My Omegle Chat_(2)

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Role Playing.
Stranger: hey
You: f 19 US. U?
Stranger: 22 m us
You: What roles do u like?
Stranger: I like roles with authority, like boss, parent, teacher, etc. Or supernatural ones, like gods and vampires.
You: I like daddy/daughter, teacher/student,
You: stuff like that
Stranger: Oh, nice. WHich would you prefer today?
You: Lets do teacher student.
Stranger: Ok. What's your name?
You: Alex
Stranger: Nice. I'm Dan. I'll get us started.
You: ok
Stranger: It was the last class of the day, and I asked you to stay after. Once everyone else is gone, I say, "Now Alex, do you know that you're failing my class?"
You: "Ummm, I thought i was doing pretty well. I mean, I got a C on the test!"
Stranger: "Yes, but you also have only turned in 3 homework assignments.
You: "I'm sorry, but i have a life you know! My boyfriend doesnt care if I'm failing, and frankly me and my friends dont either."
Stranger: "Well if you want to get into college, and not work at McDonald's your whole life, you should care."
You: "I'm only failing this class. Look, Teach, I'm sorry. Is there any way i can get an extra credit assingment? Or anyway to raise my grade to a C? C is a pass."
Stranger: "Well Maybe there is one thing you could do, to get some extra credit."
You: "Oh please tell me!" I jump up and down, excited.
Stranger: I can't help but stare as you bounce. "You Well My wife is out of town"
You: I notice you staring, and start to raise my tight tank top, slowly. "And..?"
Stranger: "And A man has needs"
You: My black, lacy bra becomes exposed. "Keep going.."
Stranger: "I'd be willing to give you an A if you help me get off"
You: "I could do that." I throw my shirt on the ground. "Wanna better view of" I gesture towards my Nice sized tits
You: "Teach?" I pull my jeans down a little
Stranger: I tear off my shirt, and drop my pants, exposing my rock hard cock. "I need you now"
You: I yank my bra off, pull down my jeans, exposing my black thong and take that off too. "I need a good taste of your cock" I bend down and start giving you a BlowJob
Stranger: I moan as you suck. "Oh God yes It's been too long"
You: I stop for a second. "Your wife doesnt do this to you? Your a very sexy teacher. How old are you guys?" I continue to suck cock
You: (You guys as in u and ur wife)
Stranger: (yeah)
You: I suck harder, waiting for your reply.
Stranger: I cry out in pleasure, before my body tenses from the climax, and I cum deep in your throat.
You: "Mmmmm" I pull back and lick up all the cum. "Did that earn me an A?"
Stranger: "You might still need a little bit more extra credit"
You: "Teach? Seriously how old are you?"
Stranger: "Hey, I'm a pretty young teacher. Not even 30 yet."
You: "Ok. I'll let you fuck me. You have a condom, right? I'm seventeen, I'm not getting pregnant from my teacher. I even force my boyfriend to use one, unlike most people."
Stranger: I nod. "Yeah, in my desk." I get it out and put it on. "Ready?"
You: "yep. Wait you keep condoms in your desk? Nice." I get on your desk. "Fuck away."
Stranger: I put my hands on your hips, and slide my throbbing cock inside your wet, tight pussy.
You: "ooh that feels so fucking good."
Stranger: I thrust deeper, harder, and faster. "You're so tight"
You: "Thats what everyone says" I moan.
Stranger: I keep fucking you, I can;t stop. My hands caress your curves, and play with your breasts
You: "Teach? Um this is Awkward but i like this and, umm, wanna makeout?"
Stranger: I lean in and kiss you passionately, cock still thrusting inside you
You: I kiss you back, slowly putting my tongue in your mouth.
Stranger: My mouth wanders, trailing kisses down your neck and to your breasts
You: I moan slightly, pushing your mouth onto my nipple
Stranger: I suck your nipple, hips still grinding against yours.
You: "Teach, Am i at A yet?"I pull my wrist into view. "Fuck I'm late for work!" I push you away slightly. "Sorry if im any later, well i'll be doing this with a Fuckin old man."
You: (I meant to put and looked at my watch after view.)
