Amanda's Ordeal - Chapter 1_(1)

Kate and Amanda are both 18. Kate is 5'7'' and Amanda is 5'4''. Kate has tan skin as well as dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. Amanda has a much lighter shade of skin and has blue eyes and blonde hair. Both are beautiful girls that many would envy. Anyways, now that that's over, let's get on to the good stuff.

Kate and Amanda had been friends for as long as either of them could remember. It was why Amanda agreed to move in with Kate after the two finished highschool. Kate's grandmother had recently passed and it was in her will that Kate would inherit the property and money while Kate's parents inherited everything that her grandmother owned. Kate had offered to let Amanda move in with her not because she saw her as a good friend - which she did - but because she had held a dark secret from Amanda.

She was a lesbian. Amanda came from quite a religious family so Kate had never told her the secret. And, the reason Kate let Amanda move in, was because she planned to turn her into her personal sex toy. She had always been attracted to Amanda in a sexual way and, after accidentally discovering her dad's secret collection of bdsm pictures, had began to grow increasingly interested in it. She had done research and had read about how some people would get their own "slaves" while calling themselves the "masters." Kate had done a search over the internet for people interested in bdsm and came up empty handed. That was when she had the thought that - if nobody would willing take a slave, why not force one into the position?

Kate was brought back to the present when Amanda came in and said, "Good morning." She then came up next to Kate with a bright smile and asked, "What's for breakfast?"

"Take a guess," Kate said as she leaned against the kitchen counter and turned to her friend, blushing as she could see down her shirt. It wasn't that she hadn't seen Amanda unclothed before, because she had. At least, she had down to the underwear. Kate merely got nervous whenever she saw her friend's perfectly smooth skin. As she fantasized, she realized that Amanda still hadn't guessed and decided to say, "I'm not cooking. You can have cereal."

"Fine," Amanda sighed lightly as she went to the fridge and made to grab the milk. "You're so grumpy in the morning. You've been like this since we were kids. I remember when you used to sulk because your mom would wake you up in the morning when I was there." As she spoke, she got the cereal from atop the fridge. Kate smiled as she did. She had drugged the milk earlier that morning and planned to have Amanda drink some of it. If Kate's plan worked, her friend would pass out and wouldn't wake up for several hours. It would be more than enough time for Kate to get her ready.

She had prepared the basement with a bed that had posts on each of the four ends. The posts would keep Amanda sprawled out while Kate had her way with her. Several feet from the bed was a table that held numerous toys that Kate could use. There was also a chair that Amanda could be strapped too. There were no houses for several miles, as Kate's grandmother preferred the country. It was perfect since nobody would be able to hear Amanda scream except for Kate.

Amanda sat at the table after getting her breakfast and began to eat. Good Kate thought. The pills she had put in the milk had dissolved enough to wear Amanda wouldn't notice them. Within about ten minutes Amanda finished her food. Kate used the time to put the milk and cereal back and to make herself some toast. If all went according to plan, Amanda would be her slave by noon.

"That milk tasted a little funny," Amanda said as she rinsed out her dishes and put them in the dishwasher. "Did you see the expiration date on it?" Amanda asked.

"No," Kate replied. "I just bought it the other day so I doubt it's bad. Maybe it was just your imagination," Kate said before heading into the living room with her breakfast and sitting down on the couch. She figured she'd watch some TV to make the time pass by faster. And, as she expected, Amanda joined her.

After several episodes of whatever happened to be on at the time, it became clear that Amanda had passed out. Kate set her dishes down on the coffee table and lifted Amanda with some effort. It took all her strength, but, she managed to get her down the stairs and onto the bed. Kate removed her clothes slowly. Her heart raced as she pulled off her new slave's bra and pulled down her bright pink, matching panties. Amanda had shaved recently. It was obvious because the only two places on her body that held any trace of hair were her head and her eyebrows.

Kate's heart raced as she tied Amanda's wrists to the posts above her head and then tied her ankles to the posts opposite the ones where her hands were. It was Kate's first time doing something like that so she was beyond nervous. She also didn't have any experience with what she was doing, since, surprisingly, her and Amanda were both virgins. She did, however, set up a camera in the corner to record what was about to happen to her old friend and new slave.

