An incest birthday chapter 3

Aunt Lisa, our mom’s younger sister, was staring us directly in the eye as we lay naked on my bed. What a way to get busted. We were so busy trying not no get caught by our parents that we forgot our aunt always comes to visit us the week of our birthday (only one day out of the week though, and its never the same day so we cant tell when she’s coming). There was an awkward silence for a while before she came in the room and closed the door behind her.

I was expecting her to yell at us then go tell our parents, so I thought it would be best to come clean. “Auntie Lisa please don’t be mad at us for having sex, but we…”

“Shhhh,” she cut me off. “I didn’t walk in on you two having sex, I walked in on you making love” she said in a much calmer voice than I expected. “It was wonderful. The way you made her feel so appreciated, so beautiful, so loved. I’d give anything to have that” she said a little sad. The way she was talking made me feel a little sad for her. The funny thing is she’s far from ugly. She’s 33, standing at 5’7, 120 pounds, blue eyes, brown hair, a pair of 32DD tits, and a wonderfully shaped ass, she could get any guy she wanted, but she became a career woman(fashion designer to be exact), and with almost every career woman, their love life takes a swan dive into the ground. “So are you gonna tell our parents?” Rita asked a little scared. “No I wont, I won't tell your parents on the condition that you stay off each other while I’m here, its only one day, I’m sure you can last.” We were disappointed at the price we had to pay, but relieved we were in the clear. “So what made you come to my room in the first place Aunt Lisa?” I asked curious. “I actually have you to thank for that” she said grinning. “I was on my way to your parents room when I saw a light go out in your room and heard a noise, so like the loving aunt I am I came to check it out, just in time to see my nephew penetrate my niece” she said with a smirk. I looked at Rita as she sat there with her arms crossed. “Just had to knock the lamp over didn’t you” I said with a grin. She threw a pillow at my head and grinned. “You know why I knocked the lamp over” she said with lust in her voice. We began to stare each other down when our aunt intervened. “What did I just say you guys?” she scolded playfully, “that’s it Rita you go back to your room and stay there and you mister you just stay right here and go to sleep!” “Yes Aunt Lisa” we both said simultaneously. With that Rita gave me a kiss goodnight and retired to her room with my aunt leaving behind her, but before she left, she looked at me and smiled. A chill ran down my spine, but I smiled back and she closed the door. I don’t know what that was all about but I sure was glad she wasn’t gonna tell our parents.

The next morning at breakfast things seemed they were normal, everyone was comfortable and there were no awkward moments, so I assumed all was good. “So how long you here for Aunt Lisa?” I asked as if I didn’t already know. “Im here till about nine or ten, I just came by to drop off your present and hang out with your parents for a while, then I gotta get back home” she said playing along. “Speaking of presents, it should be outside, why don’t you two go take a look” mom said eagerly. With that we got and went outside, sitting in the driveway with a big red bow on it was a brand new black Pontiac Grand Am. “Wow is that our car?” Rita screamed with excitement. “You guys bought us a car? You’re the best!” I shouted as Rita and I hugged our mom and dad and our aunt. I noticed that Aunt Lisa held on a little longer and squeezed me tighter than mom and dad, but I was so excited about the car I thought nothing of it. It had everything teenagers could want; style, sound system, sex appeal, and most important, a big back seat. It even had the new car smell! “I told you they’d love it” dad said. “I’m going to take the drivers test tomorrow!” I said cheerfully. I had been taking all the drivers classes up till that point, I was just waiting to turn sixteen, and a car. Rita still has to take the written part, so she’ll get her license a few days after me. Either way you look at it we had a car! By the look on Rita’s face she couldn’t wait to break it in, and neither could I. After we calmed down, we went back into the house and finished our breakfast. After we finished eating Rita asked mom to take her to the place to take her drivers test, she didn’t look like she wanted to go, but she decided to take her. “Randy honey can you clean up around the front and back yard please?” she asked before she left. It was so hot outside I didn’t want to, but it was something to pass the time till Rita came back so what the hell. “Ok mom but you owe me” I said unwillingly. “Sure whatever you say honey” she said going out the door. I went outside and quickly regretted agreeing to clean the yard, after cursing under my breath I got to work.

