Ron and Irene Learn Together

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Ron and Irene Learn together

I was a quiet young man who remained a virgin until well into my college years. Not that I wasn't interested, it was just that I was a shy lad who had been raised on a farm in a very sheltered way. I was a respectful boy, who would not hurt anyone's feelings intentionally. I had been raised to believe that nice girls don't, and that they would respect boys who respected them. As I began my freshman year in a church related college, this situation seemed to be reinforced. I still believed that nice girls did not even think about sex. About the time, I began my junior year; I began to realize that somehow all the other boys were having more success with the girls than I. Also, I began to understand that some of the girls lost interest in me after four or five dates when I had not become more aggressive. In fact, one girl treated me badly until I told her off, and demanded that she be more respectful. After that, she couldn't seem to keep her hands off me.

Having begun to understand this strange sort of behavior on the part of girls, I determined to try to improve my style. The next opportunity was after I started dating Irene, who I was certain was a virgin having been raised in much the same manner as I. She was somewhat more outgoing than I, and even with my determination to be more aggressive I had trouble keeping up with her desires. I did not try to kiss her on the first date, as the strict code of the school was that good boys and girls didn't do that. I could tell that I could have easily kissed her goodnight on the first date, but maintained the strict code. The second date was different! As soon as we got back to the car after the movie, we fell into a serious clinch. She didn't even try to break for air, but kept pressing her lips to mine. I didn't know about French kissing, but she apparently had some idea, as she kept slipping her tongue against my lips. I drove to the airport parking lot, where we continued to kiss and hug. Since her parents were quite strict, we necked for about 45 minutes then had to take her home.

As we dated, we kept it fairly straightforward, and basically followed the school code. Generally, we went to a movie, or to church, then a snack and some necking. A few times, I accidentally bumped her breast and watched for a reaction. There was none, not even a pull away. As we began kissing goodnight at her door, she would press her breasts and hips tight against me. I could feel her pubic bone against my rigid cock, but wasn't astute enough to realize she was trying to feel my cock.

At the end of my junior year in school, Irene and I along with two of our friends and dates went to a local lake for a private School’s Out picnic. We arrived about noon, had a picnic lunch, then played various games in the afternoon, as well as taking several walks around the lake. Swimming was not permitted as the lake was strictly for water skiing. After a while, the other guys and their dates split leaving Irene and me to make our own fun. It was broad daylight, and no privacy, so we had to be discreet. Still we were able to hug and neck for a while. Finally, it began to get dark so we got a little more daring. That was in the days where girls did not even think about being braless. Even so, her bra was fairly low cut, and I was able to sneak a look down the front of her blouse. I could see the separation between her breasts, and the sight excited me greatly. I had never seen bare breasts, not even in pictures, so the potential of seeing them was especially exciting.

The party broke and we began driving back to town. As I was driving, I had my arm around Irene, and she cuddled close. My hand was resting beside her breast on her right arm. She snuggled close, pressing tight to my side. I was stroking her arm when she began pressing my hand toward her breast with her arm. She was not overt, but there was no mistaking her intent. Slowly, I moved my hand over her breast, and began to rub it. She immediately cuddled closer, and sighed, so I began exploring her breast in earnest. The more I massaged it, the more she sighed and cuddled close. We were driving slowly, but even so I could not give her the attention she seemed to be demanding, and I wanted to give. I turned off onto a country road, and drove a couple of miles. Shortly I found an approach to a farm field that had trees shielding the road. I drove in behind the trees and parked the car. After glancing around to be certain we were alone, I decided to get serious about this opportunity.

