The Arrangement

It was Friday night when I got the text. I was hoping to have a weekend to myself, but duty calls. I’m 30 and single. Why, you ask? Because living with a man requires too much compromise. And I’m not the kind of woman who pretends a man is ‘the one’ just because I want a ring on my finger. I’m attractive, sexy, 5’ 6” with DD tits. I don’t have a problem finding men. The problem is that men are flawed. If they’re financially responsible, they’re immature, abusive assholes. If they’re sweet and adoring, they’re terrible with money, put you in debt and think fucking you in the ass is demeaning. I don’t have time for either.

Which is why I entered into the arrangement I’m currently in. It’s perfect. There’s no other way to say it than I am the plaything of a couple I’ve known for years. They like to adventure out and I am submissive so … it works perfectly. I don’t want to ruin their marriage, and none of us really want anyone to know what our situation is. It’s for the pleasure of those involved and it works for us.

Unlike most of my friends, I don’t have pets, I don’t have kids … I’m free to do as I please. My friends think I have a secret boyfriend I’m keeping from them. Not even. On these nights, I will get a text message instructing me on what to do. The messages come when they have time, when their kids are at sleepovers or staying with their grandparents. They call, I come.

Tonight’s message said, “7pm at the corner tonight. Wear the outfit that was delivered today. Do NOT be late.”

I knew what they meant. I had no idea if it was his phone or hers, but that was the phone from which I received my instructions. I opened the package I’d found on my porch when I got home from work. A pair of dark wash jeans and a red silk tank with a low-cut V-neck. My tits would look obscene in this.

I went to the closet and got my nipple kit out. I used the suction to stand one at attention and rolled a nipple band over the base of it, then did the other as well. The bands cut blood flow just enough to engorge my nipples and get them ready for a long night of standing at attention.

I left the bands on while I showered and shaved and prepared myself for the night. I was only allowed to wear mascara and lip gloss. My long brown hair was to be worn down. If my Mistress wanted it up, she would do it herself. I knew bras and panties were forbidden. I had to be accessible to them both no matter what. Which is why I wasn’t surprised to see the silk shirt….Master loves seeing my nipples through my clothing.

The jeans had also been altered. The crotch had been cut. When I looked in the mirror, from all angles it just looked like it was frayed, as the jeans were in a few other places where cuts had been made. But when I sat on the edge of the bed in front of my mirror and spread my legs, my smooth pussy was on display. Clever.

I put on my black heels and removed the nipple bands before sliding the silk tank on. The material flowed easily and was loose enough that the front of the shirt rested entirely on my breasts. My nipples were the only thing I could look at. Master would love this! I walked into the bathroom to put on my collar and as I walked, I saw in the mirror that the bounce of DDs in a silk tank is …. very obvious and incredibly sexy. I was sure to turn heads wherever we went.

I knew we were going out somewhere. If we were just going to stay in, I was usually told to wear the black knee-length trench coat I was given, black high heels and nothing else. Every once in a while they like to dress up their toy and take her out to play.

I put my collar around my neck; a black choker with a silver cat charm in front. Mistress and I loved the obvious innuendo that no one but us would understand.

I grabbed my purse and keys and headed out the door. It was 4 blocks to the corner where we always met and it was evening in spring. It would be chilly and I wasn’t given a coat to wear.
The first block was quiet, the breeze had stiffened my nipples painfully and the bouncing as I walked was rubbing them against the silk ever so lightly. The bright red shirt over my bouncing DDs would keep me self-conscious all night.

My heart rate sped up on my 2nd block when a couple walking their dog passed me on the sidewalk. I smiled politely but the woman seemed uncomfortable and the man she was with did nothing but stare at my chest.

The corner where they would pick me up was nearer to downtown and foot traffic was getting heavier. Everyone I passed was staring, leering; some younger guys were even licking their lips. I couldn’t feel more exposed. It was humiliating and exciting all at once.

