The Gifted Bracelet

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The year was 1901, I was a young boy of 16, born to the parents of Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Smith III. My name is Frank P. Smith IV, but my Friends call me Iv, pronounced I’ve. That spring I and some of my pals were getting into trouble more than my father or mother wished. Just pranks really, but Father being upstanding in the community like his was did not need such a boy around causing him grief.

It was late May when my mother received a letter from her twin sister who was currently at a dig site in Egypt, down some miles along the river Nile I was told. I did know at the time that mom had written to Aunt Susanna about what was happening and the request my mother had made to Susanna. If I had to put a time and innocent to my mother’s letter to my Aunt Susanna I would be the time I tricked mom into thinking I was father or so I thought for a brief moment.

My father and I were of the same build by the time I hit 16 and in a dark room one would must likely could not tell our voices apart other than his more classic tone of that of a upperclassman in the world of business.

One early Spring day I saw my father leaving his office talking with one of his partners letting him know that he will be back in town in three day to close the biggest deal in the company history. I approach my father as he finishes his talk with his partner and turns to me. Son let your mother know I will be gone and should be back before Sunday. It would seem that my father always had a suitcase ready at the office for just these times he had to catch the train to some where for some meeting. Normally mother would know of these trips before hand. Why travel all the way out to the house to just turn right back around with the suitcase heading for the train.

That night when I got home I let mother know of dad’s trip out of town and that he would be back before Sunday. Now this is where my trickery was to get me in real hot water sort to speak. It was not uncommon in my parents home to hear them having some fun. They were young to speak of in their late 30’s. For the last year or so I got caught up in their fun. You see my room was next to their and the back of my closet I had opened up a hole nice enough for me to see my parents bed from across their bedroom. Now most of the time when they were having fun it was straight up boring. Dad would lay on top of mom and pump a few time and be done with it. Those nights I past up on after learning when the good nights were to be seen. Normally the best night of the week was Saturday night on into Sunday morning, they both would be tired for Church the next morning. I was right with them as I was up watching them have their fun.

Now we did have a house maid that lives with us. Father hired a new woman last year about when my parents started having some real fun. The maid was young, 20 something and good looking as I found out soon after she was hired.

That first Saturday night after hiring Jane our maid, mother brought her into their bedchamber’s and told her to take off her blouse. Now I was in my closet watching all this happen, when I heard mother telling Jane to take off her top. I was very excited to see what goodies she was hiding from the world. Jane was removing her blouse when father came into the room and just sat down watching Jane alone with my mother who was in bed already in her night dress. Jane finished with her top and was about to continue when mother told her to stop and go over and undress the Master of this home. With Jane’s head bow down she only said yes Mistress and went over to father and proceeded to undress him. Now dad was standing there in his shorts after Jane removed all his other clothes and that was when mother said “now slut get my husband ready so he can properly fuck me”. My mouth dropped open when I heard my mother use such language. I watched Jane rub my father some while kneeling topless in front of him. Dad seemed pissed some as after a minute of Jane rubbing his dick, my father grabs Jane by the hair with one hand and with the other pulls out a semi hard cock pushing into Jane’s mouth letting her know that this will be the proper way of getting me ready for the lady of the house. Dad yells at her “now slut suck the Master’s dick like the servant we hired you for”. Now Jane really did not do anything other then open her mouth as dad just fucked her mouth, he went all the way in with his 7” dick and out get his dick very wet with Jane’s throat. After seeing dad skull fuck Jane for a few minutes I saw mother on the edge of the bed with her night dress up fingering her very hairy pussy, mom had three fingers going after some time and when she was ready for dad she turned around bent over the bed and told the Man of the house to come and fuck his wife. Dad wasted no time when told to fuck mom. Dad pulled out his dick from Jane’s mouth turned, took two steps over to my mother and slammed his dick right into mother soaked pussy. There was no warmup from dad at that point, he pounded mom hard that first night. Jane just sat there watching them fuck like animals. Dad slapped mom’s ass a few times letting her know that he was in charge and when he told Jane to get the rest of her clothes off and that he was going to fuck her to that night I saw Jane’s face make a small smile, she was happy to be there it seemed to me and my parents picked a good house maid as well. Father that night seemed to me to be directing the women. Jane, my father yells out get my wife’s pussy so wet that makes her scream my name. Dad would place mom on top of Jane’s face making her lick mom’s pussy while dad pushed his cock down mom’s throat. Father had his dick in and out of two pussies, two mouths for over two hours and only came twice. I a fifteen year old kid jerked off at least six times watching two beautiful women get fucked with a dick that matched my own if not just a bit smaller, it was the pinnacle of my life that night watching mother and father using Jane like that.

For a year now mother, father and Jane would role play and fuck in any combination of those three. Not long ago when dad was out of town, mom laid on her bed and watched Jane disrobe all her clothes while playing with her pussy. She would use her hand mirror to fuck herself watching Jane get undressed sometimes. Than she instructed to leave her clothes on the floor and go back to her room and get fully dressed and return to her. Mom just said you have ten minutes or she would be punished. Jane moved quickly out the bedroom down the hall you could hear her working hard to get dress. Me watching her breast bounce as she ran made me hard every time. Mom did that to me as well when dad would make mom move around the room quickly causing mom’s tits to bounce. Mother’s tits were very firm and big as well, skinny waistline and good birthing hips, what an ass my mother had than. Now Jane was good looking as well nice size tits, not as big as mother’s were but good size. She too had a slim waistline but had slim hips. Every time I saw Jane bending over all I could see was dad or mom behind her, fucking her, dad with his dick or mom with her hands or hairbrush or something close by to use. One morning I watched as mom fucked her in the kitchen with a wooden spoon handle until mom was done with her. Than mom just spanked Jane’s ass for the kitchen having water on the floor. It was not right but in those days Jane excepted her life as my parent’s fuck toy to play with the way they liked.

Well back to the present. Mom and dad have not have any fun for about a month now maybe six weeks as they both have been all to busy with work and mother with her community charity activities that she was roped into by this person or that cause. And to rap up on the timing of it was Jane had been on her vacation for the past 10 days and would be home when father was to arrive back from his business trip.

That first night I watched from my closet as mom fingered her pussy to a couple of orgasms, but not like the ones she enjoyed with father or Jane.

The next morning I woke up with such a hard on from a dream where I stepped in the place where father had stood for the past year. Telling mother and Jane what to do, how to and when to fuck me. I was not just watching my parents having fun, I was also learning from father what mom liked.

Well it seemed to me that mother just needed a cock to suck and be fucked by and she would be fine. Knowing what mother liked in bed gave me some courage, when I woke that morning feeling my mother needing some help, I went to my parents bedroom naked with a massive hard on. I open the door were mother was still asleep with her head near the edge of the bed. I walked up boldly, grab my dick and push slowly my cock into her mouth . Moving back and forth fucking my mother’s mouth. She slowly begins to moan and wake up some thinking that father had returned early and was giving her his morning wood that he often did. He did enjoy mom’s blow jobs first thing in the morning and I now know why. Mom was a great cock sucker. I was just about to cum when mom opened her eyes and saw who she was blowing. I grab moms head just then and push my cock back into her throat saying be a good cock sucking mommy and finish me off slut. Mom moaned loudly as I shot load after load down my mother throat for that first time that day. I thought I would have lasted longer that first time, but having the real lips of my mother rapped around my dick, her using that tongue of hers on the tip of my dick. It was nothing like I thought it would be. It was heaven in that mouth of mom’s and I needed to have that again soon. Once that last shot fired off and my dick sank back down to a semi hard cock of only 4” mom let my cock out of her mouth and said to me “it’s about time you came in here and did something or I might have had to fuck you while you slept in your bed”. It seems mom knew about me watching, not at first, but later when Jane had cleaned my room one day and found my spot in the closet were one could watch one get really fucked hard.

For the next forty eight hours mother and I fucked. Mom never once wanted me to make love to her. She enjoyed being fucked hard or when she liked, mom would ride my dick for an hour. Up and slamming herself down hard on my dick, swinging back and forth while grinding her cunt like a mad woman could into me. During those two day mother used me like her and dad did to Jane for the past year. I was totally in my mother’s hands those short days as she told me more than once to pound her sweet wet pussy harder. Once as I was slamming my stiff rod into mom, I without thinking slapped my mother’s gorgeous ass, as I had seen dad do on many occasions and then I yelled “take this slut, I’m going to fuck your ass as I like and will not let up until I am finish with you”. My mother just moaned louder as her approval of me taking charge for a brief moment was what she had been waiting for most. I laid into mom hard than, I used my cock as a tool of pleasure, everything she had shown me and all I had seen. Like a mad man needing some release and not getting it just at that moment in time. I looked down my sweeting chest to a white ass being fucked hard, I take my right middle finger pushing it hard into my mother’s asshole and pulled up like a fish on a hook. This made her scream in pain as well as pleasure. While I had her up just a little I drop her down finger fucking my mother ass all the while shoving my steel hard cock as deep into mother’s married cunt as my wanton needs could go. Mother’s ass being fingered by me loosened up some I insert another finger and than third finger. With three fingers in my mother’s ass and her screaming yes Iv yes that’s it keep fucking me like that. For another minute or two as my hand is getting tired, I thought of only one goal at this point, I pulled my cock out of my mother tight gorgeous drenched pussy and push it into that even tighter ass of hers. She screams louder for the pleasure she is now receiving from her son fucking her virgin ass. Mom yells out yes, harder, yes fuck me son, keep fucking me and don’t stop, I am coming like never before son oh lord have the foresight to see my son has the energy to finish this great ass fucking he is do. Mother continues to yell fuck me hard and harder son that’s it keep fucking me oohhhhhh yessss I am cuming so good I can’t breathe. Mom was hyperventilating as I kept fucking her ass just like she asked for. I found the strength to slam mom through that orgasm she knew was there by her lord an savior. Just a minute or so has past my mother having a most powerful orgasm in her life, I find myself unloading one of the largest loads of cum into my mother ass than I had in the past two days. As my body deposits my last drop of cum in to this woman’s now loose ass I collapsed in her bed and past out.

It was not until the next morning late I had discovered that my father had come into the room to wake mother and I up. When I saw father sitting there in his chair getting his cock sucked by Jane, a million things went through my brain, but the one thought that did not was what happened next.

My father spoke calmly while Jane bobbed her head up and down my father’s dick giving him his morning blow job. Your mother is going to write to her sister who is currently on a dig in Egypt. You son, will be spending this summer there learning what you can from her and her husband. When you get back home you will be sent off to boarding school until college. Every summer and holiday you will be spending it here at home where your mother and Jane will be teaching you how to be a Master of a home to include this bedroom. Now show me how much your mother has taught you so far son?

Without thought I grab mother by the hair and tell her to get me hard. Without one word from my mother, she takes my still anal smeared cock in her mouth and gets me hard in seconds. I proceed to push her onto her back, climb between her legs and push my hard steel pole straight into one wet, hairy, tight pussy and release a gentle moan as my cock rubs against the hot slippery ribbed channel my mother’s heavenly pussy offers. Putting myself into a fertile position with my arms rapped under my mother and holding her shoulders tight and using my legs to spread my mother’s legs up and outward, chest to chest, I begin to pound hard and fast making mother scream for the lord again to help her survive this punishment of the unholy intercourse between a teenage sex maniac and a woman wanting just a little more pounding with sore pussy lips that have been fucked by her son for the last two days none stop. Dad joined into the activity by turning Jane around and fucking her like a dog while watching his wife get fucked by his son who seemed to be in his own world and father hearing mother screaming his name, Frank, yes Frank fuck me good ooohh lord please fuck me good. It was about three weeks when we heard back from my Aunt. Meantime I took mother or Jane anytime and anywhere in the house I wanted, I was a guy in a candy store eating and fucking them all the time when I was wake.

When my Aunt excepting my mother request for me to join them in Egypt I was saddened and excited to see my Aunt again. Sad really at not having a regular pussies to fuck, I was a teenager that has been awakened by the pleasures of the flesh whether that was Jane’s body or mother’s.

The Cruise

That night before I sailed out for Egypt, mother and Jane fucked me hard all that night while dad watched some. It was a Thursday night and it had already been a long day for father he want to bed early. Fucking his wife the first time that night dad went off to bed with Jane giving him a good night blow job. Jane as it turned out was very, very good at pleasuring my cock that first time that night before my departure. Dad and mom taught her well, but whenever my mother got ahold of my dick, she was a true cock sucking master, mom was given the knowledge of making me stay hard without making me shoot a load to early in the night, what a mother I have as we all fucked throughout the night.

With my trunks packed and loaded onto the ocean liner I walked up the ladder to board the vassal. After checking in and being escorted to my cabin by a young black girl which she said that she had never seen before as it was her first voyage herself. She found the first class section of the ship pretty quickly as I mentioned to her I was tired from my travels and needed same rest. I found that my father gave me some spending money which was left in my stateroom. Seeing the money there and thinking I really could use one more thing before sleep I offered the black a dollar if she would suck my dick. I wanted to see if a black girl knew how and what it would feel like mostly. Know I got that a dollar was a lot of money to her she was on her knees and sucking my dick before I seem to know that she was also topless in that split second of my request. Grabbing and squeezing those big titles of hers I found to be really firm and soft at the same time. She knew very well how to suck a white man’s cock as in no time had me it seemed, I was unloading my third load of warm cum down a woman’s throat. Once the color girl was done she let me know if there was anything more she could provide that she was willing to do. I seemed to need relaxing more than exploring the ship as I fell into bed after that great blow job I received and I did not wake until the next day. Mother and Jane worn me out having to pound the hell out of mother one last time that morning before getting dress to leave and seeing Jane clean mother’s cunt out with her tongue. That was the mind’s picture I kept for the next couple of days. Jane licking mother’s pussy while mom held her head tight against her cunt yelling lick harder, suck me slut like you mean to clean my son’s cum out of there, you hungry slut. Yes that was the prefect picture my mother gave me as I left that early summer day.

