Beautiful Body - Film Noir Collection

Roger Shay was the type of man that women loved and men hated. Women loved him because he was very handsome and smart with a magnetic personality that one could not resist. Men hated him because he would steal the woman they dated or married. Roger Shay was a scumbag, a handsome scumbag. He came in a 29 year old, 6 foot package with well defined abs, dark thick hair and green eyes, a classic broad-shouldered male with narrow hips that accentuated his manhood; an 8" long cock with an 8" circumference and two large egg-sized balls.

"Roger," his boss called him one day, "come see me this afternoon. I have something important that needs your attention right away."

Roger worked for Focal Point Consultants, a company involved in statistical analyses of business data, any data. This was the front; what FPC was really doing was selling "favors" to businesses that needed them, i.e. spying on competitors and stealing business secrets for money, a lot of money.

"Applied Information Services plans to roll out their new data management suite in September, in time for their clients to buy or upgrade their existing systems early next year. Kayne Global is the market leader and they want AIS to delay the product's launch as much as possible. Kayne Global will have their own suite out by about the same time. I want to believe you can do thatDon't care how, they pay top dollar." Roger liked money.

His target was the AIS chief operating officer, Lauren Billings, a 50 year old brunette with a nice figure and a pair of sexy brown eyes. A career woman, Lauren worked very hard for years to become the company's COO sacrificing her personal life and family. With two sons in college, Lauren had attended no more than 1-2 of the boys' activities over their entire school life. Her husband was just a drone with money, good for parties and not much more.

When Roger's black Mercedes two-seater cut her off on that rainy afternoon, Lauren did not have the time to react; her bumper smashed both rear lights of the black beauty. Roger acted very upset and pretended to call his lawyer bypassing the usual procedure for fender benders.

"Let's talk like civilized people," Lauren begged, "I would hate my insurance premium to climb. Can we find a solution?"

"I have a very important appointment now," Roger claimed, "I'll take pictures of our cars and we can meet tomorrow, this is my phone number. What is yours?"

Next day, the discussion turned to a lunch with Roger apologizing for his rudeness and pushing his appeal to the max. Lauren was impressed by the young stud's attention, last time she felt special was maybe a month after she got married. A couple of days later, she was naked in Roger's bed, her esteem sky-high. This young male model dating a middle aged married womanshe felt so very lucky.

Roger let her play with his cock, a massive pole of flesh with thick veins. She kissed and licked him and stroked him gently with her hand, then she took him in her mouth; only the head and a couple of inches from the shaft could fit, the rest was impossible to accomodate.

Roger loved the warm mouth, her tongue running up and down and all around the thick ridge. With her other hand, she took hold of his balls and squeezed them lightly. Roger moaned and lifted his pelvis in a mock face-fuck motion. Lauren felt the ball's weight and took one in her mouth; she sucked gently, then a little stronger while pulling her head back, pursing her lips. The sperm producing organ was trapped in the warmth of her mouth and she pulled a little more only to have the ball pop out of her lips with a sloppy sound.

"Oh baby," Roger whispered, "you know how to please a man, suck the other ball too and take them both in your mouth."

It was impossible to have both in her mouth, but she did suck the second one. Coated with her spit, she held them slippery as they were and squeezed them slowly and gently pushing them from the top of his ballsack to the bottom, revealing the twisted path of each vein. When Roger layed in bed with his legs apart, his balls reached down below his asshole, very low hangers.

Lauren straddled him and sat right on his cock that was lying on his stomach. She slowly rubbed her pussy against the underside of the fleshy pole, her juices streaming down from her vaginal canal. The stud helped her move by pulling and pushing her pelvis along his cock. He was in seventh heaven, she was there too.

