Our Son's Friends, Part 4

Our Son’s Friends
By: pornluvrjim
Part 4
Julie Joins in
The cat.. so to speak.. was out of the bag.
So, there everyone sat, all the kids naked and the girls with cum on their tits, pussy and face and the boys panting and sweating, looking sheepishly at Julie with wide eyes, expecting her to explode or even call their parents or the Police.
Imagine their surprise when without blinking, Julie quickly removed her dress and just stood in her bra and very, very tiny thong. It was quite obvious to all staring at her that she was clean shaven and even more obvious that she was extremely wet. Her own secretions were running down her legs. The kids were still stunned but Brad got up, cock dangling in front of him, walked up and gave her a big wet kiss. When he pulled away, he had her bra in his hands. Julie looked and laughed, commenting that he was always good at the one handed unhook! He also reached down and played a little with her pussy, running his finger over her already extended and sensitive clit, making her gasp and gush even more, then lifting his fingers and tasting her. MMMmmm, he commented, that’s the best.. She, in turn, reached down to his soft but stirring cock rubbed it a little then licked her hand. Nice! I love the flavor of young pussy mixed with your tasty cum.
During all this, both parents glanced over at the kids and noticed that they were all wide eyed and open mouthed, but absent mindedly either playing with themselves or with someone next to them. Julie couldn’t help notice the boys cocks were already starting to come to life, and seeing the amazing teenage manhoods, as well as the firm tits, flat tummy’s and gorgeous asses on the girls, smiled broadly. Brad smiled and said, “I think we should take a little break, freshen up and eat. I’ll start the grill and we’ll have a little barbeque, clothing optional.. All the kids nodded and started breathing easier knowing they weren’t in trouble and each started wondering what was going to happen next.
After a nice impromptu barbeque, the kids all decided to relax in the oversized hot tub on the back deck. The six teenagers, still naked from all of the activities earlier, slid in and leaned back against the seats, enjoying the hot swirling waters and bubbles against their achy bodies. When the boys were walking over to the tub, Julie couldn’t help but notice that all of the boys were already sprouting anywhere from half to full blown erections, including her son. She also couldn’t miss the fact that her son, Mark, had obviously inherited his dad’s huge cock. It even looked like he might have dad beat out a little in length, but not quite in girth. She could feel her pussy starting to get moist and leak a little down her leg. Oh boy! she thought, this should be interesting..

She had never, ever thought of her son in any sexual way before, but now, she just couldn’t help but stare and unconsciously lick her lips. Not quite knowing what to do, she grabbed her husband’s hardening cock and said “we need to talk”, and dragged him into the kitchen for a little one on one conversation.
While they were in the kitchen, all the kids noticed the time and decided they should head for home before their parents started to wonder where they were. They made their excuses to Mark and Nikki, and promised to return very soon for more fun.
Standing in the kitchen, naked and facing each other, Brad saw his wife was breathing a little fast, her nipples were hard and looking down at her dripping pussy, saw her lips were open, reddened and swollen and even noticed her very prominent clit was hard and sticking out. He smiled and looked at her, commenting that he wasn’t surprised she would get so excited looking at all the hard bodies in their back yard. Julie looked at him and agreed, but then shocked him a little by telling him that it was their son, Mark, that got her the most excited. He looked at her wide eyed and said, REALLY????? What do you want to do about that?

A bit flustered, and definitely horny, she told him she didn’t know. What she did know was that she hadn’t been this horny in a very long time.. And that was saying something. Brad laughted softly and went to hug his beautiful, sexy and very naked wife. They embraced and kissed, his now very hard cock just naturally sliding down the opening lips of her overheated cunt. He could feel Julie shudder as his turgid, throbbing cock slid over the end of her engorged clit and down the lips of her pussy. Without any other stimulation or actions, she started to shake violently in an unexpected orgasm, flooding his cock with her thick nectar. Brad, surprised, but not shocked at this, lifted her gently and placed her sitting on the kitchen counter, where he went down and started to lick and suck on her sloppy, hot and still leaking pussy.

