Incestuous Harem's Passion 2: Sisters Nurse Their Brother

Incestuous Harem's Passion

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Two: Sisters Nurse Their Brother

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

December 17th, 2026 – Tad Blake

I squirmed in the backseat of the unmarked cop car. Detective Salvage was driving, the young woman looking fierce with her mirrored sunglasses and pink lips. Her partner was much older, a shadow of whiskers about his face, his brown hair graying. He had the look of an experienced investigator.

The type of man who didn't fuck around.

Why did they want to speak with me? Had my sister talked about what we did in college? I hadn't seen Erica since she dumped me on graduation day and told our parents how I had “molested” her. Like she hadn't been an active participant in our incestuous fucking. She just didn't like being a slut. She wanted love.

Dumb bitch.

Why didn't she want to be my slut? Clint had sluts. He paraded them around the campus. Our senior year of college, he strutted around like he owned the place. He fucked his women all over the campus. Especially that slut, Melody.

My parents had kicked me out of the house. The last nine years had sucked because my cunt of a sister didn't know her place. If she thought to get me in trouble

Why else would the cops want to speak with me?

I sweated as they drove us into downtown Sacramento. I chewed on my inner cheek. I rubbed at my jeans, my heart pounding in my chest. Blood howled through my veins. My fingers flexed and relaxed.

“What's this about?” I asked for the tenth time.

Detective Nelson gave me a grin. “Relax, relax. You're not in trouble. We just want to ask you a few questions. That's all.”

Right. I bet that was what the cops always said. I leaned back, remembering the best day with my sister. It was in September of my senior year. She let me fuck her in the gym, our first time at the college. I thought she was willing to be my slut.

I just wanted to be like that asshole, Clint.


September 7th, 2017 – Clinton “Clint” Elliston II

I held my two infant daughters in my arms. They were both three months old, so beautiful in their swaddling. Hikaru, my daughter with Pam, was cradled in my right arm, a white blanket with purple flowers wrapped around her, her skin possessing a slight olive tinge to it, her hair silky black. In my other arm, I held Christie, my daughter with Melody. She yawned as she shifted in her pink swaddling blanket.

“My two, lovely princesses,” I said, rocking them, my voice adopting that high-pitched cooing sound, that gentle volume of voice that everyone used with babies. You can't help it. I smiled. It was always such a joy to hold my daughters. “Yes, you are. Did you have a good day with Auntie Zoey and Auntie Stefani?”

Hikaru squirmed a bit.

“Yes, you did. I just know you had a great time,” I said. I leaned down to kiss Hikaru on the forehead. “And I love you, too, Christie.” I gave her a kiss. They were miracles. Pam and Melody had given birth nearly at the same time, my half-sisters bringing our daughters into the world. “Love you both. You're such beautiful princesses.”

“Yes, they are,” sighed Melody. “Ooh, school is so annoying. I'd rather be home with them.”

Pam nodded. She already had her blouse open and her maternity bra unfastened to reveal her round breasts, dark-brown nipples beading with her milk. Melody, likewise, was topless, cupping her breasts, ready to nurse our daughter.

“Looks like your dinner is ready,” I cooed. “Yes, you're going to love your meal, aren't you? You're just like your daddy.”

Melody giggled. “Oh, definitely.”

I didn't want to hand over my daughters. It was so wonderful to hold them, but they needed their dinner. I handed Hikaru off to Pam, smiling as she cradled our daughter to her breast. Melody scooped Christie out of my arm and kissed our daughter's forehead before bringing her to a nipple.

I leaned back, watching my “wives” nurse our daughters. We weren't legally married, yet. I couldn't legally be married to both of them. I would have to choose one day. It sucked. I should be free to marry who I wanted and as many of them as I wanted. What was wrong with bigamy? With incest?

I should be able to love who I wanted. I hated it. I wanted to change things. At my college and in the world.

I watched Pam settle down on the chair in the nursery, a big smile on her face as she breastfed our daughter. Melody hummed as she rocked gently in place. Becoming mothers had transformed my half-sisters. My two queens were so beautiful.

Downstairs, I heard the front door opened. I stiffened. “That better be Lee.”

“She's been a naughty girl,” cooed Melody in that singsong voice to our daughter. “Yes, she has. She's just a brat. Yes, she is. Your Auntie Lee is a naughty girl. Your daddy's going to have to punish her.”

I sighed. I didn't want to leave, but I had to deal with Lee. I slipped out of the nursery, leaving behind the two cribs, the pair of mobiles I'd made, and the walls decorated with balloon wallpaper, colorful and fun. I closed the door and trooped down the stairs. Lee, that fucking brat, had vanished after classes were up. Didn't answer her texts. Held us up from leaving school before I decided to leave her.

