Kidnapped Models

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Disclaimer: This story is one of my darker ones, with strong non-consent themes. It's also just a fantasy, and the acts in this story I do not condone or support in real life. That's why this is just a fantasy! Now that that's out of the way, I hope you enjoy…*****


Kidnapped Models - A Story Inspired by Gary Roberts Artwork


Stacey and Bianca walked side by side along the beautiful white sand beach. The sunset cast the horizon in a fuchsia, peach-gold ribbon that had the power to mesmerize. The two young models had just finished a long day of try-outs, hoping to gain a top spot in an upcoming commercial. Friends from childhood, they had shared the same dreams, and all of it had led them to this secluded beach in Florida, where they hoped their careers might finally get the jump-start they needed. Both girls were 18 years old, and both were absolutely gorgeous.

Stacey was a tall, slender blonde girl with long, wavy golden hair that hung almost to the small of her back. She had large, voluptuous breasts, a smooth belly, and lean hips. Her blue eyes were warm and vivid, like the blue of calm ocean waters. She had a delicate face which often had a smirk on it, as she loved giving men a hard time and playing hard to get.

Bianca was also on the tall side, for a girl, and lithesome. She was a brunette, and her straight, glossy brown hair hung just past her shoulders. Her breasts were full, if not quite as pronounced as Stacey's, and she had a perfect, symmetrical face which had 'cute' written all over it. Her rich brown eyes and sexy little mouth were very kiss-able, and she too enjoyed playing hard to get with men. In fact, teasing men was a shared pastime for the two girls.

Now, as they walked along the beach, the waves lapping softly at the shore, the two girls just enjoyed each other's company. The ocean breeze rippled goose bumps up and down the girls' arms. Stacey wore only a pink-and-black bikini bra and panty while Bianca wore only her favorite purple bikini bra and panty. The two girls looked almost like a matching set, so perfect, beautiful, and young.

As they walked, Bianca smiled.

"So, what do you want to do after our beachside stroll? There's a dive bar just outside of town. We could go hang out for a while. Have a drink or three. I'm sure some local sap will swoon over us and buy us whatever we want."

Stacey shrugged. "I'm not sure. I don't know. I'm not feeling in the mood for it tonight. I want a real man to tease, not just some backwards locals."

Both girls were from New York, and they viewed rural Florida as almost like one of the circles of hell. It was too hot and the lack of sophistication here grated on each girl's nerve. Oh well. Soon enough both of them would be flying back to the Big Apple, haven of civilization and decent tastes.

"Did you hear that?" Bianca stopped. The dune on their right had some tall grasses which swayed in the breeze. She thought she heard someone moving in among the grasses, almost as if someone was f0llowing them.

Stacey snorted. "You always were paranoid, girl. Relax. It's just us out here. Come on, walk with me some more. This is nice, isn't it? Just us and the waves?"

The two girls kept walking until suddenly two figures erupted from the tall grass, barreling toward them down the slope. Both men wore black fatigues and masks. Both were extremely muscular and well-built, and one was slighter taller than the other. The tall one had a gun in his hand, and he pointed it in Stacey's face.

"Don't move, bitch. You either, slut." He turned the gun toward Bianca, who quailed.

"What are you doing?!" she cried.

"Shut up!" The shorter man growled. He produced two pairs of handcuffs and proceeded to cuff each girl's wrists behind her back. He began shoving the two girls forward, herding them toward the unknown.

"Wh-where are you taking us?" Stacey squeaked.

Bianca found a shred of courage. "Let us go right now or we'll scream." Then she felt the barrel of the taller man's pistol press against her face.

"You do that, little cunt, and it'll be the LAST thing you do. Now MOVE. You give us any trouble, you're both dead."

Both girls felt a surge of fear, their hearts beating hard inside their chests as the two men guided them to an abandoned parking lot. There were no cars except for a black van that sat behind a tree, well out of sight from the main road. The tall man opened up the back door of the van. He pointed the gun at the two girls as his companion shoved them into the van. There were two seats on either side. The shorter man barked at Stacey to sit. She did, and he strapped her seatbelt in place.

"Don't move, bitch."

He looked down at Bianca, who the taller man had forced to kneel on the floor of the van. He turned to his taller companion.

"Start driving. I'm going to break in this hot brunette."

"Sounds good to me," the taller one said. He moved to the front of the van, sat down, and started the engine.

Bianca trembled as she looked up at the shorter man, who was already beginning to strip out of his clothing. The shorter of their two captors was all muscle, and 'short' was only a term of comparison. He had to be at least 6'3 or 6'4. The man had a six-pack of muscle and pectorals made of iron. He stood now wearing nothing but the mask on his face as the van lurched into motion and left the parking lot.

"Please, don't," Bianca begged. She knew what was coming next. She knew and fear spiked in her chest, panic soaring along with her racing heart.


Max drove while Gary played with their newest prey. He took a wickedly sharp combat knife from the hidden slot of his discarded boot and waved it in front of the brunette's face.

"What's your name, bitch?"

"B-Bianca," the girl said, trembling. Her voice quivered.

"Wrong answer." He slapped her and she went sprawling to the floor. "Your name is 'slave' or 'bitch' or 'fuck-toy.' That's what you are to us, bitch - holes to fuck and female flesh to torture. You learn to be obedient and do every fucking thing we say, you might even get out of this alive. Who knows?" He pulled her up by her hair back into a kneeling position as the girl groaned.

"Let us go!" Bianca said defiantly.

Instead, with a dark chuckle, Gary grasped the handle of the knife. With a deft series of cuts, he sliced away the girl's bra and then her panties. Throwing the ruined fabric away, he pressed the flat of the knife against the girl's pussy. Bianca froze in terror.

"You want me to cut your pussy, bitch?"

"No! Please don't!"

"Then call me 'Master.' And start sucking cock."

Bianca's eyes bulged at the sight of the man's huge cock. It swayed like a giant, looming beast above her, long and erect and pulsing with veins. He prodded it at her lips. All too aware of the flat of that blade pressed against her sex, Bianca opened her lips reluctantly and let him push his cock into her mouth. She groaned, her tongue cradling his nasty dick as it slid toward the back of her throat. He removed the knife from her pussy, putting the blade aside so that he could bunch her hair in his fist, holding her head still while he rammed his cock into her mouth.

Tears slid from the corners of Bianca's eyes as she took him deep, half-heartedly sucking and licking with her tongue.

"You call this sucking cock?" Gary growled. "Maybe you need a lesson in how to suck dick!"

He reached down with his free hand and pinched the nipple of her left breast hard. She cried out, and even as she did he slapped her in the face again. Then he brought the knife up to her throat, yanking her head up with his one hand still fisted in her glossy brown hair.

"Are you going to suck cock like an enthusiastic slut or do you want to die right here?"

The anger and crazed look in Gary's eyes nearly undid her. The teenage girl whimpered with fear.

"P-please, I'll suck you. I'll suck you good. Please." Her pretty face upturned, she opened up and let him re-insert his cock. It slid between her lips as she formed a tight seal with those lips, her tongue sliding against his length as he thrust himself mercilessly into her hot, wet passage. She gurgled and moaned as he raped her throat, not caring one bit for her discomfort or the tears streaming down her cheeks. Soon he had a rhythm going. His cock flew into her mouth with such force, deeper and deeper.

"UGH! UHH!" She groaned as the tip of his cock slid all the way to the back her throat. His balls rested against her chin, her nose pressed into his pubic curls. She made loud desperate slurping noises as the lack of oxygen made her nearly black out. Then he was suddenly pulling his slimy dick free of her mouth. He watched as the gooey strands of his pre-cum drifted down her chin.

"Not bad, cunt. You're starting to get the hang of it."

Meanwhile, Stacey had been watching Bianca's terrifying ordeal. Her eyes were glued to the horrifying sight of what was being done to her best friend. Noticing this, Gary turned to the blonde.

"Don't worry, blonde pussy. Your turn will come soon enough." He looked back at the brunette girl. "Now open up and keep sucking until I cum down your worthless throat!"

Bianca obeyed, taking his cock deep inside her mouth once more. She slurped and sucked fervently, her jaw rippling with her efforts. She could taste his pre-cum, the salty tang of it. She could smell his musky scent too. It filled her nostrils as he pressed his cock as deep as it could go, her nose crushed against his pubic hair until he was stretching her throat as far as humanly possible.

"AAAAAHHHH! Fuck! Little whore, take it!"