It was going to be a long three weeks if I could not find some entertainment. Now mother tried teaching me want to watch fore in woman whom want more from you than just polite conversation. It must have been a week of this voyage, stopping in every port along the way that I may have received my present of my mother’s teachings. After departing the docks that warm day, I was having lunch a the Captain’s table when a woman of about 40 was introduced as the Captain’s wife. Now why any man would leave such beauty unescorted was beyond my young years. I was given the pleasure that day to be seated next to Mrs Caroline Humphries which gave me my opportunity to introduce myself and my services if she so sees fit to use them. I know than I was still to young to offer such a services to a woman that could have just as easily bent me over her knee and spanked me for being a naughty boy. I was thinking that I would not have mind it if she did. Looking over Caroline’s cheats how will she filled out her dress I was thinking she was even larger than mothers are, I really would need to sample those myself. As the Captain was reviewing one of his logbooks I leaned over and whisper to Mrs Caroline as it was just the Captain, his wife and myself for lunch that day and I did not want to disturb the Captain. I said that I could offer her a personal full body exam if she was not feeling well and I have setup my stateroom to help any lady that was ill my services while on board. Mrs Caroline leans back just a little and smiles looking me over as much as I had her early. By her quick exam of me, she than taps her husband’s arm asking, dear I think I am not felling well and this fine young doctor has offered to, she looks back at me as my face seems to change just a little pink. Oh yes he has offered to give me a full body exam to find out what my illness may be. Without a second thought to his wife he stands up looking still at his logbook that if you need his services dear by all means let him help you. The Captain went on saying he will be up all night reviewing this books and the it was his turn to take midnight watch. Captain Humphries left the dinning area with his wife and I sitting there. These were what mother told me about. Watch for those husbands that neglect their wives in public and fore woman whether highborn or not, all women need attention from their mates or they will seek that attention elsewhere. I stood up extended my hand to Mrs Caroline and said let me escort you to my room where I will preform a full body exam. Caroline smile’s, takes my hand and says it better be a full body exam as I have not have one in some years.

As we reach my stateroom, I open the door and pull Caroline hard into the room putting her off balance I swing her around facing my bed I push her over, bending her in half. Her feet still on the floor, her upper half laying across the bed, I lower myself grabbing the bottom of Mrs Humphries dress I left up and over, covering her face. Looking down I see she did not have any under garments on. Seeing that bare ass and shaven pussy, which was a first for me than. My cock loaded to bear I pull it out and with a few rubs with my hand over the Captain’s wife wet pussy I proceed to ram my cock right into that bald wet pussy, yelling that I am fucking the Captain’s whore and asking if she will be the proper whore for me this cruise? As she screams out with shock and pleasure ooohh fuck me boy, funk me like a good whore needs be fucked. Caroline yelling yes like that boy fuck this old pussy hard. For me I felt nothing but a tight wet fuck hole, slapping her ass a few times as she seemed to like it a little rough in this first time fuck session. I ask as I am fucking her with her dress still on, when was the last time your husband fuck your ass? Mrs Humphries screams back as I pound away like a hungry wolf eating his first meal in two days, she yells he has never done that to me and I never want it either. I slam hard hard on her ass as she screams that hurts. I tell her as my who’re for this trip I will take what I want and when and now I am going to take this ass of your as my own. I grab a small jar of K-jelly from my night stand, open it and smear it on my right fingers. As I slow down my pace some fucking the Captain’s wife I bring my hard fingers to bare on that fine piece of ass. Sliding first one than two fingers into Caroline’s ass as she protests some of the treatment I am giving her she yells out yes boy I like you handling my pussy and ass this way. Without thought, hearing Caroline say those words I pull my steel stiff rod out of a warm wet pussy and push it hard that first time right in to Caroline’s asshole. Now it went right down a good 5” that first time as she screams from the pain, I pull back some and slam forward again and again. I gather up some speed as after the fifth time of penetrating the Captain’s wife’s asshole I finally bottom out. With earnest I fuck that woman’s asshole for nearly 20 minutes of hard pounding fucking the tightest ass I have ever fucked. She screamed for more and more of that pleasure my cock could provide to her that day and night.

The following morning before dawn I dressed and went out on deck, thinking of how well I fucked the Captain’s wife and how much in one night she taught me the ways to pleasuring a woman, I knew that this trip moving forward was going to be entertaining in so many ways. I approached the entryway back to my cabin when the Captain emerged. The Captain was straightforward and asked how his wife was. I stood there for a split second and than said very tired Captain. He nodded his head and moved on. I returned to my stateroom and found Caroline getting dressed to head back to her cabin when I told her I was not yet done with the Captain’s whore and to get back in bed. She smiled, got undressed and jumped back into bed saying only yes sir.

The trip was fun once I found my entertainment and that last night before I was to disembark the Captain came to my cabin late that night. When his wife standing there naked answered the door, she asked what she could do for her husband. As men in his position often do what they seem they want to do, he brushed past his wife and stood by my bed where I was watching this unfold. As a young man than I was not to sure what the Captain had in his mind just than, but when he opened his mouth, his said seeing this is your last night onboard Mr. Smith I would like to see what is making my wife so happy this trip.

Looking him over quickly and not being able to read him at all, I thought of only one way though this was to give him what he wants, I hoped. I told the Captain to drop his pants where he stood and yell over to Caroline to get over there and suck her husband’s dick. Captain did not want to be part of this, he only wanted to watch his wife get fucked. I told the Captain that this was his ship and that the Captain should always get the first blow job of the night from his wife. The Captain dropped his pants and sat down in the chair. The Captain’s wife naked bent over and started to suck her husband’s rather small dick, I knew than as to why the wife was so unhappy and why he did not fuck her much. After a few minutes of her bending over like that and watching her pussy drip some of my earlier cum out, I called down to have Janice to bring up a bottle of wine. When the same black girl came in with the wine that sucked my cock so well that first day, I asked Janice to remove her clothes and join me in bed. When the Captain saw my dick entering Janice’s ebony pussy, he than understood what made Caroline so happy this trip. After Janice got my dick wet I grabbing my cock slowly stroking it as I move closer to the Captain’s wife’s pussy I slowly push in telling the Captain how tight his wife’s pussy has been on this trip. I went on telling him what a whore she was that first day when I fucked her in the ass, you should of heard her screaming at me, what a dick I was for fucking her asshole that has never been fucked before. It only took her a minute or two for her pleasure screams to start, telling me to fuck her harder then her husband could ever do. I told the Captain that last night there on the ship what a cock sucking whore of a wife he has and that for a dollar a fuck that he might be able to retire early. We both laughed at that one, while Caroline moaning as in a heavenly way as she was sucking his small dick and me hard fucking her pussy with a man size cock. After cuming in the Captain’s wife’s pussy a few times that night and Janice licking clean Caroline’s pussy, the Captain left the cabin and went back to his night watch. The morning of my departure I was skull fucking Caroline one last time and Janice sucking Caroline’s pussy clean of my cum dump I did to her just an hour earlier, i mentioned if she was ever back here in Egypt to let me know. I finished my last load down the Captain’s wife’s throat telling what a good whore she has been to me. After tipping Janice 10 dollars that morning I asked in front of Caroline of she would look after her from now on. Janice screamed and Caroline just nodded her head knowing she now how a female servant for her bed and other things that she know how to figure out.


I was greeted by a driver holding a sign that just said Iv, when I approached him to make sure he was there for me, as he spoke broken English and my Egyptian language skill was none existent at that time, I was able to understand that he was going to take me out to were my Aunt and her husband are staying. After loading up all me bags into and on top of the car we headed off to my first Egypt adventure. As we headed toward the river I ask him about they were staying and all I really got was river. Thirty minutes later we were at the river where another person told me that we are to head down river to base camp were my Aunt is. Once all trunks and bags were transferred over to the river boat we were on our way. On board I found a friend Joseph he was about my age if I was to guess maybe a couple of years older. As we spoke I discovered that he could read four languages and speak 6 different languages and seeing I had nothing to do for the next 6 hours as Joseph let me know how long our ride would be, I ask if he would not mind teaching some of the local language. By lunch time I had about 50 words down pretty well. We ate crock and bread, Joseph tells me that it is a good meal but somewhat tough to chew. We continued on and made camp four hours later and I had the vocabulary of a first grader. Not to bad for the first day and Joseph was a good teacher it seemed. Pulling up to the makeshift dock my Aunt and her husband were waiting. Jumping out of the boat and running to greet Aunt Susanna giving her a big hug and kiss on the cheek, then shaking Steven’s hand. After greeting them in the local language which did impress my Aunt some we headed out to base camp. Another hour later I was sitting in my tent getting my item arranged with the help of Joseph. It was later that evening when Steven and my Aunt told me that Joseph was to be my guild until I understood the operation and what everyone’s job/position was here. I learned on my way down the river that I would need to adjust my wardrobe some to be more comfortable with the desert heat. So after dinner Joseph showed me a few way to change my outfits to work better foe me here.

The next morning I woke up late it seemed as Joseph was just sitting there quit watching me sleep. When he saw me looking back he let me know that Steven and Susanna have already left for the site to begin the days work. He also let me know that everyone is normally gone before sunrise to the site as the heat makes it tough to work long in, but your Aunt insisted that you rest the first day having traveled so much yesterday. With that Joseph and I finished working on my clothes and language skills that first day. I found out that the crews rotate out every three weeks to a town up river for a week off.

The next two weeks was nothing but hard work learning how to dig, where to dig, who does the digging, what to do if anything was found, but it was not to bad as Joseph was right there helping, teaching, correcting me through all of it. When I returned to camp those first days I was beat and just collapsed on my cot and slept the night away. It was the fifth day back to camp I was able to stay up long enough to eat my dinner. After that I seem to start to settle in to the camp’s routine and not be to much of a distraction for the other workers.

Third week ended and I asked my Aunt if it would be ok for me to rotate out for a week to see some of this country and to let Joseph get some R&R himself. She nor Steven objected to that and I was to stay close to Joseph at all times. With all the talk in camp about the town we were going to, I pictured the roads were paved with gold and be a paradise for all visitors. When we docked and got off the over crowded boat Joseph grabbed my hand and we ran to the first building on the right. Going straight in he points to two veiled girls and kept on walking to the back though some hanging beads. Once we got to the last room on the right which was not to bad in size and accommodations. Two baths were waiting for us along with cool wine and hot tea. Joseph stood in the middle of the room with his hands out and the two girls began removing his clothes without a word spoken yet. Once he was seated the two girls started on me. Once naked they escorted me to the other bath which was cool and relaxing. The ladies split up one handing me a wine as they other did for Joseph. Joseph releasing a quiet relaxing moan asked a question. Do you know were you are at my friend? Without delay I said paradise, as I lowered myself further down in the clean cool bath.

The roads may not have been paved with gold, but durning that week while Joseph and I stayed there at the Desert Pleasure House, which I later found out was one of a few businesses that Joseph’s family own in that township. Joseph had many secrets that he shared with me at times and listening to him somehow I felt like I was being brought into a club or family that I did not know I had or needed at the time.

It was the night before Joseph and I were to return back to camp, I was enjoying the company of the woman who saw to my every need or want while I was there. Her beauty is hard to describe without saying perfection. Her hair was that of midnight black and felt and flowed as silk down her dark, strong flawless back. Her eyes seemed to know you as an old friend, lover, with a hint of mystery as to what lay in her thoughts as she spoke to you in her own native tongue which I thought strange that I understood her at first, but later excepted that I somehow learned the language from the men from camp somehow. When she did speak, it was soft, commanding, gentle, and forceful all at once. I could not refuse her any request if she had asked me, but strangely durning my stay she asked nothing of me, but what I wished for so she could provide it for me, she was my Genie in a bottle. What ever I asked fore it was given freely, it was I was a king for the brief moment in time, one wish that if you could have as your only wish you would be happy your whole life.

As I look at the perfection of a woman that I will never see again in my life time Wanyda starts telling me a story of how she arrived here while am laying down in bed and she is riding my North Pole in this pleasure palace as I had called it that first day I arrived.

She lifts her right arm up some to show me a brass bracelet that had a small red jewel in the middle. There where some hieroglyphs on the edge that I could not understand, but the bracelet seemed nice on her. She began by saying that this bracelet had been in her family for many, many generations and that it had some remarkable gifts and curses that go with the person who wears it. I chuckle a little not truly believing her, a cursed bracelet I said to her as she nods and contained with her story, while rocking back and forth on my hard cock. She was saying it offers the wearer gifts too. One is long and healthy life. How long I ask, but Wanyda continues on with her story while putting a finger over my lips to keep me from asking more questions. Wanyda moaning some as she rides me, she tells of some of the other gifts like, flawless skin as she caresses her left arm smiling so. The ability to understand any language and for those around you to understand you and if the bearer of this bracelet so wished could ask anything of anyone to do almost anything just by asking. She mentioned as we were have sex that it did not takeaway that person ability to say no or to do whatever that was asked of them, but it seemed very hard for them not to do what was asked of them. Also my family did discover that some gifts and curses will be uniquely personal to the wearer. Wanyda while pointing up to the ceiling telling me do you hear that girl screaming to have her get fucked harder and harder by the person she is with? I said yes, of course it is something I want to hear from you soon. She giggled at my bun. Wanyda said as easy as that girl would be to bed, she could still tell me no if I asked her to clean my pussy after being hard fucked by you. I get it, everyone still has free will, but it is just suppressed for the people around the wearer of this bracelet. So why if this bracelet is so powerful that a goddess like yourself is in this pleasure palace serving me? Wanyda squeezes my dick with her incredible muscles inside her very tight pussy, with so little movement from her she is able to provide me with unspeakable pleasures up and down my steel shaft, making me moan just as much as she was riding my steel pony. Remember there is a curse to such items you may come across in this world. Wanda mentioned the wearer of this bracelet is given a very long and healthy life which she found at as I watched those I loved die of old age, over and over again. Wanyda tells me that she is over 500 years old and that this bracelet was passed down from parent to child for over 6000 years. The first to wear this bracelet worn it for more than 3000 years and traveled this world. Most of my family who have worn this bracelet have live about 500 years as it seems to be a good length of time to be on this planet. Wanyda tells me that I will not age as others do, for every five years that past only a day in age will that person grow. She continues her story of when the bracelet is removed and given to another than that person who had worn it will resume his/her life and grow old as anyone else, their looks will fade and their language skills that had not been learned correctly will be lost. Any special gifts that a person was given by the bracelet will be lost. To answer my question if this bracelet is all what she says it is why work in this place? Here she tells me that she does not love anyone here, she see them for a short time and they leave never to be seen again, here she is not a freak of beauty, but a woman that is asked for by name, treated well by her owners and by customers. For her it was the best world she could have at that time. She never could get sick, she lived a good life with people who gave her a home, feed her and bought her anything she ever wanted really. She never looked for power or position or even wealth. Wanyda only gave pleasure to those she met in her life time, never seeing evil in those she was in service for as when she did have some misunderstandings she would just move on from there to the next place she wish to be and no one ever stopped her according to her story.

