New's Year Romp

Kathy woke up naked with Steve and Cindy naked, on either side of her. Kathy covered in cum smiled as she remembered last night. Last night John and Kathy had a new year’s party with about 15 couples. It looked as if only two couples were left, Steve and Cindy and John and Kathy. Kathy heard the shower running so John must have been taking a shower. Kathy looked around and saw the double-headed dildo lying between Cindy and her. Kathy smiled when she remembered how well Cindy used that dildo on her last night…

After the midnight toast, most of the other couples went home. However, John convinced two couples to stay, Rod and Susan, and Tim and Karen. John told them that he had a good movie he thought they would all enjoy. Before starting the movie, Steve asked the other two couples how they felt about group sex. Susan blushed and said that she met Rod at an orgy last year. Susan told everyone how she fell in love when Rod walked into the room with his 12-inch black cock leading the way. Susan told how, by the end of the night she had sucked that cock to cumming, fucked Rod until he flooded her pussy, and then took him up the ass while blowing another guy.

Karen and Tim just smiled, and told everyone that they have been into swinging for years and they loved to party a few times a year. John then asked what their feelings were about same sex sex. Karen got a big grin on her face, walked over to Kathy, planted a huge wet kiss, and slid her hand down the front of Kathy’s skirt. Karen pulled her hand out she licked her fingers and said, “I am good with it, and Kathy must be also, her cunt is dripping like a faucet.” Susan said, “It has been a long time since I ate pussy, but I still remember how.”

“What about you two?” Steve asked Rod and Tim. Rod said that he had some experience from his frat days in college. Tim admitted to thinking about it, but had never followed thru with it. “Well let’s watch the movie shall we” John said and started the DVD player…

Kathy pulled her fingers out of her cunt and brought them to her mouth. As she remembered the beginning of the real party last night, she licked the semen and cunt sauce from her hand she looked around and thought, “I hope someone wakes up soon, I need to cum so bad, but I don’t want to do it by myself.” Kathy pinched her nipples as her mind went back to last night…

As the movie played on the 52-inch flat screen, John and Steve sat next to each other to see what would happen. The movie was of two couples having sex; the two girls were in a hot 69 position eating each other’s pussy as if it were their last meal. At the side of the bed, the two guys watched as the women got each other off. While watching the girls, the guys kissed each other while stroking each other to hardness.
Rod put his arm around Susan and cupped her breast. Her 36C fit perfectly in his hand and he pinched her nipple thru her blouse. “Is that how you remember it?” Rod asked. “Oh yes,” Susan replied, “but the other two are even hotter. Watching them play with each other’s cock is making my pussy flow like a fountain.” Rod put his other hand up Susan’s skirt and felt the soaking wet spot between Susan’s legs. “God, you are not kidding.” Rod said, and rubbed her clit thru Susan’s panties, causing Susan to jump and moan at the same time.

Tim and Karen looked at the action going on around them and both smiled. Karen reached over and grabbed Tim’s cock. Karen was surprised to find a fully hard Tim breathing hard. Karen looked at the screen and saw what Tim was looking at. One of the men was on his knees and had the other guy’s cock in his mouth. “If that makes you this hard, maybe you should try it sometime.” Karen told Tim as she rubbed the large wet precum spot on his pants.

“I told you Kathy likes to suck pussy.” Karen said to Susan. Susan looked over to where Karen was looking and saw that Kathy had removed her top and Cindy was kneading Kathy’s 44D tits. Kathy had also removed Cindy’s skirt and panties, and Kathy was licking Cindy’s shaved cunt so hard everyone could see Cindy’s pussy cum flowing out of her…

Kathy opened her eyes and saw John standing there with a towel around his waist. Kathy took the double-headed dildo and pushed it as far into her cunt as it would go. As Kathy moved the dildo in and out of her pussy she said, “Bring that cock of yours over here. I need it in my mouth now!” John let the towel drop and went over to his wife. John put his cock into Kathy’s mouth and groaned as Kathy fucked the dildo with one hand, and grabbed John with the other and pulled all 9-inches of John’s cock into her mouth and down her throat. Kathy continued to pound her own pussy and deep-throat John’s cock until they both could not hold back any longer. John pulled his cock out of Kathy’s mouth and sprayed a load of cum over Kathy’s tits and face, as Kathy came, her pussy clamped down on the dildo so hard she could not move it anywhere.

