Sapphire’s Quest: Andromeda

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Sapphire’s Quest: Andromeda
by Droid447

This story is a spin-off deriving from Xenowars and tells the adventures of Ellen in search of her kidnapped mother.


Anais was walking aimlessly. The white veil that covered her eyes was mirroring the fogginess that clouded her mind. Only her subconscious was awake, looking for a target.

She detected a scent and followed it. It was close

Her legs stopped moving and she stood still for a moment, thoughtless. She had found a target and was ready to execute her imprinted instructions. A sudden heat ignited between her legs.

The giant slug posing at her feet was in an offensive stance; his front fangs ready to strike with the speed of a viper. It was a Slogarus. They were common in this region and it was well known that their venom was deadly. Although, they moved forward so slowly that it was very easy to stay away from their sharp fangs.

Anais knelt on the dirt and stared at the beast in front of her. The entranced woman hesitated for a moment when something in the back of her mind warned her about the danger. Then, a soft breeze caressing her moistened pussy reminded her mission and she carried on

She laid completely flat on the ground and spread her legs. Her pussy was on fire now and she began to breathe deeply from the spontaneous excitement.

The giant slug detected a particular aroma that emanated from the woman and this changed its temper from offensive to something much more soothing. It started to move forward.

Anais felt the weight of the giant slug pressing down on her belly and she moaned sensually. The rugged yet slippery skin of the creature felt wonderful on her erected clitoris while the heavy bulk slid on top of her crotch.

Under different circumstances, Anais would be trembling in fear from seeing those dangerous fangs so close to her chest. But her mind was deeply lost in a hypnotic web of pleasure and she was only able to focus on her luscious bidding.

When the slug was in the right position, he extruded the tip of his lubricated phallus and forced it between Anais’ drenched pussy lips. The woman's mouth parted with an intake of air and let out a subtle blissful groan.

The thick rod reached the bottom of Anais's vaginal cavity but it didn't stop there. It pushed deeper, penetrating her uterus. The sudden extreme sensation made Anais flinch as she lifted her head from the ground, but the rest of her body stayed motionless and welcoming.

The fullness of her body was so arousing than the pain was disregarded almost immediately.

Less than a minute later, a small white egg was being expelled from the tip of the slug's appendage. It was the first of many

The slug had a large quantity of eggs stored in its body and it took a long time to squeeze them out, one by one. Anais received each of them with a proud moan and her belly expanded accordingly. Every time she got closer to orgasm.

When all the eggs where lodged within Anais enlarged belly, the slug proceeded to fertilize them. With a forceful squeeze of his sperm sac, it ejaculated a large amount of white, sticky semen into Anais already packed body. Upon the new, overwhelming sensation, the entranced woman could only react in one way she exploded in a powerful climax.

Anais’ entire body twitched and jerked under the weight of the giant slug while the creature sprayed load after load of semen into the tight female's cavity.

At certain moment, Anais conscious mind filtered for a few seconds through the enthrallment barrier, only to enjoy the blissful feelings that overpowered every cell of her being.

When the slug considered it was enough, it began to move backwards while retrieving his appendage from the woman's pussy. The sensation of the fat cock sliding out of her tender cavity ignited a new set of feelings that prolonged Anais' orgasm. She grunted loudly while her pussy twitched and constricted the slug's phallus, trying to keep it inside of her for the longest time possible.

The slug finally got off the girl's body and inspected his work. The large mound on her belly and the outflow of sperm gushing from her pussy indicated that he had done well. Now he could leave and let nature do its work.


A while later, another woman approached the inert body of Anais. This woman's name was Ellen and she had been searching for her mother since she was abducted by a slave dealer called Gorogn a long time ago. Judging by the appearance of Anais' eyes, Ellen believed she was not alive.

“She was pretty. Too bad she is dead, her belly is already starting to bloat. I wonder what happened to her,” Ellen thought.

Ellen crouched and touched Anais neck, just to make sure she didn't have a heartbeat. Surprisingly, Anais's skin was warm and she had a perfect, strong pulse.

“What the hell! She is alive! What is going on with her eyes?!” Ellen said out loud. Then she thought, “She looks like she is in some sort of deep trance. Maybe I can pull her out of it.”

Looking closely, she noted that the woman was completely awake but non-reacting.

Ellen's eyes began to glow with an intense bluish halo and focused intently on the woman's eyes. She used all her power to untangle the captivating energy that enclosed the victim's consciousness.

“I know you are in there somewhere. Try to focus on my eyes,” Ellen said to the woman.

Ellen had been using her hypnotic powers for a while and she was now an expert in getting people into trance or freeing them from it. Her eyes were now bright blue, as if there was a lantern behind them.

“I know you can see me. Reach out to me.”

Very deep within Anais mind, her conscious self heard Ellen's words and tried hard to see her savior through the veil that covered her eyes. She succeeded and Ellen's power did the rest.

Slowly, the enthrallment started to fade away. Anais' eyes cleared along with her mind. Fully recovered, she looked around scared and confused.

“Where am I? Who are you? Please don't hurt me!” Anais said in panic.

“Relax. I am helping you. You were in some sort of trance. Do you remember what happened to you?” Ellen responded calmly.

“I I was walking to town and… People are saying that is not safe out here then I saw it. I saw the monster and I don't know I can't remember” Anais mumbled.

“You saw the monster? Do you remember what he looks like? Is he a large humanoid?!” Ellen asked excitedly, eager to confirm that it was Gorogn who did this.

“I don't remember anything Who are you?” Anais asked more resolved.

“My name is Ellen. I am looking for my mother who was captured by a monster. Maybe the same one that attacked you. I just pulled you out of a profound hypnotic trance.”

“You cured me! People say that once your mind is taken by the monster, there is no going back. The monster changes you forever. How did you do it?” Anais asked, genuinely amazed.

“I am special. I can do things like that,” Ellen answered briefly.

“Wait a minute you are her. You are -Sapphire Eyes-!” Anais said even more amused.

“What?” Asked Ellen, lifting an eyebrow.

And Anais responded, “Everyone knows about you. You are the one who defeated the Master slaver. The monster that couldn't be beaten! You are Sapphire Eyes.”