Then it happened. He groaned as cum fountained from the tip of his manhood. Bianca nearly choked on it. It came out in a violent burst before she was ready. She sputtered and coughed as he drew his hard-on out of her mouth. Excess cum streamed down her chin and onto her tits.

"Stupid bitch! Why didn't you swallow?"

Before Bianca could reply, Gary slammed the butt of the pistol across her forehead. The naked girl went sprawling, stunned, to the floor of the van. With a groan of pain, she lay there, barely conscious.

"Just for that, when we get you back to the house, I'm going to ass-fuck you real hard, brown-haired cunt. You'll regret not knowing how to swallow a man's cum properly."

Stacey had been watching her friend's torture with growing panic. Now, as she saw poor Bianca's naked body lying lifeless on the floor, she could not have felt more fear. She looked up at Gary as he approached her now, his glistening cock bobbing with each step.

"You want to see if you can do better than your girlfriend?" His cock was already re-hardening into a rigid column of flesh. How was this maniac so virile? Stacey wondered, her body trembling.

"Please, I'll d-do whatever you want," she gasped. "Please just do what you want with us and then let us go!"

Gary called up to Max up in the driver's seat.

"You hear that, brother? This slut thinks she's in a position to make demands of us." Gary turned back to her now. His eyes were dangerous, glaring orbs.

"Looks like I need to teach you a lesson too, don't I sweetie?" He opened up a chest in the far corner and drew out a short three-tailed whip with three beaded ends. Using the same knife from earlier, he then cut away the blonde's panty and bra until she sat there as naked as her friend. Then he undid her seatbelt and forced her legs wide. All too aware of the air on her bare pussy, Stacey looked up fearfully at her captor. She saw his iron grip around the handle of the whip. She knew what was coming.

"Please, Sir, don't!"

The whip slammed down, the three tendrils smacking into her pubic muff and labia. The second slap of the whip landed squarely on her exposed pussy too, wresting a plaintive cry from the helpless female captive.

"AAAYYY! Please stop!"

"Mmm. I love watching your tits jiggle each time I whip you, bitch. Let's see that again." With another forceful flick of his wrist, Master Gary slammed the whip into the girl's body - this time aiming for her big, supple cones.

"AAAYYY!" Stacey screamed, her breasts feeling a sharp sting as the whip smote them. "Please stop! Please!" Stacey wailed.

To her relief, the cruel man put the whip down. He knelt down near her level. He flipped the bottom of his mask upward, just enough to uncover his mouth. Now he leaned down, tasting one of her nipples. He suckled on it softly as Stacey moaned.

"Uhhh! Please stop."

The man suddenly paused. Now his face loomed right in front of hers. His gaze was merciless.

"You want me to stop, bitch? You want me to go back to our earlier fun game instead?"

Quickly shaking her head, the blonde girl bit her lip as the man, seemingly satisfied for now, knelt even lower and put his head between her legs. Stacey looked in horror as the man's tongue flicked against her pussy. Oh god! The sudden bolt of sensation made the teenage girl feel shame. As he began to lick her pussy, his hands reached around, cupping her ass. She spread her legs wider for him, giving his mouth easier access to her sex. What else could she do? He had all the power. Even as her cheeks blushed, the helpless blonde closed her eyes and tried to pretend this reality was just a horrible nightmare which would soon be over.

"Mmm. You taste good, little cunt. I could feast on this pretty little fuck-hole all day long," Gary growled, standing up and licking his chops. He presented his cock to her face now. It was thick and tall and hard, and still glistening from Bianca's cock-slurping efforts earlier.

"Now let's see if you suck better than your girlfriend," Gary said.

Stacey looked up at the looming head of that hardened penis. She couldn't believe this was happening. This nightmare couldn't be real.

"Hey, we're almost there," Max said from the front seat. Stacey's stomach lurched. Where had they taken them?

Looking down at her with a frown, Gary growled, "We'll have to make this quick, then. Open wide, slut!" Stacey opened and found his cock sliding roughly into her mouth. She groaned and tried to relax her throat as he kept stabbing it between her lips. He had both hands now fisted in her blonde tresses, holding her head so tightly as he slammed his shaft into her mouth again and again and again.

"Ughhh! UhhH! Yeah, take me deep, whore. This cock is your god now. You better suck it like a good little girl! UHH!" he growled, his swelling testicles slapping against her chin with the force of his hard thrusts. The handcuffed blonde beauty could only sit in her seat and suck devotedly on her cruel captor's cock, hoping he wouldn't hurt her if she just pleased him.

Soon he had reached his pinnacle. Master Gary pulled out and erupted in the girl's face. Cum spewed across the girl's forehead, eyes, nose, and mouth, until a thick sheen of jism covered the girl's beautiful face. Stacey couldn't believe it. She felt so much warm, sticky cum sliding down her skin.

"Uhhh! Not bad, blondie. You look cute covered in cum," the man said with a dark chuckle.

"We're here!" Max announced. The van lurched to a stop.

"Good," Gary said ominously. "I enjoyed licking blondie's tight young pussy, and I want to introduce her girlfriend to the joys of cunt-munching." As Stacey's eyes widened, Gary nodded with a vicious gleam in his eyes.

"Oh yes, bitch. Next up, we're going to teach your brown-haired friend how to be a little lezzie slut. She's going to lick your pussy and make you CUM. Won't that be nice?"


When Stacey didn't answer and just looked at him, dumbfounded, Master Gary grabbed the whip again and slammed it down on the girl's cunt.


"Won't that be nice?' he repeated. His hand rose, the three strands of the whip ever so menacing, ready to strike.

"Yes, Master," Stacey said, repulsed and ashamed.

Stacey had always had an attraction for girls as well as guys. She even harbored a secret attraction to her best friend Bianca. But never, ever, in a million years or in her wildest dreams had Stacey expected that she would have her forbidden fantasy reach a kind of twisted fruition - especially in a nightmarish situation like this.

Master Gary teased the blonde girl's breasts by letting the tendrils of the whip hang down, barely touching Stacey's chest. He then abruptly pulled back, whipping her tits as she cried out again.

"AAAAHHH! Please no more!" she sobbed.

He looked down, his cock stiff and hard. "Look at that, slut. Your sweet screaming got my cock hard all over again. You should be proud." He put the whip down and rubbed his hands together. "Now let's get you and your hot little girlfriend inside our 'Dungeon House' so that the real fun can begin."

Dungeon House? Stacey didn't even want to think about what that meant. Oh god.

She watched like a helpless deer in headlights as Gary picked up a semi-conscious Bianca, lifting her effortlessly in his arms. Then Max came to the back of the van and grasped Stacey by her wavy blonde hair, yanking her to her feet.

"Come on, bitch. Move!" Stacey looked over at her semi-conscious friend, wondering if they would ever get out of this alive, as the two brutal men led them to a dilapidated-looking old house, three stories of peeling paint. The place looked abandoned, at least from the outside. Maybe that was by design. On the inside, it was another story. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to set up a carefully atmospheric interior.

In the main living room two big, sumptuous beds were set up. Lit candles on a side table bathed the room in a kind of eerie light.

Bianca finally came to as Master Gary set her down on the bed with red sheets. She twitched as Master Gary took off her cuffs and stepped back. Max prodded Stacey over on the bed beside her friend. Then Max handed Gary the gun, and he kept it trained on the two girls. Nodding to Gary, Max slipped out of the room and returned a few minutes later. What they saw in Max's hands when he returned left both girls gaping in disbelief.

A loud buzzing sounded as the long, ribbed pink shaft in Max's hands came to life. He handed it to a disbelieving Bianca. The gorgeous brunette looked at it in shock, then back up at her captor.

"You're going to shove it into your girlfriend's pussy and suck on her clit until she CUMS in your face, bitch. We want a good show," Max growled.

Master Gary nodded, gesturing impatiently with the gun.

Although Bianca's wrists were now free, Stacey still had her hands cuffed behind her back. Sitting at the head of the bed, the beautiful blonde opened her legs wide for her friend. Her pink opening looked alluring and sexy.

"What're you waiting for, bitch?" Gary growled. "Max, you might need to give this slut some motivation."

Bianca looked down. For the first time, she noticed how delicate Stacey's pussy lips were, almost like the petals of a flower. She noticed also, to her outraged shock, that Stacey was obediently baring her cunt for Bianca to lick.

"Please," Stacey whispered. "We have to do what they want."