Not able to resist any longer, Lauren bent over his body and aligned his shaft with her wet pussy opening. She let herself slide back till she felt the large head pushing the lips open and she stopped. Roger pushed her hips towards his cock while tightening his Kegel musclesthe head slid right through the wet lips. She felt the hard thick ridge pushing them once more and then she almost stop breathing. He was big, more than any man she ever took inside her. Roger pulled out gently a couple of inches and pushed in again, this time hitting her cervix with his organ.

"Uhhh," Lauren was ecstatic, she could only moan and take as much as she could.

Roger thrusted himself inside her a few times, every single one causing her to sigh and beg for more. Then she started bouncing on his cock, a few inches up and down every time, her juices flowing down on his balls and thighs causing a splashy noise when her ass cheeks hit his pelvis.

"Please fuck me!" Lauren whispered, unable to say more.

Roger held her shoulders and pulled her down towards his torso, then he quickly flipped his body and hers and was on top of her. Lauren wrapped her legs around his waist to allow for a deeper penetration. The stud pushed all his length inside her, hitting her cervix and making her gasp, again and again. His balls slammed on her asshole and smeared the pussy juice all over her "brown eye." He pulled her legs up all the way and went in again, this time very deep. He felt the cock teasing her cervix again and every time after that.

Lauren was a complete mess. Physically, her body could hardly keep pace with his youth's stamina. Her hair tangled, her makeup partially smeared, her lower abdomen in disarray trying to accept the powerful rod. Psychologically, she was ready to surrender her power and become the docile pet that the A male demanded.

"Yes baby, fuck me hard," she whispered again, " drill me with your monster cock and make me bleed!" Her sweat and her pussy juices were all over Roger's body. He pulled out completely making her lips feel the push of his thick crown and then pushed in only half way, then started fucking her fast with only 2-3 inches inside her and going as deep as possible every 10 times or so. After a few times, he pushed deep all the way and hit her clit with his body; this sent Lauren waves of pleasure, her thighs twitched.

Roger reached around his ass and felt with his finger her asshole, it was wet alright. With his cock pushing in her deep, he pushed his right middle in her ass and made sure it was well lubricated. Lauren was so excited, her asshole was dilated from the intense peasure he was giving her. He leaned over her while looking her in the eye and kissed her; then he pulled the enormous cock out of her vagina and pressed the head against her star-shaped orifice, gently but firmly.

"Oh baby, I am not ready for" was all she could say because Roger capped her mouth with his lips in a tight kiss. He pushed the cock in about an inch, she moaned and he pulled out and after brushing some of the cunt liquid all over, he pushed again. While their lips were locked in a tight kiss, this time the head of his cock got in thanks to Lauren's pushing hard to open her rear end.

"Ahhhh," she moaned, her voice fading away, "give it to me, fucker!"

With the lady on her back, Roger lifted his upper body, his knees on either side of her ass, his cock head plunged in her anal canal just beyond the ring. The lady pulled her legs apart with her hands to allow him a better view of the area. He licked his right thumb and teased her clit. Her orgasm was instant. The stud felt her ass ring tighten and vibrating around his head and then tightening again to let more pussy cum flow out. Her juices streamed down on her asshole and the part of his rod left out of her. He smeared as much as he could on his cock and pushed inside her ass, another 2-3 inches went in. Lauren gasped again. The hard anal ring stretched her rectum with gusto.

"I love your ass, honey," he said while pulling out and plunging in again deeper than before with a sigh.

The woman almost passed out from the pleasure she felt. Roger pulled out a few times making sure her juices allowed for a smooth entry, he even used some of his spit for more comfort. Every time he pulled out, his thick tool pulled her intestinal folds that were wrapped around it for him to see and enjoy.

Roger kept pumping her anal canal several times and each time felt better than the last. He tried the long deep strokes, the short fast ones, he also hit her from the sides and from a different angle up and down; he put his fingers in her pussy while fucking her ass and felt his cock going in and out, he could even see his cock's head through the thin vaginal wall separating her female organ from the ass canal when he spread her pussy lips apart.
The woman melted like a candle, she was his slave. No creature with a beating heart can resist the power of a cock in the ass. When the ass succumbs, all resistance is futile.

