My Daughter Cindy Part # 1

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It was friday night, my daughter and myself are on the couch to do our usual thing of watching a late night horror flick. We use a wooden bar stool chair by the couch to put our popcorn and bottled soda on. Our couch is deep and I can lay on my side and my daughter always lays in front of me since she is much smaller. We put on our pajamas and meet each other at the couch. I lay down and my daughter lays in front of me, facing away and wiggling her little tiny butt into me until she is comfortable. For some reason she has a hard time getting settled and moves her butt around more than usual. She keeps wiggling her butt up against the front of me and would pull away and then do it again.

All this action is starting to have an affect on me, and my dick starts rising to the attention it was getting from that hot little butt. I have never had this feeling before until now and I was wondering what might be wrong with me, to feel excited about my young daughter's butt rubbing against the head of my dick and it had made me hard. She finally settles in with my hard dick resting right in the crack of her ass. She leans forward to get the remote, pulling her butt away and moves back into place after starting the movie. She wiggles her butt around again until my cock is sitting along the edge of her crack once more. I lay my arm across the front of her with my hand laying on her bare belly from her shirt moving up a little.

We watched the movie awhile and my dick starts to deflate, when she starts wiggling her butt around and pushing back against me making me hard again. Then she would lay there watching the movie, with my hard dick just sitting on the edge of her ass crack. Every time I would start to deflate she would do something like, get a drink of soda, or grab some popcorn and then wiggle her ass back into place until I was hard again. She leans up, grabs some popcorn, puts it in her mouth and then wiggles back in place again. This time she holds my hand that is on her tummy and starts to move it in circles. I rub her belly in unison with her and she starts moving my hand up further into her shirt. I am starting to breath harder, thinking that my daughter is wanting to explore her awakening of sex with me!

She keeps moving my hand up her chest until I feel a nipple touch the tips of my finger. She pauses for a moment as she lets out a muffled high pitch whine,and moves my whole hand over her just budding areola and her tiny nipple. She's now breathing harder and pushing her butt into my now very hard dick and takes my hand and starts moving circles over her tiny tit. I lose my morals to my desires as I keep rubbing her breast on my own and kissing the back of her neck, sending sensations into her young body and making her move and moan even more. She's pumping her hot little ass into my hard cock and I am pushing right back, stuffing her pajamas into her ass crack. She moves her hand down and reaches behind her, grabbing my dick and squeezing it, letting go,and rubbing up and down my cloth covered swollen shaft.

I take my hand and move it down her stomach to her waistband and reach inside to her panties. I lift the band to her panties and move my hand down in further. She takes her leg and puts her foot on the knee of her other leg, letting me get access to her pussy. I move my hand down until I feel her puffy lips that leads to the valley to her sweet little love hole. I move my middle finger up and down her soaken little crack, pushing my finger into her wet tight vagina and using my thumb to rub across her swollen clitoris. She's bucking and pumping against my hard cock and puts her hand inside my pants, grabbing my bare dick, stroking me up and down, making me leak lots of precum all over her hand. I am breathing so hard now, wanting to stick my stiff dick right inside that little lovely virgin hole. I pull my hand out of her pants and pull my pajamas down for her to have better access to my cock and in turn she pulls hers down too. She lays back into me again and puts her leg up once more.

I put my hand back into her again and she's rubbing me too. She moves up a little, pulls my hand out of her pussy and takes my swollen cock and lets it slide on the outside of her very wet slit. I move my hips back and forth rubbing my shaft across her soaken labia and swollen clit. I put my hand back on her clit, rubbing it real fast and bringing her to an orgasm. She bucks and shutters as she lets loose, soaking my already wet hard dick. She starts slowing down and looks around and says; " Daddy I want you to fuck me but not right now. I want you to fuck me in my bed, but mom will be home soon and I want it to last a long time I don't want to hurry. Is that ok? " I look at her smiling and say; " I understand if you want to wait ( While my raging cock is still resting in her love crack.) that's ok by me and I can wait too. " She smiles and says; " Thanks daddy but we still need to make you cum and when your ready to cum tell me. ok? with that she starts moving her hips again across my already soaken membrane.

Her pussy lips moving faster and faster bringing me to a climax. I tell her; " Oh God! Cindy! I'm coming! " I feel the hot gush heading up my shaft and at the same time Cindy grabs my swollen cock and puts the head of my dick in the entrance of her pussy, just pushing the head in as I cum. I fill her pussy up with my baby batter, and she shivers as she cums again from the feeling of my hot sperm flowing into her vagina, and mixing our two love juices together saying; " OH Daddy! That is so hot! " I pull my head out of the entrance of her pussy as my cum leaks out of her. She turns around, kisses me, and says; " I better go clean up before mommy gets home. " She gets up, heads to the bathroom and I go to my bathroom in the master bedroom to clean off too. I can't wait until I can slam my dick way up inside that little young love hole of hers.

Tell me what you think, and if you would like a chapter # 2

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