A day in the life of Tenzen Aono_(1)

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Chapter 1: Trying Hard Not To Stare!

Hi. My name is Tenzen. Tenzen Aono. And I hate to admit it, but…… I'm CRAZY about my sister, Kalysa. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Ew no, gross!" Right? Well you, my listener, probably don't have a SMOKIN' HOT BABE for a sibling. But if you DO know what I'm talkin 'bout… You know where this goes…

It was a bright summer day. August 3rd, if I recall… And my gorgeous sis, Kalysa, was going to the pool with friends. Kalysa is 18, but closer to 19. I'm older, but by week or so. I'm 19. I'm Black and Asian, 6"0, 141lbs., and in great shape at the moment. I'm light-skinned. I got acne, which SUCKS. And I wear glasses. 'Nough 'bout me. Kalysa. She's about 5"6 with luscious, long, dark brown hair. A phenomenal smile, with pearly whites to boot! She's Black+Asian♪ And her body is to DIE for! She's got that hourglass figure that girls strive for. But for her, it's 100% natural♪ Her tits are a nice 35D-cup. (I'm pro at guessing cup-size. I know because I checked my predictions afterwards.) Just two of the bouncy mounds of sexy I see daily. Next is, you guessed it, DAT ASS. Her ass is beyond perfection. I like to tease her and lay my head on it. Then I'll "fluff it out" like a damn pillow and say "World's Finest Pillow right here♪" She'd turn red and continue whatever she was doing at the time. I should mention that her favorite position to be in(as far as I can see)is on her stomach. She does ALOT of stuff like that. She also likes to be nude around the house, but gets shy around me nowadays.

Way back when we were 5, we used to play with each others "Stuff" in the tub. Now it's different. I want to see her naked now, and I've come to the decision of: What better time than now? So I gathered the balls enough to ask: "Can I come?" with the best chill and not desperate act I could muster. She said "Yeah, the more, the better♪" And I could've swore she licked her lips, but I disregarded it. I was happy I had a chance to get at her! She said, "You're driving." I said,"Shoot me dah keys." She tossed them over. I play sports, so it came pretty naturally to catch.

I started the car and we were off. She said "I'm changing now" I said "Now?!" She nodded and looked at me like I was being odd. I said "G-go ahead sis……" She pulled her shorts down as we came to a red light. I eyed her with my peripheral vision(NOT smart btw) and I caught myself getting hard at the sight of a black g-string. Sis caught me looking at the last moment and said "10 and 2, bro!" while blushing. I said "Y-yeah, my bad." We were both silent for a while, until I sighed and parked the car. I turned to her and said "I'm sorry for-" Then I realized she hadn't changed into her top and I saw her gorgeous tits for about 2 seconds. She laughed and said "No, you're not♪" I turned red. I had no response. She put her hand on my chin and turned me toward her. I closed my eyes. It was for the best.
I tried hard not to stare, but I did. Now we're here. But then, she did the(as I cannot pronounce my "L's") impossibru. She whispered in my ear, "If you liked what you saw, I would've been happy if you said it to my face." That was it for me. I couldn't believe what I just heard. I couldn't think straight.

My breathing sped up as well as my heart as she traced her newly done french-tipped nails up my chest and said "I've loved you since I was 11… and I want to prove it… I don't care if it's wrong. I want you, bro. And I'd be the happiest girl if you tell me you feel the same………" I said "Why the hell wouldn't I?" with a smile. She said "I love you…" and undid my belt. I was on Cloud 9 before she even did anything. I just kept thinking,"This is HAPPENING."
My perverted, incestuous fantasies were real in this moment. She looked me in the eye and I nodded slowly. She unzipped my pants and ran her petite hand over my bulge. I groaned and she got the message. She fished my painfully erect dick out of my boxers and gasped.
9 inches of pure man-meat stood tall and proud before my sister's jaw-dropped expression. It throbbed with desire. "What a nice, thick dick!" and licked the tip like a fucking LOLLIPOP. It felt amazing. I moaned her name and she said "Just gettin' started, big boy♪" and took it in her mouth nice and slow. She bobbed her head on my shaft while moaning.

I stroked her luscious hair as she slurped my cock with expert oral skill.
I looked at her and panted "Kalysa, you're so fucking hot when you have a dick in your mouth." She pulled off quickly and said,"YOUR dick♪" and resumed inhaling my wang. That drove me over the edge and she knew it damn well too. She looked up at me as if to say,"Fuck my throat" so I did. I pumped my cock into her mouth and she didn't gag once. She took all of me in her mouth(balls included) and sucked hard. Her deepthroating skills were to much and I moaned,"I-i'm c-cumming!" She said "Mm-hmm!♪" on my cock and bobbed hard. I dumped my cum in her sweet mouth. Part 2 if rated well♪♪♪♪♪.

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