I found her kneeling in the doorway naked, her clothing piled around her. She was four months pregnant but you couldn't tell save her breasts were large now, rounder. She knelt there, her black hair in a pixyish bob around her mischievous face, her phone clenched in her hand. Even kneeling, she had an energetic excitement in her, wiggling back and forth, her breasts swaying.

“Where were you, slave?” I demanded, stopping in front of her. I pulled off my shirt, throwing it down. She stared up at me, this naughty gleam in her eyes.


Leann “Lee” Samuels

I held out my phone and said, “Master, I was recording Tad Blake fucking his little sister in the gym.” I hit play, showing him where I started recording, showing the brother and sister kissing. “I followed them and was hiding beneath the bleachers while they fucked. It was hot. I knew you'd want to see it. I couldn't let you know because I couldn't make any noise and ruin the moment.”

Clint stared at me, his chest bare. He was a muscular guy. Maintaining the house and working out had kept him in shape. He unsnapped his jeans and shoved them down, his cock tenting his boxers. He was always hard these days since he was around all us sexy women related to him. Only Mrs. Hiragawa and Stefani weren't family.

But they were part of the harem.

“You didn't ask for permission,” Clint said as he shoved down his boxers. His hard cock popped out before my face. “You held us up. We wasted time looking for you.”

“I'm sorry, Master,” I said. “I made a judgment that you would like to see this.”

“Oh, I would,” he said, smiling. “Set your phone down, march outside, and lie down on your back. You need to be punished.”

“Yes,” Master,” I said and stood up. The “P” word made my pussy so wet. My cunt was on fire. I loved being punished. Humiliated. I savored being spanked and whipped, pissed on and denied my orgasms. If he wanted to discipline me in public, I would cum so hard. I had masturbated in my locker room before all my friends, letting them know I was a slut. I had taken his dick up the ass without lube in the boy's restroom while they watched.

I loved it.

I headed for the kitchen and the back door. We owned two houses with a joined backyard. Clint wanted to get a third house. We were working on it. A fuck house for when the babies got beyond infants.

He caught my arm, squeezing. “I didn't say the backyard.”

I shuddered in delight. My cunt melted. I whirled around and marched to the front door. I wrenched it open. There was a large chestnut tree in the front yard, shading it from the warm, September sun. I shuddered as I stepped off the porch. Any of our neighbors could come across me naked. It made me so wet.

I sank down onto the lawn like he ordered, facing the porch. He marched out after me. I couldn't believe it. Right here in the front yard. This was ballsy. Clint was so powerful. The last year since he created the harem had been awesome.

I rubbed my belly. I hoped I had a daughter who would become a sex slave just like me. A submissive daughter to her hot and sexy daddy. My cunt clenched as Clint stepped between my thighs, his hand holding his cock.

“Spread those pussy lips apart, cunt,” he growled.

“Yes, Master,” I moaned, hoping everyone in the neighborhood witnessed me obeying my half-brother. My master. I parted my cuntlips, exposing my pink, bred depths to him. He aimed his cock at me.

Right here in public? How lucky was I?

The yellow stream gushed from his cock. The hot flow of urine splashed on my cunt, filling up my pussy. I groaned at the heat of it. I shuddered and trembled. I could feel my cunt swimming in his piss. It spilled over my pussy, soaking my shaved vulva in hot urine.

It was so nasty. So humiliating. So wonderful.

He looked so dominating as he pissed on me like the filthy cunt I was. A nasty, wicked, naughty sister-skank who needed to be urinated upon. To be covered in his hot and steamy pee. He changed the angle, the yellow liquid splashing across my stomach, drawing nearer and nearer to my tits.

The air was full of the salty, acrid aroma. I licked my lips, whimpering in delight. My cunt was on fire, and not because it was swimming in his hot urine. His yellow stream reached my breasts, bathing my round tits in his piss. My nipples throbbed because he was hosing me down like the dirty bitch I was.

“Yes, yes, Master,” I moaned. “I'm so naughty. Pee all over me. I'm your nasty slave!”

He brought the stream higher, his face twisting as he forced out more piss. I opened my lips and let his hot urine pour into my mouth. It sizzled on my tongue. It spilled over my lips and chin. It soaked in the hollow of my neck. My breasts jiggled as I gulped down that wonderful liquid.

It was my brother's urine. My Master's pee.

I reveled in it.

If I rubbed my clit, I would cum so hard. His stream spurted, dying, splashing across my belly and between my tits. I swallowed that hot piss, letting it fill my stomach. My cunt pooled with more of his piss, soaking to my cervix.

“Masturbate,” he said as he finished. “Finger that nasty cunt.”

“Yes, Master!” I moaned. I could tell he was happy with me despite pissing on me. He had to punish me for disobeying, but he was giving me pleasure, too. He wanted to watch this video. I knew the entire family would watch Tad fucking Erica tonight.

Who needed to watch Jeopardy when you had incest home vids!