“Actually it wasn't me. I was there but” Ellen responded, trying the explain the real events, but she was interrupted by the excited woman

“You have great powers! You can destroy the creature that is attacking my people. And help the ones that have been captured!”

“Do you know where is this monster?” Ellen asked the woman.

“I am sorry. I don't know how long I've been walking spell-bounded. But my house is located to the East of here. Will you kill it?” Anais said with a pleading tone.

“I'll try,” was Ellen short response, certain that Anais couldn't give her more relevant information.

Ellen started to walk away convinced that she was very close to finding Gorogn and her captive mother. The search was over!

“Sapphire! Thank you for saving me!” Anais yelled, using Ellen's new nickname.

“Umm.. I kind of like the sound of this nickname. If I am going to be a hero, maybe I need a hero's name haha,” Ellen thought smiling and then she answered

“Any time! Don’t forget to take care of that belly of yours.”

“My belly?” Anais asked in a low voice. She looked down and at that moment a couple of eggs slipped out of her pussy

“What?! Holy crap! I am laying eggs!”


Sapphire followed Anais's foot prints, hoping that they would lead her to the creature. Soon, she heard noises ahead and approached carefully, hiding behind an old tree trunk. She saw another naked woman and she was not alone.

“Shit! That woman is letting that monster fuck her. Her eyes looked the same as Anais' did; she must be hypnotized too.”

The woman was indeed under a strong spell. She was in a horizontal position but only her hands and feet touched the ground. She did her best to maintain her hips above the floor and readily available for the creature, which shoved his large phallus into her pussy without mercy.

The monster looked like an oversized scorpion except for the head, which was more like a dinosaur's, with sharp teeth and all, situated at the end of a long neck. The creature's cock was also enormous and it penetrated so deep inside the woman's body that she wouldn't be able to take it if she were fully conscious.

But like Anais, this woman was not worried about the danger either. The only idea roaming in her enthralled mind was to copulate.

The whole scene was very bizarre and Sapphire was so distracted by it that she didn't notice when another identical creature approached from behind. Luckily for her, when the monster charged forward, it bit off only her gun and not her hand.

“Fuck!” Sapphire exclaimed with surprise, “Where did he come from?!”

Sapphire tried to get away but the creature immediately blocked her escape. He was way faster than her and he seemed ready to kill.

“Shit! He is too fast!”

But the monster had other plans rather than kill. The air around them was full with sexual pheromones that emanated from the mating couple and he wanted a piece of the action. Sapphire looked down at the creature's lower body and saw his huge phallus dangling around.

His cock is fully erect! I don't think he wants to kill me. He wants to fuck me! I better let him if I want to live.

This was a clear opportunity to save her life or at least, buy some time. Sapphire slowly removed her shorts, trying not to make any sudden moves. Then she turned around and leaned over one of the large roots of the tree, hoping for the best.

Hope this works. Better get fucked than killed.

The creature observed her carefully, displaying his big teeth right behind Sapphire’s head. But the female's willing disposition was well taken. He quickly stepped forward, aimed his cock at her pussy and shoved it in.

The forceful penetration brought back memories of other recent encounters. Since her transformation, Ellen's life had been turned upside down and she had experience so much in so little time. Oddly enough, most of her previous sexual encounters with monstrous creatures had not been unpleasant at all.

Uhmmf he is huge! The last time something this big fucked me, I was under a strong spell myself.

And apparently, this one will be no exception. The creature started pumping Sapphire’s slender body, rocking her back and forth and pinning her against the tree trunk. Before she knew it, Sapphire was enjoying the savage ravishing.

Meanwhile, the enthralled woman was already on the brink of orgasm. Her body had never been so full and her pussy so stretched. She held on to the creature's rugged skin, pulling him closer. Her imminent orgasm was a command to be fulfilled. She had been instructed to mate, to cum, to mate again, until told otherwise.

And her climax arrived with overwhelming force, trashing her body and wrecking her already broken mind. Her entire body shuddered violently, but she kept her hips up in the air nonetheless, close to the monster's crotch, clasping his cock with unceasing need. She was a monster's whore and it was her duty to please him for as long as he wanted.

The creature was oblivious to the wild spasms of the woman beneath him. All he needed was to have her pussy available and receptive so he could pound at her with savage eagerness until reaching his goal impregnation.

The other monster was fucking Sapphire so hard that she was almost breaking the tree trunk that supported her weight. And she was loving it

He is so strong and so fast this is incredible

Sapphire could feel the fat dick stirring her insides in the most delightful way. The cold, rugged skin of the creature's belly touched her ass-cheeks with every stroke, which was an indication of how deep his phallus was. She remembered the size of his cock when she saw it a moment ago and shuddered in amazement.

“God! I hope this never ends!”

The creatures fucked their improvised partners for a long time. The soft bodies of the human females were very different from the rugged, tight holes of the females from their own species, so it took them longer to reach their peak. This was well taken by the girls which never stopped begging for more.

But the monsters had to climax sooner or later and this moment arrived. The entranced blonde felt his phallus enlarge within her pussy right before a huge load of sperm was forcefully ejected into her insides, making her belly swell broadly.

The sperm that escaped her overflowing body dribbled from her stretched pussy and spread across the ground beneath. Then it filtering into the dry earth.

Sapphire saw the sloppy scene developing in front of her and she was astounded by the amount of cum that the creatures were able to pump into their mates.

“He is cumming inside of her! Holy crap! That is a lot of cum!”

A moment after that, she felt her partner's phallus swelling inside of her and prepared herself to get stuffed the same way.

As expected, the first load of the creature's sperm filled Sapphire’s vaginal cavity completely. The sticky white fluid squirted out of her like a fountain, spraying her thighs and the ground below. This fantastic sensation ignited Sapphire’s own orgasm, which made her jerk and squeal out of control for more than a minute.

The other woman was already limp on the ground while the monster retrieved his cock from her pussy.

After pulling herself together from her blissful climax, Sapphire waited a while to see if it was safe to move. The creature that fucked the other woman was gone, but the one that had ravished her was still nearby, apparently resting.

Uff that was surreal Damned! The freaking creature is still here.