I worked my way to the backyard raking up loose leaves and trash when an unbelievable sight walks through the back door. Aunt Lisa was coming towards me with a pitcher of lemonade in a very small two-piece bikini. I was standing there looking like an idiot with my mouth wide open, my eyes glued to the huge tits about to pop out of a bikini that’s too small for her. “Thirsty much?” she said grinning. “I could use a drink” I responded snapping out of my daydream. I decided to take a break and sit with her as she lay out in the sun. As I took a sip of lemonade, I could feel a conversation about Rita and I coming, and I was right. “So how long have you and Rita been, you know, seeing each other?” she said curious. I don’t know why, but I felt completely comfortable talking to her, probably because she was half-naked. “Actually it started the day before our birthday, but officially the day of. It was a weird but wonderful series of events” I said. “How’s the sex? Do you satisfy her or are you just in it for yourself?” she followed up. “The sex is always great, and I make sure she always gets off otherwise I don’t stop, and just to let you know, yes I love her, I love her more than anything, and nothing will change that” I said telling her off a little bit. “Wow I didn’t know you felt like that” she said surprised. “I would think you’d be interested in someone a little, older” she said as she squeezed her tits together. I knew she was trying to seduce me, and it was working. I felt my cock growing rapidly in my shorts, and there was no way to hide it. As much as I would enjoy fucking my aunt, I was faithful to Rita. Just then she sat up and started undoing her bra string, I was getting nervous because I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist her. Then just in the nick of time mom, dad and Rita walked through the house into the backyard, perfect timing at its best. Knowing defeat, she left the string alone. “Don’t think this is over, you can’t avoid me forever” she said seductively as she got up and walked towards my mom. I just dodged a major bullet; I then decided to get out of the house to avoid her until she left. I took a quick shower, grabbed Rita, and yelled goodbye to anyone who heard me. “Don’t be too long honey” I heard someone say, but kept going out the door to avoid any contact with my aunt. That was a close one.

“Where are we going?” she said keeping pace with me. “I thought we could grab a pizza” I said back. “Good because I am starving! I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast” she responded. We get to our favorite pizza parlor, Mikey’s Pizza, and get a large pepperoni and sausage and sit down to eat. “So how’d your test go?” I asked making small talk. “Boring, the test was easy but it was so long and there was nothing to do, I wish you could’ve come with me” she said smiling. “Me too” I agreed. “After you guys left Aunt Lisa hit on me, you came back just in time.” I told her. “You didn’t do anything did you?” she asked concerned. “Of course I didn’t, I would never do that to you” I assured her. She smiled at me, took my hand and kissed it. “I don’t deserve you” she said. “We deserve each other” I said smiling back. She got up and hugged me and we left the parlor hand in hand. “How about we go to a movie?” I suggested. “Ooh lets go see a chick flick!” she said giggly. “Oh crap” I thought to myself, but if that’s what she wants to see then that’s what we’ll see. We get to the movies and there’s a big line, unusual for this time of day. When we get to the booth and she looks through the movies, she picked some kind of movie with the name “sex” in it; it looked like it would be a real bore(the poster had a man holding a woman in his arms crying, sucks for me) . I bought the tickets then went to be food booth and bought us popcorn, twizzlers, sour patches, and a big 30oz drink. If I would be bored, at least I wouldn’t be hungry.