Irene had lain back on the seat somewhat, and I quickly followed her. Soon I was gently massaging both breasts, and kissing her at the same time. She held me in a tight bear hug, making it difficult for me to get at her breasts. I slipped one hand behind her back, and up under her blouse. She immediately leaned forward, and pulled her blouse down. I repeated this several times, always with the same result. She never verbally objected, and continued to snuggle close and return the kisses. It was somewhat warm in the car, so I suggested that we take our picnic blanket and lay on the soft grass outside. She agreed, so I got the blanket and spread it out. Irene lay back on the blanket, and in an instant I was beside her. The moon was so bright that you could almost read a book and I could see Irene’s face beaming with pleasure as I began stroking her breasts again.

She was a small girl with rather small breasts. In addition, as I found later, she was wearing a padded bra, so her breasts felt somewhat firm. Because of the padding, I was not able to feel her nipples. Indeed, I wasn't really aware of how a nipple would feel like, let alone look like. I continued trying to slip my hand under her blouse, but each time, she pulled her blouse down. Finally, I realized that I was not going to get anywhere that way, so decided to try another approach. I began telling her how pretty her breasts felt. This seemed to excite her, so I began kissing her neck, and slowly worked my way down to her chest. At the same time, I continued to stroke her breasts. With my free hand, I began to unbutton her blouse from the top down, being careful to keep her blouse between my hands and her bra. Slowly I worked my kisses lower and lower. At last, I was low enough that I could feel her breasts on either side of my cheeks. Then, I began moving toward one breast, kissing and blowing alternately. She began to quiver and sigh as she continued to stroke my back, and press her hips against my raging hard cock.

I decided it was time to move on, so I began to slip my tongue under her bra. This time there was no resistance, instead she began pressing her breast up against my tongue. At the same time, I slipped my hand up to the under side of her bra, feeling her bare skin. She must have realized that her blouse was unbuttoned, but this time made no effort to pull it back around her. I began to slip my hand up under her bra.

"Wait a minute," she said pulling away.

My heart sank as I thought I had gone too fast and it was all over. But no, she sat up, slipped her blouse over her shoulders and smiled at me.

"I better not get my blouse too wrinkled, or there will be questions."

With that, she took it off and laid it aside. In the moonlight, I could see her look of excitement as I reached out and began tracing the outline of her bra.

“OH, Irene, you look so pretty and your breasts feel pretty too.”

“I’m glad you like them,” she whispered grinding her hips against me.

“Do they look as pretty as they feel?” I asked as innocently as I could.

She smiled and slowly unhooked her bra. I reached out and took it off her arms, laying it on her blouse. I was speechless! Here was a beautiful girl, naked from the waist up sitting in front of me waiting for my next move. I knew I would have to be careful not to spoil the moment. Slowly, I took her in my arms, and kissed her tenderly. She snuggled close and sighed contentedly. I slipped my hand between us and gently explored her breast with my hand. She lay back on the blanket, and I lay beside her. I continued to stroke her breasts, filled with wonder at their softness. I gently squeezed her nipples between my finger and thumb. This seemed to excite her even more. Once again, I began kissing her neck, and worked my way down to her breasts. At last, I placed my mouth over a nipple and began to suck. At that instant, she went rigid. My heart skipped a beat thinking that I had gone too far, but no, she snuggled close, and clenched my hair in her hands. For several minutes, I kissed and sucked her nipple, going from one to the other. After a while, I sat up.

“What's wrong, do you want to stop?" asked Irene in a disappointed tone of voice.

“No, I want to feel your breasts against my bare chest.”

She didn't answer, so I took my shirt off. Instantly, she hugged me, and snuggled close.

“I like feeling your breasts against me,” I murmured.

Her response was a soft little moan.

“Are your breasts always so soft and pretty?” I asked

“I guess, they are pretty much the same all the time, what made you ask that,” she said in a puzzled voice.

“I get bigger when we were kissing, and just wondered if you did too,” I replied.

She pulled back with a puzzled look on her face. By now, my raging hard on felt as if it was going to split. She had introduced me to her breasts with gently pressure on my hand, would it work in reverse? She had one hand lying on my hip, so I began wiggling around so that it would drop toward my cock. As it moved closer, I gently nudged her elbow so that her hand landed on my cock. At first, she just let it lay there, but then very gently, she began to feel it. I heard her breath suck in as she moved up toward the tip.