Kate went upstairs, deciding to watch more TV. She had to wait awhile for the drug to wear off and then even longer for Amanda to wake up. But, when Kate's slave finally awoke, Kate was sure to hear it. And hear it she did. Kate could hear Amanda screaming at the top of her lungs. Going downstairs, she smiled and walked to her.

"Well well well, it seems somebody's in a bit of a predicament," Kate said with a devious grin as she ran a finger along one of Amanda's legs.

"K-kate? H-help me! W-w-what happened?!" Amanda asked frantically through tear-stained eyes.

"From now on you'll call me master," Kate replied as she kissed Amanda's nose. "And you will not order me to help you. Nor will you order me to do anything. You're my fucktoy now," she explained, kissing Amanda forcefully.

"W-why would you do this to me? I t-thought we were friends," Amanda cried while tugging on the ropes the kept her spread on the bed.

She grinned wickedly and kissed Amanda. "We are friends. I just . . . love this relationship a bit more than our previous one," she then ran a finger over Amanda's sex. "And, by a bit more," she pulled her finger away from her slave's wet pussy, her finger glistening, "I mean a lot more." She then moved her finger up to Amanda's mouth and smiled, "It looks like somebody's enjoying themselves." Then, Kate forced her finger through Amanda's lips and made her slave suck her finger clean.

Amanda gagged as Kate pulled her finger away, "S-stop! I-i'm not enjoying myself! Y-y-you're disgusting! Don't you know how much God hates this?!"

"I think you're forgetting something," Kate said as she kissed Amanda and went over to the table, grabbing a ball gag. "I'm not christian," and, with that, Kate went to Amanda and pushed the gag into her mouth, wrapping the straps around her head and locking them into place.

"Now, I think it's time to teach you your place fucktoy," Kate said after kissing her slave's nose. Amanda kept bawling as Kate went to the table and grabbed a somewhat-large dildo that she made sure to lube up. "Normally I'd make you suck it to get it ready but I figured, since it's your first time, I'll be nice." Then, Kate set the dildo down and undressed herself. Afterwards, she strapped the dildo to herself that had a vibrator pressing against her own pussy. The faster she fucked, the more intensely it vibrated. She had found it online several months ago and thought it was an amazing device.

Kate climbed up onto the bed and pressed the dildo to Amanda's entrance, "I'm going to love this so fucking much," she said as she slowly pushed the dildo into Amanda's tight pussy. She met resistance and realized what it was - Amanda's hymen. Kate pulled back slightly before thrusting forcefully all the way into Amanda with the dildo, breaking her hymen and taking her virginity. "I'm so happy I could be your first," Kate teased as she kissed one of her slave's nipples.

"I'll turn you into the perfect slave over time," Kate said as she began to slowly fuck her old friend. She picked up speed, slowly at first before going as hard and as fast as she could. Amanda was crying and was clearly hating every second of it, but, despite that, her body was betraying her. Kate loved it and began to moan. What began as a soft moan became pleasured screams as the vibrator on her pussy went faster. And, after one last thrust into Amanda, whom had had at least two orgasms as Kate fucked her, she had her own climax. Kate fell upon Amanda's body, panting heavily. Both girls were covered in sweat and it only added to Kate's pleasure.

"That was more amazing than I ever thought it'd be," Kate said in between pants. "And to think, I even got my slave's first time on camera," she said, kissing Amanda's neck. When she said that Amanda began to try to escape with renewed efforts, screaming as loudly as possible. "What's wrong slave? Don't like being videotaped?" Kate teased as she got up and took the strap-on dildo off, setting it on the table in the corner so she'd remember to clean it later.

She then grabbed a small egg vibrator from the table and came up to Amanda, leaning down between her legs. She then set the vibrator on Amanda's pussy, using several pieces of rope that she tied around her slave's legs to keep it in place. After it was secured, she set it on max and smiled, stepping back.

"I think I'm going to go get cleaned up before we continue. I think I'll be taking your anal virginity next fucktoy. You'll like that, won't you?" Kate teased, kissing her slave's nose before going to head upstairs. "I'll be back in about an hour. Hang tight," she said before going up the stairs, leaving her screaming slave with the vibrator on.

This is my first time ever writing a story like this so please be kind and offer suggestions. I hope it pleases you, my reader(s).

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