My little sister and I hooked up again

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It was about a week before thanksgiving when I got a surprise visit from my sister Claire. Even though we had seen each other at mom’s Sunday dinners there was no mention about the hotel or having sex. We both acted as if nothing had happened between one another and I figured that Claire just erased it from her memory.

If you haven't read my story on how I unknowingly fuck my sister then let me say we both were surprised when it happened. She was married and having an affair with Joe and put up an ad on craigslist that I responded to. They wanted to do a three some and so did I ,she was blind folded when it all happened . We both were in shock when it was over and she took the blind fold off.

Luckily my wife wasn’t home at the time when she dropped by so it made it easier to talk about what happened. “It is nice to see you,” I said to her, giving her a hug when she came in. She sat down at the table and thanked me when I offered her a coffee, “it's been a while “she said.

I could see that she was nervous after all I caught her cheating on her husband so I tried to brush it off. “So what's up, is everything going well at home”I asked ,``will I see you at mom’s on thanksgiving”I asked.She took my hand “you seem to take having sex with me lightly”she said “so you are alright with that”?I leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek “sure I enjoyed it, and will never forget how good it was”Claire let out a sigh of relief “ I have been thinking how awkward it is at mom’s some times, I still think about it too.

I finally told Brad that I was having an affair with Joe and he was okay with it .We have had several threesome’s with Brad included since and he enjoyed it too. I didn’t tell him about us though”she said taking a drink waiting for a response. “It is important to be honest with your spouse ,Rhonda and I have an open relationship as well. Actually that is where she is right now, although I didn’t tell her that Sherry was you”.

“I still think about you ,and just how good the sex was”Claire said”I would like to do it again,is that wrong”.I took her hand “it would have been taboo years ago but times have changed and were not teenagers . I would love to do it again with you” I said, giving her a kiss, then another until she stopped” how about now “she said.

When I stood up she grabbed me by my hips and pulled me closer, then looked up at me with a smile.”You just don’t know when we were younger I would fantasize about you “ I said especially when you wore those short skirts”. Her hands moved up and unzipped my pants,”now you won’t have to fantasize any more”.

When her hand pulled my cock out she sighed “if I had known how nice this was back then I would probably have sucked you a lot”. I moved her long hair back into a ponytail as she moved her mouth on my cock.One hand went to the base of my cock while her other rolled my balls around “I love thick one’s like this “she said .

I remember hearing some of my friends talking about how hot my sister was and through the grapevine how she was a good lay. There even was writings on the bathroom stalls that I covered up that gave her number when she first came to high school. “Damn sis your good” I said as she was sucking me deep down her throat. No gag reflexes ,a slow steady rhythm smacking her lips from time to time pulling it out of her mouth.

“ I love sucking cocks”she said “there is something about the way it feels so warm and hard throbbing in my mouth that has always turned me on”, I had moved my hand down rubbing her breasts feeling her nipples harden when she took a deep breath and sighed. “Let’s go to the bedroom so we can both be naked “ I said “I want to lick my little sister’s pussy”.

Clair stood up and kissed me “you mean your slutty sister’s pussy ,it’s not little any more”. She took my hand and followed me to the bedroom “I did Brad before I came over so you might want to skip the eating”she said before we got to the bed . We both stripped and climbed onto the bed and began fondling one another's body and kissing passionately.

“You are sure wet” I said as two fingers slid knuckle deep into her and started stirring her juices around. She had a firm grip on my cock when she stopped kissing me and cried “fuck me , I want you to fuck me good. Oh Bobby give me your cum I want it “then pushed me on my back and climbed on. “Oh fuck this feels good”she said impaling her self on my cock then leaned back down kissing me again.

I could feel her warm juices being pushed out and down my sack as she rocked back and forth on me.”I love your cream filled pussy “I said while she laid her head on my shoulder sucking on my neck.I could tell she was getting closer to an orgasm as she was holding her breath longer listening to me tell her how wet she was.

“Oh sis I would love to have another three some with you again,watching you suck a cock while you're riding me like this”. My hand was on her ass rubbing a finger up and down her slit “even one in here would be fun too”. She moved up putting her hands on my chest and started fucking me harder “cum in me” she cried . So I did ,as she felt her pussy being filled she stopped moving “oh that feels good”she said.

She was smiling looking into my eyes “so you like it when someone else cum is inside me too. Does it turn you on knowing your little sister can be a slut sucking your cock or someone else's while getting fucked. She lowered her head and kissed me, would you like the taste of another man's cum on my lips”?

She started to tremble and her pussy tightened around my cock,”it gets me off just thinking about it “she said as a warm flow of her cum seeped around my shaft.I reached up and started pulling on her nipples listening to her moan louder. “Cum some more on my cock”I said “it is staying hard just for you”. She lowered her tits down “suck them Bobby” she said taking a deep breath “yes oh yes “she said .

Everything I touched and kissed on made her moan ,she seemed to have a few sensitive places on her body when she was cumming. Finally she cried out “stop please stop” and held onto my hands . “Damn we need to take a break “ she said but she still was sitting on my cock keeping it hard.

“Damn sis I am surprised you have never had children by the way you like sex .Have you always liked sex this much “I asked her.Claire smiled mom had me on birth control when she found me in bed with my boyfriend. I didn’t want children and Brad didn’t want any either”so you have always been a nympho “ I said then chuckled . “I guess it is in our gene’s cause I have always been horny as hell too”.

“ I started giving blow jobs when I was 15 “she said and lost my virginity shortly after. It turned me on knowing I had the power to get any boy I wanted.I was so good that they would invite me to every party that was held” she said .

“ I had heard stories about you” I said “I even beat up a couple of boys for spreading rumors about you.I didn’t think what they were saying was true,thinking my little sister was not a slut”. Claire moved up and kissed me “aww” she said “you did love me,now you know the stories were true .

“Well I am looking forward to having some more fun with you”she said “but Joe is waiting for me. He said he has a lady friend waiting to have a threesome with us so I have to go.Wait”I said “you do it with girls too”, Claire held my cheek and kissed me then giggled “yes I am still a slut”.

She was telling me that any kind of sex is fun ,even with the same sex “you aught to try it some time”. She then reached down and stroked my cock “ I bet you would be a good cock sucker. Joe tried it and liked it “she said as I walked her back to the door “think about it “.

I did think about it maybe I will I said to myself watching her drive away,maybe I will .

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