I thrust my fingers holding my cunt open into my piss-filled depths. I soaked my digits in his urine. His piss spilled out of me, running down to my asshole and soaking my rump. I moaned, trembling. A car drove past.

Did our neighbor see us? Did they notice me writhing naked on the grass?

I hoped they did. I hoped Mrs. Lynch was watching us. I hoped Mr. Carson spotted me. Mr. and Mrs. Valentine ogling me. I wanted them all to see me being a dirty and nasty slut. I thrust my fingers hard into my piss-filled cunt, my orgasm building and building.

Clint fetched the hose. It had a spray nozzle on. The type that adjusted it from hard to soft. I shuddered and trembled on the ground. I whimpered, my fingers squelching as they plunged into my juicy cunt. I shuddered as he advanced, a bead of water dripping from the end of the hose.

“You are such a dirty slut,” he said.

“I am, Master!” I groaned, thrusting my digits faster and faster. My orgasm swelled. I rubbed on my clit. “May I cum?”

“If you can,” he said and squeezed the handle.

The spray of water splashed on my tits. I gasped at the stinging cold. The stream hit with power, pressing into my breast. My nipple drank in the powerful flow, pushed into my tit. Pleasure sparked as the icy water spilled over my urine-soaked body.

I exploded in rapture.

The stream of water hurt on my tits. Stung. The pain felt incredible, feeding the hot pleasure in my cunt. I bucked on the lawn, writhing in the piss-soaked grass. The water spilled over me, chilling me as the waves of rapture surged through me.

Hot passion spilled through me. I whimpered and moaned, stars bursting before my eyes. I shuddered, cunt clenching and spasming around my fingers. The water struck my right tit, a spray of icy droplets raining onto my face.

I shivered and bucked, my cunt on fire. It was explosive. I gasped and moaned, my head tossing back and forth. My cunt clenched and spasmed. The pleasure rippled through me. My pussy convulsed around my digits. I frigged myself so fast and hard.

“I'm a dirty, filthy slut who needs to be hosed off!” I howled at the top of my lungs. “Just a nasty cunt! Disgusting! Spray me, Master! Clean me!”

He watched, his cock hard, as he sprayed down to my belly. The water spilled over me, washing away his piss. I shuddered on the ground, my cunt spasming faster and harder. The waves of rapture surged through my body. Another orgasm burst through me as the cold water spilled over my shaved pubic mound and washed around my vulva.

“Oh, my god, Master,” I howled, my mind drowning beneath the rapture. “Yes, yes! Oh, fuck, hose me off! Drench me. I'm such a nasty fucking slut! Your whore-sister!”

The stream moved down to my pubic mound. The water spilled over my pussy. The cold shock felt incredible on my labia. It enhanced the bliss. Then the stream sprayed on my cuntlips itself. The stinging pain sent another explosion through me.

“Master!” I howled.

My pleasure spasmed through me over and over. I tossed my head, so many waves of rapture surging through me. My cunt convulsed around my digits. I pumped them in and out so fast. Stars burst across my eyes. Darkness washed around me. I gasped and moaned and cried out as my mind melted.

“Nasty slut! Fucking cunt! I'm so dirty! That's what I am! Yes, yes, yes! I'm so sorry for being a disgusting skank! I love you for hosing me down! I love you so much, Master!”

He smiled at me as another orgasm exploded through my cunt.


Melody Samuels

Amusement filled me as I stepped out onto the front porch, my little sister writhing in passion as Clint hosed her down. Lee was my full sister, a brat who made such a wonderful sex slave. I shuddered, wishing I was as naked as they were instead of just in the tank top I threw over my breasts and a tight pair of shorts.

“I think she's clean,” I said. “She's howling her head off. I think she's cumming too hard for this to be a punishment now.”

Clint glanced at me, focusing the stream on my sister's cunt as she fingered herself. “She's a filthy slut.”

“Yes, she is,” I said. “Mmm, and you're all hard. You need a blowjob. Stop hosing her off. I have some milk left over. So does Pam. We want to nurse you.”

Clint smiled and released the handle. The spray stopped. My little sister kept writhing and moaning, her face twisting. She trembled on the ground. Her toes twisted and shuddered. Her legs spasmed across the sodden lawn.

“Come on, slut,” I said. Pam emerged from the house, a towel in hand. I snatched it from her and threw it at her. “Dry off so you don't make a mess, you filthy cunt.”

“Yes, Mistress,” my sister said with such delight in her words. She started vigorously rubbing her body as she popped to her feet with lithe energy. “Don't want to be filthier than I already am.”

I snorted. “You're the filthiest person I know.”

“I am,” she said with this dreamy smile as she rubbed the towel up and down her dripping breasts. “Thank you for noticing, Mistress. That makes me so happy.”

I rolled my eyes and then headed inside. I popped off my tank top, exposing my round breasts. I had more milk than my daughter needed. I'd read a woman produced as much as was demanded of her tits, and with Clint being such a hungry man for it, I was producing it by the buckets.

