Seduced By A Divorcee

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I had known Pam for a very long time. Pam was extremely good looking she was of medium height, extremely fair, silky hair, slim build, and boobs which were big and round. Pam was a hot desirable woman. Unfortunately, she could not get along with her husband and they got divorced. The divorce was messy and I provided her with all the legal help that was required.

Pam was depressed with her divorce and unable to come to terms with her life. She had to rebuild her life from scratch. I kept meeting her regularly and helped her in searching for a new job. It was getting a bit difficult for her to get a job or start a new business considering her age. Even though she was financially well off she was becoming more and more frustrated sitting idle. It was becoming tough for me to cheer her up and I started dreading meeting her.

I slowly started avoiding her and reduced my meetings with her. Pam was becoming more and more attached to me and was desperately trying to ensure that our weekly meetings continued. I was running out of excuses of not meeting her.I finally agreed to meet her and told her that her depressing behavior was driving me nuts and I could no longer tolerate such behavior and she needed to change her attitude. She agreed to try and said that she wanted to discuss the same with me.

I reached her house and was shocked to see her in a silky short dress. She was wearing spaghetti strap dress which was cut very low, completely exposed her back and ended way above her knees. I was blown away since I had never seen the sexy side of Pam, I knew she was good looking but never imagined her to be so hot and sexy. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was not wearing undies also. Over a period of time we had moved from handshakes to hugs.

She gave me the hug,but this time, it was different. She hugged me longer, tighter and I could smell the exotic perfume which was extremely seductive. Her boobs were like two large soft balls pressing hard against my chest and her nipples were poking hard, begging to be sucked. Pam went a step ahead and kissed me on my cheeks and brushed her lips against my lips. I was shocked and confused by Pam’s behavior. The idea of screwing her had never crossed my mind. I was wondering if she wanted to be screwed by me.

We settled down on the sofa and she sat opposite me. She spread her legs and gave me a clear view between her legs. I was too embarrassed to look there. Pam bent forward to serve me tea and I had a clear view of her boobs and her protruding nipples.

Somehow I managed to make small conversation with her, I wanted to finish my tea and leave. Pam sensed that and sat next to me. She thanked me for all the support that I provided and treasured my friendship and the fact that I never helped with selfish motives. I told her that I would continue supporting her and she could always count me and I had to leave. She asked me to wait a bit and then leave.

She said she could not thank me enough and she wanted to thank me in a different way for all the help that I provided. The spaghetti strap on her left shoulder slipped and her dress went down and her left breast was completely exposed. It was round and firm.

She took my face in her hands and gave me a nice wet kiss. She took my right hand and placed it on her left breast.She pulled her other strap aside and now her right breast was exposed. I could not resist any more. I was playing with both her breasts, squeezing her nipples. Pam was practically sitting in my lap kissing me harder and squeezing my cock.

She unzipped me and started stroking my cock. I placed her hands on her ass and pushed her upwards. I finally had her boobs and nipples in my mouth. Her ass was nice and round just like boobs. I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. Pam started moaning. I started kissing her upper body. Pam asked me to fuck her as she did not have sex for months.

She stood up and her dress fell down. She was wearing thongs. I pushed them on one side and checked out her extremely clean pussy.

I pulled her closer kissed her pussy, pulled her thongs down and started fingering her pussy. Pam was moaning a lot, her juices were flowing fast and she had her first massive orgasm in months. I continued licking her pussy, kissing her ass and fingering her pussy. Pam said enough of foreplay I want your cock in my pussy. I continued licking her and she had another orgasm, even she was surprised at her quick orgasms.

I stood up to remove my clothes, Pam jumped on me, practically tore my clothes and grabbed my cock. She sucked it like an ice cream cone. She was playing with my balls, kissing them and licking the whole area around my cock. The effect was sensational and mind-blowing. Pam was like a possessed woman sucking my cock as if there was no tomorrow. I had to tell her to slow down, the sensations were driving me nuts. We got into a 69 position and I continued licking her pussy.

I felt the pressure rising in my balls, I told Pam to stop, I didn’t want to cum in her mouth. I made her sit on the dining table and spread her legs. I kissed her and shoved my cock into her wet pussy. Her pussy was moist and leaking like crazy. Her pussy was really tight from months of disuse and her wetness made it easy to penetrate.

I slowly entered her, Pam was hungrily kissing me and playing with my balls at the same time.

After a few strokes I could easily enter and exit her, I increased the speed of my strokes. Pam was hugging me tight and moaning like crazy. It was a treat to watch her boobs shaking violently as I went about fucking her.

After a few minutes we changed positions and I made her lie down facing the table, I entered her doggy style. I could enter her completely and my balls were not touching her pussy. I fingered her ass and she just loved it and spanked her ass till it turned red.

I took her on the sofa and made her suck my cock, I sat on the sofa and she sat on my cock. Pam started bouncing up and down, her boobs were flying all over the place, I grabbed them, squeezed them hard, Pam was kissing me violently. She was scratching my back, her scratches were burning my back and the pain and the pleasure of fucking was driving me nuts. I kissed her boobs and nipples. Her nipples had become really hard.

I could feel the cum rise in my balls. I told her to stop. I told her I wanted to extend the fucking session.

We stopped for ten minutes and I grabbed her and entered her without any foreplay. She was dry now and the sex was really rough but she was enjoying it. I fucked her in the missionary position and came in huge spurts.

Pam took me to the bathroom and gave me a nice shower. She told me that I could fuck her whenever I wanted.

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