Chapter 3

After consulting to Mrs Mehta I was all set for my new role. I utilized all of the hours and had a brief read on the videos,sites and blogs she recommended me. I called Tushar to let him know that I was home already. After the sun settled in its shed I got up and made the dinner for both herself and Tushar. He was here in an hour still stressed, I asked him to come for dinner as I had something to discuss. Tushar was on the table in 30 minutes having dinner he asked "What is it Jigisha?" I asked him to finish the dinner first.

We sat on chairs facing each other and Jigisha came down heavily on him "I'm sick of your mediocre inferior attitude Tushar and you need to change it in my way."
He got tingled and asked "What do you mean?"
I said with an stern tone "You need to quit your job!"
Tushar was in a shock "But why?"
I came heavily again "Cos you don't enjoy it and I'm doing enough for this family to prevail, don't I?
Tushar didn't refused that but asked "Then, what would I do?"
I had everything in place and she said in enthusiasm "You will serve me"
Tushar had a convincing expression on his face and asked her "How?"
I explained "It is about you Tushar I want to change your inferiority and lack of control figure and controlling and enslaving you is something I find right at the moment"
He readily accepted and asked "How would you do that?"
I came down in a stern voice again "I would make you stay naked at home do all the household chores that I ask you, you would sit between my legs and do whatever I ask you to, I would make you my human pee box to remind you of my control if I find anything going beyond my rules,you would have to suffer a severe beat down"
Tushar was shell-shocked at the moment and didn't uttered a word.
I added "I expect your answer tomorrow till then goodnight baby"
I was in bed after a few moments while he spent all the night laying on the couch thinking about what I said.

Chapter 4

I was up early in the morning to have my daily fitness session whilst Tushar was laying on the couch with his eyes open, as I was about to walk post the couch he asked "Jigisha? Are we starting now or after you get your workout done?" I was in disbelief with what I just heard
I walked towards him giving a hard slap on his face "You are not allowed to call my name,call me Mistress Jigisha", his cheeks went red with embarrassment and apologized to me.
"It is okay at first but I expect a better behavior in the future. You are not allowed to workout from now on you are here to serve me that's it." Tushar with his heads down accepted what I just threw at him. I added "I expect you to stay naked get the breakfast and all the cleanings done before i come back."
I was out in a few minutes feeling different power in myself with the cold morning breezes passing through, I had an enthusiastic but sweaty workout and jog. I was home in an hour finding Tushar doing the cleanings. I called him "Tushar?" He was there in less than a minute "Yes Mistress"
"Lick my arm pits and underarms clean baby it was a hard one"
He had a sudden hesistation on his face but did as told licking them to cleanliness.
"What about your job,slave?"
"I already called for my resignation last night Mistress"
"Oh good i will take some days off from Salon from tomorrow baby to train you into this relationship, now come along with me in the bathroom I need you to bathe me"
He followed me to the bathroom I mounted on his forehead to fit my cunt to his mouth
"Remember baby no spilling at all if you don't want trouble" I oozed out all the distilled liquid in his mouth and he found problem in breathing but took all of it. I made him to dress me like a nan whilst I pinched his nipples hard in between. He had my leggings and Kurti done afterwards i drove to the salon. Reaching there I ordered some package online which included a cockcage, a pug house,plus sized chains,a whip,clamps, a ball gag and a strap-on dildo. I worked till evening in the salon and headed home. I was never this excited before. Tushar kneeled before me to welcome me back home I kissed him passionately giving an awesome pinch. I sat and called him "Come here slave I need your services" he was there in mili seconds "Lick me to an orgasm baby and lick me clean afterwards" pulling down the leggings he used his tongue to lick me to three orgasm afterwards took all the cum and licked me clean. I offered all my pee to his stomach with a light relieving fart afterwards. Reaching bedroom I found the bed undone and called Tushar he was there quickly, "Why is the bed undone?"I asked
He answered shivering "I forgot mistress"
"How can you forgot you moron lay across that fucking bed bastard"
I tied both his legs to different ends stretching farthest taking out the belt from the closet and gave 20 on each cheeks with 10 on the testicles, he was crying in pain,leaving him in the same position i headed to couch to sleep thinking about the delivery tomorrow.
It would an interesting journey!

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