Street Cop

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Barbara always liked to live life in the fast lane. As brilliant as she was beautiful, she graduated at the top of her class at USC and received a law degree with honors. Rather than go into a lucrative but dull position as a big corporate lawyer she decided to become a street cop and learn law from the bottom up. She reasoned that the mean streets of LA were about as close to the bottom as you could get so she started her career wearing a blue suit and a badge.

A tall natural blonde, she excelled in competitive sports and always had to win at whatever she did. Just playing Lacrosse in college wasn't good enough; she worked until she was captain of the team. She honed her perfect athletic body for hours at the gym and could often be seen running at dawn in the soft sand along the beach.

With less than a year on the job she had the best arrest record of a rookie ever to come out of the Academy and was promoted to an elite crime squad to work under cover. This gave her the chance to get rid of the blue uniform and wear expensive suits tailored to flatter her perfect figure.

Shortly after joining the force Barbara was nearly killed in a shootout with a street punk high on crack. He came at her with a .38 Saturday night special and was still able to get off several shots after she put three 9mm rounds in his chest. The incident so unnerved her that she bought a combat modified .45 automatic and practiced with it until she could blow the center out of a silhouette target before her shell casings hit the ground.

It was late November and the rains came to LA. This time of year they only last long enough to wash down the dirty streets and leave them slick and treacherous. Barbara arranged a late night meeting with a snitch and offered to pay well for information on a heroin shipment rumored to be sitting in San Pedro. She had a thousand dollars in her purse and the meet was in one of the nastier neighborhoods of South Central.

The rain had stopped several hours ago but fog and mist were still heavy in the warm night air. Decrepit neon signs and shabby Christmas decorations reflected reds greens and yellows off the wet pavement in a kaleidoscope of color. A few streetlights that hadn't been shot out cast an eerie glow in the mist. Barbara parked her car and decided to walk several blocks to where her snitch would be waiting.

An eerie silence hung in the air as the click of high heels echoed off dark buildings. Far away police sirens wailed and the occasional crack of gunfire could be herd. Barbara was on edge and alert to the slightest sound as she walked along the dark street.

At first glance you might mistake Barbara for one of the many hookers that worked the neighborhood. A tight, bone colored skirt came barely half way down her shapely thighs and with heels she stood well over six feet tall. A closer look at the expensive suit and the way she wore her hair up in a tight bun told you otherwise. She had a black leather shoulder purse held close to her waist and walked with a strong purposeful stride.

Carlos caught a brief glimpse of Barbara's face as she walked past the doorway he was hiding behind. He felt a stir in his groin and had a flash of fantasy about what she would be like in bed. From the way she did her hair to the full mounds of her breasts under the tight jacket to her long slender legs she was indeed a woman with class.

A real lady's man, Carlos wore his shirt open and his jeans tight. He wanted to make sure women could see his well developed tanned chest and the generous bulge in his crotch. With his rings and gold chains he knew Barbara would fall for him if she had the chance. Too bad he had to kill her.

Talking to cops usually results in a short career for gang members and the man Barbara planned to meet was now face down in a dumpster. In spite of his reluctance Carlos was ordered to finish the job and he trembled at the thought. He had never killed a woman before, let alone a female cop but he knew if he failed he would be as dead as the informant. His nose burned with the fix he took for courage but it made him feel good and now he knew he could do anything.

Sneaker clad feet padded silently as Carlos closed in behind the walking woman. He felt himself getting hard as his eyes moved up and down her figure pausing to admire the way she moved her hips and those long beautiful legs. He thought about what it was going to be like to watch her beautiful voluptuous body writhing on the ground in pain, big blue eyes looking up at him begging for mercy. Should he shoot her in the head to finish her or put a round in each of those big breasts?

With trembling hands he took careful aim for the middle of her back and slowly squeezed the trigger.


Carlos forgot to feed a round in the chamber and that was a fatal mistake. The sound of a hammer falling hit Barbara like a bolt of lightning. She spun around in a fighting stance and had her gun on target before Carlos could blink. Her shot was low and Carlos slumped to the pavement with a .45 slug in the middle of his stomach. Passed out from the pain he lay on his back with his gun inches from his right hand.

Walking over to the fallen man Barbara couldn't help admiring his physique. Tall and handsome she scanned his rock hard body from flat rippling stomach to bulging shoulders and big muscular arms. As she watched his eyes opened and he started to move. She planted one of her high heel shoes in the middle of his chest to hold him down.

Shaking his head and blinking to clear his vision, Carlos found himself looking up a long shapely leg. He should have focused on the gun pointing at his head but all he could see were Barbara's sheer panties and the bulge of blonde pubic hair that showed through the delicate fabric. A quick grab for his gun and he knew he would have her.


