Mark's Party pt 3- Chris , Nyomi & Annette_(0)

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Annette was dressed in 7 inch thigh high hooker boots & nothing else , as she danced to a heavy metal song her master/ son Chris had selected. Chris was getting blown by his married black principal Nyomi on their living room sofa . As Annette swayed her hips to the music, she didnt even realize that Chris had put her under his mind control only a week ago. Unlike Nyomi who was a tall dark amazonian nymphomanic, Annette was a stacked ivory skinned , medium sized american housewife who now had been trained to suck & fuck at her masters whim

Chapter 1

As Nyomi kept sucking his prick , Chris motioned for his mother to come over & sit by his side & they began their french kissing ritual. Meanwhile Nyomi who now spent most of her free time at Chris's home waited for her dessert..
Chris hadnt planned on making his mom his sex slave but after he saw how much fun Arthur & Mark were having with their moms , he decided he wanted that too. Besides it would take some of the pressure off Nyomi he smiled as he unloaded a load of jism down Nyomi's throat. He told her not to swallow as he had Annette & she share his wonderful jism as the ladies kissed the forbidden kiss.

Chapter 2- The Next Day

Annette was on her knees on the kitchen floor licking her sons balls ,ass & shaft as he talked to Holly a 19 yr old girlfriend . "Yeah" Chris was saying enthusiastically ,not even paying much attention to what mom was doing to him " i know Holly , Saturday should be fine your folks will be out , yeah we can fuck on your bed ( he had already hypnotized Holly too). , Holly im bringing another woman do you mind ? No of course not Chris Holly responded does she have big tits she asked " massive" Chris laughed. Annette was now deepthroating the massive schlong wondering who Chris meant? Would he bring Nyomi to Holly's place on Saturday or would he dare bring her ? His own mom. She was still wondering when Chris exploded , sending a load of cum down her throat which the kinky 50something mother quickly swallowed.

Chapter 3 -Friday

Annette was bent over , wearing a collar, leash & 5inch leopard spiked heels and nothing else . Chris had lubed & fingerfucked her asshole , & now was viciously assfucking her in the kitchen. Her cuckold husband Herbert (who Chris had hypnotized ),was now a shill of a man , who got off on watching his stepson using his wife for sexual purposes. As the anal fuck continued Herbert filmed the whole assault . Chris wore a mask cuz he didnt want others to know he was a motherfucker. As Annette screamed in pain & ecstasy ,Chris told her to turn around as he sprayed his manjuice all over his mothers face. Covered in facial cum , Annette was a vison of facial sluttiness , so Chris took a picture with his cellphone. This he would have his stepdad frame & put near their marital bed . So both would know that he was the Maledom & sexual master to Annette (mom ).

Chapter 4 - Saturday Night

Holly was enjoying the pussy licking she was receving from Annette , it was the first time 55yr old Annette had licked pussy & in her mind controlled mind that nineteen year old cunt tasted liked chicken . As she kept licking the young womans clit, her son Chris pounded her cunt with his massive prick . Her pussy was soaking wet.
Earlier in the day Chris had told her that he was taking her to Hollys,she was a little aprehensive at first , but after her master/ son spanked her for questioning his authority, she obeyed. She put on her yellow thong bikini , which Herbert had bought her ( cuz Chris told him)& her 6 inch spiked heels.
Herbert drove them to Hollys as she & Chris necked in the backseat. When they arrived , Chris told Herbert to fuckoff and he drove away. Walking hand in hand , master &mother/slave,rung the doorbell . Holly answered she was a tall thin 19yr old blonde, Chris loved it a 3way with 2 bondes (one old & one young )."Holly here she is my cumslut & mom Annette " mom this is Holly now that the introductions are over , kiss you whores Chris laughed. Both ladies automatically kissed .

Chapter 5- Saturday Night pt 2

Holly and Annette were 69ing as Chris watched & jerked off .Both were now well trained almost as obedient as Principal Nyomi who sucked his prick on the last day of school ( what a whore he laughed) Back to the present he thought. If he didnt control the situation he'd turn his mom & Holly into dykes. So he went over and standing up he Holly get down on her knees & lick his ass as he roughly fucked Moms face with his prick. Both were making ummms & yummms sounds as they filled their faces with ass and dick . He was getting close to cumming , so he wacked off and covered Annette and Hollys face with jism.
About this time 49yr old redhead Pamela was driving home about 2 miles away unaware that her 19 yr old daughter Holly had visitors over , let alone it being sex degenerates like Chris and sexslave Mom/Annette.
Covered in manjuice Holly & Annette took a shower together, After theyd take a dip in Hollys pool,they hoped..Thats why Annette wore her bikini !

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