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David (18) – 6-foot, 5-inches tall, short brown hair, 198 pounds, a neck that went from his ears to his shoulders. Six-pack abs, great tan. A true hard-working farm boy. He was the envy of every kid on the football team.

Renee (31) - 5-foot, 9-inches tall, all legs. Shoulder length brunette hair, beautiful blue sparkling eyes, a smile that lasted all day, always showing her flawless white teeth. Small breast, with large nipples. She was best known for her willingness to help others. Folks in the area said she had a heart of a guardian angel.

Katya (17) 5-foot, 2-inches, slim, strong, athletic body. Reddish-brown gold skin, long jet-black hair, and the most beautiful eyes any young girl could be blessed with!


David and Witashnah (Katya) walked into the dance, with all eyes on the beautiful female Indian Warrior. Even David was captivated by the girl he’d loved since elementary school. The 1860 end-of-school-year dance theme was filled with Juniors and Seniors. Barkeeps, fallen doves, Indian girls, cowboys & girls, and many other costumes were worn. Not one other girl came close to the beauty of Katya known tonight only as – Witashnah!

As they danced David was careful not to step on the bare feet of his Indian Warrior. Holding her close he felt her young, firm, perky tits pressing into his chest. His hand ran up and down the back of her deerskin dress. Like her radiant skin her dress was as smooth as a wet chamois. Their lips met, teeth parted, and their tongues also danced to the music. Held tight in his arms was the girl he would marry after graduation, or so he dreamed. When his hand would drift to her tight well-rounded ass, she would lift his hand, staring deep into his eyes, with a meaning of, “do not even think about it!” Witashnah’s deerskin dress only went a few more inches below her firm ass, she knew every boy there (and some girls) was hoping she might bend over before the night was over. The same dress was cut in a straight line across her chest, just above her cleavage. David however, while dancing caught glimpse of the tops of her B-cup boobs. The exquisite night progressed, and Witashnah never left David’s side, or spoke a word to anyone, including her “silver-miner” date for the evening. On the gymnasium scoreboard five names appeared allowing those couples know they could go down the hall to another classroom where pictures were bring taken of singles, couples, with an array of pull-down backdrops to choose. The four couples before them were in and out in a flash (no pun intended). While waiting a young lady approached David and ask him to follow her as the stepped behind a dressing room type curtain. “If you don’t mind” this twenty-something blond said to David, we would like to add some make-up, making you a little more in theme, which he acknowledged. Stepping back to his date, David looked as though he aged some twenty years and wore a full bearded face. NOW he really looked like a sliver miner who has been in the mountains picking veins of sliver. Their first picture they both stared at the camera, as if taken in 1860. The next few pictures they were more relaxed, David smiling, and his Indian Warrior radiated beauty without smiling. The backdrop was changed to a rugged rocky cliff where David was handed a pickax, and the camera crew positioned him to appear as if he were about to strike into a large cliffside of rock. The next picture Katya (Witashnah) knelt on the ground. Her one knee was on the ground, while her other foot touched. A stance, like a runner in their starting blocks, as if the Indian Warrior could bolt in a heartbeat. David looked on as Witashnah’s deerskin dress rose exposing her entire hip. His cock stirred in his pants as her long reddish-brown leg glisten in the lights. “oh my god” he said to himself, was she wearing any panties? Witashnah, turned her head towards the camera, still kneeling, as if she had heard a twig snap. Her chin slighted dropped, yet her eyes veered into the camera. As if wearing a deep red racoon mask, painted an inch above and below both eyes. Her eyebrows were painted black, as was the outline above and below each eye. You could hear a sexual inhale of air from the cameraman and his crew. Witashnah’s hypnotic eyes froze everyone, alert, kneeling before them, was a seventeen-year-old girl, that could replace any red-carpet model in Hollywood! David’s cock twitched and was now oozing pre cum. The couple’s last picture was in front of setting sun backdrop, David by a pack mule, and Witashnah standing by an Indian pony.

David walked up to the young lady behind a folding table, filled out both their contact information forms, and reached for his wallet. “No need” the girl said, “it is taken care of!” A look of astonishment was on both their face. “Hurry on back to the dance, kids,” she said. “Wait. our beard” David’s face tensed a little as he removed the beard, glue pulling from his skin. “I know,” Katya said, walking back to the gym.

