Step Mom, Cousin and a lovely beach_(1)

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Chapter 4-

This weekend has been one of the greatest weekends of my life. The weekend before was my prom weekend and of course I did get laid. But it was nothing compared to this weekend. Plus there was still 2 days left.


After the great shower sex with Jenny, I walked out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. She was not there.

The house seemed really quiet and I was kind of happy to just be able to relax by myself and sit on the couch and watch some tv.

I walked downstairs to the Living room and sat on the couch. As much as I wanted to watch some TV, I couldn't stop thinking about my cousin.

I turned on the tv and began watching until I fell Asleep.

I woke up a few hours later and noticed it was almost night.

The house was still quiet and the first thing i did was try to hear if Jenny was around.

All I wanted to do was go find her.

Just as I thought this my aunt walks in the room.

"Hey Lucas, everyones on the beach. Why don't you join them?"

"No I kind of just want to lay down and watch some TV." I answered

"Tommy was asking for you, he wanted to play some soccer" She said

"Ye I'll be out soon, I just want to relax for a bit" i answered

"Thats cool, besides Jenny has gone to meet one of her friends down the street" My aunt said.

"Friend? Which friend? She has friends down here?" I said

"Yea, his names Nick, He's her age. She said she was bringing him down here to hang out for the day." She said

I was completely jealous. Knowing she will be hanging out with another guy, HER AGE, was really getting to me.

"Oh ok, Maybe I will go out and play some soccer" I said

My aunt laughed.

"Your too cute lucas" she said

My aunt then went into the kitchen and started to pack some things for a picnic on the beach. A few sandwiches, some drinks, some fruit and napkins.

I got up off the couch and walked outside.

Walking outside I noticed my cousin Tommy kicking the ball to my other cousin Amanda. My uncle sitting on a lawnchair in the sand, getting some sun.

"Lucas heads up" Tommy screamed.

For a little boy the ball came flying towards me at a very fast speed.

It hit me right in the chest. Knocked a little air out of me.

I quickly dropped the ball to my foot and kicked it right back at him, just a little further.

Tommy and I continued this for the next five minutes. Amanda made some sand castles and my uncle is sleeping on the beach.

"Jenny's coming!" amanda screams

Both Tommy and I look to the side and see Jenny walking down with this guy.

I couldn't really see the guy yet, but I was feeling very angry and jealous at the moment.

Jenny and Nick got closer. Close enough to see him.

He was a tall guy, tanned. Skinny. Nothing really special.

I kind of felt relieved. He didn't seem like a competition.

They finally got up to us.

"Hey everyone this is Nick, He lives down the beach" jenny says

"Hi Nick" tommy says

"Hi" Amanda says

Me, I just nod. I was still a little angry.

"Nick, this is my brother Tommy, my sister Amanda, and my cousin Lucas" Jenny said to nick

"Hey guys" Nick says.

"Lets play some soccer Nick" Tommy screams as he runs with the ball.

I was now a little more jealous. I feel like This guy is taking the light off of me.

Nick runs off to play soccer with Tommy and Jenny walks up to me.

"Hey there gorgeous, hope you don't mind Nick being here" Jenny says

"No, thats fine" I answer

"Cool" jenny says, then she runs off to play soccer.

I stood there watching the three of them kick the ball back and forth. Made me more angry so I decided to go back inside.

I stormed into the house and went into the kitchen.

My aunt was just going out holding a blanket and a basket for her little picnic.

I walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer, opened it and began chugging it.

"Slow down there Lucas" My step mom says creeping up behind me.

"You look mad, whats wrong?" She asks

She shes me looking out the window towards the soccer hooligans.

"Oh I see, your mad that this guy is here now. Taking Jenny away from you" She says

I continue to drink the bottle of beer, which is now almost done.

"Lucas, calm down, stop" She said

Kristina grabs the bottle and pulls it out of my hand.

"What are you doing?" I said

"What the hell are you doing? Don't worry he is just a friend" She answers

"I want to get drunk, fuck that guy. he is no competition, Look at him" I said angrily

"Of course not Lucas, he is no competition to you, Look at you Lucas, Your so handsome." she says

As she says this she cuffs her hand over the bulge of my cock.

"Don't worry about him, trust me. He won't compare to this" She says

I smile as she begins to slide her hand up and down my cock over my shorts.

My cock got hard quick.

"What are you doing? Not here, someone will see" I said nervously

"Don't worry, everyones on the beach, they won't see. Besides it's kind of exciting" Kristina says

She then slides her hand into my shorts and begins to rub nd stroke my hard cock.

"Oh fuck it" i said

I quickly grabbed her face and began kissing Kristina passionately.

She continued to stroke my cock in my shorts and kiss me.

I went down to her neck and began grabbing her beautiful tits over her very thin shirt.

Her nipples were very hard and she was horny as hell. She was stroking so great, I totally forgot about Jenny outside.

