My Fleet Experiences Chapter 3_(1)

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My Fleet Experiences Chapter 3 Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller

By Jax_Teller

Previously in Chapter 2

The next morning we went sight-seeing around town and were heading back into town when my pager went off and I saw that we were being recalled to the ship, leave was canceled. I headed back to the pier and turned my rental car back in. The night was glorious and a hell of a lot of fun, both girls agreed, and said that we needed to do that again. I was glad that everyone had a good time. I found out later that week that the motel had re-rented the room at a higher rate and had refunded my initial payment. The time spent there was a memory that would get me through a lot of lonely nights until the next shore leave.

Chapter 3

The weeks that followed our night together we were very busy. Aboard ship there are times when monotony and boredom are the order of the day. The weeks that followed were not boring, every day there were encounters with enemy contacts. Our missile system was on high alert for the majority of the time. Every time there was a hostile radio signal we would be at general quarters on our system. Our system fired missiles on several occasions and we were targeted by aggressive targeting radar systems. After being on patrol for two months everything had finely calmed and Our ship was rotated out for shore-leave.

When things had calmed down Linda and I discussed a repeat of our last night together with Lucy. She told me how Lucy and her had been getting together sexually over the last weeks. We talked about how Lucy liked to be rough during sex. I setup the next port of call with a motel and a limo to pick us up. At port of call, I went out to the Limo, confirmed our destination and paid the driver. Linda and Lucy walked up and the driver opened the door and closed it behind them. As I watched them get in I thought about how lucky I was, these two beautiful women were about to be yet another porno memory.

As the Limo pulled away from the pier Linda turned sideways and slapped Lucy across the face hard enough to move her body. I was not expecting that and Linda barked at her to turn over on her knees, which Lucy did. Linda pulled Lucy's skirt up and lunged her hand two fingers first into Lucy's naked pussy. It only took three thrusts and Linda's hand slipped into Lucy's pussy.

Linda punched Lucy's pussy until she started shaking and she cried out. I watched as the driver kept his eyes on the road and drove through town to the resort we were booked at. Linda was almost across my lap fist fucking Lucy the whole time. Linda slipped her hand out of Lucy as we pulled up to the resort and took a wipe from her bag and wiped her hand. The driver opened the door just as Lucy pulled her skirt down and we three stepped out of the Limo.

We walked inside the resort and the concierge led us to our room. Linda told me how they had planned that out to let me know just how rough Lucy liked sex to be. I shook my head and thought to my self challenge accepted. As we all undressed I formulated a plan in my head. I decided to tie Lucy to the chair in the room. I told her to bend over the back of the chair and she started to comply and then began to struggle.

Linda jumped in and held her down as I tied her hands below the seat to the front legs. I took over holding her down and Linda tied her ankles to the rear legs of the chair. We relaxed and Linda leaned into me and we kissed for a minute as she slid her panties down and off and then stuffed them in Lucy's mouth. I realized that Linda was really taking the lead with Lucy and I was along for the ride. Fortunately I was perfectly happy just to be participating in this future porn memory. Sometimes aboard ship the rumors fly about skirts and how they turn lesbian, but these girls still wanted dick, me.

As Linda and I broke our kiss, Lucy struggled some testing her bonds. I stepped in front of Lucy and pulled the panties from her mouth and replaced it with my cock. It was at this point I found out just how rough Lucy wanted it as she bit down on my cock. As I withdrew my cock from her mouth, her teeth scraped the skin on my cock. I grabbed her by the underside of her chin and as I raised her head, I slapped her across the face. I slapped her a few more times until she apologized. I turned to find Linda with a large black strap on cock walking up to Lucy's face.

She yelled at Lucy, degrading her for not taking my cock and for biting me. She called her a fucking little split tail whore and grabbed Lucy by the hair in one hand and forced her black cock in Lucy's mouth with the other. I moved behind Lucy stroking my cock and Linda handed me a tube of lubrication. Linda wasn't just taking the lead as I had thought, but that she had assumed a dominate role while Lucy was her submissive.

I poured some lube down Lucy's ass crack, and grabbed my cock. I slid my cock up and down her crack several times spreading the lubrication. I watched as Linda shoved the whole black cock down Lucy's throat. Lucy gagged and gasped for air, and then convulsed tightening the restraints and then relaxing as Linda pulled the black cock back out.