Pam slipped out of her dress and smiled, her lithe, Japanese form appearing. She was such a hottie. I got why my dad got hard for Asian girls. They were sexy. Graceful with that olive tone to their skin. Black hair, delicate features, those submissive, dark eyes. She made me so wet.

I wiggled out of my shorts then popped down on the arm of the recliner, my naked rump loving the feel of the fabric. Pam took the other side, her hands kneading her tits. Milk beaded at her dark-brown nipple.

I leaned over and sucked on her nub. I groaned at the flavor of her creamy breast milk filling my mouth. I loved her as much as Clint. She was my girlfriend. I would love for her to be my wife. It would so hot to be married to her and Clint. Legally, he could marry either of us. We weren't “sisters” on our birth certificates. The world didn't even know Pam was related to him at all.

Clint strolled to us, his cock bobbing hard before him. He was all strength and channeled power. He'd pulled our family together in the wake of our father's deaths. His mother, my Aunt Cheryl, had been particularly lost without her master. Clint had stepped up and took his mother in hand, giving her some of the domination back that she missed. Not the love, but the strength.

Our mothers would forever love our father, but they had found peace being Clint's sex slaves.

“Come here,” I said, patting the chair. “Just sit down and let us nurse you while that nasty girl gives you a blowjob.”

“Best blowjob ever, Mistress!” Lee said, bouncing around Clint. Her round breasts heaved. She rose up on her toes and came down. “Ooh, I'll suck all the cum out of him. I'll guzzle it down. It'll be so yummy and hot.”

I smiled and shook my head. She was such a naughty thing.

Clint sank down on the chair between us, his arms slipping around our waists. I shuddered as he slid his hands around to our stomachs. He thrust down. I spread my thighs apart, surrendering to my brother. I groaned as his fingers slid through my pubic hair, reaching lower and lower. I groaned as his digits found my shaved pussy. My sandy-blonde hair swayed in a braid down my back as he rubbed at my hot flesh.

His head turned and latched onto Pam's nipple. She groaned, her back arching as he nursed with hunger on her nub. He gulped down the same breast milk that coated my lips. It was such a wonderful flavor. Sweet. Melony. An aftertaste like cantaloupe. I licked my lips, whimpering as he rubbed his fingers up and down my pussy.

“Master,” moaned Lee. “I'm going to suck all the jizz out of your balls, Master! Just drink it all down like your piss.” She engulfed Clint's cock with a hungry mouth.

“You peed on her in the front lawn,” Pam gasped. “Oh, Clint, that's bad.”

“Hot,” I moaned, wishing I had joined the fun. “Lee, remind me to piss on you in public sometime.”

My little sister flashed me a thumbs up, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked. She bobbed her head up and down our half-brother's cock. She slurped and made such wicked sounds while I trembled. Heat rippled through my body as Clint's fingers slid up and down my slippery twat.

He nursed with the same hunger that Lee sucked on his cock. They both made naughty sounds. Pam stroked his hair, this look of delight on her porcelain face. Her slanted eyes fluttered, dark with her pleasure.

His fingers found the hole to my cunt and thrust into me.

“Oh, yes, Clint,” I moaned, my twat squeezing around him.

His fingers plundered into my cunt. He thrust them so deep and hard into me. He stirred them around. It was an incredible delight. My hips wiggled back and forth. My breasts jiggled and swayed, the milk building inside of me.

“Mmm, he's such a hungry man,” moaned Pam. “Yes, you are, my king. Drink it all down. I love nursing you.” She kissed the top of his head then rubbed her face into his short hair. She breathed in. “Love you.”

“Yes,” I groaned, my cunt squeezing down on his digits. He fingered us both, those wonderful digits plunging into my cunt. My twat clung to him. My juices soaked him. “Love you so much. And you”

I shot my hand down and grabbed the back of Lee's head. I shoved her down his shaft.

“You get that mouth down his cock. I want you deep-throating my king, slut!”

Lee squealed in obvious delight as I shoved her mouth down his cock, forcing her to swallow every inch of his cock. It was such a hot delight. My cunt squeezed down on his fingers. I pushed her lips into his thick bush.

I held her down, loving in her moaning and groaning. Clint growled around Pam's nipple. I could hear him suckling with such hunger on her nub. Pam stared at me over her head, this look of joy in her eyes.

“Yes, yes, Clint,” she cooed. “Ooh, you're such a wonderful man. Do you know that? I say it all the time, but it's true. You make me so happy.”

“Yes,” I hissed. “And you, you little whore, you need to make him happy. Make him cum.”

I pulled on her hair, a tight fistful, and hauled her mouth up his shaft. She moaned in pain followed by a whimper of pleasure. Her lips slid up his cock. I shuddered, Clint's fingers thrusting hard into my cunt as I pleased him. I pulled my sister-slave to the pinnacle of his cock and then shoved her back down again.

