Capt. James T Kirk and the 5 hour erection.

The Enterprise had orbited the planet Donovan 4 for three days and landing parties had found it a very pleasant place. It was somewhat Earthlike with a 50/50 ratio of land to water. The temperature near the equator, where they had landed, was averaging around 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and only going down to about 70 at light. The rotation was about 26 earth hours and the two suns made sunlight about 14 hours a day.

Flora and fauna were prolific. It was different than that of Earth, as most planets were, but gave the same overall feel. None of the animals appeared to be dangerous and they all seemed to co-exist without fear of each other. Best of all, the crew had found indigenous people living in several villages along the warm water ocean shoreline.

The villages were seen from the Enterprise prior to landing but contact was not made until the third day of the on-planet survey. No radio waves or other energy sources were observed coming from the planet and no vehicles could be seen from the ship. It appeared to be a pre-technology tribal civilization.

On the third day, Kirk, Bones, Spock and Lt. Uhura stepped from the forest into the edge of a cultivated field. Soon, three natives rode up to them on an animal that was shaped somewhat like an Earth horse but had fur like an ape. There were no saddles or reigns. The riders just held on to the fur around the animals necks.

Kirk thought that the three were females. They were wearing loincloths but nothing else. He thought they were female as they had breasts. Actually they had four of them, one pair where human, and many other species of women have them and another pair just below them. Their bodies were slim. Their skin was mottled. It was kind of a light gray base color with soft bluish/purplish spotting, not at all an unpleasant sight. They all had straight snow white hair down to their shoulders and a small stripe of shorter white hair running the length of their chests from between the top two tits down into the tops of their loincloth. Kirk could not keep himself from concentration on their chests. Their medium sized breasts were high and firm with large erect nipples.

The three got down off their rides and stood in front of the Enterprise crew. They were almost carbon copies of each other and they stood maybe a foot taller than Kirk and the others. The one that stood in front of the others spoke but her lips did not move. "We are the Moran and we welcome you to our village." Kirk said thank you and the three natives smiled. "It is funny to see your mouth move when you speak. We only use our mouths for eating and pleasuring each other. We communicate by sending our thoughts to each other. We can do it one to one or one to all. We cannot read each others thoughts if they are not directed to us. Can you talk only with your thoughts?"

Jim said that they could not. The Moran female's words came in the minds of Kirk and the others. "When you speak with your mouths, you are also thinking what you say and we understand you. Will you please come to our central hut? We would be pleased to spend some time getting to know all about you. We saw a metal hut come down from the sky. Is that how you travel?" Trying not to volunteer to much information because of the prime directive, Capt. Kirk confirmed that yes that was their ship and their method of traveling.

In the hut the Enterprise crew was able to confirm that the Moran used metal. There were several crude metal items around. There was what looked like a cook stove and in the corner, fully exposed, was what appeared to be a toilet. They sat and talked or thought or something in between. Capt. Kirk did most but not all of the talking, as did the one Moran that had spoke first. "Are you female?" Kirk asked. The answer was yes and the four Moran that were in the hut stood and lowered their loincloths. The stripe of white hair that went down the middle of their chests ended in a large mound of thick white pubic hair. "See, we have no flanx like our males do."

"What do you call yourself? Where are your males? We have not seen any. How many people live in your village?" Kirk asked. "I am called Lonnine. There are 20 adults in our village, 10 males and ten females plus 4 young. The males are out in the forest gathering fruits and nuts. They will return shortly. We want you to stay for a welcome meal with us. Will you do that?" Kirk looked at the others and replied that they would be honored to share a meal with the Moran.

"Come to the shore while we get the meat for our meal." At the shore all four females stood facing the water. After a couple minutes three animals that probably could be described as being like Earth dolphins came right up to the shore. Each one had a fish in its mouth. They tossed the fish on the shore. The Moran women clapped their hands several times and bowed to the dolphin, which then disappeared back into the calm, warm ocean water. A male appeared and picked up the fish.

The male, and it turned out all the other males, was only a little over five foot tall. He was thick of body but not sloppy fat. Like the females, they wore only a loincloth. They had no hair visible anywhere on their bodies. The males made the meal. Several large low tables were set in the middle of the hut and everyone, male and female Moran and the four from the Enterprise sat on the floor with their legs crossed and ate till they were full. The flavors of the food were excellent. Then at least a couple of hours were spent in conversation. It was mostly learning about the Moran. The Enterprise crew did not offer much information about themselves or the ship.

It was learned that all the Moran in this village were one family. They were all married to all of the others. Sleeping and sex was usually, but not always one man and one woman but it could be any man with any woman on any given night. They had sex almost every night although the females were fertile only twice a year. The few children that they had were raised by the entire village as no-one knew which father was the father of that specific child. Once they grew to maturity, they did not appear to age any further till they finally died of old age after around two hundred Earth years.