Very slowly, Sapphire started to crawl forward, away from the tree and from the monster. He was still watching her but did nothing. This was her chance to escape.

I can't see my gun anywhere. This stupid monster must have swallowed it. And I am not going back there for my clothes. I only need to reach this woman and drag her out of

Unexpectedly, when Sapphire was very close to the enthralled woman, the creature jumped swiftly landing on top of her and, with the same eagerness as before, he plugged his cock back inside of her.

“What? Again?!”

Since Sapphire was crawling on her stomach, her anal entrance was more readily accessible than her pussy and the creature pierced through it without any consideration.

Ahgg! I thought he was done with me! Now he is fucking my ass!

Sapphire was still very sensitive from before and in a matter of minutes she was moaning loudly and enjoying this new, brutal ravishing. The creature smashed Sapphire’s body against the ground with every forceful stroke while wiggling his cock within his mate's cavity.

But this bliss couldn't last forever. The monster reached his peak a second time and ejaculated another huge load inside Sapphire’s ass, filling her body to the limit just like before… But here was a slight difference, the huge amount of semen didn't spray through the edges of her stretched anus. It filtered across her entrails until total saturation and escaped using the easiest way out, Sapphire’s wide-open mouth.

The astounded woman felt the warm, thick fluid gurgling up her esophagus and then she saw it erupting between her lips right before her eyesight got blurry under the throes a new, mind-blowing orgasm.

After emptying his sperm sac, the monster was done for good. He retrieved his phallus from Sapphire’s ass and started to walk away while the twitching woman was still expelling gobs of sperm that remained in her belly.

After a short while, and with a thin streamer of sticky semen still hanging from her lower lip, Sapphire pulled herself onto her knees and crawled towards the woman.

“Wow! That was rough. I didn't see that coming. And I can't believe I climaxed from that, twice. I am shameless.”

When Sapphire was right above the woman's face, she used her powers to liberate her from the spell.

“Come on girl. Snap out of it. Look at me.”

The woman stirred and moaned when the soft, penetrating blue light emitted from Sapphire’s eyes reached her brain. A moment later, she was coming back to her senses and as expected, she was scared and confused

“Wha where am I? What happened?”

The woman's name was Lyria. Sapphire explained to her the recent events and the woman listened with amazement. She had no recollection of anything.

“I was walking to the river to get some water. I heard someone coming from behind and when I turned, these horrible eyes were looking back at me and that's all I remember.”

“Where were you? Do you remember that?” Sapphire asked.

“Yes. I was in Kaar's valley. I think it’s East of here.”

“Don't worry. I'll find the creature that did this to you.”


After walking for a few miles, the surrounding forest changed into a jungle. Sapphire heard a woman's moan in the distance and followed the sound until she entered a clearing with a few sliced trees. There she saw another young woman being pounded from behind by a large, green Orc.

“There is another woman. She is clearly spell-bounded too. That Orc is fucking her really hard!”

The woman was in fact deeply hypnotized. Her her eyes were white and her brain void of conscious thought. She was bending over, willingly allowing the large humanoid to fuck her, hoping to extinguish the unending fire in her pussy.

The Orc couldn't believe his luck while he slammed his large, thick cock into the woman's cunt. He was a local merchant and he knew about places where he could pay money to fuck a human female like this one. But they were very expensive. This woman had offered herself for free! It was a very rare opportunity and he was not wasting a second of it.

Human females are so tight and warm. And this one is very pretty, even with her weird white eyes.

Another Orc entered the clearing and approached the mating couple. Sapphire was still hiding, observing the whole scene, trying to decide what to do.

“Hey Urdut, bring her over here. I want to fuck her too,” the arriving Orc said.

“You wait. She is mine now,” was the harsh answer.

They can speak! Sapphire thought, This means that they must do commercial trading with humans. Maybe I should just ask them about the monster.

Sapphire got out of hiding and walked towards the Orc that just arrived. She hoped that she could talk to him in a civilized manner but she was ready to fight in case it was needed.

“Look Urdut, another one! But this one doesn't have white eyes,” The Orc said to his friend who was not listening. The mating couple paid no attention to Sapphire's presence or anything else. The Orc commanded the enthralled woman to lay down and he jumped on top of her, resuming his wild pounding.

“Hi!” Sapphire said, “I just have a few questions and will be on my way. I want to know the location of the monster that is terrorizing the women of this valley.

“I know no monster,”the Orc responded, “We enjoy all the women with white eyes. They want to fuck for free. You speak because you don't have white eyes. I don't like it. If you want to talk, first we mate.”

Sapphire quickly determined these bulky humanoids had been fucking all the helpless hypnotized woman that they encountered. Therefore, any civil conversation was not possible. It was time to use her own hypnotizing powers; not to release a mind but to subjugate it.

“No problem,” Sapphire said, “Just look into my eyes and then we will discuss about fucking.”

“Eh? What is this?” the Orc said when he saw Sapphire's glowing blue eyes.

After a few seconds of mutual staring, Sapphire realized that the Orc's mind was strong and resistant to her powers. She was going to need her full concentration to accomplish anything But suddenly, she felt two powerful hands grabbing her arms from behind!


“Don't tell her anything. We need more human females with white eyes to have our offspring.” said the Orc that grabbed Sapphire.

“Her eyes were shining blue. She is a witch! Let's destroy her. But first we fuck.”

A moment later, the Orc that Sapphire tried to mesmerize was holding her legs apart and aiming his large phallus at her vaginal entry

I let my guard down again I am such a fool!

.. And as Sapphire finished this thought, the Orc pushed his huge cock between her pussy lips. She felt the hard member penetrating effortlessly to an incredible depth.


The Orc easily handled Sapphire's light body, bringing her closer to his chest as he began to thrust his hips forward, stirring his cock within her tight cavity.

These Orcs are strong; and large; and thick I could try to fight them off but it feels so damned good.

“This one is tight!” the Orc exclaimed.

Not sure of how to react to this unexpected situation, Sapphire felt another phallus pressing at her anal entrance. Her heart jolted from the thrill of the double penetration and her nipples hardened.

