Three is not a crowd_(1)

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The day started out like any other day for Mike. He was up early as usual to workout at the local gym before it got too crowded. He was preparing for basic training and normally met with his former highshool coach for weight training and cardio excerises before class. Today however the coach had taken the day off, leaving mike to workout alone. As he started to bench his customary 250 lbs, he noticed two females watching him from their treadmills. At 6'2, 250 lbs with well built muscles and a smooth chocolate brown skin complexion, Mike was acustomed to getting attention from the opposite sex. Calmly he flashed a smile and continued his workout.
From the treadmill looking down over the weight room floor, Sydnee was mesmerized. Her best friend Dana had been bothering her for weeks about working out so she finally agreed. First they went shopping for workout attire because, "A girls gotta look good even when she sweats," they reasoned. Now she was extremely glad she had not broken her rule of looking great at all times. Immediately below her line of sight she spotted Mike and his perfect form, pushing weights around effortlessly. Although she was involved in a long term relationship, her body was natuarally aroused and attracted to him. Dana noticed him as well. "Damn!" was all she could muster from her treadmill. Immediately the conversation turned to Mike.
"Girl," Dana said, "you know he gotta be with somebody."
Sydnee did not respond. In her mind she thought "I would still fuck the shit out of him."
After the showers, Mike was ready to start the day. On his way out the door he noticed the two females who were watching him from the treadmill staring. The first, Dana stood about 5'6 and had a very vuloptiuos frame for a white girl. Her hair was dark brown and she had bright brown eyes with a slight hint of green. Sydnee was half black, half caucasin. Her features had matured to resemble her African American mother. She had perfectly round breast that protruded from her shirt daring any man to ignore them. Her waist was slim but curved into an ass that would rival Beyonce's or Jennifer Lopez's. The duo stood at the front waiting for Mike to exit.
The conversation was short, Mike exchanged numbers with Dana (since Sydnee was "taken") and they agreed to meet up later. "You know we are both fucking him right?" Sydnee asked as they drove away. Dana looked at her in amusement as they had not shared someone in a long time. Dana hated Sydnee's boyfriend and wouldn't touch him although she and Sydnee would occasionally hook up and lick each other's pussy while he was at work or in a class. She smiled at the memory as she phoned mike to set up their date