While Wanyda at this time is riding my dick hard up and down faster and faster she removes the bracelet, grabs my right arm and places this jewel bracelet on my wrist and starts yelling at some old language that I understand the words but not their meaning until the very end as she is orgasming over my dick like a waterfall gushing out a pipe, those last words of hers frighten me most. Those last words “I offer this good person up to the gods who’s power flows through this bracelet”. As she completes her chant she also completes cuming and collapses on my chest, breathing hard and very happy to have released the bracelet and her sexual desire.

As the night want on I could see small changes in her eyes, her energy and her walk all seem lesser now and I was feeling better about myself, my skin seems to have a glow now of a bronze color and really what surprised me most was fucking Wanyda in the ass that finial time I felt as I was reaching further into her than before, as I slammed harder and header in to her as she is screaming now for more I tell her I feel deeper somehow inside you. She did not answer me as we continued to fuck each other to oblivion and when I fired off that first load of cum since wearing the bracelet I felt the heat and pleasure she and I where feeling from my cum. It was hard to describe it at the time, but it was something I seem to somehow need if I was to continue wearing this bracelet. I asked Wanyda about that feeling and she only could say that you will need to have sex from time to time as much as she can recall is that I would need to fuck someone at least once a month, but recommended much more often than that as there is some pain if you don’t. She could not tell me what the pain was as she always had sex before any monthly time had past.

Waking up the next morning I felt great as I looked over to my right seeing Wanyda there sleeping naked and my cock getting hard just thinking about entering one last time before heading back to camp. Slipping behind her I guild my stiff pecker into a velvety wet pussy and as I do I could for the first time see that my dick had grown some from just a few days ago. It looked to be 3” or more longer now as I push forward into heaven”s gates. As Wanyda’s pink tight pussy lips rap around my cock as I go further and further inside this African beauty I hear her moaning some as she is waking up to some sexual fun. She pushes back hard when she thinks I am almost all in her only to find that there is still 4” more for her pussy to swallow. I finish her push back as I bottom out in her she screams out that no man had reach that far down in her, she begins to have one orgasm after another. As I pick up speed I roll us over on her stomach and I lay flat on her back shoving my cock deeper and deeper into this goddess’s Soaked pussy. She continues to cum getting us both wet with her juices pouring out of her tight ass cunt. She yells out no more I am drained of all I can give to your majestic cock my Master. Hearing these words I somehow will myself to explode a load of my cum deep inside Wanyda and for just a second there I knew that she was getting pregnant with my child, it was a very strange and powerful feeling to somehow know you are impregnating a woman.

Joseph and meet up at the dock just before the board was to sail back down the river. Joseph notices the bracelet and all he said was that you will do great things for this world and he hoped that they would be good things.

We get back to the camp and my Aunt and Steven notice the changes in me right away, but did not pry into those changes as the way they saw it I was just becoming a man. Aunt Susanna ask about the new bracelet I was wearing and where I got it. I told her the story of what happened with Wanyda, just how it happened too, which thinking back now that was the first time I should have been aware of what this bracelet was really about. Later that first night back, Joseph had first watch which was strange to me as he was my servant is the worst word to use, he was so much more than that, teacher, friend so many things. Two hours after dark when people were heading back to their tents Steven asked me to join him and Susanna for a night cap and to discuss my future. I followed Steven back to their tent which seemed to be set aside from everyone’s else’s tents and much larger than two people really needed. As we enter the tent Aunt Susanna was already for bed wearing a shear night gown that I could easily see all of her firm tan breast, and those gorgeous legs she walk around with. I also noticed she was clean shaven between her legs. Staring like a kid in a candy story at Susanna all I could say was I want to fuck you now Aunt Susanna. Without another word she dropped her rope turned around and bent over spreading her legs some. When she spoke you better fuck me harder than Steven does or you will never get this pussy again. I start to get undress as Steven found a seat over to one side to watch me fuck his wife. She had not been fucked before with a foot long cock or I at least hoped so. I was seeing in my mind I really needed to screw my Aunt and I needed to fuck this woman from now on while I was here always, it was a strange thought at the time, but those early years where all strange, but familiar somehow. It was in slow motion to me as I removed my clothes, first my shirt than shoes and lastly my pants. Now my dick was just semi hard at that point and holding about 7” long. It was already longer than Steven’s dick and said so out loud to Aunt Susanna that she better brace herself for a most punishing fuck of her life if the cock that was about to enter her was for real. I start to rub the tip of my dick up and down Susanna’s pussy lips to get them motivated in opening up for me. She did not take long to get wet as I pushed into her seemingly tight pussy, I take my right hand and swing it hard down onto Susanna ass at the same time making a push to get further down into that pussy of hers. When I was about 10” in I grab ahold of her waistline and begin to bang away hard this fresh pussy I was fucking. Ten minutes in Susanna tells Steven that her nephew from now on will be her only fuck toy while they were here at base camp. It seemed that Susanna was the camp’s whore as she enjoyed the company of anyone that asked. When she mentioned that I was happy and ignorant of who she was really than. As that night went on I had to see if Susanna could suck my cock whole as Steven bet me she could do it and I said the best whores in town could not take my full cock. The bet was simple if she could take my full cock I was to work full time at digging if not I was to be living in the tent having her practicing taking my cock down her throat. It was a no brained for me as I took that bet. Standing there giving me my full length of cock for her to swallow. She was to be timed no more than two minutes to achieve this and her lips must touch my pelvis. She begins by licking up and down my shaft to get it nice and wet, than takes the tip and swirls her tongue around it, playing really as she believes she can take this 12” dick all the way down to the base. After a minute of playing around she begins to go deeper and deeper 9” now up and down harder and harder she goes down. Susanna picks up some speed as she dips close to 11” just needing another inch as Steven countdown from 10 second. Aunt Susanna pushes and pushes to get that last inch, but as Steven yells time Susanna has found her match and could not get that last inch, which if I did not know better I feel that she lost on purpose and was pleased that she could play/practice more with my foot long cock. Steven gets up and rises my hand in the air, yelling for all to hear. We have a new King in this camp now and Steven lowers himself onto his knees and puts my cock into his mouth before I knew what was happening. Susanna got down further and started blowing Steven and within ten minutes both Steven and I were shooting off our loads, when I finished sending my last seed drop down Steven’s throat I told him that I would not be doing that or fucking him ever and that I will only be fucking your wife as long as she maintains her looks that is. That night and every night I was in camp I fucked my Aunt hard to the likings of both Susanna and Steven. By the end of that summer Susanna was pregnant as well as six of the girls in that pleasure palace me and Joseph stayed.

The camp packed up all the trunks, while Aunt Susanna, Steven and myself took the boat back to Egypt where we would catch a ship for the journey to England where my Uncle Steven has an estate of 500 acres of land and according to my mother is where I will be getting my schooling at. According to Steven’s memory of the local school which in his family all males attended this school which was quite old and has many traditions and a long standing with the royal family. It seems Uncle Steven was a Duke and twenty something in line to the thrown.

The voyage back was without problem as they had their stateroom and I had mine. I found I preferred the services of female attendants over male which at the time was not any true problem, but gave people in those circles something to gossip about and boy could they do that well. Yes as you read this I did use those women for my pleasure and entertainment. Once while dinning at the captain’s table there was a middle aged couple with us from Madrid, Spain. They spoke beautiful English so I asked him were he steady when he was younger? London he said as his father was Spain ambassador to England at the time and his wife’s family is part of the Spanish Royal family who had sent her to a boarding school there in London, where we met. As we sat there during lunch having a good conversion about our travels through Egypt and theirs through Italy the wife was rubbing my left leg with her right hand smiling as if this was normal, but not to speak about it. As a young man I was not sure why I knew that, but thinking that if I did not have that bracelet on I would be somewhat upset of her aggressiveness. With the bracelet though I leaned over and just told her my cabin name and to be there in one hour or she would be punished. Sitting back up straight I smiled at her husband sitting across from us letting him know that his wife has the beauty of the great Cleopatra and if that is so I said it would mark him as Marc Anthony a great military leader and without staying my words I asked which was your favorite battle Mr. Anthony?

I left the table about 30 minutes later as I wanted to make sure the room was ready for my newest live entertainment. Soon Carlene from Spain would be entering my world of pleasure as I saw it anyways. Carlene was a true beauty of Black hair, gentle eyes, soft lips and the tan skin of the gods, flawless, smooth and warm to the touch. When she entered my stateroom that day I was sure that I was going to learn something new in the world of sexuality as she was a learned lady of the Spanish Royal Family. Once I close and lock the door I quickly gag my pray, whispering in her ear how I longed for the day that I could take pleasure from a woman of such beauty that I my die this day nothing what heavenly body awaits me here after. I than handcuff my Queen and lift her hands above her head where I was able to hook the handcuffs too. Now Carlene is unable to scream for help or runaway if I get a little to excited. With the help of my chamber maid who was already naked remove my ladies garments. In those times it was a great deal of work getting a woman undress. Once all her beautiful body could be seen I was in aw. Speechless as I see this Queen’s true strength of form and grace as she hangs there waiting for me to begin. As I snap out of my world of beauty which now stands in front on me I instruct the chamber maid to shave off all hair on her body to include the hair between her legs and that I will be back in one hour. If you must get her legs wider just have her place a foot on this stool. And yes you may lick her clean once you have completed your task.

An hour later I walked into my room seeing my prize on my bed naked with my chamber lady washing her body singing a folks song about a Queen and her chamber maid. I take a seat as I wanted to watch this creature receive a sponge bath and to ask the chamber lady to make sure that the Queens pussy is throughly washed and dried before I have may way with her.

Before I knew what was happening as three men rush into my stateroom, two carrying long rifles yelling in Spanish about taking advantage of his wife. Before I could speak I was hit and knocked unconscious.

About an hour or so later I was in my bed with a cool washcloth over my forehead and there sitting next to me in the chair was my Aunt. There was someone yelling outside about this attack on a member of the England’s Royal family and how reparations are going to be made. I look over to my Aunt asking what is all the yelling about? Looking back at me she says it’s about the men who attacked you and how the ship line and the Captain are going to make amends to almost killing you. If Steven had not seen the three men rushing into your room here you may have died. He detained the three men and had the chamber maid rush to get the doctor on board and security. You see the chamber maids husband is or was the Sergeant at Arms for the vessel and the two others with him are part of the ships security crew. In the distance I hear three shots go off one at a time. As I hear this I look at my Aunt for conformation as she nods her head slowly saying yes those three that came in here have just been killed. You see James, as my Aunt was trying to explain why the three were shot. Those three men where Spanish citizens and it seems to be if one see a naked Royal without that Royal person’s permission it is a crime punishable by death. Seeing that the husband was fully aware of his wife’s activities let’s say, he had no problem with the other lady and you seeing her naked, it seems to help them in their bedchambers. But he was not willing to have unwanted eyes see his wife naked, so he has had them shot for this. All I said was I did not know the chamber lady was married. Well neither did the Captain it would appear. As it is against the ship lines rules that married couples not work the same ship as it causes issues. What now I ask my Aunt. Now she says it is up to your Uncle to see what can be done at the assault on you and what the ship line is going to do about it. Knowing your Uncle it won’t be settled today or even durning this trip. He will most likely will want a full statement from you and talk it over with the his attorneys. It has been yelled out that this ship maybe the cost for the assault, which has been done before for different cause and by that Captain’s hand, I am not sure what the outcome will be here. For now all anyone knows is that one of the three men assaulted you while there were two naked women in your bed, one being the wife of the ship’s Sergeant at Arms and the other is a Spanish Royal Princess. Now I have made it clear that no ones is to see you for the next couple of days so that you can rest but mostly to make sure you have a clear story to offer everyone why you had two naked women in your stateroom. I closed my eyes to rest as it would be awhile before I could do much of anything.