The sexy brunette stiffened. "No." She turned back to Gary. Max had left the room again. "I won't. I won't do this! I'm not…I'm not a lesbian."

"You are now, bitch," Max growled as he re-entered the living room. He had what looked like a cattle prod. Bianca's eyes widened in horror.

"Yeah, it's what you think it is, bitch. So be a good little cunt and start licking your girlfriend's pussy with that big vibrator shoved inside her."

When Bianca hesitated, Max shoved the prod into the girl's chest just below her right breast and sent a jolt of electroshock through her torso.

"YAAAA!" Bianca screamed. "OK, OK, please stop!" the brunette wailed, climbing between Stacey's creamy thighs. She inserted the buzzing pink vibrator between Stacey's lips, sliding it into her snatch. Then she knelt down, lapping dutifully along the girl's slit. The sounds of her licks and Stacey's soft moans soon drifted through the house.

"I think the blonde cunt really likes her friend's tongue," Gary growled.

"No, I think she likes that big vibe deep in her pussy," Max said. "But maybe our brown-haired slut is jealous. She wants a big cock for her pussy too!"

"Oh yes," Master Gary agreed. Putting down the gun, he approached the slender, pale-skinned girl from behind. Admiring the curves of the girl's sexy ass, he began to fondle her cheeks. Aware of the sudden feel of her captor's hands on her ass, Bianca froze with her tongue against Stacey's clitoris.

She looked back. "Wait! What are you doing?"

"Giving you a hard cock, bitch. Think of it as a reward for your cunt-slurping lezzie show." Saying this, Master Gary spit into the girl's pussy several times, rubbing saliva until it coated the girl's sex.

"No. Please don't fuck me!" Bianca whined. But when she heard the ominous crackle from the end of the cattle prod in Max's hand, she quickly clamped her mouth shut. She returned to laving at her blonde girlfriend's sex. Her tongue stroked Stacey's joy nub as the blonde's nipples hardened with forced arousal.

"Ohhh god. Oh please," Stacey moaned. The huge pink shaft buzzing away along the walls of her vagina were sending rivers of pleasure through the helpless girl. Her cuffed hands clenched up beneath her butt as she panted, hating herself for how much she craved the continuing attentions of Bianca's mouth.

Bianca couldn’t believe Stacey was enjoying this. Her friend was participating in their own rape at the hands of these sadistic men. What was wrong with her? Stacey's heavy-lidded gaze, filled with lust, matched her quickening breathing as she looked down at Bianca licking out her most intimate folds.

"I'm sorry, B," Stacey whispered. "Please forgive me." Stacey's gaze drifted over to Gary. He was now kneeling behind Bianca, lining up his engorged cock at her soft opening. 'This is it,' Stacey thought. 'He's going to rape her now. He's going to rape her and I have no choice but to watch even as I feel aroused, with Bianca's tongue on my clit. This is so wrong.'

Master Gary shoved his cock with one brutal thrust deep into Bianca's pussy. The brunette groaned. She pulled back from Stacey's aroused sex.

"Please, take it out! It hurts. It's too big!" she begged.

"Shut up, bitch. You'll take this cock in your pussy and like it!" Master Gary growled. He began fucking her, establishing a brutal rhythm, his balls slapping against her thighs as he impaled her like a savage. Max grabbed Bianca by the hair and shoved her face back into Stacey's glistening cunt.

"Get your tongue back in there, bitch!" Max had put down the cattle prod, but now he had the three-tailed whip in his hand. He slammed it down with a sickening SLAP against Bianca's upper back and shoulders. The gorgeous girl groaned and resumed licking at her friend's pussy. Stacey's arousal was in full swing now. She was even nudging her crotch forward, pushing her wet cunt into Bianca's face. Max switched the direction of the whip, slamming it across Stacey's big, beautiful tits.

"AAAHHH!" Stacey cried out.

"Say again, sweetie? I didn't want you to forget the feel of the whip. Are you enjoying your friend's lezzie-munching? Hmm?" He grabbed her by the hair, his fist threatening with the whip again.

"Yes, Master. I love Bianca's tongue in my pussy. I love the vibe in my cunt. Please don't hurt us."

Satisfied with her answer, Max took a break from using the whip. Instead, he stripped out of his clothes until he was as naked as Gary, save for the mask. He then stood to watch, his cock hard and horny. Max watched as the moment of ecstasy built up in his companion and in their naked blonde captive. There were now only the loud sounds of Gary's body joining to Bianca's, the loud smacking sounds of a cock slamming like a spear into a helpless pussy, the teenage brunette's groans and slurping mingled into a heady mix.

Master Gary watched as his cock vanished into the girl's tight folds. God, this teenage pussy felt like paradise squeezed around his shaft.

"Uhh! I'm almost there, sweetie. Soon I'll empty my cum in that cute li'l pussy!" Gary promised.

Bianca's tongue meanwhile battered at Stacey's exquisitely sensitive nerve bundle. She nipped at the girl's clit now with her teeth, and it sent Stacey surging over the precipice.

"Oh god! OOOOHHH!" Stacey squealed, thrusting her cunt forward as the convulsions swept through her. Rivers of the girl's juices flooded into Bianca's mouth, filling the room with her pungent scent too.

At the same time Master Gary pulled his glistening cock out of Bianca's pussy. Admiring her swollen lips, he then rammed himself back in, balls-deep, and now he was fucking her with deep, pulverizing plunges. Swatting her ass with his hand, he kept fucking her as his climax approached.

"UHHH! So close. Get ready to get filled with baby-making spunk!"

Bianca's jaw glistened with her friend's juices. She was surprised at the sweetness of Stacey's taste. She had never, ever imagined tasting a girl's pussy before, and though she still felt disgusted with herself, subconsciously Bianca admitted to loving her friend's scent and the taste of her fluids too. But now all she could think about was that cock slamming into her sex, raping her.

She looked back at Master Gary.

"Please don't cum inside me, Sir. Please!" she begged. But her plea fell on deaf ears. Master Gary seized up with a guttural roar. He slammed himself forward, sheathing his cock in her silken folds, and held himself there, so deep. Thick ropes of seed spurted into Bianca's raped pussy as the girl shuddered in disbelief.

"No! You bastard," Bianca moaned. Gary waited until his manhood stopped twitching inside her. Then, slowly, he withdrew his sated shaft from her thoroughly raped cunt. He watched with sadistic satisfaction as his jism oozed from Bianca's snatch, forming a sticky little puddle on the bed sheets.

"Please, let us go now. You've…you've had your way with us," Bianca sobbed.

Master Gary stepped off the bed and gave his companion a high-five. "I don't think this bitch understands her place yet. Maybe you want to help her?"

Max grunted. "Oh, I'll make sure she understands her place, all right." He looked at Gary, a glint in his eyes. "Go get the electroshock ass-buster. I think we need to torture this sweet girl."

Gary's eyes brightened with cruelty and lust. "I like where your head's at. Be right back."

"Wait. Please!" Bianca protested as Max tied the girl's wrists to the headboard and forced her to lay on her stomach. Then Max looked at Stacey.

"I want you to clean out your friend's messy fuck-hole. Think you can handle that?"

Knowing that the wrong answer would bring only pain, the sexy blonde quickly nodded. "Yes, Master."

Max withdrew the vibe from Stacey's snatch, casting the cream-soaked toy aside. Then he guided the handcuffed blonde to kneel behind Bianca and thrust her face into Bianca's sex. Stacey dutifully lapped up the residue of Gary's spunk, swallowing all of it until Bianca's cunt glistened only with her friend's saliva.

"Nooo! Stop! Why are you helping them?" Bianca moaned. The brunette's words made Stacey's heart sink. Shame and guilt clawed at her, but she forced them back.

"Now get your tongue in her ass. We need to lube it up good for what comes next."

Repulsed by the very idea, it took all of Stacey's willpower and sense of self-preservation to obey.

"Yes, Sir." She leaned down, her tongue wiggling into Bianca's wrinkled opening. She licked and spit into her girlfriend's ass, giving her as much lubricant as she possibly could.

'I'm so sorry, B.,' Stacey thought. 'God help me, I'll do whatever it takes to stay alive and avoid pain. I hope we can get out of this somehow.'

Max watched as the beautiful blonde licked out her girlfriend's asshole. The captor loved the sexy sight of the blonde's ass and exposed pink pussy. He would have his cock in there soon enough. He couldn't wait to rape the bitch. He couldn't wait to rape both of them and listen to their screams.