We walked into the theater and noticed only six people in the room, all couples. They must have been here with their girl too. I guess everyone else came to see that new comedy that came out, well at least it was private enough that we wouldn’t be bothered if we decided to try anything I thought to myself. We sat in the back corner so we wouldn’t be bothered by the few people that were sitting in the middle and front. As the movie progressed, I realized it wasn’t that boring, I was actually getting into it. Things got especially exciting when a sex scene came on; both Rita and I were glued to the screen. The woman in the scene really took charge! She was riding the shit out of the guy she was fucking. Rita seemed to enjoy it, so much that she started rubbing her pussy. She pulled her panties to one side and began fingering herself furiously. “Let me get that for you” I whispered. I sucked two of my fingers and stuck them right in her cunt. She had to cover her mouth to suppress a scream that she wanted desperately to let out. I took my fingers out of her and sucked her juices off, then stuck them back in her, this time harder. She let a little moan escape her lips, but nothing loud enough to attract attention. The area was big enough that I could kneel down in front of her, so I positioned myself right in front of her pussy and began fingering her with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. As she alternated from looking at the scene on the screen to the scene between her legs, she began to go crazy in her chair flailing around like a madwoman. She couldn’t yell so she began whispering her orgasm…

“Oh yes Randy right there! Hold your fingers right there! Play with my clit, squeeze it, flick it, and twirl it around your fingers! Yes Randy! You’re gonna make me cum!”

I twirled my fingers around in her to make sure I hit every area of her I could, and at the same time furiously worked her clit, which sent her over the edge. She clamped down on my fingers and gushed her juices all over my hand and arm.

“Fuck!” I’m cumming! I’m cum……..ahhhhhhhhh!” was all I could hear as she screamed into her hand.
Her body spasmed in her chair for a good two minutes. When she came down from her high she pulled me in for a long kiss, which I eagerly returned. “You always know how to make me feel good” she said. I smiled at her and said “it’s my job” and put my arm around her as we watched the rest of the movie.

When we came out of the movie it was about 7:45 and I wasn’t ready to go home yet, so I decided to take her to one of my favorite spots. I stopped in a store and bought a little blanket and took her to a hill behind the park that overlooks the city. I laid out the blanket and we sat down on it to enjoy the view. We got there just as the sun was setting. There was a yellowish orange glow that covered the sky and the buildings, from where we were, it was a sight to see. “Randy it’s so beautiful!” she said mesmerized by the view. “I thought you’d like it” I told her as I took her hand. “I love it, you really know how to show a girl a good time on her first date” she added as she smiled. I thought back to all we had done since we left the house; food, entertainment, romantic scene, I paid for everything, it was a date! I hadn’t thought about it until now, but yes it was, the best date I’ve ever been on. “What better way to end a first date than with a sunset? I asked. “The dates not over yet” she said as she climbed on top of me and kissed me. “You just lay back and let me take care of you” she said as she kissed me again. I did as she said and lay back, very excited. I knew this would be a moment we would both always remember.

We kept our lips locked the whole time we were getting undressed. She unbuttoned my top shirt, but ripped off my muscle shirt. She had on a spaghetti strap shirt that she worked down her legs as she unhooked her bra. We both kicked off the rest of our own clothes and began feeling each other up as we lay back on the blanket. We finally broke our kiss when she kissed her way down my body and took my cock in her mouth. She started off with a slow deep motion from tip to balls, god it felt so good. As she gradually picked up speed, I was going crazy to the feeling of her tongue swirling around on my cock.
“Oh yes, Rita, keep sucking me like that! Fuck, what was that? Do that again! Dam you suck cock so good! If you keep that up I’m gonna shoot right down your throat!”

That last statement must’ve really excited her, as she looked up at me all the while still sucking my cock and increased her speed tenfold. She wanted me to cum in her mouth, and the way I was squirming, I was about to give her exactly what she wanted.

“Oh fuck Rita I’m cumming!” I screamed as I grabbed the back of her head and held it firmly on my cock as I shot load after load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as it entered her mouth, not wasting a drop. “Fuck you taste so good Randy” she said savoring the last drop. “Yea but you taste better, now come here so I can eat that pussy” I said boldly. “Ooh yes sir!” she said as she lay back with her pussy in my face. She was wetter than I’ve ever seen her. I put my nose directly on the split of her lips and inhaled in her aroma, which made me go crazy. I dove right into her wet snatch licking up all her juices. She immediately began fidgeting as I massaged her titties and caressed her nipples between my fingers and tongue-fucked her pussy.