As Clint plunged his two thick fingers into my cunt, I fucked our sister's mouth up and down his dick. The submissive slut moaned her delight. Her ass wiggled back and forth. She had such a spankable rump.

Clint ripped his mouth from Pam's nipple and turned his head. He grinned at me. “Just working that slut's mouth up and down my cock, huh?”

“It's my job to make sure you get your pleasure,” I told him, delight rippling through me from his thick fingers thrusting into me. “That's your queen's job.”

He winked at me then ducked his head down. I arched my back, thrusting my nipple at his descending mouth. He latched onto my left nub and sucked with hunger. My milk squirted into his mouth. My cunt tightened on his fingers.

“Clint!” I moaned as he thrust his digits in and out of my cunt. He gave me such delight. This incestuous pleasure that had me trembling and groaning. I bit my lip and then gasped as he pumped his digits faster and faster in and out of my cunt. He stirred me up.

My body drank in all the bliss.

“Oh, Clint, yes!” I moaned. “Ooh, that's good. Just ream those fingers into my cunt and drink my milk.”

“All her wonderful milk,” Pam moaned. “Oh, Clint, yes!”

What had he done to her? Was he playing with her G-spot?

I found out a moment later. A third finger thrust into my cunt, stretching me out even more. My juicy hole clenched down on him. I whimpered, my milk flowing into his hungry mouth. I felt the liquid squirting out of me, sending jolts of delight down to my cunt.

My orgasm built and built with every thrust of his three digits into my snatch. I panted, the pleasure rippling through me. I released Lee's hair, letting her bob her head as the pleasure built and built faster and faster inside of me.

“Goddamn, stud,” I moaned. “Ooh, you suck with such hunger. I love it! I love nursing you, Clint.”

“Mmm,” Pam purred in agreement, her face twisting with pleasure.

Lee sucked with wet passion. Clint nursed with noisy gulps. My nipple throbbed as the milk fired into his mouth. It felt so much better when he nursed from me. I felt so close to him. I grabbed the wrist of his hand as he fingered me, his digits thrusting so deep into my cunt.

Then Clint's thumb joined the fun.

I gasped as he rubbed my clit now with his thumb. Sparks burst through me. I gasped and moaned, my nipples squirting milk into his hungry mouth. The pleasure surged through me. My cunt squeezed down on his fingers thrusting into my juicy depths.

I couldn't take much more of this. Pam whimpered, receiving the same delight to her pussy that I did. My hand tightened on Clint's wrist. I squirmed on the armrest of the chair. My breasts jiggled, especially my right not being nursed on.

Clint gulped down my milk. He suckled hard and I gasped as no more squirted out. He'd drained my tit and switched to the other. He latched onto my nipple with hunger, nursing on the one my daughter had mostly drained.

“Oh, yes, yes, Clint!” I moaned as he sucked out the gulps. My orgasm swelled fast. “I love you! You're such a stud! Fuck!”

My pussy convulsed and spasmed around his fingers. The incestuous pleasure surged through my body. The heat danced through me. Hot winds of rapture gusted through me. The bliss swelled through my body. I bucked and quivered on the chair's armrest. My tits heaved. It was amazing.

A treasure.

The pleasure howled through my mind as he drained the last of my milk from my tit. My back spasmed while my pussy writhed around his wonderful fingers. I soaked him with all my jizz. I loved every moment of it.

“Clint!” I gasped. “You stud! Goddamn, I love you!”

He popped his mouth off my nipple and kissed me. He thrust his tongue into my mouth, tasting sweet with my breast milk. I reveled in the flavor. I kissed him hard. My tongue darted with his, sharing that wonderful bliss.

God, I loved my brother. I wouldn't let anything mess this up. I savored his attention. His love.


Pam Hiragawa

Clint broke his kiss with Melody, his three digits plundering my cunt. I was so close to cumming. I stroked his head as he turned to stare at me, his three fingers thrusting deep into my pussy. I shuddered, sparks flaring from my clit. They burned through me.

He nuzzled into my right nipple. He sucked hard on my nub. He latched on and suckled from me. He'd drained my left nipple already. I wouldn't have much left in my right, but he gulped it down. The pleasure shot down to my cunt.

“Clint!” I howled as I came.

He growled around my nipple, suckling hard on my nub. He nursed while the waves of wondrous bliss shot through me. My pussy rippled around his cock. My mind drowned in the bliss. I savored it, stars dancing around my eyes.

“Oh, Clint, I love you so much,” I moaned, sliding my fingers through his hair. He kept growling.

“Oh, yes, slut, swallow all that cum,” Melody hissed, her fierce face twisted in passion. “Ooh, drink my king's cum.”

“Yes!” I whimpered, my body trembling as the pleasure soared through me.

