SaM's Place - Chapter 08 of 15 Humiliation and Revenge

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The jurywoman sat and another jurywoman stood. "Everyone has their weak moments or their moments of defeat. Tell us of a time when someone caused you pain and humiliation and what you did to get even."

Evelyn thought for a long time. It was almost as though she wanted the jury to think that she had to think long and hard to come up with a time when she had been defeated, which is exactly what she was doing. Then she began, "That would also be in my teenaged years. A little episode with Linda Martin. My parents liked to send me to a camp for a few weeks each summer. They thought it would do me good to get to know nature and all of that.

I was in a cabin of six girls. They were all from really old money east coast money and treated me like dirt at first, but then they started to accept me, or at least I thought they did until we went swimming at the other end of the lake. We weren't supposed be down there and that made it all the more thrilling. It was a warm day and that end of the lake was pretty deserted. We walked down on a rather overgrown trail. There was an abandoned cabin with an old beach area. Linda said, "This side of the lake used to be privately owned. The camp bought it only recently after the couple that owned it died. I think it took forever to settle the estate and finally get clear title and all of that. They plan to do something with it eventually, but for now it is a great place to swim."

I pointed out to her that we didn't have our swimsuits with us and all of the girls started laughing. "Do you mean you've never been skinny dipping?" one of them asked. Linda added, "She probably has never been naked outside of her bathroom." Then they all laughed again.

I looked around and there was no one anywhere near, so I began sliding off my shorts and top. Soon we were splashing in the warm water. I was really having fun until one of the girls screamed. It was more of a yelp than a scream, but she was pointing at the shore where several boys were standing there holding our clothes.

Linda yelled at them, "What do you creeps want?"

One of them yelled back, "You aren't supposed to be down at this end of the lake, and you seem to have forgotten your swimsuits. What will your parents say when the camp calls them and tells them that they are shipping you home?"

All of the other girls started blubbering and begging the boys not to tell on them. Then the leader of the boys said, "We are honor bound to turn you in. You have to be punished for what you have done."

Linda replied, "Maybe we can work something out."

He answered, "What do you have in mind?"

"Maybe you could punish us and then you wouldn't have to tell anyone."

The boys made a big show of talking among themselves and then the leader said, "OK. For your punishment we decree an old-fashioned spanking. Ten swats to each of you, and then you can get dressed and go back to camp."

Linda looked scared and asked, "How do we know you won't turn us in anyway?"

"You have to just trust us. Besides, after we spank you, you have as much on us as we do on you."

Linda turned and said to us, "I don't think we have much choice. I guess you're first Evelyn."

I turned at looked at the other girls, but they just shrugged and sort of lined up behind me. We walked into the shallows where the boys had pulled a bench into the water. The leader was sitting on the end of the bench and patted his knees. I hesitated, but Linda gave me a little push and I went over and lay over his knees. He held me down with a hand over my back and began rubbing my ass cheeks. Then he started smacking. It was supposed to be ten smacks, but I think he went on for at least twenty. I was kicking and screaming by the time he let me up. I danced in the water rubbing my burning butt and then turned toward my cabin mates. They were all standing next to the boys pointing at me and laughing.

One of the boys was holding a digital camera. Linda asked him, "Did you get it?" and he said, "I have everything on video."

Anyone else would have broken down crying or stomped out in anger, but I calmly walked over to Linda and said, "Very funny. I hope you think it as funny when it is your red and burning ass that is on the video."

Then I walked out of the water, picked up my clothes, dressed, and walked back to the main camp. I think the boys were worried that I was going to all the police, but that isn't who I called. Instead I called my father, explained the whole thing to him and said, "Dad, I am going to need a lot of money to set this right." He paused a moment or so and replied, "Whatever you need up to 6 million, honey." I assured him it wouldn't take that much.

I set the phone down just before the boys came running into the lodge. One of the head counselors saw them running in and asked, "Is there something wrong?"

I smiled sweetly and said, "No, Donald here was just rushing to show me something he had recorded for me. The rest of you boys can go back to your cabin now." I looked over at the head counselor and then back at the boys when they said, "Yeah, OK. See you later Don."

