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So… I’m lying here with my cock buried deep in the softest mouth I’ve felt in years and a very talented tongue trying to coax me over the edge. Maureen’s soft brown hair is falling across my legs and sending unexpected shivers up my spine, causing yet another wave of ecstasy to overload my senses as hands lightly skin across along my legs, those lips welcoming my shaft ever deeper into that amazing mouth…

I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. How could that be? I’m 35, decent enough looking and have had my share of women in my life, and never had a great blowjob? Not quite… you see, this goddess currently seated on my face and causing my sensory overload? The one I’m trying to make sure has an orgasm every bit as magical as the one I feel trending ever closer? My tongue is wrapping itself around her cock as it slides in and out of my mouth - I never thought I say that and mean I loved it.

Maureen has been working in the same office building downtown as I for the last three years. We’ve been nodding acquaintances – saying hello in the elevator, smiling and wishing each other a nice weekend, or the ironic “Happy Monday” as we met on our way to or from our floors. I’d noticed the quiet brunette dressed beautifully and seemed to have the respect of her peers, and more than once gazed a bit too long at her retreating form as she left for the day, but never done anything to follow up, content to let it be a casual daydream that brought a brief smile to my lips. My move to my current job had been precipitated by the breakup of a long term relationship that had roller-coastered its way through raising one child, but a refusal to grow up by either party. Content to let my love life go dormant while I reflected, Maureen was an attractive woman who flitted across my consciousness – a welcome diversion in the day to day, but a casual interest at best.

That changed the day I decided to stop for an early dinner after work. The plan was to meet up with old friends after the meal and throw back a few while we traded lies and talked about women. I had a report out and was sitting quietly in a back booth before the dinner rush when I heard a familiar voice call my name. I looked up to see Maureen just about to be seated just up the aisle. “Would you mind some company?” she called out smiling shyly. I waved her over and made room, putting my report away in favor of learning more about this attractive woman.

We talked for a bit about her job and mine, the challenges and the joys of the professional grind, then drifted into a discussion of what we liked to do in our free time away from work. I was delighted to discover she sailed – even finding we had some sailing contacts in common. Her light blue eyes sparkled when she talked about her boat. We talked our way through dinner and deep into a second bottle of wine neither of us remembered ordering. I found myself reaching for her hand as we laughed, and was pleasantly surprised when she softly stroked her way up my arm. Those pale blue eyes locked on mine and we simply kissed – a kiss I felt all the way down to my feet. As our lips parted, she confessed to having wanted to do that for almost a year, but never seeing an opportunity.

“My apartment is two blocks over” she whispered “Would you like to come over?” The question was followed by another kiss as her tongue glided across my teeth. “No” was never an option.

Walking arm in arm down the street, I could feel her supple hips and curves through the tailored dress. Her hand slid promisingly across my chest as we kissed on the way to her place. Once inside, the kisses became more urgent, passionate and our hands began to acquaint themselves with each others bodies. I smiled and stood back from her and unbuttoned my shirt, watching her hands dance over her blouse in time with mine. We silently continued our synchronized striptease until I stood in my boxers and she in a very cute blue silk bra and panties. Moving toward me, she let her hands slip down to the waist of my boxers, then kissed her way down my torso as the boxers slipped to the floor and my cock sprang to attention. Kneeling, she stroked me and smiled as I moaned, gently exploring the girth and length of my member. Looking down at her, she kept her eyes on mine as she liked the tip of my cock and tasted me for the first time, then taking me in her mouth and letting her eyes close as she enjoyed me. My hands played through her long hair, and slipped her bra from her shoulders, revealing a gorgeous set of small, firm tits that responded quickly to my fingertips.

I wanted more and pulled her away from my cock and back to my lips, crushing her against me. She collapsed into me and my hands slipped into her panties to caress the smooth curve of a very shapely ass. As she caressed my raging hard-on she whispered she had something she needed to share. Completely under the spell of this incredibly sexy woman, I watched her turn away and slide her panties down, her ass uncovered in all it’s beauty. She turned to face me – and revealed a perfectly formed six inch cock at full attention. I said nothing, and simply walked over to her and took her in my hands, letting my fingers play over the head. I was rewarded with a kiss and guided to the floor, where we began the sixty-nine session that started this story. Her cock was sturdy and throbbed as my tongue danced over it for the first time. I found the taste entrancing and hungrily brought her in my mouth as my hands explored her ass, tickling the rim and hearing her delighted squeals as I let my fingers apply light pressure. I took my cues from her hips, suckling her cock and teasing it in time with her mouth on mine, building towards a climax we both wanted badly. I felt her hips tense and increased my speed, holding her to me so she knew I wanted her cum in my mouth. She unloaded as sweet hot load down my throat, almost gagging me as I milked her for every drop. I reciprocated and unleashed a year’s worth of pent up lust into her mouth. Both spent and gasping, we spun to face each other, tasting our cum on our tongues as we kissed. She smiled as I took her cock in my hand and held it. “A first, dear lady” were the words that came to me as I whispered between kisses. “And now I want so much more” She slid her nails down my spine and giggled as she felt my cock harden in response.

The only question was simple – was I going to fuck this incredible woman or is she going to fuck me? The answer provided as she reached for a bottle of lube and began applying it to my rapidly hardening cock. Pouring some on my hand, she rolled over and lifted her ass in the air and guided my hand to where she wanted me to apply it. My fingers slipped in and out of her cheeks and softly penetrated her – preparing for my rock hard and well oiled dick. Looking back me with lust in her eyes, she said one word: “Please”. I slid around behind her and slipped my cock slowly against her, letting her push back and control how she took me in. She shivered as I slid inside, paused, and then began slowly bucking against me, her cheeks bouncing against my thighs as I felt her flex and grip my cock with her ass. Incredible…. I let her fuck me as hard/soft/slow/fast as she desired simply providing a cock for her use as I felt the heat of her need and the welling demand for release. Before I could lose control, she released me and we moved to her bed. Her dick was hard and wet as she laid back and rolled her hips up, inviting me to take charge from the front. I laid down and slid back in her ass, enjoying her kisses as we fucked, both surprised as an intense orgasm swept over me and emptied me deep in her.

Her arms wrapped around me told me she was glad I had cum, but her cock was still throbbing and needed release. I grabbed the lube and applied it liberally to that lovely six inches and asked her simply: "Please"…. Her fingers penetrated me and I felt a sensation that had always made me happy when other women had played with my ass – but the anticipation of her cock was beyond delicious. Positioning me on my knees at the edge of the bed, Maureen let her cock slip up and down my ass – gently sliding back and forth up the crack, teasing across my anus… until I began to push against her. She stopped my motion and held my hips steady, and pushed her way in. Colors exploded around my head as I felt that lovely cock stretch me out. She took her time and a slow rhythm brought an intense pleasure along with a third erection – a first in many years! The only thing missing? I wanted to watch her fuck me. I rolled over and begged my lover to let me watch her take my ass. She propped up my ass, spread my legs and began to steadily pound me while smiling at my whimpers and moans of pleasure. I felt her cum begin to spread through me and pulled her down to hold her tight as she orgasmed. We fell asleep in a tangle of sheets and woke up to new possibilities – which may be continued here if you’d like to hear more…

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