Family Knows Best

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I groaned in exhaustion, and fell back upon my double bed, my mind leaving me as the pleasure subsided, and sleep claimed me. I started to think back, with my last few moments of consciousness, on the events of the last few days…
Let me introduce myself, my name is Jeremy. I’m a 17 year old teen, not too popular, not too much of an outcast. I’m athletic, but I don’t play any sports, except for working out at the gym 3 days a week. I’ve got short brown hair, an odd mix of green, yellow and grey eyes, standing at 5’ 11”, and a 7 inch cock. Yes, being the slightly insecure teen that I am, I’ve measured every day, though I’m pretty sure it’s stopped growing. Anyway, back on topic. My family’s pretty standard. Working dad, he’s a supervisor, my mom’s a bank teller, and I have a 15 year old sister, Ane, who goes to my school as well. She looks the same as me, though where I’m kind of normal, she’s more of a popular crowd sort of girl. Long blonde hair (dyed of course), slender figure, standing at just under 5’ 6”, with a D cup bust. Until the events that led up to that night, I’ve never even thought of her as anything but my sister, and damn gorgeous because of it. I never saw her as a woman.
Groaning, I dropped the pen on my closed school binder, my hand burning a little from all the writing I’d just done. My history teacher was a real asshole, always wanted essays handwritten instead of typed. One kid had tried printing it out before, using a stylized font to make it look like he’d written it, and Mr. McCullan had failed it without even reading it. Ane giggled from the doorway, leaning against it like she always did.
“Hey bro…Mr. MC being an ass and assigning 3000 page essays again, on some dusty old thing that no one cares about anymore?” She asked with a smile, and I laughed a little, before nodding.
“Yeah. It’s like he’s completely anti-technology. There’s a reason we invented computers and everything. People got fed up writing things by hand. Wish he’d understand.” I said with a sigh, and leaned back. She giggled, walking into my room with that almost bouncy walk she had, and sat in my lap.
“Aww, does my big bro want me to kiss it better?” She teased, picking up my left hand and started kissing it. I laughed a little, and shook my head.
“You’re a tease, you know that?” I said before slipping my hand under her arms and started tickling, making her squeal and hop off me. “Any reason you came up to bother me as I finished that boring ass work?”
She giggled and nodded. “Yup. Mom and Dad are doing their date night thing. Pizza’s on the table already.” I rolled my eyes a little and got up. “Meat lovers, just like I love.” She continued, and unable to help myself I shot back,
“That’s right sis. You love the meat.”
She stared at me, a little mortified I’d said that, then we both burst out laughing.
“Be down in 5, or I’m not saving you any.” She called, bouncing out of my room again. I laughed and followed after her, catching a glimpse of my parents leaving, both dressed up. I knew they wouldn’t be back till after midnight, but I wasn’t complaining.
Years ago, after almost going through a divorce, they found the spark that rekindled their relationship, and saved their marriage. Now, at least twice a week, they went out on dates. Sometimes they didn’t come home at all, and me and Ane shared a laugh, knowing they were probably going at it like rabbits. We both hoped they didn’t come home one day and tell us that we would have a little brother or sister running around. Some nights though, they did come home. But the knowledge that we were there, just beyond closed doors, never once stopped them.
One fateful night, when I was a few years younger, I’d woken up after they came home, and went down to get a drink. I froze at the bottom of the stairs where I was hidden from view as I saw a porno on TV. The woman on it was moaning, but the volume was low. What I heard instead, was my dad moaning, and something that looked like my mom’s dress on the floor. I noticed something bobbing up and down from the couch and I remember blushing darkly, before hearing my dad say something.
“That’s it…take it all…be my dirty whore.” He moaned. “Mmm….fuck yes. Make me cum down that slutty throat of yours. Fuck…that’s it. Use that tongue, just like that. Get ready…I’m cumming.” He groaned, in what I now knew was pleasure, and saw him jerking. My mom came up, topless, and showed him something. I didn’t see what happened next, because I ran back up to my room with the best hard on I’ve ever had. I ended up cumming three times that night before I finally passed out, thankfully under my covers…though I had to spill juice on them the next day so they could be washed before anyone noticed.
I walked into the kitchen quietly, almost drooling as I smelled the fresh pizza. The place we ordered from, always made it fresh, and I smirked as I opened the box and saw a piece missing. I grabbed two, and headed out to the living room, sitting beside Ane, who was munching away happily at one of her pieces. Laughing, I shook my head.
“Okay. You picked the movies last time, this time it’s my turn.” I said, and grinned, picking up the remote and browsing through some of the on-demand movies, finally settling on a couple horror movies, to which she promptly whined.
“But I hate horror movies! They give me nightmares!” She pleaded, and I sighed.
“Fine, I’ll tell you what. You can sleep with me in my bed tonight after.”
“Deal!” She said happily, and I sighed. She loved to sleep in my bed for some weird reason. I have no idea why, and at the time, I had no idea that it was me. The thought never even crossed my mind.
The evening passed quickly, with her squeaking or crying out in surprise, and gripping onto me, though we did manage to put away the entire pizza. At some point, I had fallen asleep, and woke up to the sound of water running. Grumbling, and still half asleep, I walked up to the bathroom quietly, thinking she’d left the sink on again, as she’d done before. As I pushed the door open, not even wondering why it was only open a crack, and froze as I saw something I wasn’t meant to.