Clint's fingers thrust deep into me. Another wave of pleasure shot through me. It reached this amazing peak. I quivered, trembling at the pinnacle of my rapture. I savored this bliss carrying me a little higher. I hung there.

Then I panted, my orgasm dying away into euphoria.

Clint nursed the last of my breast milk away. I shuddered and smiled, my nub throbbing and feeling extra-sensitive as my climax faded. He popped his mouth off and darted his mouth up. He kissed me hard, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I savored my own breast milk flooding my mouth. I kissed him hard, snowballing it back and forth, the sweet flavor slowly melting through my mouth.

“Mmm, you did good, slave,” said Melody. “But you're going to have love Pam and me now. You know that?”

“Of course, Mistress,” panted Lee. “Put my filthy tongue and naughty fingers to use!”

I broke the kiss with Clint. “I don't want a filthy tongue anywhere near my pussy.”

“Well, Clint did just give her mouth a washing with jizz,” said Melody.

“Oh, well, in that case,” I said, grinning at my sister-girlfriend. “She can run her tongue anywhere on my body she wants.”

Melody winked at me. Then she slid off the chair. Clint pulled his fingers from my pussy as I followed her. Our brother licked at both his digits, savoring our flavors. I shuddered as he mixed them, reveling in the bliss.

“Get us wet and ready for our man and make him hard,” Melody moaned, pulling me to the floor on top of her. “Now, slave!”

I grinned as I settled atop my girlfriend. Her breasts were round and firm, a little bigger than mine. I loved them rubbing together. Both my nipples were still sensitive from nursing Clint. They sparked with pleasure as I rubbed mine into hers.

She grinned at me, this naughty glint in her eyes. I groaned as she grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against her pussy. My furred muff rubbed into her shaved twat. She whimpered, her hazel eyes closing for a moment.

I knew how much she loved to feel my silky bush on her wet pussy lips.

I grinned at her and undulated my hips. It was such a delight to trib with her. Her hands kneaded my rump, fingers digging into my flesh as my clit found her hard nub. Sparks flared. I whimpered as I stared into her eyes.

“Get to licking their cunts, slave,” Clint growled. “I want you making my women cum.”

“Yes, Master!” Lee moaned with such excitement.

I heard her scampering around behind us. Then she was between our thighs. Her hands grabbed my thighs right before they met my rump. Her breath rippled through the curls of my bush. Her nose pressed into my pubic hair and brushed my pussy lips. Melody gasped beneath me a moment before Lee's tongue flicked into my pussy lips.

I trembled atop my half-sister as Lee licked us. She feasted on us. The incestuous delight ran through me. I loved that my father was such a big perv and had fucked my mother all those years ago and brought me into this world. I was thankful to be a part of the harem, to have Clint's baby.

Lee's tongue darted through my folds. She licked and lapped at us, going from Melody's pussy to mine and then back down again. She brushed our clits as they rubbed together, teasing them. Sparks flared each time.

“That's it, you nasty slut,” panted Melody. “Lick us up. I want your tongue making us cum, or you're going to be denied orgasms for a week.”

“I will never let you down, Mistress!” Lee moaned. “Not when it comes to orgasms! Neither of you. My sister-Mistresses will explode.”

“Yes, they will,” Clint said, watching us.

I loved it when he just supervised, witnessing his sisters writhing together in passion. He would be getting hard, ready to fuck us with that big cock of his. It was such a treat to be his. I whimpered, my hips wiggling from side to side, grinding on my sister's cunt.

Our clits brushed and rubbed and caressed each other. Every time made me whimper. It built a passion in me that would have me exploding in rapture. I groaned, my head tossing back and forth as this aching pressure built and built and built in my cunt.

Lee's tongue darted with agile grace between my pussy and Melody's. My submissive sister caressed my cuntlips and brushed my clit. Her fingers squeezed and kneaded my upper thighs, gripping me as she moaned her delight.

“Oh, they taste so good, Master,” Lee moaned. “Their juices are all mixing together. Melody's so sweet and Pam's so tart and now they're both sweet and tart. I can't tell them apart. Their cream's all swirled around.”

“Yes!” hissed Melody. “And you love it, you little skank.”

“So much!” panted Lee. “Ooh, Clint, yes, film it. Are you going to show it to the family with my movie tonight.”

“We're having movie night?” I gasped, trembling on top of Melody, our nipples kissing together.

“I caught Tad and Erica fucking!” moaned Lee. “Got it all on my phone! We'll download it and burn it to a DVD and watch it on the TV. It'll be so hot!”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” I moaned and kissed Melody.

That did sound so hot. I liked watching. I understood why Clint was standing around and staring at us, getting hard, anticipating the fun to come. It was such a thrill. I could rub my pussy and watch Clint and Melody fuck in the parking lot at our college or in our bedroom.

It was so hot.

