Sweet 16 Girl

A few years ago after finishing her GSCE examinations Amy, my friend's daughter, was seeking some relaxation. Unfortunately her parents were moving house to a property which was in need of considerable work. Upon hearing her predicament my wife Kate decided to invite Amy to stay with us for a few weeks.

Amy made the arrangements with Kate and who seemed keen, not least since it was near many of her friends allowing for plenty of nights out without the watchful gaze of Mum and Dad. It was arranged that Amy would arrive early July and stay for 4 to 6 weeks.

I had not seen Amy since she was in her early teens and when she arrived had she changed from the skinny shy girl she was previously. Amy was confident, bubbly with a good sense of humour. It was hard to keep my eyes off of her curvy womanly figure. She was tall at around 5 foot 10 inches with long brown hair, long slender legs, full curvy hips, a perfect arse and large 38D breasts.

Amy soon settled in and was very chatty at meal times telling us about what she hoped to do over the summer and what she hoped to do at college for the next two years before going to university. Amy also pulled her weight around the house helping with chores.

I returned home from work early one afternoon to find my wife was still at work. I called out hello to Amy but there was no answer. I assumed that she had gone out with friends and so decided to make the most of the time quietly pottering around in the garden.

Our house is set in a rural area in large grounds not overlooked by neighbouring properties. I set out into the garden to do so pruning. As I reached the end of the garden I became aware that Amy was sunbathing on a towel on the lawn. As I came closer I noticed Amy was wearing lying on her back sunbathing topless wearing only a red thong bikini bottom and a pair of sunglasses. Amy seemed unaware that I was in the garden.

Whilst it felt wrong I simply couldn't look away from her gorgeous young body and stood staring taking in the sight. In the sunlight the everything seemed enhanced, from her nipples which crowned her large tits to the toned outline of her stomach down to the outline of her pussy lips through her bikini bottoms. After a few minutes I came to my senses and quietly headed back in doors to watch some television. Once inside it was no good I simply could not stop thinking about what I had seen and I soon found myself peering out of the upstairs bedroom window towards the end of the garden my hard penis poking against my jeans.

About 20 minutes later Amy came indoors having covered herself in a t-shirt and shorts. As she said hello and asked how my day had been I could feel myself going red and hoping that she was not aware of what I had seen. If she was aware that I had seen her semi-naked Amy never let on.

A few days later Amy announced that friends of her sister had invited her to a school disco themed night in a nearby town. Amy asked if there was any chanced that one of us could give her lifts there and back? Feeling protective towards this young lady I of course agreed.

On the day of the disco Amy spent about three hours getting ready. Eventually she came downstairs wearing a white blouse unbuttoned to about half way down the front her ample clevage spilling out the top of her blouse and she was clearly wearing no bra judging by the outline of her nipples through the blouse. She was wearing a short navy blue pleated skirt which barely covered her peachy arse cheeks and revealed glimpses of a pair of skant white knickers. Her long slender legs were exaggerated by a pair of knee high white socks and black high heeled shoes.

Amy was clearly looking forward to the night as she chatted endlessly all of the way to town as I drove. I found her short skirt and long legs rather distracting and had to remind myself to concentrate on the road.

I dropped Amy off where she met a group of other similarly dressed young girls by the road side and said she would call me from her mobile about half an hour before she would want collecting.

I returned home and watched television with a cup of tea. My wife went to bed leaving me to wait up for Amy's call.

Around 2.30 am Amy called to get me to pick her up. I collected her and a couple of friends up from town. They were all the worse for wear and I dropped them off before driving home with Amy.

As we walked into the house Amy's blouse snagged on the front door handle, the buttons tore off and Amy's ample cleavage spilt out. Amy did her best to cover her breasts with her hands, but being drunk did a rather poor job leaving little to my imagination. Amy burst into laughter and slid to the floor at which point her skirt rode up revealing her white knickers. At this point Amy gave up trying to cover her breasts and apologised. "What for?" I replied.