“Yes that’s it, lick me! Get your tongue all the way in there! That feels so good! Eat that pussy! Oh fuck Randy I love you so much! You always know how to get me…fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

I couldn’t get enough of her. I’ve really come to love eating my sister’s pussy. I must have been eating her out for a good ten minutes before I even thought about making her cum. I spread her lips to bring her clit out of its hiding place and began my assault on it, flicking, sucking, kissing, anything that would make her crazy and bring her closer to cumming, and it was working.

“Oh you little bastard! You know that’s my spot! Oh god yes! I’m gonna cum all over your face! Oh fuck fuck fuck I’m cumming! Oh god yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeesssssssssssssss!

Cum on my face she did. I was soaked, but I loved it. As she went through the motions of her orgasm I licked up the rest of her juice from her pussy. By this time I was already hard again and was stroking my cock. Then out of nowhere she threw me on my back and mounted me, she always was very strong. She positioned her pussy directly over my cock, rubbed it between her lips, teasing me, and sat down on it.
We both let out a loud moan as she started to bounce up and down on my cock. I felt she was gonna snap my cock in half as hard as she was fucking me, but at the same time it felt so good. I grabbed her ass to help her keep her rhythm. “Fuck Rita you’re so tight! If you weren’t so wet I wouldn’t be able to pull out!” I moaned. “You like that don’t you? You like being in your sisters pussy?” she asked rhetorically. “Fuck yeah I do! Keep fucking me like that” I exclaimed. She leaned forward and kissed me while grinding and bouncing on me at the same time. I knew if she kept that up I would cum on the spot, so I pulled out of her and lay her on her side, got right behind her started fucking her from the spooning position. She used her arm to hold her head up and I held her leg up as I was pounding her. “You’ve never…ugh, tried this position before…ugh” she blurted out. “I saw it in the movie and thought id try it out.” I told her. “It feels so good! Keep fucking me like this” she moaned as I reached around and grabbed her right tit and fondled her nipple, making her moan even louder. I fucked her balls deep like this until she started shaking with a mini orgasm.

“Oh fuck Randy I want you to cum in me! I want to feel it as it pumps into me. I need to fill your sister with your cum please!” she screamed.

She was practically begging me, and who am I to turn down such a generous request. I pulled out, mounted her and shoved my cock back into her in five seconds flat. I was fucking her so hard I started seeing double, but I didn’t care, it felt so good. “That’s it, fuck me harder! Ugh, ugh, ugh, I’m about to cum!” she yelled out. I felt that magical feeling coming and moaned that I too was coming to give her a heads up. Just as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer, I let loose all of my sperm into her. We both let out a euphoric scream and I collapsed on top of her as we both slipped into an orgasm, dazed and amazed.

We laid there for a while after we finished having sex, talking in the outdoor air and the perfect view of the city lit up with moonlight. Her head resting on my chest and my arm around her, it was a perfect ending to the perfect date. We could have stayed like that forever, but we knew we had to get home, so we got dressed, wrapped up the blanket and headed home, hand in hand.

It was 10:12 when we got back to the house. Our parents car was gone as well as the Pontiac, so we figured they were taking Aunt Lisa home and the Pontiac was still at the insurance place. We ran in the house and did a quick once-over just to make sure no one was home, the house was indeed empty. Knowing what a rare opportunity this was we quickly ran up to my room so we could have sex again. The night air had made my room cold since I left my window open, so I closed it and pulled the curtains together, making the room completely dark. I cut on the night stand lamp and continued to get undressed. Rita was already naked and was on my bed when I finished undressing. She motioned me to come to her with her finger, and I quickly jumped on top of her and started kissing her. We had been making out for about five minutes when we heard someone walk in the front door. “Shit! Mom and dad are back” Rita whispered as she hopped off the bed. “Quick grab your stuff and go to your room, cut off the lights and pretend like you’re sleep” I whispered back a little scared. She grabbed her stuff and ran out the door, about a minute later Aunt Lisa poked her head around the corner into my room, I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed a bit.

