A day in the office

A lot to learn

It was a dreary dark day in October and the rain was beating hard against the windows. In the offices of PC Enterprises sat the head of the business Peter Clayton. His office was extremely plush for greeting visitors with everything a Managing Director could wish for.

Outside of his office it was a very different matter. The office workers worked hard, fully aware of Peter’s reputation as a strict disciplinarian who would tolerate no nonsense.
Just outside Peter's office sat his Personal Assistant Ann. She was relatively new to the job and still had a lot to learn. She was a very pretty girl and drew many admiring glances from the male members of the office especially when she leaned forward showing her ample bosom.

As Ann was about half way through the typing for the morning she heard the intercom on her desk click and Peter said in a clear and very dominant manner “Ann, I want to see you in my office now”. She was worried by the way he said it and tried to think if she had done anything wrong. Nothing came to mind so she picked up her notebook and pen and opened the solid oak door into Peter's office.

Peter sat in his expensive leather chair and swivelled it round when Ann entered the room and without a smile said “close the door behind you Ann and sit down”. As she turned to close the door his eyes studied her curvaceous bottom and a smile crept across his rugged face.

Ann sat down and nervously looked around the room. Apart from Peter's large desk and chair, the room had a big conference table, large enough to seat 10 people although there was no-one else in the room at the time. Alongside Peter's desk there was also a small drinks cabinet for entertainment purposes. She turned her attention back to Peter and looked him nervously in the eyes.

Peter swung from side to side with his hands clasped and smiled when he saw the nervous look on Ann's face. “Well Ann” he began, “this is your second week in the job and I would like to know if you feel comfortable here and if you wish to stay with the Company?”

Ann felt as though a weight had been taken off her shoulders when she heard him speak. She hadn’t done anything wrong after all. It was just his dominant approach to the job that had worried her. Maybe in time she could get used to it in time…or even like it?

Ann answered “Well Mr Clayton, or shall I call you Sir? I have enjoyed the job a great deal so far and I would like to be able to thank you for giving me the job in the first place. I found it so difficult to get the sort of job that I like”.

“Call me Peter when there is no-one else in the room Ann but Mr Clayton if there is company. Now, about that thank you that you wished to express. I have a way that I would very much appreciate”.

Ann looked at him rather puzzled. She had intended to express her gratitude in a conventional manner i.e. by saying thank you but Peter seemed to have other things in mind.

Peter stood up and walked around to the other side of the desk. He opened the blinds with his fingers, checking to see if anyone was around. Ann looked up at him wondering what he had on his mind. Peter walked back to his own side of the desk pushing the chair to one side as he did so.

“Ann,” he called “I want you to come round here and kneel down under my desk”.
She gingerly walked around the desk, her hands shaking nervously. She started to kneel but stopped half way, looked at Peter and exclaimed “Do I really have to do this?”
Peter replied rather harshly, “well you told me how tough it was to get work so get down or you will be looking for work again!”

Ann accepted that it was pointless arguing with a man like this so she got on her knees and shuffled under the desk.

He sat on his chair and pushed it back into place with his legs spread either side of Ann. A smile spread across his face as he anticipated what would come next.
“Ann” he spoke softly this time, “unzip my trousers”. She grasped the zip with her fingers and slowly pulled it down exposing a pair of Black silk boxer shorts.
“Ok I am sure you know what to do now Ann”. She had never expected to have to do this to keep a job but, she thought, there could be far worse things.

She reached into his trousers and unbuttoned the boxer shorts. She slid her hand forward and was shocked to feel a large stiff cock about 8 inches long. She stopped for a second to admire it then pulled it gently towards her mouth. The head of the cock was larger than normal even for a cock of this size and she wondered if she would be able to get it in her mouth. Nevertheless she put her lips onto the end and prepared to begin.

When her lips touched his cock Peter took a deep breath and realised that he had made the right choice when taking this girl on. The other candidate for the job had been far better qualified but she was very old fashioned in her dress sense and seemed to have no potential for more “advanced” tasks.

Ann’s sensual lips stroked along the head of Peter's cock and simultaneously her hand stroked the shaft feeling the soft skin. She reached down and stroked his balls which were swollen too. She slid her lips over the huge head and worked steadily down his cock moving up and down sucking gently as she did so. Peter moaned quietly in pleasure as she did this feeling the sensation of her soft lips on his member.

Suddenly and without warning the office door burst open and a young member of the management team walked in. Peter leaned forward in surprise and shouted loudly at the young man “What the hell do you think you are doing? Nobody enters my office without permission!”

