Mr Lance

I'm not going to lie, I was very nervous my first time. Mr. Lance was my chemistry teacher. We all knew he was gay. How could he not be? He was pretty flamboyant and he always checked out a boy's ass or package. I remember sitting there in 2nd period and we were getting our final grades. Monique, a girl I've known since pre-k, sat next to me and pretty much copied everything I wrote down. So to our surprised when we got our grades, that she passed with a 83 and I FAILED with a 67. I was shocked, we both were. I asked Mr. Lance if there was a mistake. He said no and to talk to him after class. So of course, after the bell rang I went up to his desk and slide the paper with my failing grade on it towards him.

"This isn't correct. There is no way Monique passed and I didn't." I said. He took his wire framed glasses off and smiled.

"Are you saying that you two have been cheating? Because if that is the case, I'm going to have to fail the both of you." He said.

I cursed myself, he was backing me into a corner. I asked if there was a project I could do, not knowing what the hell I was opening myself up for. His smug grin turned a little devilsh and my stomach dropped.Then he sly says, "Well since you asked, there might be a project. Won't take long, I need to do some research and could use and extra hand." His eyebrows perked up waiting for my answer. I replied, "Ok, what is it?" He told me not to worry and to meet back at the school around 7pm. I walked out of his classroom feeling defeated. The rest of the day felt like a blur, but the bus ride home, I felt like vomitting. Usually after I get home, I'd play some video games and chat online with friends but I didn't feel like doing anything. I just laid in my bed, thinking the worst. Would he make me give him a blowjob? Or worse, would he fuck me? No, we wouldn't do anything like that. He's a teacher! He probably has a wife and kid that we don't even know about. Maybe he just needed someone to help clean up the lab or pack up his stuff since it's now Summer?

I don't live too far from the school. It's just a 15 minute walk. Each step I took felt like forever. When I got on campus, there wasn't a car in sight. Not even Mr. Lance's Honda. Maybe I'd gotten lucky and he felt bad for me and just gave me a 70. But as I got closer I saw that one of the hallway lights were on. I walked to the door and pulled it open. I felt like vomitting again. I took a deep breathe and walked though and down the hallway towards his classroom. There was a dim light coming from the room. I opened the door and saw that the light was coming from a bunsen burner. Over the flame was a round glass tube looking thing. Like a goblet? The liquid inside was clear. As I got closer to look I was startled by a touch on my should. Mr. Lance stood there in his usual dress shirt, slacks, and lab coat. Only thing different was he was wearing gloves and there were goggles on his head.

"I see you made it!" He says gleefully. I asked him what was the liquid in the glass and he explained it was what he's been working on, hence why I was there to help him. I felt a little better and was ready to get this over with.

"So what do you need me to do?" I asked. My stomach bottomed out again when I saw his devilish grin again. Then he asks, "Do you know what a colonoscopy is?"

I shook my head. He explained it to me and I'm sure he enjoyed the slow look of horror that came across my face.

"You see, the lubrication that the hospital use really isn't comfortable to the patient, so I've been working with them to help alleviate that problem." He explained.

"So you want to stick a long cord with a camera on it up my ass!?" I exclaimed. He assured me that it would not hurt and that he was taking no pleasure in it. I doubted that. He told me that we were wasting time and the faster we did this, the faster I would get my grade and not have to deal with him ever again. I agreed. He told me to take off my clothes and I hesitated. Seeing me that nervous, he went into his desk and took this purple pill bottle and handed it to me.

"Take a whiff of that, it'll help you relax a little bit. Don't want you puking up every where. Just relax and this will be over with shortly." He reassured me.

I took a couple whiffs for good measure and could feel it working. I wasn't as nervous and didn't feel sick. I quickly took off my clothes but covered up my penis. Mr. Lance just chuckled and told me to bend over the table. He said he was going to explain every step he was doing to me and not to be nervous.

"Ok, go ahead and grip your buttocks apart. Now I'm pouring the liquid into a different container, then I'm going to dip my index finger in the liquid and then into you."

I felt him gently put pressure onto my entrance and was circling it at first. Maybe to lube the whole area? The I felt him slowly enter me.

"That's rightjust relax and it'll be over. Go ahead and take another whiff of the bottle."

I let go of my ass and took another dose of the purple bottle. My head was swimming a bit. I could still feel him slide into me.

"How does that feel?" He asked.

"OkI guess. Just hurry." I answered.

"I'm going to pull it out and dip it again to add more. There, it's going in easier."

As my head swam, I could feel him slide his finger in and out of me slowly.

"That's rightI'm just getting you nice and ready for the endoscope."

I felt my cock stir and I was getting aroused, but I didn't dare move. I just wanted it to be over. I could feel his finger all the way in me now. And he's moving it in a circular motion while going in and out. Then I felt him pull completely out.

"Now stay still, I'm inserting the endoscope. Just relax"

I felt the endoscope and it was a lot bigger than the finger. It glided in me and I felt Mr. Lance put one hand on my hip. He's probably trying to hold me still. I held my breath as it slid into me. It felt like eterinty.

"Uh oh" He says.

"What do you mean uh oh?!" I yell.

"Not too worry, there seems to be something here. Just relax and let me see if I can manuever passed it." He replies.

I felt him pull out a little and the continue forward. Then he pulled out again and slide into me again.

"Just hold on, I'm manuevering through you. Just stay still and I'll do my best to navigate."

After he said that I think I must have held my breath the whole time. Now he had both hands on my hips and his manuevered through my bowels.

"Oh.fantasticmagnificant!" He says. But I noticed he was breathing a bit heavily. That triggered it, I fianlly looked back in horror to see Mr Lance with nothing but a lab coat on and him thrusting into me. I looked up and saw that he was looking up and the ceiling with his eyes closed. I didn't know what to do or say. But I knew I was turned on because my cock was rock hard. So I turned back to facing forward and took it. He must have saw me because his thrusts began to speed up and his grip on my hips tightened. I heard him chuckle.

"You didn't think I'd let you pass with a fuck huh? I knew Monique was cheating off of your paper all semester. Oh my god you have a sweet ass." He mocks while he really starts to pound me. As he does, I could feel his body slam against mine and I could hear my ass slap against me. As he fucked me like a wild dog, I tried to just keep quiet, but couldn't. Little grunts would slip out between my lips.

"Yea! Take it you asian little cunt! You like being fucked in your boy pussy!"

I could feel every inch of his cock entering and leaving my ass. Violating me over and over again. And I was enjoying it. I felt like used fuck doll and liked it. He kept ramming into me and even slapping my ass every now and then. He then pulls completely out and then pulls my leg over to have me lay on my back. He spreads my legs and enters me again. This time as he fucks me, I start to play with my own cock. Now he's ramming into me so hard that he's moving the whole damn table.

And as I thought I was going to cum from him fucking me. I felt him lunge forward and slam into me one last time and felt his cock spasms a few times as his cum fills up my anus. I could feel it slowly seep out of me and onto the table. He pulls out and started to dress.

"There you buddy. You've earned a 83." He says while tossing me my clothes. From that day forward, I knew I would never be the same. Whether for good or bad, I know in the end I enjoyed it. As I got dressed I asked, "So what's the liquid?"

He laughs and says, "Oh that? That's just baby oil."

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