I then gestured for Donald to sit down on a bench and I sat beside him. "Donald, the legal ramifications of what you just did are the least of your problems. I just spoke with my father. He has allocated up to six million dollars for me to set this right. I know your parents are rich and powerful, but my dad is rich, powerful and vindictive - and so am I. You can cooperate and I will reward you, or you can try to fight me and I will crush you. Right now, I want to buy your camera from you for $25,000. I will also give you and all of your cabin mates $5000 to forget everything that they have seen today and leave camp at the end of the week. The cash will be here first thing in the morning. Pass along my message. Cooperate and I will reward you. Fight me and I will destroy you. Donald handed his camera to me and said softly, "We will all be gone by Friday night."

Later that night, I arranged for Linda to be called up to the office to clear up some problems with her medical forms. After she had left the cabin I turned to the girls and said, "Sit down ladies, we need to talk."

They looked at me with expressions that ranged from disdain to fear and then I repeated what I had told the boys about the six million. I then added, "I don't hold any of you responsible. I blame only Linda and it is Linda alone who will feel my revenge. I am offering you the same deal I offered the boy's cabin. $5,000 to each of you if you leave at the end of the week. You can come up with any excuse you want. Some of you were planning to leave this week anyway. But believe me when I say that if you cooperate I will reward you, and if you fight me and I will destroy you. If you say anything to anyone I will find out about it and I will send someone after you. If you don't believe me, Google my dad's name on the internet and see what has been said about him and his business tactics."

The girls looked sufficiently cowed and each of them mouthed softly, "We'll be gone Friday night."

Everyone who knew what had happened would be gone Friday night. I had put the fear of God, or at least the fear of my dad into all of them. Linda had already planned to leave camp on Friday, but that was going to change after I had a little talk with the chief counselor and the camp owner. It took only a $500,000 gift to the camp and $50,000 in cash to the chief counselor to arrange what I needed. A special "off-site" camp weekend was scheduled. Four counselors, chosen by me, would accompany a special group to a "primitive area" owned by the camp that was about 15 miles from the lake in the middle of the woods. It was really a remote area.

None of these counselors still worked for the camp. Complaints by one of the campers had gotten each of them fired earlier in the year. The complaints were unfounded, but the father of the girl involved threatened to withdraw his $30,000 a year support if they were not fired. That girl was Linda, so they each had real reason to hate her and want their personal revenge. I had called them earlier in the day and explained my plan. They were more than willing to come back for one "special weekend."

The chief counselor called Linda's parents and said that Linda had asked them to call and request their permission for Linda to accompany a special weekend camp out. Linda's parents were thrilled that their daughter finally was showing some concern for others. If they only knew.

Friday night came and Linda's limousine and driver arrived right on schedule. She was a little surprised that it was a new driver, but the new driver said, "You said you didn't want to see Jim ever again. Your father fired him."

Linda just smiled and got into the back of the car. The driver triggered the gas canister as he closed the door and she was unconscious before the car left the entry lane. The driver then headed for the primitive area as he had been paid to do.

We were there waiting for him. There was a large bonfire area with two sand volleyball courts at the edge of it. The poles supporting the volleyball nets were made of steel with eyebolts welded to them to attach a net. There was a gap of about four feet between the poles for the two courts. It was a perfect place to string Linda up. Which is exactly what we did. The place where the net was supposed to attach allowed us to tie her hands as high and as tight as we could get them. One of the counselors had brought along two dog spikes, which are actually long screw type pieces of steel that are screwed into the ground to attach a dog's chain. Once these were in place in the ground, Linda's legs were spread and her feet were attached to the spikes. We left her hanging there and started a large bonfire with the wood that was around the area.

We sat around the fire talking and drinking and watched as she very slowly came to. At first she tugged weakly at the ropes that held her upright. Then, as she became more awake she struggled furiously and screamed for help.

I stood in front of her and watched the flicker of the fire reflect off her bare skin. Her eyes widened as she realized that she was naked and even more so as recognized me. "I said your ass would be on video. Now I have the camera. Actually, there are five low-light cameras set up to get all the angles. And we have all weekend to get it red and burning."

I stepped back as the four former counselors stepped in closer to us, "I am going to enjoy this, and so are these friend of yours."

"I've dreamt about this for a long time," said one of them.