I ground my pussy harder onto Melody's rubbing our clits together as Lee licked us. I kissed my girlfriend with such passion. Our tongues dueled as the incestuous lust built and built inside of me. Lee's tongue and Melody's body trembling beneath me brought me closer and closer.

We were pressed skin to skin. Breast to breast. Nipple to nipple.

Sparks burst as our hard nubs rubbed together, joining the delight brewing in my cunt. I kissed her with such passion. Her fingers dug into my rump. She held me tight, clutching on me as we both trembled together.

“Oh, Master, they're getting so hot,” moaned Lee. “I 'm going to make them cum hard.”

“Get them nice and wet for my cock!” Clint growled.

Our brother paced around us, watching and filming us. I shuddered and groaned as Melody humped beneath me. She whimpered into the kiss. My pussy swelled with my orgasm. I was so close to another beautiful burst of pleasure.

Lee latched onto both our clits, sucking on our buds, her nose rubbing into the folds of my pussy.

Melody broke our kiss and screamed. “Lee, you nasty brat, yes!”

She bucked beneath me and exploded in her orgasm. I could tell from the joy on her face, the bliss in her hazel eyes. Her fingers bit hard into my rump as she whimpered beneath me. Our nipples rubbed together as she spasmed.

My clit throbbed in Lee's mouth.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I gasped. “That's it. That's perfect! Clint, she's obeying you. I'm cumming!”

The wonderful pleasure burst in my depths. It washed out of me. Through me. I groaned, my pussy juices gushing out to anoint my bratty sister's face and spill down to Melody. I rubbed into her, grinding on her.

It was incredible to enjoy. To savor.

I kissed Melody hard. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. My tongue danced around with hers. I loved how she tasted, the naughty flavor of making out with my half-sister. She held me tight while the pleasure rippled through my body.

“Take over filming, slave,” Clint growled.

“Yes, Master!” moaned Lee.

“You can finger your twat, but you better not ruin the shot,” he ordered as she moved away from us.

“I won't! Thank you, Master.”

I gasped as I felt him falling between my legs. His hard cock smacked into my rump. Precum splattered from the tip. I shuddered as he rubbed his dick down into my crack. He slid past my asshole to find the lips of my pussy.

My amazing brother rammed his cock into my pussy that was still convulsing from my orgasm.

I squealed into the kiss with Melody.

He groaned as he filled me to the hilt with that amazing cock. I squeezed around him. I held him tight. His hands stroked up and down my sides as he drew back, his shaft stimulating all those deep places fingers couldn't reach.

I broke the kiss and stared into Melody's eyes. “Our brother is in me!”

“Yes!” she squealed in delight, trembling beneath me. “That's hot!”

Clint slammed back into me. He pumped away at me a few times before he ripped his cock out of me. I knew it was coming, but I still felt so empty without him. I whimpered, wanting his cock back in me. Melody gasped beneath me. Her eyes lit up in delight as he slammed into her. He filled her to the hilt, burying his dick deep into her cunt. His bush rubbed into my twat through mine, tickling my pussy lips.

Melody moaned and gasped, fingernails biting into my rump because he pumped away at her cunt with hard strokes. Clint growled, enjoying her pussy. My own ached to be filled. I knew it was coming, anticipated that wonderful moment I would be complete again.

My sister groaned in disappointment moments before Clint slammed his cock into me.

“Yes!” I howled, squeezing down on him. I felt so complete when my brother was in me. My body matched his. We were meant to be together. All of his sisters were meant to be loved by him. I trembled, my cunt clenching and relaxing around his cock while he pumped away hard and fast at me.

“Damn!” he groaned as he ripped out of my cunt and buried back into Melody's.

“Yes!” she moaned.

“You're both so hot and tight!” Clint growled. “You're both amazing. God, I love you both.”

“We love you, Clint!” I squealed, my pussy clenching down on him when he rammed back into me.

“We're your queens!” moaned Melody. “Always! We will always be yours! Oh, my god, that's good. Just keep fucking that big dick in and out of my cunt. Hammer me hard and fast.”

He did. He pumped his cock to the depths in me. He slammed that big, thick dick into my cunt. He buried over and over into my snatch. It was the best. What I craved. What I needed. My cunt gripped him as he slammed hard and fast into me.

He delivered unto me such heaven before he was back into Melody's cunt. I was so empty and yet so happy for her. We shared our brother's cock. The three of united in love and passion. I kissed her hard, our tongues dueling.

“Ooh, fuck them hard, Master,” Lee moaned, her voice throaty. I could hear her masturbating away, frigging her naughty cunt as she watched. “It's so hot seeing your cock burying into their cunts.”

“Yes!” gasped Clint. “Damn, you two are fucking amazing!”

He went back and forth. Every time he was in me, he brought me closer and closer to my orgasm. His dick stimulated me. Incestuous bliss surged through my body. I trembled atop Melody, groaning, gasping, on the verge of erupting so hard on his cock before he rammed back into Melody.