Finally, I asked her if she had ever felt a boy before. She said she had not even seen anything but a baby, and had no idea that it would be so big. I told her that it wasn't always so big, just when she and I were kissing. She continued to stroke it, asking what that hard place was. She was feeling through my clothes, so it was difficult to tell what me was and what were clothes.

I asked if she would like to feel it bare? She didn't respond, so I slowly unbuckled my belt, and slid the zipper down. I slipped my pants off, and said jokingly, “I don't want to get them wrinkled."

I laid them by her blouse and lay on my back so she could have unlimited access to my raging prick. I had left my shorts on, fearing that I might scare her away if I went too fast. Shyly, she felt my tool through my shorts, touching with one finger first, then gently squeezing with thumb and forefinger. After a while, she moved up to my chest, and began doing little circles on my stomach. Slowly, she moved down to the top of my shorts. She hesitated for a while, so I lifted the band of my shorts.

"Its ok, if you want to touch it."

She slipped her fingers under the band, and touched the tip. I let out a little gasp, as a wave of pleasure flooded through my belly, balls, and up to the point where she was touching the tip. It felt as if an electric shock had gone through me.

“Did I hurt you?” she asked jerking her hand back.

“No it feels so good that I can hardly stand it.”

With that, she began gently squeezing the tip, and moved down the shaft. Before long, the shorts were obviously in the way, so I arched my back, and carefully slipped them off and sat up on my knees. She too sat up, stared at my fully erect cock gasping in amazement.

"Wow, it’s really big! How in the world does a girl ever get it inside her?"

“I don’t know, but lots of girls must get it in them somehow,” I replied with a nervous little laugh.

“Are you a lot bigger than most boys?” she asked with a questioning look.

“Uh, well, well I guess I don’t really know, I never saw another boy with a boner before,” I responded somewhat self-consciously.

She continued to stare at my cock, and then reached out to grasp it with both hands. With one hand, she stroked my cock, and with the other, reached down and felt my balls.

“You better stop, I think I am about to lose control.”

“What do you mean lose control?” she asked with a disappointed look.

“Do you know what happens when a boy puts his penis inside a girl?” I asked not believing she didn’t know.

“I know we can get pregnant, but I guess I don’t know exactly what happens,” she replied looking a little embarrassed.

“Well, when we get excited enough white stuff comes out of us and that’s what would make you pregnant.” I said with authority I didn’t really feel.

“So, do you have to be inside a girl to make the white stuff come out?”

“No, that is what is about to happen."

“Can I see it?” she asked with a gleam in her eyes.

I retrieved my hanky and told her to gently stroke my cock. She began moving her hand up and down on the shaft, while sitting directly in front of me. Shortly, I began to feel the familiar sensations rising in my belly, but they were far more intense than anything I had ever experienced before. Suddenly, huge globs of white-hot cum exploded from the tip of my cock. It missed the hanky and splashed onto her breasts running down her tummy. I continued to shoot and shoot until it felt as if I was going to turn inside out from all the pumping. Some of the come landed on the hanky, but most of it on her, ranging from her chin to her tummy.

“Oh, wow, so that’s what happens!” she exclaimed. “Gee, it felt kind of warm when it first hit me, now it feels cold and sticky.”

As for me, I had never felt a more intense orgasm. I had to ask her to stop stroking my cock, because the pleasure was so intense that I couldn't stand it. She lay back, and I knelt beside her. Gently I wiped my come from her breasts and tummy, and kissed her.

“That’s the best feeling I have ever had!” I told her as I gave her a little kiss.

“You’ve done it before?” she asked

“Oh sure, lots of times,” I replied feeling a little guilty.

“How do you do it?” she questioned with increasing interest.