It was a beautiful, sexy sight laid out before him. That's all Gary could think as he looked at the scene unfolding on the bed. The slender brunette had her wrists tied to the headboard, laying facedown and naked on the red satin sheets. The gorgeous blonde was in handcuffs, Max's hand fisted in her hair. He had her face thrust into the brunette's ass, forcing her to lick out her girlfriend's wrinkled hole.

Bianca's groans and protests filled the room.

"Welcome back to the party," Max grunted.

Master Gary hefted a triangular butt plug in his hand. It was connected to a wired box which could send electroshocks to a girl's most intimate parts.

"Out of the way, blonde slut." Stacey leaned back, her eyes bulging with horror as she saw their twisted 'toy.' Then she moved awkwardly to the side as Max pulled her back off the bed. Standing behind her, he slipped his arms around her torso, cupping the girl's breasts. He squeezed her supple tits as the girl groaned.

"Lucky us. We get to watch Master Gary torture your girlfriend."

Stacey tried to look away. "No. Please don't let him do this," she whimpered.

Max's hand slammed with a resounding SMACK against Stacey's pussy.


"Keep those eyes open and glued to the bed. I want you to watch every second of this! And if you even think of shutting those beautiful baby blues, even for a second, I'll take the cattle prod to your pussy. Got it?"

"Yes Master," Stacey croaked. She watched now with dull resignation as her girlfriend's ordeal unfolded. Max idly fondled his captive's curves, her tits and pussy, loving the way she squirmed and moaned when he inserted two fingers into her sex. She was still wet from her orgasm.

Meanwhile, Master Gary was already hard at work. He had inserted the butt plug into Bianca's ass. Now he secured it with the strap. Then he flicked the 'On' switch and turned the dial on the wired box attached to the plug. Suddenly a loud whirring sound erupted from the device. Immediately the beautiful brunette teenager groaned, her body squirming in vain.

"Please! AAHHH! It burns! Please make it stop!" she squealed.

"You want me to make it stop? Then tell me what you are." He turned the dial down temporarily and scooted over to the head of the bed. He caressed the side of the girl's face with deceptive gentleness and swept her dark tresses away from her face so that she could look into his eyes.

"Tell me what you are. Repeat after me: 'I'm a slave bitch. I'm your property. You're my Master.'"

For a second, it seemed that Bianca would cave. But then her cute face darkened with adorable defiance.

"No! You crazy fuck. I won't! I'm not your slave. Let us go!"

"Wrong answer." Master Gary now methodically prepared to ramp up the pressure. First he tied the girl's ankles down, forcing her legs wide, her pussy exposed and her ass still filled with the plug. Then he took the three-tailed whip and began slamming it against her cunt lips again and again. The hard, pain-wracked smacks were followed each time by her screams. He kept at this for what seemed like forever. The girl's swollen cunt lips were growing red from the smacks of the whip. Still she resisted, and he turned the dial up on the 'ass-busting' butt plug until the electroshock had her crying out for mercy.

"Please stop! Pleeeeease!" she wailed. Just when he had her at the breaking point, he put a condom over his cock and slid his cock into her sex. He loosened the ropes on her ankles and pulled her up into a kneeling position. He hammered her from behind as the plug electrified her ass, his cock punishing her sore slit.

Finally he turned it up all the way.

"Say it, slut. Tell me what you are."

Finally, the girl's will crumbled. The sexy brunette sputtered it out. "I'm your…I'm your slave bitch. I'm your property. You are my…ugh! You are my Master!"

As she said those last words he turned the dial down. He withdrew from her pussy, then took the plug from her ass. It slid out with a loud POP. Then Master Gary undid the ropes around her ankles. He slid onto the bed, his cock aching with need again, as virile as ever. The exhausted girl looked down at him uncertainly as he settled onto the bed, facing her, lounging with the girl now straddling him. Her slender, fragile figure looked like a dainty specimen perched on his muscular bulk.

"Well, slave, you admitted the truth, and I showed you mercy. How do you show your gratitude?" Gary looked down suggestively at his straining shaft. With her wrists still tied to the headboard, Bianca used her hips to position her soft opening just over the tip of his penis. She slid down onto him with a sigh, hating herself for it. Hating herself for helping this man degrade her like a piece of meat. She began humping his cock. The teenage girl pumped her pussy up and down, up and down, biting her lip to keep from moaning.

"Good girl," Master Gary said approvingly. He reached his hands around, slapping her ass cheeks with loud smacks as she kept riding him, impaling her pussy again and again to please this man who now controlled her completely like a god of pain and pleasure.

"Give me a kiss now, little slut." He flipped the bottom edge of his mask upward and leaned forward. He plundered her mouth, their lips joining as his tongue founds hers and claimed it as his own. She moaned into his mouth, yearning for the nightmare to end.

Meanwhile Max's fingers were gently pumping in and out of Stacey's pussy. He whispered soothingly in her ear.

"You see, blonde pussy? Your friend is learning to enjoy her new status as fuck-toy. Maybe you and she will survive the night if you please us enough. Wouldn't that be nice? I'm hoping you two last longer than the last few girls."

As his awful words hit home, Stacey stiffened with dread.

'Oh god! What will these psychos do to us once they get bored with us?' The thought hit her like a bolt of lightning, smothering her like a dark cloud of doom.


"Ahhh! Fuck! I'm filling you up again, cute pussy!"

Bianca groaned as she felt Master Gary's cock spew up her slit, filling her with his hot jism. She settled onto his lap, tears sliding down her cheeks.

Master Gary's finger collected one of her tears. He brought it to his mouth, tasting it.

"Mmm. Your tears taste good, bitch. Now you be a good slut and wait here. I need a break." Saying this, Master Gary untied the girl's wrists only to re-bind her face-up on the bed, spread-eagled, her wrists and ankles bound with rope. He forced her jaw open, inserting a red ball-gag, fastening it to her mouth.


"There, that should keep you quiet."

Master Gary took one last savoring look at his helpless captive lying naked on the bed. Her thoroughly raped pussy had swollen labia, and he loved the sight of the light dusting of pubic hair enshrouding her sex. He would have to rape that pussy again before the night was through.

Now Master Gary turned to see what Max was up to. The man had grown impatient to try out the blonde captive, it seemed. He had her on the floor, one hand pinning her by the neck, slamming her pussy full with his cock, raping her with savage fucks.

"Uhh! You go on upstairs. I need to fuck this slut's brains out before we take a break."

"By all means," Gary said over his shoulder. As he went upstairs, Stacey's moans and Max's grunts filled the room.

"Say it, bitch," Max shouted. Thank me for this cock raping your tight pussy!"

"UgghhkK!" When he half-choked her for not responding, she sputtered what he wanted to hear.

"Th-thank you Master! Ugh! Thank you for raping my tight pussy!"

"AAAahhh!" Max looked down at the slender, naked beauty pinned beneath him like a sacrificial offering. He looked at her mouth-watering tits, bared before him, jiggling with the force of his fucks as he impaled her helpless body. He looked at her beautiful, flawless face frozen in fear. It made his dick so hard, and finally he couldn't stop himself. He drew his glistening shaft out of her warmth. He looked down.

"Are you wet, you horny slut? Is that your juices I see clinging to my shaft?"

With shame and the ultimate embarrassment, the blonde beauty admitted the awful truth.

"Y-yes Master."

He reinserted his shaft at her opening and slammed himself balls-deep into her silky-soft wetness.

"That's what I thought. Uhh! We're going to have a nice, long fuck now."

Stacey squeezed her eyes shut. She tried to pretend she was somewhere else, anywhere but here. She tried to pretend that the traitorous lust coursing through her body was someone else's, that her cunt cream wasn't practically flooding and coating every inch of the cock sweeping through her sex. But she was lying to herself, and she knew it. A hidden, forbidden feminine instinct deep inside of her craved this - had always craved it. She loved being fucked hard - no, more than that. She loved being thoroughly raped and dominated.

Stacey was still afraid and she still hated these madmen, but now she hated one more thing - her own traitorous body, responding with lust to these savage men, to the savage cock now impaling her without her consent. She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt Max's penis straining inside her. He was about to…

"AAAHHH! Filling you up, cunt! Now you keep this spunk in your pussy. I have a job for you!"

As he twitched inside her, shooting his sperm deep inside her, Stacey wondered if he had just impregnated her with his nasty seed. But she didn't have time to worry about that now. Instead she gasped as he pulled out and yanked her wrist down so that her hand covered her just-ravaged sex.

