Gym Glory Pt. 2

Post time6-02-2021, 10:06

After my locker room incident with Davy, I'd been questioning my sexuality a lot more. I looked at the guys during passing time, but I didn't see any that really attracted me. Except Davy. I'd been avoiding him ever since we kissed, and when he looked at me and smiled in gym, I looked away toward my other friends, the jocks. I felt terrible and the pit of my stomach would drop when I did that, but I couldn't look at him again. I made sure I was always on time, never early or late, leaving no time for contact. One day though, my plan faltered.

It started out okay, I woke up and my usual wood was sticking up through my briefs. I yawned and stood up to go shower. I started the water and stripped, then got in. I lathered up, rubbing down my legs really good. I had almost made it through the whole shower when a thought popped up into my mind. The locker room, Davy, the kiss. I felt myself getting hard all over again, and if I didn't jack off soon I'd have to go into school with a hard-on. I stood under the shower head and let the water run over me. I rubbed myself down my shaft back and forth, switching from high to low speeds. With my other hand I stroked my ballsack roughly, making me groan a little with pleasure. I rubbed my finger along the head of my dick and back down, I bit my lip and masked my moan as a cough as I ejaculated all over the shower floor. I rubbed it away with the water and got out, drying myself with a towel.

I was late to school, again, but the office ladies took pity on me when I told them, "I had a really early doctors appointment. They checked for cancer, you know how it is." I didn't get detention, luckily. I raced off to class, but halfway down the hallways I bumped into Davy.

"Hi, James." he said grinning. I sort of half smiled and mumbled something like "Hi dakjb" as I turned and kept speedwalking down the hall. I looked behind me and he was still standing where we bumped, looking hurt. My heart felt like it dropped into my stomach as I turned and walked to my locker. I hoped gym wouldn't be too terrible.


"Midnight, Blondie, get over here" Coach Trevors called us by the nicknames he gave us back in August now, and I don't think he's ever really learned our real names. The rest of the boys went down to the lockers to get changed and showered. I jogged over.

"I need your help," He said to me and Davy. I avoided looking to my right where Davy was standing. "Every Thursday, I need you two to stay after school and help with some special needs kids who come in for gym." I lifted my eyebrows in surprise; I surely wasn't the right guy for this. I straightened up when Coach shot me a dirty look. "They don't need much help, but they need a lot of supervision and people who like fun. You boys think you can do this?" I nodded and saw Davy nod too through my side sight. I heard the final bell ring and Coach shooed us away. "See you two here tomorrow, directly after class."

We got into the locker room and stripped down, not facing each other, and hurried over to the showers. I picked a stall toward the wall, hoping Davy would pick one farther away. He picked the stall directly next to mine.

"I'm pretty excited about helping these kids," he attempted some awkward small talk. Davy took the bar of soap and rolled it between his hands, soaping them up. He spread the soap over his new abs, rubbing thoroughly over his legs and ass. I turned away when he looked over at me and my cheeks burned. I shakily rubbed the soap stick between my hands and nervously spread it over my skin. Goosebumps covered my arms and thighs, despite the warm water. I turned slightly and saw Davy looking at me; well my body rather. Slowly trailing his eyes down my chest and stomach, down further to my legs and around my dick. I turned to the wall, hoping to hide the fast growing boner, but no such luck.

"Who is that for?" Davy asked coyly. My face was red, I was sure of it as I slowly turned to him. I looked over his body again, down to where a small hard-on was growing from his 6 inch flaccid dick. My cheeks burned again as I looked into his eyes. He was smiling, that dimple catching my eye and making it harder for me to control the boner I was developing. Davy lifted his hand to my cheek and pulled me to him, his lips pressing onto mine.

"But I'm not gay.." My voice trailed off as he continued kissing me, his breathing rate increasing as he pulled me closer, our bodies touching and our hard dicks pressing against each others stomachs. His tongue trailed down my neck and to my collar bone, back up my neck and he sucked gently at the skin. I could've creamed on the spot. His hand reached for my erection, and I winced and pulled away a little before he could touch it. He pulled away completely, looking hurt. "I can't, Davy. I'm not gay."

"Tell that to your little friend," he motioned to my hard-on and I looked down. "Listen," Davy murmured. "You don't have to do anything if you don't want to. But if you change your mind about all this.." he motioned to us and then around the showers. "Meet me at my house later tonight. Around 7. Bye, James." He rinsed himself, and ran out to get dressed.

I finished up and grabbed my stuff, leaving the school grounds. I thought for awhile, about Davy's offer. I had made my decision before I unlocked my front door and dropped my stuff down. I really thought about it, and I knew I was straight.

But I was going to Davy's house tonight. That was for sure.

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