The next morning when I opened my eyes the Princess was sitting there next to my bed and her husband was pacing around the room while the chamber maid was sitting up the table for breakfast for everyone it seemed. I sit up announcing to all a good morning holding my head gently with my right hand. Princess Carlene as if I was feeling better this morning as she was apologizing for what happened yesterday. Waving my hand saying no apologies please I was were I wanted to be, but I will from now on check to make sure my chamber maids are not married or at least their husbands are not on board. I than turned to the other man in the room to offer my apologies for having to execute those men. He just nods his head and walks over to the table to eat. The chamber lady leaves the three of us alone and then Carlene offers me a letter to I should have called it a statement of what happened yesterday and why each of us where in this room together. As I grab my robe and walk over to the table for some coffee and breakfast cake as I was starving, not eating for 24 hours would do that to most. I sit there sipping my coffee watching these two watching me drink and eat. As the clock chimes softly telling all it is the top of the hour and as I hear 10 chimes noting the hour I sit the paper down without reading it asking for the husband to explain it all, but before he begins to talk I tell the Princess to come to me and get on her knees. She moves over in front of me and knees down. Looking up to my eyes she opens my robe, reaching into my bed shorts and pulls out my 6” limb dick, while still looking up puts my dick into her mouth and begin sucking on it. Looking back at the husband who seems ok with his wife sucking my dick i. Front of him as it would also seem that this was not his first time seeing this happen, but his was impressed with the size of my cock before it got hard and I was thinking that he wounded what the true size will be than. I pick up my coffee and take a sip asking what is the back story I am to tell about for yesterday? The husband shaking his head a little as he watches his wife go up and down slowly now on my dick making me lose thought for a second. That’s it Carlene go as far down on my dick as you can, I am told a Princess can swallow 10” of cock before she gags? I will but her to the test I tell the gentleman sitting in front of watch his wife suck dick. Oh yes he says shaking his head the back story is that you had finished your medical training in America and that you were traveling with your mother’s sister and her husband back to England to further your studies. That’s it my lady suck that cock good and hard now, oh fuck me she is good at sucking this dick of mine. I must stand up and see if the lady can best the whores of Egypt. I stood up, grabbed Carlene’s head and pushed my cock further down her throat, 7”, 8” now 10” and no gagging yet as I push the last two inches of my very hard, large white dick down the throat of a real Princess I am impressed she takes all of my cock down without gagging. With that I begin to thrust back and forth faster and faster, I look up seeing him with his mouth open surprised at how well she is doing deep throating my dick that I yell out yes my Princess whore that’s how a Royal takes a man’s dick. Oh yes I am cuming yes that’s it suck me harder oh fuck me I am unloading a large load of my sperm down her throat, three, four now five shots I place inside her. As I feel one more coming up I pull out my 12” monster cock and let loose three more loads over the ladies face as she receives it with grace and pose, moaning softly with her eyes closed. I look back at him as I sit back down and finish my breakfast I say simply clean my whore’s face with your tongue while I finish eating here and then you may leave. He licks clean his wife’s face which I would said took more time than it should but I guess some people just need to be through in whatever they do.

After he left I just told Carlene to get undress and get into bed as I need more rest for the next few days. I sign the statement and fuck the Princess for next five days with the help of the chamber maid on a few occasions.


We pull into the docks to head off to my next adventure, there stand at the end of the walk way were a few people to meet us. The owner of the ship line, my Uncle’s lawyers and a representative of the king’s family. As we were blocking other from disembarking the ship I recommended we move this gathering over to a near by pub so as to not get into the path of people walking off and on the vessel. Once seated and beers for all the king’s representative speaks first. By the order of the king this dealing is to be completed and sealed on the day of your arrivals. Then my Uncles lawyers push a document in front of me and tell me to sign. This takes some time as it was a long document that required for me to sign in many places. Once sign he looked over at my Uncle and said only that the papers will be filled and you shall have a copy by the end of the week. The third person a heavy fat old white man stands up makes a small bow and begins to apologize to me for the actions of the men aboard his ship, sorry your ship now Sir with that said the man leaves the pub and my Aunt comes up to me says how does it feel to own you own ship?

It was a few weeks before school was to start which gave me time to spend exploring the ground to my Uncle’s estate. He mentioned that he own only about five hundred acres and that I was free to roam anywhere, but to make sure that Griffin knows where you are before heading out. It was his only rule really as once a teenager, which I later found out was my Uncle failed to tell anyone where he had gotten off too. It was two days before anyone found him with two broken legs from falling out of a tree.

About a week of roaming the grounds and finding my way was not difficult as I thought it might be, for some reason I always knew where I was and how to get back to the castle. Well my Aunt came to me while I was helping in the kitchen making some bread, she was all excited to tell me something. So I went to clean up and meet her in the study, when I entered my Uncle an Aunt were talking but quickly got quite. Those two looking at me with big smiles inviting me in further and pointing to a chair placed in front of a large desk. Susanna spoke first all excited we are having a ball next Saturday in your honor. I look at her with a “why my honor look” on my face and fore a split second she lost her excitement to my none excitement of the ball. She tilts her head and asked it is your birthday on Friday is it not? With all that has been happening I completely forgot about my birthday coming up. I explode with excitement and I also sit back down thinking I have nothing to wear for a ball and that as I am telling them that it might be better to have a small gathering this year. My Aunt full of surprises that day told me that as soon as we arrived she had some clothes made for me. I again forgot the night before we left the ship she had taken a thousand measurements, just saying that it will be a surprise later. That Monday a lot of new clothes came in from the city for me along with a young tailor and his assistant, which was his fiancé they are getting married this Saturday and was sorry they could not attend the ball.

That afternoon my Aunt escorted me to a room I had not know about or found when walking the halls of that large estate. When we arrived the tailor and his assistant were waiting. There on the left was a pastel in front of a window over looking the east garden, next to the window were a few long mirrors on each side taken in the view of anyone standing there in a 360 degrees as there were two more mirrors to the left and right of the pastel. The assistant handed me a silk pair of shorts and told me to go behind the screen and get undressed. Without a word my Aunt sat down in a lounge chair looking out the other window which you could view the woods near by where some men were chopping wood for the fires that will be needed for Saturday’s party. There was a lot of activity happening that week as more then one could have imagined all that goes into throwing one of that years biggest parties of the season besides the King’s Ball. Well as I removed my clothes and slipped on the silk shorts which seem to be a little small for me. When I looked down I could see 4” of my dick hanging out my right side of those shorts. I ask politely if they had a pair that was longer in the legs and just as politely they said no. The tailor named Anthony and assistant named Margarine talking to me as a child that was to shy to come out. I heard my Aunt laugh out loud at this and I again did not seem to want to make anyone uncomfortable and asked if they had anything I might use to cover myself below the waist? Anthony talking down to me saying it was ok that they have been doing this for years now and have seen both male and female nude before. I really did want this to be as none sexual as possible and offering to not expose his wife to my male genitalia I walked out with both of my hands covering up most of my manhood as I could when the wife dropping a tray sees what a real man might have between his legs, my Aunt burst out laughing at the situation. The assistant drops to her knees and begins to take measurements and as she does I was told I needed to move my hands so that they could get proper measurements and without missing a step the Tailor asked me if I wanted a strap sown inside the pants for my dick and which side do I want it on. After we all stopped laughing and became more comfortable with each other things moved along well. Most of the clothes were great, just minor changes were needed, but as the Tailor and his assistant were living there in the castle to make sure everything fit perfectly it only took two days to complete. As I was getting undressed for the tenth time that day I noticed looking inside the pants that they did put in straps for my dick on both sides, I had to chuckle seeing that and impressed as I could not feel anything different as the those clothes were like wearing a second skin and as soft as silk. As I was slipping out of those silk shorts, which I still have to this day, Anthony made a request of me that day. He asked if I could have sex with Margarine and if he could watch. I look around the screen seeing those two by the window excited, scared, worried and so many other emotions that I have never seen in those two until that afternoon. My Aunt and Uncle had to go into the city for a couple of days for business as well as for items still needed for the ball. So there I was not looking to fuck another man’s wife in front of him, this time I was hoping for friendship. Seeing the looks on their faces I could only do the stupid teenage boy thing I could do. I asked why when you two are getting married In 4 days? Anthony tells me a story of the accident he had as a child that has made him sterile and unable to have children. In this line of work we both knew when we might meet someone we both could agree with and we both would hope that the person we ask would be kind enough to help us. When we saw your manhood that first day my fiancé and I talked that night about you and hope of all hope that you would be that kind gentleman that would helps us. And you both agree it should be me that helps you two? I ask in question form. They both nodding their heads smiling in hopes that I would be willing to help them. I agree to their request, but that they both must stay two more days and if she was to get pregnant that they name the child Frank. Anthony agrees quickly like I was going to change my mind or something. Is she was not the prettiest girl around to look at, homely is best to describe her, but she did have a good looking ass I wanted to see. As Anthony gets situated on the chair by the window I take a seat on the pastel and watch as Margarine removes all her clothes slowly, as I instruct her to tease me with her womanly goods. While Margarine was slowly taking off her clothes my cock began to grow and grow, just as she is to remove her breast covers I stand up and walk across the room where Anthony is sitting, watching his soon to be wife undress. I ask Anthony to put my cock inside his mouth in suck me while I continue to watch this woman get undress for me. Without delay he grabs my dick and begins sucking. Now he was not good at all that first time, but was able to improve some in these two days. I found that having the man prep me before having sex with the man’s wife or girl friend helped me do better and it also seemed to make me last longer to. That I have never figured out why that was or is. Now Anthony is sucking my dick while Margarine was getting completely naked, just as she finished with her last item I shove my cock down Anthony’s throat for one hell of a release. Margarine strip tease was the best I had ever witnessed as she made me cum so hard that I nearly killed Anthony with my cock logged in his throat to long. When I finished unloading my cum into Anthony they seemed for a moment to be disappointed that I had not yet fucked Margarine. When I saw that look I told them that I was not done like most men might be. I walked over to Margarine turned her around and bent her over. Rubbing my cock a few times over those wet lips of hers I pushed my semi hard dick right down into her, which if course caused her to scream out in pleasure the fullness of my dick filling her warm, wet and of course tight pussy. Before I knew it I had been fucking this girl for more than a half hour, my body was drenched in sweat, she is yelling for more and Anthony is looking worried for the both of us we seem to be in some strange cycle of fucking that could not be stopped by the two of us. Another ten minutes goes by when all of a sudden Anthony tackles us both to the ground which caused Margarine and myself to separate. I am looking up to the ceiling breathing hard hopping that I won’t die here and in just a few seconds of release and knowing somehow that I was not going to die I look over at the two of them with some worry on their faces along with some excitement in wanting for it to continue. Don’t ask why I knew that then I just knew, well I would guess the bracelet had something to do with I thought. With some help from Anthony he lead Margarine over to me were she settled down over my cock and inserted the 12” of man meat back into her slippery cunt, telling me that she must have my sperm now. She rode me like that for almost another ten minutes up and down as fast as she could. I scream out I’am coming I’m coming and to not stop. She pounded me hard that day as I lay there getting fucked by the woman. Just as I was about to fire off my second load that hour I grab Margarine’s waist holding her down on my pelvis as shot after shot went deep into her body. She said later that the first time I came that she would swear she could feel me spraying her stomach as that was how far up I was inside her small framed body.

Those two days of just fucking Margarine and Anthony’s mouth were good first presents for my birthday. I later found out the my Aunt knew of this couples problem and that maybe I would be able to help them as I had helped her and Steven. So it would be that my Aunt was pimping me out to people at the time, but to be true to myself I enjoyed the attention it brought and some notoriety from the English people. It seems that the castle was getting a name for itself after a year or so while I was there many people who had stayed at the castle soon found themselves with child.

Saturday morning comes with a bang first thing I hear out side. People I have not seen before running around setting up tents, tables, flowers being arranged all over the castle and castle grounds. It was a mad house that morning as I ran into Steven on the way to the kitchen for a quick bite before helping with, well anything that needs his help, really he just likes to be needed as everyone there knew what they already needed to complete and when to complete by. Uncle Steven and I sitting there at the table having breakfast, him staring at me strangely spoke suddenly making me drop my role. He asked how well is your knowledge of the English Royal family? Has anyone tried to instruct you on who bows to whom and why? Have you been taught with the paintings hanging in the gallery who is who? I, shaking my head no looking at him as why would I need to know these things. With two roles in my hand my Uncle grabs me by the arm and harries me to the gallery room. Along the way he is telling me about who is who and to be watching him when we are greeting everyone. Steven said if I bow you bow the same distance down. There is only one person that I have to bend in half for and that is the King or Queen, but he said they did not return their invitation letting us know they would be attending so you should not meet them this time. Just so you know this is how a male will bow to the King or Queen if introduced to them. My Uncle goes over with me a few dozen times that morning on how one is to greet them. He also gave me a crash course in the family history and who is who. Now most who are to arrive that night were under him so they would be the ones bowing to him with him giving them a head nod, but if I see him bend I was to do the same with as much the same grace as he gives that person if not more. It took all morning for me to understand the family tree, but had it down better I think than my Uncle expected. With one last bit of advance really was I not to under any reason fuck any of tonight’s guess, even if the girl is yelling for me to do so, or just on a dare. I was not to have sex that night. Steven explained that this Ball was more than just a birthday party. Any time the Royals get together like this it almost always a political knife fight of whom is doing what to whom and why. Mostly Steven said just be yourself and to play dumb if asked anything about a family member. Also on top of all the other things happening tonight you will meet a few of your classmates and the new Dean of the school. Steven mentioned that the new Dean is the Queen’s young half sister who is married and that her husband will be teaching drama class. This will be a first for the school that is, for a lady to be Dean of this school or any school in England for that matter. Aunt Susanna and I like Mrs Elizabeth P. Sutter and hope she will be here for a good long time.

