Jordans First Kiss

Written By Dan
Revised By Avi

Jordan's First Kiss

Hi. My name is Jordan. Im 15years old. I am a 10th grader at Uniondale
Academy. I not a very social kid. Im slightly afraid of talking to girls.
Ive never had a girlfriend. Actuall, Ive never done anything sexual with a
girl. My friend tells me im pitiful, because he hooked up for the first
time when he was 10, and.. well.. I still haven't.

One morning I woke up and did my usual morning routine. I undressed,
took a shower then dried off, got dressed and headed of to school.
I arrived at school about 5 minutes later so I hurried inside. I missed
homeroom so I went strait to 1st period, math.

I sat down and began the problems on the board.
About five minutes later, I saw Principal Halkins walk in and introduced a
new student.

She was 5ft 6in, blonde, about a 34c and about 95lbs. The teacher
introduced her to the class: "Everybody listen up! Everybody,
this is Rachel. Introduce yourself sometime throughout the day and
let her get to know you all." She sat down right next to me!
I glanced over at her and noticed she was the most beautiful women on the
I just sat there like a big potato. I just stared at Rachel knowing I
wanted those decadent lips to hold my bulge. She started to turn her
head so I faced forward.
I kept staring because I had no courage to talk to her.
Later the next day, I decided it was time. The Bell rang and I walked up
to my princess. Me being as scared as hell decided not to say anything.
I kept thinking I hated myself then I realized my lips were moving and
sounds were coming out. I said,
"Hello! how are you"
"She said Fine.
"My name is Jordan, I think your really pretty."
"Thank you"
"Do you wanna grab a bite to eat, maybe on Thursday?"
"Sure i would really like that"
"Ok great ill pick you up Thursday around 6:00"
"Great, I can't wait!"
Later that day, I saw her in the hall. I went up to her and asked her if I
could take her picture. She said sure. I took a very nice pic and headed
home. I quickly plugged my camera into my computer and printed it out. Once
it was done printing, I whipped out my cock and decided to rub one out.
Jacking off was never a hobby of mine but on
occasion, I would relax and get rid of my jisms. I shot my load then I took
a shower and went to sleep.
That night I dreamt a lot. Most of my thoughts were of Rachel and
how I would like to rock between her pussy, tight little ass and mouth.
I woke up and realized it was Thursday. I gave a little "yes" and went
through my usual routine. When I arrived at school I went to Rachel's
locker. I greeted her and told her to come over after school instead of me
picking her up.(I didn't have a car). She didn't mind so I left and went to
class. Later,after school, Rachel came
over. I invited her inside and we went into my room.
She sat on my bed and we began talking. We basically talked about
relationships and how we felt about them. I became very bored but I acted
interested so I as not to be rude. Surprisingly it worked. We both
expressed our feelings through words. Now, I sensed she wanted to express
them physically. I could tell by the way she looked at me that she was
horny. She used her eyes in a way to make people like her and wanna love
her. I just gazed into her beautiful eyes and I was inching closer and
closer to her mouth.
Our lips met! She grasped my head with her hands tightly and pulled me
closer to her. She kept kissing harder so I eventually gave her my tongue.
She licked it all the way down to the back of my throat. I could taste her
yummy saliva in my mouth as we swapped. I never knew a first kiss could be
this special. She broke our everlasting lock and unbuttoned her shirt.
Underneath was a nice bra holding her beautiful firm titties back. I didn't
know that she was hinting me on until she started to undo my shirt as well.
I took off my shirt fully and showed her my 6 pack. She, being very
impressed, unhooked her bra. She beckoned me over and I played
with her gorgeous boobs. As i fondled with her tits I felt her nipples
getting hard. I lowered my head and put my mouth on her perky nipple which
was now straight up.
I sucked both boobs up and down and she took off her pants. She did, so I
did too. We layed there in our underware for a few minutes.
I played with her tits some more and now moved my hands down to her mid
thighs. I felt over her silk panties and realized how wet they were.
Not being able to take it anymore, I ripped off her pantie and
lowered my head toward her small mound. I pushed some hair aside and finally
found the gold. I stuck my finger out and thrusted it into her pussy. I
pumped my finger a couple times and got some small groans from her. I began
to get so horny. I took off my boxers and revealed my huge 6inch hard-on.
With out a word, she took it in her hand and began to jack me off. I never
thought a handjob would feel so good. She gave me a grin and I nodded.
She leaned forward and began to take my dick into her mouth. It felt so
fucking good! I let out a "MMMMMMMMM" and she laughed. It felt so much like
heaven that I thought I was gonna cum immediately. I held on for almost
minute and told her I was gunna blow. I didn't know if she had heard me and
she bobbed faster. She knew It was soon because I heard her groan from the
churning of my cum in my sack. I held on for another 15 seconds and SPLAT!
I blasted all of my cum into the back of her throat forcing her to eat
it all. She gave a small "good" and then proceeded to lick the rest all
over her lips. It was my turn to make her orgasm and I was ready for the
challenge. Once again moved her bush aside this time sticking my tongue out
laying on her very wet cunt. I sucked and licked all around and tasted the
salty and sweet pussy juices. I was like a cat lapping its milk but I
wasn't drinking from a bowl, it was a fuck hole. It tasted so good and I
sucked harder. She moaned and arched her back. She was having her orgasm
and I liked it.
We both had orgasms but there was one thing more. We still had not had true
sex. As quickly as I could say "lets do it!", she had her hand around my
prick guiding it toward her pussy. Iwas all lined up and told her to say
when. She gave me the signal and I pushed forward and she gasped. We were
both very worn out and needed rest.
With my penis still in her we fell asleep only to find us like that 4 hours
later. I still was flabbergasted about what had happened and I looked at
her and smiled.

"Again sometime soon?"

I always remained friends with Rachel. We both attended Harvard and shared
a dorm. We had sex many more times but we both were so proud of our first

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