"Now keep that pussy covered and hold my cum in your fuck-hole. I want you to kneel over your girlfriend's face and let it ooze into her mouth. Do it!"

Stacey couldn't believe what twisted ideas entered her captor's mind, but she knew she couldn't hesitate. The sight of the cattle prod in the corner was enough of a reminder, and she knew that the shorter man was still nearby and armed with a gun. So she obeyed. The sexy blonde climbed awkwardly onto the bed. She looked sadly into Bianca's pleading eyes as she straddled the girl's naked figure. The blonde's naked form soon squatted above the sexy brunette who lay prostrate and spread-eagled. Stacey slowly removed her hand. She watched as the sliding streams of jism oozed onto Bianca's ball-gag. Unable to keep her mouth closed, Bianca could only wait until the jism slid down the sides of the ball-gag and into her mouth - until she was forced to taste both the cum of their captor and the sweet feminine fluids of her friend.

Soon afterward, stars exploded in Stacey's vision. She slumped sideways from the blow, temporarily stunned.

"That's enough, cunt. Good job. You get your reward. You get to take a nap now." Max tied the semi-conscious blonde on the bed beside her girlfriend, spread-eagled and helpless. He pinched the girl's nipples and gave her a rough kiss. Then he reached down, fingering the girl's snatch, loving the feel of his remaining jism in her still-sticky folds. Soon she groaned and began to stir. He kept fondling her clitoris until she moaned, bucking into his fingers.

"Awake again, eh? You nasty little whore." He pumped his fingers deep inside her, rubbing along the inside of her passage. Then, using his other hand, he pinched her clitoris gently, thrusting his fingers hard and fast into her slit. She whimpered, her back arching, and gushed all over his hand. The scent of her fluids filled the room. His cock was hard again, incredibly enough. He just couldn't get enough of this blonde's sweet young snatch. He climbed onto the bed.

"Please, no more," Stacey sighed.

"Shut up. I want to fuck you again." He positioned his straining penis right at her opening. He pushed himself inside her, his buttocks clenching up as he fucked her like a machine. His balls slapped against her inner thighs with each brutal fuck. He grunted, spearing into the semi-conscious girl, blanketing her slender form with his hard body, until she groaned loudly, feeling his cock bathe her insides with a fresh surge of spunk.

Pulling out, he looked down at her cum-soaked cunt with pride.

"There. More cum to keep you nice and sticky. Sleep well, little bitch. It may be the last sleep you ever get." After fastening a pink ball-gag to the blonde's mouth, he turned off the lights and went upstairs.

'Let them have an hour or two of rest,' he thought. A dark reminder entered his twisted mind. The girls' torture and sexual subjugation might last for days, if he and Gary didn’t sell them to Guzman or to the Sheikh first, or if they didn't dispose of them when they grew tired of them, like they had the last few girls. But the evening was still young, and Max was confident that he and Gary would take this to its natural conclusion, wherever it happened to lead.

One thing was certain. As evening darkened into night, so too would the men's appetites.


“You think our two cute young pussies are awake yet?”

Master Gary and Master Max strode down the stairs. After a brief nap, weight-lifting workout and shower, both were ready for round 2. As they entered the living room, the men found both girls sleeping peacefully…or at least pretending to. Bianca lay with her glossy dark brown hair pooled around her face, her breasts rising and falling in rhythmic serenity. Spread-eagled with her wrists and ankles tied far apart, her cunt was bare for all to see.

Master Max had a warm, wet washcloth in his hand. He used it to start cleaning out the remnants of cum in Bianca’s sex.

Bianca’s eyes snapped open immediately.

“UHHH! PLSSS!” she begged, but the ball-gag fastened to her mouth kept her pleas muffled.

“What’s that, bitch? You need to enunciate,” Max said with a dark chuckle. He ignored her muffled protests, all the while methodically cleaning out the girl’s intimate folds. Finished, he threw the washcloth aside. Now he loosened the ball-gag, letting it dangle beneath the girl’s chin. Bianca had to open and close her aching jaw several times before she could speak properly again.

“Please let us go!” Bianca begged. “We won’t tell anyone, I swear!” Seeing his captive desperate like this gave Max the biggest hard-on. He looked down at his cock. It was stiff and ready, but he decided to take it slow for now.

“Shut up, bitch. You won’t tell anyone because you won’t LIVE long enough to tell anyone. Now just relax and try to enjoy what’s coming. I want to taste that pussy of yours. Who knows, I might let you get off in the process. After that we’ll be ass raping both of you sluts, and it goes downhill from there, so you might as well enjoy what you can.”

Stacey shuddered in the background, just glad that for now the two men’s attentions were focused on her fellow captive and not on her.

“No! Please don’t do this,” Bianca sobbed pitifully. She squirmed as Max knelt between her legs. Flipping the bottom of his mask up to reveal his mouth, he pressed his lips to her silken folds. He began to suck softly on her pussy, his tongue exploring her warmth. As he flicked his tongue inside her, Max reached up to fondle the girl’s breasts. He felt the two nipples pebble up underneath the palms of his hands.

“Please stop! Uhhh!” the sexy teenager moaned.

Ignoring her plea, Max sucked fervently on her little joy nub. He then slowly inserted one, then two fingers, penetrating her sex with easy strokes as her cunt moistened in response to his attentions. Soon he had her juices flowing. Wet sounds of arousal emanated from the girl’s snatch as he feasted on her.

Meanwhile, Master Gary took the now-familiar three-tailed whip and slapped it across Bianca’s chest. Bianca’s moans were interrupted by a squeal as the whip’s tendrils battered her sensitive, supple cones.

“Cum for us, honey. I haven’t seen you gush for us yet. I want to see that look of pleasure on your cute little face,” Gary growled. Saying this, he slammed the whip across her tits with even more force.

“AHH! Please! I can’t cum while you’re hurting me,” Bianca hissed.

“Repeat after me, slut: ‘Please stop whipping me, Master. I want to cum,’” Gary commanded.

Seeing the iron-grip of his hand around that whip handle, Bianca still hesitated. She had a shred of courage inside her still that wouldn’t let her surrender that last shred of dignity. In response, Gary stepped away and returned with the knife. He pressed the point of the knife to one of the girl’s breasts.

“You want me to cut off your nipples, bitch? You think I haven't done worse to sluts who disobey me??”

“No! Please!” Bianca moaned. “Please don’t hurt me, Master. I want to cum!” she said obediently. “This s-slave bitch wants to cum,” she sputtered, trying to remember the degrading terms her captors liked to hear. “Please don’t hurt me. Oh please!”

Satisfied, Gary withdrew the knife.

Meanwhile, Max’s slurping and fervent licks had reached a crescendo. His fingers were ramming into the girl’s wet passage at breakneck speed. His teeth captured her clit as he sucked hard. He felt that little hardened nerve bundle and squeezed it between his teeth with the perfect amount of pressure, sending Bianca dangerously close to the edge.

The girl was panting now. Her wrists were clenched up in her bonds. Her face was contorted in a tortured look of resistance and reluctant pleasure, the girl’s loins slowly but inevitably surrendering to her rapist’s tongue.

“Ohhhh please. Oh god!” Bianca crooned.

Gary grasped Bianca by the hair and turned her face toward him, loving the look of tortured lust in her eyes.

“I’m your god now, bitch,” Master Gray growled. “How do you like his tongue in your pussy? You better tell me now, and it better make my dick even harder if you want to live.”

Bianca’s beautiful face twisted into a look of fierce denial, as if she was trying to hold off the biggest orgasm of her young life. The girl finally seemed to cave, moaning at the top of her lungs.


“Tell me, bitch!” Gary swatted the girl in the face, then put his beefy hand over her mouth. “You want me to suffocate you?”

“Uhh! Nnn!” Bianca finally gave up, crying out as Gary removed his hand.

“I…I love him sucking on my pussy! Uhh! I’m going to cum, Master. Oh god…. Ohhh! My pussy… I’m so close. He’s making me… please, oh please… yes, just like that. Ohh. Yes! I’m commmiiiiiiinnnnggg!” As Bianca’s eyes rolled back, it seemed that her lust had truly spiraled out of control. Suddenly Bianca was thrusting her pussy onto Max’s tongue. Her body shook as her rapid breathing sped up even faster. She contorted, her back arching, and then her flood of sweet pungent cunt cream swept out to bathe Max’s tongue and mouth. Max slurped loudly at the gush of fluids as the slender brunette’s cunt convulsed in the heady throes of sexual bliss.