The manager stood bolt upright; shocked by the reprimand he had received from Peter. He was beginning to worry as Peter was notorious for dismissing wayward staff on the spot. He managed to splutter out; “I am sorry Mr Clayton, but your damn PA was not at her desk again and I need these papers signing tonight”.

Peter had calmed down a little but was still furious at being interrupted especially at such a time. With his voice still raised he instructed the manager “Leave the papers on my PA’s desk and get the fuck out NOW!”

When the manager had burst into the room Ann had pulled Peter's cock from her mouth in surprise but was still holding the shaft firmly in her grasp. He sat back in his chair and looked down at her still angry at being disturbed. The look of anger frightened Ann and she asked him if she should carry on.

“No Ann” he replied, “I don’t feel in the mood now so clean my cock with a tissue and get back to work”. He pulled a tissue from a drawer in the desk and passed it to her. She wiped his cock down removing the saliva and making sure it was dry. She put the tissue down, carefully slid his semi-erect cock into his boxers and zipped up his trousers carefully. Peter moved to one side and Ann crawled from underneath the desk looking nervously at the door in case someone else should come in unexpectedly.

Never too late to learn

It was getting late and many of the staff were either at home, or getting ready to leave the office at the end of the day. Ann was still at her desk working on the figures for the conference that Peter would be attending in a couple of day’s time. She had been told firmly on her first day that she was never to leave before her boss unless she had a good reason for doing so and even then she must seek permission.

Peter had been in his office most of the day and Ann had only seen him when she had taken coffee to him. At that point the intercom on her desk switched on and Peter said “Ann, get me a coffee please with plenty of sugar”. She sighed thinking that it didn’t look like he was going to go home just yet and she was so very tired.

She walked to Mr Clayton’s office with the coffee and knocked on the door. He called out “Enter..” in his usual domineering manner. Ann opened the door walked into the office, placed the coffee on Peter's desk and said “Your coffee Mr Clayton. Will there be anything else?”

“Yes there is something else Ann. Close the door please”. Ann stood apprehensively alongside Peter's desk. He leant back in his chair and his eyes looked over her sensual body. He looked tired but was obviously not a man to stop work because of a minor thing such as tiredness. He continued “I have about finished for the day you will be pleased to hear that the stress of today's work has made me a little tense. You are going to help relieve the tension”.

Ann looked at him wondering how he meant her to help him. Maybe he needed a shoulder massage or something similar?

Peter stood up and wandered over to his long Oak conference table. He called Ann over to stand beside him.

“Do you know how long this table has been in the family Ann? It belonged to my Grandfather and my Father after him. I am extremely attached to it and love to feel the solid top. I want you to get closer to it so that you too will appreciate its usefulness”.
Ann turned to him, “What do you mean ‘get closer to it’ Mr. Clayton?”

He replied “Remember I said to call me Peter when we are alone? Anyway, stand at the end of the table and look along it.”

She did as she was told although it seemed pointless to her. She felt his hands on her waist and jumped with surprise. He stood close behind her which made her rather embarrassed.

“Now Ann, remove your shoes & trousers and bend over the table”. She was so shocked she did so without argument knowing that protesting would be pointless anyway. Besides she needed the money that the job brought with it.

She bent over the table and reached out, her hands grasping the sides of it. The oak surface was cold and when her breasts pressed against it her nipples became erect.
Peter had watched her remove her clothing and the excitement caused blood to pump into his groin swelling his cock rapidly. She was wearing red flimsy panties which also turned him on.

Ann heard the clink of a belt buckle being unfastened and heard the noise of a leather belt being removed.

“Ok Ann, I am afraid you are going to get some pain before the pleasure. I have had a tough time today and need to get rid of my anger somehow.”

He had wrapped the expensive leather belt around his hand with about 18 inches loose. He pushed his hand on Ann's neck to stop her moving. She tried to fight to get up but he was far too strong for her.

“Don’t worry my dear you are only getting 6 strokes today…” Ann's heart was beating fast at the thought of the leather belt being used on her bottom. The panties were designed to look sexy but not stop the crack of a heavy leather belt on her sensitive bottom.

Peter lifted the belt and spoke firmly to her…”No screaming out during this or you will get more. Is that understood?” Ann responded in a frightened voice “Yes Mr Clayton”.

The belt swished through the air and cracked hard against her buttocks with only the thin panties protecting her bottom. She winced as the pain shot through her body but did not cry out in fear of extra punishment.
He raised the belt again and administered the second stroke. As it struck home a tear appeared in Ann's eye. Four more times in quick succession he struck her with the belt, when the last one struck home she was sobbing against the table. He threw the belt to the side of the room and stroked her red bottom.