A low moan amplified in the gym when someone announced on the PA System that year books this year would be mailed to students, as there was a delay at the printers. Whispers could be heard, “I wanted you to sign my book”, “yea but…”

Witashnah, after another deep loving kiss she whispered into David’s ear, “it is time for us to go.” “Okay,” but potty break first.

BOY’s Bathroom:

“holly fuck David who is that you are with?”

“man take off that dree and send me pictures of her nude”

“man, you better fuck the hell out of that tonight”

Releasing his cock to pee, it was twitching and growing from David’s touch. It was difficult to pee with a growing cock, but he did. Tucking his semi-hard cock in his pants, he waited outside.

GIRL’s Bathroom:

“look at you girlfriend, every boy and man in this place wants to fuck you tonight”

“some girls too” a voice said behind a closed stall door.

“hi, Katya, girl look at yourself in that mirror, you are the most beautiful girl here.”

“David is going to fuck your brains out, tonight”

Her best friend walked up behind her, “are you wearing anything under that deerskin dress?” …. Silence.

“hey, you, I love boys, but tonight I would eat you pussy!”

Waiting for a toilet door to open, Katya (“Witashnah”) looked in the mirror, adjusting a few strands of her long shinny black hair. Her thighs were moving back in forth, she too was getting turned on, and felt the moistness in her Venus area growing. A door opened and a girl she knew walked by, “hey sexy.” Katya finished, and her index finger rested on her clit. With her other hand she pulled back her hood, and her clit was growing. Mmmmm, Katya moaned. Then she heard the girls chatting and talking. Her cunt was hot, seeping fluids, and her clit was rock hard. Returning to reality, Katya’s brain was telling her “not here, not now!” Walking out to his car, both partners knew they were seeping musk between their legs. My mom wants to take a picture, is that okay, sure. Kissing every chance, they got they soon were driving up his long driveway. Entering through the kitchen door, “Mom we are her” he called out. Renee walked into the room in cut-off jeans, and an old shirt of his dads tied just above her bellybutton. “Hi Mrs. J…” please, call me “Renee, or mom,” she said. “you had to be the most beautiful there” “OH she was mom, trust me, she was.” Camera in hand, David’s mom started taking picture after picture, “that’s enough, how many do you need.”

“Katya, dear come with me for a moment” “girl talk, we will be right back.” Renee took Katya’s hand and lead her into her bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she pointed to the large old box on her dresser. “Honey tomorrow, David will open this box, and find out some information from the past” “if tomorrow he seems preoccupied with his thoughts, or snaps at you, please understand you did nothing wrong.” “Either he or I will explain to you everything, at his graduation party. “If David hasn’t talked to you, say by 8p.m., seek me out and I will explain my darling,” she said! Stopping and turning, in the doorway, she asked. “do you need protection?” Whit a huge grin on her face, she said almost to a whisper, “thanks but we are fine.”

Stopping at the end of his driveway, he turned off the engine, putting his arm this beautiful Indian Warrior, their lips met, followed by a long sensual kiss. Coming up from air, he said: “I love you.” He was again kissed by this lovely beauty, she told him “I know you do.” In pitch darkness, they rapidly steamed up the windows. His arm over her naked shoulder, David slipped his hand under the top of her deerskin dress. Awaiting him, was her hot, uplifted breast. It was like holding a firm apple in the palm of his hand, just a little softer. His, finger found her rock-hard nipple, and started rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. A soft deep loving moan came deep from within her depths. Locked lip to lip, tongue to tongue, she softly placed a hand between his legs. Mmmmmm, vibrated, from both as his cock grew fast from her touch. His cock bent and was begging to be set free. Squirming in his seat and adjusting his pants his cock head was now poking out about his jokey waistband. Katya worked single handily undoing his belt and top button. Now she moved her hand in grasping his enormous shaft. She too was fidgeting in her seat as he continued to massage her breast. David was able to free her perk boob from the drees. He lowered his head, a softly inhaled part of her young firm tit into his mouth, flicking his tongue over and around her hard nipple. “Oh, yes, Mmm, god yes, just like,” she whimpered. Her hand was not moving, so he lowered his free hand over the top of her hand, moving it up and down. Releasing his grip, she followed suit. It was now David that was moaning with delight. Pre cum seeped from his pee slit and lubricated his cock, as Katya slowly jacked him off. His left hand free he placed it on her out thigh and was moving it upwards. Firm tight smooth skin was followed by her hip, then the crest of the hip, then a lower rib. “Damn she is nude under this dress,” he said to himself. Re- tracing his path his hand stopped on her firm outer thigh. David’s cock grew to a new length, even surprising him. His hips moved to the edge of his seat, allowing her more room to jack his cock. His lips moved to her other tit, as his hand returned to massaging her breast and nipple. Lowering his hand to her knee, he started a slow inner leg path towards her love tunnel. “Was she smooth shaven, or was there a big mound of soft black hair at her V awaiting his gentle touch?” Both trembling in the car, Katya was kissing his neck, nibbling on his ear. “Uuummmm…yes, oh, oooh. God yes,ummmm,” escaped deep within both of them. Her inner thigh was silky smooth, and he felt the heat before the dampness, that oozed down her inner thigh. Katya’s body began shaking uncontrollably, she reached down placing a vice grip on his fingers, stopping them in their upward journey. As if snapping out of a trance, she adjusted the top of her deerskin dress, hearing the click of her seatbelt, “take me home now,” softly whimpering from her moist red lips. “Fuck he thought, two minutes I would have blown hot cum all over her hand and myself.”