“AAAAHHHH!” Bianca cooed, bucking into his face as her spasms continued for what seemed like forever. Max kept nibbling at her sex, laving at her dripping cunt until the orgasm slowly faded. Gradually the girl’s heart rate began to return to normal. He stood up and looked down at his captive. The dazed look of pleasure and shame that shone on Bianca’s flawless face, her breasts still heaving in the aftermath of her orgasm, was just priceless.

“This little cunt’s nectar is fucking delicious,” Max said, licking his chops. He petted Bianca’s oversensitive sex, making the girl shiver and squirm. “I’ll almost miss this cute pussy when we’re done with her."

“Time for the main event, am I right?” Gary rumbled.

Max rubbed his hands together as Bianca looked up with pleading eyes and Stacey made muffled protests through her gag.

“Right you are,” Max replied. “Let’s do this. Time to rape some tight teenage asses.”


"Please don't do this!" Bianca begged as Master Gary and Max set up two tripods with recording video, one aimed at each girl.

Once they finished their task with no-nonsense efficiency, the two captors approached the bed. Master Gary put his knife to Bianca's throat.

"I'm going to free your wrists and ankles, little bitch, but if you don't do EXACTLY what I say, I'll slit your throat. Got it?"

Tears were forming at the corners of the beautiful teenage captive's eyes, but she nodded.

Gary cut away her bonds with his knife, and Max did the same with Stacey. Gary detached and threw aside the ball-gag dangling underneath Bianca's chin. Max unfastened Stacey's gag and threw it into the corner as well.

"Now let's get to business."

Stacey was sitting up, rubbing her sore wrists. She moved her jaw carefully open and closed. It still ached fiercely from the gag.

"Please don't fuck me in the ass! Oh please!" Stacey whined.

"You call me 'Master,' you stupid slut!" Max pinched both her nipples hard and then slapped her in the face. She fell to the bed and curled up into a fetal position.

"I'm sorry Master. Please… don't fuck me in the ass. I've never done it there."

"An anal virgin?" Max said with a dark chuckle. "Even better." He prodded Stacey to get up, brandishing a knife similar to Gary's. Then he had Stacey get on all fours facing the camera.

"Look into that camera lens, honey. We want to record every sweet second of this." Stacey's blue eyes were dulled with horror and resignation as she felt Max spit on her anus, rubbing the saliva into her hole. She looked back just in time to see him also spread his saliva up and down his shaft.

"We forgot to bring proper lube, little cunt. Hope you don’t mind," Max said with an evil grin hidden beneath his mask.

Meanwhile, Bianca was trembling as Gary guided her to kneeling on all fours in a position identical to her blonde friend.

"Perfect. Look at that sweet little ass. I wonder if it's as TIGHT as it LOOKS," Gary rumbled. Now, he gently fingered her asshole. She groaned as he pumped just his index finger into her star-shaped hole.

"This is so wrong. Please don't do this, Master. Please!" Bianca wailed. But she stiffened up now, all too aware of the head of his cock nudged against her puckered opening.

"Oh god! Please don't! Please!" she screeched, one last desperate plea for mercy. Gary slowly felt his cock come up against her sphincter. With a sudden push, he overpowered her sphincter, forcing his cock all the way embedded into her ass. Bianca was biting her bottom lip, groaning with the pain and that incredible feeling of fullness.

"UHHHH! It hurts! It hurts so much! Please take it out!" Instead of doing as the gorgeous teenage girl asked, Gary began hammering her tight hole with his rigid shaft, fucking her like an animal gone berserk. He thrust into her hard, one hand yanking her hair back by her long, shiny tresses.

"AAHHH! It hurts!" Bianca yelled. He pumped her ass harder, drilling her tightest hole without mercy.

Beside him on the bed, Max was having his own version of fun. As he began to slowly push his cock into Stacey's anus, the girl tensed up.

"Better relax, slave. You want this to hurt more than it has to?"

Hearing the cries of her friend right beside her, Stacey quickly shook her head.

"Please Sir, I'm trying," the blonde girl hissed. Her head dipped down as she bit her lip so hard it almost bled. Now Max's cock began fucking her with a rhythm, impaling her ass with a brutal cadence.

"Uhh! UH! UH! Fuck! You're as tight as I hoped, bitch. So fuckin' tight!" Max growled.

Now both men were going at it full throttle, pounding the anal passages of their helpless naked captives.

Bianca's smaller breasts shook with the force of Gary's hard fucks. Her tear-streaked face looked at the camera as it chronicled every second of her ass-rape. The girl's loud cries and groans filled the room, joined and sometimes overshadowed by her blonde friend beside her.

Stacey was having no more luck than Bianca at feeling anything other than pain, although she could just barely feel too a subtle, dulled hint of pleasure at the savage penetrations.

Max had his hand fisted in the blonde's wavy hair, yanking her head back so that she had to look directly into the camera lens as her brutal anal rape progressed.

"Uhhh! Look right into that camera, bitch. Uhh! You feel my cock deep in your sweet ass! Take it, bitch. UHH!"

Stacey felt a liquid trickling down her ass crack. There was a dull, throbbing pain in her anus, but a startling undercurrent of pleasure bled through too, like poison laced with sugar. It was getting more intense, and she realized that the man’s pre-cum was adding some precious lubrication to her ass. His deep, pulverizing strokes were awakening nerve endings in her anal passage she hadn’t even known existed. Inwardly she welcomed it, but outwardly she just wanted an end to the humiliation.

"Please!" she cried out. "Please stop! Please, Master. You’re hurting me!"

As her big, impressive tits shook with the force of Max's fucks, the masked captor merely fondled the girl's finely sculpted butt cheeks and grunted.

"Yeah, I can see that, slut. Guess we needed more lube, eh? Too bad. Your ass is gonna get torn up with dick now."

Right beside them, Bianca was now screaming.

"Stop it! Take it out! AHHH! You’re tearing me apart! Please take it out!"

"Uhh! UHH!" Gary grunted with each vicious fuck, his cock slamming into her puckered hole. For a second he did as the girl asked, drawing his cock out of her opening. He saw the red-tinted pre-cum seeping from her distended anal ring.

"Yeah, bitch, you’re stretched BAD, but this is nothing compared to what you'll be after I'm done raping that sweet ass." Saying this, he spread her cheeks wide and reinserted his fully erect manhood. Thrusting himself hard and fast, he fucked her ass as if it was his personal toy to use or abuse as he saw fit. As Bianca's petite figure trembled under the onslaught, her delicate face scrunched up in pain, tears sliding down her cheeks, and her brown eyes showed the toll of agony on her brutalized body…

And yet somehow a twinge of lust raced through her cunt as the stimulating thrusts in her ass awoke a more primal feminine instinct. Bianca denied its existence, though. She shouted and squirmed.

"You're going to kill us!" Bianca wailed. "Have mercy! Oh god! My ass is in so much pain. Uhhh… Please at least fuck me gently."

"You want a gentle fuck?" Master Gary said with a dark chuckle. Suddenly he stilled inside her. Then the slender brunette felt the barrel of a gun pressed to her lower back.

"You want gentle, I'll give you gentle all right. You pump your own ass down on my cock. Impale yourself. If you let my cock slip free of your sweet little ass, I pull this trigger."

Feeling a chill race down her spine, Bianca whimpered.

"OK. I'll do it." She slowly pumped her ass back and forth, engulfing her rapist's cock. Gary looked down to admire the sight of that sexy ass impaling itself on his raging hard-on. It felt like the tightest squeeze ever around his dick. He groaned with appreciation as the girl did all the work. Sometimes a slow-paced fuck felt even more pleasurable around his shaft, and now was definitely one of those times.

All the while, Stacey was undergoing her own ordeal. Max was pulverizing her tight ass with his iron-hard shaft, raping her without mercy. He groaned, a plaintive, desperate sound.

"Almost there, bitch. Soon I'll fill your bowels with some nice warm spunk. What do you say, sweetie?"

"Thank you Master," Stacey groaned, hating herself for debasing herself as her ass throbbed with intense pain and a traitorous hint of pleasure.

"AHH! Fuck!" Max shouted. Stacey felt thick ropes of cum shoot deep in her ass. She felt only relief, though, that he was finally gushing in her bottom. As Max slowly withdrew his still twitching cock from her perfectly shaped butt, a mixture of mostly cum with a trace of blood oozed downward.

