Foster home 4 - Fun at the lake

Besides the homes with the neglectful foster parents that exist there is an even worse alternative, at least in my eyes, that thank God I only had to experience it once. That home is called a group home. A group home is run like a business with the adults coming on and off duty like in any job. A group home is where they can put many foster kids usually girls together and boys together. But of all the homes I ever stayed in the group home was the place where I felt least safe. I’m not sure if it was on purpose and it probably wasn’t, but I had always had very long hair. It was probably more that my real mom didn’t have the money for me to get a haircut and my foster parents always wanted to save the money not spend it. Now I guess my ancestors must have been of a Nordic descent because I had the most natural golden blond hair and had the most fare completed white skin anyone could have although I can really tell you nothing of my ancestry since my mother never seemed to know anything and never would even talk about her parents. But within minutes of being in the group home I got a new name “Blondie.” Unfortunately this name was not given out of kindness but seemed to be meant in a derogatory manner. Typically the adults at the group home seemed to hate their job and pretty much let the older bigger tougher kids run the show. I’m not sure in what grade I learned about the theory of “Survival of the fittest” but I can tell you it is how the group home was operated. Even within the girl’s group this was the case. And I was such an easy target. Undernourished and very small for my age, and with golden blond hair I became such an easy target.

The girl that seemed in charge in my group was a girl named Erika. Erika had beautiful black long hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin was a natural beautiful olive color. It didn’t take me long to realize she was in charge because she told other girls what to do. Within moments of me being there she met me at my bed and gave me my new name. “So Blondie, what do you have there in your bag that belongs to me,” she asked. Now I was stunned by this question as I had just arrived so I couldn’t have anything that belonged to her. Well that was until I understood what she meant. Erika picked up my bag opened it and searched through it. I am not sure if it was fortunate or unfortunate but I did not have much of anything of value to speak of. She pulled out a hoodie sweatshirt I had that zipped down the front and tossed it to a girl close to my size. She pulled out a belt I had that was leather with silver metal studs on it and put it over her shoulder and then she pulled out my stuffed animal bear, which caused me to react grabbing for it. “What, are you a baby, you need this stupid bear,” she asked holding it out of my reach. I nodded not wanting to lose my childhood friend. I was relieved when she laughed at me which started some of the other girls also laughing and threw me my bear. “You don’t have shit bitch,” she said, tossing my bag back on my bed walking away with my belt and the other girl walking away with my hoodie. I put my bear back in my bag and sat alone for a while scared of what had just happened.

Later that day after returning from dinner and shortly before lights out, when I returned to my bed there on my pillow was my bear. My poor bear had a wood twig from a tree poked completely through his stomach. The twig was also poked into my pillow holding my bear to it with it sticking out of his tummy. I carefully pulled him off the pillow and then worked careful to pull the twig back out of his body. I got into the bed and cried myself to sleep. Two days after that while naked in the shower Erika pushed me hard against the shower wall. She kissed me hard on the mouth my first kiss from a girl and she grabbed me hard between my legs. “Shit y’all I think this bitch is getting wet,” she said to the other girls there with her. “Do you like me touching you Blondie,” she asked rubbing me hard between my legs. Then she spit in my face and said one word, “Puta,” and walked away. Three days later I got jumped by 3 girls including Erika who used a knife to cut away a big chunk of my hair while the others held me down. I was relieved when they let me go after that. Two nights later I woke up screaming with a horrible pain in my side. By the time the adult, probably asleep on night duty, got the lights turned on and to my bed, my sheets were soaked in my blood. I later found out at the hospital I had been stabbed by a knife. Fortunately after that I was never sent back to a group home.
But here I was in my new home with both a foster mother and foster father. Both paying me more attention then I had ever had including sleeping with me in my bed every night so far. First just cuddling with me, then them making love with me right there, then my foster dad having sex with me so painfully the first time. And then a second time more gentle and intimate. This making me think it was okay, that I loved them and that everything was going to be wonderful. And then my foster dad and Uncle Joe sandwiching me in a double penetration Uncle Joe in my butt and my father in my sex. What I had thought was such a perfect home seemed to be so wrong.

I woke with my mom there holding me. I guess my father respected that and he was on the other side of her but still in my bed. He got up and was cooking breakfast before my mother encouraged me to get up and to take a shower. Like always when I got out my clothes were sitting out waiting for me. I was a little surprised as there was a bikini there but I asked nothing about it put it on along with the skirt and shirt my mother had placed there. We had breakfast and then she took my hand and we headed out and got into the car going for a ride. We ended up at a lake. It was a huge lake, large and beautiful. And there were lots of other families there with kids of all ages running around. Including a family that my foster parents introduced to me. “Angel, this is your Uncle Richard, Aunt Kitty and their daughter Leslie.” Leslie was a girl about 17 years old. She was very pretty but seemed a little shy. I was very surprised and excited when we all walked down to a dock with lots of boats. Both our families got into a boat and my foster dad and Uncle Richard untied the boat and took us out onto the lake.