After the meal, as they talked, a thick, sweet red drink was served in a large ceramic mug that was passed around. It must have had alcohol or something similar in it as everyone soon felt much more relaxed. When it came time to leave, Capt. Kirk made a joke about not being in any condition to drive.

During the next several days, the crewmembers split up and visited the other villages and found them to be much the same. Kirk continued to visit at the first village. He was always with Lonnine and several other females. He did not know if the others were always the same ones as they all looked so much the same. On the sixth day, Lonnine offered him a berry, that she called a Kandu berry, from a large wooden bowl. They were delicious an Jim ate several as did all the females that were there. After a few minutes he found himself feeling funny. He also noticed that he was getting an erection that felt harder than any he had had in many years. Erections were nothing unusual for him as, over the years, he had fucked almost more human and alien females than he could count. But this was the erection to end all erections. It felt harder that the titanium shielding for the warp drive.

The three Moran females that were with him at the time, stared at his crotch. Lonnine thought to him, "There is a very large bulge in your pants. Is your flanx wanting sex?" Lonnine dropped her loincloth and she reached for and undid Kirk's pants. They dropped to the floor exposing his super hard seven-inch erection. Lonnine squealed, "Oh my, we have never seen a flanx such as that. It is so big and so hard. It is twice as big as any of our males." Lonnine dropped to her knees in front of him and grasped it in her hand. One of the other females left the hut while the other also dropped her loincloth. Lonnine used her long tongue to lick up and down Kirk's shaft. Lonnine thought to Jim, "What a magnificent flanx. We wish to experience this wonderful thing." With the funny feeling that the berries had given him and his willingness to fuck almost anything that was female and anywhere close to human, Jim was soon naked and on his back on a mat on the floor with his flagpole standing straight up in the air.

The third Moran woman had returned and brought all the remaining females with her. Now nine naked Moran females stood around Capt. James T Kirk and the large and beautiful Lonnine. She placed a foot on either side of him and lowered herself to Jim’s rock hard cock. Because Moran men were small in the maleness department, she had to work with effort to plant herself fully onto Kirk's prick but she managed and started sliding herself up and down on it while making the strangest noises, which he heard in his head. The others clapped in rhythm and nodded their heads in matching motions.

Lonnine's small vaginal opening and tight muscles brought Kirk to a quick orgasm. In less than five minutes he emptied a large load of his seed into her cunt and she also came, with an almost violent shake and a flood of fluid. Soon she lifted off. Jim remained hard as a rock. This was not really unusual as often, when he was enjoying a really good fuck; he could stay hard to enjoy seconds. The second Moran female quickly started to suck him, cleaning the cum that had come from the two during the first fuck off of his manhood and from his pubic hair. Then she too mounted him and worked him fully into her cunt. This time Jim lasted for maybe ten minutes and the female came before he did but he again filled her to over full. He expected to be going soft as she climbed off of him but he remained as hard as before.

The third sucked the juices for the prior and then climbed on for her ride. Jim received the thought that every one of the Moran females was anxious to get fucked and feel Jim's cock, which was huge in their experience, deep in their pussies. She rode Jim like a bronco. Again he lasted even longer, before he released, and she came long before he did but she would not stop till she felt Jim's human seed flood her insides. He finally did. He told them that he had reached his limit and that he would not be able to satisfy all of them, that human men just were not made like that. However, when she got off, he was as hard as he had been the first time.

Although he was worn out, he was still fully erect. Jim said to all of them, "I can't do this with all of you. I can't do any more. Please stop. I'll be happy to fuck more of you another time." But he received the words in his head that each of them intended to feel his huge flanx filling them till he filled them with his fluids and if they had to, they would hold him down till they were all satisfied. Each time it took longer for him to cum. The final female bounced up and down on his cock for well over a half hour before a small amount of semen finally squirted from his overworked balls and out the end of his prick. She was sweating and had cum three times while working him to his final ejaculation.

As she lifted off of him, Kirk was almost unconscious. Lonnine was the only one that hat not had his cum covered cock in her mouth so she dropped down and gave him his final cleaning. The women were satisfied and happy. Jim Kirk was more worn out sexually than he had ever been in his life. He was exhausted and all of his body was limp except for his prick, which was just as hard as when this had started almost four hours ago.

While Kirk was being fucked by the last female and then sucked clean after, the rest of the crew had returned from the other villages to gather and return to the Enterprise. As they looked into the hut and saw the orgy that was happening and they smiled to each other. Jim could put another notch on his bedpost.

After almost four hours of being fucked almost non-stop by increcably tight cunts and deeply sucked by earger mouths, his erection was still at full attention like a solid oak baseball bat as they helped him up and worked at getting his pants back on. Uhura stared at Jims hard cock and fondly thought of all the times she had shared the captain's bed.

When they got back to the Enterprise, there was still a large bulge in his uniform pants. It finally went down as he slept, five hours after eating the berries. The next day, before the Enterprise departed from Donovan 4, Captain Kirk had a storage locker filled with Kandu berries.


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