"Oh, damn. You should see this, bitch. I destroyed your ass. It's not a pretty sight. Not at all," Max said with a cruel, mocking tone.

Master Gary was keen on following his companion into an ecstasy of his own. He looked down at Bianca's skinny ass sliding back to engulf his prick. Suddenly he grasped her by the hips, surging forward.

"Take it deep, bitch," he growled, throwing his hips forward, impaling her ass with a series of brutal plunges.

"No! You said you'd be gentle!" Bianca wailed.

"No more time for that lovey-dovey shit, slut. You take my cock in your butt-hole like a good little slave." He slammed into her puckered opening again and again, loving the way his shaft split her perfectly curved ass cheeks. Then, groaning his release, the muscular captor began shooting huge spurts of cum into her sexy bottom. Bianca felt an odd sense of relief as she felt his warmth fill her ass. Finally, totally spent, he withdrew his softening prick from her raped ass and looked at the cocktail of cum and blood which glistened within her distended anal opening.

His dick was already starting to re-solidify, the more he looked at the girl's ruined ass. Gary turned to Max.

"Want to switch?"

Max nodded, his cock already returning to life too.

The two female captives couldn't believe the insane stamina of these monstrous men. They proceeded to groan and cry out for mercy as the men raped their asses one more time. The perfect angle of the cameras caught every twisted expression of pain and disbelief on the brunette's and blonde's gorgeous faces. The recordings perfectly captured each girl's supple cones jiggling from the force of their awful rape. Finally, when the men had satisfied themselves, both girls lay on the bed face-down, their wrists bound behind their backs, legs spread apart.

Gary looked at Stacey and Bianca. The new loads of sperm slid down each girl's ass crack into each girl's pussy. It was a messy sight to behold.

Pulling up a chair at the foot of the bed, he sat on it with his arms folded across one another. Max handed him the pistol. Bianca and Stacey looked up at him.

"Uhhh. Please, you've had your way with us. You've raped us in every way possible," Bianca implored. "Let us go. W-we won't tell a soul!"

Stacey nodded quickly, chiming in. "You've fucked all of our holes. What more do you want? Please now, please just let us go. You'll never have to hear from us again!"

Gary looked suddenly amused as his cell phone vibrated on the table. He stood up and reached for it, checked the text, and then turned to his two captives with a dark, ominous laugh.

"You're right about one thing, blondie. I'll never have to hear from you two ever again." He nodded now at Max.

"They're here. Payment already received. We're out."

"Wait. What are you talking about?" Stacey protested.

Gary paused at the doorway. "While you two cuties slept, I called Guzman, our local drug lord and human trafficker. He and his boys are here, ready to try out their new merchandise - two fine young pussies. They paid top dollar for you two."

As he and Max chuckled, walking out the front door, both girls felt a surge of dread.

No sooner had they left, six muscular Hispanic men, all naked, entered the room. The tall one with the deadened stare was Guzman himself, his rugged face twisted into a look of lust as he saw the two helpless naked teenagers on the bed.

"So, these are our two new white pussies to fuck." He gestured to his men. "Let's try them out!"

"No! Please let us go!" Stacey wailed. She found herself flipped onto her back. A man climbed between her legs, positioning his cock at her labia, and thrust deep into her cunt as he began fucking her, their bodies smacking together.

"Uhh! Yes! A very tight pussy!" the thug growled, his testicles jostling and his buttocks clenching up as he raped her with pulverizing thrusts.

"Kiss me, bitch." Stacey opened her mouth, groaning as his tongue explored her mouth, plundering her taste, taking whatever he wanted. He kept fucking her like a tireless, demonic machine, and Stacey's moans only fueled his lust, making him fuck her that much harder.

"Uhhh! Milk my balls, cute bitch. Yes! Oooh! I fill that pussy now!" Soon the man was groaning his release, and Stacey groaned with him, feeling the deeply disturbing explosion of cum in her ruined snatch. She had no time to recover though. She lay there dazed with jism seeping from her raped pussy as the next man climbed atop her, ramming his cock into her as if she was just a hole to be used.

Meanwhile, nearby, Bianca had it even worse, in a way.

"Please don't fuck me! Please!" Bianca wailed as two men dragged her off the bed. One man undid her wrist bindings, only to re-bind her wrists in front of her. He then picked her up as if she weighed nothing and poised her sore sex just above his thick, throbbing shaft. Her bound wrists were looped over the back of his neck as her eyes met his hungry gaze.

"You ready to fuck, cute li'l slut?"

"No! Please, I'm not. I need to rest," Bianca urged. But the musclebound man didn't listen. He forcibly impaled her cunt on his huge, throbbing shaft as he lowered her, his cock bottoming out in her soft folds until only his testicles showed beneath her sexy ass. He then began pounding her, the loud slaps of their bodies rejoining again and again now filling the room, along with the sounds of Bianca's moans and the man's animalistic grunts.

"Ahhh! Ohhh god!" Bianca groaned, her nipples hardening up as she bounced on his cock, arousal coiling through her pussy despite her own shame and revulsion.

"I think she needs another cock in her ass," Guzman rumbled, stepping up from behind. He admired the way his man had the little bitch impaled on his cock. He stroked her smooth ass cheeks, loving the way they jiggled as she rode that hard dick. Now, joining the action, Guzman lined up his rigid manhood and nudged it into the girl's wrinkled hole.

"NO! I'm still sore there. My ass can’t take another cock!" Bianca wailed.

"Uhhh! So tight. Mmm. You squeeze my cock perfectly, little one," Guzman growled. "Sore? Bitch, I'll show you what sore really is." As the two men moved in tandem, brutalizing Bianca's pussy and ass, her squeals rose to a new intensity, and one thing was certain.

The hellish ordeal of these two kidnapped girls had barely even begun.


Outside, Max and Gary got dressed swiftly by the van and loaded up their gear. Gary got in on the driver's side, and Max stepped up on the passenger's side. The girls' cries could be heard clearly even outside.

"Damn, he doesn't waste any time, does he? How long do you think those sluts will last?" Max asked.

Gary grunted. "This is Guzman we're talking about. He goes through pussy, tits, and ass like chewing gum. I don't think those cunts will last more than a month, maybe two. If he doesn't fuck them to death and dump them in a landfill by then, I'll be surprised."

Max shook his head. "What a waste of good pussy."

"Not a waste, my friend." Gary thrust the screen of his smartphone in Max's face. It showed the new balance of money in their shared account. "Consider it pussy well spent."




Guzman held the object in his hands reverently, like it was something sacred instead of obscene.

“What’s wrong, cute bitch? We’re giving you a rare privilege. You get to see what’s it like to fuck your girlfriend with a big, hard cock!” He held a strap-on dildo. The main shaft itself was obscenely long and ribbed for maximum stimulation. There was also a tall, straight shaft intended to fill the user’s cunt, and another smaller prong intended to fill the user’s anus. The thing was a frightening triple-pronged sex toy.

It was over an hour since they had arrived to break in these sexy teenage cunts as their property. As always, Gary and his friend knew the drug lord’s tastes to perfection. Eying the beautiful blonde, who stood with her big breasts making him want to suckle on those sweet pink nipples, Guzman couldn’t wait to intensify the sexual torture.

“P-please…you and your men have all raped us. Isn’t that enough?” Stacey said dully. By now, after the constant stream of raping cocks, she could barely ignore the throbbing between her legs. Even now, jism seeped from her overused sex and along her inner thighs. Her wrists were cuffed in front of her, and she had no choice but to obey.

Guzman’s lieutenant and right-hand man, Matos, stepped up holding the cattle prod which Gary and Max had left for them as a little ‘bonus’.

“You want my associate to use this cattle-prod on your pussy?”

Stacey shook her head. “No! Please, I’ll do it. I’ll do what you want.”

The gorgeous blonde’s gaze strayed to poor Bianca. The slender brunette had been tied spread-eagled on the bed again. A man was just finishing up inside her, his grunts ending in a long, drawn-out groan as he gushed deep in her sore, aching cunt.

“UHH!” Ramirez groaned as his sperm filled her up, the fifth man to rape her in the last hour. He pulled out and left the bed. Bianca’s tear-streaked face was expressionless, her eyes closed. If it weren’t for the occasional rise and fall of the girl’s chest, Guzman might have even thought she was dead. He strode over to her now.

“Wake up, little bitch,” Guzman growled, smacking the girl’s cheek. Bianca’s eyes flew open.

