Our New Relationship

Rachael stumbled as she was led across the floor. “Now, let me tell you about our new relationship,” Mr. Smith sat down and unzipped his pants. He pulled her down on her knees. His cock was short and hairy, not the least bit attractive. Rachel wanted to run but he had already handcuffed her hands behind her back, plus she needed the money. He pulled her head down and quickly came in her mouth. Not much of a performance. Smith released her and sent her out to find the wardrobe lady.

This was not what she had expected when she took the job. “Earn Extra Money Modeling for Fetish Fashion Show” that was what the ad said. When Rachel arrived at the studio it seemed normal enough. Most of the other girls looked like hookers not models, but she assumed it was part of the atmosphere. The wardrobe lady smiled as she spotted a gob of cum on Rachel’s chin. She cackled and handed the new girl some erotic clothing.

“Don’t be slow honey, Mr. Smith does not like to keep his clients waiting”.

Rachel took the clothes and went into a private dressing room. She quickly removed her street clothes; jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt then she looked at the items she had been given. Not like anything she had ever worn before, but “when in Rome”. Rachel started with the stockings. Black fishnets with a dark thick leather seam up the back. The tops were also finished in leather. Two-inch wide bands with three chrome rings ran along the top edge. Well, she thought, she was not totally naïve. She quickly located a black leather garter belt with chrome clips that matched the rings. She put it on and stopped to look at herself in the mirror. Not bad. She bent over to run a finger up the seam stretched tightly down the back of her right leg giggling. She had seen that in a porno movie and always wondered what it would feel like.

Next Rachel pulled out a bustier. It was black patent like the rest of the clothes. The back was laced, but the front had a zipper and several straps that buckled across the chest. She found it very easy to get into until she got the zipper up to her boobs. There were holes at the top that were positioned to allow her nipples and part of the tit to stick out. No matter what she did she could not get the thing to fit properly. She was well aware that fetish clothing could be bizarre but this was silly. They must have given her the wrong size. Making one last effort she reached behind her back to loosen the laces. As her arm moved back her right tit popped through the hole causing it to bulge out in the most extreme manner. She looked at her straining mammary in the mirror then it dawned on her how the thing was supposed to go. She easily pushed the other tit through its hole and buckled the last strap, it ran underneath her tits and as she pulled it tight her bosom was forced up and out. Two chrome hooks identical to the ones on the garter were located under each armpit. Rachel looked at what was left and saw a pair of fishnet opera gloves. They had a matching leather seam like the stockings and chrome rings at the top. The hands from the wrists down were solid patent leather. She pulled them on and fastened the hooks.

Rachel looked at the last items, a black patent leather, micro miniskirt and a pair of boots. She whipped on the skirt; glad to have something covering her vagina. That left just the boots. Knee high lace ups with six-inch heels. Rachel had seen girls wear them in clubs but she had never been bold enough to buy a pair for herself. She sat down on the corner bench and put them on. She quickly laced them up stopping at the top to pull them tight. Catching a glimpse of her self in the mirror she stood up. A beautiful exotic lady was staring back at her. She turned to admire the three-foot long ponytail running down her back. Her bright red hair was in sharp contrast to the black clothing. She admired the way her hips curved and the corset lifted her tits. “I would fuck me”, she announced.

“So would I babe”, came the rough voice of the old woman from the other side of the door, “now get your ass dressed. You left some of your stuff our here” A handful of items came flying over the door.

Rachel picked up a leather collar. The inside was covered with small studs. It was wider in the middle than it was on the ends. She buckled it loosely around her neck the wide part at the back but it did not fit right. She rotated it 180 degrees. It fit a little better so she left it like that. She also located two pair of restraints. She put one pair around her wrists and one pair around her ankles. She snapped the little padlocks in place and looked in the mirror again. “Now I look like I am ready to fuck me” she was a little apprehensive. Rachel had never thought of herself as being aggressive sexually.

She put her hands on her hips. “Now let me tell you about our new relationship,” mocking Smith she glared at herself in the mirror and tried to look tough. “Lick my cunt you whore”, it just wasn’t working for her. “Guess I am just meant to be a follower”. She suddenly felt dizzy and sank to her knees. A little wave of nausea washed over her then vanished. Her head settled and she looked back at her reflection in the mirror. Legs spread in a bold stance encased in tight boots. Hands on her hips holding a whip and a 12” dildo. Red ponytail cascading down between her breasts. She defiantly looked like a bad ass.

What the fuck! Rachel’s head spun again. She wasn’t holding a bullwhip and she wasn’t standing. She was still on her knees! Her reflection glared down at her.
“You little bitch. This could have been us”’ the reflection ran her hands over her body. “W e could have ruled over men and had whatever we wanted. Instead you turn into a crème puff every time a guy looks at you. You even sucked the dick of that creep that owns this place and let him come in our mouth”!

Rachel’s eyes bugged out this couldn’t be real. She was hallucinating. Someone must have drugged her. She tried to stand up; she fumbled for the doorknob but couldn’t get it open. A hand grabbed her ponytail and forced her back down to her knees. It was her reflection! Rachel tried to pull free but her reflection grabbed her wrists and locked them together using the wrist restraints.