Starting the car, they drove to her house. Softly almost crying she said, “my dad will kill me, perhaps you, if I am not home by midnight.” Eleven-forty-five the clock read as he accelerated the car. Glancing over to the dashboard 70, 80, 85, “but I also need to be alive when I walk through front door” she almost yelled in panic. David slowed to 75 MPH. You will make he assured her, placing his hand on her knee. She placed her hand on his lap, his cock was still out ooozing pre cum. “Can I ask you two questions” he said. “Sure, ask away.” She said followed by, “you may not get an answer.” Fare enough he said pulling into her driveway, 11:53 p.m. the outside motion detector lights came on, nearly blind them both. Looking down at his semi-hard cock, “put that thing away” my dad is looking out the window. The light went out, and they sat once again in total darkness.

“Witashnah, is the Sioux name, meaning young virgin girl.” Are you he asked? No reply as he had expected.

“Are you totally nude under that deerskin” he asked again. Katya reclined the car seat, he could tell in the darkness, she had lifted her dress. Rolling slightly to one side, he first heard the sound of snaps followed by two slight moans. “damn glue” she said. She quickly sat up adjusting her dress, kissing him, she stuffed a silky cloth in his face. “Pure mink, a gift for you to keep, I love you too, see you tomorrow” darting from the car, racing to the steps, where father embracing his eldest daughter at the threshold. “thanks for returning her save and sound” he called out.” Backing the car out the driveway, he heard a faint distant yell, “and happy birthday in two minutes.” Less than a mile from his drive, he stopped the car and turned on the interior lights. He examined the piece of material, about two inches wide, about eighteen inches long, with two one-inch sticky square pads at each end, which secured a snap. “I’ll be damn” he thought. The mink tail was cemented to her skin, and the snaps allowed for her to remove he soft fur strip when she used the bathroom. Dampened on one side he brought it to his face and inhaled. The smell of her womanhood and musk implanted a memory in his brain, he’d always remember. He ran the mink across his face, felling the smoothness of the fur on his skin. Undoing the button on his pants he pushed the fur down onto his thick pulsating cock. It jumped from the gentleness of the mink fur. “WOW, to think this had been against her pussy all evening,” he thought. “Now that’s a sexy feeling soft gentle mink fur touching your pussy lips and clit, with each body movement,” he thought. His cock stood straight up from his crouch, begging to have the fur wrapped around his cock as he jacked off, Mmmmmm what a felling. Putting the car away, jamming his cock into his pants, fasting his pants and belt, he stuffed the piece of fur into his pocket, and walked into the house. Lights shown from the bedroom, “darling come here please,” his mom called out. Walking into the bedroom, his mom placed the book she was reading, on the sheets beside her nude body. Her hair once again in pigtails she looked like a little girl waiting, her 32A tits authenticated his mindset. David stood at he edges of the bed, staring at her thin, well-toned and tan body, rippled abs, and long firm legs, he stripped. His blue-balls, hung from his body like barrow, his thick six-inch cock with its oversize mushroom head pointed towards the ceiling. He crawled onto the bed, lowering his lips to the moist warm lips waiting for him, which parted allowing their tongues to dance to a love song. He slowly starting gyrating his hips against the tiny smooth patch of pussy hair. Breaking her kiss, his mom slowly applied pressure to both shoulders, wanting him to suckle her breast, knowing his thick throbbing cock would be lowered from her groin area as well. Sucking a tit into his mouth, his tongue circled and flicked across his mother’s hard nipple. Giving equal attention to the other boob, she applied light pressure once again to his shoulders. David knew the gesture and kissed a slow-moving path from between her tits, over her abs, dipping into her navel, now following the sent of her musk. She gently spread her legs to allow her son access to her womanhood. He lapped up the drools of liquid the dripped out of her pussy towards her ass. David