“Wait! Not both at the same time”

“Open your ass for my cock!” the Orc responded.

Sapphire felt like the world was being pushed into her ass and she loved it. Since her transformation into a super-human, her arousal was always in overdrive and any good ravishing was always welcome. She knew perfectly well that this was a weakness and a blessing.

“You are right! She is very tight!” said the Orc as he began to pump her ass.

Sapphire was pinned between the Orcs' massive bodies while they fucked both her holes with aggressive excitement. Her decision was made. She was going to let them have their way with her and continue her search later. These Orcs were immune to her hypnotic powers anyway and they were not telling her anything useful.

“Even without white eyes she likes it! We are so lucky!”

A few meters ahead, the other Orc was still slamming his cock with full force into the enthralled woman's pussy. Her entire body swayed back and forth with every powerful stroke from the creature on top. The emptiness in her mind was compensated by the utter fullness of her vagina as the huge member penetrated up into her uterus. The hypnotized woman grunted every time as the air was expelled forcefully from her lungs.

But then, the grunts chanced into a loud moan of bliss. She was climaxing!

“Your pussy is clenching my cock. You like this. I'll give you more!” the Orc said increasing the pace and prolonging her orgasm.

Meanwhile, Sapphire and her sex partners were now on the ground. She was mounting one of the Orcs having his cock deeply lodged in her pussy while the other was fucking her ass from behind. Sapphire had completely forgotten about the other woman as her own orgasm approached fast.

This is unbelievable. There are making me cum so fast!

And her climax arrived! Her eyes rolled back into her head as her body jolted in orgasmic convulsions that lasted over two minutes. Even the Orcs were surprised by the blissful reaction of the slim woman.

“Her are eyes are turning white! She is becoming like the others!” the Orc said mistakenly.

The Orc felt the girl's clenched ass constricting his cock so delightfully that he starting peaking as well. His wishes to keep fucking her for hours were about to be destroyed by Sapphire's tight squeezing hole.

“She is clasping my cock so hard! She is making me finish sooner!”

The Orc's cock jolted hard before a warm sensation flooded Sapphire's insides. Then it jolted again and again.

Sapphire's orgasm reignited when she felt the Orc's sperm spurting in her over-stretched anus.

When the Orc emptied his balls, he dropped to the side completely spent, both physically and mentally. “So tired. Need to rest now.” he said in a low voice.

“I last longer. I am better than you,” the other Orc said, proud of himself.

God! He discharged so much cum in me. It felt so good!

Sapphire heard a loud roar coming from the other couple and looked up just in time to see the first gob of sperm ejecting from the woman's packed pussy.

He is climaxing too! she thought, Wow! Her belly is swelling!

The enthralled girl's belly bloated from the huge amount of semen being discharged inside of her. She couldn’t avoid cuming every time her pussy was filled with sperm so she starting squirming and moaning immediately after.

When the Orc had finished ejaculating inside the young woman, he slumped to the ground the same way his partner had done a moment ago. Sapphire noticed that he had the same far-off expression on his face and this gave her and idea

“I think I know what I'm going to do. For now I'll just let this guy fuck me and enjoy the ride.”

The Orc that lay beneath Sapphire's bouncing body kept shoving his cock deeply every time. He grunted and she moaned in synchrony. Sapphire felt a new orgasm starting to build in her loins and this worried her. She needed to be alert to execute her plan. She knew she couldn't stop her impending climax so she began to move her hips faster, trying to reach her peak sooner.

“I can hear him growling. He is almost there. I need to cum first!”

The Orc's grunts accelerated and Sapphire knew he was about to cum; she needed to hurry! She let her mind became empty, free of anything but elation. Her pussy became her world and every inch of her cavity mattered. a few seconds later, she exploded in bliss!


Sapphire jerked and shuddered from her rattling orgasm while she tried to regain control of her body as fast as possible. Her pussy twitched over and over around the thick phallus, further stimulating it. The Orc was on the edge!

“Your pussy is milking my cock. I am giving you my seed!” he shouted.

Sapphire felt his cock bloating just an instant before he discharged the first gobs of hot sperm into her womb. Her orgasm was staring to fade but this new feeling made it a lot more difficult to suppress and her plan was depending on it.

I need to get a hold of myself! He is already cumming!

When Sapphire finally regrouped, the Orc was still spurting semen. It felt so nice to be filled like that; but it was time to put her plan in motion. She believed it was her best chance to find Gorogn and her mother.

“Yes keep cuming inside of me. Fill me with your seed and enjoy yourself.”

Suddenly, Sapphire grabbed the Orc's head by the horns and pulled his face towards her. The faraway stare in the Orc's eyes was an unmistakeable indication. Sapphire knew that his mind was weak and open at this moment. She made her move and tried to hypnotize him again

“Now that you are done, look into me eyes!”

“What? Blue eyes pretty blue eyes” the Orc in a whisper.

“You belong to me now. You will tell me everything I want to know. You will obey me.”

“Yes I obey blue eyes” the Orc said.

Sapphire's plan worked. The Orc's mind fell under her control very fast. Now he would tell her everything about the location of the creature. There would be no more white-eyed women.

“Where can I find the monster that is hypnotizing women?”

“I haven't seen the monster” the Orc responded, “myself buy I know that he is in the farthest corner of Ghost Valley. You have to walk half a day towards the sunrise and you will find it. Look for the crooked rocks.”


Sapphire continued walking until nightfall. She picked a place to spend the night. The temperature was dropping fast and she started to feel a little cold, specially in her nether parts.

“I guess this spot is as good as any. A cave would be better but I don't see one around here.”

Just a few minutes after Sapphire laid down, another enthralled woman showed up. She walked straight to her, swaying her hips sensually. Sapphire could see the moonlight shinning on her moistened inner thighs.

Here comes another one Wow! Her pussy is dripping wet.

The woman knelt in front of her and whispered a single word… “mate.”

Sapphire was about to grab the woman's face and capture her eyes to take her out of entrancement but then a tingle in her pussy made her stop. The night was cold and it might be a good idea to have a warm body by her side. Nonetheless, it was wrong to use her like that.

She looks so damned sexy.