“That was the pain, now the pleasure…” he said to her smiling to himself.
As she sobbed on the table beginning to wonder if this was the job for her Peter stroked his fingers down her hips and started to pull her little panties down. As she was lying on the table this was providing difficult and as they resisted his attempts he grabbed the back of them in a fit of rage and ripped them pulling the remainder between her legs.

She jumped up a little in surprise and stuttered out “My panties!.. they were my best pair” He snapped back “Oh for fucks sake. I will pay for some more for you; now get back on the table you bitch!”

She dropped back on the table in an instant. She had never been treated like this before. Her heart was beating fast, partly with trepidation but also with excitement at the thought of what he might do to her.

He pulled his zip down, unfastened his trousers and in a single motion pushed his trousers and boxer shorts down to his knees. His cock stood erect and ached to be used. He pushed Ann's top up slightly at the back and unclipped her bra. Her large breasts were released and he reached underneath and pushed the bra upwards to expose them completely.

Ann's heart was now pounding and she felt his firm hands on her body preventing her getting up although she had no intention of doing so. She felt the touch of his thighs against hers as he moved between her legs and she opened her legs a little. Even now her pussy was very wet and foreplay was definitely now needed.

Peter grasped the shaft of his cock with his free hand and pushed it between Ann's thighs. She took a rapid deep breath as she felt the solid end touch the lips of her pussy. He pushed it in very slightly and released it moving his hands onto her shoulders.

She waited in anticipation for what was to come next, her body tensed barely able to contain herself. She had almost forgotten the spanking she had received only minutes ago, her bottom was still sore but this looked as though it might be worth it after all.
He arched his back and plunged his stiff cock deep into Ann's slippery pussy. The first thrust didn’t go all the way but nevertheless she cried out in ecstasy as it plunged deep inside her.

He continued to fuck her using slow steady thrusts going a little deeper each time until she finally had the full eight inches buried in her body. At the end of each thrust she felt his scrotum slide against her thighs stimulating her even more. He leant forward a little and reached under her body with one hand grasping her right breast. The nipple was erect and felt so good to him that it raised a smile. He fondled her breast roughly and then began to roll the nipple between his fingers. He could see she enjoyed this so continued for a while, still thrusting his cock into her body.

As Ann writhed in ecstasy on the table she felt herself coming towards a climax. Few men could give her this and she was thrilled that it seemed she was going to have sex where she could cum first. She started to moan with pleasure as her body was preparing for the ultimate sensation.

Peter heard her starting to moan and put one hand over her mouth to silence her. She loved the way he way was controlling every single aspect of the session from the actions to the noises she could make.

He began to increase the rate at which he thrust into her managing to control his own orgasm. He could feel the sensations pulsing through her body as the sexual fulfilment increased.He managed to hold his hand firmly in place over her mouth as she began to climax. He dare not move it or the whole company would know what was going on.

Ann arched her spine as she reached a point of ecstasy. Peter continued to thrust into her as she came but relaxed to allow himself to reach a climax. Ann felt an explosion of pleasure rack her body and she tensed and relaxed her body as she came. Simutaneously she heard him make a stifled moan and felt the warm sensation inside her vagina as he shot his semen into her.

Both of them relaxed, their bodies spent. Peter slid his cock from between her legs and stood back. Ann got up, her hair dishevelled and her clothes in a mess. Peter reached to his desk and grabbed a box of tissues. He pulled a handful out and passed the box to Ann. “Clean yourself up young lady. We can’t have you going into the office looking like that. The staff will wonder what is going on.”

Ann cleaned herself up, straightened her clothing and her hair making sure she looked presentable. Peter, in the meantime, wiped his cock and pulled his trousers back up before putting his belt back on.

“Shall I go now?” Ann asked wondering if there was anything else. Peter looked at her in his usual stern manner and responded “Yes, that will be all for now”. Ann left the office to return to her desk. As she left she glanced around the main office to see if anyone was there still.

Two young office workers were still there and as she left Mr Claytons office they looked at each other and sniggered. Ann knew at this point that they knew what had been going on. Maybe they had heard the slapping of the belt against her bottom or maybe her moans when being fucked had given the game away. Whichever it was she knew that tomorrow morning she would be the main topic of conversation in the office.