I walked back up to Linda and looked her directly in the eyes, "Let's start with a spanking, shall we, and then we will see where it goes from there." With that I walked behind her and swung with all my might for twenty smacks. My hand actually hurt by the time I reached the tenth swat, but I kept on going as she screamed and yelled that I couldn't do this to her.

"I think that makes us almost even," I said as I stepped aside to reveal the four counselors standing there with small leather whips in their hands. "They have something a little different planned for you," Each whip was several short, thin pieces of leather mounted on a stick a little longer than the size of a horse crop. "These are called Indian Insect Whips. I don't know if that is because they can be used to brush insects off cattle, or because they feel like you are being stung when they strike you."

The four stood around her and began to strike out with the whips. The whips made a slight popping noise as they hit her flesh, but that was soon unable to be heard over Linda's screams and cries for mercy. The whipping continued for several minutes until Linda was reduced to a whimpering mess hanging from her bound hands.

"I think we should put something on that for the pain," I said as I stepped forward with a large bottle. I began to apply liberal amounts of the sticky liquid all over Linda's body. It probably felt somewhat soothing and Linda pulled herself upright and stood in her bonds.

"What is that?" she asked.

"Honey," I replied, "Pure, natural, honey."

Linda went wild and began struggling against me. "No, you can't do that," she screamed, "It will attract every insect for miles. Please, please, don't do this."

I didn't answer her, but continued to empty the bottle of honey all over her body. I then got out a second bottle and emptied it also. Then I walked back over to the bonfire where the counselors were cooking some hotdogs and digging beer out of a couple of coolers. After awhile the fire began to die down and we retired to our tents for a good nights sleep. The forest was quite except for the sounds of the crickets and the katydids and, of course, the whimpering of Linda as flies and mosquitoes and numerous other bugs crawled over her body. Every so often there would be a yelp or a scream as one of them bit her or stung her or walked across a very sensitive area.

The next morning, I was up bright and early to greet the sun and to check on how Linda had weathered the night. Her perspiration, or perhaps her body heat, had caused most of the honey to drip off of her onto the ground where a huge number of ants gathered around it. There was also a large number of ants crawling on her body.

I walked up to her carrying a large jar of honey. She looked up at me and softly whispered, "Please, no. please. Just let me go and I will never tell anyone."

"I know you won't," I replied, "but I was wondering since you get so much pleasure out of other people's pain and humiliation if you might not get pleasure out of your own pain." With that I dumped the jar of honey over her head and began to smear it over her body. I then lifted up another large jar of honey and dipped my hand into it bringing out a large handful. I began to smear that between Linda's legs, pushing the thick fluid deep into her pussy. I then started rubbing the honey across her clit.

Her eyes went wide and she began to struggle against her bonds. "No, no, no," she pleaded at this ultimate humiliation. She tried to act brave and withdrawn, but soon her body began to betray her and she started to rub back against my hand.

"So, you do like honey for breakfast?" I kept rubbing until Linda finally threw her head back and cried out in a forced orgasm.

I wiped off my hands on a towel and then lifted Linda's head so she had to look me in the eyes. "This is the way it is. I am leaving now. The four counselors that you got fired are going to keep you here until tomorrow morning. I have videos of everything that has occurred to this point and I will get the masters of everything that happens this afternoon and tonight. They said they won't actually rape you, but I wouldn't be surprised if you end up feeling the Indian Insect Whips a couple more times and maybe each of them will help you enjoy your pain."

She tried to spit at me, but only ended up getting honey in her mouth. I continued, "Sunday morning, they will take you down the hill and let you wash yourself off in the creek. It is cold water, so you might have to rub a lot to get the honey out of your hair. You will then be taken back to camp where your regular driver will pick you up. Your family thinks that you have been accompanying a special camp trip this weekend. They are very pleased. Your parents will be told that you stumbled into a nest of wasp flies. If you let them believe that, I won't release these videos. If you say anything different, your ass will be posted all over the internet. I think it would be a viral video in no time at all."

Linda hung her head and started crying. I spit on the ground between her legs and then turned and walked to my car and drove away. I did wait one year before posting the video, and it did become viral until most of the sites took it down because it had been posted anonymously and there was no proof that the girl in the images was over 18. I thought about supplying that proof just to keep Linda's ass on the internet, but decided that she had suffered enough.

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