As soon as I reached the corner, I saw their minivan pull up next to me. I climbed into the side and shut the door, thankful to escape the humiliation.

“How was the walk?”

Master was looking at me in the rear view mirror, Mistress peaked seductively around her seat.

“Cold and slightly humiliating.”

“Well you look amazing.”

“Thank You, Sir!” When we were alone, I was always to address them as ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’. In public, we were less formal as not to arouse suspicion.

We made small talk about work and their kids until we reached the restaurant. We had been close friends for years, this new arrangement had only began 6 months ago. So far, we found it easy to flip back and forth between the arrangement and our conventional friendship. Tonight was no exception. I found out their kids were with their grandparents for the weekend so we had two nights and two days to play!

We parked and got out, apparently headed to a restaurant. Mistress laced my arm through hers and we walked behind her husband. She was taller than I and most of the time I really did feel like her small little pet. She was excited about her new outfit as well. She had bought herself a bright blue silk tank similar to my own and was loving the freedom and power she felt in her breasts with every passerby. I had to agree that it felt much more comfortable now that I was with them and not alone on the street.

We had a reservation at the restaurant and were seated immediately. Our waiter reached the table first and turned, smiling, watching us as we approached. He couldn’t control his eyes as he freely stared at my bouncing tits, nipples at attention.

We had a corner booth, Master’s favorite kind. I always sat between them and we always sat close. When no one was looking, Master was rubbing my nipple with his finger slowly. Mistress had found my clit and was twirling it between her thumb and forefinger.

By the time we were ordering our food, I was nearly panting, trying to appear as if I weren’t ready to strip naked and beg anyone to fuck me.

I managed to order my food, though eating was the last thing on my mind.

After drinks and more teasing, Mistress told me to follow her into the bathroom. We went into a stall together and she had me put one foot up on the toilet. She leaned over me and kissed me softly and deeply, making my breath quicken. Master had told me when we were discussing our arrangement that her kiss was irresistible. He was so right.

As she kissed me with those pillowy lips, she ran her palm over my nipple through the fabric, sending jolts all through my body. With her other hand, she slowly inserted something into my pussy. As I felt it slide in, I could tell they were large, cold metal balls. Ben wa balls.

“They’re connected with a small rod so one doesn’t get lost.” Mistress kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, “To entertain you while we eat.” She giggled and led me back to the table.
As I walked, I could feel the weighted balls shifting inside of me. I loved the feeling. As I scooted toward Master in the booth, our food arrived. Master thanked the waiter and we began to eat. I felt a buzzing just as Master leaned closer, “My wife got the pleasure of inserting them, but I get the remote!”

The balls inside of me came to life, vibrating slowly. I squirmed in my seat and tried to focus on my dinner as they both enjoyed watching my discomfort. We talked more during dinner, but I found it hard to focus when I was so distracted. The feeling was so amazing and I struggled to answer even the most simple questions. They knew I was close.

Mistress discretely toyed with my nipple as Master reached under the table and rolled my clit. The intense sensations all at once sent me over the edge. I wasn’t allowed to tell them to stop, I had to accept it and get through it.

As the orgasm built, I gasped and held my breath to keep from moaning. The vibration, the sensations, the mere idea of having an orgasm in public …. All these things rushed into my mind at once and the orgasm exploded inside of me, throbbing and sending euphoric waves into even my toes and fingers.

The waiter was headed for the table and I was trying not to jerk with intense pleasure as the vibrating balls continued to tease me. Master didn’t shut them off.

“Are you okay, miss?” he looked concerned.

I faked a cough and smiled, indicating that I had just swallowed wrong and nodded as I reached for my water glass.

We all laughed and joked about the poor man after he’d left. If he’d only known! Master took pity on me and turned the vibration off as we left the restaurant. The weighted balls kept jostling in my pussy, however, and I noticed that between the martinis and the sensations happening inside of me, I walked with more of a sway in my hips, with more confidence and felt sexy instead of humiliated as my large breasts and jutting nipples bounced freely for all to enjoy.