Looking down at the splash of blood and brains on the sidewalk Barbara noticed a tingle over her whole body and felt herself getting moist. She didn't know why killing a man gave her a sexual charge but it always did. Glancing at the bulge in his jeans she shook her head sadly. "What a waste," she thought.

Gunshots are common in South Central LA but the roar of Barbara's .45 brought more than a few calls to 911 from frightened residents. In a few minutes Barbara was standing in the spotlight of a patrol car holding up her badge.

"You sure made hamburger out of that guy," one of the officers commented looking at the bloody mess on the sidewalk. "What kind of firepower are you packing?"

"Enough to do the job," Barbara replied tersely.

Soon the night was full of flashing red lights and blaring speakers as cop cars and emergency vehicles arrived on the scene. A crowd gathered and police barriers were set up to keep the morbid curiosity seekers away.

"Carlos Mendez was a wanted felon and a drug addict," The watch commander told Barbara, "You did the streets a favor by blowing him away."

A tall well-dressed man put his arm around Barbara and pulled her close. "You did well tonight, can I give you a lift somewhere?" he asked nodding to a long black limousine parked next to the squad cars.

"That's all right, thanks anyway but I need a chance to walk and clear my head."

"Only the Captain could get away with that," one of the men commented quietly as the tall man gave Barbara a big hug and then let her walk into the shadows.

"I hear they're an item," an officer replied with a wise look on his face.

Barbara felt the sting of light rain on her face as she quickened her pace down a dirty side street. "The syndicate would never order a professional hit on a cop," She kept telling herself, "They know better than that! So what happened tonight?"


When Pedro saw red lights and emergency vehicles he decided to take a detour. Down a side street at high speed he killed his headlights and looked for a way around the action. He knew that if the cops saw him he would be stopped and they would surely find his cargo of crack.

Not looking where he was going he was surprised when a heavy object hit his windshield and went clear over the car. He slammed on the brakes and backed up to where a dark object lay in the street. When he saw a woman sprawled on the wet pavement he nearly jumped back in his car and drove off. Her purse was open and a gun, a badge and a big wad of money lay beside her.

"Oh shit, now what have I done," he thought, "I'd better get rid of the evidence or I'll be busted for sure. Besides, I wonder how much money she has."

The woman was still breathing but didn't look good. Her breath came in ragged gasps and he could hear a kind of gurgling sound in her chest. She seemed to be unconscious but her body was twisting on the ground and moved when he touched her. Pedro tried to pick up Barbara's trembling form but she was far too heavy for the five foot two inch Latin. The best he could do was drag her so he got a firm grip on her wrists and pulled.

With a passenger door open he got his hands under her armpits and lifted until her torso slumped in the back seat. Under the dome light he looked her over as he lifted her shapely legs into the car and couldn't help caressing one of her beautiful breasts. He was really becoming aroused but set about picking up her belongings from the street.

It was a short drive to a garage he knew was safe so he pulled in, closed the door and turned on a light. One look at the shapely body sprawled in the back seat and he gave a low whistle. In spite of going over a car and rolling in the filthy wet street she looked to Pedro like something from the cover of a woman's magazine. Her perfect figure and elegant clothing were far different from the cheap whores and drug addicts he was used to.

She wasn't breathing any more and her blue eyes were wide open and staring up at him. It was obvious she was dead but her beautiful voluptuous body fascinated him.

Lifting her head he caressed her cheeks and untied her long blonde hair. He ran his fingers through the golden tresses and spread them out on the car seat. Reaching inside her jacket he felt the warm softness of her breasts and firm nipples through the smooth silk of her blouse.

His swollen rod was throbbing in his jeans as he stretched her legs out and felt slender ankles under sheer nylon hose. Soft leather bone colored high heel pumps slipped off easily and he lingered as he stroked the tops and bottoms of her feet.

To liberate Barbara from the back seat Pedro pulled and tugged on her long legs until her body tumbled out and hit the floor with a thud. By now her skirt was up around her waist and he marveled at her bulging athletic thighs. Buttons on her jacket gave way and the full mounds of her breasts were doing their best to escape the confines of her fine silk blouse.

Rolling the woman's body over was a lot of work and Pedro was sweating by the time he succeeded in stripping off her jacket and skirt. He lingered on the other feminine garments and enjoyed the feel of fine silk, lace and nylon.

Finally the long slender corpse lay naked and Pedro stood back to look her over. Small white triangles around her nipples interrupted a perfect tan and a white V over her crotch told of the brief thong bikini she wore. Big purple bruises on her right side marred otherwise perfect skin and a little blood trickled from her nose and ears.

