Southern Belle :: 2

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This story is not based on any actual event or person. All characters and all parts of the story are completely fictional. Viewer discretion is advised.

Melody, the blonde woman with curly hair, once again sat in the familiar office. Today she wore a fitted blue long-sleeved shirt with some glittery graffiti that read, “Baby Grrl” across the chest. On the left sleeve was a butterfly decal. And once again, across from her, sat Miss Lang, her therapist.
Christina Lang wore a casual outfit on this day, the second meeting with her client, Melody Campbell. Behind the women, the skies were cloudy with a light drizzle splashing against the windows. The people below were rushing about significantly more frantically, most of them wielding umbrellas.

“Well, like I said before, that first time was damn confusing. I was only a little girl and I sure as hell didn't know what was going on. I guess until I was about thirteen or fourteen years old, every single night after work, Daddy would come into my room, and he would strip me down naked. He would kiss me and suck on my, leave this bruise-lookin' marks all over my body. Of course he left them everywhere that would be covered up. He especially loved suckin' on my nipples. He pinched them, bit them, sucked on them. Every morning they would hurt real bad, and have them marks all over them. Now I know they was hickeys.
“Every single night, too, he'd suck and lick on my pussy til I had an orgasm. He never did put nothing inside of me, he just sucked and licked. Drove his tongue in and out of my little virgin pussy hole until that burning in my belly exploded out of my pussy.
“Well, one night during summer vacation, he got off work early. I was fourteen, going on fifteen this year. I remember I was sitting in the living room of our apartment watching some show on TV about a group of buddies that lived in New York. Anyway, Daddy went into the kitchen and I heard him pouring himself some whiskey like he always did when he got home. Then he brought it into the living room with me and he watched the television with me for a while. I remember saying, 'Daddy, do you wanna start early tonight?' He knew what I meant. I kinda just wanted to get it over with. He looked at me and he said, 'Melody baby, I wanna do something different to night. Let's do something romantic that husbands and wives are supposed to do.' Not sure if I mentioned it but, by now, this every night oral sex, he started calling me his wife instead of his daughter. But he always insisted I call him daddy. I was fine with that. I was still in my tshirt and jeans that I'd worn today. Since I hadn't expected him home, I hadn't changed.
“Well, he leaned over and he started kissing me. By now, I had gotten pretty good at kissing. So I kissed him back just as good as I knew how. He had his hands cupped around my face, and he was kissing me soft and slowly. I started sucking on his lips, using my tongue to massage his lips, then I put it into his mouth and started rubbing his tongue. One of his hands moved up under my shirt and he started rubbing on my belly. He really loved my belly. He told me it was soft and kissable. I threw my arms around his neck and I laid back on the couch, pulling him on top of me. He liked that cause he started getting a little aggressive, and he started unbuttoning my jeans. Now that I think about it, I really hope the shades were drawn on the windows.
“Well he snaked his fingers into my panties and he started rubbing on my pussy. He got his fingers in there and while he kissed me, he was pinching and caressing my clit. Now since I was a little bit older, I understood the touching and caressing more. It was now that I understood orgasms and things like that. But I'd not once ever seen his penis. Anyway, he started using his fingers on me a little rough, trying to put them inside of my pussy hole. I said, 'Daddy that hurts more than your tongue.' He apologized but he kept going, like I knew he would. By now he had gotten fed up with my clothes and he started pulling my jeans and panties off of me.
“He pulled back and he looked at my body which was naked from the waist down. He said, 'I'm gonna get on the floor on my knees to eat you out, you sit up straight and open them pretty legs, Melody baby.' So I did. I positioned myself on the cushion in a normal sitting position, and he got on his knees in front of me. He immediately put his head between my legs, and he went to town. I rested my legs on his shoulders, and he started sucking and licking on my mound. It was getting more fuzzy now that I was going past puberty. He didn't seem to care though. He grabbed my thighs and lifted up my lower body so he could position me better. He spread open my legs as wide as he could, and he just started kissing my pussy lips. I was moaning a little bit now and I had my hands on his head. He sucked on my clitoris, then massaged around it in circles with his tongue. Then he did something new. He used one finger to poke slowly inside of my hole. He hadn't done this before. I eeked, because it stung a little. He looked up and said, 'It's gonna hurt, Melody baby. But I promise after the first hurt it will feel real good.' I didn't say anything, and he just kept going. He wiggled his finger into my pussy hole and started feeling around in there like he was searching for something. It was stinging, and at the time I had no idea why. It felt so weird having his finger in there, 'cause I had never had anything at all inside of me before, except for a tongue.