Sapphire decided to free the woman but just as her eyes started to shine in blue, the woman reached out and shoved a finger into Sapphire's pussy. She looked down surprised while a blissful thrill traveled up her spine.

“Mate” the woman said again.

This was enough to change Sapphire's mind. It was a better idea to remove the woman's spell in the morning.

Sapphire stood up and spread her legs while the woman remained on her knees, looking up at her with a white, empty stare. The fact that this woman considered Sapphire a suitable mate, opened the possibility that she was a lesbian, even before being hypnotized. Either way, both women were willing and ready

“You like women, don't you? Lean forward and lick my pussy.” Sapphire commanded.

“Yes lick pussy,” the woman responded.

Sapphire felt the warm tongue gliding along her pussy lips and twirling expertly on her clitoris. This was a pleasant variation from the savage ravishing she had experienced during the last hours.

“That's good. Shove it deeper”

The enthralled woman really knew what she was doing, corroborating Sapphire's lesbian theory. In other circumstances they might have hooked up anyway so there was no harm done. Sapphire enjoyed it even more.

Sapphire began to rock her hips back and forth while grabbing the woman's head and pulling her deeper between her legs. She was quickly getting closer to orgasm under the skillful ministrations of the woman.

“Oh my God! You are making me cum so fast!”

Inside the woman's mind, her natural attraction towards women came second after the need to satisfy the sexual impulses that completely governed her actions. Her only purpose was to provide pleasure, no matter to whom or what.

The sounds of the night within the woods were surpassed by the loud moans of Sapphire's orgasmic elation as she reached a wonderful climax. Her legs trembled and her pussy twitched hard around the agile tongue that never stopped lashing at her clit.

Sapphire's legs couldn't support her anymore and she crumbled to the ground. It took her a moment to recover but soon she was ready to return the favor.

“That was awesome, honey. Now lay back and spread your legs.”

“Yess lay back, spread legs,” the woman repeated.

Sapphire attached her mouth to her new lover's crotch. She suckled her erect clitoris and shoved her tongue between the tender, moistened folds of the woman's pussy.

The woman barely moved despite the lovely treatment but her increasing moaning encourage Sapphire to try harder.

Sapphire's complete attention was devoted to the warm, pinkish spot in front of her and she didn't notice that small bulges that bumped here and there along the woman's belly.

The woman started to rub her abdomen while Sapphire kept sucking her pussy with eagerness. She began to sway her hips up and down and her groaning became louder. She could feel the warm tongue on her labia but she also felt something else stirring deeper inside, adding to the already pleasant sensation.

The enthralled woman arched her back and remained immobile for a brief second. Sapphire knew that she was on the edge and shoved her tongue as deep as she could.

That's right honey! Cum for me! Sapphire thought.

The woman threw her head back violently with the first orgasmic spasm and a gush of fluid was forcefully expelled from her twitching pussy.

Yess cum hard like I did.

Suddenly, while the woman was still shuddering from her heavenly climax, a large, twisting creature emerged from her pussy lips. It was a slick, reddish worm, thicker than Sapphire's forearm.

“Holly crap! What is that?” Sapphire exclaimed as she moved her head backwards.

Sapphire observed with astonishment as more of the flexible worm came out of the girl's body. Apparently, every time the woman jolted from her long orgasm, a little more of the creature was extruded.

“You had this inside of you the whole time?” Sapphire asked, not really expecting an answer.

The creature moved like a snake, waving slowly between the woman's thighs but never touching the ground. Sapphire could only wonder how much of it was still inside her lover's womb. This was all so weird and exciting.

“It seems like you have been busy since they turned you into a mindless love-toy. but I have to admit that your slimy companion looks so sexy.”

After considering the situation for a moment, Sapphire did the only thing that came to her horny mind. She was very fevered from sucking her new lover's pussy and she wanted a second round. She straddled her friend's legs and daringly shoved the worm inside of her cunt.

The creature was excited to finding a new source of food and started trashing inside both girls' bodies. The enthralled woman felt it churning within her bulging belly and this sent her even deeper into the abyss of never-ending elation.

Sapphire's moans quickly matched those of her friend and soon it was all that could be heard in the surrounding woods.

Sapphire wanted more control over the situation and she changed position. She pulled her lover's legs together and knelt on top, straddling her hips. Then she shoved the worm back into her pussy. This way she could have the worm as deep as she wanted.

The enthralled woman sensed the thickness of the creature rubbing against her thighs and she immediately started to climax one more time.

Sapphire felt the woman's legs trembling and she was envious. Her hypnotized lover could cum so easily. But her own orgasm was not far behind and she kept humping the worm with enthusiasm.

“You are enjoying this more than I am, aren't you?”

And after a short while, Sapphire was leaning over, grabbing her lover's breasts and shaking without control as she enjoyed yet another climax in this surreal day. Afterward, Sapphire slid feebly to the side, exhausted and satisfied. The coldness of the night forgotten thanks to the warmth of her mindless companion. But then, the woman lifted her head and said something unexpected


“You want more?!” Sapphire asked with astonishment, “Ok. That's fine by me. Get on your hand and knees.”

“Yes hand and knees.”

A minute later, both girls were on her hand and knees, facing away from each other and her asses connected by the fat worm. Sapphire pushed her ass backwards, shoving the creature deeper inside of her and the enthralled woman remained frozen, like a moaning statue built only for pleasure.

While pulling the worm out of the woman's pussy to push it in her ass, Sapphire had the chance to see its real length and she was baffled. The creature was almost a meter and a half long and very thick. Its extreme flexibility was the only explanation of how it could fit inside the woman and remain unnoticed.

But at this moment, Sapphire did not cared about any of that. Her mind was blank from sheer bliss as another orgasm hit her like a train wreck. She loved having cocks in her ass in it always made her cum hard and long. This time was no exception.

The entranced woman was cumming as well. Her orgasms came effortlessly and lasted for a few minutes. She started shuddering before Sapphire did and her spasms would remain well after Sapphire was done.

Finally, both of them were motionless and the woods were silent again. Sapphire crawled forward, letting the worm slide out of her ass. She jolted a couple of times from the pleasurable sensation on her sensitive cavity. The other half of the creature remained inside the woman and it soon started to retrieve back inside her womb.