“No more…” she mewled weakly. “I can’t take anymore. Have mercy! Uhhh…”

“You can take much more, little whore, and you WILL,” Guzman warned. He motioned for Stacey to come to the foot of the bed. The girl lurched forward and leaned over the bed as one of Guzman’s thugs took the strap-on dildo from Guzman’s hands. He proceeded to attach it to the blonde captive. The blonde teenager groaned as the butt plug and straight prong of the dildo filled her two sore holes. Matos stepped behind her now, making her stand up again with her back to his chest. He cupped the girl’s big, supple cones and whispered in her ear.

“Is your pussy and ass full now, bitch? Are you ready to fuck your friend?”

Stacey’s face contorted from the intense discomfort. She’d never felt so much fullness, her pussy and ass stretched to the max by the cruel strap-on she now wore.

“Y-yes Master. This slut obeys. I-I’m ready to fuck her,” Stacey said meekly.

“You see?” Guzman said, watching the expression on Bianca’s face as she finally got a full view of the monstrous size of the dildo’s curved shaft. “That big cock is going to be fucking you so soon. Doesn’t it make you wet just thinking about it?”

Bianca’s expression turned to one of pure horror.

“NO! I can’t. It’s huge. That thing won’t fit in my pussy!” Bianca protested. “And I’m so sore. Please, I need rest. My pussy hurts.”

Guzman framed the girl’s labia with his fingers, highlighting the sight as his men looked on. Cum oozed from the girl’s swollen lips. Her cunt was red from the constant poundings, and even the flesh around it was red from whippings and the smacks of the men’s hands.

The angular, harsh face of Guzman now looked at the naked blonde captive, and there was no mercy in his eyes. None at all.

“You know what to do, blonde cunt. You fuck this pussy now. You put on a very good show for us, or else we do worse things to you.” Matos stepped toward her. He picked up the cattle prod and pressed the button, sending a crackle of electricity through the tip.

“Please, I’m doing it. Oh god,” Stacey said. She mounted the bed. The beautiful blonde girl crawled between Bianca’s legs. Her gaze and Bianca’s met for one awkward, painful moment.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. I have to do this or they’ll hurt me so bad. I have to.” With an apologetic look, Stacey lined up the huge rubber phallus, the tip of the cock nudging at the brunette’s opening.

Bianca squirmed and begged.

“Stacey, stop! Don’t help them rape me! Stacey, don’t do this!”

“Someone shut that little pussy up,” Guzman growled. Within seconds, one of the other thugs had stuffed a rubber ball gag into Bianca’s mouth, fastening it so tightly to her face that her jaw ached almost immediately. Groaning through her gag, Bianca’s eyes widened as Stacey finished positioning the humongous strap-on dildo. Then the blonde grasped the brown-haired girl’s hips and began thrusting forward.

“NNN! PLS!” Bianca squealed through her gag as Stacey’s dildo sank into her pussy.

“It’s…it’s too big for her, Master,” Stacey said with dismay as Bianca screamed and flailed, the cock lancing deep into her cum-soaked cunt. The cum of the previous men who had raped her helped lubricate the girl’s snatch, but it still wasn’t enough. The harsh ribbing on the dildo itself created stimulations that assaulted the helpless, bound girl with one wave after another.

“AAAHHH!” Stacey squealed. She realized that they had just shocked her with the cattle prod.

“You call that fucking, little slut? I want some real hard fucking now. None of this soft shit. Fuck her like you mean it,” Guzman shouted. He took the cattle prod from Matos and thrust it between Bianca’s tits.

“You want some too, little tits? Here!” Bianca shouted in agony through her gag as the shock jolted through her body. Meanwhile, Stacey had begun fucking her with desperate zeal. Her slender body plowed into her friend. She fucked her with hard thrusts, the dildo lancing deep inside her each time. The men stood back and watched the unbelievable sight: one beautiful girl with a strap-on dildo, her golden tresses swaying as she fucked her slender naked friend spread-eagled on the bed.

“Ah. This is hot. This is what I call sexy,” Guzman growled. He stood back for a moment as Stacey’s buttocks clenched up with the efforts of her thrusts. Poor Bianca groaned and squealed through her gag as that dildo raped her pussy with deep, violent plunges, filling her up completely with each and every obscene penetration. But Guzman noticed something, the more he watched. The gorgeous blonde was still holding something back. She was still keeping some of the violence, some of the force, in check with each of those thrusts, giving her brown-haired girlfriend a subtle measure of mercy.

This was unacceptable.

With a surge of anger, Guzman’s hand clenched around the handle of the cattle prod. He thrust it at Stacey’s belly, sending a surge of electricity straight through her body.

“AAAYYY! Please Master, I’m doing what you want!” Stacey screamed.

But Guzman came up behind her, taking a fistful of the girl’s golden hair, tugging her head back as he brought the tip of the cattle prod within inches of the girl’s neck.

“You’re holding back, bitch. Now really FUCK this little hottie with your dildo. Make her young pussy FEEL every fucking inch of you, blonde slut, or you’ll watch each other fucking DIE.”

“I’ll do it! I’ll fuck her as hard as I can, I swear!” Stacey cried out, sobbing as she steadied her cuffed hands on Bianca’s belly and thrust her hips forward with all her might. Now the dildo swept forward with the full measure of violence, impaling the brunette’s sex without even a shred of mercy. Stacey continued to fuck her friend like this, her hips pounding forward. Stacey raped her friend with the hard, brutal strokes her captor demanded of her. Bianca’s eyes were squeezed shut in pain as the cock slammed through her jism-coated cunt. Her pained cries matched the rhythm of Stacey’s clenching butt each time the naked blonde fucked her friend with the dildo in the most appalling act of forced brutality from one captive to another.

Guzman’s gaze slid to the slender brown-haired girl with disapproval.

“Did I say you could shut your eyes?” he roared. “You open them and look at your girlfriend while she fucks you!” He took the cattle prod now and stabbed it just to the right of Bianca’s left breast. The jolt made Bianca seize up and then go completely slack. Her naked body lay lifeless on the bed, more like a discarded body than a living human being.

“Oh my god!” Stacey cried out. “Is she…?” She couldn’t say the word, but the beautiful blonde girl certainly thought it. Had this cruel monster just electrocuted her friend to death? Was Bianca really dead??

As if reading Stacey’s thoughts, Guzman turned toward her with a feral grin.

“Don’t worry, slut. Your brown-haired bitch friend just passed out. Couldn’t handle a little shock to her tits. Pathetic.” Saying this, Guzman idly prodded the brunette’s lifeless body and sent another shock through Bianca’s belly.

“AAAHHH!” Stacey squealed. “That hurts. Please no more!”

“What’s wrong, fuck-toy? Are you getting some of the shock through your friend’s body?”

Stacey nodded desperately. “Yes, Sir. Please stop! Please, Master.”

“You dare think you can tell me what to do, bitch?” Guzman roared. He thrust the cattle prod at Stacey’s breasts and sent her a maximum jolt. Stacey’s eyes bulged as the current slid through her body, through her breasts and belly and loins, jolting everywhere as her overstimulated brain had to shut down from the onslaught of every pain receptor. The girl passed out, sagging forward on top of her friend.

Two gorgeous, naked, and lifeless girls now lay on the mattress as stillness and silence reigned.

The drug lord grunted with a dark scowl of profound disappointment.

“Why are young American pussies always so fucking fragile?” He shook his head and snapped his fingers, summoning Matos and the others’ full attention.

“What do you want us to do, Boss?” Matos asked.

He pointed at the two unconscious captives. “Tie them up, wrists behind their backs, ankles bound tight, and gag them both. Then throw them in the back of the truck. We take them home with us. Have the sluts cleaned up when we get back. Tell Gomez and the others to join us tomorrow night for a rape party they won’t soon forget!”

Matos and his men nodded.

“You got it, Boss.”

Guzman turned over Stacey’s limp form. His finger traced her bottom lip as his other hand fondled her supple breasts, loving the softness of her smooth skin.

Pale moonlight shone on the girl’s naked torso, and in this surreal moment she looked calm, at peace. Guzman turned to look at Bianca, her ball-gagged mouth dripping saliva as she lay unconscious on the bed. ‘Such a beautiful sight,’ Guzman thought. ‘These two bitches are mine, and I’ll use them roughly and often.” His men sometimes talked about how he used his captured cunts like pairs of socks, wearing them again and again until they simply wore out. But Guzman couldn't change his fundamental nature.

The cruelty and lust inside of him wouldn't have it any other way.


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