When we reached the car, Mistress crawled into the back with me and removed my shirt. Say what you want about minivans, but they have a lot of room and a lot of privacy.

Mistress knelt between my legs and circled her tongue around my clit softly. I was finally free to moan my appreciation. I saw Master’s eyes in the rearview mirror, watching his wife play with her toy. I knew he was hard already. His cock had a magical way of staying hard for hours at a time, always ready to violate.

“You’re a wet kitty.” She smiled and continued lapping at my exposed pussy. She didn’t stop until we arrived at their house, though she kept it soft and so light that it merely kept me teased and on edge.
I put my shirt back on so I wouldn’t alarm the neighbors and we went inside together.

Once I was inside, I knew the rules. The only thing I wore was my collar. Master had already closed all the blinds and curtains so that we had complete privacy. I removed my clothes carefully and Mistress took them into the laundry room for the weekend.

Aside from always being nude in the house, I was to obey all requests of my ‘owners’ (my word, not theirs) without question. I’d known them for years, we had talked at length about our fantasies and our limits and I trusted fully that they would never bring me harm or endanger me in any way. They knew my limits and always respected them.

We didn’t fall into our conventional friendship unless one of them said, “At ease.” We maintained the Master/slave persona. They enjoyed having a play thing and they knew I enjoyed submitting and releasing control. It was a perfect pairing.

The first order of business was always preparing myself. Mistress took me into the bathroom, drew me a bath and inspected me from head to toe. I’d shaven so she was content. She washed me, enjoying teasing me and using the exfoliating sponge on my nipples as I squirmed and moaned.

When I was bathed, she filled the enema bag with warm water and essential oil and I got on all fours to take it in. She held the bag up and it drained into me slowly. I felt my insides swelling and the inevitable cramping began. I resisted it and tried to relax as she drained the remaining water into my bowels.

When the bag was empty, she removed the nozzle from my tight pucker and laid the contraption on the counter as she left the room. I relaxed and let the enema work its magic until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

When I was fully drained and cleaned up, I opened the door and waited. Mistress came down the hall and into the room, carrying my plug. It was a 6” dildo with a tapered base to hold it in. Mistress waited until I was on all fours, rubbed the dildo with lubricant and slowly began to work it into my tight hole. She went slowly, moving in and out, stretching me as she went. She knew I enjoyed the sensation and moved it in circles side to side, stretching and relaxing the muscles. By the time it was fully inserted and my ass had closed around the base, it felt so amazing to be filled.

I stood slowly and adjusted to the anal intruder. It was a soft latex and moved and bent with my insides, causing no pain or discomfort. The feeling was incredible.

As I followed Mistress into the bedroom, the movement of the dildo in my ass made me want more. The base was a bit wider than standard plugs, stretching my tight ring. I could feel myself getting wet again. When the door was shut, Master was always in charge.

“Pet, take my wife and tie her in the chair.” Mistress moved toward the wooden chair by the window where Master had fixed her suction cup dildo. She lowered herself onto it, moaning as it filled her. When she was comfortable, I carefully tied her hands to the chair arms using the knots Master had taught me.

“Gag her, my Pet.” I obeyed and retrieved the gag from the drawer. I inserted the 4” dildo into her mouth and secured the buckle around her head in the back. Mistress loved feeling helpless while Master played with me.

“Come.” I went to the bed where Master was sitting naked and kneeled in front of him, waiting.

“Suck my cock, Pet.”

I moved forward and swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock slowly, then took the head into my mouth and sucked just the fat tip for a few minutes before I slid my tongue from the base of his cock along the bottom to the tip and slowly lowered my head onto his shaft until he hit the back of my throat.


I sat back on my heels and waited.

“Is that how you suck my cock? Slowly and carefully? Has it been too long? Have you forgotten?”

“Sorry, Sir.”