But then, the sex slave spoke again. Despite the breathtaking sexual experience, she wanted more.


“Holy crap! And I thought I was insatiable,” Sapphire said, certain that she couldn't take any more. She was still on a mission and she needed to get some rest.

Grabbing the back of her friend's head and shoving two fingers inside of her pussy, she said

“Look into my eyes, honey. I am going to help you get the satisfaction you need.”

“Yesss satisfaction I need”

Sapphire's shinning eyes captured the nebulous stare of the enthralled woman and began to take over the already numbed mind.

“Your mind belongs to me and you will do anything I say. You will feel whatever I command you to.”

“Yesss. I will obey”

“You will have an orgasmNow!”

The enslaved woman started to twitch like a fish out of water while the most potent orgasm took control of her body. Sapphire kept rubbing the woman's clitoris furiously, increasing the wild sensation.

When the mind-blowing bliss was over, Sapphire leaned forward, keeping her eyes fixed on the woman and order her to cum again

“You will climax again harder!”

While keeping her head in the same place, the rest of the woman's body started shuddering again, even before her previous orgasm was over. An abundant outburst of love fluid squirted from her contracting pussy.

Sapphire repeated this action one more time. The overwhelmed woman only was able to grunt while her pussy gushed over an over, enduring the never-ending orgasm.

When it was over, the enthralled woman was barely more than a feeble, semi-conscious mass of pink flesh, completely exhausted and finally satisfied.

A moment later, Sapphire was comfortably resting on the soft breasts of her new, unaware lover. She embraced her tenderly, providing the warmth they both needed during the rest of the night.

Her skin is so soft and warm. This was a great idea.


At sunrise, Sapphire liberated her new friend from the spell and prepared to continue her search. The woman's name was Eudora and like the others, she remembered nothing after being taken. Nonetheless, she found Sapphire very attractive an offer to help.

“Are you sure you don't need my help?” Eudora asked.

“Thanks but this is going to be dangerous. You better head back home.”

Sapphire walked into Ghost Valley and, as the Orc indicated, it was not difficult to identify the crooked rocks. She turned around a large stone and saw a woman talking to someone. It was a maiden being hypnotized!

“I am a sex slave,” the woman recited staring forward, “I crave fucking monsters. I am a sex slave..”

From that angel, Sapphire couldn't see who the woman was talking to but she assumed that it was Gorogn.

He must be right there in front of her. I finally found them! Sapphire thought excitedly.

The large rock blocking the view could work as her advantage; she could execute a swift, sneak attack. Sapphire jumped swiftly between the woman and the rock, ready to strike, but to her surprise there was nobody there. The woman was alone, staring into nothing while she repeated her enthralling mantra.

“What the hell?! What is going on here?” Sapphire asked confused.

A twig cracking behind her made her realized that it was a trap and she fallen on it like a fool. But as she turned, something even more surprising appeared before her eyes. It was some sort of woman with dark, gray skin and snakes on her head. It was a Medusa!

“What?! You are not Gorogn!” Sapphire said stating the obvious.

“That's a weird thing to say,” Medusa responded, “But it doesn't matter. In a moment you won't be saying anything.”

The creature's reddish eyes were fixed on Sapphire's, trying to penetrate into her brain and into her soul. There was also a cloud of velvety smoke coming out the woman's mouth and floating in the air towards Sapphire's face. Medusa was trying to mesmerized her!

Instinctively Sapphire's eyes started to shine in bright blue, blocking the hypnotizing effects of Medusa and trying to capture her mind at the same time.

Medusa was taken aback by this. This young woman looked normal but she wasn't. She had unnatural powers.

“Eh?! What is this? What the hell are you?” Medusa asked angrily.

Seeing that Medusa's mind was unaffected just like hers, Sapphire decided to use pure physical force. She grabbed the evil woman before she could run away and started interrogating her

“I could ask you the same thing. Why are you hypnotizing women?”

Medusa reacted by yelling in a strange guttural language. Out of nowhere, a large humanoid monster, even bigger than the Orcs, jump behind Sapphire and grabbed her by the neck, lifting her easily above the ground. The creature was evidently under the spell of Medusa, serving as her personal guard.

“Hey! Let go of me!” Sapphire said, kicking in the air.

“Not so tough anymore, are you?” Medusa asked rhetorically. “There is nothing you can do now. My pet is the strongest creature in the forest.

Sapphire could feel the iron grip of the creature and knew that Medusa was telling the truth but she didn't panic; she had a backup plan.

“Why are you doing this?” Sapphire asked.

“I don't know where do you come from but I don't care. If I can't mesmerize you, then my pet will have to kill you. But first I am going to let him have some fun with you.”

Upon hearing his mistress' remarks, the creature moved Sapphire's slim body closer and when Sapphire looked down, she was shocked to discover that the creature had not one but two enormous cocks.

Holy crap! This monster has two huge cocks! Sapphire imagined both huge cocks inside of her body and her pussy twitched, then she regretted being such a slut.

“Fuck her! Make her pay for her intrusion,” Medusa commanded.

Sapphire had no choice but to endure the savage ravishing until the creature reach his peak, then she could try mesmerizing him. But when she felt the fat members harshly penetrating into her pussy and ass simultaneously, she began to question her own capacity of self-control. This monster could make her go berserk.

“I have to admit, you are a beautiful, brave woman. I wish I could mesmerize you and make you my pet,” Medusa said, watching Sapphire's belly bulge.

And certainly her belly was expanding as her internal organs were pushed apart by the big phalluses. Sapphire knew her body could take it but she wasn't so sure about her mind. She had barely succeeded against the Orcs and this new feeling was far stronger than that. The great power of this creature was filtering through his cocks into every cell of her horny body, driving her insane.

Medusa tenderly caressed Sapphire's head as it bounced up and down, left and right, after every rough stroke from the brutal monster. The tip of his upper cock was clearly visible through Sapphire's skin while it moved back and forth within her vaginal cavity and into her womb.

The other cock, fully lodged inside Sapphire's ass, could only be seen in the young woman's stare of infinity bliss.