Pedro knelt beside the body and gently closed her eyes then composed her features until she looked peacefully asleep. He couldn't resist a deep passionate kiss and tasted the bitterness of blood and bile in her mouth. Closing his eyes he cupped her breasts in his hands and gently rolled her nipples between his fingers. In his mind he imagined her chest rising to meet his touch as she moaned with passion.

Running his hands over her bare chest he felt fragile ribs and the deep hollow of her flat stomach. He stroked the crease of her navel and caressed the soft fir of her golden triangle. Reaching under the bold thrust of her pubic bone he explored the warm moist world inside her.

Gently spreading her legs he knelt between muscular thighs and stroked the pink lips of her pussy. With arms around her waist he guided slender hips to meet his firm throbbing erection. A wave of pleasure overwhelmed him as he embraced the shapely body and felt his meat slide deep inside. Firm nipples brushed against his naked chest as he drove himself into the still form again and again. Closing his eyes he explored her exquisite curves with his hands and drove himself harder. Sweat broke out on his forehead as pressure built up in his trembling body. When he couldn't hold back any longer he let his seed gush deep into the dead woman. Completely exhausted he lay across her soft warm body and relaxed as his member pulsated inside her.

When Pedro finally had the strength to stand he looked around the garage and shivered naked in the cold. Sprawled on the damp cement floor with arms and legs spread wide, the dead woman's body looked a lot less attractive now than it had earlier. Rigor mortis was setting in and her skin was turning purple and blotchy.

Struggling with his clothes, reality was starting to close in and Pedro tried to think about what to do. A thousand dollars would buy a lot of dope. He could go into business, make a fortune. The .45 was nice, felt good in his hand but he knew he couldn't keep it. Too much risk of getting caught but it would sell for a lot of money.

Gathering up her clothing and effects he stuffed them into a big plastic garbage bag. Pausing with her C cup lace bra he held it to his face and took a deep breath.

"Mmm, small but nice," he thought looking over the still form on the floor. "Too bad, she looked like a lady with real class even if she was a cop."

Time to move the body. She wasn't any lighter and getting stiff with rigor she was harder to manipulate. It took every ounce of strength Pedro had to drag her across the floor and hoist her into the trunk. Folding her long legs in was no easy task and he wiped his brow when he finally managed to close the lid.

Gusting winds whipped a cold steady drizzle in the gray light of dawn. Fires burned in gutted brick apartment buildings where squatters huddled to keep warm. Trash littered the alley as Pedro pulled up behind an old rusting dumpster. Shivering in the cold rain he gave the naked body a last caress and got a firm grip behind her knees. It took all his strength to pull her free and she tumbled out face down in a puddle of filthy water.


Barbara's body lay naked on a stainless steel tray, eyes closed and a peaceful look on her face. Dark lividity marks on her stomach and torso contrasted with black bruises along her right side.

"Brought her in as a Jane Doe a couple of days ago and it wasn't until someone recognized her that we realized she was one of yours. We get so many of these in here we don't really have time to follow up on all of them."

Rodrigo waved his hand around the room at bodies on open trays and gurneys. In South Central they didn't waste money on sheets to cover the dead.

Dave Fox shivered in his expensive Italian suit from the chill of the morgue. A rising star on the force he was the youngest Police Captain in LAPD history. Head of the Southwest Precinct he had a reputation for strict law and order.

"Looks like she was hit by a car and someone stripped her and dumped the corpse to cover up his crime," Rodrigo went on. "Never find him now, I'm sure he's long gone."

"Beautiful woman," he said stroking one of the ripe firm breasts, "Whoever it was enjoyed her body after she was dead."

"Isn't it ironic," Dave thought to himself. "She killed the hit man we sent to get her and then walked in front of a car. She really had to die though, she was getting way too zealous for a street cop and was about to mess up some of the good things we have going in the precinct." He resisted the temptation to give familiar lips one last kiss as he turned and walked away.

Sliding into the soft leather seat of his Bentley, Dave clicked the scrambler button on his secure cell phone and talked briefly. "Problem is cleared, you can proceed to distribute the merchandise. Deposit my fee in the usual account."

With a deep sigh he sat back and hung up the phone. "We'll give her a funeral with full police honors," he thought, "It'll be good for publicity, lots of TV coverage and all. I'll bet the Mayor would like to deliver the eulogy; it'll give him a chance to promote some of his urban renewal programs. He could use the kickbacks from all those new construction contracts."

"Take a press release," he said talking earnestly into his cell phone as the Bentley glided down an on ramp to the Harbor Freeway. "Heroic police officer slain in the line of duty protecting the people of LA. Yesterday ruthless gang members gunned down a female officer in the crime infested inner city. Lack of urban renewal has let crime fester until we are all at risk. Recent programs proposed by the Mayor have been on hold pending taxpayer approval. Blah, Blah, Blah."

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