When Roger felt the wave of cum boiling in him and ready to go, he gave one final thrust immersing all 8 inches in the wet and warm rectum; the hairy base of his tool sealed Lauren's hole making her feel the fullness she has been craving for years. The intruder's spasms spitting globs of sperm inside her were powerful. Her sphincter danced along with the cock's contractions and rythmically tightened its grip on Roger's pulsating member.

He stayed deep in her for a minute or so looking her in the eye and then he pulled out slowly. The thick wet shaft was starting to soften and, after he lowered her legs, he straddled her right above her neck and laid his best friend on her face. She started licking him while moving her head sideways for the cock to hit and bounce on her nose. She licked and sucked the balls several times, then she put her lips around the head and milked it with her lips squeezing a couple of sperm drops out. She realized how drunk one can be on man juice.

Lauren decided to take the next day off, she needed time to recover. Her aching holes wanted more and would not let her concnetrate on her professional duties. With her sons away and her husband on a family visit for a few days, she took the plunge and called Roger. She wanted a repeat and he was more than willing to give it to her.

"I missed you," she said when she opened the door to let him in.

He smiled and asked, "What did you miss? Me or him?" and winked.

"I have not been with a man since my second son was born. I was busy all the time and my husband was not interested, I was not interested in him either. But I want to make up for the lost time!" she said.

Roger liked fucking older women because they new what they wanted and they gave what was asked. A narrow young pussy was great, no question about that, a tight firm ass was delightful, especially when tight enough to pop a cock like the cork of a champagne bottleBut the deprived old pussy was uninhibited, willing to go the extra mile, ready to try new things, needy and easy to manipulate and paid more.

The two naked lovers hugged each other in front of the tall window overlooking east 69th. Lauren knelt and hummed pushing his ballsack with her nose. Roger felt his balls vibrating, a great sensation preparing him to breed.

"Spread your legs, bend and place your hands on the window sill," Lauren asked him. He obeyed. She crawled under him and checked the view facing his behind. There was this gorgeous man looking out the window supporting his body with his hands on the sill, his body bent and his shapely ass just inches away, his manhood hanging and dangling with every move of his hips. She wanted to eat him up.

Lauren smelled his balls and ran her tongue along his perineum, then, going a bit higher, her tongue stumbled on his asshole's wrinkles. She teased the hole like there is no tomorrow and he moaned with the same intensity. She spread his cheeks wide and dipped her tongue in the little starry hole many times, as many as she could. The man pushed a little to open, she licked her middle finger and put it in. When she spotted his prostate, she started tickling and teasing and tapping on it. With her other hand, she reached between his legs and pulled his hardening cock towards her, pushing the balls right and left. She kissed and sucked the head of her lover's dick while stroking it slowly. It was not long before Roger's prostate released all this sweet sticky nectar through his pee hole. It was trickling out slowly with every drop tasting sweeter than the last.

Lauren smeared the juice with her tongue all over his head, then squeezed the cock gently and a large quantity of the thick liquid landed on her tongue. She had to try hard not to swallow it. Instead, she let it slide on her palm and smeared it all over her pussy and asshole. She kept draining his prostate and he kept reaching new highs. What man does not like simultaneous stimulation of his cock and ass?

"Now it's your turn," he said and asked her to bend down and put her hands on the window sill. After she complied, he plunged his tongue in her pussy from behind her, then trailed her ass crack with his tongue and tasted his prostate juice. A dream! He fucked her with his tongue non-stop, for quite some time. By instinct, Lauren bent down more and grasped her ankles with her hands, her head between her knees. Her lover slapped her wet cunt and ass hole with his spear, then he pushed himself in her pussy hard and fast. They both gasped for air, it was powerful. He pumped in and out of her in a steady rhythm with her moaning every time he hit her cervix. She let her juices flow all along his veiny fleshy pole and down his balls, even down her legs to her ankles. He kept fucking the pussy with no change in speed but constantly like a machine. This made her mad and horny. Her orgasm was coming and when it came, it blew her away together with a generous squirt of her slippery pussy juice.