In conference

The following day Ann arrived at work at her usual time of 7.30am, took her coat off and got herself a coffee and prepared herself for the days tasks. A few minutes later Peter strode through the door in his dark pinstripe suit, white shirt and smart tie carrying his briefcase containing documents he had taken home the previous evening. As he walked passed Ann he bid her good morning and stopped alongside her desk to say “Ann, I need you to organise a conference for me. Come into my office in about 15 minutes and be sure to bring your notepad.”

She looked apprehensive remembering the previous day’s encounters but dare not disobey for fear of what might happen if she did.

Ann knocked on Peter's door and heard him call “Enter!” in his usual manner. She entered the office and closed the door behind her. Peter gestured for her to sit in the chair opposite him and she sat down looking towards him, trying to gauge what was going on in his mind.

“Ann; I am intending to have a conference next week with all of our suppliers and I need you to organise things for me. I want you to book the Solaris Conference facility in Newcastle City Centre for 2 days, send out invites to the attendees, arrange lunches for everyone and book me a suitable room in a local hotel. I have the list of people I want you to invite here”. He passed her a list of supplier representatives which she glanced at noticing that there was quite a large number.

“Will that be all for now Mr Clayton?” she asked politely. He responded with “Yes that will be all but be sure to pass me the details of the dates, who will be able to attend etc”.

She was about to leave his office when he called her back realising he had forgotten something. “Ann, I forgot to mention that you will be accompanying me to the conference in case I need assistance with order details, contracts or other tasks.”

She was pleased with this as it would be the first time she had been asked to attend a conference even though it was in an Administrative capacity. She asked “Shall I book an extra room then Mr Clayton?” “No, no no Ann. You will be staying in my room to keep costs down. Order a twin room as it’s far cheaper than two singles.”

“But Mr Clayton…” Ann protested, “How can I stay in the same room as you? What about when I am in my nightie…its rather too revealing for this and I only have the one type!" Peter responded "Don’t worry about it Ann, I don’t mind seeing you partially naked so stop complaining and get the arrangements made”.

“But Sir” she stammered, “I will be embarrassed!” He replied sharply as he was losing patience with her…”Ann, get out and do it NOW!”

She left the office none too happy with the situation but accepting that it was going to happen anyway. She consoled herself with the fact that at least she would have a bed to herself.

She rang the Conference Facility and booked it as requested then contacted the Regent Hotel to book the room. “Regent Hotel, how may I help you? the voice answered. Ann spoke in a clear and professional manner, “I would like to book a twin Executive Suite for Thursday 15th”. “I am afraid there are no twin rooms available, only doubles”, the receptionist answered. Ann was worried, what was she to do? She couldn’t fail Mr Clayton and he had specified a Twin Room.

At that moment Peter walked passed so Ann called to him in hushed tones so that others would not overhear. “Mr Clayton, there are only double rooms free at the hotel”.
“Then book one of those Ann, its fine by me”. Ann was horrified and many thoughts passed through her head but she dare not defy Peter so went ahead and booked the double room.


The following Thursday the conference began and Peter took Ann with him introducing her to the various supplier representatives as he met them. She had dressed very smartly wearing dark trousers with a red top and was wearing just the right amount of make-up, highlighting her features without looking unprofessional. Her top however was quite low cut showing a considerable amount of cleavage but Peter considered this an asset as it ensured that suppliers spent plenty of time talking to him.

Deals were being struck between many of the companies and one particular deal was of interest to Peter. It would ensure work for his employees for at least 18 months but more importantly huge amounts of money in his bank account. Peter and the president of the suppliers company were almost at the point of closing the deal so Peter suggested that they retire to his suite for a drink and to finalise the contract.

Ann followed them up to the top floor of the hotel and into the Executive suite she had booked earlier. Complimentary drinks were provided and plush accommodation in the form of comfortable chairs and sofa’s plus a walnut coffee table. She was in quite a jovial mood probably due to the drinks supplied during the conference.

The President of the company doing the deal was a young man of 35 going by the name of Brian. He wore a very smart and expensive Armani suit which impressed Ann. He flopped wearily onto the sofa with his jacket open and called Peter across. Peter sat alongside him and listened intently as Brian spoke quietly to him. Ann presumed it was business related although she was a little puzzled as to why both men glanced at her furtively. Peter smiled and nodded before getting up and gesturing Ann to follow him to the other end of the room.

She followed although she was a little worried about the purpose behind his request. When they reached the corner of the room Peter looked Ann in the eye and said “Listen, I am going to ask you to do something that is outside of the scope of your job but I intend to get this order at all costs. Brian fancies you and would like to spend some time getting more intimately acquainted. I think you know what I mean.”