“Well, ever since I met you, I just think about you and then it’s really easy to make it come,” I told her.

She seemed quite pleased about that, and passionately returned my kisses. She reached down and grasped my cock again. Suddenly, she stiffened.

“What’s happened it? It’s not near as big as it was.”

“Well, it just gets soft after I come.”

“Can you turn over, I’d like to see it when it isn’t stiff,” she asked.

I responded to her wishes and rolled onto my back so she could see. I turned so that the moonlight fell fully on my now semi soft cock. She gently stroked my cock and balls.

“Can you stand up, I’ve never seen a completely naked boy and I would like you to be the first one I have ever seen,” she suggested.

“Wait a minute; I’ll get a flashlight so you can see better.”

I got the flashlight from the car and handed it to her. She took the light and examined my cock, balls and felt my hair. With that attention, my cock once again began to come to full attention. She stood seemingly transfixed as my cock went through its transformation. After a while, I asked for the light so I could get a good look at her breasts.

“Oh Irene, they are so pretty!” I whispered over and over again.

I kissed them again and again. I could tell that she was excited because her breathing was getting really rapid. Gently, I lay her down, and sucked her breasts again. Slowly, I worked my way down her belly, and began blowing gently on her tummy.

"This isn't fair, you have seen me naked, but you still have your shorts on."

"Well, what are you going to do about it?" she quipped without hesitation.

I fumbled around the band of her shorts, and found the button that held it closed. Gently, I unbuttoned it, and found the zipper. Slowly, I pulled it down, then kneeling between her legs; I tugged her shorts and panties down over her hips together. She raised her hips to help allowing me to slip them completely off. I sat there in amazed silence.

"What's wrong, don't you like it?" she asked.

“Oh yes, I just never saw a girl, well, little girls, but never a woman before and I didn’t know what to expect. Can I could take the light and look at her more closely.

She agreed, and stood up. I took the light, and stared at my first pussy. Gently I reached out and ran circles in her hair. Once again, I was puzzled. I had seen little girls, and it looked to me like the pussy was in front. I felt all around in the hair, and found no place to put a cock. As I probed and pressed, she asked if something was wrong.”

“I can’t find any place where you would put it in,” I replied with a shrug.

"Here, let me show you."

She sat down, then lay back, spread her legs.

"Now, take the light and look," as she reached down and spread her pussy lips while I looked at my first adult pussy.

“Can I touch it?” I asked.

“I guess so, just be careful, no one has ever touched me there before,” she whispered.

Laying the flashlight down between her legs, I slowly and gently slipped my finger into the waiting lips. She shuddered as my finger began to invade her virgin pussy. I didn't know what to do, so simply moved my finger in and out a few times then up and down the slit. She moaned and began wiggling her fantastic little bottom. Suddenly, she went rigid as when I first touched her nipple. I stopped, fearing that I had hurt her.

"More, more, right there, do it more!"

I didn’t realize it then, but I had stumbled onto her clitoris. As I began stroking again, she grasped my hand and moved it up a little. I began rubbing in little circles while her cute little ass began grinding in tight circles. Suddenly, she stiffened, and let out a little scream.

"OH! OH! I’m coming, I’m coming. OH! OH! OH! What a great feeling. That must be what you felt like."

“Have you ever felt it before?”

“I’ve never felt anything so fantastic in my life,” she whispered breathlessly.

She reached up and grabbed me, pulling me close and kissing me deeply. At the same time, she grabbed my now raging hard cock and began stroking it again. While I didn't know a lot about sex and all the details, I did know that there were times that girls could get pregnant, and times that it was not likely. I also knew that it was somewhere midway between periods when it was most likely. I asked her to stop stoking my cock. By now, we were both drenched in sweat. My cock was dripping in pre-come, and her pussy was absolutely drenched and slick as anything I had ever felt.

“I want to put it in you,” I suggested as I pushed her back and rolled on top.

“I want to, but I don’t want to get pregnant,” she responded fearfully.