When John and Kathy looked over, they saw that Steve and Cindy had woken up. “So what have you been up to?” Steve asked with a huge grin on his face. “I was just remembering last night and I got so hot I need to cum.” Kathy replied. “Well, don’t let us stop you.” said Cindy. “Just say it out laud so we can all enjoy.” Kathy said, “I have to tell you, it makes me so hot I may not be able to control myself again.” “That is what we are hoping for.” both Steve and Cindy replied together…

Karen and Susan moved over to where Kathy was sucking on Cindy’s clit. Susan then removed her clothes. All of the guys gasped when Susan’s 36C tits and clean-shaven cunt came into view. Susan then removed Karen’s top and began to suck hard on her 34C tits whose nipples where hard and sticking out at least ¾ of an inch. Karen removed her pants, and brought Susan up and kissed her hard while making Susan moan by pinching Susan’s nipples between her fingers.

After Karen and Susan broke their kiss, Karen moved onto the couch at Cindy’s head and lowered her pussy to Cindy’s waiting mouth. As Cindy looked at Karen’s obviously turned on pussy she could see the cunt juice running out of Karen’s fully puffed out lips, Cindy stuck out her tongue and licked Karen from her extended clit to her cute rosebud asshole causing Karen to jump. Susan not wanting to be left out got behind Kathy and removed her skirt and panties. Kathy’s firm heart shaped ass looked so good Susan just spread Kathy’s cheeks and dove right in, putting her tongue as far up Kathy’s ass as possible while putting two fingers into Kathy’s hot cunt, looking for her g-spot.

While the girls were getting each other off, the guys gathered around to watch the scorching lesbian action taking place in front on them. Rod led the group in a circle jerk pulling his 12-inch black cock in his left hand and pumping John’s 9-inchs in his right hand. John pushed Tim’s hand away from his own cock and tried to put his right hand around the six-inch beer can Tim called a dick. “Just play with the head.” Tim told John as what seemed like buckets of precum poured from Tim’s dick hole. Steven put his left hand on Tim’s ass, and had his middle finger so deep in Tim’s shithole that Steve had to be rubbing Tim’s prostrate. With his right hand, Steven was pounding his 8-inch dick as if he had to cum or die trying. Before the guy’s could cum however, the sound from the couch intensified and the guy’s stopped to watch their wives cum.

Karen was the first to peak, filling Cindy’s mouth with cunt honey so fast that Cindy had more running down her chin then what was in her mouth. Kathy then looked back at Susan and said, “Oh yes, that’s it, lick my ass. Yes, yes, keep licking and rubbing. I’m going to… cum. I’m going… I’m cumming, Oh God don’t stop. Don’t stop.” Kathy then squirted pussy juice all over Susan’s hand and onto the floor. Susan then removed and cupped her hands to catch Kathy’s girl cum as Kathy squirted three more times. Susan brought her hands to her mouth, drank Kathy’s pussy elixir, and smiled at Kathy. Kathy then looked at Cindy’s splayed open cunt and said, “I guess it is your turn now.” as she put her fingers into Cindy’s cunt. Cindy moaned as Kathy hit her spot and then said, “Yes make me cum like I know you can.” Kathy then used her other hand to expose Cindy’s swollen clit and sucked on it like a dick. “Oh God, I’m going to cum hard. Oh God. Oh God. I’m cumming!” Cindy yelled as she flooded Kathy’s face. Kathy kept sucking and stroking thru Cindy’s entire orgasm. After Cindy came down Kathy found both Susan and Karen and kissed them both deeply, allowing them to taste Cindy’s love juice on her face. After the kiss, the girls sat back and looked at their husbands playing with each other. “Well, did you like the show?” Karen asked. All four men just shook their heads up and down as they continued to stroke their rock hard cocks. “Then it is your turn to put a show on for us.” Susan said. “And Tim,” Karen said, as she looks at Tim with a finger up his ass and John’s hand around his cock, “you will take a dick tonight if you want any chance at pussy.” Tim replied, with a smile on his face, “No problem, I can already tell that I am going to like it.”…

Kathy stopped talking and let go of John’s cock she had been fondling, when she heard a loud moan coming from Cindy. When she looked over, she saw Steven sucking on Cindy’s tits while Cindy had her left hand buried to the wrist in her cunt. “Is that the way you remember it?” Kathy asked. “Oh yes,” Cindy groaned “and now I need to cum bad.”