“Well, he started moving his finger in and out real slow, all the while he was still kissing my clitoris. His fingers started moving faster, and I realized that it was getting real slick like he had licked his fingers but I knew he hadn't. When it started getting slick, he put in a second finger. It really hurt this time and I sucked in my breath cause I was expecting it to keep hurting. But it didn't, it stopped hurting after about thirty seconds of moving. But this whole thing didn't feel very good anymore, and I guess he figured that was enough. So he took out his fingers and just started sucking on my pussy with his mouth. That's when it started feeling real good, like it usually did. I started squirming against his head and squeezing him with my legs, moaning, 'Daddy, don't stop!' I mean, I couldn't help it at this point. He always told me to yell his name when he did this stuff, cause he liked to know he was pleasing his wife. Plus, it did feel really good, and I can't lie. Daddy knew what to do with his mouth. It wasn't long before that burning in my belly started coming down into my pussy and I knew I was gonna explode. 'Daddy, it's coming! I'm coming! Daddy, Daddy!' and he was mumbling into my pussy but hell if I knew what he was sayin'. And then it happened, that fiery orgasm that exploded from my pussy. He was suckin' the nectar outta me, he said.
“I thought it was over at this point, but nope! He said to me, 'Melody baby, we're gonna try something new. It's something that all wives do with their husbands.' He stood up and wiped off his face, and then he picked me up with his arms under my back and under my knees. He kissed me as he carried me down the hallway to his bedroom and he set me on the bed. I was thinking we were gonna have sex. I'd never been in his bed before. He said, 'Strip, baby, and sit on the edge of the bed.' So I did, not that I had much left on me. And he stripped too. Now this was the very first time I'd ever seen my daddy naked and the very first time I'd seen a penis. He was rock hard. His penis, I mean. It was sticking out from between his legs like a stick. I was scared, not gonna lie. He petted my head and he said gently, 'Please get on your knees in front of me like I was in front of you just now.' He was so gentle, he wasn't demanding. But I did it. And he stood in front of me with his huge penis sticking out, and he said, 'Close your eyes, and open your mouth.' Now it dawned on me right at that instant what he wanted. But I did it. I said, 'I'll make Daddy happy.'
“I opened my mouth, closed my eyes, and then I felt him put his hands on my head. Then the tip of his penis touched my lips, and then he started to slide it into my mouth. I gagged almost immediately. But this whole time he was coaching me. Like, you're doing great, and don't use your teeth, that's it, that's it. I just kept my eyes shut and really he did all the work. His penis was so warm and hard, but soft too. I relaxed my mouth around him but I didn't let my teeth touch him. He started to move his hips slowly, pushing and pulling two or three inches of himself in and out of my mouth. He kept saying, 'You're so warm. I love you, Melody, you're the best wife. Just keep holding your mouth like that. It feels great, my wife.' He was mumbling and saying my name over and over while he bucked his hips back and forth. It tasted pretty funky. It was salty and strong, and it tasted like a man smelled. He was holding me by my hair, which hurt but I didn't say nothin. I was kind of afraid to move.
“He started guiding my head, moving it back and forth slowly. He stopped moving his hips and just moved his head. I tightened my mouth on him, which he seemed to like cause he started grunting. He put his hands on the back of my head and he started to buck his hips against me, shoving his penis farther into my mouth. I grunted too cause he smelled sweaty and manly, and it was hard to breathe. But he kept going. He was starting to pant and grunt, saying my name over and over. I could feel the veins in his cock pulsing against my tongue. He held my head in place and he just started fucking my head like mad. He was shoving himself deeper with each thrust, and I was choking kinda, but he just said, 'Hold on, I'm almost there, almost.' I kept my eyes closed tight cause I was like, hell if I know what to do. He seems to like what I'm doing. So I kept my mouth tight and my tongue rubbing on him, til all of a sudden he yelled, 'Fuck! I'm cumming in your mouth! I'm cumming in my wife's mouth!' and this thick gooey salty stream of stuff came shooting into my throat, and I started gagging and trying to swallow, and I was coughing but I was so afraid I'd bite him, he jerked his penis out of my mouth and I started gulping down that salty stuff, and then more of it came shooting out onto my face. It got into my hair, on my cheeks, my nose, and I just started licking it and trying to swallow it.
“He looked down at me and he said, 'My beautiful wife, you're so perfect. I'm sorry for messing up your perfect hair and your perfect face. Then he started to cry. I was damn confused. He had just squirted this thick stuff into my throat and all over my face and now he was crying. What the hell was wrong?”

Melody looked out the window. It was pouring rain now and it was thundering. “That's all I'd like to share today. I'll see you next week.” The two women stood and shook hands, and then Melody left the room.

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