Julie could do nothing but gasp, moan and grab Brad’s head, pulling him into her so tight, he thought she might be trying to pull his whole head into her. Brad sucked her cunt like a man possessed, between flicking and biting her clit, to sticking his tongue as far up into her as he could. Julie was going crazy, bucking against him like a mad woman. Almost hyperventilating, she could feel an orgasm building such as she has never felt before. Moaning non stop, and fairly screaming for Brad to keep going, she did see, through bleary eyes, that Mark and Nikki had appeared at the kitchen door, just staring at the amazing erotic sight in front of them.
That sent Julie into overload, coming hard and screaming so loud that Brad was afraid the neighbors might hear and call the police! All of a sudden, she flooded Brad’s face with what felt like a quart of her juices. It was all Brad could do not to drown in the flood. All of a sudden, Brad felt Julie go limp on the counter and acting quickly, he caught her before she could fall off.
In momentary panic, Brad gently lifted her off the counter and onto the floor. Genuine concern hit him until she opened her eyes, groggily smiling and catching her breath, said “is that all you’ve got”. She then pulled him down to her and kissed him deeply and passionately.
By the time they had recovered, the saw Mark sitting on a kitchen chair and Nikki was sitting on his lap, his huge cock planted firmly to his balls in her engorged pussy. She sat there, open mouthed, moaning, unable to speak from the pleasure of his cock moving slowly in and out of her overheated cunt while wrapping his hands around her to play with her rock hard nipples. Through slitted eyes, Nikki saw that Julie and Brad had moved closer, watching their son give her immense pleasure.
Nikki lifted her hand and motioned them closer, reaching out for Julie’s hand, pulling her even closer. Without hesitation, Julie bent down and kissed Nikki hard on the lips, slipping her tongue into the teenager’s hot mouth. At the same time, Julie’s hands reached for Nikki’s breasts and Nikki’s reached for Julie’s. They started playing with each other’s nipples, causing each to moan even louder. Watching his mother and girlfriend playing with each other’s tits like this, Mark felt like his cock grew even larger, and Nikki grow even wetter and then felt her normally tight cunt grasp onto his cock like a vise, moving a little faster up and down the massive hardon he had planted in her.

Brad looked on at this amazing sight, Julie was in an absolute state of bliss, his own cock as hard as it’s ever been and leaking non stop. He then watched as the lithe teenager put her hands on Julie’s shoulders and gently push her down onto her knees, Julie’s mouth now directly in front of her son’s battering ram cock sliding in and out of the 18 year old cunt. Mark, not believing what he was seeing, watched as his naked, beautiful mother sat with her mouth just inches from his girlfriend’s cunt and his cock, feeling her hot breath on his cock as he slid in and out.
Moaning non stop, Nikki reached out and pulled Julie closer to her and Mark. Without thinking or hesitation, Julie stuck out her tongue and flicked it on Nikki’s clit, tasting both her’s and Mark’s mixed fluids. That’s all it took, Julie then started to lick up and down both Nikki’s cunt and Mark’s pulsating cock. Feeling this, Mark shuddered and started pummeling faster, almost losing control. Knowing he wouldn’t last much longer, he felt a pair of hands grab his cock and pull it out of his girlfriend’s vise like grip. He was about to protest when he felt the warm moist lips of his mother surround his cock and suck it in. He had never felt anything hotter or tighter in his life. It was like she was trying to suck his balls dry. Every stroke of her mouth on him went deeper, until after half a dozen strokes, she actually managed to take him to the bottom, his cock firmly planted in her throat.
Nikki and Brad both watched in amazement as Julie went from the bottom of his cock to the tip, and back again. After a minute or so, Julie took his massive tool and put it back in Nikki’s sucking cunt, and she could feel it pull him in. Julie looked up at Brad with lust in her eyes, spit and precum in strings dripping down from her lips. Nikki’s head was thrown back in pleasure as Mark started to fuck her as hard as he could, telling everyone that he was going to cum soon. Hearing this, Julie leaned forward so her tongue was touching Mark’s cock as it slid in and out of Nikki’s steaming pussy. She could feel the cum working its way up the bulging vein She started giving little sucking kisses to the vein and Mark went crazy. Moaning and pistoning like a madman, Mark could feel the massive load work its way to the top of his cock. Nikki, facing Julie pulled her head up and gave her a soul wrenching kiss while moaning into her mouth and tweaking her nipples to the point that Julie thought they were going to twist off.
Brad, spellbound watching his son both fuck his girlfriend while getting licked and sucked by his mother, walked over to the two hotly kissing women and proceeded to place his rock hard cock between both their lips. Without breaking stride, both women let the turgid rod slide between their lips, sliding the steaming cock up and down until finally Nikki turned her head and all but swallowed Brad’s massive cock.
Both Brad and Mark knew they wouldn’t last long and started moaning loudly, and Brad’s movements became a little erratic while he felt his cum churning in his balls, working a massive cum up his cock. Mark, feeling the same, thought his cock would explode while pounding his cock in and out of his tiny girlfriend’s hot, dripping pussy. Almost in unison, both Brad and Mark Shouted I’M CUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG and let loose a barrage of cum that seemed to never end. Julie pulled Brad out of Nikki’s hot mouth after the first burst and started spraying rope after rope of hot, thick cum between her and Nikki, both women trying to capture as much of the shooting cum in their mouths as possible. Mark felt his cock grow larger than he had ever thought possible and then felt his explosive release deep in his girlfriend’s pussy.
With loads of cum on their faces, all over their tits, stomachs and dripping down the rest of their bodies, , everyone just collapsed in a heap. They were all so exhausted, no one moved and in a very short time, they all fell asleep where they laid, in a tangled mess, covered in cum, right there on the floor of the kitchen.

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