Kathy told John to go and help Steven with Cindy. “I will take care of myself for now.” Kathy said. As John crawled over to Cindy and Steven, Kathy put two pillows under her lower back to raise her ass into the air. Kathy then took the double-headed dildo and put one head against her asshole. She had so much pussy lube coming out of her cunt; it ran down to her ass and allowed the head to pop right in. When Kathy had about 4 inches in her ass, she bent the dildo up and put the other head into her pussy. With six inches of fake cock in her cunt, Kathy grabbed the dildo in the middle and rocked the dildo back and forth, fucking herself in both holes while she watched John and Steven make her friend cum.

John moved between Cindy’s legs and removed her hand from her pussy. John put her hand into his mouth and smiled. Cindy had not had a shower yet so her cunt was still full cum, both male and female from last night, and it tasted like honey to John. As Cindy reached down to hold open her cunt, John began to lick her lips, up one side and down the other. Whenever Cindy squeezed out the stored cum inside her pussy John would stick out his tongue and scoop it up into his mouth. After a few minutes, John zeroed in on Cindy’s clit.

John made his tongue hard and poked Cindy’s clit several times. Each time John made contact with her clit, Cindy’s ass would jump off the bed, forcing John’s tongue harder and deeper into Cindy’s cunt. “Please, please make mecum now!” Cindy begged. John put Cindy’s clit into his mouth and sucked hard. This caused Cindy to buck so hard that John had to hold onto her ass with both hands, just to keep her clit in his mouth. When Cindy’s whole body went stiff, John opened his mouth to cover the entire bold pussy as Cindy’s orgasm pumped load after load of the sweet mixture of semen and cunt juice into John’s mouth.

After Cindy finished cumming, John closed his mouth, but did not swallow. John moved up to Steven and pulled his head to him, and kissed Steven hard. When Steven opened his mouth, John let some of Cindy’s cunt cream flow into Steven’s mouth. When they broke the kiss, John and Steven smiled at each other.

Everyone looked over at Kathy, who was still fucking herself with the dildo, and John asked, “Are you ready to continue.” “Yes,” Kathy said as she pulled the fake cocks out with a load pop, “but I want two dicks in me while I eat pussy by the end of the day.” Everyone smiled and settled in for the rest of the story…

“So you girls want a show? Watch this.” Rod said to the girls. Rod lay down on the floor pulling John after him. While on all fours, John put his ass in the air and lowered his head so he could get Rod’s black cock into his mouth. As John began to suck on Rod’s massive dick, he felt someone trying to get between his legs. John looked back and saw Tim on his back looking up at John’s cock. John smiled and went back to blowing Rod as Tim took his first dick into his mouth. As John felt the warm wet sucking action on his dick, he grew harder and his balls got tighter. John was not sure how long he would last, but he knew that when he emptied his nut sack into Tim’s mouth, with everything happening tonight, he would be hard again in no time at all.

Steven was on his knees behind Tim, and he lifted Tim’s legs into the air. Steven looked over to Karen and said, “You wanted to see this. Come on over and help.” Karen stood next to Steven, and he had her spread her leg so he had easy access to her cunt. Seeing Tim sucking a cock had Karen flowing like a faucet. This is just what Steven wanted as he reached into her cunt and scooped out her honey. Steven then rubbed the cunt sauce into Tim’s asshole. Each time Steven put a finger into Tim’s ass he would moan around John’s cock, which was driving John wild and made him suck Rod harder.