Stranger: I laugh. "You've earned it."
You: "Thank you" I kiss you, then grab my clothes and quickly throw them on. "See you tomorrow?"
You: I look at my watch again, then groan. "Ugghhh. Gotta go Kay Teach? See you tomorrow." I kiss you on the cheek and run out the door.
You: Wanna do more roles? Like dad daughter, or boss worker?
Stranger: you still there?
You: Yeah
You: Wait where?
Stranger: Oh, it said you were typing something for a really long time.
You: Oh did you get my last 3 things about me running out the door. here ill copy and paste
Stranger: No, sorry.
You: You: "Thank you" I kiss you, then grab my clothes and quickly throw them on. "See you tomorrow?"
You: I look at my watch again, then groan. "Ugghhh. Gotta go Kay Teach? See you tomorrow." I kiss you on the cheek and run out the door.
You: Wanna do more roles? Like dad daughter, or boss worker?
Stranger: Yeah, I'd like that. Which would you prefer?
You: IDC but I did say I had to go to work, so it could be the same girl but at work
Stranger: Ok, that works.
You: OK I'll start this time
Stranger: ok
You: I run into the back door of the grocery store, half an hour late. I quickly go to my station and hope no one notices
Stranger: I walk up to you, looking at my watch. "30 minutes, Alex. What am I going to do with you?"
You: "Im sorry boss, but what are you talking about?" I pretend I dont What you are talking about. "Um I have to work with a customer."
Stranger: "I'll need to see you in my office later."
You: I put up my hand and walk away. an hour later, i am still avoiding you.
Stranger: You hear my voice over the intercom. "Alex, to the management office please."
You: I groan, then march to your office. "What?" I put my hands on my hips, annoyed.
Stranger: "What have yo been doing to be so late all the time?"
You: "I have the freedom to not answer that." I think about my teacher, then how I was stuck in traffic Last week.
Stranger: "I'd really like to know. Otherwise, I might have to fire you."
You: "What! I NEED this job, please!"
Stranger: "Then tell me."
You: "II." I hesitate
Stranger: "Spit it out, already!"
You: "I WAS HAVING SEX WITH MY TEACHER." I cringe, hoping he wouldnt call the cops or anything.
Stranger: My eyes widen. "What?"
You: "There, HAPPY?" I turn and start to stomp out the door of your office.
Stranger: "Now hold on just a minute! I I should call the police!"
You: I turn. "II knowbutplease dont I.?"
Stranger: "You'll what?"
You: "I'll..give youUmmm."
Stranger: "Give me what?"
You: I took off my tank top. "What i gave him?
Stranger: "Well You drive a hard bargain. You're a dirty little slut, aren't you?"
You: "No I just..I was failingWellUGH. do you want it or not?"
Stranger: "Of course."
You: I sigh. "OK" i take of my bra. "Wanna play first?" I point to my tits.
Stranger: I nod, and latch my lips on your nipple
You: I moan
Stranger: I strip off my own clothes, and lay you down on my desk. My cock is hovering just between your legs.
You: "Wait, your like 50. I ave to FUCK you?"
Stranger: "You said the same that you gave him, didn't you?"
You: "How do you know I.? Fine."
Stranger: "You said you were having sex with him did you not?" The tip of my cock presses against the lips of your pussy
You: I moan. "Fine, put it in."
Stranger: I slide my cock inside, letting out a noise somewhere between a gasp and a moan. "I haven't fucked a pussy this tight in 30 years"
You: "They all say that." I gasp. "Ok 2 things. 1-Your cock is so fuckinwellbig! and 2 I didnt see a condom on that thing of yours. Oh and if you have some in this office im gonna freak
Stranger: I keep fucking you. "Nope, I'm not wearing one. Aren't you on the pill?"
You: I look surprised. "No! I'm seventeen and I dont have sex everyday of everyweek! maybe once or twice a month sometimes less."
Stranger: "O"O"Od,
You: "Everytime i have sex We have condoms."
You: "But im not gettin fired. Go ahead, keep fucking me."
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I use fake stuff on Omegle like my name. this just happened.

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