I awoke in the middle of the night in my boyfriend’s bed. The first thing I became aware of was that I was cold. The second came as I tried to turn over and cuddle up with him. I was tied with my arms above my head and my legs spread.

“Cody? What’s going on?” I asked the darkness around me. I tried to turn and pull my arms down, but they wouldn’t budge. As my eyes adjusted, I could see that Cody had left the window open after we had finished having sex earlier, but now a form was blocking the streetlight.


“Cody is, ah, a little tied up right now.” The form moved closer to me as I tried to inch away. He put a hand over my mouth as he continued. “Don’t worry, pet. He is unharmed and will remain so as long as you don’t give me any trouble.” I squinted, trying to make out who the voice belonged to. “Ah-ah-ah. Don’t want you to be able to pick me out of a line-up, now would we?” Using his free hand, he slipped the elastic to a blindfold behind my head and over my eyes. “Much better for that purpose, although, I do wish I could look into those pretty green eyes of yours. Now, let’s set a couple rules. One, you do what I say, without hesitation. You are tied up to the bed. If you do what I say, this whole experience will be much more pleasurable for you. If you resist, you’ll get punished and I’ll make you do what I want anyway. Two, you will not scream, or attempt to injure me in anyway. Remember, I’ve got your boyfriend tied up. Doing either one of these things will get him injured, if you piss me off enough, I might just stab him and leave you two tied up here. Do you understand?”

As I listened to him go on, the direness of my situation really set in. This pervert was going to make me do whatever he wanted, or Cody could end up seriously hurt. I nodded to let him know I understood his rules.

“Good. Now, let’s see what’s under this old shirt shall we?”

I could feel him grabbing the bottom of Cody’s shirt I had slipped on after our fun last night. I tensed up as I heard the flip of a knife and the tearing as the fabric gave way to the blade. He cut from the bottom to the collar, and then through each of the sleeves. I desperately wished I could pull my arms down and cover myself. I was left wearing just panties, and no bra. And then nothing at all as he sliced his knife through the band of my underwear. Despite the open window, I felt myself growing hot with embarrassment as this stranger paused to take in the sight he had in front of him. I am no Victoria’s Secret model. At 5’6”, I am technically considered overweight at 160 lbs, but I can honestly say that I have quite a bit of muscle to me. My body is very curvy and firm and I know some girls who would kill to have my breasts. They are the one part of me that is bigger than average. I wear a size 38DD bra and my back constantly suffers from it.

The man brought his hand up to my left breast, and just stroked it with a knuckle. I wanted to scream and jerk away to get his filthy hand off me, but the fear of Cody being injured reduced my resistance to a whimper as I turned my head away. Tears started streaming down my face, soaking the blindfold. The man gently wiped away a tear and started running his hand through my chocolate brown hair.

“You’re very beautiful,” he said. “Your boyfriend is a lucky man.”

I ventured a whisper. “Please, just do what you want to me and leave. Please, I don’t want us to get hurt, I’ll do whatever it is you want.”

He grabbed my chin with a forcefulness that took me by surprise, but his voice was calm. “In due time sweetheart. But fucking you dry is not an idea of a good time for either of us.” I felt a new weight join me on the bed, between my legs. I cringed as he started stroking slit with one hand and teasing my nipple with the other. I gasped as he suddenly sealed his lips around the other nipple and began fervently sucking on it and teasing it with his tongue. He pinched the nipple hard at the same time he pushed a finger into my pussy and started fingerfucking me. The gasp that escaped me gave him the opportunity to then put his lips on mine and his tongue in my mouth. My gut reaction was to bite down on his lip, but the pain only seemed to push him onward and he kissed me more deeply and forced two more fingers in me.

“Be careful now sweetheart, I might not find your next slip up so arousing,” he whispered into my ear. The following earlobe nibble made me shudder and I could feel myself starting to grow wet. I am not in any way into being raped, but I am a bit submissive and he was so gentle yet forceful, something I couldn’t quite get my boyfriend to try.

He moved on from my earlobe and started trailing kisses down my body. Finally, he got to the inside of my thighs and I was starting to breathe heavily. The kisses he planted there made me shiver and gave me goosebumps.

“See now, this isn’t so bad. I would even go as far to say that you’re actually enjoying this.”

My head snapped in the direction his voice was coming from. “It doesn’t matter if I’m actually enjoying this. You don’t have permission to do this to me. This is rape.” I burned with every word of my little speech, and at the end of it, I tensed up, waiting for some form of punishment. I could feel my heart beat in my throat as I waited. And waited. And all of a sudden, I felt the blindfold being removed. I blinked as my eyes slowly adjusted.

And there, sitting between my legs with a sheepish grin on his face, was my boyfriend, Cody.

“So, do I have your permission now?”
“What the fuck, Cody?!” I was aghast. My timid boyfriend had actually tied me up in the middle of the night, teased me as I laid there, helpless, and threatened both my safety and his own, all the while knowing that I was most certainly being turned on because he was being dominate.