“Oh thank god! I thought you were our parents” I said breathing heavily. “Nope just me, they’re out eating dinner. They’ll be back around eleven” she said. “Are you here by yourself? Where’s Rita?” she asked. “She ran to her room, she’s pretending to be sleep” I said laughing a little. “Oh ok, perfect” she said as she stepped into my room and locked the door. My smile quickly disappeared.

She took off her shirt and her bra and was standing in front of me topless. Even though her breasts were very nice I felt guilty for looking and turned away. “What are you doing?” I asked knowing full well what she was up to. “You know full well what I’m doing, don’t play dumb with me” she stated. “I don’t think we should be doing this” I said backing up on my bed. “I want it, I know you want it, so come over here and fuck your aunt, you could even pretend I’m Rita if you want” she said as she climbed into my bed. “But you’re not Rita, I don’t think she would like you being here either, so maybe you should just go” I said calmly but firmly. “I’m not leaving here until I’m satisfied!” she said as she jumped on me catching me off guard. “If you don’t give me what I want then ill tell your parents all about how you and your sister have been fucking each others brains out, and I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. Now get these pants off so you can fuck me!” I tried to be nice, but I see I would have to be an asshole to get her out. “Well then you’re gonna have to tell them because I’m not gonna fuck you so you need to get your stuff and get out of here!” I yelled, maybe a little too loudly. “You would be willing to be disowned by your parents just to avoid sex?” she protested. “In a heartbeat, I love her and I’m not gonna hurt her!” I said confidently. She looked at me with a blank look. “You must be really stupid, or in love” she said as her face turned from frustration to a smile. Now I was confused. She went to the door to unlock it and called Rita’s name out loud. “RITA!” she screamed. Just then Rita was at my door. “He didn’t bite, you got yourself a keeper” she told her as she looked at me, as I was standing there confused as ever.

“I tried everything I could, blackmail, seduction, temptation, nothing worked, he’s for real” she said proudly. Just then Rita ran and jumped on me, knocking me back on my bed. “I heard what you said, how you stood up to her and wouldn’t do anything with her, I knew I could trust you” she said as she kissed all over my face. “You two set me up?” I asked shocked. “Actually it was me that set you up; Rita just went along with it” Aunt Lisa said. “But why?” I asked with Rita still kissing me. “After I walked in on you two, I wanted to know if you were for real about her, and not just saying it, so I asked her if she wanted me to test you, and she said yes” she said with a smirk. Maybe this is why she’s still single, so devious. “You know you could have just asked me” I said softly to Rita. “Yea but I thought this would be more fun, plus you got to see Aunt Lisa breasts, which by the way are very nice” she said and I agreed. “Well thank you, I’m very proud of them myself” she said a little conceded. “So the whole thing was just a test, this, the flirting, the bathing suit thing?” I asked. “Bathing suit?” Rita asked suspiciously. “Yes all of it was and you passed, so I wont need to bother you with it again” she said ignoring Rita. Just then mom and dad came through the front door as Aunt Lisa finished putting back on her bra and blouse. “Ok Lisa lets go!” dad yelled up the stairs. “Ok you two I’m outta here, you be good ok?” she said. “Yes Aunt Lisa” we said together. Before she left she turned and winked at me, I wondered if was she still flirting with me, but I let it go, a little relieved she was leaving. Just then mom came around the corner. “Me and your father are gonna take your aunt home, don’t stay up too late ok honey?” she asked. “Ok mom, but you still owe me for cleaning up the dump of a yard” I pointed out. “Ok see you when I get back” she said as she kissed me on each cheek then on the lips and left. She’s never done that before, but since both she and dad were leaving me and Rita alone I could care less.