reached up and took a tiny boob in his hand massaging her tit and nipple, which was rewarded by a soft moan. Spreading her legs further apart she reached down between her own legs and pulled apart her hot moist lips, allowing her son a greater view and entree to her love tunnel. Her bedroom was lit by all the lights on, David could see deep into the pink, moist walls of her cunt. As her body trembled beneath him, his tongue was replaced by two fingers that penetrated deep into her dripping cunt. Free now to flick the tip of his tongue around and over her clit, as his fingers started fucking her pussy hard. Slurping sounds were heard by both as streams of fluid now streamed from her cunt. “Ooo, my God, Mmmmm don’t stop, Ooooooh fuck, I aaaaaammmmmm gonna cum” thrusting her hips high in the air, hot flows of his mothers own cum flowed from her quivering pussy, down over her ass and dripped on the sheets. Twitching on its own accord David’s cock was yelling into his brain, “what about me?” Moving upwards on hands and knees, he engulfed his massive cock in his hand, and was rubbing his pre-cum cock head again her clit. His mom’s chest still rising and lowering rapidly as if she just ran a mile, eyes tightly shut. Moving is cock up and down her liquid flowing pussy, he was just about ready to plunge his over-heated throbbing cock into her pussy, and her eyes flashed open. “Wait” she yelled, and her scream echoed throughout the house. Scared shitless David jumped back and squatted on the bottom of the bed like a frog ready to lead to the next Lilly pad. “I am sorry,” she cooed, come lay her beside me, and he did. As soon as his back straighten on the bed covering, she rolled and straddled him. In control, holding his massive shaft she lowered herself down, till its head could go no further up her cunt. Now he trembled looking deep into his mother’s eyes. Her hands had his pinned down beside his ears as she leaned forward kissing him. Ever so slowly rising upwards and forward, till the mushroom head almost pooping from her wet slick pussy, she would slam down hard on his pelvic bone. “OooooH f..u..c..k,” he moaned. “This is the first time I have fucked anyone, and its my mom,” he moaned. “Mmmmm I knew you were still a cherry-boy,” she whispered, bending kissing him deeply. Lifting his hands to her firm tiny tits, she sat up, lowering her hands behind her own hands, to play with his balls, as she never broke stride in her rocking motion. Lower she rubbed his perineum causing a deep throaty moan from her son. His eyes closed, both hands gently punching her nipples she felt his balls start to tighten, the veins in his twitching cock expanding. “David,” she called out, “did you get Katya home intime for her midnight curfew” “ W..h..a..t,” he whispered, eyes still closed. Stopping her movement, she said in a stern voice, “did you get Katya home intime for her midnight curfew?” “Mom, I was almost ready to ….” “Pay attention to you partner” she whispered, continuing her rocking motion a little faster this time. Matching her rhythm, he lifted his hips in unison, as if ridding a horse. “Mmmm, just like that, Oh mmmmmmy God, don’t stop, I l..o..v..e it,” she was panting. The depths of her pussy were burning, and her juices were flowing around his cock, as well as his own pre-cum. “I am almost there,” “not yet, wait for me,” she moaned. “NOW, Now. Now she yelled,” body sweating and trembling and convulsions above him and around his young throbbing young cock. “Ooooooh F—u—c—k,” he moaned, thrusting his hips high off the bed holding that arched position as massive blasts one after the other of thick, white, lava hot shots of cum exploded into her moist quivering cunt. David had never cum so much in his life. Collapsing onto his hot sweaty muscular panting chest, his mom lay their too totally exhausted from her own earth-shattering orgasm. His cock still twitched out the last few drops of spunk, as both fell deep into to sleep that surround them both. Waking to the slight glow of the morning sun and a rooster crowing, they both woke, mom still on top of her son his arms firmly around her back holding her in place. She smiled, kissed him on the forehead saying, “Happy Birthday my son, I love you so much.”

Graduation was in four hours.

His party was in six hours



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