My sister, butt naked in the shower, running her hands up and down her smooth tight stomach, occasionally brushing her hands against her breasts. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t notice me. Without opening her eyes, she turned around, reaching for the shampoo bottle, and cursed a little as she dropped it. Slowly, she bent over, and my mind went numb, forever freezing the sight I saw in my memory. Her soft wet pussy, winking at me, like a prostitute on the street corner, trying to beckon me over. She shaved too, I saw no hair at all, and groaned quietly before clamping a hand over my mouth and shut the door before she heard me.
I ran back to my room, and shivered, trying to process what I’d just seen. My sister, my baby sister, the girl who would always run up to me and show me a bug she’d found, or drag me over to see a neighbors puppy or something. I tried to remember, when she’d gone from being that cute little girl…to being this…sexy, developing woman that I’d just walked in on.
I stared at my wall for the longest time, before I felt a pressure in my pants, and realized that I was throbbing hard. Probably had been the entire time. Blushing at the mere thought of what I was doing, I stripped down to my boxers and got in bed, like I usually did, before I slowly wrapped a hand around my cock and started to pump slowly, picturing my sister like she had been, bent over and practically begging me to take her.
Shutting my eyes to keep my mind on it, I groaned as pleasure started building inside me, starting in my stomach and spreading as I picked up the base, gripping a little tighter. I didn’t even hear the water stop, and had no idea she’d been standing there as my eyes opened and I moaned her name.
That was when our eyes locked, and I saw how flushed she was. She made a kind of squeaking sound, and bolted from the room. Cursing, I went after her and found her outside her own room, blushing darkly.
“I…I’m sorry.” She said quickly, and thinking that she hated me, I wrapped my arms around her.
“No…I’m the one who should apologize. I…I shouldn’t be thinking stuff like that. Please don’t hate me.” I whispered and she turned to me, pressing lightly against me.
“I…don’t hate you. I…was just scared. I’ve…never seen something like that. I…do…do you find me attractive or something?”
I gulped, and nodded. “Yes…I don’t know when I started seeing you as a beautiful woman…but…I’ve dreamt about you before. And…they weren’t…always appropriate.” I whispered, holding her. She bit her lip, and moved from my arms, leading me back to my room.
“I…I’ve dreamt of you too…I…want to show you how much I love you.” She whispered, and I dumbly followed.
Both of us were blushing, and I sat down on my bed without her even telling me too. I stared at her, her beautiful blonde hair, her gorgeous eyes, those amazingly sexy lips, and I leaned close and kissed her. She stiffened a little, but soon started to kiss me back, deep and passionate. I jumped a little when I felt her hand on my thigh, but just kept kissing her. When we pulled apart for air, I let out a quiet groan of pleasure as I felt her hand slide up my thigh slowly.
“I’ve…never done anything like this before.” She whispered.
“Neither have I.”
“Will you teach me?”
I nodded, and watched her slowly slide between my legs, and blushed as she slowly pulled my cock out. She stared at it like it was a dangerous animal, then leaned close and gently kissed the tip of it, causing me to take a sharp breath and clench up. She giggled a little, and started placing soft gentle kisses up and down the length of my rod, going all the way to the base.
“It…it’s huge.” She whispered, then opened her mouth, and slowly wrapped her lips around it.
“R-really? I…always thought I was a little small…though I’ve never really looked.” I whispered, groaning as I felt the warmth of her mouth envelop me.
I gently rested a hand on the back of her head, stroking her hair gently, biting my lip. She smiled a little, and started to slowly suck on my tip, and I let out another groan of pleasure.
“That’s good…you…your making it feel really good. You…can take more…to make it feel better…” I whispered, and saw her blush, before she obeyed me, slowly moving down, taking more of my shaft, sucking and licking all the while. She got about halfway down before she stopped, and I stroked her hair. There was almost a look of disappointment in her eyes, and I smiled lightly.
“It’s okay…you’re doing amazing.” I whispered, shivering in pleasure. I knew what she was doing, but I’d never been with someone, and had no way to compare. I groaned quietly watching as she started moving up and down as she had before, sucking on my throbbing cock, bringing me more and more bliss. I didn’t know how long I’d last, and I didn’t care. This was amazing, too amazing. I let out a hungry moan, and bit my lip, stroking her hair again.
“It…feels so damn good…” I whispered, and she pulled back, panting and breathing hard against my throbbing cock.
“I…know you’re…getting close. So…go ahead…let it out…I…want to taste it…” She whispered, then once again, wrapped her lips around my shaft, going at me with renewed effort and vigor, and I groaned in pleasure again.
“I…I’m cumming.” I hissed, and arched against her mouth, flooding it with my hot cum. She pulled back in surprise after the first shot, and the next two landed on her face. I saw her swallow what she’d captured, already breathing hard. I’d never had such a powerful climax, and briefly heard her whisper something about how it tasted weirdly good, and that she liked it. I managed a shakey smile, as I fell back against my bed, shivering all over.
“I’ll…return the favor…when I can move.” I managed, and she giggled a little.

End of chapter one.
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