“Over my knee.” He reached for the riding crop on the nightstand as I laid on the bed across his lap. “Fifteen. Count them out.”

SMACK! “One, Sir.” The stinging on my left cheek lingered as he went for the right – SMACK! “Two, Sir.”

As he continued, the warmth crept into my stinging skin and my ass felt like it was on fire. He was nearly finished – SMACK! “Fifteen, Sir.” He knew I liked the punishment. It turned me on, made my pussy wet and when he squeezed my sore cheeks, the ache was delicious. The punishment wasn’t just for pleasure, however. It redirected my thoughts. It aroused me and focused me until yes, I wanted to suck his cock the way he loved it.

“Are you focused on your duties now, Pet?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Get to it.”

I climbed down onto my knees again, hungry now. When I saw his cock near my face, I opened my mouth and went at it ferociously. I grabbed his thighs and rammed my mouth down onto his cock, enjoying the pain as it hit the back of my throat repeatedly.

As I raped my own throat with Master’s cock, I could hear Mistress whimpering. I knew she was gyrating on her dildo, enjoying the show.

Master grabbed my hair and pulled my head off of his cock, “Lay on the bed with your head over the edge.”

I obeyed, staring at his cock upside down now. He came at my open mouth with a vengeance, ramming his dick into my skull. Tears started to run out of the corners of my eyes, smearing my mascara. Master loved it when my face was smeared with black tears.

My mouth rape went on for what seemed like forever before Master slowed down, pushing deeper. I knew what he wanted. He loved hitting the back of my throat, making hurt the way we both liked. But now he was ready to go into my throat. His strokes became slow and deep, pushing down into my throat and pulling out.

When my throat was stretched, he increased his speed, long deep strokes, faster and faster. I opened my throat for him and felt my pussy dripping. I knew my inner thighs and ass were a mess.

Mistress was screaming around her gag now. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, fucking herself with the dildo, watching her husband use my throat.

When they locked eyes across the room, Master plunged his cock deep into my throat and I felt him shoot straight into my stomach. I held my breath and waited.

When the cock pulled out of my mouth, I caught my breath and watched as Master untied Mistress, removed her gag and kissed her deeply. “Did you enjoy that, my love?”

“God, yes.” I watched the two of them as Master fondled her breasts and lifted her off the dildo, bringing her to the bed where I was laying.

“Get up, Pet.” I stood and kneeled on the floor as Mistress laid on the bed and Master fingered her clit and sucked on her nipples. She was moaning and begging for more. Watching how he handled her made me want more of whatever they wanted to do to me.

After Mistress came on the bed with her husband, I was told to back up to her and straddle her face. As she delighted in cleaning my wetness from my legs and lips, Master clamped my nipples and tightened them until I squealed. They were the clamps with a chain attached to a clit clamp as well. He put the clamp on Mistress’s clit and tightened it until she moaned. We were connected now.

Master moved behind me and straddled his wife’s head. With no warning, he jammed his cock deep into my pussy, making me jerk back. When I did, the chain tightened and pulled at Mistress’s clit and my nipples. We both cried out, encouraging Master to keep going.

I leaned down on my hands for relief from the pulling on my nipples and Master immediately grabbed a handful of my hair to pull my head back until the pulling resumed. Mistress was moaning and licking at my pussy and Master’s balls.

Mistress fingered my clit while her husband pounded into my pussy and before long I could feel an orgasm building.

“Are you close, Pet?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“What do you say?”

“May I please cum, Sir?”


“Please, Sir! Please! Mistress is making it feel so good, I don’t know if I can hold it! Please!”

“Please what?”

“Please can I cum, Sir?”

He didn’t answer, just kept his rhythm, going faster and harder at me.

“Please, Sir, oh God, please let me cum! I’m so close, please, Sir!” I whimpered and begged, trying not to focus on the sensations that were bringing me so close to exploding. “Fuck! Please, please let me come, Sir! Oh my God, Pleeeeaaaaase!???”

