. He latched onto his best friend and Jake hugged him back with a tight grip as they both cried into the others shoulder.

“I’m so glad you’re ok” Jake wept as he tried to calm his very emotional friend!

“Oh Jake” Daniel cried “I thought I was a goner”!

“Well it’s alright now buddy, your safe, I’m here” Jake replied in a soft, calming tone.

Danny said nothing. He just clutched Jake tightly with his arms as the sun beat down upon them. Jake hugged back and began to run Daniel’s back to comfort him. Daniel’s heart beat slowed as he melted into the embrace and he began to relax. He felt safe in Jake’s arms and didn’t want the moment to ever end. Jake sensed the panic drain from the other boys body as silence fell over them.

“Ok, buddy are you alright now, my arms are getting numb” Jake asked sensitively.

“Yeah, I’m sorry” Daniel answered with a hint of laughter in his voice, ”I’m just so happy to see you that’s all”.

“Yeah I know mate, let’s go sit down”.


They broke the hug and walked slowly around to the field at the back of the barn where they usually sat and talked when they came to the abandoned farm together. They sat down, exhausted on the soft grass. Jake pretty much collapsed on the floor after running all around the village looking for Danny, then running all the way to the farm as quickly as he could. He was shattered! Jake led on his back with his arms by his sides and shut his eyes to give them a break. Daniel sat next to him contemplating what he had put this guy though recently. He looked at Jake’s exhausted face which was red and sweaty. Even though he was clearly not at his best, to Daniel, he still looked gorgeous! His soft smooth skin glistened with the sweat in the sunlight. His bright red lips standing out from the pinky/white skin. “So cute” Daniel thought to himself secretly as his eyes drifted down to his best friend’s chest and torso. He wanted so badly to reach out and touch the firm muscles on Jake’s chest but he couldn’t. Daniel’s brown eyes looked back to Jake’s face to make sure his eyes were still closed. They were. He looked back down to Jake’s chest muscles which he could see pulsating through his sweaty white t-shirt. Down his eyes continued to drift to his slender stomach which again, he yearned to touch. He couldn’t resist it, he had to look down that little bit further to his crotch. He looked. “Wow” he thought as he stared at the bulge! “What would it be like to have that in my mouth?” he wondered, oblivious to the fact that Jakes eyes were suddenly fixed on his own!

“Danny” Jake exclaimed quizzically.

“What?” Daniel replied startled.

“I know you’re in love with me, and I know your gay, and I’m ok with that buddy, your my friend and I will stand by you no matter what,” Jake said “but I am a little uncomfortable with you staring at my cock like that”.

Daniel paused for a second as he realised he had been caught.

“I’m sorry,” he said regret in his voice “I can’t help it though. You have no idea how hard it is for me. You lay there in front of my looking beautiful and I can’t take my eyes off of you! You think I wanna be like this? You think I haven’t tried not to be in love with you? I can’t help it Jake, i want you so bad that it’s killing me inside. When I see you with girls when we go to the club, and when you talk about them and how you wanna do stuff with them, I fell like I wanna die Jake!”.

“Ok, don’t get upset on me again” Jake said as his vibrant blue eyes looked calmly into Daniel’s brown ones, “I understand that you can’t change who you love, it’s ok, I told you”.

There was quiet for a while as they both just rested for a minute or two.

“You really feel that strongly about me Danny?” Jake questioned, kind of flattered.

Daniel looked at him directly in the eye and melted at the look he was getting from him.

“Yeah” he answered quietly in a high pitched voice.

“Ha-ha, I kind of like that” he giggled.

“Really?” Danny smiled, “I’m surprised”!

“Me too”

They both laughed together as they gazed into each other’s eyes. For the first time ever, Jake realised how good looking Danny was. He noticed the big beautiful brown eyes and dazzling smile on his best friends face. He felt confused at this new found side of him but at the same time, he sort of liked it, and he kind of wanted to explore further. At this point the laughter had stopped and Danny noticed that the eye contact had been going on for much longer than usual. He suddenly felt incredibly nervous as his eyes darted away from Jake’s and to the floor. This broke Jake’s trance and he realised what just happened. There was silence again as they both stared at the floor. Then it was broken.


“Yeah Danny”

“Do you” Daniel paused questioning in his mind whether or not he should finish the sentence.

“Do I what?” Jake interrupted.

“Do you think I’m good looking?”

“Ummm, I suppose so” Jake said cautiously and nervously.

Danny smiled as they made eye contact again.

“Why did you ask?” Jake asked pretending he didn’t know that Danny was obviously coming on to him! He never thought he could feel like this about another guy but in the last 10 minutes or so, he had experienced feelings for Danny and was curious, so he played along.

Daniel struggled to find a non-committing answer which he could cover up with some random story if it all went wrong, but he couldn’t think.

“I saw you looking at me earlier,” Danny answered, “I’m a bit confused that’s all, I thought you were uncomfortable with that”.

“Yeah,” Jake agreed “so did I until your little speech earlier. I don’t know, I guess I’m a little curious” he smiled.


Jake looked down at the floor, a little bit ashamed at the situation.

“It’s ok Jake, this is good, you know how I feel so lets just get everything out in the open so we both know where we stand ok?” Daniel said emotionally and with understanding in his voice.

Jake looked back up into his friends big brown eyes, which he loved more and more every time he gazed into them. Then, suddenly without warning, he reached over and grabbed the back of Daniel’s head. He pulled his face close to his own and kissed him roughly on the lips. Danny was taken by surprise and resisted at first but as he realised what was happening he relaxed and began to kiss back, closing his eyes. This caused Jake to relax as well as the kiss became more passionate. To his surprise, Jake found that he was really enjoying the kiss and this made him want more. He opened his lips and pushed his tongue through into Danny’s mouth. Their tongues were set free to explore each other’s mouths as they danced around, getting to know every part of the other boy’s mouth. Daniel was in heaven but then, Jake pulled back and broke the kiss.

“I’m sorry, I should have asked first” Jake said as he realised what he had just done.

Daniel just looked at him adoringly and put his finger on his friend’s lips. He smiled and said “I didn’t know you had it in you, that was amazing”.

“Neither did I,” Jake laughed, “It just kind of happened”.

“Did you like it Jake”?

“I did” Jake replied flirtatiously.

“hmmm, in that case, I think you should take me home, I have an idea” Daniel muttered seductively as he winked.

“Are you sure you want to go home, wouldn’t you rather stay here in this big empty old field with me?”

“hmmm, maybe that could work” Daniel beamed with a huge grin.

Daniel leapt over and threw himself on top of Jake as he pinned him to the ground. “I’ve waited a long time for this”.



Thank you for reading Part 5 of “Help”, I have already started writing part 6 :). I hope your enjoying the story and I appreciate any comments and ratings. Thank you :).

-The sex is "cumming" by the way ;)

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