“I have been waiting for a chance to break free and your little trip here to “Sluts-R-Us” was just what I needed”, the dominant Rachel fastened a dog leash to the lock on submissive Rachel’s wrists then threw the free end over an exposed rafter in the ceiling. She caught the handle as it came down. “Now I am going to take this body and put it to good use, but first you and I are going to settle our differences”. Dominant Rachel hauled on the leash pulling submissive Rachel to her feet. She hooked the handle over the door of the dressing room and turned back to face her other self.

Submissive Rachel’s feet barely touched the ground. Even then she had to stand on her tiptoes with her boot heels a good inch off the floor.

“Please don’t hurt me”, She whimpered.

“Don’t even try that shit with me bitch. If there is one person who has no sympathy for you it’s me”. Dominant Rachel reached up and grabbed submissive Rachel by the chin and pulled down. “Open” Submissive Rachel resisted. “Open damn you”! Dominant Rachel snarled then drove her knee into the other’s pussy. It made a painful smack. Submissive Rachel’s eyes rolled back in her head and she let out a strangled cry. Dominant Rachel kneed her a second time even harder. Rachel opened her mouth as tears rolled down her cheeks. Dominant Rachel shoved an O-ring gag into her mouth. It was very large and forced Rachel to open her mouth as wide as she could. Dominant Rachel stared unblinking into submissive’s eyes as she buckled the gag behind her head. She placed her hands on Submissive Rachel’s arms, “spread your legs”. Submissive Rachel obeyed. “Wider”, ordered Dominant Rachel. Her mirror image complied. Dominant Rachel smiled then drove her knee into the already bruised cunt of her opposite for a third time. “Don’t ever disobey me”! Rachel hung limply in her restraints. The pain of the kicks had blasted though her body and she had collapsed unable to control the painful cramps in her cunt. For a moment she thought she was going to lose control of her bladder but only a little urine leaked out and ran down her legs.

“Now let me tell you about our new relationship”. Dominant Rachel walked behind Submissive Rachel and grabbed the corset strings. “First, you will experience pain”, She yanked on the strings drawing the bottom edges of the corset together. Submissive Rachel’s waist was instantly reduced to 13”. The pain was incredible as her intestines struggled to find room inside her abdomen. Rachel squirmed on the end of the leash and gasped for air. Her diaphragm had no room to move and she could only draw a breath using her chest. Dominant Rachel grabbed the middle of the corset strings and pulled them tight. The leather constricted around submissive Rachel’s chest this time. The snapping of ribs could be heard. Pain rocketed around her brain and she prayed she would pass out. Just as she sagged limp a vicious slap caught her cheek. “Oh no bitch I want you awake for the full treatment”. Rachel lulled back into consciousness. Dominant Rachel tightened the last part of the corset closing the gap at the top. Submissive Rachel’s already jutting breasts bulged through the holes, straining at the narrow openings of the corset. Her nipples were rock hard from the restricted blood flow. Her breath came in short choppy gasps, the corset making it almost impossible to fill her lungs.

Dominant Rachel walked to the front and faced submissive Rachel. She pulled two zip ties out and looped one around the base of the helpless slave’s breast. She pulled it tight with a quick cruel yank. Submissive Rachel’s tit ballooned out even more at the restriction of the tight strap. It was already turning dark purple by the time the second strap was cinched around the base of the other tit. They throbbed and burned.
Rachel couldn’t stand the pain! Her body was convulsing at the sensory overload. Oh God she had to make it stop! She needed to get the straps off! She needed to breath! She would do anything. “Please stawp”, she cried through the gag. “Aw’ll gib you antin, telll me wha you want me ta do”. Submissive Rachel broke down into tears.

“Well that’s more like it”, dominant Rachel untied the leash and let her reflection collapse to the floor. The tortured girl started to sit up but was pushed back down by the sharp pointed boot heel of her other self. The black spike of the boot was digging into the hollow of Rachel’s throat just below the collar. She fell back to the ground to get some relief from the small point of pain. To her horror dominant Rachel did not stop pushing but let her weight carry forward threatening to puncture submissive Rachel’s larynx. Her hands were still locked together but were otherwise free in front of her. Quickly submissive Rachel grabbed the booted leg and struggled to keep the heel off her neck. The harder she lifted the more dominant Rachel pushed down. She looked up into her own cruel face. Her other-self was truly enjoying the moment. Rachel was weak from pain and already short on air, every second let the spike go deeper into her flesh. She tilted her head back to try to open her crushed airway, tears pouring down her cheeks.

Dominant Rachel smiled and giggled at submissive’s predicament. “Second, you will pleasure me”. She pulled her weight off Rachel’s neck and turned to face her legs. Straddling the other woman’s head she squatted down. Just a few inches above Rachel’s face she reached between her legs and spread her pussy. Then she settled in on submissive Rachel’s mouth. “What was that you said to me earlier? Lick my cunt you whore?” She squeezed the nipples of Rachel’s purple tits and pushed her pussy against the open mouth. “Get busy bitch”!