Ann was shocked by the proposal and responded angrily with a definite “No way!” Peter grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head close to his. “Listen you fucking bitch. I gave you this job when I should not have even considered you so you are going to repay me for that aren’t you?” He then pushed her roughly onto the bed and strode forcefully back to Brian who was watching the events with interest. As Peter got close he gave Brian a wink and said “She’s all yours. Do what you want with her but don’t use any violence, ok?”

Brian smiled, pulled his jacket & tie off and walked across to Ann. She watched nervously as he rolled up his sleeves and spoke to her. “Get your pants off…and make it quick.”

Peter had a drink in his hand and watched what was happening from a distance. He hated having to do this to Ann but without the order the success of the firm was in doubt.

Ann unbuttoned her trousers, slid them off and dropped them alongside the bed. Brian’s eyes were scanning her legs and thighs which made her even more uncomfortable. Slowly and reluctantly she slid her black lacy panties off and threw them on top of her trousers. In the meantime Brian had taken his shoes & trousers off and Ann could not fail to notice the bulge in his boxer shorts. He pulled them down to reveal his stiff cock and clambered onto the bed. “Kneel on all fours, facing away from me and stay there till I tell you otherwise.” he said in a rather abrupt manner which upset Ann a little but she complied anyway. She had resigned herself to the situation she was in and was just going to accept it hoping it would be over quickly.

Brian knelt behind her, and slid his stiff and throbbing cock between Ann’s warm thighs and pushed the head between the lips of her pussy. She sighed as she felt it touch her and tried to prepare herself for what was to come next.

He bent over her slightly and with a single hard thrust he slammed his cock deep into her pussy. She cried out in shock but secretly enjoyed it and was beginning to feel pleased that it was happening like this. As she cried out she pushed her head back and Brian grabbed Ann’s long dark hair and pulled her towards him. “I am going to fuck you so hard that you will be begging me to stop you fucking slut! You are nothing but a fucking whore here for the purpose of getting my cock stuffed hard into your cunt and to take my cum.” He put his other hand on her waist and began pumping her with all his might.

Peter was getting himself another drink when he heard Ann cry out. He spun his head round to see Brian fucking her roughly. She was obviously in some pain as he pulled her hair harshly and Peter shouted “Hey! I said no fucking violence!” Brian turned and responded with “Do you want that order or what? This fucking slag needs a good shagging anyway to let her know who is boss around here and if I don’t hurt her she might think I am doing it for her pleasure or something.”

Peter sighed and gave up trying to defend Ann and returned to his seat resigning himself to the fact that in business anything goes. He watched Ann taking Brian’s cock up her slippery pussy and even from where he was he could see the tears running down her face as he pulled her hair harder.

Brian began to pump her faster and with a long moan he shot his cum into her. Ann felt the warm liquid spurt into her pussy and felt relieved that at last it was all over. He released her hair, slid his cock out and slapped her hard on the bottom making her yelp in pain. He wiped his cock with a tissue and dressed himself leaving Ann lying on the bed. She put her hand to her head checking that her hair was all there and then flopped back onto the bed.

Brian and Peter sat down on the sofa and got the papers from the briefcase ready to complete the contract. Peter was concerned for Ann’s well being and got up to walk to the bed. Brian scowled at his and said “Where are you going? I want to get this sealed and out of the way.”

Peter simply responded with “Back shortly” and walked across to Ann. She lay on the bed looking drained after her experience. He stroked her black hair with his hand and for once spoke quietly to her. “I am sorry about that. I didn’t realise that it was going to be like that. I will be back in a minute; get dressed take a rest there for the moment. I will be with you as soon as I can”.

He returned to his seat and the two men went through the process of signing the contract. In the meantime Ann had got up and dressed herself before sitting down on the bed. After signing the documents Brian left the room without speaking to Ann or even looking back.

Peter put his briefcase on the floor and went across to the bed. He sat down alongside Ann who had cheered up a little by now. He looked her in the eyes and said “I can’t thank you enough for that, you may have saved our firm! Maybe I can help to repay you with a nice meal?”

She looked at him and smiled, for the first time she was seeing a more sensitive side to him. Peter phoned a local restaurant and they went from the hotel to his Mercedes and sped off to the restaurant. It was far more plush than anywhere she had been before and she sat down looking forward to a nice meal. The meal was excellent complete with fine wine and finished off with Coffee & mints in the lounge.

She looked forward to more years at the firm wondering what delights would follow….!

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