Master pulled at my anal plug, taking it ½ way out and pushing it back in, over and over, “Cum, Pet. NOW.”

That was all he had to say. I let the sensation spread and as I came, fluid rushed around his cock, dripping onto Mistress’s face as my pussy milked Master’s cock and squeezed around the plug, making it harder for Master to push and pull it from my ass.

Master pulled out of me, removed the clamps from both of us and laid on the bed next to his wife, “Pet, you made a mess of my wife’s face. Clean it.”

I turned around and saw the wetness on her cheeks and lips. I obediently licked her clean and she kissed me deeply, our breasts pressed against one another.
“You two are so sexy. Now clean my cock.”

Mistress and I both leaned over his crotch and began licking my juices from his cock and balls. He loved our mouths on him. When he was clean, he didn’t let us stop. We kept licking and sucking at him, taking turns lowering onto his shaft and sucking his balls into our mouths.

“Ride my cock, Pet.”

“Yes, Sir.” I climbed on Master’s cock and leaned forward, spreading my legs wide to get him in deep and started twerking on his cock. Master loved it fast and deep, like only I could do it.

Mistress moved behind me with the riding crop and began whipping my ass as it bobbed up and down on her husband’s dick. “You like fucking my husband, Pet?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” I moaned at the pain.

“Fuck him harder!” She whipped harder until I was slamming myself onto Master’s cock so hard and fast I could feel him pushing past my cervix.

Mistress moved behind me and stroked my burning cheeks with her hands as I slammed my pussy up and down on Master’s dick. Soon she was grabbing my hips, lifting me and slamming me down with so much force that I cried out.

With every slam into me, Master’s cock pounded my cervix painfully and I would whimper and yelp. I felt so full with both of my holes stuffed.

Mistress saw her husband fighting an orgasm and started rocking my hips forward as she pulled me up and rocking them back when she pushed me down, making sure the plug in my ass would rub nicely on the bottom of his cock.

I felt Master’s cock grow and stiffen and his wife cooed over my shoulder, “Cum inside of our Pet, my love. I want to see your face when her pussy milks you dry.”

The sound of her voice was all it took; Master exploded inside me with a roar, throwing his head back and pushing his hips up to bury himself in me. Mistress pressed on my shoulders and I felt the full length of him throbbing inside of me, filling me with his delicious seed.

When Master patted my ass, I lifted off of him and bent down to lick his cock clean as Mistress moved behind me to taste her husband’s offering dripping from my cunt.

Master shuddered as my tongue lapped at his balls, “That’s it my Pet, make sure I’m nice and clean. How do I taste?”

“Delicious, Sir.” Nothing was more intoxicating to me that the taste of my pussy on his cum-drenched cock.

When he was cleaned, he moved off the bed and Mistress laid down, “Bring me your pussy, Pet. I want you to give me everything my husband put inside of you.”

I straddled her face and relaxed my vaginal muscles, pushing just enough that his seed started dripping out of me into Mistress’s mouth.

She licked and swallowed and moaned and glancing at her husband, “Baby you’re so delicious.” When she was satisfied she’d gotten all she could with her tongue, she told me to lay down.

Master grabbed The Revolver from the night stand drawer. It was a double ended toy for Mistress and I to use. The short, hooked end inserted into me, shaped just perfectly to massage my G-spot, the other end sticking out of me like an erect cock. There was a small vibe inserted at the base that always seemed to get me off.

When I had the toy inserted, Mistress got on her hands and knees on the bed and I moved behind her, slowly pushing the dildo inside of her. I started with slow, rhythmic thrusts that I knew she liked.

Master moved in front of his wife with his crotch in her face. She took his ½ hard cock in his mouth and suckled it until he convulsed. She was hungry for it with the dildo massaging her insides.

“Fuck me harder, Pet.” I picked up my speed and grabbed her hips to keep my rhythm. Master was watching the dildo slide in and out of her while his cock did the same with her mouth. I knew he loved seeing his wife’s body being used.

