Don't tell mom the baby sitter gives head (intro)

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"I don't need a babysitter mom" Devon whined. Mrs. Wilson was fastening her necklace at the door trying to step into her shoes at the same time.

"She's not for you, she's for Kate, now go get your dad, we're going to be late."

"But I'm old enough to watch her myself." Devon hated being treated like a child. He was almost thirteen, he could watch her. She was already asleep anyway. Plus all Mrs. Davis did was crochet and watch TV on the couch.

"Enough Devon." his mom snapped. "Go get dad, Jenny will be here any minute."

Jenny. Jenny was coming over. Devon walked up to his room, completely forgetting to talk to his dad. He lay back on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He pushed his brown hair out of his face.

"Devon." his mom called. "Devon!"

He shook his head. "What?"

His mom was at his door. Shit. He hoped she couldn't see his boner.
"Jenny is going to be late but we have to leave right now or we'll miss our reservation. Will you be okay alone with Kate for half an hour until she gets here?"

Devon smiled. "I thought I was too young to watch Kate."

"Don't be a smartass." she said turning her back to leave. "Call us if any happens."

"Okay Mom."

"Bye. Love you." his parents shouted from the hall. He heard the door slam. Sweet.

Devon couldn't believe that Jenny was coming over. Jenny was so hot. He would see her walking to school in the morning, her round boobs and ass bouncing as she walked. She had perfect blond hair and smooth skin. Sometimes he could see her nipples through her shirt His penis was so stiff that his shorts were making a sharp tent. He sat up, about to go close the door but remembered that his parents were gone. Sweet.

Devon pulled his t-shirt over his head. His arms and chest were still small but at least he was starting to get a bit of armpit hair. He grazed his hand across his chest, feeling little electric shocks as he went over his nipples. He tugged his shorts down so his prick popped out. It was getting longer and thicker. It was probably 4 and a half inches now. He gripped it with his hand, thinking about Jenny, and started jacking slow. He looked at his hand, pretending it was hers. Jenny. Jenny. He thought about her tits and her nipples poking through her shirt. His butt started clenching. He grabbed his t-shirt and pillow, laying them out on the bed. He kneeled down in front of it and closed his eyes. Jenny was in front of him wit her legs spread. He lay down on top of the pillow and started pumping his little ass into it, his dick rubbing against the soft cotton of his shirt. He was breathing hard now, fucking the pillow fast.
"Oh god" he gasped, his body tensing as he came into the t-shirt.

He lay collapsed on the bed for a few minutes feeling warm like he always did after masturbating. He looked at the clock. Jenny would be there in 15 minutes.


Devon's heart thumped against his chest. Jenny was here.

"Hi" he squeaked out.

Jenny's shadow eclipsed the door frame. She was wearing shorts and sandals, her brown legs were soft and smooth. Her red tanktop clung to her belly and chest. A small curve of cleavage showed. Jenny had bigger boobs than anyone in Devon's school. They looked like a perfect handful each, about the size of an orange. He couldn't wait to get to high school.

"It's Devon right?" Jenny sat down next to him. She put down her backpack and pulled out a text book. MATH 10 it said.

"Yeah. And you're Jenny."

She looked up and smiled at him. Her eyes scanned his body. His stomach tightened. He was told he was good looking. The girls in his class giggled and sent him coy folded notes. He was tall for his age, as tall as Jenny at least and had blue eyes and freckles. He shook his hair over his eyes.

Jenny turned her gaze back to her book.
"Ugh, I have so much homework" she said.
"That sucks." Devon replied. He searched his mind for something to say.
"Want a coke or something?"
Jenny smiled.
"Sure. Thanks. I'll go check on Kate while you get them."

Devon went into the kitchen. In the fridge he saw some chocolate sauce next to the cokes. Ice cream seemed like a good idea. He fixed two bowls and carried them out with the cokes in his pockets. Jenny wasn't back yet. He sat down and laid the spread out on the coffee table.
"Awesome, ice cream." Jenny sat down next to him again. This time closer, her thigh pressing into his leg a little.
As they ate their ice cream, Devon tried hard to make his boner go down. The cold ice cream bowl helped a little but he could feel her leg against his.

