My dog sex life

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My dog sex life

Hello, you can call me Nolan. My dogsex life began since I was very young. I saw our house dog starting to hump several things like my leg for example. His name was Bruce, he was a mix Alaskan and german sheeperd, so he was a big dog. I was an average thin caucasian boy.

Once my older male cousin, my brother and me were playing cards when Bruce came in and started to hump my leg. My cousin liked that and asked me to let him hump me. I thought it was funny and put on all four legs and he mounted me immediately. I had shorts on, so he didn't penetrated me but I really liked the feeling of his pointy cock pocking my butt, his paws on my sides and his weight all over my back.

Some time later. When I had the opportunity, I let Bruce mount me but nothing more. It really turned me on watching him on a mirror when he was all over me. My father was never around but my mom and brother were usually at home, so the chances were few.

That changed when we started going to swimming lessons. Due to my age I had to assist to teenagers lessons on Tuesday and Thursday while my brother went to children lessons on Monday and Wednesday; my mom had to take him to the pool. So I was all alone for 3 hours 2 days a week. That's when things got more intense.

First I developed a fetish for high heels, I liked the idea of wearing my mom's stilettos. I walked all home around and ended being mounted by Bruce. Then the stilettos weren't enough, I started using a bra (stuffed with some clothes), panties, and finally a blouse and skirt. I even started to use make up. I really looked like a girl (with short hair).

I realized I could't be mounted by bruce wearing my mom's clothes. They would get the dog's smell, so I bought my own clothes. I got a pair of high heels (about 4") miniskirt, a top that I used as bra that stuffed bigger than my mom's bras, panties, a stretching blouse, even a nice wig that I found in garage's sales.

When I got all clothes I thought of being penetrated seriously. Bruce had a big cock, it kinda scared me, so I used different phallus to loosen up my ass. I used small thing like pencils, then bigger things like sweeper's stick. On Internet I found a tutorial how to make your own dildo, so I made one that eventually got bigger and wider

Finally the day came. I was going to be alone for 4 hours. When I started using the heels, Bruce immediately knew it was time to bang me. I used all the clothes I've gathered and as extra I bought a vaseline.

Bruce sometimes licked my dick but he worked hard in my ass. He licked me like there was no tomorrow. When he mounted me, I quickly put some vaseline on my anus and got ready to be fucked. My heart was racing, I felt his weight on me again. This time I felt the tip of his cock pointing my naked butt. I heard him breathing on the back of my head. My fake huge boobs were swinging, on the mirror I could see myself being mounted by Bruce. It was so sexy.

Then it happened. I felt Bruce's cock hitting directly in my anus and entering deep with only one thrust. My cherry was popped! It hurt so bad. His cock was fatter than my dildo. I couldn't bear the pain so I dropped on the floor and didn't enjoy the first time. I swore never do it again.

But the hornyness is hard. Some time later I tried again but holding his cock with my hand. It was better. Controlling his cock made sex delicious. While holding the cock I learned about the knot. It amazed me the size it can reach and also I understood the reason dogs get stucked when they copulate.

When my ass got used to his cock, I decided to stop using my hand to control. Big mistake. I thought due to the size of the knot it would be impossible to enter inside me. Naive me! I didn't know it grows when starting fucking the bitch. So the first time he knotted me I was shocked. He was humping me really good and deep. I was in all 4 wearing a thong, miniskirt, my fake huge boobs, my wig and some make up. His back legs were hitting my ass and making noises. I felt him very deep inside me, his balls hitting mine. and when he finished I felt him trembling, he never did that before. I thought he was going to dismount me but then I felt the knot. We were stucked. It didn't hurt unless I tried to get him out of me. I was helpless, but I knew it wouldn't be forever. I stopped resisting and let him cum. Then he turned over and we were butt to butt. It was really sexy. When 5 minutes passed I was starting to worry. What if my mom comes back early? Fortunately that never happened and he got out and my butt was kinda sore and I realized how much he had cummed deep inside me.

By then a year had passed. I stared to buy more clothes. The original ones were getting dirty and I couldn't wash them. Because nobody knew about my dog-sex life, I had to drop them away and buy new ones. Also I started buying stockings, babydolls, and lingerie. I had to use tights instead of stockings or put socks on bruce's paws because he tore them. I had a great place to hide all my clothes, I knew my mom registered my room from time to time to find pot or porn, If only she knew my addiction was another thing.

I started fucking Bruce at night when I was sure everybody was sleeping, I had my own bedroom far away from my parents' and my brother's. I used to crossdress first and then call Bruce, I guess he always heard the sound of my high heels on the floor because when I opened the door he was already in front of me ready to fuck.I loved being knotted. I cummed when we were stucked butt to butt.

Swimming lessons were over, I didn't care, Bruce fucked me almost every night. When I was 19, Bruce died due to a lung sisease. My father bought a pure german shepperd and my brother got a Hound. 2 dogs for me!

When they were at the correct age, they started fucking me. Not at the same time of course. Because they fought for me! Like a bitch in heat. So I had to fuck one of them and then the other one. Their names were Black and Skinny. Black was shorter but stronger, he gave me powerful humps. Skinny was taller and had a magnificent cock. While Black's cock sometimes slipped out of me, Skinny knotted me hard and left me sore. By then my mom got a job and my brother was on highschool I was alone all afternoon.

Nowadays I'm 25. I don't have a dog lover, but I remember dearly Bruce who popped my cherry and fucked me hard. I have some clotes to crossdress daily. Also I bougth silicone boobs (DDD ones) and some wigs. My thin body is ideal to look like a woman. Someday I'll come out of the closet when I start my own business: I even have dreams of changing my sex. I live alone in a small apartament. I have a mix dalmatian-lab with a good knot and very horny, his name is Rupert, but sometimes I call him Honey. Also I'm saving to get a house where I can have 3 big dogs.

All but the names are real. This is a true story. Please commment. This is my first story

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