Master grabbed a handful of her hair and watched Mistress devour him, “I love those beautiful lips around my dick. You like my cock in your throat while our Pet fucks you?”

“Yes, Baby, use me. Both of you use me.” She reached down and fingered her clit as we both picked up speed, ramming into her at both ends. She choked a little as Master got carried away fucking her mouth. When she started to moan around his cock, I knew she was close to coming. I adjusted the angle of the dildo so that my thrusts would rub her just where I knew she liked it. That angle always pushed the vibe into my clit and I had to fight my orgasm. I knew I wasn’t allowed to let go yet. Before long she cried out and her pussy gripped the dildo, pushing on it so I couldn’t thrust any longer.

I slowly pushed in against her orgasm and slowly pulled out over and over until I felt the clamping stop. The dildo slid out of her easily. I stayed where I was and she licked the taste of herself off the dildo until it was clean and went to her husband to kiss him deeply.

“How do I taste?” She smiled wickedly.

“Like I want more.”

I watched as they made out, fondling one another, lost in their own passion. The vibe was teasing my clit and watching them wasn’t helping. I closed my eyes and tried to focus my concentration on anything but my orgasm.

Please don’t cum, please don’t cum….

“Pet!” The sound of my name brought me back into the room, “Clean the toy and insert it into your Mistress.”

“Yes, Sir.” I pulled the toy out of me and licked my slickness off the smaller shaft until I could no longer taste myself. I moved to Mistress and as I slowly inserted it into her pussy, she put both hands on my face and kissed me deeply.

“You taste divine, Pet.” Her tongue was soft and her swollen lips felt amazing on my own. Our breasts touched and she moved her upper body back and forth so our nipples teased each other.

When the dildo was erect from her body, she told me to get on my knees and she positioned herself behind me. She pushed into me and my insides came to life. I moaned and let the sensation fill me.
Mistress fucked me steadily with the dildo, smacking my ass, “Don’t you dare cum, Pet. You don’t want to be punished for cumming without permission.”

I knew the pleasure of my owners came first and I was determined to obey.

While Mistress had her way with me, she started pulling the anal plug and soon both dildos were pushing and pulling at my holes. The feeling was amazing.

“She’s ready, Babe.” Mistress pulled the dildo out of my ass and the emptiness almost disappointed me.

Master set my plug aside and sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard. Mistress used the coconut oil from beside the bed to give her husband a slippery hand job while she whispered in his ear. I could tell from his face as he stared at me, waiting for instruction, that she knew exactly what to say to turn him on.

Soon she moved away from her husband and his eyes were still on me, “Sit that beautiful ass on my cock, Pet.”

“Yes, Sir.” His dick was slick and shiny from the oil and I backed up to him, straddling his lap. He aimed the head of his slippery knob at my back entrance and I slowly lowered myself down onto him.

“Lay back onto me.” I moved my legs forward and laid back onto his chest, his mouth right at my ear. I lifted my legs up and he grabbed me behind the knees and started pumping in and out of my ass. The slickness made it effortless and I moaned from the degradation and humiliation of it.

Mistress positioned her dildo and matched her husband’s rhythm and started pushing into my pussy. The feeling was amazing!

Master talked lowly into my ear just loud enough so his wife could hear what he was saying, “That plug stretched you just right for me, Pet. Your ass is opening for me.” His cock was fatter than the plug and the stretching pushed my limits, but the slick oil made it pleasurable.

Master kept talking, “Look at my beautiful wife. Watch her while we fuck you.” I kept my eyes locked with Mistress’, “Don’t you dare cum, slut. This body belongs to us; it’s our toy to play with. We decide when you have an orgasm.”

“Yes, Sir.” My words came out like whimpers. The double penetration was almost too much. I wanted to focus and make sure I didn’t cross that threshold and cum.

“You like my fat cock in your ass, slut?”