It was getting on in the day and Steven spending much of his time teaching me the finer points of being in a Royal family that all the workers seemed to be presently happy for him to be so occupied with me that some just said thank you when we passed them in the halls or around the grounds seeing everything was being setup. When my Uncle felt well in leaving the finishing touches to the Griffin we went to our rooms where a bath had been drawn and my clothes for the evening were laid out. With so much practice at the beginning of the week of dressing in these fine clothes I was able to finish sooner that was expected. I was approaching my Aunt’s room when I heard her yell out fuck me harder Steven, hearing this I know Steven would not mined if I gave him just a little help right now. When I open the door and walked in I see my Aunt bending over and a young man servicing her from the rear, pounding her hard by the looks of things he was doing a good job. When Susanna sees me she quickly stands up and yells for the young man to leave her room and to get the kitchen ready. The young man pulls his pants up quickly and leaves. I shrug asking why not have him finish you off before the party? Susanna said he had been fucking her for almost an hour and was no closer than than now. So, I say did I rune you for other men? No was her quick response then maybe was a follow up answer. So I undid my pants telling my Aunt to suck my dick and I will get her off before the party. It seemed to the job, as my Aunt quickly got my cock hard she stood up and turned around bending over telling me to not hold back any, to just fuck her as hard as I could. With that in mind I shoved my whole 12” cock all the way in with one very hard push. She screams out with such pain/pleasure looking back at me to keep that going with speed and pressure. Without delay I pound away at my Aunt’s hairy pussy, but great looking ass. It only took five minutes really to get her off and I came shortly after that pretty good, not the best cum release, but good anyways. Standing back up my Aunt tells me now to leave and head downstairs meet with Griffin or Steven until the Ball.

Meeting up with Steven I had to ask about what just happened with my Aunt and all he said was that she gets really nervous when we have Balls like this as she is never comfortable with the whole Royal family thing always running her mouth a mile a second and can never stop. Steven our kitchen help normally will give her some release which seems to help some, but she is what one would call a fan of Royalty and can’t seem to act normal. Steven my Uncle was hoping that sense I help his wife get some much needed release of her nerves that she may just get though this party without something going wrong.

Just as the first guest was pulling up in a horse drawn carriage my Aunt was coming down the stairs in what could only be the most tongue tying display of beauty. The blue dress showed off her best assets. That year was a year of explosive breast with ball gowns. If my Aunt had bent just a little I would expect those tits of hers could rush forward to meet all who were nearby. As she was coming down those grand staircase I myself could not restrain my dick if I had not strapped that thing in my pants down it would have torn right through. Thinking I have to send our Tailor and his wife now a bonus for such a great job with my clothes. As she approaches us standing there with our tongues hanging out and our dicks growing down our pants she said I most have gotten this dress right.

As my Aunt and Uncle greeted the guest and my dick staying long and hard with all the lady’s dresses exposing their breast to the last bit of flesh before their nipple would pop out was difficult to say the least.

The last of the guests as we knew have arrived and were already dancing, drinking and having a great time. When all of a sudden trumpets blared out from up in the turrets. My Uncle says they would only go off if the King or Queen was to show up. All three of rush to the front door as we were greeted by Royal security asking where should we setup to greet the Queen this evening. You should have seen my Aunt she turned so many colors it was almost comical to watch. My Uncle took charge right away and showed the Captain where we could setup to. Wet the Queen. At that time when a member of the Royal house arrived at these Balls they were greeted in private by the head of that house and his or her family than after that meeting they would be escorted by the head of the family to be presented to the guest in a very formal way. Some of it was due to security, they needed time to setup around the grounds. The other part was for the King or Queen to show off some. Steven shows the Captain the area and we three were asked to stand by to receive the Queen. We had not notice that security had already closed off the rooms where our guest were having a great time and securing the rest of the house. With just a couple of minutes the doors open and in walks the Queen of England. My Uncle and I are bent in half and my Aunt is down with her head bowed. The Queen approaches and asked us to rise. Steven given my Aunt a hand and I standing a straight and stiff as I can. All those instructions Steven jammed into my head seem to be working on auto pilot. We each offer our greetings as this is the only time I had the opportunity to speak with a guest I had to ask. Is Buckingham Palace as beautiful as they say? The Queen laughs and invites me to the Palace for tea next Saturday. The Queen was not to be outdone by anyone that evening as she worn one gorgeous ball gown there ever was made. Standing there in a jewel in crested gown was a set of good looking breast a slim waistline and unable to say more as the gown flares out and one could not say what lays underneath. After the formalities were given the Queens party was shown and announced to all my Aunts and Uncles guest that the Queen of England is here. Now I was a little in the back but still saw a few ladies faint and their husbands working to get them standing again. The Queen turns her head just a little and says she enjoys surprising people you never know what will happen, but likes to see a few people faint it shows she still got it. I chuckle at that as we proceed into the Grand Ball room. Now I was here this morning thinking just how big this place is and that a thousand people could fit nicely here, even with only a couple of hundred people we all should have room to move about. With the Queen’s arrival though it did get a little crowded with her people and security.

It seemed that the party was going great according to Steven as he see everyone of the ladies of greater houses talking with my Aunt and telling her beautiful she is in her gown in other words as my Uncle put it they are kissing her ass with the Queen coming to her Ball this year make my Aunt the gossip of the year. I lean in to my Uncle and ask why no one is speaking with the Queen? She is her at a ball to meet and great people is she not? Why else come to these things if not to meet people? Before my Uncle could stop me I in my best formal way of walking which kind of looked stiff approached the Queen. Now Steven mentioned something about the Queen speaking an old Indian languages that she was taught to her when she was a teenager. I bow and greet the Queen again now speaking that language. She was shocked some as were some of the guest nearby hearing me speak it. Of course the Queen recovered very quickly and returned my greeting in this same language letting me know that on one here can understand us and if I wished I could speak freely. I ask if I may take a seat next to her and tell her of a magical journey a young American boy has taken this past summer? The Queen nods her head and had a chair brought over next to her so that I may sit and spin a tell of romance, intrigue, adventure and ancient god magic. She laughs it my introduction of this wondrous tell I was about to embark on. Even as a stupid teenage kid I should have figured a part of the bracelets curse by now. It would be that the wearer of this bracelet will always tell the truth of any history that person is involved with and has to make every detail of that history known to the person or persons if speaking in public in a way that leaves no doubt about the telling. So there I am on my birthday speaking with the Queen of England about how I ended up there in that chair next to the Queen of England. As I finish talking twenty minutes later speaking this whole time in that ancient language the Queen smiles, chuckles and is a little shocked at how well I detailed some of that adventure in Egypt. When she asked if I had the bracelet I pull up my cuff a little and show her. Looking me in the eye speaking in English now that she has been tested before by that bracelet and has the free will from my using it on her. She spoke this not yelling or scared it was just letting me know if a factual way that she has free will to resist the magic of my bracelet. Speaking again in that language the Queen says that our tea time next Saturday will be fun as she glances at my dick. I smile broadly and still speaking in the old language that I will insure that she will be fully satisfied by my dick that she will be screaming my name in minutes of me fucking her Royal pussy. With that I extend my hand and ask in English if she would like to dance. With a blush in sight she takes my hand and we proceed to the dance area were others have stopped dancing and moved to the side giving the Queen and I the floor. The band begins a new song as soon as they see the Queen was ready to dance. I must say that night was a magical night my 17th birthday I got to dance with the Queen of England to three dances. According to gossip that she never danced at any of the balls she attended before that one. I, an American teenage kid knowing how to do all those formal English dances was surprising to me really and to my Uncle’s and Aunt’s guest that night. I should understand that the bracelet that now to this day I wear, surprises me on what it offers in ways of gifts and curses. I later found out in reading up on Royals do’s and don’ts that what I said that night regardless of the language, I could have been taken out back and shot just as those three on the ship were.

The next morning waking up with dozens of people removing all the stuff that was used and not used back to their respective shops in town. Heading to the kitchen I met up with Griffin’s wife. She was a black woman in her late forties good looking and nice big tits. She carried herself with pride and dedication to her profession in the castle, but on that morning she was a little upset. We were passing one of the guest rooms that did not have anyone in it she grabs me by the arm and brings me inside, closing the door and locking it. Turning around showing she had been crying for some time now and asked what the matter was. Judy is what everyone called her so I asked again. Judy what is the matter why are you crying so? She tells me that she saw Griffin her husband cheating with one of the young male helpers last night. Judy crying tells me that when she was looking for him to let him know that the Queen was soon leaving that he was needed, that walking into a private room were she thought she heard someone speak his name gently like, oh Griffin. What she saw was Griffin kneeling in front of this young man sucking his dick and had his finger in the man’s butt. She stood there and watched as Griffin pleasures the young person for almost five minutes. When the young man saw Judy standing there not saying, doing anything he grabs Griffin’s head holding it in place and began fucking his mouth, telling him to suck harder you lazy man. Another minute goes by and the young man yells out I am cuming and I want you to swallow all of it this time. Without missing a drop Griffin swallows all the man’s sperm. Judy goes on how she and Griffin had not been together in almost a year and seeing that last night put her over the edge. I asked what is it that you need from me Judy? Do you want me to have him fired or something? Do you need a lawyer for a divorce? She shaking her head no nothing like that I just need to be fucked and I she went on telling me everything she has seen me do and who I have done it too as well. Also if I ever want her to bend over anytime anyplace that she would do so without waiting. Now I am thinking it would be good to have my personal fuck toy in the castle and seeing that Griffin has changed teams leaving his wife to the wolfs one might say. I pull my cock out and tell her to began blowing me. As promised she drops to her knees and begins one of the best cock sucking blow jobs I have ever had. She got me so hard so fast that before I could get my dick out of her mouth so that I could fuck her, I was cuming down her throat and before I finished she pulls my dick out and has a few of my cum shots shoot her in the face, hitting her forehead and left cheek. Finishing up she cleaning my dick some and sticks it back into my pants asking if it would be ok if we fucked later that afternoon in her room? Before I know what just happened I nod my head and Judy leaves me there dumbfounded with the door now open. A second after she left the room I heard Griffin asking Judy what was on her face? Her response was Master Frank’s cum and you husband cannot have it, as she continues to walk away. I Come walking out of the room look at Griffin for a second shaking my head and leave to get breakfast as I was still hungry. From that day forward Judy always made my day first thing. She was the one that always woke me up with a special way and no one else in the house ever attempted to wake me up even my Aunt would not come near my room in the mornings while I was there. So every morning I would be woken up by Judy licking or sucking my dick to full staff. On occasions she would have Griffin there watching her suck my cock and than watch as she rode me to her orgasms yelling at Griffin what a lowlife he had became. When I finished on those mornings cuming hard inside Judy’s puffy pink pussy lips, she would hold it in, go over the the window where there was a reading bench, stretching out telling Griffin to get over there and clean out her pussy of Master Frank’s load. It seems those mornings I later found out were more for Griffin then for her, as he did continue with Judy’s blessings to see that young man and when she was in the mood wanted to give Griffin a gift as she still loved him. Well she loved the way Griffin licked clean her pussy.

It has been two weeks now after the ball and school was about to start when my Aunt told me to write my mother everything that has happen so far and that tomorrow we needed to go into town and get you some clothes for school.

Dear Mother,

I cannot believe that it was four months ago that I left to meet with Aunt Susanna and Uncle Steven. How is everyone there? Say hello to Jane for me. It will nice to see everyone next year when I come home for the summer. Oh yes, Aunt Susanna is pregnant if she not sent word already. Now where to begin this adventure I have been on. Well it all started a few days at sea once the Captain’s wife came on board. Than I met a 500 year old lady of the world. She gave me a gift for taking real good care of her and she also wanted to me to thank you for my education in the world of sex, that you a very good teacher. Well this gift she gave me, according to her offers the wearer some gifts which can be a curse too. One is of long life, she mentioned she was five hundred years old, which by my eyesight could be no older than 22, but who am I to said different. I same to be able to speak now in every language known to man as at my birthday Ball I spoke to the Queen in a dead language for most of the night, she had a great time and was very pleased at meet me, or so she said the following week after my birthday when I had tea with her. Oh mom you should have seen me and the Queen that day. It seems the King can no longer get it up so the Queen can have just anyone she likes come bed her. That’s how she put it, me I fucked her so well I was a guest at the palace for three days. None stop fucking, she would wake me up in the morning sucking my dick and as I woke and grabbed her head pushing her down further and further down my shaft, you see mom when she first saw my dick she told me that she had to take me whole once before I left to go back Uncle Steven’s castle. So every time see was sucking on my dick I pushed her further and further down until that finial morning I was able to get the Queen take my whole cock down her throat. When she completed that task you should have seen her face light up, she was so happy to have accomplished taking my dick fully down her throat that she a few days after getting back home, had sent me two fine horses and a invitation to visit at Christmas and to bring anyone I wished with me. As I write this letter mother place check and see if you, dad and Jane might be able to come here for the holidays? I would love for you to taste the Queen’s pussy as it has been a delight to eat and to fuck. After that third morning when the Queen took my full dick in her throat I proceeded to fuck the Royal ass. It was so tight that it took me over 30 minutes to get my complete sex stick in that ass of hers, it was beautiful to see my cock ramming in and out of her ass as she screamed for more I slapped her as a little bitch she was when I fucked her harder than she ever had been fucked before. It was almost to much for her to take, but as a good leader she took on the challenge and did well in fucking me back.

School starts next week and they have a new head Master which for the first time will be a woman. Her husband I am being told will be teaching drama. I met some of the other professors and classmates at my birthday party and they seem to be good people and should be a fine year here at school.

For the bracelet I know I have experienced a few strange things that one might call gifts or a curse, but I am still not convinced that it is nothing more than a brass bracelet, old I am not sure as it still seems brand new.

Before I go I should let you know I own a cruise liner, so if you do want to come here for the holidays I can have the ship pick you up. I would love to tell you all about how I received the ship when you arrive.


Your Beloved Son


The following week I am in school for first bell learning Drama? Just before next bell in walks the Head Master, she made a small wave of her hand as she came into classroom which gave me a bit of what one has called the chills. I looked around everyone seem frozen, no noise from anything. Than she speaks, Good morning Mr. Smith. Looking back toward my Head Master I said good morning Head Master.