We waved to them through the window as they drove off, making sure they were gone. “What to do, what to do” I said playfully. “You wanna take a bath?” she asked. As if I had to think, who in their right mind would turn down a bath with a sexy girl, even if it is your sister? “You run the water and ill meet you there” I told her. “Just don’t take all day coming in” she smirked. “Ill take as long as I want” I said as I smacked her on the ass. “Ooh!” she giggled as she ran up the stairs. We haven’t taken a bath together since we were kids. I was going to enjoy this.

I walk into the bathroom to see Rita in a tub full of bubbles. She had her head relaxed on the back of the tub with her eyes closed, so I thought id mess with her, after all we were brother and sister. I went downstairs and filled a pitcher with cold water, tiptoed back into the bathroom and poured it all over her. “Ooooohhhhhhh you little! I’m gonna…” “You’re gonna what?” I cut her off. She looked at me but said nothing, and then she dipped under the water and came back up. “Oh come on that was funny!” I said laughing. She just looked at me and crossed her arms. “Ok I’m sorry, I wont do it again” I told her making her feel better. I got undressed and slipped in the tub behind her as she sat on my lap. We sat there making small talk until I decided to change the subject. “That was a nice stunt you and Aunt Lisa pulled on me” I said as I rubbed her legs. “It was, wasn’t it? Haha you had no idea” she laughed. “I got a question though, what if I had slept with her, what then?” I asked waiting to hear what she said. “If you did we wouldn’t be sitting in this tub” she said as she elbowed me in the stomach and smashed down on my cock which was wedged between her ass, so much that it hurt. “Then I guess we need to take advantage of the situation” I said trying to arouse her. “After that cold water stunt, I don’t think so” she said teasing. “Oh come on” I said as I kissed her neck and started fingering her. She fell back into me moaning as I picked up speed. By now I was fingering her, playing with her nipple, and kissing her, so it was a matter of time before she gave in. “I can’t take it anymore fuck me!” she pleaded as she leaned over the edge of the tub, ass in air. I wasted no time as I got right behind her and shoved my cock in her as far as it would go.

She let out something that sounded like a scream, moan, and grunt all rolled into one. I grabbed hold of her ass and built up a steady rhythm of fucking her. “Ugh, ugh ugh, you like fucking me from behind don’t you? Ugh” she moaned. With every thrust in and out of her she got a little louder. “The louder you get the harder in gonna fuck you” I told her. “UGH, UGH, UGH, THAT LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOU! UGH, FUCK!” she screamed. I started really pounding the shit out of her, so much that I could barely see my cock go in and out. I loved the way her ass jiggled every time I slammed into her, this made me slap her on the ass every few seconds which I liked, and by her screams so did she. I fucked her like this for a while before I started to catch a cramp from kneeling too long. We stood up facing each other and I put her leg on my shoulder and continued to fuck her standing up. “I don’t remember this position either” she said short of breath. “It was in the movie too, I wanted to try it” I said without breaking stride. From this position I was hitting her clit pretty easy, which made her vaginal walls close around my cock. “Oh fuck its hitting my clit every time! Oh g-g-g-god I’m not gonna last much longer if you keep this up!” she panted. I was really slamming into her, but knew I was on the brink of cumming. After five more minutes or so, we both knew it was about that time. I was first as I held on to her and pushed as deep as I could and held it there, releasing all my jizz into her. Upon feeling my sperm enter her, she broke out in her own orgasm. Though she couldn’t say anything, she shook around and made plenty of noises as she fell against the back wall. I held her up so she wouldn’t fall and watched as both mine and her cum dripped out of her pussy into the bath water below. “That was my most intense orgasm yet! I couldn’t even talk!” she said as the effects of her orgasm wore off. “It was pretty crazy, I don’t remember ever moving that fast! Maybe it was that movie that gave me so much energy” I added. “I saw a few positions I wanna try too, but later, right now I need to sleep, you wore me out today” she said out of breath. I’m not gonna lie, I felt good about myself when she said that, but I didn’t get a big head, I took it in stride and let it pass. We cleaned ourselves off one more time, kissed each other goodnight and went to bed.