"Ohhh, baby, fuck me deepplease, now do it," and her voice was hardly recognizable from the lust and satisfaction.

Once the pussy was fucked and drained, Roger wanted the ass. There was plenty of lubrication available, so he swept her pussy, lips and hair and all with his right palm and rubbed it on her ass crack. He managed to enter a couple of fingers in; it was not very hard after the royal fuck of the day before.

"Give it to me please! Shove it in hard!" the lustful bitch commanded.

He guided his cock and pushed in her anal opening, but it was impossible to enter. She had bent too far and the angle of entry was not right.

"Hon, put your hands on the sill again, your ass is facing way up," the fucker explained. She had to do it to get the cock in.

With cock and ass aligned the proper way, Roger went ahead and plunged in, head first.

"Ahhh, fuck, it hurts!" was all she could say before his hips met her ass cheeks. He was already very deep.

He started the same pumping motion, a rhythmic steady pumping while pulling her cheeks apart to allow him a deeper penetration. Lauren was in seventh heaven. A few times, he pulled out his cock and her rosy rectal folds all the way, a beautiful cherry beckoning for a kiss. He always pushed his cock back in again fast and with such force to let her know he was in charge. He entered her all the way in with her reflex pushing him all the way out to no effect.

Lauren was feeling faint again, she bent harder and put her head between her knees once more, her hands around her ankles. This position squeezed her lover's tool hard and made her hole take it from a different angle.

"OMG," Roger whispered and sighed. He watched his cock disappear in her ass at an angle, a very tight one for him. When he was all in, he could feel hitting the bottom of her spine with the tip of his dick. Again and again, he did it many times and could not hold back. He shot his cum while pushing his dick hard against her tailbone, his balls squeezed against her cunt. He came and came again and she gasped and let more pussy juices flow down her legs. She pushed harder against him but he was in as deep as possible.

She ended their session with her lips milking his cock for the last precious sperm drops.

The next day, she called him and left a message but he did not return her call. Instead she received a few pictures showing her with his dick in her mouth, another with his dick in her cunt and another with her legs apart spreading her ass cheeks with her hands.

"Baby," he texted her,"it was great having fun, but I need a favor."

Minutes later he called her and asked her to delay the launch of the new software or he will release the photos on the net and some of the trashy gossipy magazins. What a blow!

Although Lauren did not care much for her hubby, he had the money and she could not afford to lose him. Her sons would understandmaybe but definitely would be humiliated. She did care for her job and this only left her one solution.

Two days later, Roger received a call from his boss.

"Well done, boy, AIS is going to release the news soon, they need some "more testing" before their product hits the market with an expected delay of 5 weeks."

"What about the dough?" Roger asked.

"Our sponsor is very happy and you are $100,000 richer. As always, an overseas numbered account, nobody knows anything. But I have to tell you this. I learned they are looking for you, it seems your lady likes to sing and they think you may keep the photos and blackmail them again. Leave the city tonight, if you can," and he hung up.

In a small handbag he put the absolutely necessary things, he could buy all he wanted with his $100,000 in the foreign account. He heard a knock on the door and stopped. Then another knock but he did not want to answer. He thought he could leave using the service exit of his appartment building, but all turned black.

Roger woke up in a dark room with a bright light above him. He was naked, lying on his back on one of those examination beds that OBGYNs use, both his legs up and apart and tied to these special supports around the calves and ankles. He tried to rub his sore scalp but both hands were tied above his head and stretched over the top of the bed. Another two thick leather belts were tightly fastened around his chest and his belly making sure he was unable to move.