The plan was perfect. She and Mike would have dinner then go dancing. There they would "coincidentally" meet up with Sydnee. The dinner went by fast as Dana dropped all the appropriate signals and Mike quickly understood he was going to fuck her. Dana was so attracted to him that when he moved in to kiss her after dinner, it sparked an immediate make out session that prompted them to skip the club and go straight to a hotel. Mike paid for the room while Dana waited in the car. She sent an urgent text to Sydnee with the address and one worried, "Hurry". As soon as the room door was opened, Dana jumped into Mike's arms wrapping her thick thighs around his waist. He supported her relatively small frame with ease, kissing her wildly on the neck and lips. She ripped his shirt, revealing the massive brown chest she knew was underneath. As his hands slid up her summer dress, she began to leak juices on her panties.
"Its wet down here," Mike said with a smile as he pulled her panties a part at the seams. Dana grabed his hands and place two of his fingers inside her. She let out a moan as he entered and bit her lip, "take me." She whispered. He carried her over to the bed and laided her down on top of the covers. Dana watched as he removed his pants and stood between her open legs, his penis protruding from his boxers. As he pulled down his boxers to reveal his penis, her phone rang. It was Sydnee. She texted the room number to her and remained fixed on the sight of Mike's cock. Even at semi-strenght, it stretched at least 9'' long and had the thickness of four of her fingures put together. Dana felt a tingle inside her and a hint of fear crossed her mind, "what if I can't take it," she thought to herself. At that moment, Sydnee arrived and knocked on the door. Mike seemed presently surprised when she walked in. He was not expecting her but quickly agreed to her joining when Dana and she started kissing and touching.
Sydnee had forgotten how sexy Dana was. Dana kept slapping Sydnee on the ass, watching Mike's arousal grow with every jiggle of Sydnee's perfect ass. Mike was so turned on by the display that he started touching himself, making his cock swell even bigger as he watched them. They decided to put on a show for him as Dana layed on her stomach in between Sydnee's legs and begin toeat her out. As she plunged her tongue deeper into Sydnee's now leaking hole, she made her ass cheeks jump and clap in front of Mike. Mike couldn't control himself anymore and had to join in. He approached Dana's inviting pussy from behind and slowly fed his cock to it while she continued to tongue Sydnee's pussy relentlessly. Dana felt him entering her but Sydnee muffled her potential scream by grabbing the back of her head and forcing her face deeper into her hole. For a moment, the pain of Mike's dick was unbearable. After a few moments her pussy adjusted to his size and she was able to take him in with little pain.
With two hands gripping Dana's ass, mike was suprised by the tightness of the vagina he was fucking. He gained his composure and regulated his excitement, slowly starting to push deeper into her. Her body was resisting but he continued his assualt, flexing his muscles and bending his hips into her back, eventually breaking her body's will to resist. Dana's pussy squeezed him tighter and he responded by pushing into her harder, pounding his pelvis into her ass cheeks as he did. She responded with a muffled moan. Mike watched as the rythem of their fucking forced the butterfly tattoo on her pale ass to flutter faster with each stroke.
Sydnee could hear the loud clapping of their bodies and the sound along with the work of Dana's tongue between her legs made her orgasm hard. She arched her back and squirted in Dana's face. Eyes closed, Dana felt the spray on her lips and nose and immediatly used her tongue to clean Sydnee's juices. Mike leaned back, grabbing Dana's hips and forcing every inch of his cock inside her. She let out a loud "YES DADDY," before Sydnee pushed her face back into her pussy and started to hump her tongue. Dana was now creaming all over the cheap hotel covers and her wetness encouraged Mike to go harder inside her. He reached up and grabbed her long hair, wrapping it around his hand and snapping her head back. Like a horse jockey, he rode her hard, slapping her ass from time to time. Now Dana unable to concentrate on anything but the massive cock poking her inner stomach, stopped giving oral and braced herself as her whole body shivered on Mike's cock. Mike knew she was coming and kept hitting her G spot, trying hard to out last her.
Sydnee knew Dana well and had never seen her so satisfied. She was dying to try some of Mike's cock. As Dana lay shuttering with Mike's cock flexing inside her, Sydnee moved behind them and lick his balls from between his legs. She caught on and held on to it as it moved in and out of Dana, sucking her juices from it. Dana collapsed in exahaustion, sliding off of the dick with a sloppy slurp. Her hole lay gaped wide as she caught her breath and licked her own juices from her fingures. "Eww, shit that's some good dick, Syd." She exclaimed between gasps.
Sydnee wasn't just taking her word for it. Mike's cock barely touched air as it exited Dana's pussy. Sydnee immediatly engulfed the tip of it with sloppy efficiency. Unable to take his whole girth, she sucked as much as she could with two hands. The size of it amazed her and his pre-cum tasted of Dana. Not wanting to climax before fucking Sydnee, Mike quickly lifted her 140 lb frame off the bed in one swift motion. Sydnee had never been handled like that before and the motion alone made her orgasm. As if sliding down a pole, she mounted him while he held her off the ground. Dana who had finally recovered from her shivers, slapped her on the ass and begain licking her and Mikes genitals. Mike raised Sydnee up and down on his cock in a slow rythem. His size stretched her as it was bigger than her boyfriends or any other penis she had ever had. She put her arms around his neck and whispered for him to fuck her good. Mike pumped her harderusing one hand to lift her by the ass and the other to keep Dana's head positioned on his balls as went in and out of Sydnee. Finally the effects of Sydnee's whispering and the grip of her vagina along with the ferocity of Dana's sucking forced him to reach his breaking point. His knees jerked as he let out a monsterous groan. Instead of pulling all the way out, he left just the tip of his cock and the entrance of Sydnee's pussy. As he filled her with hot cum, the seamen dripped from her hole to Dana's openly waiting mouth and face. Dana caught every dropped and as Mike held Sydnee high, she leaned and suck what was left in her out. She and Dana shared a kiss then fell exhausted on the bed.

The End

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