As Lucy relaxed taking in a breath, Linda told me to shove that cock in her ass. I was planning on fucking her pussy first but pushed my cock in her asshole causing her to scream out. Linda shoved the black cock back in her mouth and I pulled my cock out of her ass and then pushed it all the way back in causing Lucy to scream into the big black cock blocking her throat. We fucked her like that for a few minutes and I watched in fascination as Linda took great pleasure in deep throat fucking Lucy.

I had never witnessed a woman throat fuck another before that, and never knew they could enjoy it so much. I slapped Lucy's ass as I fucked her asshole, and Linda took her cock out and slapped Lucy in the face a few times with it and then pushed it back down Lucy's throat. We both were getting tired and Lucy looked close to her breaking point or coming, I wasn't sure which would happen first.

As I pondered the next move, Linda pulled her cock from Lucy and clamped her hands around Lucy's throat choking her. She pulled Lucy's face close to hers and spat in her face. Linda held her in place and I felt Lucy come, her asshole clamping down milking my cock and I came deep in her bowels. I watched intently as Lucy struggled and then she went limp.

I was concerned and let my cock slide out of Lucy as Linda untied her hands. I helped Linda gently place unconscious Lucy on the floor. I untied Lucy's feet as Linda slapped Lucy a few times trying to revive her. Linda then pulled a smelling salts packet from her bag and waved it under Lucy's nose. Lucy snorted and gagged and then began to come around caughing and spuddering.

Linda switched persona at that point and helped Lucy up and held her as they sat on the edge of the bed. It was confusing and fascinating, how she could go from being so brutal then to being so tender loving. I made a mental note not to piss her off. I sat and held them and then Lucy thanked us both for helping her. Lucy's voice was trembling, and she almost seemed fearful.

Linda announced that we should shower and go to diner. We helped Lucy up and into the large shower, sitting her on a bench seat. Linda washed her, not in such a sexual way but in a caring almost parental way. It felt weird for me to be there, like I was invading their ritual. It occurred to me that they had done this before, that Lucy liked it and how much they trusted me to be a part of their thing.

There wasn't much talk after the shower, but Linda was still caring for Lucy, helping her get dressed, and just being tender with her. We went down out to diner at a nice place, and I sat between them in a round about booth. They were both acting normal as I knew them, but it was clear that they had grown in the months since our first night together. I excused myself and went to the bathroom and there was a message advertisement board on the wall of the stall I sat in.

Among the adverts was one that stuck out for Club ChaCha. It obviously was a sex club of sorts, as it offered a dungeon, private rooms, a Dj and dance floor. They advertised street legal out side and clothing optional inside. When I returned to the table I made reference to going to a club. The girls were reluctant at first reminding me of the last time we had got together, how we'd been interrupted. I then mentioned the dungeon and clothing optional comments from the flier, and then they were eager to check it out.

We arrived at Club ChaCha and it was located in an area of obvious sexual deviancy. There were prostitutes on the corners, standard strip clubs, sex shops with booths, and live performance theaters. We were slightly taken back by the obviousness of the community but as we went into the club, we were greeted by a receptionist who checked Ids and took coats. The receptionist was a beautiful woman who was scantily dressed, but had an air of sophistication about her.

We were handed a brochure that had a map of the club and list of upcoming events. We went to the dungeon area and watched from a window that over looked the room. The dungeon areas were for rent and had a dungeon master who over saw the dungeon. Linda and I were conversing with the DM and Lucy stood just behind Linda to the side, between Linda and I.

We rented space and proceeded to go find the space. There was a table with D rings and straps on various places. Linda told Lucy to take her clothes off and without blinking she started taking her clothes off. I patted the table and Lucy laid down on her back. I started to secure her to the table legs spread as Linda went through the tools and various items on the rolling tool box. As I finished lashing Lucy to the table, Linda came over with a rope that had 100 mini clothes pins clamped to the rope.

Linda started putting the clothes pins around the areola of Lucy's nipple and I did the same to the other nipple. Once we had made a ring around the nipple one was put on the nipple vertically. We moved down Lucy's body dragging our nails over her skin to her knees. We then put clothes pins on the skin of her inner thighs every inch up to vagina.

Linda pulled Lucy's outer lips open and I put six on each side of her vagina. Linda handed me a Wharton wheel, a tool neurologists use to test nerve response. I ran it on the bottom of right and the left foot. Linda took a riding crop and began slapping Lucy's breasts around where the clothes pins were attached. As Linda used the riding crop, I began to take loose the clothes pins from her breasts alternating from where Linda was striking.