I had never been out on a boat before or any body of water so I was a little bit scared. But everyone else including Leslie seemed to be having fun so I tried to relax. We rode around the lake for a little while until my father yelled to Leslie, “Are you ready to tube?” To which Leslie enthusiastically replied, “Yes,” with a huge smile. The boat was brought to a halt and my dad and Uncle Richard got a big black inner tube out that had big straps already on it. They attached a yellow nylon rope with a hook on it to the inner tube. They then placed the tube into the water and helped Leslie get into the tube where she laid back. “Ready,” Uncle Richard asked and as Leslie nodded they gently pushed the tube away behind the boat and she drifted behind us. Then my foster dad went to the controls of the boat and slowly drove the boat forward as Uncle Richard watched Leslie until the rope was tight. He then gave her a thumbs-up to which Leslie did the same. As she did my father sped up the boat and we were dragging Leslie on the inner tube behind us faster and faster. She screamed with delight as we rode around the lake dragging her behind us. She looked to be having a wonderful time and I watched nervously not sure what I’d think riding back there.

We rode round and around the lake till finally she wiped out and we went back and picked her up. My foster dad asked me if I wanted to go next and I quickly shook my head no. Leslie seemed no worse for the ride. Since I turned down next my foster mom got onto the tube. She also screamed with delight as the boat pulled her behind on the inner tube. Again round and round we rode in the boat dragging her behind. She seemed to have fun and then waived her arms at my dad and he slowed and we brought her back into the boat. My foster dad went next and while he was riding my mom explained some things to me. My foster father was able to control the tube by putting his weight on one side of it or the other. This making him steer back and forth over the wake of the boat. He was very skilled at maneuvering the tube and made it look easy and fun. He rode for a long time till Aunt Kitty got her turn. She bounced around the water as the boat dragged her along. Laughing and screaming delighted with the ride. After her turn I again was offered a turn and I decided to accept this time but begged them to go slow at first. My foster mom helped me on with a life vest since I told them I couldn’t really swim and then I got my turn on the tube. They did as I asked and went slow at first and then slowly as I got used to it sped up. I had a wonderful time but of course didn’t try any of the stunts my foster father had but was also relieved to be back on the boat. Uncle Richard went next and was very skilled with the inner tube.

We returned to the dock to have lunch and everyone laughed and had a good time. After eating Leslie invited me to go for a walk so I agreed and we wandered down by the lake. We met up with some other teenage girls ranging from 13 to 16 and wandered around with them talking about music and bands and movie stars. I’m not sure what happened but I said something that made Leslie mad and next thing I know she punched me in the face and took me down to the ground. She was kicking my ass pretty good when thankfully my foster dad pulled her off of me, throwing her back and then lifting me to my feet. I was crying like a baby my mind flashing back to Erika at the group home. He scolded her to keep her hands off of me that no one touched me without his permission. That sounded a bit odd, but I was just glad not to be hit anymore. He walked me back to where foster mom and Uncle Richard and Aunt Kitty were and Leslie followed a bit behind. He said nothing to her parents, until they noticed the redness on my face and when asked he just replied, “Just kids being kids.”

We again went out on the boat again and it again was a lot of fun. We were all taking turns on the inner tube and having a good time. Leslie and I were hardly talking but before my last time on the tube she offered to help me with my life vest and I let her. Everything was going great and I was actually getting pretty good at controlling the tube when after riding over the boats wake pretty hard, I realized I had lost my bikini top. I was embarrassed and humiliated and motioned to come back to the boat. Everyone on the boat noticed as they helped me into the boat off the tube and I was so embarrassed they could all see me. I was so ashamed as they all joked and laughed about it till I yelled, “It’s not funny to which my mother tried to console me. But we had left our clothes in the car and I had to ride with the life vest on to try to keep my tiny chest covered. I was so embarrassed. Leslie had a wicked grin on her face. Uncle Richard hadn’t gotten his turn so he went with me topless with only the life vest to cover my chest. Leslie begged for another turn after his and they let her go to my disappointment. I was offered another turn which I of course turned down and was relieved when we finally headed back to shore.

My father after helping get the boat docked ran to the car and got me my shirt and brought it back to me so I could take off the vest. But they all seemed to stare and watch as I removed the vest and put the shirt on. We went to shore and I was finally relieved. I stayed away from Leslie after that believing she had pulled my top loose when she helped me put the vest on. We had dinner as a picnic and ate some good food. Then as it was getting close to dark my dad said, “Come on girls,” taking me and mom by the hand. We walked along the lake to what I later learned was his “special place” and we watched the sun set over the lake one of the most beautiful sites I had ever seen. As it seemed to sink into the water he hugged us both close and said, “I love you both soooo much.” And I again felt close to him like I had felt that time before.