My sister informs me that you have come to England with a special gift from Egypt. I nod yes to confirm what she states was true. You can see I have a gift of my own which allows me to slowdown time to almost to be completely stopped. The people in this classroom are still moving very slowly. I have had this ring I wear for most of my adult life, my sister the Queen give it to me on my 18th birthday and told me to use it wisely. When I discovered the magic of the ring I tried many things and found only one issue with this ring. I could not take anything that did not belong to me, but I could still move items and people which was really fun seeing people freak some when they go back to normal speed only to find themselves else were. Now I had only one reason really to be here this morning and that was to see if you would be effected as everyone else was if I slowdown time? I see now that your gift blocks mine from its effect. She the Head Master spoke of why she was there and how she could slowdown time I check her out more closely. Standing 5’2” early 40s with dark red hair and bright green eyes she has great beauty, with her slim figure and the way she stood there in commanding pose that would make most men ask, “what may this humble servant do for you”. She is a person who it would seem has used the gift she was given those many years ago well. As she approaches me in the back of the classroom I ask the first question that came to mind. Have you used the ring to have sex with people? She answered yes to fast as she covered her mouth once she answered. I went on to explain that one of the gifts of my bracelet is that when I talk with people we both answer with true statements. Asking another question did you come here this morning to have sex with me knowing how big my dick is? Yes again from Mrs Sutter. And you were going to do it in front of everyone including your husband? Yes as she lowers her head in shame for her actions this morning. I stand up from my desk, walking towards her I tell her to get undressed so that I can do just that. Know this that when I am done with you this morning that it will not be just this one time thing. We will have this played out in real time later with your husband there and maybe others as well. I will also see that you keep this position as long as you want to be here. She stood there for a moment to grasp all of what I just said, nodding her head she begin to undress as I began to as well. Minutes later I noticed that Elizabeth was looking forward to this mornings meeting as she worn nothing under her dress and seeing that I told her from now on from this day on that she was not to wear clothes under her dresses again. As we stand there naked I embrace her with my right arm, using my left to squeeze her breast, I ask how do you fuck someone that is frozen in time? It’s not easy, but once they are on the floor I just undo their front, pull out their dick suck it some they I just go for a ride until I am satisfied. I put their pants back on after cleaning them up some of course and no one is of the wiser. Even my husband of twenty years does not know that I have sex with other men. Have you had sex with women using your ring? No never thought of them and it would be a lot of work just to get there. I start to rub Elizabeth’s pussy slowly while I kiss this creature I am also moving her back towards the professor’s large desk. When I feel a little bump from the collision with the desk I left Mrs Sutter up onto the desk and lean her back giving me a great view of her well trimmed pussy. I lowered myself down on one knee, spreading her legs out I take my tongue and give her one long slow lick from ass to clit. She moans as I continue this assault for the next three or four minutes. Hearing her yelling for me to fuck her I take two of my fingers and push hard into her wet pussy lips at the same time seizing her very aroused clit into my mouth giving her a female blow job. Within seconds of me locking my lips around her clit she screams out oh fuck I am cuming Mr Smith I am so hard I am cuming please don’t stop that I am cuming yes yes yes. Elizabeth grabs my head, holding it tight against her pussy she explodes like no other has. I drank as much of that woman’s delightful pussy water as I could, but she just continued to spray out what I could only imagine was a month of pent up stress. After 45 to a minty later she began to slowdown and stop cuming. When I looked up she had passed out, I stand and go around to the other side of the desk and slap her face some to wake her back up. After a couple of mild slaps she begins to a rouse again. I pull her toward me having her head hang over the back of the desk I push my dick right into her throat and don’t stop until she starts gagging, which was about 6” in. I start to fuck her mouth in true fashion telling her that we will need to do a lot of training to see that you take my whole cock down your throat. I continue to duck that mouth of hers as it was my personal fuck hole that day, she also was able to get down 10” before I let her up for that desk too. When I fired off my load down Elizabeth’s throat and into her stomach I was pleased that she did not complain and truly seemed to want to be trained to suck my dick whole one day. Once I finished cuming and was happy with her mouth I want her to suck off the three In the front row of the classroom. She ask why and I only said that you need to practice a lot more and seeing we have some dicks for you to practice with, we should see to your training right away. She went to each boy pulling down their pants and sucking their dick, noting that none really had anything over 5”. When she was working on the third teen boy I got up behind her and grab Elizabeth by the waist, bringing her pussy up to my dick. Rubbing it a few times on her puffy pussy lips got her wet some. Holding my dick up I push gently forward into what I would call a warm bread basket of heaven. I push inch by inch into Mrs Sutter’s pussy that morning, once I bottomed out inside her I told her to keep that dick in her mouth until I finish fucking her pussy. She did to, keep that dick in her mouth even after he came twice, swallowed both loads. Twenty minutes later I finish hard and deep inside her good feeling pussy. Once I was done shooting off in pride that tunnel I tell her to make sure I am clean before we need to get going. Now I was thinking just use a shirt to towel or something to clean me off, but Elizabeth puts my se I hard dick into her mouth and washes me clean. Once cleaned and dressed with get back into position and with a small wave of her other hand time resumes normally.

Mr. Sutter ask the Head Master if there was anything she needed. Head Master only said that she was checking in on all the classes and seeing if there was any questions from the students or staff. No one did that day have a question for the Head Master, but as the three teens up front seemed more relaxed and with no questions for her Mrs Sutter either she left the classroom with a small smile on her face. I was the only one that morning that knew why she had a smile.

For the next month or so everyone fell into a routine of sorts. Judy would come wake me up every morning with her great soft lips rapped around my ever growing dick. Head Master was enjoying my cock at least twice a week at school. Aunt Susanna was getting bigger with the baby on the way we only had sex twice that month. I became friends with a few of the guys, but no one special. I was hoping for some real male bonding with school had started and I was around males my own age, ones I could share secretes with. The holidays were still a month and half way of arriving, but as for my life was than I really did not have anything to complain about other than being lonely.

One early fall morning as Judy was offering up her soft lips once again to make sure my day was going to be a good one. I asked is there something wrong with me Judy? Judy stopped and pulling out my dick from her throat said no way do you ask. Well I have been here now over two months and I have no one I can call a friend, like in Egypt I had a male friend, we would do all kinds of stuff together, work, play, women, all sorts of things we discovered together or he would show me. Now I have no one to do those things with, do you understand Judy?

Judy takes my cock out of her mouth once more noticing I have a issue that I wanted to explore with her. She asked if it would be ok if she could ride my dick while she offered up her story when she first arrived her at the castle? No I said anytime you wish for a ride all you need is to ask. As she turned around letting her right leg over my dick and lowering her wet pussy down onto my very hard rod she let out should a loud moan as if she had not felt this same cock three days ago when I bent her over in the kitchen late that night when I got hungry for a snack. I say to Judy you like my cock don’t you? More than person should like anything I find myself in love with your cock Master Smith. Now Judy I have asked you to call me Iv when we are alone together, I know you like the familiar in me calling you that, but I cannot as if I do that in the wrong time and place I would be in trouble. Ok I said than call me Master and only say Master as I will be your owner and you my slave. As she completes inserting my 14” cock as it has grown two inches in the last few months and still not sure if it will stop. Judy responds with yes Master with a smile as she begins grinding back and forth on my dick. She starts off reminding me of how she became the head maid of this castle, that her and Griffin fell in love in Africa and they traveled back here to run the castle together. When she arrived she knew no one here and spoke poorly which did not help. Griffin tried to help as much as he could when he could as he had his duties to attend to as well. I was crying one day in the garden with this young lady of my age saw me and asked why you be crying here in the mist of all this beauty? Her name was Katharine Jones and she was the handmaiden of a lady who was staying here at the castle while her lady’s husband was traveling abroad on business and would not return for six months. She sat there next to me as I told her my story and how I could not find the will to stay any longer. She took my hand and told me to come with her. As she pulled me along we found ourselves in her room. She swings me around pushes me on her bed and tells me to take off all my clothes.

I ask Judy did you take off all your clothes to this stranger that you just met?

Yes, as she continues with this story, I find myself pushing up hard now against Judy’s grinding. Judy say why should I remove my clothes I don’t know you and that I am married to Griffin. Now Katharine say remove your clothes now or I will have you thrown in prison for theft. Now I was getting scared by this woman who was no more than 5’ tall and here I am nearly 6’ looking at her like some scared kitten. Well felling lost I start to remove my clothes as she is as well removing hers. Now than I was not like liking woman and was not sure what Katharine had in mind, so I asked a simple question. Why am I getting undressed? She said that I must learn the English language as well as any English person. It did not answer my question, but she seemed to have some method of teaching me how to speak good English.

When we were naked she climbs on top of me and looking into me eye she asked pointing to her lips now repeat after to me, these are my lips. I said thsse ar mi lppss, very bad I know well me English was bad then. She shakes her head slowly and asked me to repeat again but slower, these ar my lpps. Better she says again but even slower this time, so I said to Katharine, these are my lips. Before I knew it she was kissing me very passionately that I had lost were I was until she released me from that kiss. I had never been kissed like that and I loved it from the beginning. Than she points to hers eyes now repeat after me, these are my beautiful brown eyes. Now yes my eyes are brown but hers were green as the sea gorgeous. I must looked confessed as she said again repeat everything I say when I ask please. Well she points to her eyes again and asked for me to repeat, these are my beautiful brown eyes. Thsse r my betifull eyyys. Good she says, but I know it was bad and I start to cry again seeing I was failing in speaking this very difficult language. Why she see this Katharine holds my head gently in her hands and begins ti give me another passionate kiss. Oh how I fell hard for those kisses just as hard as your dick is every morning for me Master. When I stop crying Katharine asked once more for me to try and repeat her words. I do, I say, these are my beautiful brown eyes. She slowly kisses them each three times and that was just the beginning of my lessons with her. She completed going over my body with three kisses each time I was good in repeating her words and when she was licking my kitty for the third time, I exploded all over her face. When I finished cuming that first time I asked if I could play teacher next and see if she could repeat my words. It was not long before I had Katharine cuming all over my mouth and face, that woman came hard to as I think she passed out the first time she came. Katharine instructed me in her way how to speak English. We were together every day we would walk the grounds and she would point to something sound I her way and when I was good at those new words she would give me a treat of a kiss that only she could give. Her and I were best of friends from that day on. I would not be here today with you riding your hard dick if she did not help me learn English. So how does this help me Judy? Well Master it does not, as I only needed to ride your beautiful cock this morning, but as you put yourself out there with people you will find guys that you can be good friends with soon enough I’am sure of it. Now hold still as I am fucking coming, yes master that’s it fuck my pussy good, that’s it lets ride the masters cock until I cum, fuck me, fuck me, yes master, yes yes yes I’am cumming i cuming I cuming fuck. Judy collapsed on my chest that morning after what was a good fuck for both of us as I lasted a good long time with her telling me that story of her and Katharine, her yelling out Master as she was cuming did not hurt. After Judy cleaned my cock with those soft lips of hers I got dressed for school.

Last week of school before the holiday break and the Head Master calls everyone to the main hall for announcements. All the professors escort their class to the main hall to hear what the Head Master has to say. Once there we take are seats and await for it to begin. When the door close the room went quiet, looking up front I see the Head Master waving me up. Just as I arrived at her table I was about to let the Head Master know something unique about her ring. Mr. Smith before you tell me she says I have a request of you before we leave for the holidays. Seeing my confusion on my face the Head Master went on with, I have always had this fantasy about having sex in front of people and seeing that you are my best student here in school I was hoping you would fuck me in front of all these people before I give my holiday speech? I walk around the table to were my Head Master is sitting still and let her know that it would be my honor to fuck you Head Master in front of all these students and professors. I reach Mrs Sutter telling her I know everything now about her ring and that it has more than one command of time. While extracting my cock from my pants Elizabeth asked me to explain my findings about the ring. I say ok while you suck my cock with those tender lips of your I will tell you what happen. That’s it my Head Master suck my dick nice and slow I seem to enjoy those more these days. Now all the way down that throat, yes that’s it fuck you have great lips and a wide throat taking me so easily. Now you know that I have the ability to understand any language as well as speak that language. As we have been spending time together these last couple of months I thought what I was hearing was garbage as I could not figure out why I saw moment along with word in ancient Egyptian. Than it dawn on me fuck me you nasty girl your playing with my ass like that while deep throating my dick. That’s it Mrs Sutter fuck my ass with that finger if yours. Ohh fuck me I am cuming now keep my dick in that sweet mouth of yours as I cum you nasty slut of mine. Fuck yes yes yes here it comes Head Master take my seed yes yes oh fuck meeee as I was saying it dawn on me recently that you wave your hand as you speak the word stop. Well that ring of yours does a lot more than slowdown time. You can speed it up some and you can hypnotize people, you can have them follow you, you can do a good many things with some practice that is. Head Master looking up at me ask can I have a person lick my pussy if I wanted? You want that secretary of yours don’t you Head Master? She nods her head as I put my cock back in her mouth to get be hard once more. Thinking on her request while she sucks my dick I come up with a good let’s called them spells that she now can use with the ring. “Love” will be the command you could use on her I said as I remove my dick from the Head Master’s mouth. Standing Elizabeth up and bending her over the table I lower myself down and grab the dress and left it up. Pushing the dress over Mrs Sutter’s back I see she has no panties on and was already wet and ready for me to fuck her nice tight pussy. I did like fucking her in those days as she was new and excited about taking good care of me. I rubbed the tip of my hard dick up and down her ever ready pussy I slide into that moist wet ribbed tunnel while going in that first push I always want to explode my load. Grabbing her by the waist I begin to pound away at her as she wanted a show for her audience and I was not about to fail her that day. Slapping her ass, telling her what a cum slutting whore she has become with me and pounding harder and harder as the minutes tic by in that slowed down time we were in. As I build up speed and thrust as hard and as far down that great piece of ass my Head Master had I let loose one of my best loads of cum I ever had to that day. She’s yelling yes yes yes I coming with you Mr Smith oh fuck me that is some good hard dick fuck me fuck fuck fuckkkk she collapse over the table, spent as we had not fucked that hard since when we fucked that first time in front of her husband when he was not frozen in time. I seem to have notice something different about her dress as well. It was easier and lighter than it normally is and I asked about that when I was putting my dick away. She had spoken with the Tailor’s wife and she is the one that had come up with a way to make the dress appear as any other dress, but with special cuts and some new material I am able now for you to fuck me with little problem. Head Master that morning told me she is having four more dresses made and was looking forward of trying them out with me after the holidays. Smiling I head back to my seat to listen to our end of year / holiday speech the Head Master was to give.