I pulled down her shirt and began licking and sucking on her beautiful tits.

She stroked my cock faster as we began to get more into it and more intense.

She pulled my head off her tits with force and got down to her knees.

She pulled my cock quickly into her mouth.

I leaned back, sitting on the counter looking out the window at everyone sitting there.

Kristina continued to suck and slurp my cock. I placed my hands on her head and enjoyed this amazing blowjob.

"Are you still thinking about Jenny?" Kristina says as she slurps on my cock.

I don't even respond, hoping that will give her the answer. It did.

She continued to suck. I noticed she was trying new things. twisting both her hands on my cock as she sucked.

This felt amazing, I loved it.

After a few more minutes kristina got up.

"Fuck me NOW" kristina said in a very hot but demanding voice.

I grabbed Kristinas hips and lifted her onto the counter.

I placed my hand over her pussy to feel if it was ready. She was READY.

her pussy was very wet and her lips were just calling my cock.

I then grabbed my cock and slid it into her.

"AH that feels amazing" I said

"Fuck me" she demanded

So I did. I stuck my cock all the way into her and began penetrating her pussy.

I began licking her all over, From her neck to her lips to her tits. She was enjoying every bit of it.

She was moaning like an animal tonight. More then any time before.

I was guessing the moon was close to the earth or something.

I continued to fuck her very warm and inviting pussy and she moaned louder and louder.

I was surprised noone heard any of this.

Just as I was getting into a great rhythm, kristina jumps off the counter and into my arms, with my cock still fucking her. pretty impresive.

"Take me to the washing machine NOW" she demanded again

I was a little surprised, i used to hear stories that women get bigger orgasms when fucking on the washing machine while its on.

So i guided her to the washing machine. she was still hopping on my cock as i walked.

i got to the machine and put her ontop.

"Rinse cycle" she said

I was confused for a sec then i got it and turned the machine on to rinse cycle.

the machine started rumbling and shaking as i fucked her harder and harder.

"LUU-CC-AA-SS keep fucking me sweetie" she said with a rumbled voice.

I continued to fuck her harder and harder.

The vibrations from the machine was feeling great for me too.

I felt like i was going to explode.

Then all of a sudden we heard a door slam.

"Was that the door?" I said

"I dont give a fuck right now DONT STOP IM CUMING" she screamed.

I was really going now, faster and harder, feeling her pussy clentch on to my cock harder and harder. There was no way I could escape her hold if i wanted to.


I kept looking over to the entrance of the laundry room door thinking someone was in the house now.

I now was ready to cum, This was all feeling way to good and I was ready to let go.

I made for one last moment while i fucked her hard and licked her tits. Then that was it.

"AHHHH, fuck, AAAhhh fuck" I screamed

"Keep going Lucas" she screamed.

I continued as i cummed and i began to twitch from the amazing feeling. My body went numb, My face went red and hot.

"Keep it IN me Lucas" she screamed

I did. I loved the demanding voice of hers.


At this time a shadow went over us. My aunt Jessie was standing behind us.

"Kristina, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" She screamed.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP IM CUMMING" Kristina yelled back.


"GOD dammit Kristina" Jessie said as she still watched

I turned to look at My aunt who was not gone. She stayed and watched until kristina was over.

Kristina finished and we both stopped.

I pulled out of her as she turned off the machine.

"You just gonna stand there Jessica? Clean him up" Kristina said.

I was shocked. I wasn't complaining, but i was shocked.

WOW. she walked over to me.

Jessie got down on her knees and began cleaning off my still hard cock. It didn't go down.

She slurped on it and wiggled and flicked her tongue inside her mouth.WOW.

Kristina sat back on the machine as she was trying to gain some energy to get up.

I was just shocked. I have now had my aunt, my step mother and My cousin in one weekend. Talk about good luck.

"This is all you get from me Lucas" Jessica said

I was a little disappointed because i always wanted to fuck her. She was the hottest one and her fake tits were gorgeous from what I could see.

"Thats fine with me" I said

"D-d-dont be a biitch at least show him your tits Jessie" Kristina said with a panting voice.

My aunt looked up at me and pulled my cock out of her mouth.

She lifted my sshorts up and got up.

"You know ever since i saw you in the shower I did think you were hot" She said

She then began pulling out her tits.

"Maybe one day youll get more. MAYBE" she said

her tits were now out and I was amazed at the job this doctor hs done. They looked amazing.

I went to touch them but she pulled her shirt back up.

"Thats all" she said

She then walked away.

"For now at least" she said from afar.

i turned to look at kristina who was done. she looked dead on the machine.

I went and picked her up.

She kissed me gently on the lips

"Put me on the couch please baby" she said quietly

I lifted her off the machine and walked into the living room and placed her down on the couch.

I grabbed a towel and covered her up.

I then sat beside her placing her head on my lap as she passed out.

I also passed out a few minutes later.


Chapter 5 is the last chapter so just wait for it. It will be on here very soon.

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