At this point the mood changed and Amy asked if I liked what I could see. I was not sure whether to reply honestly or whether to lie. At this point with a sly grin Amy said "well you must be fairly keen from the amount of time you spent staring at my tits in the garden the other day". I could no longer lie and answered that she was gorgeous.

With this Amy asked if I'd like to see more? "Yes, of course I would!" I replied.

Amy slid her knickers slowly down her long slender legs to her ankles and then let her legs splay outward revealing her deep pink pussy lips barely covered by a light covering of pubic hair. Looking me straight in the face Amy licked her fingers and slowly drew her fingers over her breasts lingering around her nipples. Her nipples slowly became erect and with this she began to pinch and tweak her nipples.

She then licked her fingers and slid them up her thigh towards her pussy. She then began to caress her pussy, slowly working around and then over her clitoris before eventually sliding her finger into her open pussy. As she worked it in and out her finger was glistening wet with her pussy juices. As she became more aroused Amy became less aware that I was there and began to work more fingers inside her young pussy. Before long she had three fingers worked deep into her vagina and rocked herself to her first orgasm.

When she was finished Amy looked flushed and sweaty. She excused herself and kicking off her knickers she rushed to the downstairs toilet where, without shutting the door, she squatted and I was treated to the view of her pissing still wearing her knee high socks and skirt.

After wiping her moist fanny Amy came out and drew me close kissing me lightly on the lips. Things became more and more passionate and I soon found myself groping Amy's arse under her skirt as her tongue snaked in and out of my mouth.

Amy took my hand and led me through to the kitchen, closing the door behind us. She dropped to her knees and slowly unzipped my jeans before drawing them to my ankles. She then began to slowly lick the tip of my erect penis drawing the tip of her tongue over the opening and then down my shaft before licking my balls. She then gradually took my penis deep into her mouth until I could feel the back of her throat. The feeling was amazing. Amy began slowly working her mouth up and down my penis stopping to lick the tip from time to time. Withdrawing my cock Amy knelt up and worked my rock hard cock between her tits whilst smiling at my expression.

Before long Amy stood up, lent back against the wall, unfastened her skirt which felt to the ground as she announed "My turn". With that I crawled over and knelt in front of her chest and started by running my tongue over her tits paying close attention to her nipples. I then worked my way down her stomach to her open legs before taking in the scent of her young moist pussy. I began kissing and licking her inner thighs before drawing my tongue up and over her vagina. Amy reached down and using her hands parted her pussy lips to reveal the pale inners of vagina. I gently licked her vagina relishing the salty taste of her juices. Amy began to moan and as I increased the intensity of my licking she began to gently tremble. Before long she grabbed hold of my hair and forced my head against her pussy as she shuddered through another orgasm.

With that I stood and Amy grasped my solid cock guiding it to her sweet tight pussy entrance. I didn't need any asking and slid my cock into her soaking wet pussy. Amy gripped my arse and drew me close and deeper into her pussy. Her large erect nipples brushed my chest. I was so excited it was as much as I could manage not to come in her pussy straight away. Here I was fucking this 16 year old girl who was wearing only high heels and schoolgirl socks.

Amy moaned as I began to work in and out of her body.

Before long I withdrew and turned Amy around so that she was facing the wall. I positioned myself behind her and slid my cock back into her warm moist pussy hole. I caressed her nipples and licked her neck, all the time working faster and faster in and out of her vagina. Before long I came spraying jet after jet of hot sperm deep into her womb as Amy moaned with pleasure.

When I withdrew Amy turned around and stood legs apart. From where I stood I could see my white spunk trickle down her thighs, over her socks and shoes. I couldn't resist and knelt in front of her to lick her pussy clean.

Amy drew all her clothes together and with that wished me a good night and crept upstairs leaving me to wipe the splatters of spunk off of the kitchen floor.

To be continued

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