He just sat there with that stupid sheepish grin on his face, grabbing the back of his own neck, not knowing what to do.

I looked him square in the eye. “Put the blindfold back on. And you’d better not get all sissy on me now that I know it’s you.” He smiled and kissed me as he slipped the blindfold into place. “Well, now that I have your permission, I don’t see any reason why you need to talk anymore.” I could feel him moving to straddle my chest and felt him nudging my lips with his cock. I decided to test him and refused to give way. “Suck my cock,” he said much more forcefully. I gasped in surprise as he grabbed a large chunk of hair and pulled it back. The gasp gave him room to slide his erection into my mouth and used his hold on my hair to move my head back and forth over it. He wasn’t super long, but the 8” he had was enough to force down my throat and make me gag. I tried to move my tongue out of the way, but it only served in turning him on more and he started pumping his hips to meet my face. I was having difficulty breathing, and when he forced all of himself down my throat, I couldn’t breathe as he held himself there, savoring the moisture and heat of my mouth.

Finally, he slid his member from between my lips and got off the bed. I tried to hear what he was doing, but to no avail. I tensed up and jerked around in my bonds when I felt the chill of an ice cube pass over my nipples. He put a hand over my throat, with just enough force to keep me from bucking around as he drew with the ice cube all over my body, until finally, he ran out of ice. The cold had brought my nipples to full attention and he stopped for a minute to tease them. Leaving my side again, when he came back he was at the bottom of the bed, between my legs again. I could feel him lean over my body and was startled to hear his voice so close to my ear. “Now then, let’s shut up that pretty little mouth of yours. Don’t want to wake up any of my roommates at this hour.” And with that, he forced what felt like a ballgag into my mouth and pulled the strap tight.

Planting another quick kiss on my lips, he adjusted himself back to the bottom of the bed. I could feel him place his arms around both of my thighs, taking away what little free movement I had as he started tickling my clit with his tongue. His very, very cold tongue! He must have been sucking on an ice cube! I squirmed and moaned into my gag as he moved on to my pussy and used his tongue to fuck me. The sensation of hot and cold was intense and I was soon on the brink of orgasm. He sped up his motions and freed one of his hands to play with my clit while he tongue-fucked me. It didn’t take long for that to send me over the edge and my body began to spasm with pleasure. He made my orgasm last for a long time by slowing down and picking up speed parallel to the waves of pleasure I was riding.

When he finally let me come off of my high, I laid there in a pool of sweat and elation. He didn’t let me rest for long; soon he was pulling my head back by my hair again and kissing me around the gag. “I hope you aren’t too tired after that. I still have one surprise for you.” I could hear the familiar ripping of foil and thought that he was just going to fuck me. But I was indeed surprised when I felt him massaging my ass with oil. I had never done anal before, and I was scared. He must have seen me shaking, because he bent over and kissed me again. “Don’t worry, love, I’m not going to fuck your ass. But it is in for a sweet surprise.” I could feel a pressure around my asshole as he tried to push something in. “Relax, sweetheart, trust me,” he coaxed as he twisted and pushed this thing inside me.

Once it was finally in, he left for a moment to let me get situated with this new sensation. He was right, it wasn’t too uncomfortable. It must have been a small anal plug or something similar. Once I had finally relaxed, it was kind of exciting.

“This is a special anal plug,” he said, startling me. I hadn’t heard him come back. I did hear him click a button, and the plug started vibrating inside me. “Now we can really have some fun.”
I felt him position himself onto of me and he teased me a little with his cock. “Say please.”

With the gag in my mouth, what I said didn’t sound like please, but it was close enough for him. He slammed his entire length into my soaking wet pussy and held for a second, allowing me to catch my breath from the suddenness and force of the motion. Then he started slowly pulling out until just the tip of the head remained, and then forcing the shaft back in. As he started building up speed, he put his hands on either side of my waist and started pulling my hips to meet his. Between the forced of his motion and the vibrating filling my asshole, I was feeling comfortably full and was quickly rising to another orgasm. Cody freed one of his hands to tease my breast and twisted the nipple, hard. I moaned in pain and pleasure and found myself doing as much as I could to make help him drive his dick into me faster and harder. He suddenly withdrew back to the tip and pushed in with all his might as he was brought over the edge. As he ejaculated his semen into the condom, he brought his other hand from around my waist and used his thumb to stimulate me clit, sending me over the edge with him. We both writhed for a minute in sexual heaven, and then he collapsed on top of me. We mingled in our sweat and sex as we lay, breathing heavily, trying to regain our senses.

Finally, he reached behind my head and released the ball-gag and pulled off the blind fold. He undid the ropes tying my hands to the top of the bed and we each released an ankle from the bottom. He closed the window as I got a drink of water. When I put it down, he pulled me down onto the bed and held me close to him. As we both drifted off to sleep, I couldn’t help but murmur, “Cody?”

“Yeah, sweetheart?”

“If you ever scare me like that again, I’ll kick you in the balls.”

He chuckled and said, “Fine, I’ll have one of my roommates tie you up next time.”

The End

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