When I returned home that day I found we had guest from America. Mother and father surprised me with their arrival. Running to hug mom and dad asking with glee how they were, why not let me know, how was the trip, did you like my new ship? A thousand questioned rushing out of my mouth before I could think, as I was really happy to see them. They looking at me as if they did not know me, saying how much I had changed, building up muscles growing some in height and weight. Loose that baby fat as they called it, I was turning into a man my father said that day. As we headed to the kitchen where I had chores to do I wanted to hear all about their travel here and any news back home.

My mother spoke up first saying that everyone back home missed me and wished me well. The trip was good no big storms and the Captain and his wife took very good care of me and your father, as my mother looked off remembering those times with the Captain’s wife I’am sure. My mother asked if I had made many friends here and how was school going and really how was it to meet the Queen, smiling big when she asked about the Queen. Smiling back at mother and father while fixing the bread for dinner that night I let them know that I know more people now but no true friend yet. School was going well the Head Master and the professors are tough, but I like them all the same. Meeting the Queen was the highlight of my life as I was beaming with enjoy talking about the Queen and the palace that I got to see and now that you are here I will send word that if the Queen could spare a day in the next few weeks I would like to introduce my Mother to her.

So how long are you here I asked? My mother let me know they would be there for about six weeks and then head back to America as my father did have business to attend too there.

Mother and I got reacquainted that night along with mom meeting Judy that next morning. Mom watched as Judy serviced my cock as she has done now for the past few months. Judy did ask mom if she would enjoy some pussy licking from Judy but mom turned her down that morning, but other days she enjoyed Judys talents below.

The holidays seemed over before they got started. The whole gang of us went to the Royal ball at the palace and had a marvelous time. I did the Queen in the room next to the grand ball room and making her scream out with pleasure as I pounded away at her pussy was the highlight of that year’s Royal ball. Everyone could hear her yelling out oh fuck me harder yes that’s it fuck me like that whore you fuck last week yes fuck me yes yes don’t stop that’s it I am cuming you asshole fuck me and don’t stop yes yes yes iammmm cummmm when we emerged an hour later no one said anything and a few of the men on the room did shake my hand later that night asking for some advice. I a horny teenager asked for them to bring me their wives over for introductions and I would show them how to make a woman scream just like the Queen. When I left the next day I had fucked two more wives that night if front of their husbands letting them know that each will bare a child when I am done with the and to name their child Frank. On the carriage ride back with one of the queens Asian maids I had her sit on my dick the whole way back until the last mile or so I placed her on the floor of the carriage in the dog position and just pounded her tight pussy for that thirty minutes as she screamed of the pain of my large cock. Before I left the palace the Queen wanted to make sure this new maid was up to the task of fucking a Royal and I got the chance to break her in. Over the next three weeks my family, mother, father, Aunt and Uncle all taught her how to fuck and be fucked like a China doll. When she arrived back at the palace we received a message along with another horse letting me know that the new maid is working out well.

That spring came quickly and the last week of school was coming to an end. I was heading to the Head Master’s office being escorted by Mr. Sutter my drama teacher who bit the way was a great teacher in his method of teaching a boring subject he made it fun.

We walk into the Head Master’s office we find the secretary naked on her knees licking and sucking Mrs Sutter’s pussy. As this seemed to be a normal thing now between those two I really did not have to fuck the Head Master all that often after the holidays and showing Mrs Sutter some more of what her ring could do, she found that the school was running very well with no issues of fighting, tardiness, or absenteeism from the students or professors.

As we watched Jane pleasure the Head Master I pull my dick out and walk up behind Jane and slow rubbing up and down her wet pussy I push softly into her pussy. Mrs Sutter asked if I was going to fuck her that I do not cum inside as she will be needing this lips of Jane’s for a few more years. I nod my head a little and than push hard down on this pussy licking slut to make sure she is giving the Head Master a proper blow job. Jane screams as my whole dick is pushed deep inside where no cock has gone before. Pushing her head back down on the pussy in front of her to muffle some of the screaming from the pain of my hugh cock was I flicking on her was strange for me as I would not thinking of purposely hurt someone. I continue though pounding harder and harder, deeper and deeper I would go into this woman’s pussy 30 minutes later after starting this painful fucking I cum with which a load all over Jane’s back, head and stomach of the Head Master. I collapsed backward as I felt drained of all my sins and my body had been cleansed of any wrong doing. It was a feel I felt again sometimes when fucking a girl, but I could not figure out way. The girls I had fucked in this matter seemed no different other then being well fucked and to say thanks for being so good, even though it was pure pain as the girls would say, they would always asked for me to do it again. It never did happen again with the same girl, the one time it happens is all any of the girls experienced that level of pain from me fucking them.

The only word I could place on the felling was relieved, of what I do not know or why those girls. But that day when I fucked Jane for that first time I was hooked on getting that feeling again.

With school ending I am pack my things for my summer back home in America. I chartered my ship to receive only married couples, no kids heading to America with full paid packages of services. I was going to enjoy my two weeks at sea and I was true into finding out how many men would let their wives fuck a teenage kid? The vessel did have over two hundred rooms and of those there were 50 staterooms where I asked the Captain to put the best looking wives into. I also met with our Tailor about making me some pants that I could easily bring my cock out and fuck. He just took a few pair of pants that I had and made the changes needed, which turned out well when I came to visit them in their shop to pick up the pants. I went behind the screen they had setup in the store and gave me a pair to try on. As I put the pants on and button it up a young lady came into the shop to pick up two suits for her husband. Not this lady made my dick twitch some and as I approached her asking if she would like to be fuck well this day, all she did was to turn her head and say by a teenager I don’t think so. I ask you see, telling this young lady that my friend here the Tailor has altered my pants to help in getting my cock in and out better without having to take them off. I would like to see if they work properly if you have some time and could take a seat here, we could try this pair out together? She smiles at me a says maybe another day and time. She grabs the package and leaves, shocked I tell the assistant get get on her knees and test out these pants. Without delay she is there pulling my cock out and sucking my hard as she has missed being fucked by my dick all these months. With the pants fixing well and working as needed I finished up fucking the assistant in her ass this time as she had never been fucked hard in the ass before and wanted to feel it for the first time with me. Ow given my size cock and her really tight ass I spent another twenty minutes getting inside as she scream with her husband dick in her mouth. We both enjoyed my visit that day as he told me as I left that his wife had not sucked his dick in over six months. Hoping for quick return from America I left the store heading home for the next day was the start of the voyage home.

Judy the next morning sucking my dick with those black beautiful lips of hers, as she has done every day while I have been there, asked if I could bring back something small from America. I finish up cuming down Judy’s throat letting her know I will bring something back for my best alarm clock ever.


Day one on the voyage was relaxing as I needed it. The following evening at the Captain’s table a young couple of their mid twenties were seated next me on my right with the wife first then the husband next to her. I lean over to her and others at the table are having their own private conversions so I leaned to my right and whispered how long have you two been married? Leaning back towards me she whispers letting me know that she was not married and was shocked at the contract that her brother had to sign to get this free voyage. Really whom does this person think he is truly? That the husbands are going to just let some stranger have his way with their wife? I think not, she said. Now I had yet announced my presents as to whom I was, being the benefactor for this voyage. I had to ask then who than is your companion of this voyage as you two are share a room together? He is my twin brother and this would not be my first time sharing a room. We are not well off as one would see us today we were farmers when we were a child hand on our family farm. This voyage offered us a way out and a new beginning in America. While telling me her story I was of course seeing through what clothes she had on as if she was sitting there nude. Ow I do not have x-ray vision, no but I was shown some things of ladies garments while with the Tailor’s wife as she was a excellent teacher in women’s clothing and how it worked to hide assists. I glancing through the clothes she was wearing that evening I could tell her breast were firm slim waist as must single ladies had during those days, put as I see her sitting up straight and in a lady like pose I suspect that she maybe a virgin still now of course I am thinking this thought as it must be coming through the bracelet, so to confirm this I ask in a whisper are you a virgin still? Her answer seems one that was rehearse. She mentioned right off she was, but had a riding accident when she was younger and could no longer bare a child is what the doctors said than. Now here I was being a good host to all that came on board my vessel offing all that came a free ride in one since of the word and I have sitting next to me two people that con their way onto the vessel and have the guile to tell me what a silly agreement they sign and that she nor her brother were going to adhere to that contract, nothing they could be put off the vessel in the middle of the ocean. So I do the only sensibly thing I could think of at the time. I reach into my pocket and pull out a gold coin placing in front of this lady to my right and speaking now in a normal voice that I will see her and her husband in my stateroom tonight at six. At that point I ask the Captain’s wife to escort me to the pool area I wanted to meet more of my guests.

Caroline and I strolled the upper deck for awhile watching the sea waves go by when Caroline asked me whether I would put those two off the boat or not. To be honest I was not sure yet it, I would need to see if they will uphold the agreement they both signed to come this voyage. I do know this I will not force the lady to preform any act that she will not do, but I will only offer her one time if she does not uphold the agreement that by the next morning she will be let off this vessel and all that are on now will know that I will extract my payment.

Bell the ships bell rings out six that evening and there at my door stood two people. I invited them in and ask for them to take a seat over at the small table. Do you want anything to drink I ask them? Both shaking their heads no. Do you both review the agreement you signed to take this voyage? Both again not saying anything nodded yes. Did you find anything in the agreement to somehow get you out of this agreement or to offer a different view then what the agreement is? By their silence I took their answer to be a no to that quest as well. And finally do you have any question of me before we begin this night of sin. If no questions than tell me who you are than. The girl speaks up first. She said her name was Lady Sharon McMillion of Scotland and this is my brother Lord Michael McMillion. So you two had means to pay for a voyage to America than I asked and did you tell earlier that you were from a farm? Sharon answered, yes to the farm and no to the money as our titles are in name only name as our family is broke and to far removed from the Royal family to be of any use so they disregard us as family. We are on our own in this world. Lovely speech I said, but let’s getting this show on the road and begin with taking off all your clothes the both of you I said.

With tears from both as they stand there nude attempting to cover up, I ring the bell for the chamber maid to come in. It must have been a long five minutes as I seems to be getting a little excited see Sharon naked there, standing now with her hands to her sides showing me that, one her tits were nice and firm and looking delicious and she had not trimmed her bush as part of the agreement was that all ladies will be well groomed from head to toe. While we waited I asked why Sharon did you not clean your cunt hair better? She still thought that this was not going to happen that it was some sort of nightmare and she will be waking up any minute now.

When the maid entered the room she had Caroline in tow. I asked the maid to please shave both of my guest clean and if either refuses let me know and I will have throw in the ship’s hole until tomorrow when they will be disembarking. In no time she was working on getting those two shaved for my pleasure. Caroline joins me in my bed I had to ask why come here tonight when she knew I was going to have some fun with my new friends. Caroline went on to explain that it would seem that these two are indirectly related to the Captain by marriage, by his cousin’s brother’s sister in law or some type of relations anyways he asked me to keep an I on them for him as to see that they have a good time as well. Ok well as they get ready I would like for you to get me excited to watch the show that I have planned for them. Caroline moans softly asking for more of what we will be seeing tonight from those two sitting across the room getting their crotch hair shaven.

Will get my cock going Mrs Humpfries and I will tell you what I expect from these two. As soon as my cock come out into view of Sharon, here eyes go wide upon and her brother just lowers his head in shame of what he had laying between his legs. Seeing their expressions on their faces I tell the, you have not seen anything yet as Caroline continues to use those great lips of hers to get me to full size and ready for that virgin pussy.

While Caroline is sucking on my dick in front of my guest who now seem more relaxed I ask a question out loud to no one really, just a thought spoken aloud. Will Sharon’s pussy open up enough so that I can fuck her without killing her? Caroline removing my dick from her mouth, looks over at Sharon and says we will have to see, but if you go slowly at first and she is properly prepared she should live though the best sex she may ever have. Prepared how I ask? After a few nibbles on my cock tip Caroline thinks for a moment and comes up with the only solution. The twin brother will have to have sex first than you should be able to fuck the whore. Looking down as Caroline gets back to sucking my very hard cock thinking I was going to watch my first sex show of twins fucking was getting me excited. Looking over at the twins where they are getting shaven and by the looks of it were just about done. My maid was still working on the brother when I ask Caroline to sit up and asked for Sharon to come join us. Patting the space between me and Caroline, Sharon was getting a little more nervous now things were becoming more real. Sharon crawls into bed, laying down on her back with her head on a pillow I had to ask if my Caroline wanted to go first in licking this young virgin pussy? I expected she wanted to have the first taste, but passed it back to me as host of this room and vessel. Nodding my head I proceed down and get comfortable laying between Sharon’s legs spread open of me to inspect as close as I wished.