Submissive Rachel immediately stuck her tongue inside the other pussy. It tasted sour and salty but she didn’t care. Her only thought was to get her tongue as far in as possible. Maybe then her dominant self would give her some relief and she needed it bad. Her tits burned as the other woman pulled and twisted the engorged nipples. Submissive Rachel could hardly breath with the ass covering her nose so she gulped air every time her tormentor rocked forward. It was a terrible cycle. Lick, gasp, lick, exhale, lick, gasp. How much longer could she go on! Her head was spinning from the pain and asphyxiation.

“Work on my clit you worthless slut. How will I reach pleasure if you don’t try harder”. The woman pushed down with her full body weight. She had no concern for the severe torment she was inflicting.

Rachel found the clit with her tongue and rubbed it as hard as she could. Her jaws ached. Her neck ached. “Please let me die,” she thought. Dominant Rachel slid back far enough to let her clit drop down through the gag ring. With no time to think submissive caught it between the gag ring and her tongue. Rubbing it over the edge of her teeth she worked it as hard as she could. A deep groan rumbled out of dominant Rachel’s throat. Within seconds she had her head thrown back and was moaning in orgasm. Dominant Rachel was really feeling it now, she grabbed the abused tits again and used them as handles while the orgasm rolled though her. The action shot fresh pain into Rachel’s chest. She howled in uncontrollable agony, her tongue digging into the convulsing pussy above her. The hot wet flesh bearing down on her muffled the scream. The vibrations of the tormented woman’s voice sent another wave of orgasm through dominant Rachel. Her face turned beet red as she pushed her convulsing body down on the slave mouth. Her legs clamped around the head squeezing out every last bit of her orgasm. She shuddered in pure ecstasy while submissive Rachel shook in severe pain.

She stood up on shaky legs and looked down on her victim. At first she thought she had killed the girl but a few labored breaths proved her wrong. She turned and faced the other way so she could look down into submissive Rachel’s eyes.

“What a good girl you were. I will reward you.” She squatted over the gaping mouth and parted the lips of her vagina. A heavy stream of sour urine squirted out and directly into the open hole. Submissive Rachel coughed but her throat was sore and dry. She swallowed the piss without objection.

Dominant Rachel pulled her up into a sitting position. “Now the final lesson. When I am done with you, I am going to kill you”. She grabbed the end of the collar around submissive Rachel’s neck and pulled it tight through the roller buckle. The spikes ate into the soft flesh. The wide flare at the front of the collar pushed her chin up forcing her to roll her whole head back. Her mouth was now in perfect alignment with her constricted throat. Dominant Rachel pushed her back to the ground. She fastened a large strap on dildo above her own pelvis then a second one that jutted from her mouth. It was held in place by a gag like strap. Submissive Rachel laid still and waited for the end. Dominant Rachel knelt between her captive’s legs and guided the first dildo into the slave pussy.

Submissive Rachel was surprised to see how wet she was. In all the pain she had not noticed her own level of arousal. Dominant Rachel grabbed her hands and pushed them over her head. Lying on top, she brought the other dildo too submissive’s mouth. It was huge, over 12” long with a ball on the end. Rachel knew now why the o-ring gag had been so big. The bulbous end barely fit through it. This was how her dominant self was going to kill her. With her head forced back she was unable to stop the dildo with her tongue. It would completely plug her throat when it went down. Dominant Rachel started to hump her. Almost immediately she began to feel her swollen pussy lips responding to the stimulation. Her stomach muscles contracted and she arched her back as the orgasm that had built up in her cunt was finally released. Fueled by her pain and hypoxia it was like a blast of cocaine. The torment disappeared for a second and she tried to fight free of her other-self. It was no use; she was as weak as a kitten despite her ecstasy. Dominant Rachel leaned forward forcing the dildo down the gaping throat of her slave self. It sank in past the constriction of the collar lodging the ball end below the larynx. Submissive Rachel looked into her other eyes terrified. She watched helpless as the look of anger turned to amusement. She made a feeble attempt to dislodge the thick rubber plug from her airway but to no avail. Dominant shoved it the rest of the way in letting their lips meet in a final bizarre kiss. Submissive Rachel died knowing that her humiliation, pain, and strangulation had been nothing more than entertainment for her evil self.

Dominant Rachel unbuckled the dildo from her own head and stood up. She left it buried in Rachel’s throat. Grabbing her whip she opened the door to the dressing room.

“About time your highness. Better get your ass over to the stage”, crusty old woman blared at her. Rachel punched her in the face. She followed up with a solid kick to the guts sending the old bat to the ground.

“Where is Smith”?

The old woman made no attempt to hold out, she pointed to the office. Rachel strolled across the hard tile floor letting her boot heels thump menacingly. She glanced back at the dressing room. There was nothing but a wet puddle on the floor and a pair of wrist restraints still locked together. She came to a halt outside of the office door. One kick sent it flying open.

Smith’s voice could be heard out in the waiting room. “What the Fuck do you think your doing? What did you come back for, more dick babe? Hell you already got the job”.

Rachel put her hands on her hips, “Now let me tell you about our new relationship”.
The door closed with a loud bang. A few minutes later the screaming started. It did not end for a very long time…

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