We were working quiet well, and Lucy was writhing in pleasure pain, as we began on her legs. Linda and I removed a clothes pin opposite each other at the exact same time. Lucy was whimpering and crying as we got to her vagina. Linda took her pants off and climbed on top of Lucy straddling her head, so her pussy was covering Lucy's mouth. We both kept removing clothes pins until the last one which Linda pulled some before releasing it causing Lucy to scream and come.

We released Lucy and once again Linda held her till she calmed down, and then I helped her get dressed. It was early yet and we wandered about the club watching other scenes on our way out. We took a Taxi back to the resort enjoying the views along the way. The driver acted more like a tour guide commenting on the various points of interest along the way. As we pulled up to the resort the drive waiting for me to pay him commented that we were lucky to get out of the combat zone without getting picked up.

I asked him what he meant as he made change and he told me that the red light district or combat zone as it is called is off limits to all US military personnel. I thanked him for the heads up and tipped him well, to which he handed me a card with his number on it. I made a point to myself to remember to check the next port so we don't go anywhere off limits. Getting busted could get us in a lot of trouble and possibly out our relations.

Once back in the room we were naked in minutes, the girls seemed to be up to something kissing and fondling each other. They kept looking at me and then going a little farther with each other. They invited me into their embrace and we all were kissing and groping each other. Linda reached in her bag pulling a pair of hand cuffs out and before I knew what was happening, I was handcuffed and laying on my back. My hands were over my head and Lucy was attaching a rope to the bed post.

Lucy finished securing the rope to my handcuffs and Linda said relax lover you're going to enjoy this. As I looked over at her she was securing a strapon cock smaller than the big black one, more realistic in size. It was then I realized my feet were still on the floor barely, and what they had planned. I just relaxed and let them have their fun with me. Lucy produced a chord and proceeded to tie my balls up.

She made a figure eight around them and then around the base pulling my palls tight away from my body. Linda began probing my asshole with lubrication, stroking her cock and getting lined up for insertion. Lucy began tweaking and pinching my nipples while changing positions to riding my face. Linda stroked her cock with one hand and mine with the other until Lucy leaned down and took my cock in her mouth. Linda wasted no time in pushing her cock in my asshole and stopping giving me time to adjust.

Linda finely pushed and her cock was “balls “ deep in me, and while it was uncomfortable at first I wasn't in any pain. In fact as she thrust into me I could feel my cock strain and get even harder for a second as Lucy jerked and sucked on it. Linda barked at Lucy to suck that prick and she picked up the pace some grabbing my tied tight balls using them to force my cock in her mouth.

It wasn't long before I could feel Lucy getting wetter and she started grinding her pussy on my mouth. I was ready to come at any moment, the feeling of fullness and tightness of my balls prolonging, fulfilling my orgasm. Linda began to slow her fucking pace but increased the slam factor, moving me as she pushed her cock in me. Lucy hit the rhythm my cock needed and I tried to hump her mouth as Linda slammed my asshole. I exploded in Lucy's mouth, more coming from me than I ever remember.

As I came in her mouth Lucy's pussy squirted in my mouth and on my face almost drowned me. My cock just kept exploding over and over again, when Linda pulled out of my asshole. Lucy sat up almost suffocating me with her weight on my face, as Linda untied my balls and the last few twitches of my cock spewed the last of my seed on my stomach. Lucy got off of my face and undid the handcuffs as Linda slid up my body as I wrapped my legs around her waist. She kissed me deeply, obviously tasting Lucy's come, and then Lucy joined in kissing me.

We stayed like that kissing and hugging for a long while until Linda stood up and said now eat me slut. Lucy moved in unison with Linda as she laid down beside me until she was face first in Linda's pussy. Linda took my hand and I rolled on my side kissing her and playing with her nipples as Lucy ate her pussy. When she came she squeezed my hand hard and gripped the back of Lucy's head holding her to her sex. We fell asleep with Linda in the middle and the two of us half laying on her snuggling.

The morning light and our internal alarm clocks woke us and we all took turns using the toilet. Linda turned on the shower and we all took turns washing each other. We got our uniforms back on checking each others, and then we started our way back to the ship. We stopped for breakfast in sight of the piers, knowing from this point on we all had to act like sailors, shipmates, but we knew we were much more.

I was getting closer to retirement, 19 yrs in service and I knew these days would be over, so it was surreal moment in time for me, two beautiful women and the day we just had. Life as a sailor, the changes I'd seen in my career, to think I didn't want women aboard ship. Returning to the ship Linda lifted Lucy's skirt, flashing her pussy until the Taxi came to a stop. The driver took my money giving me a big smile as he must have had a good view too.

The End Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller

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