Rubbing my fingers up and down this virgin pussy thinking will I ever have this opportunity again to be a ladies first in so many way of sex. I slowly insert my middle and fattest finger into a very surprising wet pussy. She received it with just a small moan as she shakes some from nerves and cool air in the room. I hear quietly behind me the maid is sucking my male guest as I play with his sisters sweet pussy. I take my first long lick from ass to clit and watch as she moves almost the whole way up. Still fingering her pussy i lock my lips tight over Sharon’s clit, sucking and licking her building her to her first of many orgasms that night. She screams I fear as her body begin to shake even harder and just as she is about to explode Caroline reaches down with her lips and take in a nipple and nips hard on it while pinching the other. All this did was make Sharon jump from a six orgasm straight to a level ten. She screamed out so loud that I later was told by the Captain that people thought a woman was being slowly killed inside my stateroom that night, and he was not to far off as she continued to scream and have a massive orgasm covering my face, chin and chest as I discovered this girl squirts her heavenly pussy water out when her orgasms are that powerful. After a few minutes of coming down from such a good orgasm she passed out for a few seconds. When see woke up Caroline explained what happed and let her know it will feel even better once we get his dick inside this cunt of yours you will know what it truly means to be woman. With such a beginning I press my luck and sit up in front of this virgin pussy that came all over my face. I take my cock and begin to rub it up an down wetting the tip of a very excited dick. Slowly inch by inch I press further into Sharon’s pussy as she moans and yells for me to go even slower and yelling at Caroline for her now stretched out pussy is going to be no good to anyone ever again. Caroline while kissing Sharon’s neck and shoulder as she watches Sharon’s pussy open wider and wider as more and more of my man meat inters in a unused twat for the first time. I moan letting all who could hear what heaven I found between these legs and that it is pure goodness that it fills me with joy to have the pleasure of being the first man here. More then 9” are I as I begin to pull back and push forward slowly to start and Sharon’s s pussy needed to get use to the size of her pussy walls as my cock is stretching them out as they have never been stretched before. Her screams of passion is coming to live as she moans louder and louder, she now knows what a true orgasm can be and is yelling to everyone that she is cuming now ooh. Fuck me yes that it sir fuck this whore’s pussy as it needs to be fucked right this first time, yes yes I her I am coming as I feel my dick get wetter and slide down more I pound away through her orgasm until another and yet another one after each she screams and yells for more as she seem to be lost I a continuous orgasm which she seem to not babe able to end. For her well being Caroline asked that I pull out and see that Sharon come down. I turn and see the maid being fucked hard by the brother as she is screaming now for more. I then turn to Caroline to open her legs so that I can get my rocks of. With Caroline’s pussy I just slam down hard and go full throttle into her pussy, making her unload a total of five hard long orgasms that soak the bed. As she cums that fifth time I release my load of white gold into the body only a god could make. Upon my last release of cum I pass out and fall asleep.

The next morning I wake to two words of a woman telling another now you need to good down further if you want the teenage kid to stick around some more. I feel Sharon’s throat working to expand and take my dick further down, seeing that I did not know how long those two had been working on me I found myself shooting my first load that morning into Sharon’s throat as she tried to swallow all that was coming out she could not keep up. When I finished and there was such a mess Caroline told young Sharon to clean it up while this young man eats my pussy for breakfast, what a way to wake up having two beautiful women working on my pleasure and theirs as well. Once the two were finished with me and dress for a morning meal, I told Caroline to knock on the door next door and have that couple come see me. She bowed and left the room.

As I was sitting at the table drinking my coffee in my bathrobe tied loosely I hear a strong knock at my door. Getting up I walk across the room and open the door to see an older gentleman of the Far East descent looking at me as if I disturbed him and not the other way around. Behind him stood a woman in her fifties petit in size wearing a tight dress, they call them kimono dresses which just raps around the woman like a big silk scarf. With perfect English the man let me know that he and his wife are staying next door and are here as I had requested. Yes I said come in please, as the husband moves in the lady walks a little slower and by the time she has reach me inside my stateroom I place my right arm around the lady’s waist stopping her from moving forward to her husband. Closing the door I turn and face the gentleman in a very dark suit and hat in hand asking him of the agreement he has with me concerning taking this vessel to America. He nods his head yes, but before I complete what he knows I am asking of him and his wife, the husband lets me know that the woman here that I have my arm around is his wife and that she is the daughter of his Imperial Leader. So I say she is part of Japan’s Royal family? He again nods his head. He than goes on to tell me of they customs with dealing with Japan Royal family members. I nod my head this time and let something that could not be let know that I fucked the Queen of England, a Spanish Princess, and a few lady’s of the Royal court.

I take the little lady in the kimono dress and move over to my bed were I begin to untie and unwrap this cute woman. When she is standing there naked with her arms around my neck kissing my lips with hers I grab ahold of her ass cheeks and lift her up which caused her to rap her legs around my waist. In a minute or two later I laid this woman down on her back comfortably on my bed. I untie my robe and grab my hard cock which I than proceed to rub up and down this females wet pussy. I lean over her looking her in the eyes knowing she had not yet seen what is about to enter her I push slowly my steel pole into a very tight wet and slippery pussy. Inch after inch moves inside that tunnel of ribbed love I tell her as her eyes grow wider not knowing when I might stop entering her, that it is only half way inside and I will be pushing for more. With only half my cock inside this small woman I stand back up lifting her legs by her ankles I start swinging my hips harder and harder. I spread her legs out wide and begin the pounding as I get another four inches into her. Strange I think to myself as she is not moaning or screaming out with pleasure or pain. All I see is her eyes as they tell me of the pain and pleasure she is receiving from me fucking her hard and I give more as I see more in her eyes saying just that. Minute after minute I fuck this old woman hard, asking after 15 of those minutes pass by why does she not scream or yell out her pleasure of being truly fucked for the first time in her life? All Royal women are trained to be quiet when there husband is taking his pleasure from her. I pull my cock out of this woman flipping her over so that she is now facing her husband. I lift her by the waist with one hand and guide my dick with the other. Once I found the entranceway to the Japanese garden I grab both sides of waistline and push as hard as I could and as deep as I could into this woman as seeing the husband’s face smile only told me that this woman was finally satisfied with sex. For another ten minutes that morning I pushed and pulled hard in that tight pussy and when I fired off my load I grabbed her hair pulling her up yelling, I have now a Royal bitch to fuck this trip. I finish cuming inside her as I had already had a few dozen times felt her orgasm that morning. With her getting dressed I told the husband that his wife will be servicing me for the reminder of this trip and that he can do what he likes until that day. As he is leaving the stateroom I have his wife on her knees in front of me learning to clean my dick. Tell her After I have fucked a woman’s pussy I don’t like it if it is dirty with the woman from earlier so all my lady friends clean me by sucking my cock.

Once I was cleaned I dressed for the day and went walking the ship for male conversation. I head into the lounge area where I found my personal table always reserved for me. It is a round booth with nice leather bench that raps half way around the table and it sits a two off the floor so I can see other in the room. Just as I sit down the waiter comes over with my morning drink I like to have, I think the person and ask who are those two quietly arguing over there? He mentioned that he is some type of lawyer based in London and she is a socialite without a titled, but if rumors or true she is the Queens granddaughter by marriage which according to custom still does not offer her a position in court. It is also said the she is loved by the Queen and that she is working with the King to get her some type of Royal title. I asked than why are they arguing than? The waiter goes on to say that they she wants to meet you Sir and he will not stand for it. I ask again the waiter, you say he is a lawyer right? He confirms by nodding his head. Please ask them to join me as I was looking for some good conversation this day and they might just offer it to me. I sit back taking a sip of my drink I look over at the young couple’s table and checking out the lady closer I find that I know that face from somewhere but can’t quite put my finger on where. Maybe she will remind me as they approach he seems to be a little tired of their argument or something else who knows, he stood almost six feet tall broad shoulders and with some regale in him as if trained in someway, not royally trained but with some class type training. Looking her over she had more than some training, if the rumors are to be true the Queen would make sure she had proper training and education which is still rare in those days that woman took to getting an education in England or America for that matter. She dress seem to be above her station as well and the jewels she wore seem to be real as well. Either she has the money or his family either real let find out as they climb up to the table I introduce myself I am Mr. Frank P. Smith the IV and host of this voyage. He want on to introduce them as Mr. and Mrs. James C. Simmons. When they sat down Mrs. Simmons spoke up right away which I then noticed that James bowed his head and shaking it as I cannot believe she is already speaking about this whole matter of coming on board this vessel and why kind of head shake. Mrs. Simmons goes on to say that we met at the tailor shop a few weeks back I was there to pick up my husband’s suits and you were there for something else. That’s where I remember you from, you wanted nothing of me that day. I turn to Mr Simmons and tell him that on that day on my chance I counter with his wife I was being bold and seeing if she would than have sex in the store. She turned me down the so I am very surprised to see her here on this ship with the condition that she would have to sleep with me or be thrown overboard. I had to ask why? Mr Simmons said that talk around town is that you are very close to the Queen and my wife is hoping that you would help her in getting a title, she wants to be called Lady Simmons Duchess’s of Suffolk as there is no Royal line from Suffolk she wants it to be her. Now I asked him, Mr. Simmons you do know that I can do anything I wish with your wife and I don’t have to help in any way as per the agreement you signed to receive the two tickets? He nods his head and now she speaks up asking about this, what do my husband agree to? Turning my attention back to Mrs. Simmons I said according to the agreement to ride this ship to America that the wife must submit her body, mind and sole to the one person who carries the gold coin. I then remove the coin from my vest pocket and show them this is the coin that all wives on the ship must do as asked by myself or they can refuse and her and her husband will be placed overboard at my saying. Mrs Simmons said then you a kid with a gold coin can do anything you want to me, or your husband if I choose to include him that is. Let me get this straight Mr. Smith you can have me do anything to anyone at anytime you say and if I refuse you will have me and my stupid husband here put overboard at your saying? Nodding my head stating in words to yes if you don’t do as I say the both of you will be placed overboard.

Now that we have that cleared up I will need you to get your small little ass up onto this table, placing your legs over my shoulders so that I can do a proper inspection of what is between your legs. She looks at Mr. Simmons when I finished what I asked and the only thing he said was, “get move” and he had a smile on his face when he said that. The look on her face of being so pissed off being treated this way, of wanting to be a lady in the Royal court and having to preform for this kid in front of all these people, she was thinking at that moment her life is over her ambitions will never been seen, not now, not having to fuck or be fucked by this teenager.

She moves slowly, but gets into position, with her laying her back flat on the table and her legs draped over my shoulders I proceed to push Mrs. Simmons dress up over her waist and see she was wearing undergarments. I yell out to the waiter I need a pair of scissors or a knife so that I can remove these clothes. Quickly I found I had two pair of scissors handed to me so I began to cut away those thick undergarments. In five minutes there I was looking straight at one hairy looking pussy, by the looks of it she has never had her pussy trimmed or shaved. Again I ask for a bowl of warm water, shaving kit and a towel. A minute later those items were placed next to me. Waiting her crotch really well I began putting on some shaving cream than I started shaving that most hairy pussy. It must have taken me over thirty minutes to finish shaving her that morning. We I was finished I bent down and gave the clean pussy a good long kiss, all the while I inserted two of my fingers and began fucking her pussy. She was moaning at not loudly to all who could hear, yelling in between her moans to her husband for placing her in this position and seeing him smiling hoping that something like this would happen, he was a little surprised that it was happening in a more public way that he thought, but found it that he was enjoying himself more. When Mrs. Simmons came that first time as I sucked and licked her clean I passed her over to the husband asking that I be aloud to watch him pleasure his wife. With no lack of time passing he lowered his head and tongue and pleasure his wife with a gentle blow job. While he was licking her pussy I moved around to her head leaning over I ask when was the last time you had your mouth fucked with a man size dick? I slowly present her my cock and slap her across the cheek with it. Telling her to open up to receive her meal That my parents made for her. Slowly opening her mouth I shove my cock down this woman’s throat cutting off air as she thrushes about I pull my dick out and back in gruels skull fucking this woman saying nothing to her as all my thoughts came to focus of just unloading my cum down this woman’s throat. For ten minutes I fight her as I continue to fuck the mouth of this guys wife who is just holding her down and watching with wide eyes, seeing her take in such a large dick so far down in her mouth, his was shocked and fantasizing what she must be feeling with so little air and so much dick to swallow. He was at that last minute of fucking her mouth was cheering me on to go deeper and faster with his wife’s mouth. He was very excited seeing her being used this way that I could see he had cum more then once in his pants and as I held Mrs. Simmons head with my right hand I used my left to finger fuck her pussy only to find that she also came multiple time with the amount of pussy water that she was laying in seemed a lot more than I would have expected to find. I than noting all this I insert two fingers in her pussy deep and curling them up I lifted her by her pussy causing her to scream out with pleasure which aloud me to push my whole cock all the way down her throat releasing one of the largest loads I had that voyage, as shot after shot came out I felt lighter and lighter ad when the last of my cum was dripping out over Mrs. Simmons face I fell back in the booth and pasted out.

I woke up two days later with the Captain’s wife sucking my cock while the little Asian woman was pleasuring her. I must say though if one was to wake up after being asleep for two days this is one of the best ways.

Caroline seeing the I was a wake changed position and straddled my dick and inserted my cock deep into her readied pussy. After a minute of her getting settled she went on to tell me what happened after I passed out. It seemed to be that Mrs. Simmons woke up to a new experience and had to fuck each and every man in the lounge at the time and the eight men that came in while she had been fucking others that were already there. She kind of went crazy, but husband seemed to not care much that his wife was being used as a plaything for the other husbands and staff, he even cleaned her pussy a few times after some of the men enjoyed her. My staff before thing went too weird carried you here to your stateroom to rest. I was told it was some show how she was able to, on her first time take your whole dick in that small mouth of hers. The men were cheering her and you on and when you did that fish hook thing causing her to she out and you shoving what was left of you cock down her throat made the place erupt into cheers.

After that day I rested for the remainder of the cruise in my cabin with Caroline and my Japanese lady friend. When I disembarked I was greeted by my family, mother, father and baby brother. When we were all loaded up we headed back to the house for a meal and for me to get some more rest as my mother said I looked exhausted.

If you like this story let me know and I will continue the adventure of the cursed bracelet.

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