Medusa laid on the ground and ordered her guard to do the same. The monster bent forward placing his right hand on the grass. Sapphire's head also touched the ground but the rest of her body remained stuck to his crotch, supported only by the cocks that penetrated her so deeply.

“Wow! You are really impaled by those huge cocks,” Medusa said while passing her fingers over Sapphire's belly.

The other woman was still standing by, with an empty mind and pussy juice dripping down her thighs, waiting to be told what to do.

It was more than evident that Sapphire wasn't suffering one bit from this violent ravishing. Her face reflected pure and utter elation and her loud, gasping moans were proof of it.

Medusa wanted the intruder to suffer but all she was achieving was the opposite. She started to become angry and frustrated.

“You are not hurting! It looks like you are even enjoying this! You are nothing but a monster whore!”

Medusa commanded her slave to redouble his efforts. No woman should be able to take such a savage pounding without suffering the consequences.

“Smash her! Smash her hard against the ground! Use all your power!”

The monster obeyed, increasing the speed and the strength of every stroke. His crotch bumped hard against Sapphire's, pinning her sensitive body against the ground with his cocks completely buried into her holes, then he pulled back and did it again, over and over with incredible speed.

Sapphire was barely aware that she loosing the battle. Her orgasm was going to be devastating. Too much to come back from it in time to capture her partner's mind. Her head was spinning in a vortex of bliss and she couldn't find the way out. Her climax was approaching fast and she was not ready

“I don't know how you can take this but I do know that you won't be a problem anymore.” Medusa said.

Suddenly, the monster stopped moving. Except for a subtle vibration in both his cocks, the rest of his body was rigid as a board.

Sapphire felt the whole world stood still for a second. Her pussy and ass clutched tightly around her lover's cocks, sucking them in. She was on the brink of orgasm and her mind was blank. The end was coming

With a loud roar, the creature discharged a big load of sperm into Sapphire's entrails. His cocks pulsated while gobs if warm, thick fluid filled the woman's womb and ass to the limit.

“That's right. Let the pleasure take over. Let me take over,” Medusa whispered.

Sapphire reached the strongest orgasm of her life that same instant. Her mind was a bottomless void ready to be filled with utter bliss and nothing else. She arched her back as the orgasmic spams ripples across her body. And Medusa was right there, leaning over her face

Sapphire didn't even realized that Medusa was getting into her mind; enthralling her and making her a mindless sex slave like all the other women she had rescued before.

While she breathed the velvety smoke, a white veil started clouding her eyes as well as her brain. A thousand pictures of different strange creatures popped into her mind, all fucking her into oblivion; all ravishing her without pause; that was all she wanted and all she cared for.

This was it. The end of the road for Sapphire. She was becoming Medusa's slave. A mindless monster whore.

Suddenly, a swift green shadow came from behind the rock and charged brutally against the monster's head, striking him incredibly hard. The spell-bounded Orc was following Sapphire's instructions obediently; tailing her from a safe distance and ready to provide help if needed.

Medusa lifted her head scared and surprise. This was impossible. No creature would dare to attack her guard. “No!”

With the spell interrupted and her orgasm fading away, Sapphire recovered quickly from the enchantment. “What is goin?!

“How dare you?! Guard! Attack! Destroy them!” Medusa screamed, but the large guard would never respond. He had been knocked unconscious on the first blow.

The unconscious guard landed near the enthralled woman after bouncing off a large edgy rock. Sapphire, fully awake now, demanded an explanation from the Orc

“What took you so long? I came dangerously close to becoming a sex slave?!”

“Sorry. My mind is fussy. I got lost and it took time to find the crooked rocks.”

Ups! Maybe I screwed too much with his brain. Sapphire thought, realizing that maybe it was partly her fault.

“Ok. Don't worry, no harm done.”

A second Orc spoke from behind Sapphire, bringing back a naked and angry Medusa.

“This one was trying to escape. I bring her back. Her dress was broken so I removed it.”

“Tell your minion to take his hands off me,” Medusa demanded.

“Bring her here.” Sapphire ordered.

Sapphire was a little surprise to see that Medusa had a shapely body. Except from the color of her skin and the freaking snakes of her head, she was a very sexy woman.

“Now, start talking.” Sapphire said, “Why are you attacking all women and turning them into mindless sex junkies?”

Finding herself in a difficult situation for the first time, Medusa softened her attitude and responded, “Because they wouldn't let me be part of the community. They considered me a monster instead of the woman I am; they cast me away. They had to pay! All I wanted was a family.”

“That is no excuse,” Sapphire said, “What you did was wrong and you know it. But I think I know how to fix this.”

With her eyes shining in bright blue, Sapphire looked straight into the Orc's eyes and said

“This female will breed your offspring.”

“Yes.. my offspring,” the Orc repeated while his cock began to enlarge.

“What?!” Medusa asked with fear in her voice.

“You have a job to do. Bend over” he said to Medusa.

The Orc forced Medusa to bend forward and aligned his erect cock at her vaginal entrance. Upon feeling the phallus touching her delicate pussy lips, Medusa stood on her toe tips trying to prevent the inevitable. “No please. You are too big!”

“Can she have my offspring too?” the other Orc asked.

“Of course she can,” Sapphire responded.

Medusa's pleads turned into a loud grunt as the Orc shoved his entire member into her tight passage.

“Relax. I know how it feels. You will start begging for more in a second.”

Medusa felt the fat cock stretching her pussy so wide and pushing so deep inside of her, that she thought she was going to die. But her body adjusted and the pain gave way to a more pleasant sensation.

“The new breeder is tight. I like her.” the Orc said.

After a while, the Orc was grabbing Medusa by her waist with both hands and he was shaking her slim body up and down onto his cock as if she was a fuck toy. Medusa was moaning loudly, evidently basking the rough treatment.

She is starting to enjoy it. I can see it in her face.

“Don't break her. I am next,” the other Orc said.

“I am starting to feel a little envious,” Sapphire said in a soft voice.

Meanwhile, the entranced woman in the back had decided that the unconscious guard monster was a good candidate for matting. She laid on the ground and starting licking his large cocks.