“When is your period supposed to start again?” I asked with great trepidation

“Uh, well, uh, I guess a boy has never asked be that before,” she replied.

“Well, I read that you can’t get pregnant except about half way between periods, so maybe if it’s the right time we could do it,” I suggested hesitantly.

“Well, then it might be OK, I’m supposed to start in just a few day. Do you know how to do it?"

“Well not exactly, but I think it would be fun to learn!”

"OK, let’s do it."

She lay on her back, and I gently lay on top of her, supporting my weight on my knees and elbows. At first, she lay with her legs together, and my legs were on the outside. Our first attempt made it obvious that it was not going to work.

"Get off for a minute."

I rolled off while she opened her legs.

"Try getting in between my legs."

I was back on in an instant. Obviously this was going to work much better and I carefully lowered myself over her. She reached down and grasping my throbbing cock, and guided it toward her dripping wet pussy. I moved forward slowly, not believing my fantastic good luck. Suddenly, I felt the tip of my raging cock touch her waiting pussy lips. The feeling was indescribable. Slowly, I inched forward, feeling her lips gently parting making way for my tool. She raised her hips to meet me, but suddenly stiffened and shrank back.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"It hurts," she whimpered.

“What do you want to do?” I asked with obvious disappointment.

"Let me rest a minute and hold me and kiss me."

I kissed her, and stroked her breasts. Slowly, she relaxed, and I could feel her pussy lips opening up around my pole.

"You know I’m a virgin and I’ve heard that sometimes you have to break it the first time. If you go real slowly, maybe we can still do it.

"Try pushing a little harder," she suggested after a minute or so.

I moved forward just a bit, but she once again she shrank back and held me from moving any further.

"Just hold steady for a minute," she directed.

I held steady pressure, and again she began to relax. I felt just a bit more of my cock slip into her wonderful pussy. All at once, she shrank away from me, and at the same instant dug her fingernails into my ass cheeks. It surprised me so that I lunged forward in an involuntary reaction. At the same time, she jerked her pussy upwards. I felt a momentary obstacle, then it gave away then my cock slid home, and I felt my hair meet hers. She gave a little squeak and squeezed me as hard as she could.

"OH it hurts."

I started to back out, but she grabbed my ass cheeks and held them tight.

"Just lie still for a minute and hold me."

I did as she said, all the time feeling as if my cock would explode. I lay still for a few moments until she began to relax her vice like grip a little.

”It’s starting to feel good, try moving a little bit."

I needed no more encouragement, and began to pump. Shortly she got the rhythm and began meeting my thrusts in perfect time. With us both being new at it we made some mistakes, but neither of us minded the practice. Shortly I could feel the stirring of my orgasm beginning to build. I wanted to speed up, but she was moving so well that I did not want to spoil the rhythm. Suddenly, I could feel her begin to tense up, and begin thrusting into her pussy at me as hard as I could. She met the challenge, speeding up to match my thrusts. I could feel my ass cheeks begin to tense up, and felt the tension build up in my cock. I exploded into her, feeling my cock jerk and pump. It just kept coming and coming. I drove my cock as deeply as it would go, and hung on for dear life. She had no great reaction, except to dig her nails into my ass cheeks. As soon as I recovered from the exquisite pain, she asked me to go a little more.

"I can feel something almost like before, but I need a little more. Can you do it again?"

I began to pump again, feeling our hair mingle, and our bones bumping. After a bit, I could feel her thrusting becoming more urgent. Suddenly, she dug her nails in tight, and began beating my ass with her heels. She let out a long low moan, shuddered, and fell back. We lay in each other's arms for several minutes, until my limp cock slipped out of her pussy. By now it had gone completely soft. I rolled off her, and stared at the woman beside me who less than an hour earlier had been a virgin girl.

"So, that's what it is all about. I can't imagine why we waited so long."

“Me either,” I grunted.

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