Forced into the stall

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As I was slowly being pushed into the stall the guy behind me demanded that I undress. I tryed to waste time hoping some one would come to my rescue but before I could think of way to waste time I felt a sharp blow go across my face as the guy struck me.

"Listen I don’t think you understand the situation, wasting time isn’t going to bring some one to your rescue hah trust me everyone else here has no problem with this sort of thing, with your luck wasting time would bring someone else looking for a little bit of funjust imagine having to do this more then once" he said laughing at the thought of having some one else join him.

The idea of what "this" was made a shiver run down my spine but having to do "it" again would be far worse I assumed. As I quickly shredded my clothing making sure not to get hit again I finally got a good look at the guy. A rather large man it looked as though he had been in prison having that rough badass look, he had no facial hair what so ever and looked a little bit taller then me. Being fourteen under normal circumstances I would have tried to fight the guy off, seeing how he had a 6' inch blade in his left hand I realized fighting was not an option. As for myself I’m 6'1, brown hair, weighing 157 pounds, and not to mention I have a daily routine of working out. I don’t really consider my self gay even though I have had thoughts about another guy. It has always bothered me though, when I look back a couple of days later and realize what I was thinking of, deep inside it kind of makes me feel sick to be honest.

Naked with my dick limp, I turned and faced my soon to be rapist, with a slight grin in his smile he examined me slowly. "Looks like you'll do just fine, alright now onto business, get on your knees" he whispered into my ear with a somewhat wicked tone.

Fearing that the situation could become much worse I slowly, and reluctantly, got on my knees. Now smelling the faint smell of piss and the cold floor it went from being a nightmare into a reality. Looking some what pleased with me now showing more fear for what was going to happen he slowly stepped closer while unzipping his jeans.

"Ahh damn I'm dieing to see your little head bob up and down on my dick what about you? He asked obviously enjoying my hatred of him.

"You know damn well I don’t want to do this" I replied angrily.

"Now now I don’t like that tone" he said stepping a bit closer with his dick in his hand, "I think your just as anxious as me, your just trying to impress yourself" he said slowly bringing the knife down across my right cheek causing a line of blood to slowly drip down my face.

"Just imagine what this pretty little knife could dosayto your throat." he said while waving the knife around in the air, "now with that in mind why don’t you go ahead and open your mouth wide and show me how good you are at sucking".

"Please IIdon’t want to do this” he then cut me short.

"Yes please whine and cry it makes it all the more enjoyable, you really think I care if you want to do this? NoNow why don’t you do as your told before I get angry" he replied once again with that smirk on his face. God what I wouldn’t give to have the chance to kill this son of a bitch.

My mouth now wide open and eyes shut, I felt his hand on the back of my head and the heat being given off as his dick inch's closer to my now open mouth. On my knees I keep praying that this is all a dream when suddenly I feel his cock being jammed in my mouth and his hand pushing my head further down his shaft. Then a warm sensation runs through my body as he is moves his dick in and out of my mouth. Then for a secondI realize that I’m actually to begin to enjoy the taste and the idea of being fucked by this man. I then slowly lose control and find my self using my tongue to go around the tip of his dick. He quickly realized that I was enjoying his dick and removed the hand of the back of my head and stopped thrusting his dick into my mouth. Without thinking I continue to make the same motion of "bobbing" up and down his dick making sure no part of it is left untouched by my saliva. Then I start to go further and further down his shaft until I eventually am able to take it all in with out gagging. Now used to the smell and taste of his dick I started to really get into it. I then started to spend more time on the tip and used my tongue to slowly massage his dick and make him moan with delight.

" My, my, ahhh damn, your doing a good job you little slut and to think you resisted at first and now your making it more enjoyable for mehow sweet I’m touched" he said moaning, with his hand petting my head.

Instead of stopping I continued as though he said nothing and found my self fully erect playing with my self, as I sucked his dick. Then getting bored I pulled his dick out from my mouth and licked the shaft all the way down to his sack. Smelling his sweaty balls got me all the more excited then I started to suck on his sack just as I did his dick. Feeling content I worked my way back up to the top making sure to lick every inch of his shaft. To be honest I don’t know why I lost control and started to enjoy it as much as I did, I guess I just hadn’t jacked off in so long that I was horny enough to enjoy any sexual activity, even if it was with a guy

"Now are you going to be a good little boy and swallow all of daddy’s cum?" he asked as if I had a choice.

I answered by continuing to suck his cock and play with my own.

"Just the answer I was looking for" he said in a now calm tone.

With out warning he took his dick out of my mouth and I knew what I was expected to do so I opened my mouth wide and leaned forward to insure I didn’t miss any cum. Then with a couple of strokes he shot four spurts of cum all over my face and in my mouth. Slowly I savored the flavor of his cum and then swallowed what was in my mouth; I then licked what I could from my face with my tongue. All the mean while I continued to stroke my own dick up until I cummed on the floor as well as my hand.

"Damn, I haven’t cummed that much in forever, sorry about that cut on your cheek kidyou did good maybe next time we can try the other end and continue this little encounter of ours" he said with a wink.

Now feeling relieved of my sexual feelings I felt the guilt rush over me knowing that I had actually enjoyed sucking him. Not knowing whether or not this would be the last time with him I decided that I should be on my way home. He then zipped up his jeans and put his hand on my shoulders smiled and walked away, leaving me naked with some cum left over on my face.

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