And while later, the first loads of Orc sperm were gushing from Medusa's pussy while she reached her first orgasm of the night. She couldn't believe this was happening; she, the Queen of Ghost Valley, was having an orgasm between the arms of a simple, vile Orc.

Medusa felt ashamed and a little angry about having so little control of her emotions but the Orc's cock was too big and it stuffed her so good. She knew that if they fuck her again, she would cum again.

“You surely came hard darling. I told you you'd like it,” Sapphire said to Medusa.

“Move away. It is time to show her how it is done,” the other Orc said.

Medusa was laying face down on the ground with her ass up in the air when the Orc practically threw himself on top of her, plunging his hard cock into her ass. The gray woman yelp from the sudden, unexpected penetration.

“Ups I think you are fucking her ass,” Sapphire said to the Orc.

“Urdut impregnated her pussy. I'll impregnate her ass,” was the foolish response.

“That's not how it is. never-mind. Go for it.”

Medusa was not trying to hide her feelings anymore. She openly moaned while sticking her tongue out from the utter pleasure that the anal fucking produced in her. The Orc smashed her body against the ground with all his might and when he pulled back, Medusa lifted her ass asking for more.

A couple of meters away, the enthralled woman was now straddling the monsters inert body while guiding both his cocks into her pussy and ass. Her numbed, sex-driven mind was telling her that having two cocks simultaneously, regardless of their size, was much better than one.

When she felt the tip of both members at the right spots, the mesmerized woman just let her body slide down until it was impossible to be penetrated further.

The sense of fulfillment was exhilarating even as her body felt about to explode from being so utterly full.

Being sure that Medusa wasn't going anywhere, Sapphire turned her attention to the sex slave. She was amazed to see that the woman had managed to plug both cocks into her body.

How did she manage to get him erect while being unconscious and how did she put both huge cocks inside of her?!

Aware that these enthralled women arousal had no end, Sapphire took a forthright decision, hoping for the best. She knelt beside the transfixed woman and said,

“I really can't wait until you are satisfied to liberate you. I going to have to pull you out of trance with those big cock still inside. Hope you don't get traumatized.”

While the hypnotized woman tried unsuccessfully to bounce up and down on the cocks, Sapphire leaned forward in front of her and started to free her from her mind shackles.

“Stop fucking him and look into my eyes.”

Slowly, the woman started to regain consciousness and the brutal penetration she was enduring became more evident every passing second

The woman finally came out of entrancement and it only took her a few seconds to realize that she was mounting a monster and she was being impaled by two gigantic cocks, one in her pussy and one in her ass. Her body was so stuffed that she couldn't even move away.

“What…is..? Oh my God! I… I am being fucked by a monster! I can't move! Please help!

Sapphire saw her reaction and thought, Of course she is freaking out. What the hell was I thinking?

Sapphire helped the only way she could. The woman won't suffer and would not remember anything afterward. Her eyes started shining right in front of the woman's face and she said,

“You will fuck this monster until his cocks are flaccid and then you will be able to dislodge and go home. You will not remember any of this.”

“Yes fuck go home. No remember,” the woman said calmly before resuming her task of fucking the creature.

Sapphire walked back to Medusa and her new lovers, leaving the young woman happily riding the creature. She could barely move her hips but it was enough to drive her insane with pleasure. Deep within her mind she knew that something about this is wrong but it felt so delightfully good. I think I am going to cum

Medusa was laying on top of one Orc facing up. She had his cock completely plunged into her ass and the other Orc was on top of her, pumping her pussy with eagerness.

“Holly crap! Now I am truly jealous,” Sapphire said when she returned to the orgy.

The Orc below her was basically immobile but every time the Orc on top pushed down, he forced Medusa's body backward, causing the cock in her ass to penetrate deeper.

Medusa had completely discarded any attempt of resistance and now she just let the Orcs abuse her feeble body anyway they wanted. Her once powerful mind was now spiraling down into some sort of mindless bliss that was unknown to her, yet she could stay like this forever.

Sapphire observed the sleazy scene with amusement. Quick flashbacks of her recent encounter with the Orcs popped in her mind, making her pussy twitch. But this was not the time to satisfy her unending sexual cravings. Medusa had to be punished for her foul behavior.

I can barely see Medusa's body between all that mass of green muscles.

The orgy continued for a while. Every time the Orc on top shoved hard his cock, it was followed by a loud moan from the evil woman and a squelchy sound coming from her crotch. There was plenty of lubricating fluids plus residual sperm from the previous ravishing.

Wow! They really giving it hard to her. Maybe I am being too mean.

Sapphire pictured those massive cocks stirring within her insides and her own pussy jerk from excitement.

A moment later, Sapphire heard a spurting sound as Medusa's belly visible bloated. In instant later, a gob of sperm was ejected from her packet pussy. Medusa started shuddering from an explosive orgasm as a response to the hot fluid filling her entrails.

And then, like a chain reaction, the Orc below climaxed as well ejaculating all his sperm reserves into her ass. Medusa kept twitching and jerking from her continuous orgasm and she didn't even realize when the excess of sperm that completely filled her body was expelled from all of her holes at the same time.

A couple of minutes later, everything was quiet again. Medusa rested limply on top of the Orc with the shrinking cock still embedded up her ass. The two Orcs lay on the ground with the same faraway stare they had when they fucked Sapphire.

Sapphire thought this was a good opportunity to end Medusa's heinous actions forever.

Now I just have to make sure she doesn't go back to her evil doings.

She leaned over the Orc with her eyes shining in blue and told them

“She will have babies for all the members of your village. Make sure she tends to all of them.”

“Yes our friends will be so happy. We will be heroes.”

Within the blissful haziness, Medusa heard Sapphire's words and her pussy tingled. This may not be a bad idea after all.

Mmmmh yesssbabies.

Sapphire walked back to her ship thinking of her mother. She was still out there, held captive by Gorogn, forcing her to do unspeakable things.

I really thought it was Gorogn who hypnotized the women. I thought I had him. Hold on mom, I will find you.

But Sapphire was determined to find her, even if she had to search every planet of the galaxy and face all sorts of monsters in the process.

The End.

Note from the author: There is a graphic (CGI) version of this story.

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