I awoke to the complete darkness of my room. My clock read 3:17, and I wasn’t tired, so I knew it would be a long night. I figured what better way to pass the time than to play some video games, so I popped in Call of Duty 4 and started playing. After about half an hour, I realized I had beaten all of the games I had, so I decided to go play Super Mario Bros in Rita’s room. I haven’t played that game since our little “incident” happened, which brought back some memories, plus it would be nice to play it by myself without competition.

I walked into her room to find her sleep on top of her covers in her bra and panties. She looked so beautiful the way she slept with her arm over her head and her foot hanging over the edge of her bed. I forgot all about the game and pulled up a chair and watched her sleep. Ever so often she’d move around a little and a little moan would escape her lips, I would get goosebumps. Just then I heard a noise in my parent’s room and got spooked, I put the chair back and ran quietly back to my room and shut the door. In my haste to get back to my room I hit my foot on my bedpost, since it was completely dark I didn’t see it. I cursed out loud and tried to suppress what I could so no one would hear me as I crawled into bed. About a minute later I faintly heard the toilet flush and a door close, so I knew I was ok. I laid there about twenty minutes in silence and darkness for whoever was up to go back to sleep. Just as I was about to go back into her room, she opened my door enough to slip in and closed it right back.

I didn’t want her to know I was watching her so I played it cool. “I was about to come in your room” I told her. “I was waiting for whoever used the bathroom to go back to sleep.” Without saying a word she pulled my shorts down and took my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t see anything but I was definitely feeling everything. She was sucking away like she didn’t have a care in the world. “I thought you were too worn out?” I asked her, but she just kept on sucking. I could feel my load building up inside, she must have too because just then she stopped sucking me and got on top of me and slowly sat down on my cock. She let out a little moan as not to wake our parents and began bouncing up and down on me. From the way she was sitting on me I knew she was turned around with her back to me, like we had saw in the movie earlier. “So this is one of the positions you wanted to try out huh?” I said in between breaths. “Do you like it?” she whispered back as she grabbed my legs and bounced faster. I was really getting into it and started fucking her back. Pretty soon she stopped moaning and started breathing heavy. Then all of a sudden she stopped fucking, turned around with my cock still in her so she faced me and started grinding on my cock. I wanted to suck her nipples but I couldn’t see where they were, so I just laid back and enjoyed myself. After a while she grabbed my hands and went back to bouncing up and down on me. I thrust up to meet her as we were both fucking the shit out of each other. It wasn’t long before I was whispering to her that I was about to cum. I pushed up into her and emptied what little sperm I had left into her. She squeezed my hands as her pussy walls clenched my cock and I felt her shake as her juices dripped out of her down my cock. After she stopped shaking she kissed me and whispered “goodnight” as she eased back out of the room. I was so lost in my own world I didn’t even respond. She used me, but I loved it. When I assumed normality I felt like I was still in a dream, one of the best dreams of my life. I laid there with a big smile on my face until I eventually drifted into sleep.

I woke up at 10:17 still feeling a little of the effects of the sex I had just six hours ago. A few moments later Rita comes into my room, gets under the covers with me(we did that all the time even before we started having sex, so it wasn’t weird on our parents)and just stares at me. “What are you smiling at?” she said laughing. “Just thinking about last night” I reminded her. “What happened last night?” she asked curious. “You remember, when you came in here and had your way with me” I grinned. Her smile faded. “I didn’t do anything. After the bath I went to my room and went to sleep all night, I just woke up ten minutes ago” she said confused. Now I was lost. “You don’t remember us having sex last night?” I asked. “After the tub no, I think I would remember that” she said firmly. “It had to be you!” I said getting serious. “Aunt Lisa went home, and the only people here were you, me, dad and………………………”NO WAY!”

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