My nephew turned me on again

Post time6-02-2021, 09:36

It was a few weeks now with my Nephew Ricky living with me and my wife. I haven't really had the oppertunity to get him alone for quite some time and when I did I wasn't sure how he was going to react.
Finally, I was going to pick up my cousins daughter at the school after her play. I asked Ricky if he wanted to come for the ride. Sure he said.
Well we drove to the school and sat in the car outside waiting. I struck up a conversation on what my feelings were sex wise and asked Ricky if it was possible to do again what we did the first night he moved in. His awnser was kind of mixed. He said I'm not sure what to feel at this time. It felt good and all that but I just don't know.
I leaned over and stroked his leg and said that I am not looking for a lover, just sex to keep us feeling good once in a while. My hand slid up to his crotch and molded over his big penis very softly. I could feel him push toward my hand with his body and relax into a dreamy feeling of extacy. I probed deeper and harder with my strokes, his breathing was becoming heavier. I then reached over with my other hand and worked on getting his fly down with little resistance. I knew I had him turned on at that time and so was I. My cock was hard and stretched out to the max in my pants.
I undid the top of his pants and fumbled to get room to pull out that big cock of his. It was hard as a rock and huge in my hand. I bent over and took it into my mouth and licked the head and down his shaft. Then I started to suck on it while I was trying to get my own cock out to stroke. I kept looking around just incase someone was to approach the car.
Ricky then arched his body up so he could pull his pants down over his hps. That made me know I was on the right track. I could then stroke his balls and work my fingers down btween his legs and play with his anal hole. That even got him more worked up. He started arching his body to get more of his cock in my mouth. We were both hot and horny and breathing heavy. I could feel Ricky tense up and shoot a load into my throat. it was hot and juicy. I kept swallowing as it came out barely keeping up with the flow. I had to grab a rag between the seats to cover my own erect cock, it too was spirting fluids. I caught it just in time. I filled the rag and kept pumping. Ricky was spent at that time and relaxing back in the seat.
We just sat there for a while not saying a thing, silence was golden.
I then asked him if we could do more later? He said, if we get the time to be alone.
After reaching home we went in and watched TV. The wife was going out to a friends place. This was the ideal thing. I could put the kids to bed and Ricky and me could get it on.
After the wife left and the kids were in bed, I decided to get a drink and relax to see what would happen next.
I took out a few objects that I had bought at the adult store and showed them to Ricky. A vibrator and a butt plug. Wow he said, have you used them much. I said usually when I masterbate. I asked him if he wanted to go up to his room and I'll show him some of the stuff I do. Sure he said and off we went.
You can take off your clothes if you want and started to strip myself. We sat on his bed and looked the stuff over. Seemed he was really interested in the butt plug.
How do you get this in, He asked? I have some anal lube I use for that as I pulled out this large tube from the bag. Hear, I said, roll over and I'll show you. He did and I did. I squeesed some of the lube onto my fingers and started to rub it around his ass hole pushing my finger in and around to spread it in. I then took the butt plug and rubbed some on the surface and gently inserted it into his anus hole. It was about 5 inches in length and a few inches wide. More of a starter plug. But it does the trick.
He felt it being pushed in until it popped in over the sides and stayed there as a butt plug should do. I wrked it around gently then turned on the Vibrator and work that under his balls just above the plug. He then rolled over. He was hard and at full strength. His cock was a full 7 inches sticking right up and too wide for my hand to grip it. I sucked on it for a while. Knowing that it wouldn't be long before he came, I said I'll show him a better thing to do with that big cock.
I turned around and placed some lube to my own ass hole and positioned my self on top of him facing out. I eased down on to his cock to push it into my ass. It was big and I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I pressed down with my body trying to put it in as much as I could, wow it was big. Eventually I eased down on his cock and started moving myself up and down his shaft. Finally, it was in and I pushed even more and could feel his balls to mine. I started pumping more and deeper and faster. Yes Yes He kept saying. He was coming into my ass with hot loads and more than I thought possible. I was reaching down and pushing on the butt plug as he was making growning noises and cumming more. I too was spurting out the end of my cock. It was extacy for both of us. I then rolled over with Ricky still in my ass. We went into doggy style and kept pumping. He came again with fury. He was pushing deep his cock in as deep as it would go.
Finally he relaxed and layed there with a smile on his face. Tha was great he said. I didn't know anything could feel this good he said. I totally agreed with him. At that point, he pulled out of my ass, I then pulled the butt plug from his ass and we cleaned up and sat with smiles on our faces.
Ricky sure got use in the future from that butt plug. What a fun toy.
Ricky told me later that that was a first time for him, but he doesn't think it will be his last.
He then thanked his uncle for showing him everything.

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