Two men in dark gowns were checking some tools on a small white table in the room's corner. Roger could hardly understand what they were saying. He heard something like "sharp", "electric" and "strong". He could ony mumble little sounds, something in his mouth would not allow him to scream.

One of the men put some vaseline on Roger's asshole and pushed a finger in, then a second one and twisted his hand. He held an instrument that looked like a hair straightener that women use but there was something like a small flat spoon attached to its end. He put the spoon in Roger's ass and then shoved the rest of the tool applying vaseline along the way. He entered two more fingers and checked how deep the little flat spoon went, then he pushed it against his prostate. Roger squirmed with pain, he never had anything more than a finger inserted in his ass and he now had a 2-inch thick instrument and two male fingers exploring him. When the man finished his probe, he fastened the other end of the tool in order to stay in place.

Then he held Roger's balls and pulled them hard pushing them toward the lower end of his ballsack and, while stretched, he tied a wide leather strap just below his cock and around the upper part of Roger's ballsack. This helped keep the balls stretched away from the cock. He slapped the balls a couple of times and Roger groaned but was unable to move, not even an inch. The man took an acupuncture needle and inserted it in Roger's right ball along its length till the point of the needle resurfaced on the other end of the sensitive organ. He repeated the process with the other ball. He inserted a third needle where the leather strap touched the balls and from the right to the left; this way the needle penetrated the epidididymis and the cremaster, very important parts of the male anatomy if one wants to have results. There was not much blood, maybe a small drop or two, but Roger could not take the pain; he passed out. The other man slapped him on the face and gave him some salts to breath, that was effective and Roger was alert and in pain again.

The second man held Roger's cock upright and pulled it a little squeazing open the pee hole, then he inserted a lubricated metal rod as far as it would go. Roger couldn't help but grimace from the dull pain. The man moved the metal rod in circular motions until he felt it hit the little spoon that rested against the victim's prostate. He hit the rod a couple of times to make sure and this silently sent Roger to hell and back. The man secured the cock in a way to stay upright and without flexibility to move.

Right then, a short man joined them, pulled the cloth that was in Roger's mouth and asked, "Where did you hide the pictures?"

"Please let me go, I 'll give them to you my phone my apartment," he answered.

"We searched all over the place, we didn't find a phone," shortie replied and pushed the cloth in Roger's mouth, then he nodded at the other two who had in the mean time connected the things in Roger's body to a transformer with electric wires. One of them turned a knob and many volts ran through the acupuncture needles and hit Roger's balls.

The poor guy shook and squirmed but the pain was too much. Not only the balls were electrocuted, it was the spasm of the cremaster that pulled the balls up but there was no room for them to move; the cremaster was slowly breaking away.

"You like that? By the time we finish with you, you will sing like a primadonna," the short one said smiling. "Where are the pictures? Do you have more? Did she give you the code too?"

Catching his breath, Roger managed to say, "I have no code, we only fucked and I took the shots to blackmail her, that's allplease don't do this again to me! Everything is in my phone!"

"We know who hired you and this is perfectly fine in our line of business, but we have to defend our boss too," and nodded again after shoving the cloth in the hostage's mouth. This time it was worse. The current ran along the metal rod in his cock and through his prostate reached the metal spoon pushing his prostate from his rectum. The point was to have a little spark in Roger's insides burning and piercing him without leaving any external marks. He groaned a deep sound, a wounded animal dying you might think.

The three men took a little break, one of them forced Roger something to smell and they continued their routine. Sparks, needles and an occasional punch made this a long night.

Next day's business headlines buzzed with the resignation of the AIS COO, Lauren Billings. Her severance pay was not bad at all.

The crime report also mentioned a man's naked body was found in the park and that the medical examiner was perplexed as there were no open wounds and no indication of poisoning or asphyxiation. The tabloids speculated it was a homosexual crime of passion, this was a beautiful stiff.

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