Steven reached up into Karen’s pussy one last time and put the slippery cream on the head of his 10-inch dick. “Now get down so you can get a good look at Tim’s asshole.” Steven told Karen. When Karen was in position, Steven placed his dick at Tim’s asshole and pushed. As the head pushed in to Tim’s ass Tim sucked John’s dick all the way down his throat. John lost all control and shot four large spurts of cum into Tim’s mouth. Steven pumped into Tim’s ass as Tim let John fall out of his mouth.
John intensified his efforts on Rod’s monster cock. As John worked on Rod’s cock, Rod started to talk, “That’s it, suck that cock. Take it take it all. Don’t stop don’t … stop. I’m getting close, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I’M CUMMING.” Suddenly John’s mouth was so full of Rod’s cum that it spilled out and all over John’s face.

When Rod pulled his dick from John’s mouth, he crawled over to where Tim was getting his butt fucked. Rod took as much of Tim’s fat cock into his mouth as he could. While Rod sucked Tim, Steven pounded Tim’s asshole with all 10 inches of his dick. Just as Steven cried, “I’m cumming.” and filled Tim’s bowels with hot semen, Tim grunted and filled Rod’s mouth with a massive load, which Rod drank down without missing a drop. As Steven moved away, Karen moved in and sucked cum leaking from Tim’s ass. When she finished she kissed her husband and told him how hot the whole thing was
The guys looked over at their wives on the couch. Each one had a hand in their pussy, and the other playing with someone’s tit. Kathy was the first to say anything. “After a show like that, I need a hard cock, and I know the one I want.” Kathy went over to Rod and took his limp dick into her mouth. In no time, Rod was as hard as a rock putting Kathy on all fours. As Rod pushed all 12 inches into Kathy’s sopping cunt she screamed for joy. That giant cock was touching Kathy’s pussy in places no dick ever touched before.
The others paired off, Karen wanted John, Susan went to Steven, and Cindy wanted to feel Tim’s fat cock in her dripping cunt. For the next ten minutes, the room filled with the sounds of people fucking any way they could think of, and any way that felt good. Soon Cindy was yelling “I’m cumming, oh my god I’m cumming.” Tim then filled Cindy so full of cum it came out around his fat cock as he pounded in and out of Cindy’s fully stretched cunt.

That set off a chain reaction, with everyone cumming at the same time. Kathy howled as Rod pulled out of her cunt, and sprayed his hot cum all over her tits and open cunt. They all collapsed on top of each other, rubbing sex juices into each other’s body. “Happy New Year everyone.” Kathy said. Happy New Year everyone said as husbands and wives paired up to retire for the night…

Kathy looked over and saw John and Steve sucking each other’s dick. “What the hell,” Kathy said, “I wanted two hard dicks.” John spit out the cock in his mouth and replied, “No problem, we were just getting them hard for you. Just tell us where you want them.”

Kathy put John on his back and put John’s rock hard cock into her dripping wet cunt. Kathy bent forward and John put her right nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Kathy then told Steven to get behind her and put his dick into her ass. Steven got behind Kathy and spread her plump ass cheeks, bent over and put his long tongue into her ass. When Kathy was good and lubed, Steven put all 10 inches into her ass.
“Oh my god,” Kathy yelled, “this is great. I never felt so good. Now fuck me hard.” John and Steven found their rhythm and fucked Kathy for all they were worth.

Cindy got in front of Kathy and put her knees on each side of John’s head. Kathy lowered her head and licked Cindy’s cunt, allowing Cindy’s cunt sauce to flow into her mouth and all over her face. John lifted his head and tongue fucked Cindy’s asshole as it opened and closed. “I’m cumming,” yelled Cindy as she flooded Kathy with her largest release of cum yet. John and Steven continued to fuck Kathy and soon both said they needed to cum. “Go ahead,” Kathy yelled “because…becauseI’m cumming!” As Kathy came, her cunt and asshole clamped down on both cocks. John and Steven emptied so much cum into Kathy’s pussy and ass it flooded the bed.

After John and Steven pulled out of Kathy, Cindy lie next to Kathy, put her arms around her, and said, “If this is how we bring in the New Year, what are we going to do for Valentine’s Day.

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