My orgasm would be perfect. Just the best thing in the world.

His dick slammed into me. I rejoiced to have him in me for those wonderful heartbeats. I kissed Melody, loved her. I was so glad to share with her. We squirmed together, writhing and shuddering beneath him.

His cock buried hard and deep into my pussy for a few strokes. Then he was ramming hard and fast into Melody's. We trembled, moaned, and kissed each other as we shared his cock. I was on the verge of my pleasure.

My clit ground into her hard bud.

My nipples kissed her swollen nipples.

Pleasure burned through me.

Clint rammed back into my cunt, groaning, “Pam! God, I love you!”

My pussy went wild about his dick. His cock pumped in and out of me as I came. My twat spasmed around him, sucking at him. I wanted his cum firing into me. It would be so hot. Such a wild thrill. I whimpered, trembling as the bliss surged through my body.

Rapture burned through my mind. Melody squirmed beneath me. She needed his cock back in her, but Clint was fucking my convulsing pussy, reveling in the pleasure my twat was generating for his dick.

“No, no, Clint,” I moaned. “You have to fuck Melody, too!”

“I will!” he groaned and then ripped out of me. He slammed into my half-sister's cunt. He delivered onto her the same bliss he gave to me. “I love you, Melody!”

Melody exploded beneath me.

Her body bucked and spasmed. She squeezed her eyes shut as our brother gave her rapture. I trembled in delight, my own bliss burning through me. Clint groaned as she moaned. Her eyes shot open, her fingernails biting into my ass.

“Fucking yes, Clint!” she groaned. “You're such a stud! My brother is a fucking stud who makes me cum!”

“Yes!” Lee squealed in her own orgasmic delight.

“Fuck,” growled Clint and then he ripped out of Melody.

Hot cum bathed my pussy. Our brother erupted on our twats, coating my bush and soaking my cuntlips. I shuddered, reveling in the hot delight running down my snatch to my sister's twat. My orgasm hit a wonderful peak.

“I love you both!” Clint moaned as he spurted more and more jizz on us. It was amazing. Stupendous. “You're both my sexy queens.”

“Love you, Clint!” I howled as my orgasm peaked.

Then we were all just panting and groaning. Melody and I kissed while Clint's cum ran down my pussy to Melody's. I felt so amazing right now. Clint panted behind us while Lee whimpered. I didn't want to get up.

I just wanted to lie here forever.

From the baby monitor, the sounds of one of our daughter's crying began. Instantly, the other one joined them. My nipples throbbed with motherly need to go up there right away. Clint rose from us, leaving us dripping in his cum, and said, “I got them. Lee, clean up your sisters.”

“Yes, Master,” she moaned, still masturbating.

Clint grabbed his jeans, pulling them on before he headed upstairs. I smiled as I glanced at the baby monitor. I could hear the door to the nursery opening and Clint entering. His voice was so gentle as he spoke.

“And what has my little princess all riled up?” he asked. “Oh, I see. Naughty, naughty Christie. We'll get you all cleaned up.”

I loved how amazing of a father he was.


December 17th, 2026 – Tad Blake

I slouched down into the seat across the desk in the heart of the police station. The two detectives sat down across from me. They left the door to the “interview” room open. It was there, inviting like I could just leave. I tapped my foot on the ground, aching to just bolt out of here. I knew it had to be my bitch of a sister trying to get me in trouble again.

I'd stayed away. Just like she wanted. Not my fault she thought I loved her. I thought she was happy being my slut.

The younger detective faced me. Her round face made her appear youthful though her mirrored sunglasses gave her a robotic cast. Something alien. She opened a manila folder and pulled out a single picture. She placed it before me.

I frowned at it. Clint Elliston in his black graduation gown, his little sister Alicia sitting on his lap. She wore a pink, girlish dress, like something a child would wear to church. She looked younger than nineteen and you couldn't tell she was pregnant in this picture by the way the dress fell down her body from beneath her breasts. Beside Clint, Melody sat, her graduation gown open, showing off her naked breasts. Clint's hand cupped her pussy, clearly fingering her while she had her head thrown back in rapture.

By the end of our senior year, Melody was wild. She was having sex all over the campus. Clint had some sort of blackmail on the president, probably had to do with Mrs. Umayyah running her daughter and other girls as prostitutes by then. Clint was in on that somehow.

“Did you take this picture?” Detective Savage asked as she slid it towards me.

“Yeah,” I said, glancing up. “You want to know about him fucking his sisters, right? Is that what this is about?”

The older cop grinned at me as he leaned back in his chair. It was a vicious grin, a wolf eager to sink his teeth into the rabbit. That pressure on my chest relaxed. Clint had gotten what he wanted. All his sisters were his sluts.

Not fucking fair.

“What do you want to know?” I asked, ready to cooperate.

To be continued

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