"Thanks for the ice cream, you're sweet." she said and put her bowl on the coffee table. She was looking at him again. His empty bowl was on his lap but his dick was still stiff. She was looking at the bowl. He needed to keep it there. He stuck his finger into the chocolatey syrup left on the bottom of the bowl. It was sweet. He scooped up another glob. Jenny leaned over and licked it off his finger! The hot wetness of her tongue sent a jolt through his body right to his dick.
Jenny laughed lightly.
"That's good" she said.
Devon was stunned.
"Uhh want some more?"

He scooped up the rest of the sugary goo. This time Jenny took his whole finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. Devon's eyes rolled back in his head. The ice cream bowl clattered onto the floor. His dick was harder than he'd ever felt it before.

Jenny looked straight at it and giggled.
"I guess you like that?" she said.
Devon could only nod.

Jenny traced his cheek with her finger then started playing with his hair.

"You're really cute you know?" She said. She was looking mischievous. She moved closer. Devon could feel her breast against his shoulder.
"Do you think I'm cute?" she said. When she spoke, he could feel her breath on his lips.
"Yeah." He sighed.
"Do you like to kiss?"
Devon nodded his head. He closed his eyes and felt Jenny's wet lips against his. Her tongue rolled into his mouth and around his. He had kissed a few girls at school before. Dry pecks. not even touching. He was disappointed by kissing. Not anymore.

The more they kissed, the closer Jenny got to Devon. He sucked her lips and her tongue, whimpering at how good it felt. Jenny took his hand again. This time she slid it up her shirt. He felt the soft skin of her breast, her nipple was hard and a lot bigger than his. It felt so good. His eyes rolled back in his head. He rubbed her tit and her nipple. Her breath was getting fast like his. She threw her leg over him and was onto of his lap, straddling him. His dick felt like it was going to explode, he could feel the heat of her pussy with it. He found her other boob with his hand, Jenny was rocking slowly on his lap, kissing him forcefully, nipping at his lips and tongue a little. The movements of her body were rubbing his dick. He felt like his was going to come fast if this continued.

He groaned and felt his body tense. Jenny stopped rocking. She kept kissing him though. His dick still felt amazing but he wasn't about to come anymore.
Jenny leaned back on his lap. She pulled off her tanktop revealing her beautiful tits. Devon starting sucking her nipples. Jenny moaned. He sucked harder. Jenny started rubbed herself on his dick again.

"Ohh god" Devon said. Jenny pulled off his shirt too and slid between his legs. Everything stopped as she stared up at him. She was on her knees between his legs. Devon's head swam. Jenny looked at his dick and them looked into his eyes. She slowly undid his zipper. His cock was straining against it. He lifted his bum off the couch as she tugged his pants and underwear down.

Devon almost felt embarrassed. He had never been naked and hard in front of a girl before. His dick was still growing and he only had a bit off fuzz down there.

He stopped feeling embarrassed when he saw the look Jenny was giving him.
She leaned forward and licked the tip. She giggled but also seemed very serious. Devon's body felt like it was being zapped electric with each little lick she gave his prick. His heart was pounding. Jenny bit her lip and stared at his dick for a minute, then gently she put her lips around it and slowly took it into his mouth.
Devon had never felt anything so good in his life. Jenny's mouth was warm and wet and soft. She started bobbing her head, sucking his dick. Devon's whole body tingled watching her.
"Ohhh oooh god" he moaned. Jenny went faster.
"Oooh god, oh fuck" he said. He couldn't keep his eyes open. He pushed his head back into the pillow and dug his fingers into the couch.
"oh my god oh my god i'm gonna come"
His body started bucking as he came hard into Jenny's mouth. She sucked him and sucked him until he was still.
Devon felt like he couldn't open his eyes. He had never had an orgasm like that before. Suddenly he felt Jenny's mouth at his ear.
"That was fun" she said. "Now I got to go check on the baby."
As she was leaving the room, she turned around and said
"I think I'll come back next weekend too."

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