“Yes, Sir.” More whimpers

“I know you do. You’re just a slut who likes to be used. My dick has been in every hole you have tonight and you still want more, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.” His words were playing on my submissive nature and it was becoming harder and harder to hold back.

“I know you’re getting close, my Pet. I know you want to cum all over that dildo so badly. I can’t wait to feel your ass clench around my dick when you finally do.”

He knew what would send me over the edge. I was fighting the orgasm with all I had now, whimpering like a hurt puppy.

“I can hear it in your voice; your body loves being used. You filthy whore, both of your holes stuffed with cock and when most women would cry out for it to stop, you silently beg for it.”

The slippery friction in both of my holes was unbearably amazing. Neither of them let up and I didn’t think I could last much longer.

“Cum now, Pet. NOW!”

I let it go. I let the sensations spread from my pussy throughout my entire body. “ooooohhhhhh Maaaassssttteerrrr!!” While master kept pumping in and out of me ruthlessly, Mistress slowed her pace to accommodate the grip of my vagina, urging my orgasm to continue. It was the longest orgasm I’d had all night.

“I’m going to pump your ass full of my spunk, cunt.” While my orgasm died down, he shoved himself balls-deep into my ass and could feel his cock pulsating inside of me as he roared and filled me.

Master got up to take a shower while Mistress removed The Revolver from herself and set it aside to clean later. She had me on my knees and re-inserted my anal plug. “Keep that inside you for the night, Pet. Our gift to you.” She patted my ass and I got up.

“Sit in the chair.” Mistress removed her dildo from the seat and set it with the other toys to be cleaned.

“Yes, Ma’am.” I moved to the chair and Mistress teased and pulled at my nipples, making them hard before she clamped both of them. The pinch was painful, but she knew my limits. She slid on the butterfly vibrator and positioned it so it was pressed against my clit before she tied my arms and legs to the chair.

When Master returned from his shower, Mistress was just buckling a ball gag behind my head. She switched on the vibrator and returned to the bed. Master came to me and tugged on the clamps just enough to make me whimper, “Cum as much as you like, pet. It’s going to be so much fun watching you squirm and moan while I make love to my wife.” He kissed my forehead and went to Mistress.

The fun of torturing me was over. My reward was endless orgasms while I watched them together, but I was put out of the way so I wouldn’t interfere. It was humiliating; like a doll being put on a shelf after she’d been used and it was time to put her away.

They made love with so much erotic passion that it wasn’t long before watching them put me over the edge and I came again. I cried out, but the gag muffled it so that it sounded like a moan. Mistress glanced at me and smiled before she went back to fucking her husband.

They were in their own world, licking, sucking and thrusting as if I wasn’t in the room. During the hour that they fucked in front of me, one or the other would glance over and enjoy watching me squirm and come and produce muffled screams while I jerked and pulled at my restraints when the vibrator became too much on my clit.

The sensations were overwhelming.

When Mistress came, she squirted and Master had a joyous time licking her softly and cleaning her up before he entered her ass and slowly fucked her anally as he gazed into her eyes. It didn’t take long after that before he clutched her to him and came harder than he had with me. He loved his wife beyond measure, it was impossible to miss.

They both went into the bathroom to shower together, leaving me alone to get lost in my own pleasure. I had lost count of how many times I had cum. It didn’t even matter anymore. The orgasms came and went almost with no time in between for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally Master removed my restraints and shut off the vibrator, “You’re a mess, Pet.” He smiled with a sneer, “Did you enjoy yourself?” He removed the nipple clamps and I cried out from the pain as the blood rushed back to them, nodding in answer to his question.

He left the ball gag in place and led me to the bathroom where Mistress took over and gently washed me in a warm bath.

I was taken to the guest room where I usually stayed on overnight and weekend sessions. Mistress tucked me in and shut off the light before leaving, “See you in the morning, Pet.” She smiled and shut the door, off to spend a blissful night cuddling up next to her love while I slept silently; gagged with an ass full of her husband’s cum.

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