We sat there silently watching as the sky turned a beautiful array of colors, from pink to purple to orange. We sat together watching feeling the temperature of the day go down and the sky grew darker. Then I felt my father lean to me, kiss my cheek and whisper in my ear, “I love you with all my heart.” I felt myself smile and then felt him turn to my mother and I assumed he whispered the same thing. I then felt him lay back on the ground and he held onto me pulling me down with him. I then noticed my mother sit up leaning over him. I heard and saw what I finally realized was her opening his pants. And then her head went down to where his cock was and soon began to move up and down. I heard the sounds of sucking and kissing as I watched her silhouette move up and down. Before long I felt my father’s arm release from around me and a moment after that I felt my mom’s hand find mine. She pulled me up to sitting and lifted her head off him her face facing towards mine. “Wanna try,” she asked and somehow she didn’t need to explain what. I shook my head no and heard her say very softly, “Come on, give it a try.” I then felt her pull on my hand, then my wrist then my arm guiding me towards my foster father’s cock.” Kiss it then suck on it like a lolly pop,” she coached me. I then felt her hand go onto my shoulder and pushing me towards my father’s cock.

What I was most ashamed of and didn’t want them to know is that this was not unfamiliar to me. Trembling I put my mouth to my fathers cock and started to take it into my lips. “Good girl,” I heard my step mother coach as she stroked her hand gently through my hair. My mind took me back to a few years ago when I learned to do the same thing. I gently began to suck and move my head on my father’s cock. “That’s a good girl,” she said again continuing to stroke my hair and keep it from falling to my face. I heard my father grown as it must have been feeling good. The moving of time seemed to slow down like it does in the movies some time as it felt like this was taking forever, but I continued to move my mouth up and down my father’s cock over and over. His groans grew louder and I felt his hips moving under me. It wasn’t too much longer before I heard my mother whisper, “Swallow his seed,” as she whispered this the cock began to cum. I felt my cheeks getting warm and flashed back to having my face slapped very hard when I was young when I didn’t swallow so as he came I swallowed load after load of my foster father’s cum. I moved my head up and down a few more times till I felt it soften then sat up slowly pulling my mouth from his cock. To my surprise there sitting next to my foster mother was Uncle Richard. I then realized my mother’s hand was already stroking his cock. “Suck Uncle Dick,” I heard my mother say. Trying to look in my eyes but it was too dark. “Come on, be a good girl. Suck Uncle Dick,” she said. I then felt her hand on my shoulder pushing me towards his cock. And again my mind flashed back to doing this before. Slowly I lowered until I could smell him. Then I opened my mouth and felt his cock penetrate inside it. I felt it touch my tongue and closed my lips round it softly. “That’s a good girl, such your Uncle’s dick,” she said softly to me in the dark. And like I had just a few minutes earlier I sucked a man’s cock. This time not my father’s but the man they told me was my Uncle. Up and down I worked the cock stroking it with my lips. Over and over again until I heard him groan loud and pull my head hard down against his groin. This time it was his voice telling me what to do and he said, “Swallow.” Again I felt the warming of my cheeks afraid to be slapped so I gagged his cum down my throat. “Good girl,” I heard my father praise me. “I love you angel,” he said as I sucked till my Uncle was done.

We headed home in the dark as I sat alone in the backseat. I still had the taste of cum in my mouth and could smell it in my sinuses too. Today had been such a nice day having got to ride in a boat and ride an inner tube behind it with both parents. I was thinking how things had been in the past, usually with just a foster mom someone who never seemed to care about me. Or worse at the group home where I got stabbed and sent to the hospital for the first time. So how was this as a home? Parents who both seemed to love me and spent so much time with me, did it really matter the other things that we had done? That was my thoughts to ponder as I rode home alone in the backseat of the car.

That night after we got home we showered and headed to bed. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had my answer sooner then I thought. My father was kissing my mother as soon as we got to bed and soon was on top of her making love to her. I laid there by myself as I felt the bed moving with their lovemaking. Now I really was thinking hard, maybe more like a child then an adult but I found myself feeling jealous as they made passionate love. Was it really so awful for Uncle Joe to put his cock in my butt, was it really so awful for my parents to ask me to suck Uncle Richard’s dick. Or did I want to be in a foster home with a parent waiting for a check not caring what I do, how I am or anything about me. I decided to stop thinking so much and to do what my foster mother had done when my father was inside me, I pushed up to her and started to kiss her while my foster father made love to her. I kissed her long and deep while my father worked to squirt his cum inside her. Finally he did, and slowly finished and rolled on the other side of me. Both of them putting their arms around me holding me tight as we all drifted off to sleep.

To be continued.

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